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Chat log from R18 of 2020: Brisbane vs Carlton

Chat log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R18 of 2020

CozzieCan: Let’s go Neale & Cripps , 2 tons please
Yelse: keep Gwan C or neale or mcrea or loyd
circle52: Nice and fine at the Gabba. Go lions
DrSeuss: Curnow, Walsh and Zorko in this one. Let’s go lads
tdarian: lyons neale and cripps for me
tdarian: dr seuss nice pods
Avarax: big ton from neale would be amazing
pjw1234: waited to long to swap capt to neale so looks like i get bont
tdarian: yes please. neale is a pod for me so i’m hoping for big things!
CozzieCan: GOD had the C on Starc
cmperrfect: Let’s go VC Neale, make the C and easy decision
DrSeuss: Least confident in Curnow tdarian – has been lacking lately but couldn’t trade him with Doc out
cmperrfect: Need a stinker from Crippa, my OP has him.
MercAm: Appa did I win npt???
pjw1234: curnow is running with neale
Hazza09: Cripps even at 450k next year I won’t bring him in
original: Would be completely fine with cripps having a stinker but carlton winning. Cmon SC gods
CozzieCan: Cmon Cripps need a ton big man
SeasickJac: Gibbons should have gone for goal lol
tdarian: blues beat them last year so this might not be as one sided as ppl think!
SCkingisme: Got rich for doch,, keep going lad
isoeso: simpson been a fine warrior in SC too for more than a few seasons
tdarian: simpson always good for a solid ton over the years
Hazza09: Geez Cripps
Catatafish: Crippa has been a poor choice as a mid season price drop. Wonder if it’s injury
Apachecats: NTP results and another life member..Laird officially 108.
DrSeuss: Come on Walsh – need a big final week from you please young fella
Apachecats: Equal first were SfR on 107 and Thommoae and PJ on 109.As it was Thommoaes 3rd NTP he gains life membership.Well done.
DrSeuss: Missed a Curnow tackle there 🙁 need everything I can get
Apachecats: Leaving you in the capable hands of Avarax for tonights NTP.
MercAm: Nooo I guessed 110
thommoae: I’m honoured. I’d like to dedicate my third NTP to the great Dennis Cometti. Don’t we all miss him.
MercAm: Hey, just remindering that next year will be a fanfooty supercoach league with a non cash and cash league
PJ39301965: Woohoo my first win in three games. I won’t keep that average. Lol
MercAm: The non cash league is cash league
Ash777: Andrews is going to be a huge loss come finals.
SofR: Veryu happy for a first win. Only been in for 10-12 entries.
circle52: Starting to drizzle
MercAm: haha neale outmarking casboult
Ash777: Neale the KPD.
DrSeuss: Casboult should hang his head after that
isoeso: fabulous neale
SeasickJac: Lets go Gibbons
Hazza09: Never again Cripps
beerent11: 27 contacts so far for the non cash league so will probably end up being two.
isoeso: simpson on target for one last ton
navy_blues: u would love him at essendon lol
beerent11: Cripps has started like this the last month. Has been getting 80+ by the end of the game
Gotigres: Did you get my email beerent?
GOATdusty: give jack martin the donuts!
beerent11: His worst score in last eight games is 81. Not the worst out there
cmperrfect: Stay down Cripps
beerent11: Don’t think so gotigres. Did you identify yourself as gotigres?
beerent11: Don’t forget the second f
CozzieCan: Move your ass Cripps flower me
Gotigres: I did in the email. I will send another message.
Ash777: someone forgot to get the blues players watching the game some ponchos lol
beerent11: Shit zork don’t give that away
original: Zorko cmon man I have u for a goal
BumSniff: is Curnow not tagging Neale
DrSeuss: Don’t stop now Walshy – get a move on Curnow – more tackles
PJ39301965: Hey beer I’ve just sent an email mate.
GOATdusty: cripps cooked
Silz90: Love tap on plowman
original: Wouldn’t be neale without diving forward to try get in the back frees. Worked once so far
SofR: Someone asked earlier about J.Martin – I warned you he is risky. great when going but not often enough
CozzieCan: Had 11 tons so far & now Cripps has flower my flowering finals . Flower you
HydeSide: Coleman’s core is totally KOTD
DrSeuss: Agreed original – great player, doesn’t need that stuff in his game.
MercAm: cripps looks done
SofR: Cripps has been banged about all year. Come back fresh next year you star.
Gotigres: Just sent another email beerent
MercAm: What was that freekick even for???
beerent11: PJ and gotigres are in
navy_blues: lol cozzie take it easy
HydeSide: Oh cool, Cripps is done for
DrSeuss: Even as a Lions fan – Carlton getting screwed by the umps
beerent11: All good gotigres
Gotigres: and received your message beerent. Cheers.
PJ39301965: Cheers beer
Silz90: Where is your voodoo doll tonight pcaman
cmperrfect: Neale as good a set shot as Danger. Both hopeless.
Baldfrog: Wish we could get some of that rain down here
HydeSide: Thought about Neale C, ended up sticking with Gawn VC. Mistake
beerent11: Crippa is a warrior.
Silz90: Another terrible free-kick against Murphy
Baldfrog: Why would Carlton be risking further injury to Cripps beyond belief nothing to play for
SofR: Lions are too good. they don’t need all this help ffs.
DrSeuss: Piss off Neale – that’s enough from you.
dkeating48: Can Curnow please tag Neale, oppo has him as captain!
DrSeuss: Have to agree Silz – umps are absolutely railing the blues
beerent11: Didn’t have the kahunas to cap Neale so prob now banking on boak to chase the Brownlow on Monday
PJ39301965: Maybe the afl should cap reviews. What a waste that was. Either way it’s a point.
Silz90: Yeh there’s been a few. Drseuss the weather is shocking, put the whistle away
dkeating48: I’m in the same boak Beer
navy_blues: free kick heaven here
SofR: Umps usuallyevn it up. WSe get ours after HT when 6 gls down so too late.
PJ39301965: God has c on rich
Silz90: How much was rich and robbo paying to kick 2 goals each.
DrSeuss: Missing Curnow tackles again and again on Neale as well
BOMBRBLITZ: Rich obe of my PODs
phivee: lyons disappointing
Avarax: ntp time guys. This week we are going with the retiring hero, K. Simpson. Avarax goes 69
Woodie22: Seventy three plz
isoeso: simpson 72
navy_blues: 55 plz ava
PJ39301965: I’ll take 57 thanks Avarax
thommoae: 71 for me.
lisapizza7: 80 simo please
Ash777: simpson 72
SofR: 79 for Simmo. And a last qtr goal
hinsch: Doc for Rich this week last trade might have paid off
Baldfrog: 63 for me Ava
CozzieCan: Cripps get to 59 I’ll be happy
DrSeuss: 88 for Simmo
Water: 89 for simmo please avarax
circle52: 68 for simmo
Catatafish: I’ll bite. 64 for Kade
The39Steps: 73 for me please @apache.
original: Why did I take c off neale dammit
N-train4: 57 for simmmo avarax
dkeating48: 64 for Simmo please
cmperrfect: Avarax
Gotigres: 74 for Simpson
Avarax: trust a fish to bite
bagger2217: 56 for Simmo. Very sad about his retirement
kascadev8: r we paying respect to kade simpson? if so i wanna pick 80
pjw1234: 79 thanks
CozzieCan: 69 please for simo
circle52: And agree blues not hsd the rub of the green tonigjt. In
Bluebagg11: 80 for my main man Simmo please team!!
Social: 49 for poor ok Simon please
Bluebagg11: Sorry change to 83
Avarax: yes cmperfect?
Social: hehe spellcheck is goin off today
bhg26: 87 for Simmo
SofR: Simmo should go straight in to SC Hall of Fame. he was super reliable for years
Desi: 60 for the great man Simmo.
pjw1234: high SC scores for wet weather game currently running at scale down of 3%
Catatafish: @Avarax I’m also a wizard and a friend
beerent11: Bet all those that replaced doc with rich are stoked
Baldfrog: Walters out if any have him
Catatafish: @Baldfrog I would crack the sads but at least Riccardi got 76. Better than nothing..
Catatafish: More annoyed with Haynes and Crippa haha
RooBoyStu: 13 scoring shots to 5 says it all, a 60+ win
Raspel31: Just home= thought Neale would be tagged out of this. Pleasant surprise.
Pies20: 69 for Simpson @Apache
Avarax: ntp closed
Raspel31: 65 Simmo pleez- been working?
CornHub: nooo i have no one to loophole neale
SofR: I was wrong. I said last qtr goal for Simmo but he went early
Avarax: ok raspel. just for you
DrSeuss: Why is Walsh starting on the freaking bench
SofR: CornHub. Can you trade for a non-player? Might be worth it.
Raspel31: Thanks Avarax- of course working is a euphimism for getting pissed with pals. x
CornHub: nah im out of trades
BumSniff: Macraes going to haveto work overtime for me
CozzieCan: Keep going Cripps
SofR: bad luck CornHub. Pray for a late out.
DrSeuss: Walsh get involved ffs – you were killing Neale at one stage
SofR: I won a GF years ago by trading in a non-starter.
DrSeuss: Damn Carlton getting absolutely mauled by the umps
DrSeuss: You had Walsh open in the pocket ffs
21King: Maybe time for S. Martin to hang it up at finals end.
Torz: Polson surely gets the chop this year.
original: DO something lyons smh
SofR: Stefan was another SC star but way past it now.
Hazza09: Can’t believe this Cripps
kascadev8: cripps is hurting bad
CozzieCan: Cripps never again list . Useless
DrSeuss: I swear the ball just bounces into Neale freaking hands – Walsh and Curnow do something ffs – going to lose me every GF
21King: Calvin flagged Neale because of a tag I got rocky as C but worried Pies are gonna kept rocky low
navy_blues: lol im screen shooting this for next year
Raspel31: After last week Dr Seuss- no complaints this end.
SofR: Cripps av 102 vs Selwood 85. So is Selwood useless too Cozzie?
navy_blues: u guys will have cripps in your side at some stage
SofR: Crip[ps coaches pick last year but inj this year. He’ll be back
CozzieCan: @Soft I don’t have Selwood in Sc do I ? Think before you speak
PJ39301965: Walsh is becoming the dominant blues mid
kascadev8: i need cripps to outscore lyons, dont care if he is below projected, just outscore lyons
DrSeuss: These Umps are ridiculous – and you are screwing my players. 17 frees to 8 –
Social: been a few years since Selwood was a premo mid
original: Cripps will be cheap next year. See what his preseason body shape is like, then make a call
Stephen001: Neale just unstoppable
bagger2217: bit of a low, scrappy dogfight Kasca
original: @kascadev8 I’m the exact opposite of you. Need lyons to best cripps
bagger2217: I’ll take Walsh over Cripps tbh
gazza39: Took a punt on Lyons as Capt…gonna lose a GF
Baldfrog: Gazza you should quit SC
Catatafish: Probably should’ve made Neale captain. Fark. Fyfe or Macrae or Gawn VC score it is..
SofR: Cozzie you called Cripps useless. I simply pointed out why he’s struggled.
kascadev8: @Bagger yeh, thankfully cripps is projected 10 lower, so im effectively up rn
navy_blues: the funny thing about SC is WE choose our teams so we can only blame ourselves
gazza39: Haha Bald u should quit giving advice
CozzieCan: Cripps has been great last few years don’t get me wrong . But needed surgery this year & then rehabilitation
SofR: Spot on comment Original
Catatafish: And wow that is some rubbish Cripps.
gazza39: Surely Neale was getting the Curnow tag
kascadev8: cripps done for the game, doesnt help me now
CozzieCan: @Sofr so the Carlton Club have risked him all year for what ? Not playing finals ?
beerent11: Cripps surgery this week probably
SofR: I think Cripps only played to respect Simmo. He came in cooked
navy_blues: so geelong players dont play injured???
Baldfrog: Shocking Teague would risk their best player for a nothing game should never have started
SofR: Blues were still a chance up till 2 wks ago. We weren’t good enough
Catatafish: Ah red cross, that’s perfect. Cripps will be right next year, but this season has made ne reluctant.
Hazza09: If Cripps wasn’t ok then why did he even play tonight? Cost me 3 grand finals
bagger2217: RIP Kascadev. Cripps red cross
CozzieCan: @Navy look at selwood hasn’t played . Why risk Cripps and do more damage
beerent11: Reckon Fyfe will play full mid against the dogs catatafish. They need his size against bont.
navy_blues: look at gablett plays injured all the time why risk him?
BumSniff: Docherty and Cripps playing sore all year. Doctors picked up on that well
CozzieCan: @Navy blues cmon m8 don’t be naive . Cripps is a gun .. but should of had surgery earlier & rested .
pjw1234: lucky for me opponents had him as well
navy_blues: and i bet u would want to play some1 last game as a tribute to them bald
CozzieCan: @Navy blues Ablett is old .. Cripps is young not relevant.. think first
Baldfrog: Not if my best player m8 get him right for next year
kascadev8: cripps 11 disposals for 25 points, i know he had 5 clangers, but wtf
Raspel31: My life is now EPL- farewell dear pals until next year x
Baldfrog: Lol Raspel Totts ain’t going well either
original: @Rasp my best mate currently on -34 in EPL due to trading lol
navy_blues: i think the choice would of been cripps
DrSeuss: Walsh and Curnow Vs Neale has pretty much screwed my GF
BumSniff: Did Curnow atleast tag Lyons for abit
Baldfrog: probably Navy blues but shouldn’t have been
Raspel31: 88 last week Original- bring it on.
cmperrfect: Cripps just won my GF, good stuff VC Neale too
beerent11: Zork’s put the cue in the rack
dipstick: @cozzie. Stop staying think first. You sound like a knob
Thomas1234: Captain lyons has ruined my week
CozzieCan: @Dipstick with a name like yours .. speak for yourself ya flog
dipstick: Neale hasn’t got a point in the last 25 mins of game time
navy_blues: cozzie settle m8
Raspel31: Dipstick has plagued this site for years Cozzie with anger and bile- well said.
Baldfrog: Why don’t they just use snicko these reviews take too long
SofR: Will umps give 3 to Rich or Neale?
dipstick: @cozzie you truly have little man syndrome boss
dkeating48: Good dipstick
dkeating48: I hope he doesn’t score another
navy_blues: id say rich
pjw1234: will big O get a fine or a week for the gut punch on walsh?
dipstick: @raspel pity your first name isn’t Richard. Otherwise we could call you c0ck for short
CozzieCan: @Dipstick I’m not mad m8 .. I just think Cripps should of been rested 5 weeks ago & had surgery , rehabilitation .
beerent11: And another forum goes primary school. Nearly every time lately.
Baldfrog: Fine I rekon pjw
SofR: I say Rich but bet Neale gets 3 as umps have no idea
CozzieCan: Then to have a full preseason .. now will spend half of the preseason recovering.. makes no sense how they risk him ?
Woodie22: True beerent
SofR: Agree Cozzie but he kept palying as we were a chance and it wasn’t going to do more damage. All clubs do that.
kascadev8: forgot my opponent had payne, im back in this
Raspel31: My apologies lads- all pals.
Silz90: Rich and ah chee killed us all night
sMiles: Congratulations Lauchie Neale – Bownlow
DrSeuss: Come on Walsh and Curnow – need a big finish from you both
navy_blues: neale to win brownlow by 7 votes
SofR: Reckon Neale had it won already. 3 or 2 tonight to stretch margin
Raspel31: A shoe in surely sMiles.
Baldfrog: NTP Navy Blues lol
navy_blues: was thinking that lol
GOATdusty: yea agree has it stitched up, it’s the only medal he’ll be getting tho
beerent11: Good effort baggers. Playing out the game ok
SofR: Our straight kicking softens the margin. We were outclassed but close now.
Silz90: We played one bad quarter. Brisbane are a glass above but happy with the effort
HydeSide: Dusty isn’t getting one either GOAT…
CozzieCan: Is pitto replacing Kruezer next year ?
navy_blues: ok how much will rowell be next year?
GOATdusty: he’ll be getting 2 mate , another norm as well.
srj2409: Rowell will be around 500k I think
beerent11: Wouldn’t bet against it goat
navy_blues: lol
Baldfrog: And a free finger ring from jroo Goat Dusty?
Woodie22: Gotta get to the GF first
kascadev8: not capping, but i called this brownlow for Neale 2 years ago, said he’d get it in his 2nd year at brisy
navy_blues: 500k for some1 who has played only 5 games?
Avarax: rowell will start at 320ish
beerent11: Fucked if I know how zork got to a ton. Was ok early.
GOATdusty: lol baldfrog
kascadev8: IMO, Browellow Rowell will be worth it
CozzieCan: Rowell 500k ? Lol tell them they are dreaming .. try 375k
Silz90: I wanna start Walsh and Rowell so bad next year
Baldfrog: Be more like 400k
swandane: kasca you’re full of it
HydeSide: Nah the Norm’s De Goey’s this year mate…
kascadev8: @swandane hahaha its all a bit of fun at the end
CozzieCan: Normsmith will go to dusty this year after they win finals
kascadev8: think i could be close on Kade Simpson here, think i guess around 80-90, no idea tho
GOATdusty: lol he’s a spud mate, you’ll get smoked first week .Eddie will be suicidal
swandane: so you know you’re full of it then
SofR: I had 79 Simmo and I tipped he’d kick a gl. Do I get bonus pt for that?
SofR: Rowell 102 av means over $500k but small discount as only played 5. Prob $480+
SofR: Not much scaling here
kascadev8: @swandane gee, ur not very fun are you
Avarax: ntp results start of tomorrows game
swandane: sorry kasca, clowns just making up garbage isnt my definition of fun

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