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Chat log from R18 of 2020: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R18 of 2020

CozzieCan: Only Aarts & Laird in this one .. sit back & relax
bhg26: Just ROB and Schoenberg on the bench
zadolinnyj: Got m crouch as pod, laird, short, martin
Apachecats: Results for NTP and an additional winner from last night are now on the previous game chat.
CozzieCan: Thanks for your work Apache , we all appreciate ya .. cheers
circle52: Apache do you play DT as I am playing a team apache cats in DT Legends final
Apachecats: Thanks Cozzie.
circle52: and love your work with NTP
Apachecats: Not me circle.
Rathain84: G’day Lads! Hoping the Pride of SA (LOL) get one back on the Tiges today
amigaman: Lowsy way to lose a GF. Congrats CozzieCam
CozzieCan: @Amiga you’ll bounce back m8 only 200 points anything can happen ..
circle52: thanks apache if doing a NTP this game 115 for me as will be on way to Gabba at HT
SeasickJac: Need Lynch and Lambert to go big in this game
Apachecats: your in circle 115.
CozzieCan: @Circle rumour is J.Aarts .. good luck on 115 haha
circle52: Blind guess Cozzie due to be in transit,
Hazza09: I need dusty to show up today
CozzieCan: @Circle pulling ya leg m8 .. didn’t mean anything by it
amigaman: @CozzieCan 200pts + 2 players. All over
circle52: I know was going to reply Aarts will still go 115 from here
CozzieCan: @Amiga have had my C play thou .. and will have to field Aarts .. anything is possible
SeasickJac: Laird the midfielder? Will it lower his scores?
amigaman: All over mate. Will be concentrating on my keeper league next year. No SC
kascadev8: any danger of dusty doing something??
Water: Ill go 124 for NTP apache will be on the road soon
Water: please
Arminius: Why the batman logo for Grimes?
bhg26: ROB’s score a bit stiff I reckon
Apachecats: your in Water 124.
SofR: Aarts is on way to 115
Water: thankyou
CozzieCan: Beauty Aarts .. more of that to loop ! Good boy
Thomas1234: Should i take riccardi’s 76 or play jack martin on feild
kascadev8: rowell is eligible for rising star again next year isnt he? can someone confirm for me
SofR: Take 76. Martin will only score 80ish if he goes the distance,
N-train4: @kascadev he is eligible to win it next year
Rathain84: Dusty is the greatest. Just saying…
kascadev8: sholl is a machine, love his work late in the year for me
CozzieCan: Wasn’t expecting Simpkin to go huge against WC but did .. Martin could go huge against Brissy you never know
SeasickJac: Cmon Lynch.. Bring some of that magic from last week
Woodie22: Edward’s has not missed a beat. 🔫
goat_19: sholl my docherty emergency, dodged a bullet there
Catatafish: Not this fucking Sholl bullshit again.
kascadev8: sholl is covering witherden for me 🙂 very happy
CozzieCan: Gee Dusty could be almost on a ton if he wasn’t butchering the ball
SeasickJac: Get the Ball Lynch!
Hazza09: I know Cozzie, it’s frustrating, Dusty is a unique this week
kascadev8: short sholl vs shoenberg (both have dusty) lookin good so far
SofR: Sholl odds on for RS nom this week
SeasickJac: Lynch that round thing is a ball..
CozzieCan: What is going on dusty haha flower me kicking at
CozzieCan: Haha flowering dusty kicking at 15% . Jebus
Woodie22: Round?
kascadev8: shoenberg stay low, no footy for you
davywap: Vintage Dusty bullying a shit team, but can’t kick straight
Torz: Tigers don’t get pinged HTB very often..
zadolinnyj: Never torz. That’s why they try to break tackles as they wont get pinged
Apachecats: NTP on Laird .Apache goes 128
SeasickJac: Settle down Laird…
kascadev8: laird 140 please
Woodie22: One thirty one plz
Avarax: 114 please apache
PJ39301965: I’ll go 109 Apache. Thanks
bhg26: 132 please
zadolinnyj: 116 apache
tdarian: laird 91
SofR: 107 for Laird
goat_19: laird 149 thanks
pjw1234: 127 thanks
thommoae: 109 for me please.
dkeating48: 118 thanks Apache
Hazza09: Ffs Dusty you’re a POD this week, stop butchering
bhg26: ROB should be on 70+
isoeso: Laird 137 please
CozzieCan: 130 please Apache
navy_blues: 121 plz apache
Dogs5416: Laird 137 please
MrWalrus: Laird 127 please, crows trying which is nice.
Phasir: It actually amazes me that Crows are ahead on the Frees count as so many against tigers aren’t being paid!
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Undertaker: dusty kicks to for those then are long goals
MrWalrus: At the game and from what I’ve seen massive home ground umpiring advantage to crows, crowd yells they get a free
Jolles: Give me a break … I thought Edwards was umpire for a moment.
Apachecats: Par for the course then Walrus.
MrWalrus: Phasor you’re just being ridiculously biased if you think tiges are getting the umps advantage, stop being a troll
N-train4: Laird 129 please
MrWalrus: Yep Apache, please Tex’s goal, chol’s unpaid mark sooo many calls, 11 to 4 seriously¡?!
Phasir: @Walrus, every tigers match you pull the same “you must be a troll” crap, get a new line bud
zadolinnyj: About 7 holding the balls not paid walrus says you’re wrong
Desi: 115 for Laird
Phasir: Didn’t big sauce have a 2 year contract at GWS?
Apachecats: Still getting nrw NTP players ,very welcome.
navy_blues: i think dustys mark was out free goal for richmond there
Apachecats: * new
bhg26: Geez, wasn’t expecting a Richmond supporter bias on the umpiring. Never thought I’d see the day
CozzieCan: Woah , back the game lads .. no need for hostility in finals wait until next week
Phasir: There’s been tons of kicking in danger not paid too
loc1477: Love to see replays of dusty’s 9 “contested” possessions. Garbage.. 29% by foot as well
Social: Liars 135 thanks
Phasir: B.Smith must be close to BoG atm, he’s been really dynamic at the stoppages
AlbySmedtz: could i please have 144?
Kidult: Walters is injured an south tomorrow
Apachecats: Closed
CozzieCan: Was gonna use my last trade on Walters dodged a bullet .. Fyfe to take the work load & doggies will now win
AlbySmedtz: woops. did i make it @apache?
Apachecats: your in Alby.
Apachecats: your in Alby.good luck.
tdarian: who to C – fyfe or bont?
Phasir: How funny is it that Brad Crouch wanted 1m/yr
BC__: Don’t stop now Sholl
Hazza09: In the same boat @tdarian
pjw1234: hope i don’t need any cover. between schoenberg, draper, rivers and buckley they will be lucky to score 200 in total.
goat_19: CD has o’brien against them in the gf
Thomas1234: agreed goat if gawn had had this game he’d be on 120 rn
kascadev8: sholl and matt crouch get moving
scboy123: keep going ROB and Laird
Phasir: That was a throw to Riolo…
kascadev8: short, mrouch, sholl. lift
CozzieCan: Very nice Aarts keep it up
MrWalrus: Lol you guys are high, tiges fans biased, watch the game fools
pjw1234: every opponent i have has neale as captain (3 leagues) and i am in front in all so will need to copy to cover.
kascadev8: @Walrus, who specifically?
Phasir: Should have been holding the ball against keays then
dkeating48: Thoughts on Boak as C?
tdarian: is neale C too risky? i am almost set on bont. but neale can’t be that bad 2 weeks in a row
pjw1234: I think bont is the best choice as capt though
Water: im back who is the NTP on?
Apachecats: Laird
kascadev8: tobe watson dropped, has opened up my lead back to 130, doesnt mean you can slack off tho Matt Crouch, dont let him in
BumSniff: Dunkley Macrae or Neale captain? Opp has Neale but im losing
CozzieCan: Reckon Neale cops another tag ? Hopefully Carlton don’t play to serious .. free flow
dkeating48: I’m worried about Neale with Curnow
Avarax: is nobody considering lloyd?
tdarian: if ur losing bumsniff i would go macrae
PJ39301965: @dkeating I’ve got VK Bont and c Boak atm if that helps you out
dkeating48: If you’re losing go one of the dogs players
dkeating48: Thanks PJ#s
tdarian: i wouldn’t go lloyd as i think the cats are going to rip the swans a new one
cmperrfect: Neale into Bont for me I think.
Avarax: thats good for lloyd tdarian
Water: ive got vc on menegola into boak C
Avarax: boak C for me too
kascadev8: big last quarter sholl and matt crouch. thats my last comment for this game. go boys!
CozzieCan: Cmon Laird keep going son
tdarian: avarax i think lloyd will score a low ton, with cats getting bulk of SC pts
CozzieCan: Need laird to Ton , cmon man
CornHub: macrae mitchell or neale C
Hazza09: Bont Macrae or Fyfe Captain?
goat_19: macrae probably the safest of those 3, neale with the curnow tag and titch with a possible 70
PJ39301965: @corn I’d go McCray
Water: bont
Gotigres: Bulldogs need to win so I will choose Bont probably over Macrae
original: Love that bcrouch thought he was a $1m a year player
CozzieCan: Reckon Dusty has kicked it out on the full 5 times tonight
scboy123: Cozzie and his goal was the most leniant angle given where he marked that shit
bhg26: ROB deserves a lot more than 120
CozzieCan: @Scboy the one that looked out-of-bounds ? Unreal
Apachecats: NTP result next game
Tofor85: Whats the bat icon?!
PJ39301965: I agree bhg, compared to Gawn and Nic Nat should be a lot more
MrWalrus: Nah, in play, Dusty was great, doing the hard stuff for a change, c’arn tiges
aces-high: Get obrien to 140 you cheating campaigners
wodjos: Should be some decent scaling. Well short of the 3300 sc points.

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