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Chat log from R18 of 2020: Essendon vs Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs Melbourne, R18 of 2020

CozzieCan: Afternoon lads , good luck all for these last few games . Got C Gawn , Saad & Tracca go boys & go huge
pjw1234: pretty much all premo that i dont have are in this one, gawn, oliver, ridley but have merrett as vc given melb dont tag
CozzieCan: @Pjw Tracca is considered a premo these days ..
CozzieCan: Stay low Ridley !!
Ash777: no steele or ridley? how are you planning to win?
zadolinnyj: Gents
FLAG: and ladies
CozzieCan: @Ash if referring to me I’m ranked 3,477 overall .. no Steele , Ridley or Haynes
Dogs5416: Saad to cover doc, Ridley, Tracca, Zerrett and viney for me. CARN boys ( go essendon )
TeamRMPG: Need a hami from Gawn and the Tractor to go big!!!
DrSeuss: Shiel and in this one. Traded out Draper – surely that was the right decision
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone
CozzieCan: @Team no need to wish injuries mate
DrSeuss: Shiel and Trac – that was meant to say
pjw1234: I have trac and smith as well in this
zadolinnyj: Is there a lady? Wends used to jump on.
Seiya: Whats with the shady redirects on the main page??
Raspel31: Good old Wends- indeed zado.
TeamRMPG: Gimme a spell Cozzie, not sure what powers you think I have
Raspel31: Agree with cozzie- poor form to wish an injury on a player.
CozzieCan: Cheers @Rasp
zadolinnyj: Who else is in a sc gf this week?
GobChuck: Laverde does need to get a new contract for dons, one of the somehow more consistent forwards we have
Kidult: Kickbutt Essendon as i’m scared about Freo tomorrow
CozzieCan: Wondering if rivers gets another ton today haha
Hazza09: I need a big score from Oliver today
Water: in 3 zado
CozzieCan: Hope Saad comes to Geelong next year , will fit in perfectly just what we need abit of speed of half back with Blicav
amigaman: That free to Gawn is just BS
zadolinnyj: 2 for me @water
twistofoz1: Good afternoon, all!
Raspel31: Ave twistfo
Water: they gave saad a clanger for that kickout are fucking kidding me
amigaman: Merrett has butter on his fingers
CozzieCan: @Water agreed , free kick was given shouldn’t influence Saads kick in
DrSeuss: Keep going Shiel – need you to beat Ridley by a bunch
amigaman: Umps at it already. Stuff AFL
pjw1234: so much for the merrett vc. lol
GobChuck: VC May, Shiel, Viney, Gawn, Saad, Ridley, Rivers. Big day.
CozzieCan: Anyone know what time Gawn moves his ass ? Lol
RooBoyStu: A must watch Race 6 today at Caulfield as lets hope Aidensfield, Agreeable and Mozzie Monster fail
amigaman: He’s getting enough help from umps and CD already
tdarian: gawn can stay low (like 65 would be good)
Raspel31: Glad I kept Draper as cover- handy looking score.
RooBoyStu: So Night Raid is fav in Thousand Guineas on Oct 10
kascadev8: witherden still out, smh brisbane, cost me a finals win
Kidult: CD only has Rivers cover for Docherty his scoreis on roids today. Happy days
Raspel31: Simply don’t get that kasca- did he fart in the clubrooms?
srj2409: No you cost yourself a finals win. Witherden has been out for weeks and dropped when you had trades left
scboy123: not too bad of a start for Parish Rivers and Tracca
AnOrange: how is Rivers on 21 with 2 touches and -2 MG. I’m not watching but has he had 10 spoils?
Thomas1234: what happened to scores
navy_blues: to easy
lock98: spoils are worth 3-4 points if you gain possession off them
kascadev8: @Rasp he must of run down baby-shark charlie cameron in training and now they aint happy
tdarian: if u kick it to a pack, but gets marked by opposition, do you get pts?
srj2409: Depends. If it’s a 40m plus kick then yes
tdarian: is that just your take on things srj? or is that a rule?
CozzieCan: Cmon Captain Gawn
zadolinnyj: Also depends on whether cd loves the player or not 😉
srj2409: It’s a rule. Or I wouldn’t have said it 🙂
Woodie22: DW Kasca, you’ll be better for it next year mate.
tdarian: thats what i think @zadol
navy_blues: ess getting killed on rebound
navy_blues: and clearancs
navy_blues: and clearances
srj2409: lol at the CD conspiracy theories. Maybe ppl just need to learn how scores are calculated
srj2409: Bigfooty SC forum has a great rundown on the scoring system
kascadev8: @Woodie, yeh, next year not getting those coming off injury or those who have been fit but havent played
Apachecats: Afternoon gents and LisaPizza ,NTP results from last night.
Woodie22: I wish fanfooty had a mute button.
Raspel31: Chill srj- all pals= no need to be smug or aggressive.
CozzieCan: What’s with the goal umpire with a smile every time Melbourne kicks a goal hahaha wtf
amigaman: We are doing a great job of getting Demons into finals
Ash777: cant rely on dons to do anything right.
DrSeuss: Come on Shiel Ridley is going to overtake you soon. Also, take a seat on the bench Ridley no need to wear yourself out
Apachecats: Steele officially 149.Equal 1st were Mr9-toe and GobChuck on 150.
zadolinnyj: What good is a conspiracy if I need to research what I post. Cd also responsible for 5g
lisapizza7: afternoon apache
tdarian: srj, i’m on there now, actually 40m+ kick to oppo scores no pts
Apachecats: Both 1st time NTP winners well done.
Woodie22: You’ll be fine Kasca
zadolinnyj: Hey apache. David Rodan @cozzi
Raspel31: Always a pleasure Apache.
zadolinnyj: Work lads
lock98: on 40m+ kicks, it depends if they deem it a kick long vs a kick clanger/ineffective
Apachecats: Equal 3rd were Mustardish and Raspel on 147 and The39Steps on 151.Well done all who had a go.
GobChuck: yahoo finally got one
srj2409: It says Long (40m+) to contest: 2
Woodie22: We’ll done gob
CozzieCan: @Zad I know who David Rodan is , but does he always smile this much hahaha .. must of got lucky last night
tdarian: It also says Long (40m+) to opp: 0
srj2409: You said if it was kicked to a contest but marked by opposition
StuL: Come on Rivers. Ruining my loop plans
BettsMagic: Is Rivers even out on the ground?
Woodie22: Well*
Raspel31: Good work Gob- pipped me by 2.
scboy123: Damn was hoping id be able to field rivers, guess gotta trade doc
Apachecats: NTP is on C Oliver .Apache goes 165
tdarian: Uh, isn’t that the same thing? marked by opposition = to opp
thommoae: Traded Rivers for Langdon this week. Smiles.
Moona: 151 for clarry
Woodie22: One forty five plz
casey22: My team is crap this year, again!!!
srj2409: No. 40m to a contest is plus 2. Doesn’t matter who marks it, or if anyone does
Raspel31: Stick with 147 Apache- 2nd time lucky.
thommoae: 157 please.
zadolinnyj: 152 please
isoeso: Oliver 169
GobChuck: Put rivers on field after Haynes stunk the loop up last night, hoo boy.
CozzieCan: 120 please Apache
Thomas1234: 120 thanks
Water: Ill go 146 please apache
The39Steps: 173 for me please @apache.
pjw1234: 117 thanks
twistofoz1: 160, cheers Apache
bhg26: 142 Oliver
GobChuck: Oliver 140 please Apache
Gotigres: 153 for Oliver
Pies20: 143 please @Apache
srj2409: 164 please
lisapizza7: 149 Oliver please
PJ39301965: 162 plaese Apache
Ash777: Oliver 180
tdarian: 132 for clarry please
Hazza09: 130 enough for Gawn VC this week? Or risk Bont?
m0nty: Daniher would have been a more entertaining subject
Apachecats: Happy birthday for Thursday srj2409
Desi: 150 for Clarry.
Raspel31: Lol m0nty. How does anyone ever win this Apache- I despair?
CozzieCan: @Hazza Gawn 140+ here
Apachecats: Thought of it m0nty ,but might have got confusing with negative scores coming in etc.
SofR: 133 for Ollie today
navy_blues: 138 plz apache
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Apachecats: The person at Essendon that insisted Daniher stay should resign.
SofR: Ess have already clocked off for holidays. No respect for Woosha.
kascadev8: 215 please
N-train4: Oliver 172 please
Raspel31: But Daniher did begin to look dangerous. Or alive.
SofR: Speaking of Daniher I spotted Neale out walking t’’other day. Looked OK considering.
MercAm: Apa who won last night
MercAm: 137 Oliver
Apachecats: = first were Mr9-toe and Gobchuck on 150.
Raspel31: Gonthingy MercAM- nailed 149.
zadolinnyj: Would have been interesting Monty. Could be anything
Apachecats: Closed
Pies20: You could always get png up and running again @Monty if your not happy with the selection
CozzieCan: Gawn on fire !!! Go you good thing
zadolinnyj: Bring png back sponsored by the ad from nigeria stealing user info disguised as apple
Raspel31: Rivers steadily inching up to another 100.
CozzieCan: Never seen so many turn overs in such short bursts . Terrible
amigaman: Bombers handballing is atrocious
Raspel31: That possession by Daniher was superb- why you need him in your team next year.
zadolinnyj: First picked Raspel
SC-STAR–: 153 for oliver please
zadolinnyj: Are they using the ball that Collingwood put baby oil on?
SC-STAR–: Apache cats didnt i say 148
DrSeuss: Pick it up Shiel
amigaman: Eddie just said Daniher sore in the groin. Might be the end
CozzieCan: Cmon Gawn big last Qtr & 2 minutes please !!
NewFreoFan: David Rodan is always so happy
amigaman: Sound turned off. Need to get some real commentators
scboy123: Ridley 🙁
zadolinnyj: Looks like rotten is colouring in on bench
zadolinnyj: Game will end a draw. Calling it
Hazza09: Gawn VC not looking good
Ash777: No sidey makes pies finals campaign much harder.
N-train4: Daniher to score 12 random prediction
SofR: Daniher is much better than 12. I’ll say 14
CozzieCan: Keep going Gawn
CozzieCan: @Hazza VC not looking good ? What ya mean m8 Gawn is on fire
scboy123: watch rivers outscore ridley now lol
Raspel31: Think we all thought Gawn would monster this Hazza but in 2nd gear- a walk in the park.
DrSeuss: Big finish Mr Shiel
DrSeuss: And no more from you Ridley
zadolinnyj: Essendon had there chance but stuffed it
srj2409: Gawn 30 points in 4 mins.
Ash777: “at least you tried”
CozzieCan: Alright cmon now Gawn
kascadev8: gawn stop
navy_blues: lol umps no free aagainst stringer
kascadev8: ridley do something pls..
srj2409: Oliver barely 20 points since half time. NTP might be a guess of 150 lol
zadolinnyj: Did make attempt at ball and eyes on the ball navy_blues. Don’t mind that. Rather see people fly
amigaman: Stewart really starting to find some form
navy_blues: rule is wether its realistic i doubt it very much
Grimes Jr: Come on dons
Raspel31: Bringing him in next week amiga?
SofR: What a crazy game
zadolinnyj: Who was close to touching it so realistic
zadolinnyj: Daniher quarter
CozzieCan: Big last 3 minutes Gawn , flowering do something
aces-high: If Essendon win Merrett deserves an extra 50 points in sc Wowee
zadolinnyj: Had to be dropping the ball
Ash777: dons the tease
amigaman: Nice goal umps. Totally ignored 3 obvious frees
srj2409: Bloody Oliver. What a shocking second half
Raspel31: Poo- simply poo.
GobChuck: gonna be a hard vc call on may here
bhg26: Gawn went +5 for an intercept mark, an effective kick and a hit out to himself and a clearance
NewFreoFan: Dockers v Dogs will be a big game now
bhg26: Never mind they fixed it
scboy123: 2 consecutive essendon plays where parish was ignored then they completely shanked it. Thanks bombers
pjw1234: about 3% scale up to come
bhg26: That annoyed me greatly scboy
CozzieCan: Gawn 130 easy & above
bhg26: Bont is now my Captain, Gawn 124 on Foxfooty
Apachecats: Safe to call NTP now and we have a new life member .3rd win in NTP goes to pjw1234 ,well done.
Apachecats: =2nd were Thomas1234 and Cozzie both on 120.
Apachecats: We also have a new life member from last night.Due to my stuff up I missedd Sc-Stars 148 when compiling the result ,wely
Apachecats: pjw1234 went 117 on Oliver.

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