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Chat log from R18 of 2020: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2020

CozzieCan: VC Kelly & Whitfield only , go huge boys
goat_19: de boer out cuumming in
goat_19: steele vc, whitfield zwilliams haynes greene
Apachecats: just swung the VC to Steele.
scboy123: Up the sainters. Big game
scboy123: VC on steele, E on Butler. Lets get it boys
isoeso: hey apache, pretty sure I had Greenwood for 111 as well as raspel last week. Sorry wasn’t here last night.
SofR: As a Vic I’m barracking for Saints tonight.
isoeso: should be a good match. anyone know how much giants need to win by?
bhg26: Whit and Haynes tonight
Water: Giants need to win by 50 to go ahead of the saints
isoeso: thanks @water, seems unlikely
pjw1234: traded doc for clarke and have some cash in the bank for the last trade.
SofR: Got Williams, Whit, Haynes on and Riccardi to loop
Ash777: they also need dees n dogs to lose.
pjw1234: playing midfield now so fingers crossed
Avarax: 25 points for 1 kick. righto
Apachecats: No isoeso ,just checked the chatlog of that game ,you went 101 greenwood.
zadolinnyj: Gents
isoeso: oh really? sorry @apache i must be losing the plot
GobChuck: evening all. Who y’all got winning?
CozzieCan: Stay low Steele & Haynes !!
TeamRMPG: Evening all, got the VC on Kelly so…
DrSeuss: Called that an ineffective kick from Whitfield just because Hopper can’t mark it?
Gotigres: Whitfield butchering the ball
GobChuck: Marshall both got an effective kick AND an intercept with a slide tackle???? wowee
SeasickJac: Lift Cameron and Carlisle.
DrSeuss: Cogs doing well in the middle – how long till Leon Cameron decides to move him forward like a genius?
Baldfrog: This game is about as exciting as Norfs list
MrWalrus: Far out seasick, only half way through the first, patience
scboy123: BT just said “furtherest kick” what in the actual fuck, how is this mans on tv
Avarax: coniglio is everywhere after a week off
Gotigres: Cogs might be a fwd next year
scboy123: Joshy battle you superstar. drastic improvement since he got rid of fevs daughter
Avarax: if you’ve got carlisle its over for you anyway lol
SofR: You read my mind Avarax. Carlisle AND Cameron. wtf
SeasickJac: He is in my keeper league lol Avarax
DrSeuss: I don’t need Steele getting BS free kicks like that
Apachecats: No sign of Life Member Raspel?.Hasn’t been sighted.
amigaman: Brought in Williams *Sheesh*
Gotigres: Can the saints, dogs and demons all make the finals?
CozzieCan: VC Kelly doing flower all
Fatbar5tad: I agree Doc. Oppo has him as VC
N-train4: Evening lads
Apachecats: Tom Green built like a future midfielder.
CozzieCan: Burragate Bombers aye
Ash777: looks like greene is not going to get any favors tonight.
scboy123: He was a monster when he played earlier apache. I was genuinely confused why he was dropped. so sad trading him out
amigaman: Yeah Cozzie new it was you
Fatbar5tad: Zilliams a very risky pick. Could go down at any moment.
scboy123: Ash nor should he the ex wesley GW scrub
CozzieCan: Haha good luck @Amigaman gonna be a close final .. all the best
BC__: Tom green dpp next year?
amigaman: @Fatbar. Last game to replace Doch
amigaman: You too Cozzie
amigaman: Haynes & Williams killing me
navy_blues: want tom green at carton plz
arbel: Brought in Haynes for doch… not looking great so far
Apachecats: scboy have noticed GWS very conservative with 1st year players last couple of seasons at least.
benzammit: Cameron will look great in red and black, fairwell Joey all the best, most your shots end up in Geelong 😉
CozzieCan: Flower off Steele !! Stay low cop a tag or something
Woodie22: Lol he’s only on 29
Catatafish: Yeah, Haynes ain’t doing me any good so far..
exatekk: Captain Obvious – classic heater!! LOL
benzammit: disposals 29 lol, 12 for the match 116.
StuL: Haynes is an intercepter. Just the way it is this year. You have to pick a few of them. Would rather all seagulls
scboy123: Apache probably because every second youngster leaves eventually lol
scboy123: Steele against his old side. You love to see it
Hazza09: Steele!!
benzammit: Steele will get 40pts for that.
Catatafish: Kelly over Steele a month ago still grates, and no de Boer (if genius Cameron would use him to tag).
CozzieCan: Power off Steele ya flog
Apachecats: Need another BOG Steele for any hope in Brownlow.Before anyone comments I know Neale is hot fav.
GobChuck: Need another BOG steele for the “W/O neale” market
Woodie22: Flogs a bit harsh.
StuL: Flower off Steele.
aces-high: Haynes being forward tagged by battle @monty
scboy123: Apache i got on at 41 :/ missed the boat a bit .
navy_blues: go steele
Apachecats: Need Neale to punch someone.
Torz: Battle is a forward, I’d hardly call it a tag. Haynes just not getting near it.
Apachecats: I had $20 at $51 about 8 weeks ago.
DrSeuss: GWS got early run from the back looking for Whitfield – now they are just ignoring him
Apachecats: He’s $17 at the moment. Neale paying $1.25.
Water: Need crowley to come out of reitrement and sign with the blues for the weekend he could piss any off
aces-high: It’s a definite tag what game are you watching?
arbel: Haynes single handedly going to lose me my GF. What a joke
Ash777: brownlow predictor was way off last year.
goat_19: my 5 gws players combining for 62 at the moment, my one st kilda player has 58…
GobChuck: Okay Riccardi go away now, you’re undoing all the good work Haynes is doing for me
scboy123: Got on Neale early so not too worried
Gotigres: Keep this up Riccardi and I will loop you in
SofR: My GWS players cost me the prelim. Haynes and Williams duds again.
Gotigres: No points to Riccardi for the punch to Green who goaled
Apachecats: Haynes has gone right off the boil -like completely.
DrSeuss: Slow down Steele ffs of course my opponent has you
aces-high: Need taranto to run with steele. Perfect match up steele is going super saiyan
Catatafish: If any GWS player wants to tag Steele, I’d be okay with that.
Ash777: Haynes definitely tagged by battle.
benzammit: F you Docharty , id have steele too give me a crack at top 50
scboy123: pwoah interesting holding the man call there aye
Apachecats: NTP is on Steele .Apache goes 164.
DrSeuss: So the longer kick wasnt 15 – but that tiny kick was 15 – Umps are freaking useless
benzammit: Catafish it dont matter CD have him down fo 5 points for zoning off.
scboy123: ball dont lie that kick was like 10m so maxy just squared it up by kicking it on the full. justice
arbel: Geez how was Whitfield kick not 15 but the pass to King was??? And 11 frees to 2…umps doing their best
NewFreoFan: 133 thanks Apache
scboy123: 159 thanks Apache
Woodie22: One hundred and forty one.
Water: Ill go 107 for steele please apache
SC-STAR–: 148 apache
Mustardish: steele 147 thx apache
Woodie22: Ppz
Woodie22: Plz
exatekk: 155 thanks apache
GobChuck: 150 on the dot please apache
The39Steps: 151 for me please @apache.
navy_blues: 151 plz apache
scboy123: Water hell be at 107 by halftime pretty much lol
MrWalrus: 142 please Apache
scboy123: But i respect the outside the box thinking, who knows
Pies20: one hundred and fifty eight please @Apache
CozzieCan: 98 please Apache
DrSeuss: 133 Apache – plz and thanks
runners47: 136 for Steele plz
navy_blues: il go 138 then plz apache
Pies20: struggling @woodie tried your method it works
circle52: 167 for Steele please
DrSeuss: I like the way you think Cozzie
bhg26: 125 Apache
TeamRMPG: 156 thanks
Avarax: 173 please apache
Ash777: Steele 139
N-train4: 166 steele
zadolinnyj: 156 please apache
goat_19: steele 179 thanks
CozzieCan: @Seuss with you m8 need him to stay low
teachrtony: Hi Apache. I’ll go 162 thanks.
Raspel31: Hmm, juat here as a tourist now sadly but go Steele you good thing- 147 please.
SofR: 164 thanks
DrSeuss: How many points in that qtr for Steele? He had a quiet first qtr – which I was liking at the time
goat_19: actually apache could i please change to 191?
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
benzammit: 162 Steele
Apachecats: done goat.191
Catatafish: Want Steele as low as possible, but lulz to GWS for not thinking him worthwhile.
PJ39301965: Hi everyone I’m new here
aces-high: Who’s the new sportsbet chick wowee
benzammit: He aint touched it and went from 72 to 91 just has too look at it to get pnts. Joke
MercAm: 142 Steele
CozzieCan: Who’s the hot chick on sports bet ?! Hubbber Hubbbber
PJ39301965: I’ll take 142 Apache
Apachecats: We had your Life Membership party last night Raspel ,well done on 3 NTP’s.
Apachecats: Welcome PJ
CozzieCan: She was smoking hot , boy call 000 I need medical attention
zadolinnyj: Great work Raspel. Hall of fame
Hazza09: What has Kelly done to score 62?
isoeso: steele 121 please
Apachecats: Missedit Cozzie ,darn ,too busy scribbling down all the guesses,
Raspel31: seriously Apache- and I was offline. I’d like to thank my family, my spnsorsand bubble butt Sarah.
Apachecats: * sorry your predictions.
CozzieCan: @apache she was a looker I tell ya .. almost like Jane Bun another smoker phew!
PJ39301965: Thanks apache
Social: I’ll take 173 thanks Apache
Mr.9_Toe: 150 steele
Mr.9_Toe: Was considering steele as vc because of De Boer’s late out, i guess we’ll see if I missed out
PJ39301965: Better looking than Billy hey Cozzie
Gotigres: 161 for Steele thanks apache
cmperrfect: 162 plz Apache
Apachecats: Well said Raspel ,your name is already up in gold lettering on the honour board in Apaches poolroom.
cmperrfect: Welcome to the club @raspel
benzammit: ive got 162 cmperfect good choice 😉
Apachecats: 3 life memberships now.
Raspel31: Ha ha- cheers cmperfect and Apache.
cmperrfect: Arr crap. 163 plz if not taken.
zadolinnyj: Who is the 3rd apache
Dogs5416: 180 if available
Apachecats: ApacheCats ,cmperrfect and Raspel.
Pies20: Pj that’s not your bank account details after your name i hope?
cmperrfect: Hope you have a HIO column on that honour board too Apache
benzammit: Breaking news!! Ill retire this year from being a supercoach, my accolades include 1000 crispys and 5 top 100 finishes.
zadolinnyj: I think there names should be in golf @Monty
isoeso: geez they found one with Riccardi
Apachecats: and there is another 14 people on 2 wins.
PJ39301965: Nope it’s my postcode and year of birth. Lol
zadolinnyj: Gold
Pies20: Haha
SofR: Only 35 total tackles to half time.
Pies20: yes i am 1of those whom
zadolinnyj: Thought i was doing well win one
Apachecats: Closed
Gotigres: Carn Saints
Pies20: are on 2
Sunharp: Draft league, went with Williams over Hurn. Killing me.
zadolinnyj: Maybe we should refer to the 3 chosen ones with sir before their names? Sir Raspel of fanfooty
Social: umps again… that wasnt a mark
Apachecats: So Mt Eliza and turn 55 this year. PJ ,just need a few more details..
BumSniff: Please tell me the scores are frozen. What the fuck is zac williams and haynes doing
Raspel31: No zado- I still like mixing with the lower fanfooty classes.
Apachecats: BSB ,acc no etc
CozzieCan: @Pj I’m stationed in Redhill , gday neighbour
Pies20: He’s old enough too be knighted @zads
zadolinnyj: A man of the people Raspel
PJ39301965: @Cozzie Hi Neighbour
PJ39301965: What would you like to know Apache. Lol
benzammit: Grew up in Mt Martha, played under 17s at Red Hill, yes ive written an autobiography on my supercoach career.
Raspel31: One must cultivate humility zado.
CozzieCan: @PJ I work at the Tanti hotel m8 been their for years
Pies20: thanks for referring to me @rasp
Apachecats: Just kidding PJ.
scboy123: If i was GWS id sign Shaw for another year. Hes the only one actually playing calm and collected. Great game from Shaw
Bluebagg11: Braydn and Alex smell
GobChuck: is Zac williams actually dead or?
benzammit: Its the Mornington on Tanti now! Jonno Smith n Trav Sweetnam ring a bell?
sherbz: Sam enjoys the scent
PJ39301965: @Cozzie I’ve spent a few Saturday Argos in there having a bet or two mate. Maybe we might meet up in there if we ever
PJ39301965: Get out of lockdown. Lol
Raspel31: Ooh, jealous Pies? May you still be alive.
Pies20: ricardi future gun more potential than rankine
NewFreoFan: No idea why the Saints don’t move the ball through Hill more
cmperrfect: Steele has stopped this qtr, GWS mids getting more of it.
Social: someone kick a goal so they can play that bet easy ad
Pies20: no meaning im in the lower class @rasp
CozzieCan: @Benza in the kitchen m8 , don’t pay attention to gaming staff
amigaman: Williams lives!
GobChuck: as a neutral, quite liking the dan lloyd in the centre rotation they’ve added. Hope he plays there more
CozzieCan: Sounds good @PJ
Gotigres: Shaw should play on next year if he wants to
scboy123: Fuck you lonie butler should have had 2. surely gets some points for that tap on …
Apachecats: Haynes pfffft!!
Pies20: Im glad you want to chat to us still haha
benzammit: Small world, is Dennis still about on staff Cozzie
Social: yeah nah curtis doesnt do it for me
CozzieCan: @Benza he left years ago with Dee the head chef 5 years ago
NewFreoFan: Is it possible to update/change your username? Haven’t been ‘New’ for some time
CozzieCan: Just had Andreas & Deborah in the kitchen leave this year
Ash777: wtf is wrong with giants
Pies20: shower dt scores for sts
GobChuck: GWS: Movescogs forward. GWS: Starts losing GWS: How could this happen?????
Pies20: did they cook a mean sniti @cozzi?
Raspel31: Did you hear the joke about the bloke who entered a bar…..?
DrSeuss: Wonder if the Giants can drop Leon Cameron for a much and see if he comes back better?
CozzieCan: @Benza your not talking about Steeples are ya ? There’s a Denis situated there with head chef Linda
DrSeuss: *for a week
Torz: Huge quarter from Marshall
Ash777: DrSeuss it’s not Cameron’s fault. Players look scared to take on the game.
scboy123: can anyone smell finals!!!
Social: Were talkin bout peninsula pubs here Torz cmon
Pies20: Yeah been smelling it since Monday @scboy
Gotigres: Williams was started fwd? Why?
GobChuck: we talking mornington or?
Hazza09: Htf is Kelly on 87
SofR: Good seagulling quarter Williams
Ash777: looks like tigers caused another team to turn to shit.
DrSeuss: I wonder if you could coach them to take on the game more? Give them strategy to do so?
Silz90: Cameron needs to go. Biggest mistake extending his contract
Pies20: anyone keen to stick there neck out and say gws to win from here?
GobChuck: thing is Seuss, they used to move more and run. What changed strategy wise that they’re so plodding slow
Social: Cameron does a very convincing disappointed face
Ash777: That’s Tigers game plan I think.
benzammit: No Cozzie, the banti, I left Years ago, venture down the back bar Jono n Trav are there 4-5 nights a week.
zadolinnyj: Yep pies20
benzammit: Steele 13 PST for a single
Pies20: Same @zads come lift!!
DrSeuss: Wish I knew GobChuck – used to enjoy watching GWS – not so much anymore. Just look very disorganised
scboy123: Oh when the saints!
CozzieCan: @Benza was Dee or Andreas head chef when you where there ?
Pies20: haha Bruce just said Wayne King
zadolinnyj: No pies
Pies20: not any more @zads
twinpeaks: Teams are no guarding space in corridor to prevent them streaming forward. They are being forced slowly down the wings
Catatafish: GWS shitting the bed is hilarious
Ash777: All over now.
scboy123: Hide the women and children this is turning into a massacre on television
CozzieCan: To think GWS played finals last year .. how the mighty have fallen
MercAm: Well GWS obviously don’t want to play finals
Catatafish: Did Williams just get +3 for the that holding the ball for a goal?
MrWalrus: GWS played the Grand final
MercAm: Legit can’t tell if GWS are playing shower or just saints are too good, crab game to watch though
Ash777: Another tigers causality.
Water: glad the season is over for us. never deserved to make finals with some of the efforts we were putting in
The39Steps: Player exodus, captain dumped and missing the finals with the best list, Leon Cameron will be a casualty this week.
Water: cant wait til camerons contract is up so we can play good footy again
benzammit: Honestly I wouldn’t know, always good grub though, hope your working soon Coz.
The39Steps: And forget the contract situation. There will be a clause – make the finals or else.
Pies20: gws what the flower going on?
Raspel31: Let me just toast Gareth Bale back to Spurs. We need something. Go Steele.
Moona: Gaints have so much individual talent, but when you don’t play as a team, this is what happens
MrWalrus: At least cogs is standing up and posting a decent score
Ash777: will toby cry after the game?
Social: wow giants are schtuffed
Stikman35: Can heath just lay a tackle in goal square and salute the crowd.
Pies20: same @merc don’t rste the saints but are they better than what we think?
bhg26: I think Haynes has forgotten how to footy
Social: all their efforts are half arsed
benzammit: Cameron will look good in red and black Water!
Silz90: Steele what a disappointing 2nd half.
dipstick: @catfish full Joe Biden style. He still trying to find the guy that shat in his pants last nite
CozzieCan: Wow Butler has a ton ? Unreal
Pies20: They will need a good ruck next year Mumford Jacobs hasn’t worked
DrSeuss: Ok time to rest Steele for the rest of the game. Give him a break before finals
scboy123: so sad steele’s had a really quite second half
Raspel31: Sneaky feeling The Saints might just have this.
scboy123: Raspel fingers crossed :/
Apachecats: NTP results tomorrow arvo.
CozzieCan: For the Haynes owners .. never again list for you blokes?
benzammit: Steele 2 possessions and 32 pts
Catatafish: Fuck me Haynes
Stikman35: Cmon heater. Give some abuse.
SofR: Haynes who?
scboy123: damn what a start to finals. all 5 players have tonned up
runners47: C’mon Hopper – slowed down far too much this half
Catatafish: Fuck. Off. Cunt
scboy123: benzammit he has 7 tackles lol
CozzieCan: F off Steele
Hazza09: Steelleeeeeeee
benzammit: Time to dismantle AFL, sorry I mean GWS
Apachecats: Just looped my VC.
runners47: Nice work scboy123
Catatafish: Do GWS realise Steele doesn’t fucking play for them anymore?
scboy123: The man of steele strikes again
DrSeuss: Steele needs to go sit on the bench – game is over – get some rest
bhg26: Haynes you piece of flowering shower, learn how to play footy you peanut
benzammit: Two Cameron’s to walk at season end!
scboy123: 150+ for steele surely
Raspel31: Nail biting end.
scboy123: Noooooo did butler just lose his 100 with that turnver fck
scboy123: Noooooo did butler just lose his 100 with that turnver fkcksdf
Catatafish: I’d say cactus over pumpkin, or roast chicken. These blokes are cooked.
benzammit: 162 locked in!
runners47: Just a few more points, Marshall – glad you woke up in the second half
Mr.9_Toe: Love a pumpkin
exatekk: Thanks VC Steele!
scboy123: lol he went up what even is supercoach
Mr.9_Toe: I guessed 150, surely thats the win for me
scboy123: steele 149 with 200 scaling to come oooft
SC-STAR–: 148 for me
benzammit: Whitfield needs too return to Mt Martha, he would also look good in R&B
benzammit: Steelers score is a joke , 5 disposable and a goal second half 58 pts min
scboy123: 140 scaling my bad
benzammit: Good match but Ross was better
Social: poor ol Lake Bakers is missing out on this
scboy123: benzammit CD, high DE and tackles
benzammit: Haynes has secured me a few GF wins though.
benzammit: Overblown S boy, Ablett would get 35 n two for 150
CozzieCan: Steele 155
benzammit: De running at 90%
benzammit: Ryder was great deserves more than he got
benzammit: Bong will go 178 C Lon him now looking at this
scboy123: yeah benzammit but no one elses stats were even close to steele
Social: good grief scale it man
benzammit: Bont a bong is what I need to comprehend Steelers score
benzammit: Fair call S boy he was your best
Social: I bet the scalers are out in the back lane smokin darts

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