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Chat log from R18 of 2020: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R18 of 2020

SeasickJac: Cmon Gaff!
TeamRMPG: My granny starts tonight, let’s go Nic Nat
DrSeuss: Traded out Simpkin – watch him go massive
bhg26: Where is everyone?
TeamRMPG: Brisbane
Avarax: come on nic nat
Apachecats: NTP results from Monday.Greenwood grabbed 6 extra points in the scale up to finish on 111.
Kingy12: Evening lads n ladettes if any lol
Justavrage: Hurn you tempted me for Doch, didn’t want to regret my last trade all weekend
Apachecats: So we have our 3rd Life Member in good old Raspel ,with a hole in one on 111.Name already up in gold lettering.
Kingy12: Congrats rasp
Apachecats: 2nd was goat_19 on 110 and = 3rd weretwisto on 109 and Mr Walrus on 113.Well done all who took part.
tdarian: cheap premo simpkin looking sharp tonight
SeasickJac: Need Gaff to outscore Hall by a fair bit
goat_19: i think i was 1 point off ntp 4 times last round. is that some kind of record? haha
Avarax: dont you mean expensive mid-pricer @tdarian?
Apachecats: You’re more than due goat.
DrSeuss: I traded him out tdarian – so expect Simpkin to kill it tonight – would have been my unique in a GF as well
BRAZZERS: lol still flogs out there with simpkin lmao
MrWalrus: Loking like a cheap premo so far avarax
cwall66: Why tf isn’t Nic Nat on the field?
LMartos: it’s amazing what happens when Simpkin doesn’t go off after 3 minutes in a quarter
Apachecats: Avarax can you do Bris v Carl ?
BumSniff: Most people couldn’t afford to trade Simpkin lol
Avarax: yes mate 100%
Apachecats: 8 touches and a tackle in 13 minutes Simpkin
Nuffman: Anyone else having serious issues with the non-mobile site, specifically match day link
Apachecats: Thanks Avarax ,I’ll have the usual 133 on whoever.
DrSeuss: That has been more than he has done in a half over the last few weeks
Water: really slow start to giving out these points from CD, a more reserved approach for grand final week
tdarian: @avarax yes expensive and good for nothing mid pricer. @drseuess i’m looping cheap premo simpkin tonight with a rookie!
Avarax: all good for me nuffman
kascadev8: anderson stop scoring, need nicnat to go huuuuuge
Water: should be an absolute ton of scaling in this quarter
beerent11: One of my gf opponents has all his premiums on the pine. Mind games. They’re projected 1700.
BRAZZERS: he’s not a premo anymore lol
BRAZZERS: good first 1/4 no doubt
Poliyagon: Got Nic Nat, Barass, Tkelly and gaff.
Apachecats: Darn forgot to put the E on BWilliams ,hope Draper lines up.
kascadev8: well, anderson and goldstein starting so well, with nicnat going poorly has already put me behind :/ lift nicnat
Poliyagon: But I made a new team for fun this week
Nuffman: Hmmmm thanks Avarax
DrSeuss: Simpkin more possessions this qtr than his whole game against Port
twinpeaks: Went Simpkin to Kelly lol. Looks like McDonald shadowing him at stoppages
StuL: Leaving Perth. Eagles kryptonite
DrSeuss: Also paying tackles to Simpkin when the opponent still makes a handball to a teammate lol
Water: stop it simpkin and gaff, you dont realise you on the same team
tdarian: wow look what the roos can do when super premo simpkin gets going!
SeasickJac: Go away Hall. Do nothing all year and now I am in the GF you do well for my opponent
beerent11: Shepp jjk Simpkin goldy Luke mac gaff. Big game for the yeahnahs.
DrSeuss: Good start by BWilliams and Foley sitting on my bench
cmperrfect: Maybe Simpkin finally over the bruised heel injury
aces-high: He got k’od that game Seuss obviously had low numbers
gebrazz23: fml i got rid of goldie this week after his disapointing month
Hazza09: Trust Simpkin to do this when my opponent has him in GF week
DrSeuss: Yeah Aces – I remember he was in my team for that and his other low scores. Traded him this week – I may be bitter lol
SofR: My apologies to all Simpkin owners, I traded him in he had 8 scores under 100 to 4 scores over. Sorry.
aces-high: I feel ya mate haha he’s been a frustration but I got him round 2 so got the big ones
StuL: God has the C on Jed Anderson :p
Nuffman: North were paying $9 to win… Reckon some Eagles players must have chucked some $$ on them
SofR: I might be responsible for Goldie too. Same as Simpkin – flopped when I bought him.
DrSeuss: I had him since round 1 Aces – turns out I maybe should have kept him 1 more game – oh well – its 2020
Pies20: where was this effort 2rounds ago missy and goldy I will never go goldy again
gebrazz23: north really dont want the spoon ey lol #destinationclub
beerent11: That’s it telly you stay right down the bottom there.
Pies20: Ever!!
Snarfy: I still have Simpkin because there were worse nuf-nufs that needed changing before him!
preki1: not too early for witches hats for softc@ck eagles?
Migz: can certainly tell the eagles dont have a midfield at the moment
beerent11: Eagles starting to get control now.
tdarian: that was a pretty good goal by darling
DrSeuss: How is Gaff’s SC so low?
Avarax: zurhaar in the ruck LOL
Water: liam ryan is such a good kick
beerent11: Liam Ryan is special
preki1: nice pass by ryan
DrSeuss: Not a great start by the Eagles first gamer tonight
Pies20: Does kangas winning help the pies or means flower all?
Avarax: means nothing pies
beerent11: Who’s a better kick, clarry or Simpkin?
Pies20: cheers @ava go eagles haha
BumSniff: Is Murphy contracted for 2021?
SofR: How good is Ryan?
bhg26: Gaff on the bench? Never thought I’d see it
beerent11: Gaff managed
StuL: Worst hair ever in football Jed
Apachecats: NTP is on Simpkin ,Apache goes for 94.
Pies20: Simpkin 109 @Apache
exatekk: 101 thanks Apache
TeamRMPG: 98 please
gebrazz23: simpkin 99
BumSniff: @StuL you clearly havent seen Pittards trim
tdarian: simpkin 124
SofR: Simpkin 118 thanks
Apachecats: that was quick pies.
beerent11: Wet weather footy with no rain
pjw1234: 117 thanks
Water: Ill go 124 for simpkin please apache
Thomas1234: 111 please
Mustardish: 117 thx apache
DrSeuss: Simpkin 121 – punishment for me trading him this week
BOMBRBLITZ: Already looped Bytel on field for Simpkin
N-train4: 122 simp @Apache
Pies20: @Apache you play rdt?
CATSPREM: 113 for simpkin please
Mustardish: 116 thx apache
bhg26: 88 Simpkin
cmperrfect: 111 Plz Apache
Pies20: yeew 1st in @Apache first time for everything haha
circle52: 109 for Simpkin
beerent11: Thanks suess
Yelse: 110 for me thanks
The39Steps: 139 for me please @apache.
SofR: Simpkin and Goldie cost me game with combined 138 last week. Already 117 in a half. Aaaagh!!!
cmperrfect: Oops, already taken. 104 plz Apache
Avarax: 106 for simpkin please
Apachecats: What is rdt Pies?
TrainMan10: 101 thanks
StuL: Kelly so inconsistent since becoming an eagle. Should have stayed
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Woodie22: One hundred and twenty one plz
Pies20: Real dream team @Apache obviously you don’t but there’s a team called apachecats thought maybe was you?
lisapizza7: 121 simpkin
Apachecats: No Raspel tonight? Our new life member missing.
Pies20: @woodie you might not have to word your ntp i got in 1st tonight mate, or are you still trying?
Apachecats: yeah not me Pies.
DrSeuss: Apache Cats is a team in AF as well – I am playing Apache Cats in my AF GF
Pies20: haha there you are @woodie well said your in
Apachecats: If its a grand final definitely not me Doc.
stemy1243: Simpkin my only player in this one for the Grand final. Hope he goes 135.
beerent11: 2021 Fanfooty sc leagues. Email to get yourself in. Tell me your forum name.
Kingy12: 98 pls Apache
Woodie22: I was lurking pies20 lol
DrSeuss: Haha good to know Apache
Woodie22: I didn’t even attempt numbers champ lol
Pies20: haha @woodie
Apachecats: Funny how you can watch NRL on free to air tonight but no flippin AFL.grrr
Ash777: simpkyn 89
Gotigres: simpkin 112
Pies20: Where from here next year @Apache get a contract on this site for next season Monty contacted you?
goat_19: simpkin 118 thanks
Kingy12: Says my email was undeliverable beerent
Apachecats: Closed.
Water: so what is gonna happen with ben brown next year, does he leave or what
SofR: I got 118 ages ago Goat
MercAm: The non cash league is cash league
Apachecats: goat you’re in by the way.
Apachecats: Multiple entries on the one score are OK
Gotigres: Mine says undeliverable as well beerent and Kingy
SofR: OK Sorry i thought it was first in
Apachecats: email worked for me ,did you have the 2 f’s.
DrSeuss: Ok Gaff time to start ramping up that scoring – I need a strong VC number from you
cwall66: Kelly touch the ball please
Pies20: Ben who?@water good question wonder what will happen there
TeamRMPG: Apachecats, I copied and pasted and got a undeliverable message
Apachecats: JJK needs to retire.
Gotigres: Thanks MercAm. That seemed to work. Cheers.
Gotigres: gmail address seems to work, not the hotmail
zadolinnyj: what’s with kelly
Avarax: super dissapointing zado
wadaramus: Lift Goldy you hack!
StuL: Kelly can only play well in hoops
Apachecats: TeamRMPG ,the first email posted was an account , then he put up a gmail account which worked.Apart from tha
beerent11: Non cash league
Pies20: @wada like me put him on the never again list
Social: Nah he played alright last week StuL, knocked me out of my cash league the little cower
Apachecats: *that I can’t help any further except try typing in it manually.
beerent11: Teamrpg I got your email and replied mate.
MercAm: All g gotigs
Apachecats: Slow down Simpkin ffs.
DrSeuss: Jed Anderson might be one of my first pics next year
pcaman2003: Goldywas 41 at 1/4 time and only on 50 now. Time to give it away old man. Reflexes of a sloth.
Avarax: goldy likely best ruck in the compy this year. he has years left
DrSeuss: Ok Gaff – need a quick run on mate – dont need an in between VC score
Mr.9_Toe: 120+ please Simpkin
Avarax: hard to go big when you are versing man mountain
Thomas1234: so nic nat plays golf avarax?
Pies20: haha @ava good joke gold
Woodie22: Apparently Thomas
pcaman2003: Avarax. His past few games have been woeful.
Apachecats: Apache has conceded in NTP ,went 94.
DrSeuss: Gaff – you want to get a touch?
Social: Stick a fork in Goldy
amigaman: BRAZZERS gone awfully quiet
Poliyagon: thanks kelly and Barass.
DrSeuss: Traded Simpkin and kept Gaff – wtf are West Coast doing – its freaking Norf
Hazza09: Thanks Simpkin for showing up in GF week you grub
TeamRMPG: Thanks Beerent11
Social: If this was Simpkin v Kelly last week I’d be in 3 GFs right now ffs
Woodie22: Lol true amiga
bhg26: What’s everyone’s projection in the grand final week?
Hazza09: Simpkin been nowhere since Rd7 and opponent has him in out of all weeks, joke!
Justavrage: Didn’t go Doch -> Hurn because I didn’t want to regret the trade all weekend, doh!
MercAm: Wait so for finals, there is a week break when this round is finished yeah???
beerent11: I have Simpkin, goldy Luke Mac shepp gaff ……and jjk. Mixed bag not too bad so far.
CozzieCan: Simpkin right when it counts .. all is forgiven Simpkin you beauty
Apachecats: Got much cash Justa?
Social: garn norf, do it for astraya
beerent11: Simpkin doesn’t care where the ball goes as long as it goes
Justavrage: $457k to play with, thinking Houston or loophole Rivers
Ash777: umps aren’t gonna let norf win.
DrSeuss: Simpkin just climbing and climbing while Gaff struggles ffs – why did I trade him
original: Simpkin not being a spud this week costs me sc granny I fear
Catatafish: Go Simpkin. Do something Oldstein.
Apachecats: Agree with your thinking Justa ,real pity about Hurn though.
Apachecats: The39steps looking good if you’re out there.
Undertaker: Barrass 100% game time what is he doing then?
beerent11: Gaff should get 120 Seuss
original: Simpkin 5 round average 78. 3 round average 64 smh
pjw1234: lucky held hurn so all happy. might trade clark stk fordoc as he is playing more midfield and free up some cash
DrSeuss: Simpkin having the highest possie game of the year the same day that I trade him out – the story of 2020 pretty much
Catatafish: Sorry Goldy, I’ll clarify. Do something useful.
Pies20: Running water i think @undertaker
twinpeaks: Fit Simpkin next year if still a Fwd a good pick
twinpeaks: Next year, Sam Walsh first pick. Reckon Duggan worth a look too maybe
Migz: is there still 500 points to go around?
Yelse: danger might be a fwd next year again
Social: this gives the adelaides something to play for
BumSniff: Cerra would be a good pick if he remains a defender
The39Steps: Watching nervously @apache. Could lose virginity at long last.
DrSeuss: No way Simpkin gets forward next year I wouldnt think – at centre bounces most of the time
LMartos: Simpkin has actually been amazing tonight. Wish he’d showed this all season
beerent11: Won’t be a fwd twinpeaks
BumSniff: Fyfe in the fowardline?
beerent11: Duggan only getting this much mid time with shuey/ yeo injuries
twinpeaks: Cerra as a Def a lock next year. Reckon he Brayshaw Serong and Fyfe be the 4 who rotate through CBs for Freo
BumSniff: Baz should lose his DP too
Apachecats: Safely calling it now 39steps well done on your first NTP ,went 139 ,=2nd tdarian and Water went 124.
Dredd: Hurn, Gaff and NicNat very nice for me… goldy disappointing 😐
Justavrage: Cunnington contracted for next year ?
Ash777: fyfe will probablly get dpp next year
Olli32019: Silly North kicked themselves out of it.. Anderson what a beast
aces-high: Sheppard has done nothing this quarter and maintained his score. All year I’ve seen players drop doing this #annoying
Ash777: petracca too
CniglioSsn: these calls by the umpires are being super nice to WC
BumSniff: I think Cunningtons contracted until 2022. Wouldn’t trust starting Jed with a fit Cunnington back at centre bounces
bhg26: Thank you Perez for the Docherty backup
Mr.9_Toe: Didn’t O.Allen not register a stat in Q1? Resurrected his score nicely if so
tdarian: wow what about all the barass hype this week?
beerent11: Yes b sheep we needed that int mark
stemy1243: I had 134 Apache for Simpkin
BumSniff: Tempted to start Ziebell at 220k
Migz: allen and ryan i think had donuts first qtr
Justavrage: Cunnington played 3 games, ave 103 with a 185 in round 1 (o.0)
TeamRMPG: One game down…
DrSeuss: Gaff with the annoying Mid range VC score and Simpkin with the annoying post trade MASSIVE score
Migz: nic nats score too low to take for VC. dang it
pjw1234: 3% scaling to come
pcaman2003: Awesome game Goldy. 46 points for the last 3 qtrs. Top effort!
Apachecats: Sorry Stemy ,you are officially 2nd.
twinpeaks: Traded Simpkin over Parfitt. Stupid
Sunharp: Anyone have insight into why Nic Nat scored so high? Looked like he didn’t do much watching the game
stemy1243: took a massive punt not to get Kelly at his low price and kept Simpkin. The dude im playin in GF is speewwwin haha.
DrSeuss: Well done Stemy – I traded Simpkin out – but decided against Kelly – so swings and roundabouts
bhg26: Had no trades to get rid of Docherty, thank you so much Flynn Perez, you beauty
CozzieCan: @Bhg also have Perez congrats to us
bhg26: 2574 projection now, hopefully top 100 still in reach

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