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Chat log from R17 of 2020: Collingwood vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs Gold Coast, R17 of 2020

CozzieCan: Need Rankine & Noble and greenwood to go huge !! Stay low crisp & Grundy please sc gods
TeamRMPG: Haha, I need Crisp to go big as I missed Buderick out and now I’m a player short
SadBlueBoi: Need Miller to beat Greenwood by 28 to make finals.
N-train4: evening lads
N-train4: new to this
CozzieCan: Gday N-Train welcome m8
Pies20: welcome @train
AlbySmedtz: GF at stake, so nervous
Water: Evening gents
The Hawker: Good evening boys, I need Adams to score 110+ and Rankine to score 55+ and Grundy to score under 130! BIG ASK!
Gotigres: Welcome N-Train
heppelitis: Can Pendles, Crisp and Maynard catch my 580 points?…Think not..Im in the granny!
Rathain84: Go the Suns!
Apachecats: Well last nights NTP was a big fizzer. But well done Thomas1234 on gaining your second NTP.
BRAZZERS: need the pies to win for the last leg of my $1400 multi payout
Kidult: need Greenwood, Grundy, Weller and Rankine to stay under 395 combined
pjw1234: think i will make all the GF. 2 had neale as capt and other i am 180 up plus grundy v maynard and greenwood
scboy123: Carn gold coast. Win this for us
Pies20: Now you need us @brazzer haha good luck mate hope you get your multi!!!
Rathain84: Hopefully ALL the premos go shit for next two weeks so they’re cheaper next season 🙂
Apachecats: Welcome N-train ,have a crack at nearest the pin just before half time.Tonights prize is a weekend for 2 in Beruit.
Apachecats: *must be taken in September.
BRAZZERS: thanks mate, never thought i’d be cheering for the pies lol
Ash777: haven’t seen anyone won a multi on here hope it works for you.
Sugartits: Waht is the symbol next to luko mean
BRAZZERS: cheers mate, nervous. Pies been ordinary at times lately
Gotigres: Nice start Maynard
heppelitis: Checkers…playing on Brody Mihocek
Apachecats: Nice bet Brazzers ,good luck.
DrSeuss: The wrong Greenwood is starting well lol
SC-STAR–: 143 apache cats
GobChuck: uh not watching the game, lukos stats don’t match up to his supercoach at all?
Pies20: Mihocek i rekn @sugar
CozzieCan: Go Rankine !!
Catatafish: Come on Sexton, give it to Rankine
CozzieCan: Buckley really happy with this start .. not .
BRAZZERS: maybe shouldve cashed out at $885 :/
Apachecats: Not sc star ,haven’t got my notebook ready.
Rebuild: Rodan has gotta be the most cheerful goal umpire I’ve ever. Smiles all round!
Apachecats: *not yet
Ash777: pies got no answer for sexton atm.
DrSeuss: Brazzers – looking shaky early – lucky pies finish strong though
Rathain84: Six-Tonna going to destroy the pee-wee birds!
heppelitis: im guessing 500 apache….do not want to win that prize
kascadev8: maynard lukosius and grundy in this for me
GobChuck: looks like DMacpherson is softly following Adams here
Pies20: Early days @brazzer
Kidult: going to be a long week if Pies lose this going into a last game effort against Port on Monday
Sunharp: What’s the checkered flag on luko?
thommoae: Kasca – Richarlison could have had a hat-trick last night. Would have been a (c) coup. Instead he scored … not much.
Pies20: early days @kidult i know who you are cheering for
CozzieCan: Noble has been a great d6 this year
Kidult: It is a reference to playing on Mihocek
heppelitis: @Sunharp…checkers…playing on Mihocek
Catatafish: @sunharp Mihocek = checkers
Kidult: as Checkers
kascadev8: @thommo yeh haha, i watched the game, hopefully werner is good
Nuffman: Pendles killing me
dipstick: @apache nice Islamophobic comment there. Like to see you say that in a room full of my muslim buddies
Sunharp: Cheers, couldn’t find it below
BRAZZERS: treloar already affecting adams scoring
thommoae: Hope he lives up to the Hype.
DrSeuss: Looks like Treloar back is really helping Adams. Also – Hugh – do what Levi is doing with the Greenwood name
MercAm: Dam Pendlebury with 0 disposals
dipstick: @seuss yep. I was hpoing Treloar would miss the next 2 weeks. But Im stuck with Adams now
Apachecats: Wasn’t my intention ,apologies for any offence dipstick.
thommoae: See if Lukosius can shake off his 4th quarter blues. Done nothing for the last fortnight.
CozzieCan: Cmon Greenwood (GC) and Rankine flower move next qtr !!
DrSeuss: Pendles with 0 disposals and still outscoring Adams. Gotta laugh I guess
Hazzalowry: Swallow must be one of the worst first picks of all time
Seb78: Rankine was on like 9, 2 mins ago? Why the scale down?
twistofoz1: Good evening, all!
N-train4: greenwood needs to lift
Hazza09: Grundy looks slow
davywap: Ok so who has Sexton and Magden?
Wahab_18: Sad thinking that Id Touk and Luko played like this last week I’d be having a matchup right now.. 🙁
ajconodie: In my prelim draft I have De Goey and Treloar +79 vs Miller, Moore and Lukosius. My sphincter is pulsating.
dipstick: Campbell brown said years ago that Sexton would one day be the best player in the AFL.
DrSeuss: I guess he was correct for a quarter dipstick – imagine playing someone with Sexton. You would have thought u were home
Baldfrog: lo Ajconodie all pies sups sphincters pulsate it’s the Eddie , Buckley effect
Hazzalowry: Campbell Brown also said that he got blind at a night club with Prince Harry
ajconodie: Hahahah Baldfrog
DrSeuss: Might have trade in Treloar for the GF – gotta be a unique
Pies20: What did you say Apache missed it?
Yelse: seriously pies stop just kicking it blindly into 50
Spicycats: Ok so now I’m probably going to lose this round. Took Greaves score but I have MAGDEN ON THE BENCH.
CozzieCan: Cmon Rankine & Greenwood flower me dead move !!!
heppelitis: the suns look like a team full of brownlow medallists with the little blue ribbon around their necks
Hazza09: Same here DrSeuss…. but will he break down
Baldfrog: Campbell did suffer a few concussions
DrSeuss: That’s the risk Hazza – but Adams might be trade fodder if Treloar screws his role.
Rathain84: Hey Baldie, tell your mob they need to beat the tigers next week!
StuL: Wrong Greenwood
ajconodie: Grundy ahs forgotten how to leap.
Baldfrog: Na Rath not giving Norf 1st pick
CozzieCan: Flower you Rankine -1 ? As if owners can afford that you flat chested twat
Baldfrog: Dr Suess Adams is quite fragile to
Rathain84: Norf probably need it more than you now I think
Pies20: Norf @baldy you must live out norf with grammar like that
Baldfrog: Norf couldn’t beat the Syrian u10s atm
heppelitis: Magden needs to quit telling team mates off and learn how to take a chest mark.
Baldfrog: Norf west Pies
heppelitis: Madgen*
GobChuck: Lukosius absolutely has hit the wall. refuses to do anything faster than a brisk walk today
Pies20: That explains alot @baldy haha
CozzieCan: Yes Rankine tackle thataboy! More of that
DrSeuss: Traded in Lukosius when Witherden was dropped. Not a great pickup unfortunately
Baldfrog: haha pies I’m in Rath enermy territory here
amigaman: Has the HTB rule been deleted?
snake_p: RIP holding the ball
Pies20: enjoying the jobseeker then @baldy haha
Rathain84: I don’t get it…
heppelitis: Flick pass common too.
Rathain84: Wait Norwood?
Baldfrog: na wrong colours m8
Baldfrog: I’m near Semafore port territory Rath
Apachecats: Looking a bit better Brazzers.
Baldfrog: Pies plz educate Rath lol
Pies20: semaphore im guessing @rath
GobChuck: all these behinds and lukosius is on the bench not able to take it
Rathain84: I used to live at Semafore. I’m south now, deep south.
ajconodie: If the Pies make the GF (highly unlikely) Varcoe should just ram through everybody and knock em all out then retire.
Rathain84: Are you in SA too Pies?
Baldfrog: I’m hoping we do that this week to jroo Ajconodie lol
Avarax: just bring lindsay thomas back for 1 last game with the pies. h’ll do that for you @ajc
Apachecats: OK ,NTP is on H Greenwood .Apache goes 91.
ajconodie: Hahah Avarax Thomas would probably miss.
Pies20: Yep @rath southsiiide!!
Gotigres: Alistair Lynch was suspended for 10 matches in his last game @ajconodie in a losing gf
Baldfrog: 79 plz Sir Pache
ajconodie: @Apache – 88 for Levi, I mean Hugh.
CozzieCan: 102 please Apache
ajconodie: For air swings Gotigres lol
Avarax: guaranteed 100% sniper though
lisapizza7: 88 greeney what i need to win my prelim
exatekk: Greenwood 101 please apache
heppelitis: 108 thanks Apache
twistofoz1: 108 for me, cheers Apache
Rathain84: where? I’m in Morphett Vale
Baldfrog: I went to school at lonsdale Heights/ Christies High
Gotigres: 93 for Greenwood
DrSeuss: 94 for Hugh
TeamRMPG: 96 please Apache
SC-STAR–: greenwood 83
Rathain84: 84 for me Apache
Cr1cketeer: Greenwood 106 please
isoeso: greenwood 101
Cr1cketeer: Hahaha @heppelitis love the name
DrSeuss: Adams with 6 possessions in a half. Screw you Treloar
twistofoz1: I’ll go 109.. didn’t see heppelitis’s score
cmperrfect: 106 plz Apache
SadBlueBoi: 80 for Greenwood thanks
cmperrfect: Make that 105 plz Apache
Spicycats: 115 greenwood please
heppelitis: hope you win twistofoz1
Rathain84: I don’t about the schools around here, might just stick my kid in Woodcroft College
Pies20: 79@apache bit further south but close @rath
isoeso: and the other greenwood 88 for the multi
N-train4: greenwood 98 please Apache
SC-STAR–: 97 * sorry apache for any inconvenience
pjw1234: 101 thanks
circle52: 108 for Greenwood
Raspel31: Greenwood 111 please Apache.
Avarax: i would like 95 please apache
pjw1234: 107 thanks
goat_19: greenwood 109
SadBlueBoi: If Miller can keep this up I just might sneak into finals. Need him to get 28 more than Greenwood
Rathain84: Aldinga?
Hazza09: 73 for Greenwood
goat_19: sorry just saw twisto had that, 110 thanks
twistofoz1: Same to you, heppelitis! Cheers, mate.
heppelitis: Cheers Cr1cketeer
Pies20: hopefully you win sc overall @rath or the lotto
MrWalrus: Greenwood 113 for the Walrus from the North
Mustardish: greenwood 102 if avail apache
zadolinnyj: 96 please apache
Baldfrog: pies is a colly sup must be Hackam lol
kascadev8: yes maynard
Water: ill go 99 for greenwood please apache
Rathain84: Ok I was going to stop anyway. You follow Panthers in SANFL?
Pies20: you’ll need a 2nd mortgage sending them to woodcraft @rath
Rathain84: Lol Baldie
Wahab_18: 97 Greenwood if not taken thanks
heppelitis: @twistofoz1…that was for when you were on 108…then you jumped ship! good luck anyway.
Pies20: haha @baldy harsh mate double blues @rath
Rathain84: I can afford the fees. Just want to give him a good education
Apachecats: The 5 who had a second guess all have their second guess.
Baldfrog: pies so am I I tried out with them early 80s
WCE18: 108 Greenwood if not taken
Rathain84: Puke emoji
kascadev8: 88 for greenwood please
Karlpov: 103 if available
MrWalrus: Doble blues pies, you must be alright. … for a Collingwood supporter
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
GobChuck: 103 gw please apache
TigerTime: 70 for Greenwood please
heppelitis: im 108 WCE but happy to share
Pies20: @walrus sa boy?
Pies20: and you couldn’t get a game @baldy we were shower in the 80s is that saying something??
MrWalrus: Yep, currently Craigmore
Apachecats: heppelitis the trip for two got pulled ,just the old TShirt again.
heppelitis: i need a crusty shared old T…alls good mate
Baldfrog: Sadly for me pies a certain Peter Motley was a smidgen better than me and got a contract I didn’t
twistofoz1: @heppelitis haha.. the art of misinterpretation.. I’m a master of that.. 🙂
Gotigres: If North are paying Corr big bucks on a 5 year contract God help them.
SC-STAR–: Apache what do you have me down as
TeamRMPG: Good to see North have learnt their lesson
Apachecats: 97 for sc star.
Nuffman: need pendles and Adams to get about 20 possies each this half
CozzieCan: Cmon Rankine , Noble & Greenwood ! Big second half please go boys !!!
SC-STAR–: Cheers Apache
SC-STAR–: Corr going to north for a 5 year deal confirmed
WCE18: all good Hep. Its all yours mate
CniglioSsn: will miss corr, but he’s def not a big money player. have fun north.
DrSeuss: Damn Lukosius and Adams doing their best to make an easy win really difficult
Baldfrog: Wow what compo pick will giants get 2nd band?
Apachecats: 7th try comp closed.
CozzieCan: Yes go noble !!! You good thing covering Doch
CniglioSsn: second round seems likely, hopefully north offer him a mill.
Baldfrog: Round *
CniglioSsn: hopefully means we try harder to keep williams
DrSeuss: Treloar on the bench – Adams gets possessions…not ideal for next week.
Gotigres: That’s the way Rankine. Save a good game till next week when you’re probably aPOD
BumSniff: North have wasted 700k on polec i hope weve learned our lesson
Baldfrog: giants win that CniglioSsn
kascadev8: maynard wtf haha
Pies20: Are you mocking me and woodie @Apache haha
amigaman: Reckon Corr is worth band 3
CniglioSsn: you’d value a 2nd rounder in the 2020 draft over a solid defender? just eager to hear your reasons why we win
MrWalrus: North must have the worst recruitment team in the comp, Corr not “bad” but not a target
Baldfrog: Can we have hately plz
Avarax: he’s not going to north. there was a bunch of team interested. including saints, essendon and WB
CozzieCan: Degoey & Treloar must have next year
ajconodie: I like when de Goey earns his $$$$
Rilian: Lemmens needs a red cross I’m assuming?
CniglioSsn: go away bald, get your grubby mitts off him (however you prob will :'( )
Yelse: de goey contract coming up so needs to get some more zeros added at the end
heppelitis: not sure on Degoey @cozzie…always a bit sus on players always camped in the 50 and not mid
Baldfrog: Corr isn’t best 22 second round is a win. If you value him more why would they let him go?
original: When how went down I debated crisp v Maynard and reckon since then, my crisp has only Besten Maynard 1-2 times ffs
Woodie22: Did you have to use words @pies20 for ntp?
CozzieCan: Cmon Rankine wake up
Pies20: not tonight u?
CniglioSsn: @Bald I guess i just hate losing players, whoever they are
Woodie22: Just got here.
Nuffman: treloar off the ground?
Pies20: that was gold though @woodie thinking out side the square i like it
Kidult: any pies fans want Schache for Stephenson?
Baldfrog: I know the feeling m8
thommoae: There’s a pretty fair GWS team playing at present – just not at GWS. Shiel, Lobb, Setters, Adams, Hoskin-Elliott etc etc
Woodie22: Have used that tactic ever since pies20. Works everytime
Kidult: are you on about Corr because he announced he will be returning to VIC?
thommoae: Treloar, Steele
Gotigres: HTB has gone out the window it seems
Baldfrog: Yeah Kidult
ajconodie: Isn’t it a bit early to put the whistle away?
CniglioSsn: Yep
Pies20: Why us @woodie but at least we still find a way Haha
Baldfrog: lists are reduced next year 2 aren’t they?
Gotigres: Will be getting “Big Bucks’ at North apparently Kidult
Spicycats: I’ve just lost final because of Neale
BumSniff: De Goey’s pet dogs cousins neighbour told me he’ll go to the Swans next year
Woodie22: Jinxed. That we do.
CniglioSsn: @Thommo how you feeling about missing after 4 years
Baldfrog: Afl officials at the game tonight barracking for collywobbles
Pies20: haha @woodie
DrSeuss: Hugh Greenwood spending a bit of time on the bench?!
Baldfrog: Bums information is Doctor dolittle
Baldfrog: Bumsniff * these yank keyboards
thommoae: Resigned. Despair. Haven’t deserved it, Conigs. Fact.
CniglioSsn: lets hope players keep the faith and come back better next year. our “stars” rarely fired save haynes
Apachecats: Looks like NTP has stopped another one in his tracks.
Kidult: only 5 disposals to Grundy? must be carrying something
DropCox: Why was Cameron re-signed?
Gotigres: Muppett for Holman
Avarax: yeah, collingwoods finals hope @kidult
DrSeuss: Holman you muppet
GroupOne: Miller on the angry pills just crashing bodies tonight
thommoae: Don’t think Cameron was the problem; last year everyone fired. This year, Haynes … and Whitfield maybe.
DrSeuss: That’s the million dollar question DropCox
CniglioSsn: @cox guess it would have been unfair after a granny, however there werent many better options
Yelse: everyone that signs huge contracts seems to flop the next year
Trizzy: kermit for holman lool
Breezey: If Pies win and secure finals I have a feeling Grundy might be rested. In GF week for fantasy
SadBlueBoi: Miller is a tackle machine, keep it up!!!
CniglioSsn: as long as we don’t torpedo the culture we should be ok
DrSeuss: True Cnigliossn – keep forgetting how far they have fallen – GF last year.
thommoae: GWS rucks are honest but not dominant. 2019 we had a powerhouse mid; this year they’ve broken even – at best.
circle52: With a week off before the finals do you still think so Breezy
Apachecats: NTP result will be announced before Thursdays game.
CozzieCan: Need a big last qtr from Rankine & Greenwood!! Cmon boys win me my prelims
Breezey: Maybe. It’s not gunna hurt him. Hope not though
StarvyJ: Port Rucks are horrid to play against though, bash you up
MrWalrus: Tiges break teams in grand finals, look at crows
CniglioSsn: Thanks walrus, havent heard that before
Nuffman: Need Adams and Pe4ndles to pl;ay some kick to kick and dominate mids.. bah
davywap: Need Grundy, Maynard and Adams to score about 53 each this quarter and Lukosius to sit on the bench please
thommoae: Wouldn’t be holding your breath for Rankine, Cozzie; he and Buderick have secured the Rising Tease nominations for 2020.
CniglioSsn: I think we would have been ok, but the combination of the shutdown and 2020 season was too much.
Baldfrog: You have to learn to win at AO first Walrus
Hazza09: @coozie are you in any GF’s next week?
The39Steps: He’s been resting for the last month @breezey.
MrWalrus: I think the plan is to do that this weekend, Baldfrog, you going?
ajconodie: These umpires are red hot on not 15 and touched. Pity they have no idea about HTB
beerent11: My team is the Milwaukee bucks of SuperCoach. Lost 3 games over six leagues. Will be lucky to make one granny.
CniglioSsn: carn the suns
beerent11: 3 games all regular season that is
Nuffman: maynard has gofted GC 2 goals now from kick outs..
CozzieCan: Noble gone backwards 11 points flower of CD
GroupOne: maynard keeping Suns in it
Baldfrog: Yeah this week I am plus you didn’t break us you bamboozled us with all your finger ring
BumSniff: Adam Treloar getting injured nearly killed my season. Adam Treloar coming back nearly killed my season
original: Crisp making me eat my Maynard words
Ash777: the umps seem to be as fumbly as the players in the decisions this game.
original: Chose lyons over AT to replace cogs But woulda been happy AT.
CozzieCan: That’s better CD fixing nobles sc score about flowering time
Breezey: Goodness me Mason Cox
thommoae: Carn the Suns.
DropCox: Re-thinking my name after the big fellas 2nd half. GO PIES!
ajconodie: Hahahaha that was Harry Madden mk 2
beerent11: Blue moon game big cox
StuL: Cox is actually a good kick for goal
DrSeuss: What to do with Adams now Treloar is back – just in time for him to tank
MrWalrus: It was a good bamboozling though, Bring an umbrella
Yelse: cox needs to show the afl how to kick. so accurate inside 40
StarvyJ: Cox has the swagger tonight
Baldfrog: Maybe Walrus weather forecast changes every 2 days
TeamRMPG: Good lad Crisp
twinpeaks: Pendles 30 points in 10 minutes I win my PF
Ash777: pies clearly going to get pumped next week.
goat_19: gw going up 10 sc for every touch
Ash777: they’d be glad to win this game.
Baldfrog: suprised goal ump said goal then
CniglioSsn: can’t believe my team let collingwood sneak into the finals
Bluebagg11: Crispy and Greenwoody have got me up in both prelims! You beauty!!!!!!!!!!!
Breezey: I reckon Freo will pump the Dogs in Cairns next round.
CozzieCan: Degoey 4 goals for 85 sc ? Ridiculous should be more ( I don’t have him) but getting ripped
Spicycats: 14 more points greenwood
Cr1cketeer: @Ash you never know, port may decide not to show up again.
srj2409: Collingwood will be worst team I’ve seen make the finals in a while
DropCox: @Ash seems likely. But at our best we’re a chance. Has been a long time though.
Breezey: 6th spot ain’t speaking mate.
Breezey: Sneaking
Yelse: pies will win next week they will make a run for it this year as players come back, degeoy treloar already huge
Kidult: 1 less chance for Dogs to stay in the 8 now…thanks GCS
DropCox: @Cogs doesn’t matter. Teams 5th-8th won’t do much damage.
CniglioSsn: umps once again letting their native colours show, kinda disgusting.
srj2409: They’ll make it by half a game having won this bc a bloke played on 3>
MrWalrus: Probably get panned but gotta say umps been very good for pies tonight
ajconodie: Just starting the run this week.
Cr1cketeer: @srj *worst form, not worst team
srj2409: 3m out. Sneak is exactly what it is
Apachecats: Doggies might do some damage.
SadBlueBoi: Pleas Miller, keep going
Cr1cketeer: Anyone saying umps like us tonight obviously didn’t watch the match
Ash777: port will have to come out to play to stay on top of the ladder.
CniglioSsn: nah. the premier is one of richmond, geelong, port or bris
srj2409: A team is only as good as its form
DropCox: lol @cogs crying
Pies20: Go you pies!!
srj2409: Lost to Melb and Freo in last eight weeks. Good teams don’t lose to rabbles.
Apachecats: Who had that nice multi with a Pies win.?
Kidult: Port probably rather play Richmond than Geelong so might tank for 2nd spot
cmperrfect: What does 4 NTP get me Apache?
MrWalrus: @Cr1cketeer, bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….hahahahahahaha
BRAZZERS: yes, looking good now
Woodie22: Richmond lost to Hawthorn srj…..
Breezey: Without Treloar and JDG. They’ll make a difference
Yelse: pies beat the cats draw with tigers just lost to lions, beat saints and dogs and will beat port so give them a chance
Baldfrog: Pick of any stimulant you want Cmperrfrct
Cr1cketeer: Didn’t you lose to these blokes @srj?
Apachecats: 5 gets you Hall of Fame.4 will be top of the ladder with Apache.
CniglioSsn: @cox just prodding ya
MrWalrus: Hahahahahahahahahaha, phew, that was a good one, yeah umps just hate pies
BRAZZERS: lol no one would rather play richmond. 7 teams in the final 8 cannot win the flag
Breezey: Spot on Yelse. Definite chance. Premiership No 16 on its way.
Wahab_18: Pendles 20 touches last leg for my multi.. What a joke my life is 🙁
SadBlueBoi: Need Miller to beat Greenwood by 28, looks like I miss by 6
cmperrfect: OK, flower off scaling, stay put Greenwood.
Cr1cketeer: @MrWalrus your message has made it hard to read other people’s
amigaman: Going to lose a PF by less than 10 3rd year running. I’m done
The Hawker: I lost my prelim by 3 points. gutted. Rankine or Adams just couldnt get those 3 points
Cr1cketeer: @Brazzers willing to bet the $1.4k on that?
Apachecats: Chat is chopped.
CozzieCan: @hawker scaling to come
MrWalrus: Lol 17 frees to 7, pies dudded by umps must be paying them ALOT
Cr1cketeer: Yeah I’ll see myself out. Could win NTP though
beerent11: Pretty sure I got into two grand finals
SadBlueBoi: 22 points of scaling to come?
MrWalrus: Cr1cketeer, your opinion on umpiring has made it impossible to take you seriously
phivee: think i won by 40, phew
Gotigres: Think I lost by 3 points dammit
Wahab_18: I hope CD missed a pendles disposal Please add it I need it badly!!!
Mr.9_Toe: @Wahab_18 my condolences
MrWalrus: Also apologies to everyone else if I broke their chat, pies hard done by pffft
CozzieCan: Need crisp to be down scaled
Cr1cketeer: @MrWalrus they put the whistle away so bloody much. I ain’t saying we were hard done by – it was both teams
The Hawker: 3 points after i predicted the scaling 🙁
Spicycats: I really hate Neale lost my fantasy and my supercoach pf
SadBlueBoi: If Neale just got 3 more points as my captain I would have been in finals
Cr1cketeer: 1 point off NTP ooft. Unless no one got 105…
MrWalrus: 17 to 7… 7! In an entire game, cmon just admit you got a bit of a leg up, you know its true
Cr1cketeer: In the last quarter we sure did. Floodgates opened
MrWalrus: All game, for what it matters I think you’d have won regardless, but it had an impact for sure.
amigaman: Lukosius 594 MG *shakes head*
goat_19: did anyone have 111 for ntp?
Cr1cketeer: Yeah when it’s that big a gap, definitely an impact
CozzieCan: 9 Paid GF for me hope I win at least 2 lol
cmperrfect: Flower you scaling. Robbed again.
Cr1cketeer: Oh my word Greenwood got 6 of the 22 scaling points. I wasn’t even close in the end.

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