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Chat log from R17 of 2020: Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Sydney vs Brisbane, R17 of 2020

Kidult: Cmon Swans
goat_19: wow i’ve been so close to every ntp this round
Kidult: Looping Kennedy so bring out 140+
Social: tell me about it goat, scaling is a killer
SadBlueBoi: Have C on Neale, really need a big night from him for me to win Prelims
Social: Got the C on Neale, its all down to this
goat_19: i had 128 for stewart, 151 for gawn, 159 for bont…
Kidult: @sad gl hope for your sake he goes higher than his season best of 171
DrSeuss: Big games from Lloyd and Zorko please and a Lions win of course
pcaman2003: For those that have Neale I apologise.My Voodoo doll is on him today
SC-STAR–: im not flowerin happy had the vc on bont and realised I got everyone playing or have played
beerent11: Neale c, Zorko and jpk here for me last gasp to make a granny.
pharace: nice work pcaman
cmperrfect: Dust off the mantelpiece Apache. I believe that’s my 3rd NTP
pcaman2003: SCSTAR. Damn! Who’s your Captain then?
cmperrfect: Unless scaling killed me, sigh.
kascadev8: who won the ntp? just came back
scboy123: carn Neale. C on the brownlow winner. Carn Lloyd as well.
Pies20: Who u did put the c on @rasp
goat_19: what did you have cmp?
Social: Someone run thru Clarke please, Neale needs to run free
Dogs5416: Somehow need neale under 80 wit robinson over 100 haha
MrGmax: Bless you, Ryan Clarke.
noobcoach: I did call the Clarke tag *shrug* 🙂
Kidult: oh nice you got the lizard icon for Blakey
Apachecats: Hopefully we have a new life member induction coming up.Just waiting for SC site to update.
broski: if neale gets below 81 i get into the granny
DrSeuss: Great start Zorko – at least Neale has an excuse
beerent11: Email for 2021 non cash leagues over twenty players so far.
kascadev8: opponent has C on Neale, i’ve put the C on a loophole so i get Jellys score 🙂 easy win
ajconodie: Come on O’Mac. Need a big ton from you today.
ajconodie: 161 Apache
beerent11: This is the world record Afl game for mcinerneys … 2.
Apachecats: Thanks ajc ,its official Bont on 161.
Pies20: Plenty of tite alps out there then @beer
Apachecats: cmperrfect scoresa hole in one to land his 3rd NTP in great style well done.
scboy123: Neale fuck you honestly
scboy123: if Neale cant beat a clarke tag then he shouldn’t be brownlow medalist. obvs it doesnt work like that but ugh
Apachecats: His name goes up ingold lettering on the Life members board in Apache’s poolroom.
ajconodie: Well done cmperfect – How prophetic!!!
DrSeuss: How AhChee gets a game while Witherden is out – I have no idea.
cmperrfect: Thanks Apache. Great work compiling all our NTP predictions each game.
pcaman2003: scboy123. He needs to beat my voodoo doll,not Clarke’s tag:)
Apachecats: =2nd were Avarax on 163 and goat-19 on 159 ,both very consistant performers ,well done to all who took part.
pcaman2003: cmperrfect. Congrats man! Well done indeed.
kascadev8: @Apache what was my guess for bont?
Apachecats: 189 kasca
davywap: wear him like a glove clarke
kascadev8: ah very good, thanks
DrSeuss: Zorko any chance of a touch? Get off the bench
StuL: Nice score killing conditions AFL you flogs.
Apachecats: I can explain this quite easily ,after waiting all season i bought Neale in for the last 2 games ,apologies to all.
DrSeuss: WTF Neale back on – While Zorko stays on the bench
kascadev8: how do people still not have neale…
cmperrfect: Thanks PCA. Good luck all this game.
pcaman2003: Looks like my voodoo doll working well on Neale.Rarely fails:)
wadaramus: Keep the voodoo doing what the voodoo does pcaman!
Silz90: dammit I put the c on neale as i couldnt loop gawn
bagger2217: I do have neal, but my opponent has him C so I need him to stay low
cmperrfect: Cheers ajconodie
pcaman2003: kascadev. I don’t have him and I’m in the GF.
kascadev8: just realised that matt crouch and macrae in a combined effort hav negated sholl’s boost.. fun
wadaramus: 56 x 4 please Mr Parker!
davywap: same here bagger, not that it will probably matter, i’m getting flogged thanks do a bad trade and leon cameron
Silz90: I need Lloyd and Neale to go huge tonight. Im taking the doll off you at qtr time pcaman
pcaman2003: deavywap. Did you by some chance have Cogs?
beerent11: Anyone who emailed interest for the non cash league that didn’t include their ff profile name, can you send it through?
pcaman2003: Silz90. Lol! I have Lloyd too so that’s okay. My opponent this week and next have Neale,so want him low.
kascadev8: wicks get a move on, rich and florent please stay really low
wadaramus: Lloyd 9 possessions and 2 marks for just 27SC! THey were all good chips
pcaman2003: Trying to move higher than 985 overall. Best previously was in the 800’s.
beerent11: Lachie will figure it out. Might not be 120 plus though.
Wahab_18: wadaramus it’s coz I don’t have an opponent who has lloyd this week so CD won’t give him a sausage massage today ofc
pcaman2003: Wada. Just a pity about the 3 clangers though.
kascadev8: guesses on the par score this week? lot of people gonna b stuck with sholl/rivers/watson on bench
Crowls: thats it season over. get docs 28 lose scholl 110 dropped parker instead of cripps for rivers 112. drop 1000+ plcs
davywap: i did pcaman, traded him but only had one trade so missed out on riccardi as well
beerent11: Projected 2143 from here kascsdev reckon par about 2300
davywap: changed cogs to danger who had a stinker
MrWalrus: Sorry beer, what was the email again?
bhg26: Was about 2600 kasca, then everything went to shower and know I’ll be lucky to get 2400
davywap: traded shoenberg for wce brayshaw on friday so another bad decision there
bagger2217: keep the voodoo going pca
bhg26: Doc, Haynes, Walsh, Mitchell, Parish and Brayshaw have stuffed me
Apachecats: Neale breaking the shackles.
Pies20: Keep going llloyd
beerent11: mr walrus
pjw1234: looped mulls to pick up rivers might regret it
kascadev8: i was projected about 2389 before this game, never had a score over 2400 before, neale at this stage will guarantee that
pcaman2003: davywap. Cogs did me a favour. I traded him to Rockliff who killed it. Just plain dumb luck I think
scboy123: yeah kasca. i was 2500 b4 last game. ive never had a 2400 either if i dont at least get that ima crack it
pcaman2003: Sorry about the voodoo doll guys,but I will accept bribes.:)
MrWalrus: Cheers beers
kascadev8: haha yeh i would, hawkins let me down massively, dropped 80 points, then after him its only crouch/macrae with big drop
DrSeuss: Pca – are you doing VooDoo on Zorko or is he just playing like a flog on his own?
pcaman2003: I’ll throw some more chips your way Lloydy.
ajconodie: Rayner backing up last week well lol
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. Zorko doing his own thing mate. But that’s Zorko for you.
Haydo: 340 vs Neale Cameron and Crisp who wins?
MercAm: Also if you want to join a cash supercoach league email
bagger2217: the Seagull needs his chips pca!
pcaman2003: bagger2217. Fatten up his points with extra chips you reckon?
Catatafish: Piss off Parker
Pies20: C llloyd @rasp?
DrSeuss: Thank Jesus for Lloyd – making up for Zorko forgetting what the footy looks like
pcaman2003: Somehow I don’t think Neale likes my special doll. No bribes on offer yet either.
Apachecats: Tonights NTP is on Neale .Apache reckons 91
bagger2217: can’t hurt. He didn’t get much last quarter against Carlton so some extra to make up for that 🙂
Raspel31: Sadly not Pies20.
beerent11: Gee Simon black was a great footballer
CozzieCan: 101 please Apache
bagger2217: Neal 86 please Apache
pcaman2003: 83 for Neale
Avarax: 128 please apache
circle52: 118 Apache for Neale
Water: I believe That Neales final score will be 103 if you would be so kind to note that down Apache
swandane: 121 for Neale
Silz90: Neale 135 or ill leave my wife
pcaman2003: beerent. Out and out champion in every way.
Ash777: like the vfl jumper clash.
davywap: totally pcaman, would never have picked danger to pull out a <70 game
bhg26: 121 please
navy_blues: 89 plz
st_steve: 100 for Neale, please
Avarax: who won last ntp apache?
heppelitis: 118 thanks apache
davywap: below 70
Gotigres: 99 for Neale
ajconodie: I’ll have a crack at 100 even for Lachster.
Raspel31: 98 please Apache. Must come up one day.
kascadev8: neale exactly 100 please apache
ajconodie: Keep going O’Mac
Ash777: shame no FF for lions jumper though
tags54: 75 thanks Apache
SofR: Can I have 125 please
Thomas1234: 72 thanks
Ash777: neale 96
teachrtony: 108 for Neale please Apache.
MrWalrus: Neale 142 thanks, looking for a huge 2nd half
Apachecats: Avarax ,our new life member cmperrfect won.
pjw1234: 101 thanks
kascadev8: would enjoy an 80+ from Wicks in this game, helps with the Neale drop
Haydo: 102 for Neale
Apachecats: Avarax was = 2nd.
Woodie22: One hundred and thirteen plz
twistofoz1: 117 for me.. Cheers, Apache
zadolinnyj: 121 please Apache
Avarax: 3rd, then 2nd. surely that means i win this round
WCE18: 103 thanks
beerent11: Always reckon 40+ at half time is ok.
Apachecats: Surely.
scboy123: ill take 125 for neale if possible apache
thommoae: 107 please.
dkeating48: 110 for neale
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
scboy123: Im gonna watch second half from the pool – might catch y’all towards the end but if not GL all hope you all win !
DrSeuss: 98 for Neale
The Hawker: 99 please Apache
phivee: neale 114 please
Raspel31: Taken DrSeuss- leave me alone.
lukefield9: 89 pls apache
exatekk: 86 please apache
DrSeuss: 95 then please? You having a bad night @Raspel?
SofR: Did you get my score? I forget what i said
Apachecats: Seuss 95 ok ,might be lucky
Apachecats: SofR 125 ,write it down.
Social: 140 thanks
cmperrfect: 87 plz Apache
SofR: Thanks Apache. I’m old and had a seniors moment. I’ll write it down as soon as I can remember where I left the pencil
Social: I’ll be watching the 2nd half on the underwater telly in the plunge pool
Apachecats: I can relate SofR ,cheers.
goat_19: neale 109
goat_19: damn did i miss it?
heppelitis: lol SofR
Apachecats: you made it goat but only just.
Apachecats: Comp closed ,goat is in, 72 -142.
goat_19: alright thanks apache
DrSeuss: Remind me how guys like AhChee and Answerth get games ahead of Witherden?
circle52: Dr think it is 2 reasons Withers is a little slow and cannot fit all of Rich, Birch and Withers in same team. All simila
GobChuck: Answerth has done a good job on guys like papley AMT etc since back in, ah chee idk
pcaman2003: Year after year the voodoo doll does its job . Holding Neale down very well tonight.
GobChuck: Captain Neale, Lyons BigO Zorko Clug Parker Lloyd…..all over the shot game
Bluebagg11: God I wish I had one trade left to have gotten Lyons back. So good for me all year.
scboy123: yo seuss are u supercoach with DR – saw the DR + lions fan and connected the dots lol. soz if i trippin
blonde0na: Witho is a lil bit slow but his ball use is generally very good. Would make a great winger if he had the tank
heppelitis: Bomber supporters were asking last year why Ridley wasnt being played…he came back better this year.
phivee: i have lyons but neale c lol
davywap: keep going clarke, smother him
Apachecats: Beats me Doc ,I have him in your top 10 ,by SC average he ranks 7th.for Lions.
MercAm: Dam ya gotta give Clarke credit doing a really good job on Neale
pcaman2003: Try those tasty chips yet Lloyd?
Social: Yellowy tinge to the plunge pool, heading over to the lap pool
DrSeuss: Nah not me SC boy
cmperrfect: Beaker walking laps of the white line, not looking
Apachecats: Any thing floating around Social.
scboy123: damn my bad g
cmperrfect: Watch out for the poll waffles Social, haha
pcaman2003: Apache. The stench of Neale
Social: Ah thanks for the hint Apache, just spotted a chokito
pcaman2003: Apache. The SC corpse of Neale
DrSeuss: I get that Witho is a little slower – but much better at everything else than both those guys.
SeasickJac: Stay low Neale.. Rich that’s enough from you
cmperrfect: *polly
Apachecats: Not doing much is he pca?
DrSeuss: Birchall has experience – but not much more any more
original: Lyons in for cogs. Laughing
Apachecats: The guy on 72 must be laughing.
pcaman2003: Apache. Which suits me fine. Hopefully he’s like this next week cos my opponent will have him:)
Social: Over to the infinity pool where I can watch Clarke destroy my season on the big screen
bagger2217: I can confirm that pca’s voodoo magic works 100%
Pies20: When does the c activate when your playing a none scoring player with the c on after the game or when it starts?
DrSeuss: Are you sure you don’t have a Zorko doll @pca? He hasn’t been this terrible in a long time
GobChuck: whnever the game recognises they’re not playing this week @Pies. usually around 4th term
Silz90: I hope neale doesnt win the brownlow anymore. im not happy 🙁
pcaman2003: bagger2217. I say this every year. It works. As Raspel when it worked for him last year a couple of time.
pcaman2003: Pies20. After final scores are lodged
Pies20: Cheers @gob
pcaman2003: No Seuss. It’s all Zorko I’m afraid. Just a dud.
Pies20: cheers @pca
wadaramus: Keep that voodoo going pcaman! Big last qtr Lloyd & Parker!
bagger2217: might keep the bribe option in mind for Lukosius pca
SadBlueBoi: Of all the players to cost me the prelim. Bloody Neale
pcaman2003: I’ll throw an extra bag of chips to Lloyd for gobbling up
DrSeuss: Haha he has been a lot better this year – a few lows but much better than previous years – just not tonight
davywap: recent history against the swans suggested neale wouldn’t be a good choice as captain this week
pcaman2003: Okay Bagger. SadBlueBoi. You should’ve given me a bribe earlier,then who knows.
wadaramus: Plenty of chicken salt, he won’t be able to resist!
Stu7: @davywap – where did you get that data?
Hazza09: If you had to choose between Neale and Lyons for next week, who would you choose?
davywap: neale’s average in last 3 games against swans is 87
SadBlueBoi: I didn’t start with Neale as he seemed to struggle with a tag last season. Brought him in during the season and now this
Social: a lazy ton this qtr thanks Lachie
SadBlueBoi: @pca haha, oh well. Know I know
wadaramus: I started with Neale, traded him out on the bye.
original: Let’s all watch mccluggage get 10 touches this qtr. cmon
pcaman2003: Hazza09. Lyons on fire lately and reliable. I’d be tempted.
davywap: i got it from fan footy actually @Stu7, but don’t think i post link here
pcaman2003: original. I wonder if he also like chips.
Hazza09: @wadaramus you bringing Neale back in?
davywap: don’t think i can post link here i meant, just google “neale stats by opponent”
beerent11: 110 for jpk might give me a chance
original: PCA we only need one every two minutes, so far so good
beerent11: Luckily my opponent put the c on Neale and the vc on Grundy?
wadaramus: Used my last trade to on Dangerpants this week! If I had the cash I would have grabbed Neale.
original: Neale scores 110 last year, 108 the year before that, and had a 44 3 years ago
amigaman: Swans run out of chips?
Silz90: Pay a free to neale flower sake. getting held at every contest.
GobChuck: lol mcinerney went -2 for that chase bit rude CD
original: Beerent wow
Wahab_18: If Neale gets tagged next week too, he’s gonna be around 550k next year starting price what a bargain!!!
wadaramus: I’ll have some of that Wahab!
PowerBug: Cmon Swannies!
Silz90: i dont think thats how it works wahab. its based on his avg for the year
PowerBug: He won’t start the year anywhere near 550k Wahab
pcaman2003: Neale has really felt the curse of the voodoo doll. Such a useful tool
The Hawker: He wont be 550k starting price next year haha, it doesnt work like that Wahab
wadaramus: It’s chip time Lloyd.
DrSeuss: Zorko’s time on ground is rubbish as well – not ideal
SadBlueBoi: Surely Carlton will have E Curnow on Neale. Or we just ignore him and just bomb to no one inside 50m
Wahab_18: what happens to the prices then?
cmperrfect: 1 large chips in the back pocket please
The Hawker: Neale ended up wuth 560k last year and started 660k this year
beerent11: Bloody hell, just noticed I have a 110 sholl and a 97 Schoenberg on the bench.
Apachecats: Reckon I can call NTP now.
Pies20: Im going to win my prelim 1short with doc not $league so who cares but still haha
kascadev8: rich go to bed, stop scoring
beerent11: With doc Neale and Zorko and jjk on field.and Haynes… fuck
pcaman2003: SadBlueBoi. I recckon curnow will go to Neale for sure next week.
GobChuck: Captain Neale + Zorko vs 185 in a cash league granny… gotta be kidding.
beerent11: And titch and Simpkin
heppelitis: wtf was i thinking..118 for neale haha
beerent11: And goldy
DrSeuss: Damn that is rough Gob
CozzieCan: @beer don’t forget dangerfield
Stu7: Come on Neale ffs
sammyo7: As well as we’ve played in the 2nd half brisbane are better
beerent11: Ok finished venting now I apologise
StuL: Come on Seagull. Chip time
kascadev8: lloyd i bought a bag of chips, here u go
thommoae: Clarke for star. Who else, all season, has been able to hogtie Neale?
phivee: where is lyons?
original: Lyon just going backwards
beerent11: Don’t have him cozziecan
Apachecats: 1st in NTP on Neale is Thomas 1234 on 72 ,well done on your 2nd NTP ,2nd goes to tags 54 on 75.
cmperrfect: This game can be the time in a few weeks when Neale can have a toilet break on Brownlow Night
Pies20: agree @thommo well done clarke
pcaman2003: That’ll do doll,that’ll do.
Apachecats: 3rd goes to pcaman on 83.
kascadev8: probably best to get neale off before he does something dumb, seen him be a little angy, let him relax
Bluebagg11: Neale Vs Kennedy was a big match up in my money league. Fark this Shyte.
Silz90: Good boy Neale – massive goal assist. give him 50 points
Pies20: @Apache calls it early early minute
Apachecats: Want Neale to punch someone ,got Steele in nice bet for Brownlow.
Raspel31: Well, I bow it gracefully from SC saying at least you had a good game Lyons.
davywap: where did neale get those 7 points from?
Hazza09: Do you bring Neale in next week? Surely Carlton don’t tag
kascadev8: carlton didnt tag matt crouch, doubt they’d go and tag neale
bagger2217: that’ll do Neal, that’ll do
Social: 4 more Araks thanks Made
StuL: Hello Curnow?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Wehen I traded Cogs to Rocky,Lyons was a strong consideration. Great player.
Silz90: Carlton have clocked off for the year. Ed prob tags him though
beerent11: Ahem curnow
pcaman2003: Hazza09. Reckon Curnow will tag him.
Catatafish: Get fucked Parker
cmperrfect: If Fyfe has Neales stats he would have tonned by now
DrSeuss: Gobchuck just a little up scaling on Zorko and Neale and you might be ok
zadolinnyj: wonder how many people captained neale? glad i took gawn
Pies20: @rasp who you put the c on?
beerent11: If jpk matches seagull he nearly makes up for Neale and Zorko for me
Hazza09: Curnow did nothing in today’s game
pcaman2003: If Curnow doesn’t tag him,I have Mr Voodoo as a back up plan. Success guaranteed:)
zadolinnyj: same apache
Raspel31: You’restirring the pot Pies20.
zadolinnyj: curnow tagged brad crouch
bagger2217: The seagull has had a hearty meal of chips
kascadev8: rich stop scoring, i dont like u bringing my opponent back into this
davywap: i think clarke just took a couple of nails out of my 2020 supercoach coffin
StuL: No Crow is worth tagging.
satch7: 15 hundreds in a row for seagull. Great season lad
Pies20: nah just asking thought after my clarke tagging comment you would listen and c someone else
pcaman2003: Lloyd,tick,Neale,tick. Job done!
wadaramus: I thought Curnow was tagginig Laird?
bagger2217: don’t mess with pca! He’ll use his voodoo magic on you.
Haydo: Lloyd will be close to the 2nd highest scorer this year
wadaramus: Lloyd is money well spent for sure.
wadaramus: My opp had the C on Neale, thanks voodoo man (pcaman!).
st_steve: Lloyd is the ultimate SC outlier. Scores a heap but teams aren’t interesting in shutting him down.
pcaman2003: My pleasure. Any requests for next game?
pharace: Say it again, good job pcaman!
kascadev8: would need maynard to be huge tomorrow night, same with grundy and lukosius if im to get the 2.4k score for the 1st time
BRAZZERS: you won’t get 2.4k, you’re team must not be very good if they havent done it. I’ve done it 7 times.
goat_19: what’s your rank brazzers?

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