Chat log from R17 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

pjw1234: vc on bont
pjw1234: vc on bont
pcaman2003: Have Macrae in this,but inconsequential now as already into the GF.
Baldfrog: Will Mccrae have a field day against Hawks
kascadev8: go macrae
beerent11: Scrap that last email
pcaman2003: Macrae will kill it.
Haydo: Macrae as captain
Silz90: I swapped C from macrae to neale. I have a bad feeling about that call
beerent11: Non cash league:
Raspel31: So that last email won’t work- no sweat beer.
heppelitis: tombstone toby mc
MercAm: Yo guys just from the last game doing a cash league for supercoach email is if interested
itsduftime: thats not good for mclean
MercAm: Jesus that didnt look good
biggs2dujj: Hawks playing one short
beerent11: No use the gmail one raspel sorry bout the muck up
Raspel31: m0nty might not like you setting up a cash game under his ‘name” Merc.
kascadev8: wow was such a good start for toby, horrible to see
pcaman2003: McLean so bloody unlucky then. Great start only to finish like that.
Silz90: I brought in wingard this week. I ran out of cash and hopefully kills it for me
Raspel31: Just checked back on last game beer- didn’t appear.
MercAm: @rasp of shower I didnt even think about that
MercAm: If he says anything ill 100% change the email, sorry m0nty and let me know if ya want me to change it!
Raspel31: Just a thought Merc- not against a cash league.
Valens: Merc I’m keen will send email. I don’t chat much but love SC!
Baldfrog: Beer says doesn’t exist
Baldfrog: Sorry missed the extra f
beerent11: .. emails flying in.
Silz90: I sent you an email mercAm. Let me if know if goes through πŸ™‚
Raspel31: Ah, found the address beer. Cheers.
RooBoyStu: A Collingwood supporter doing a cash league under tough times, i smell a rat, benefits dropping lol
navy_blues: beer how many ppl in 1 league? 16?
amigaman: Come on Macrae extract the digit
RooBoyStu: Night Raid next racing September 26th at Caulfield
StacksOn: far our just looked at the results of last game, had both rivers and scholl on my bench and docherty on field…
Baldfrog: Keep us informed RBS and we’ll done last week looked good
beerent11: Yep 16 navy. Will be multiple leagues by the rate of emails coming through. Keep the word out. Gotta go mow the lawns.
MercAm: @Roo haha
Avarax: did i win ntp yet?
Apachecats: Don’t think so Ava ,close but no cigar.
kascadev8: gibbs killing it in his last game was terrific to see
Catatafish: Hit a target Bailey, fuck.
Raspel31: Do the Swans have a tagger? Just thinking Neale or Lloyd.
Apachecats: Just waiting on SC site to post.
kascadev8: just moved o’connor from sydney onto my field, good to have sholl as emergency, i get his score now πŸ™‚
Apachecats: Good luck RBS ,name of race?
BRAZZERS: rough stacks, i looped rivers for doch before the game, lucky
Baldfrog: Raspel 150 for Gawn not enough?
Pies20: Clarke if he’s playing sometimes tags @rasp
GobChuck: Projected 2490 with jmac vc Neale C, nobody under 90
noobcoach: Clarke can tag for swans
twistofoz1: Hi all!! Long time FF fan, first timer on this forum.. Monty.. love your work.. Everyone else.. cheers for the banter!
Raspel31: Sadly lost Gawn when he was injured.
The Hawker: George Hewett is swans’s tagger Rapsel
Raspel31: Cheers lads.
kascadev8: hawk has been the only real downside for my scores this week, next worst short then dusty
jbjimmyjb: Gob how do you not have any of Danger/Simpkin/Haynes/Dusty/Oliver
Baldfrog: Oh Raspel:(
navy_blues: welcome twist
Apachecats: Gibbs officially 106.pcaman a hole in one on 106 ,your second NTP.
zadolinnyj: Good work Pac-Man
Apachecats: 2nd wassrj2409 on 107 ,and 3rd was Avarax on 104.Well done to all who had a go.
CozzieCan: Cmon Titch , Bont & Macrae !! Make up for Doch
twistofoz1: Cheers, Navy!
kascadev8: great stuff to make the NTP Gibbs
Avarax: atleast my first podium
Raspel31: Didn’t want to Bald but they rested NicNat
DrSeuss: Nice one Wingard – ignore Titch and turn it over trying to be a star
Baldfrog: Massacre coming up…Get cactus ready M0nty
Apachecats: You are very welcome to have a go at Nearest the pin just before half time twisto.
Raspel31: Yep, welcome to the madhouse twist.
MercAm: As more people have joined going to be doing a cash league for supercoach email is if interested
scboy123: Baz Macca + Titch all ton up lads. mans wants his first 2500
zadolinnyj: Clarkson takes in some water, ready to yell at everyone
twistofoz1: Will do, Apache.. I’ve been looking forward to joining the NTP for a long time.
scboy123: is there a general census on who to captain out of lloyd and neale next
twistofoz1: Cheers, Raspel.. I wish I had joined earlier..
Baldfrog: Twist when Tags buys me that luxury yacht you can come fishing
kascadev8: what a good week to be forced to run rookies in the starting 22
c-money69: if bontempelli had bontempelli’s stats he would be on 60 at qrt time…
twistofoz1: I live abroad (Japan) is this an issue when joining a cash league?
twistofoz1: I’ll be there with bells on, Baldfrog.. haha
Apachecats: Just pay in Yen twist.
gdog04: afternoon lads
Raspel31: Mercs is a Collingwood fan twist- if you have money he’ll find a way to get it. And Baldfog has used that line before.
twistofoz1: Too easy, Apache!
MercAm: @twisto nah mate, if you are interested in joining the cash league just send an email πŸ™‚
Apachecats: Hi gdog ,you new ,? if so welcome.
tags54: @Baldfrog, yacht doesn’t come with any extra gear
twistofoz1: DO I just send an email to that email adress, titled ‘Interested’ or soemthing similar?
woodduck: Irrashaimase Twisto. ganbatte
Baldfrog: Tight ar$e Tags lol
twistofoz1: Cheers, Merc!
twistofoz1: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, woodduck-san πŸ˜‰
twistofoz1: Adelaide boy, here.. Been living in J-town for 13 years..
woodduck: lol I spent three years there #twisto
kascadev8: projected 2431 finally happy to see a good score coming
twistofoz1: Could you post that email address once more, please.
Baldfrog: How’s Covid affecting Japan Twist?
Pies20: What did you do wrong @twist haha
DrSeuss: Bont and Bailey Smith – can you please stop now Hawthorn do something – show some pride
twistofoz1: Nice one, woodduck! Teaching?
MercAm: @pies bhaha
CozzieCan: Yewhew Titch wakey wakey ?! Get moving now
twistofoz1: hahaha.. too many to mention, Pies20..
navy_blues: which 1 twist?
tags54: Hey Baldfrog you should see the model luxury yacht I just bought from the local hobby shop.
woodduck: Kokusai koruka…in Osaka
twistofoz1: Covid’s up and down here, Baldfrog.. Japan is naturally a mask wearing country, so that’s helped I think.
scboy123: japan is such a sick place. fkn love the temples n what not
Pies20: anyone else who got knocked out last week seeing there players who went shower last week do well this week so frustratin
kascadev8: macrae r u playing today? would like to hit 2400+ one time this year
Raspel31: Kitsune ni tumamareru twist san.
twistofoz1: that’s the one, Navy.. cheers, mate
Baldfrog: Nice is it tags….I want the real thing m8
navy_blues: yw
MercAm: Nice goal Smith
noobcoach: Cmon Hawks, keep freo’s slim chance alive πŸ™‚
navy_blues: beerent is running that 1
Raspel31: Methinks the captaincy shall not be bestowed upon you Mr Macrae.
davywap: this game will be the final nail in my 2020 supercoach coffin, opponent has bont, daniels and b smith
twistofoz1: Wakaru, Raspel-san.. haha
Baldfrog: M0nty have your main pages headline for you Constipated hawks mauled by dogs
twistofoz1: What’s the second one, Navy? Sorry for bothering you, bro..
original: After cogs was dropped I needed to start greaves. Lucky I need him, neale, crisp, Lyons and greenwood to score 320
navy_blues: the cash one is fanfootycash i think
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. With the players we’ve been rotating,especially with new guys,it’s no surprise they’re losing. badly
twistofoz1: Cheers, mate!
scboy123: when is the deadline to register for next years leagues boys
Raspel31: The non cash one is twist.
Baldfrog: I know pcaman just stirring
Raspel31: I tought you were a Saints man pcaman?
twistofoz1: Both emails sent.. Cheers, Raspel
SeasickJac: Cmon Shiels… Due for a big game.. Get the ball
CozzieCan: Reckon Clarko stands down very soon if not let go
navy_blues: scboy they just seeing how much interest there would be in a league next year
SneakySC: Why would he Cozzie, look at the team they’re fielding, they’re extremely young
Pies20: Me thinks i remember know @sloan you to say it and everyone ragd on him must be retro and back @rasp
Pies20: now
navy_blues: and if interested to email
Pies20: use
scboy123: navy i reckon thered defs be enough ppl to get a league only need like 20
Baldfrog: Teeth in plz Pies
pcaman2003: I’m a bit surprised Hawks let the Bont have a free run without an opponent. Just too easy.
navy_blues: for sure prob be multi leagues
Raspel31: Fascinating Pies20 though I didn’t understand a word.
zadolinnyj: Common titch
Apachecats: NTP is on Bont ,apache goes 177
StuL: Ok opp had sholl on the park wtf. This is serious now. Come on macca and titch
Pies20: Haha @baldy @rasp yeah the delivery wasn’t good trying to say me thinks wasn’t liked at 1stage
Raspel31: 147 please Apache.
pcaman2003: 188 for me please Apache
scboy123: ill take 143 apache
davywap: fuck you hawthorn
twistofoz1: 165 for me, Apache
Water: Ill go 147 for bont please apache
Baldfrog: One hundred and eighty plz Apache
The Hawker: 171 please for me Apache
Pies20: 154@apache
exatekk: Bont 169 thanks Apache
Stuart88: Did wingard go home Jee
Social: 153 Bont thanks
BumSniff: Whats the latest a team can confirm a late out?
pjw1234: 184 thanks
pjw1234: 1 hr prior
Raspel31: I’m not sharing the shirt with you Water.
thommoae: 172 thanks, Apache.
Pies20: in the warm up on the ground @sniff
Crippa9: An hour before game time this year, usually 90 mins
navy_blues: 158 apache plz
pcaman2003: Even McLean gained 33% that qtr. Not bad for a non playing qtr.
Baldfrog: in the warm up Bum
Avarax: 163 please apache
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
kascadev8: 189 bont please. macrae do something
Ash777: bont 172
pjw1234: final teams are on afl site if you look at last update time
pjw1234: syd bris not final yet
DropCox: Pendles late out vs West Coast 5 mins before bounce
cmperrfect: 161 plz Apache
thommoae: Hour limit doesn’t count if injured in the Warm up, Drop.
DropCox: Was replying to “what’s the latest a player can be a late out?” question
srj2409: 721 for Bont pls. Don’t laugh
srj2409: CD love him
tags54: 157 thanks Apache
Social: Geary pulled out 20m before bounce with a virus
Raspel31: Congrats to Beer for already responding to emails. Just shooting off for wine. Don’t let 2nd half start without me.
goat_19: bont 159
Apachecats: Literally rolling on the floor srj
Pies20: Yep agree @dropcox it happens @thommo
SadBlueBoi: Bont 199 please (he is in my team so here’s hoping)
CozzieCan: 171 please Apache
Raspel31: Lol Apache.
Pies20: who has wingard?
ajconodie: 155 for Bontgomery please Apache
Thomas1234: whats the email for the non cash leaugue
Pies20: Scsoft
MrWalrus: 153 for bont please
MercAm: non cash league: cash league:
Pies20: haha just joking
Baldfrog: Go away pies some of us need to pay for Chardonnay and apricot slices
heppelitis: bont 165 thanks
SeasickJac: how is titch on the same as shiels with less disp?
Dogs5416: Bont 175 if available
MercAm: 142 Bontempeli please
Pies20: Jeez with that comment and your love of lycra @baldy your worrying me haha
The Hawker: Shiels 2 clangers and titch 2 more CP and no clangers @seasickjac
Ash777: clangers seasick
Apachecats: all yours Dogs5416
beerent11: Looking like more than one non cash league. Probably fairest to randomly fill the leagues.should be good.
Dogs5416: Seasickjac clangers / efficiency/ contested possies and tackles ? Seems fair
Baldfrog: Haha you should be
Avarax: don’t they come complimentary at all crows home game @baldy
zadolinnyj: Shower I missed it. 142 Bont?
SeasickJac: thanks Ash. Titch will go big this half
Apachecats: Comp closed 27 entries 142 -199
Baldfrog: Na apricot slices cost alot Avarax
Silz90: 168 for bont
kascadev8: whats up with macrae? doesnt wanna play?
Apachecats: your’re in (just) zado
Avarax: is that to price out the port supporters?
Apachecats: Just missed out sorry Silz.
zadolinnyj: Legend
Baldfrog: Port supporters can’t even afford foodbank
MercAm: @beer how many entries you got
CozzieCan: This tradie body spray add is concerning … haha wtf
Baldfrog: Yeah it’s a shocker Cozzie
noobcoach: Apache i forgot what i put down for bont :/
scboy123: beerent whats the email im more than happy to join too
BumSniff: That ad’s kinda sus
Baldfrog: Talk about hairy lemons
Apachecats: Nothing came up from you Noob.
MercAm: The non cash league is cash league
noobcoach: Oh i must have closed the tab whilst it was sending, all good
Apachecats: On again next match Noob ,cheers,
CozzieCan: Hahaha pmsl @Baldfrog
Silz90: all good apache! i posted a couple times but didnt come through
kascadev8: macrae get out of the mud, start doing something
scboy123: i sent one email to both email addresses hope thats aight
SeasickJac: Cmon Shiels. Need a good score and I need Swans to Tag Neale…
Baldfrog: Mackay seems to struggle when dunks comes back in
Apachecats: English will be awesome when he fills out a bit.Probably a couple of years off yet.
CozzieCan: Cmon Titch & Macrae move it !!
Baldfrog: Mcrae *
scboy123: i reckon this is the game that ends my 2500 dream. Macca and Titch just not up to scratch
Raspel31: Sorry to ask guys but my first year in SC- Neale or Lloyd C.
Tofor85: Shaun Burgoyne is our highest scorer… rouggghhh
pcaman2003: Titch hasn’t found his mojo since his broken leg.
thommoae: Bald, Macrae is doing well; what you mean is maybe”Macrae doesn’t go berserk when Dunks comes in”?
Water: neale C i rekcon raspel
scboy123: pcaman its so annoying cuz i really dislike titch but thougth he was a steal at 550k
Baldfrog: Something like that thommo
Silz90: pcaman can yo u give wingard a spray to get him going
SeasickJac: Bulldogs mids bat deep. Always hard to predict who will go big (apart from Bont)
scboy123: Titch is the definition of pointless disposals
pcaman2003: Be warned. The voodo doll today is gunning for Neale.
scboy123: thommae macrae is not doing well for someone of his price
Baldfrog: No potions pcaman?
SeasickJac: But he gets the points SCboy
pcaman2003: scboy123. 7 CP’s and @80DE suggests otherwise.
MrGmax: Don’t die, Bont!
Apachecats: Bont just planted his face in the turf.
pcaman2003: silz90. I’m sending the vibes to him now.
scboy123: pca all season literally all he does is nothingness handballs. ik ur a hawks fan and all but i really cant stand him
scboy123: he seems like the typical stat padder – just out there to get his numbers
kascadev8: bailey smith might bring my opponent back into this game :/ macrae letting me down
Grimes Jr: Agree scboy. Just an accumulator
pcaman2003: scboy. If he HB’s to a team mate,which he often does,then that’s his job. To get the ball and contest.
Wahab_18: Who is the hawks team manager? Titch been on the bench for 8 goddamn minutes i need 20 touches from him FLOWER SAKE!
noobcoach: Give me anyone from WB midfield before Titch, all more damaging IMO
SofR: I think Dunk does more damage than Macrae so deserves higher scores
thiccgucci: dont understand the hate on titch. someone has to get the hard/contested ball and link handballs
Apachecats: 28 SCfrom Bont that 1/4 ,leaving a few of us stranded on high predictions.
Stu7: Macrae struggling
pcaman2003: Mummy does more damage. Oh! Hang on ! Wrong type of damage.
Baldfrog: Not hate thicc not damaging thats all
scboy123: pca i get that but when youre a brownlow medalist on a team as bad as hawks this year. surely you want more than that?
navy_blues: need big qtr fro titch and daniel
pcaman2003: Sorry Apache. Set the doll onto Bont to slow him down a bit. He was getting away with too much:)
noobcoach: my bont ntp of 143 that didnt send πŸ™‚ looking not too bad,
SofR: Burgoyne Hawks highest. Dogs have 11 higher, Sums up the game perfectly
pcaman2003: scboy. Just bear in mind he came off an horrific leg injury and inrterupted pre season
pjw1234: very high scoring in sc so probably a scale down com
Baldfrog: Alot of players never get back to best after a broken leg. Brown Bock etc
scboy123: yeah i understand that but watching hawks this year worpel seems much more damaging and just aggressive on the ball
scboy123: obviously worpel went down last game which was unfortunate
pjw1234: Robbie Gray the exception was better when he came back
Apachecats: Here comes Da Bont!
scboy123: titch finally gets a kick and finds the doggies player. maybe understand why he sticks to handballs now xD just messing
StuL: God would have had the C on Salah
Kidult: been awhile since seen everyone in one team lay a tackle.
thommoae: I had the (c) on Salah. Not a hard decision, though.
Silz90: Triple Captain Stul
kascadev8: i had bont at the start of the year, but i went full Muppet n traded him out cos he didnt score much. haunted me since
scboy123: hawks fans what r ur thoughts on your kid hanrahan
StuL: No Titch next year. Titch torching my prelim. The door is now ajar to lose
StuL: I did too. In wouldn’t mention it otherwuse
DrSeuss: Ok Bont and Baz – you can stop now. Take the rest of the game off
pcaman2003: scboy. Still early days and we seem to have other good up and comers.Hanrahan seems to be a slow burner.
Tofor85: I think Hanrahan shows promise as a small forward.. dissapointed he’s not playing today.
kascadev8: i forgot to change mine b4 gameweek lockout @thommoae so i had kdb as captain :/ got the VC on Richarlison
Grimes Jr: Pca apart from day name one promising young hawthorn player
Tofor85: Titch killing me in a draft format comp… really needed 100 from him at least.. even 80! DO SOMETHING
beerent11: I’m in 5 prelims this week. May miss all of them. Shocking week.
scboy123: I played juniors with him. NGL would genuinely be surprised if he makes it at AFL level but wud love to see it
scboy123: Ive seen at least 4 tackles the same as Baz’ there not given dangerous tackle this round alone lol
kascadev8: macrae at this exact point has negated the boost coming from Sholl, disappointing
thiccgucci: macrae is doing fine. will still get to 100. idk why ppl expect 130 every week
MercAm: Dam titch on 11 disposals, what a shocker he is having
thommoae: Richarlison away at Spurs; not confident but not without hope, kasca.
Raspel31: Carn Spurs!
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Greaves for one.
Kidult: didn’t expect Libba to play everygame since rd3
Silz90: Its been a masterclass by the little master. just get off the tv bruce
beerent11: Pretty damning when a 37 year old is your most effective SuperCoach player
tags54: stay on the bench macrae useless
Grimes Jr: Haha greaves
Silz90: Damm Wingard. I was 4k short of picking walters instead of you :
pharace: HUnter’s score for game time is exceptional – correct?
scboy123: Titch has had what 1 “premo” score since i got him after his bye. a few low 100s and 90s and this
scboy123: as a chelsea fan i still wish mourinho success so go spurs lol
pcaman2003: Grimes. Haha! Stack
ajconodie: Surely Bont scales up to 155.
StuL: That sucked
CozzieCan: Titch flower you never again !! Cost me my prelims you flowering flog dog cunt
LMartos: Mitchell has averaged 110 since his bye, how can you complain about that lol
thiccgucci: still plenty of points to come, could go even higher
StuL: Kane never scores in August. Because its not August i guess he will start ok?
Grimes Jr: Pcaman haha bottom 4!
StuL: Smashed by Sholl Titch. I said full premo was a falacy this year
Kidult: cmon dogs 1 more and we’re in!
pcaman2003: Most prems have a bad day. Just bad luck for some that today it was Titch.
pjw1234: not many points in last 1/4 so looking like 7.5% scale up
pcaman2003: Grimes. Haha. 13 Premierships in my lifetime. Just loved it ALL.
scboy123: Cozziemate i feel ya. watch him get 150 next week. Gaff lost last weeks game fro em with a 60… 150 this week lol
Apachecats: Seven of you between 153 and 159.
scboy123: tbf pca he had a 90 last week. In his defence 2 120s before that
pjw1234: think he will end up on 162
Hazza09: Do you take 65 or roll the dice with Coleman?
Dogs5416: Cozziecan… Titch cost you your prelims? Likely there was more than one player involved
Dogs5416: 161 Bont C thankyou
CozzieCan: @Dogs not really just Titch … ranked 3,300 , team value 14,100,321 you do the maths
cmperrfect: Is that no3 for me Apache?

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