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Chat log from R17 of 2020: Carlton vs Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Adelaide, R17 of 2020

goat_19: i’ve been 1 point off ntp twice this round already
Social: You got it today goat
Social: Looks like Docherty is playing, anyone heard different?
Baldfrog: glad we are tanking bringing Gibbs in
kascadev8: good afternoon everyone, finished destroying people in FIFA20 so im here now, lets go matt crouch
missmagic: obrien and cripps & have gibbs as an em in an important ultimate league
Baldfrog: good luck missmagic
Apachecats: Just checked chatlog from last night.2 winners in NTP.
exatekk: Afternoon lads. Go Crows!
kascadev8: got cripps, sholl, matt crouch. sholl is covering the non-playing witherden, get me a good score sholl
Apachecats: Gawn officially 150.=1st weregoat-19(1st NTP) and Mr Walrus (2nd NTP) .Well done both of you.
Apachecats: Thanks to Avaracx for running it.
The Hawker: I think I was one off again… i guessed 151
Baldfrog: The way Walrus was complaining thought he hadn’t won it yet
kascadev8: would love the NTP to be on Gibbs for his last game
satch7: Need Simpson to score less than Perez
Baldfrog: Why are those Carlton flogs booing?
LMartos: got a feeling I could get 8 defensive tons this round with Sholl and Day on my bench
amigaman: Answered your own question Baldfrog
Apachecats: Just double checked the chat log Hawker no entry from you ,sorry.
BigChief: get a fucking clue Baldfrog. They are not booing. They are saying Kreuz.
zadolinnyj: Carn crows
Ash777: That’s what I thought but they’re saying kruez
SofR: They’re calling “Kreuz” not booing. Happened for years but loud today as he retired.
Catatafish: All my opps playing Sholl, what fresh horseshit is this?
Kidult: Bloody hell slowdown Sholl my opp has him as cover for his injuries
bagger2217: band aid or cross on Fisher?
Baldfrog: Thanks SofR they started when a
Baldfrog: Sloane took the mark*
kascadev8: yes sholl, at this rate i hope witherden stays out, oh boy wowee
DrSeuss: Just noticed my opponent has Sholl on the bench with Witherden out – that is some bullshit
DamoBurner: As an essendon supporter, Carlton losing to Adelaide would make 2020 a success
Ash777: crows have a few good kids coming in.
NewFreoFan: Come on Doch, you’re not doing much defending, get some possies
pcaman2003: Have Laird as POD but on the bench. Put Rivers on field. Hope I did the right thing.
navy_blues: lol burner carl beat gee how u guys go? lol
pcaman2003: Cripps giving a masterclass today.
kascadev8: @DrSeuss its like ur playing me haha, ive got the same thing going on
Raspel31: If I hadn’t already lost my perlim I might be tempted to say step up Cripps lad.
Tofor85: Looks like the Hawks have given the Crows some confidence.. Some good young talent there!
Kidult: Haven’t seen Curnow or Cripps roving much at all today
SofR: They did it when Kreuz got the ball and then started doing it for opponents shots
NewFreoFan: wtf has happened to incorrect disposal ffs
SofR: Didn’t happen much if Kreuz not playing but today is special – sort of a farewell gesture
DrSeuss: Does your opponent have Curnow stinking it up as well Kasca?
bagger2217: I think Curnow’s tagging Crouch
Baldfrog: Bit late Freo fan been happening all year
SofR: I’ma Blue but it annoyed me too
pcaman2003: Raspel. How did you manage to lose your prelim so quickly yesterday?
NewFreoFan: The blatant ones still annoy me Baldfrog
kascadev8: @Seuss sadly not, they only have o’brien and cripps while i have cripps, sholl and crouch 🙂
Dogs5416: All pods flopped this week. Anyone else thinking roos at getting the spoon?
heppelitis: Cripps seems to go to ground a lot.
Ash777: matt crouch is playing a negating role on cripps.
Raspel31: From having a crap team pcaman.
kascadev8: go sholl keep going get me a ton just like rivers has
zadolinnyj: Crows % horrible and wont play hard against Richmond if it means pick 1
ElstyBoy: How is Matt Crouch 22 points from 11 touches
Baldfrog: Freo Fan we need professional umps they have been disgraceful this year
DrSeuss: Sorry Kasca but Sholl can flower right off
pcaman2003: Raspel. That’s a bit sad. Maybe next year
bagger2217: crap boys lift
NewFreoFan: Blues wasting the 4 point gift we gave them
scboy123: glad i took rivers 107 and benched docherthy
The Hawker: Kick the pill Crouch!
NewFreoFan: For real Baldfrog, ridiculous that we don’t
DrSeuss: I have Curnow and my opponent will have Sholl on for Witherden – absolute BS luck
ElstyBoy: same @scboy
NewFreoFan: Oof, Doch in the rooms
Kidult: Docherty down the race
LMartos: Docherty gonna struggle to play this one out, f me, got Sholl on the bench
Kidult: Glad Rivers became Docherty last night
pcaman2003: My opponent has Doch,so that’s good for me. But I hope he’s not badly hurt.
pjw1234: tossed up looping out mills or dock for rivers and ended up deciding on mills my bad
Water: great move to bench docherty for watsons 90 from me i think
pjw1234: tossed up looping out mills or doc for rivers and ended up deciding on mills my bad
DrSeuss: Whoever you are tagging Curnow it’s not working – so go win your own freaking ball – maybe lay a tackle or 10
pcaman2003: Schoenberg may be a good loop for Foot,providing Foot doesn’t get called up.
Baldfrog: DR Seuss you do this early in every game prescribe yourself some Vallium m8
ElstyBoy: thank god I benched Doch for Rivers, also let me take Gawns VC, happy days
ElstyBoy: now just need m crouch to get more than 2 points per disposal for the rest of the game
pcaman2003: Just noticed my opponent also has Dawson on field with no back up and he’s out this week. My prelim is almost assured.
Kidult: That booing fan is annoying
Baldfrog: Good for you Pcaman mines done and dusted
itsduftime: Docherty in the team huddle
bagger2217: Doc on the bench
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. Bad luck mate. It’s been a tricky year for everyone
DrSeuss: Thanks Baldfrog – it just helps to share the pain. That’s what my therapist said
scboy123: my team disappeared last week and now are popping this week. such shit
Baldfrog: lo Suess all good
dkeating48: Laird v Smith for me
bagger2217: how’s that not a mark?!?!
silksmooth: if rob can stay under 110, i have a shot at my prelim, otherwise its most likely done and dusted
cmperrfect: Hi All, Any1 else’s Kayo decided to not work today? I’ve had to revert to Kodi.
pcaman2003: So,where was this effort during the year for the Crows. They look a different side lately.
Haydo: Yeah Kayo not working for me either
amigaman: Kayo fine here
Social: Maybe their burnt feet have finally healed
kascadev8: matt crouch get some kicks, handballs arent helping me. great start sholl
pcaman2003: My Kayo is working fine.
amigaman: What device are you using
scboy123: ??? im watchin on kayo as we speak
Baldfrog: Doch out
kascadev8: doch out for the game, wow, should have rested him
bagger2217: I rate Gibbons highly and Docherty ruled out damn
pcaman2003: Social. That maybe it 🙂
scboy123: Doch out. What a masterstroke benching him
MrWalrus: Pca, they are playing Carlton soooo
Water: doch ruled out
pcaman2003: Doch out which will hurt badly for his owners.
LMartos: I know it was a must win match for the blues, but Doch playing when he’s clearly not right was a dumb decision
DrSeuss: Damn lucky all my opponents have Docherty
Wahab_18: Lost all respect for Docherty.. He wanted to play this game himself.. a rest wouldn’t have hurt now look what youve done
MrWalrus: At least Doch out could help make him value next year
Baldfrog: Social least we dont need to cry to the afl to bend the rules like you guys did to get Hendersn and Touhy
amigaman: Those not getting Kayo. Try rebooting your device
pcaman2003: Okay! I’m pencilling my reservation into the Granny next Thursday. Relief+
thommoae: Right on Martos. Amazing at this level. Teague, what are you thinking?
SofR: Totally dumb to play Doc. I traded him out for Lloyd so I played safe.
Raspel31: Playing Beatrice Adele?
Wahab_18: What a week it is having Watson, Rivers, Shoenburg and Greaves all on the bench 🙁
pcaman2003: Raspel. Nah mate. This was easier than I expected. Lots of luck involved.
Sunharp: You reckon any of the Carlton players actually want the ball?
Bluebagg11: Who’s up for some more McGovern bashing?
Kidult: only 5.1% to go Crows
kascadev8: is McGovern even playing?
Baldfrog: I want to thank you Bluebag for taking McGovern
Raspel31: Congrats pcaman-thought I was a shoe in but I’m a shoe out.
MrWalrus: Laird has been really good playing mid, seems to fill a role crows were lacking
Cabri44: Anyone choosing between Macrae and Neale as Captain?
Bluebagg11: No probs Baldfrog! Anyone else you’d like to offload?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Lol! Good to see your humour is still there in spite of missing out.
amigaman: No, I’ve got both
Raspel31: Toughie that one Cabri.
Ash777: looks like crows have cleaned up ball use as the season went on.
Baldfrog: haha Bluebag let me think
bagger2217: McKay’s been robbed 3 times
Cabri44: It is tough Raspel – on Macrae at the mo but not convinced
kascadev8: cripps and matt crouch lets go
Raspel31: But that’s the whole point amiga- which do you choose?
Bluebagg11: Just pick your three worst players and we’ll offer them 1/2 a mil each
Ash777: offload Talia.
Apachecats: NTP time ,had a special request for B.Gibbs in his last game .Apache goes 115.
navy_blues: i think carl laying down so gibbs can go out on a win lol
tags54: if this keeps up kangaroos will be on the bottom of ladder
Raspel31: Was thinking one of them to Lloyd but no one to loop so thinking Macrae too Cabri.
bhg26: 125 Apache please
kascadev8: thanks apache haha. 125 for gibbs please
zadolinnyj: 86 thanks apache
Sunharp: Witches hats for all the blues please
tags54: 83 thanks Apache
bagger2217: 96 for Gibbs Apache
Avarax: 104 please apache
pcaman2003: 106 please Apache
Raspel31: 98 please Apache.
Wahab_18: Gibbs 97 please Apache
navy_blues: 84 plz
Baldfrog: 90 for Gibbs plz
MrWalrus: Lol, Schoenberg doesn’t mind the bodies of men against him apparently, commentary gold
Cabri44: Thanks Raspel. I have Lloyd as well but I think I’ll stick with Macrae. First thought, best thought.
Bluebagg11: 110 for Gibbs
amigaman: Raspel I have VC on Macrae and C opn Neale
Cabri44: 98 please Apache
Avarax: yesterdays NTP results. gawn ended on 150, 2 winners with a guess of 151, MrWalrus and goat_19
heppelitis: 86 thanks
masterhc2: 189 for gibbs pls. Will kick 5 junk second half goals and be lured out of retirement by north on 4 years 4 mil
Avarax: groupone a close second with 147
Ash777: gibbs 125
Baldfrog: lol hope so master
NewFreoFan: 112 for Gibbs please
poolboybob: 22 potatoes for Carlton
isoeso: gibbs 114
Raspel31: Good thinking amiga- I can manage that loop.
AlbySmedtz: Gibster 144 please
Baldfrog: Why doesn’t McGovern have a cactus?
MrWalrus: Gibbs 113 thanks Apache, um why is the shirt all damp and sticky?
kascadev8: hope gibbs has a great game, make adelaide regret ignoring you
pcaman2003: Happy with Schoenberg even though it doesn’t matter now for this round. Hope he can do this next week.
Apachecats: Thanks for running NTP Avarax.
goat_19: thanks avarax, was worried someone had 150
goat_19: 131 for gibbs
MrWalrus: Hasn’t earned it Baldfrog
BRAZZERS: how many trade do we get next week? im assuming its 2, 3 would be nice
Baldfrog: We regret taking him so no chance kasca
Apachecats: The Tshirt can just about walk from place to place by itself now.
Baldfrog: You get my lycra shirt Walrus?
pcaman2003: Thanks Avarax and Apache for youe efforts this season. Appreciated!
Moona: 99 for Gibbs please
dkeating48: 122 for gibbs
MrWalrus: Yep, like I said damp & sticky, kind of makes sense after that first half 🙂
Water: 75 for gibbs please apache
Apachecats: Been a pleasure PCA.
Baldfrog: Walrus don’t want to get banned so I’ll leave it there
exatekk: 112 for gibbs please
srj2409: oh goody guessing a non Premo. I’ll take 107 please
Raspel31: Indeed- good work Apache though next year hire a dry cleaner. M0nty will foot the bill.
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Pies20: 113@apacache
Social: 83 thanks Apache
Haydo: 95 for Gibbs
SilverLion: 109 for Bryce
thommoae: 99 for Bryce.
Apachecats: Currently got 16 of you on 2 wins ,need someone else on that life members board apart from apachecats.
Brute: Crows winning games as of late shame how they will still get the spoon North won’t be Ealges and Crows got Tigers eek
DrSeuss: 91 for Gibbs
Brute: won’t beat*
Baldfrog: tiges haven’t beaten crows at AO in years Brute
teachrtony: 119for Gibbs please Apache. And thanks also, great to have NTP. Much appreciated.
Brute: they will now
navy_blues: tigers have beat adel twice out of last 5 games at AO
Baldfrog: not last 2 years when we have been crap
Apachecats: Comp closed 34 entered ,75 -189.
heppelitis: its killing me scholl that i cannot get you on my field and that you will not do this next week when you are fielded.
SC-STAR–: for gibbs
SC-STAR–: oh nvm I was too late by a few secs
Social: if the adelaides best richmond I’ll wear that tshirt in its current condition
Apachecats: Another one on next game SC-STAR.
Baldfrog: Well you can’t Social lol
navy_blues: if adel beat rich ill buy new t shirts for NTP next year lol
SC-STAR–: yeah cheers apache
BurtCocain: well played crom 🙁
MrWalrus: Errrr social, I wouldn’t, besides you’ve gotta earn it 😉
Baldfrog: Alot of money being spent next week
heppelitis: Sholl*
LMartos: how can CD give Shoenberg a clanger for slipping, ball fell to Gibbs after as well
MrWalrus: Hey Apache was this my 2nd? Also thanks for running this, season highlight so far.
tags54: I will buy you a luxury yacht Baldfrog.
pcaman2003: L Martos. I thought the same thing. Clangers need to be re defined IMO. The way it is now is ridiculous.
kascadev8: sholl and matt crouch wake up lets go, cripps get moving
Justavrage: Doc on field, Tobe and Rivers on bench…….
Baldfrog: Thanks Tags
Hazza09: Cripps going to cost me a final
navy_blues: <<<buys apache a slab for all the NTP duties this year
tags54: I hope Richmond players get to Adelaide on time.
Apachecats: I’ll put up those on 2 NTP wins ,just give me time ,I’ll do 4 at a time there is 16.
m0nty: Butts fell on his bum there
tags54: enough of that language Monty
Wahab_18: Monty never says anything on the chat but when he does its a PUN lmao
Hazza09: Piss off Cripps
Avarax: you could post them on FB apache? if you are on there
Raspel31: He’s bottomed out m0nty.
Avarax: in the fanfooty supercoach group.
MrWalrus: Pca I think it more depends on the person doing the stats, clanger, contested, effective etc changes game to game
pcaman2003: It was a bummer that Butts fell on his bum.
Baldfrog: I hope they don’t noww Tags lol and M0nty keep the dad jokes for the kids
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. That’s how I see it. Very inconsistent how it is interpreted.
MrWalrus: Monty is like a dad to all of us, keping us occupied, telling us off wiping our Butts.
tags54: @Baldfrog, i will have to sell my house & borrow me & my big mouth. Lol
Baldfrog: Cmon Blues we are giving you enough chances
Kidult: that was goal of the year
Baldfrog: How far did Cripps run?
Apachecats: Last try ConiglioSSN ,Finlayson ,Sc -Star ,benty691.
pcaman2003: Cripps finally doing something useful.
srj2409: Too far Baldfrog
srj2409: Goal of the year. Lol. No. Was pretty good tho.
Apachecats: bhg26 ,circle52 ,Raspel heppelitis.
teddyt: wait how does cripps only get 9 points for that WHOLE play? 3 touches and a goal lol….what?
Snarfy: Thank you Docherty. I now miss out on Rivers 107pts!
MrWalrus: Hazza, Crippa may win you your final
Apachecats: cmperrfect ,thommoae ,pjw1234 ,pies20.
pcaman2003: Since Laird has been on tghe ball,the Crows have been winning. They should keep him there.
scboy123: the dream 2500 is still on track. this be my round boys
Kidult: Howe and Poppy in for Frawley and Scully
SC-STAR–: whats that apachecats
Haydo: I was projected 2615 before Doc 🙁
Raspel31: You’re a tireless chap Apache- good work. Keep coming Cripps.
The Hawker: laird should be in like 120 with those beautiful stats
Thomas1234: ROB off with the blood rule
MrWalrus: 2 NTP victories SCstar
Apachecats: CozzieCan ,Mr Walrus.
ElstyBoy: this chick umpire is actually so bad
scboy123: need laird ROB and Cripps to ton and this games a success
Apachecats: Eight Eight Three Six Zero -please get a new tag.
scboy123: yeah look haydo i copped dan butlers 36 so like 2500 is still a win for me
kascadev8: need a big last quarter from you now m.crouch cripps and sholl, get me a beast score
cmperrfect: Ruccutio should resign if the Crows lose it from here
Apachecats: SC -Star it was a list of the 15 people on 2 NTP’s.
srj2409: Carl are not going to double their score without Adelaide scoring. Not sure what game day has to do with ruccutio anyway
srj2409: Projected 2431. No players in this game
pcaman2003: Put Rivers on field over Laird,but not complaining. Glad they’e both doing so well.
Baldfrog: Rather Ruccuito than Worsfold Cmperrfect
LMartos: If I took the risk in not fielding Docherty and went Day instead my week could be so good
MercAm: Carlton come back and win?
kascadev8: so happy to see Gibbs going beast mode in his last game, plays terrific, take that Adelaide, shoulda played him
Baldfrog: hope so Merc want spoon
Napper: Had J martin and thought I had Riccardi as cover just in case but who got managed and now docherty with no trades
cmperrfect: Worsfold is already gone Baldfrog, done deal.
MercAm: Also why tf hasnt Gibbs been playing for them throughout the year, he is a decent player still
MrWalrus: Yeah Baldfrog, Ricciuto however is a shocking administrator
Baldfrog: Agree Walrus
MercAm: @bald ya guys need to win something this yeah haha
Baldfrog: we have 1st pick Merc in fact we’ll win more than you lol
kascadev8: get some kicks matt, stop handballing
MercAm: Nah Collingwood have butured trades recently, dont think we will get a 1st round until 2022
Baldfrog: Is De Goey staying Merc?
itsduftime: nice sholl
MercAm: Yeah I reckon Bald think he said early this year he wants to stay, and far out what a game Sholl is having
kascadev8: yes sholl!! follow him up matt
BurtCocain: i benched sholl this week to get Watson’s score :/
Kidult: 600MG to Sholl nice
DrSeuss: Sholl having quite the game – just in the right spot at the right time – everything going his way
kascadev8: need witherden to definetly stay out now
Baldfrog: McGovern!
Nuffman: betts kicks a goal.. and I win $500.. hmmmmmmmm
Ash777: mcgovern has become a hot potato
Wahab_18: Betts goal will get me a bonus bet coz my dumb brain put docherty 15 in the SGM
beerent11: Would anyone be interested in joining a ff sc league next season if I set one up?
MercAm: @Nuff need Murphy and Walsh to get 1 more disposal each and B.Crouch 4 more disposlas for 1.3k
Apachecats: Offer him half Nuffman.
Apachecats: yes for me Beerent.
amigaman: Count me in beerent
Nuffman: man alive guys… we got this!
navy_blues: sure beer great idea
Baldfrog: Yeah Beer only non cash tho
Water: yes beer
Wahab_18: Im in Beerent
Raspel31: That would be cool beer.
MercAm: Yeah alright Beer how ya gonna send it out
exatekk: im in beerent
Raspel31: Stop now Gibbs.
beerent11: I’ll set up an email account and get any one keen to flick me their email and save it till next year.
PAFC4eva: good idea beerant
Thomas1234: yessir beer
Wahab_18: Murphy 1 more touch please!!!
Raspel31: I’m in but no nude selfies beer.
zadolinnyj: I’d be up for it
MercAm: Need B.Crouch 3 more and Walsh for 1 more, please
zadolinnyj: Should make the prize for purple name game an entry into SuperCoach league
kascadev8: go gibbs, get 21 more points then ive won my first NTP, go son
MercAm: Yeah sounds awsome Beer, make it now and chuck it in the chat
pcaman2003: I’m in Beerent
MercAm: haha @zado
PAFC4eva: might need more than 1 league
kascadev8: go gibbs get to 125 please
Water: We could have two leagues and compete to see which league is best
GroupOne: Glad I traded Sholl for Greaves at midday 🙁
pcaman2003: Might end up with 2 bench players tonning up in the same game. Laird and Schoenberg.
MercAm: We could just do a money league and non money league
kascadev8: sad that matt crouch has let down my boost coming from sholl 🙁
Baldfrog: Good idea Merc
MercAm: Just posted an email for the cash league will do more details later, if you are interested for cash join mine
MercAm: if you want more casual join beer;s
kascadev8: congratulations bryce gibbs. so sad that his career was ruined by being traded to adelaide and not being given a go
Silz90: what are you guys talking about – sorry missed it
amigaman: still doing non cash league beerent?
Raspel31: Beer has disappeared- stage fright?
scboy123: damn cripps didnt ton up. still not a shocker tbf
Lawls: Ffs sholl on bench and had doc on field
MercAm: @silz will talk about it in the next game, but just a supercoach league
wadaramus: Can’t understand why Pyke insisted Gibbs “reinvent” himself as a defender, bloody shame.
MercAm: email is if you are interested for the cash league send me an email and will work it out 🙂
Baldfrog: Silz a ff sc league next year
beerent11: Just setting it up raspel
Apachecats: NTP result next game.
exatekk: email that beerent?
Silz90: Okay thanks mercam ill chuck you an email. im always down to lose some cash.
pcaman2003: Laird makes a great bench player:)
kascadev8: lol cripps needed 2 points wow
Raspel31: Good work beer.

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