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Chat log from R17 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Melbourne

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Melbourne, R17 of 2020

Water: Pcaman, from last game, i still have neale macrae lloyd grundy as other captain options, sorry
CozzieCan: Let’s go Kelly , Gawn , Tracca & Whitfield !!
bhg26: Gawn vc, Trac, Whit and Haynes
DrSeuss: Tracca and Whitfield to go large. If Haynes could stay low – that would be ideal
thommoae: Melbourne is not the hill on which GWS should die.
Pies20: Never throw shade what ever that means @silz just went for the pies v your mob then you started ragn eve
Water: Please Giants, don’t be insipid tonight
sherbz: I need this game to load up for me. Gawn, petracca, Oliver, Haynes, Whitfield, Hill and rivers !! Fantasy gods help!!
Pies20: Even a couple of pies supporters helped you wipe the tears away
Pies20: I don’t forget mate
missmagic: 1 point win to dees i think is best result
Kidult: Z.Williams started cba
satch7: You should get that tattooed on your neck @pies20
Pies20: Already there @satch
Kidult: Good Gawn in the f50 ruck contest instead of the fwd/ruck. I think he can set up more goals for them with his tapwork.
Silz90: Come on haynes and oliver. Need huge scores
circle52: Williams down with a shoulder already Hope not serious
satch7: Same. No ragrets
DrSeuss: Zac Williams – Shoulder injury
Pies20: haha
CozzieCan: Cmon Kelly & Tracca , Gawn & whit !!!
original: I’ve got gawn vc but oppo has him c, so would be happy with just about 90-100 plz gawn
bagger2217: c’mon Gawny, wear the captaincy well
kascadev8: changed the VC to Jelly, get a move on buddy, lets go whitfield trac rivers pickett
Crowls: sc is kiiling me, cover for both simpkin and williams, both start and score less than rookies. wtf
Stuart88: Who’s de bore taggi
Baldfrog: They dont have fritsch in Sydney
Apachecats: Same crowls ,I’ve got Toby Watson’s 90 sitting on the bench and Williams looks like sitting this dance out.
Stuart88: Who’s de bour tagging?
Silz90: I cant stand rivers! i kept him all year and then traded him before he made heaps of cash
Apachecats: OK NTP result .Smith officially 120.Baldfrog with 117 wins in a walkover.Well done.
BumSniff: Cheers Williams
bagger2217: keep going Gawny
DrSeuss: Wiliams back on now
pcaman2003: Have Gawn VC, Oliver,Tracca Haynes and Whitty.
Baldfrog: hmm that lycra feeling thanx Apaa knew 117 would win one day
Apachecats: That is Baldfrogs maiden NTP win .Well done.
BumSniff: Wait is he back on?
Baldfrog: Apache *
original: Williams is back on
Apachecats: 2nd wasMr Walrus on 113 and 3rd to exatekk on 105.
original: V exciting stuff then pickett
circle52: Yep Williams back on
pcaman2003: Onya Baldy. Join the winners circle.
Apachecats: Just try not to stretch it too much BF.
Baldfrog: thanks pcaman feels good
Apachecats: Leaving you in the capable hands of Avarax for tonights NTP.
Baldfrog: too late Apache Pies20 has already done that
MrWalrus: So close but yet so far, one day my pretty, one day Mwahaha
DrSeuss: Whitfield take the mark – thats two you have punched that you could have marked
original: Get a touch whitfield. Or 25
tags54: well done baldfrog, no jinx this time. could have put me in the know.
Pies20: Jeez thanks @Apache, haha @baldy dude I’m 76kgs rekn it was stretched way before i got it haha
srj2409: Oliver’s disposal by foot is atrocious
DrSeuss: How many times can the Giants ignore Whitfield when he is in space?
Avarax: have a good one apache
Baldfrog: I was 76kgs back in 1980 now not so skinny
bhg26: Come on Haynes please
original: That will do thanks gawn
Pies20: so you will stretch it then thanks @baldy haha
pcaman2003: Go Gawny. I’m loving it so far.
Baldfrog: Just a little bit yeah lol
Baldfrog: We all need a roller door over the garage as we get older
Pies20: haha
original: Toby G get no points for last tackle? He’s gone backwards
Raspel31: Enormously happy with Tracca and Haynes- my year Gawn. Such is life.
DrSeuss: Actually hope Melbourne win this – Leon Cameron seems to get no pressure while the Giants play like trash
pcaman2003: Ollie must be about the worst kick in the league. So frustrating to watch.
BRAZZERS: maybe shouldve started buckley on the ground lol
Kidult: Dees winning helps the Dogs cmon!
CozzieCan: Oliver down ?
Baldfrog: Darcy wants more mummy action
DrSeuss: Damn Buckley is killing it – playing in the centre too
DEESareSAD: He got bashed my mummy
Hazza09: Is Oliver ok?
tags54: Mumford is nothing but a dog, aims at players all the time, then act as thou its an accident, a dead set f78690g dog.
BRAZZERS: he was mummified
original: That’ll do now gawn. Quiet second qtr plz
Badgerbadg: Mummy is such a dog, hate that guy
kascadev8: mate told me to move the vc to jelly. did it, good start jelly
Silz90: If clarry is down there goes my season.
MrWalrus: Oliver up but probably get the 20 minute concussion test, damn it Mummy
pjw1234: just nneed him to get gawn and trac as well
tdarian: haynes 🙁
Bluebagg11: Mummy is such a dog thug.
CozzieCan: @tags lighten up m8 , Mumford makes Gws worth watching .. he’s a crack up
tags54: he is a runt
kascadev8: that tracca goal was nasty, the power on that kick….
circle52: Buckley on bench without e (dah)
pcaman2003: Kascadev. Ridley did right by you and beat Zerrett:)
Baldfrog: Hate to see you guys played in my day lol
kascadev8: @pca yeh finally some luck my way, did exactly what i needed, im a happy boy tonight
Badgerbadg: Great first quarter from the dees, keep playing like this and they’ll walk into finals
tags54: you must come out of the same mould cozzie
original: Oppo has Haynes Williams Jkelly viney gawn(c) petracca. I’ll take it esp Haynes and Williams
thommoae: Jacobs should be running laps and stretching at present.
Baldfrog: Badger cant see Giants making it
navy_blues: no L plate for buckley M0nty?
Yelse: seriously this season has been a joke with injuries
MrWalrus: I played from 80s, glad the BS thuggery is al but gone, p1ss weak is what it is
tags54: just watched the replay he is a dog
pcaman2003: Kascadev. I was happy too until Ollie was put down by Mummy. Fortunately Ollie is okay.
Yelse: and not just injuries also ommisions
Baldfrog: Dunno Walrus revenge was sweet lol
Pies20: @thommo personally who would you rather be no1 ruck at gws?
kascadev8: clarry is my first in nxt year, followed by gawn and rowell, tried to get him in but never could
Baldfrog: Brilliant goal
MrWalrus: Yelse, as a pies supporter you’re my natural enemy but yep 100%
Pies20: Between mumi and Jacobs?
original: Rowell will be very pricy next year
pcaman2003: Move along Haynes and catch up.
Pies20: gws will win
MrWalrus: To be fair Baldfrog it was normally people trying to get their revenge on me after I got em fair though hard
kascadev8: i think rowell has more to offer so ill get him in, GC were so much better when he played
pcaman2003: Ollie just back on the ground.
Stuart88: Is Clayton back on yet or done? Can’t see the game
bhg26: Haynes, wtf are you doing?
kascadev8: whitfield jelly lets get a move on boys, same with you trent rivers.
original: Stop gawn plz
Pies20: it was hard good footy @walrus could get away with the cheap shots and watch your back if you did anything loved it
circle52: Clarrie is back on.
pcaman2003: Hate it when advantage is called but my player doesn’t score,my opposition player gets the kick and scores.Should change
pcaman2003: Hate it when advantage is called but my player doesn’t score,my opposition player gets the kick and scores. Rubbish idea
Baldfrog: I loved it to pies but body is a bit stuffed now
tags54: another dog act on gawn by muumy, hope he gets looked at and outed for a month
tdarian: Haynes is a crab, when he’s not taking intercept marks hes a useless crab
Justavrage: Tries to kill Clarry then punches Gawn in the pack of the head, probably deserves a groin injury
Pies20: only as old as you feel @baldy
bhg26: Haynes, this isnt funny anymore
original: Come on whitfield
pcaman2003: Justavrage. Maybe I should bring out my Voodoo doll and punish him
bhg26: My 2600 is looking out of grasp thanks to Haynes and Whitfield
Catatafish: Is de Boer tagging?
Pies20: same @original move Whitfield
Baldfrog: lol pcaman always thought you had special talents
MrWalrus: Totally disagree pies, cheap shots are for tallentless dogs
bagger2217: keep goin Gawn got VC on you
Raspel31: Haynes I forgive you. I’m done anyway. Your 4 touches have been sublime.
Justavrage: @pca better keep the pin in there post retirement
kascadev8: 2600?? im finally projected 2300+ with 3 rookies on the field
pcaman2003: Whitty lucky to be on 25 with those paltry stats.
tags54: good idea pcaman go ahead please do.
Baldfrog: Don’t worry Raspel my year is over to
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. I used last year to great effect,just ask Raspel.
CozzieCan: Keep going kelly & Tracca flower me
kascadev8: no wait im projected 2200+ with 5 rookies onfield, forgot berry and witherden are out. ill take a 2200+ with 5 rookies
MrWalrus: All for destroying your opponent witin the rules though, ah the sweet feel of breaking ribs
pcaman2003: Max! What are you doing man? You’re going backwards which is not ideal for a VC.
DrSeuss: Whitfield one of the best kicks for GWS – but constantly ignored – so annoying
benzammit: Time to pull GWS away at the seams, trade bait!
Pies20: Accidental nose is my fav @walrus
StuL: Haynes wtf?
Kidult: Wonder who in the top 10 ranks owns Haynes
tdarian: wow haynes. just wow
Catatafish: If de Boer isn’t tagging, spud for Leon Cameron.
bhg26: What sport is Haynes playing
bhg26: What sport is Haynes playing?
kascadev8: @Pies when i played junior footy as a defender i didnt mind the smack on the head when going for a spoil
pcaman2003: Luckily my opponent has Haynes and Whitty too.
MrWalrus: Big corky on a cold day, then they can’t even chase you 😉
tcbl3390: Thank you haynes (unique against)
Kidult: can’t see top ranked team but there rank 7 and 10 didn’t have Haynes last week
CozzieCan: Haha I don’t have Haynes , wish I did all year thou .. but he’s no where near the pill tonight
tdarian: finally u took a mark haynes
StuL: No doubt only rubbish teams have Haynes kidult.
Raspel31: How enormously generous of you Cozzie.
bhg26: Haynes just doubled his score
pcaman2003: And here comes Haynes from the back of the field.
BRAZZERS: oliver hasnt been the same since he was snipered
Pies20: @kasca great move every defenders signature move used it plenty of times
Rush: I have Haynes. Can’t say i’m loving this game
Yelse: is gawn score right?
CozzieCan: @Raspel have another apple pie you spunk
kascadev8: would like some points now please Jelly 🙂
tdarian: that was not a free kick
Pies20: @ava who you pick for tonigh? About to sign off
pcaman2003: The Dees are imploding here. And Gawny!
thommoae: Gee, there’s been some soft frees both ways tonight.
Social: How likely is Ruscoe to play Monday?
Avarax: this could go either way. Big Maxxy for NTP. Avarax goes 132
davywap: Gawn seems to have done completely fuck all this quarter
original: Did carlton pay more for McGovern or did melbourne pay more for lever? Can’t remember
bhg26: 142 for Gawn
Moona: 129 for Gawn please
kascadev8: maxxy? 200 please Avar, thanks mate 🙂
Pies20: 128 thanks @ava
Raspel31: 127 Avarax
pcaman2003: 121 for me please Ava
Cabri44: 116 please Avarax
CozzieCan: 139 Gawn please Avarax
tdarian: 121 for Gawndog
SofR: Maxy 146 thanks.
circle52: 128 for Gawn
tags54: 123 thanks Avarax
exatekk: 108 please Ava
tdarian: 143 then for gawndog since 121 is taken
original: Whitfield cmon bro
Pies20: later everyone good luck speak again tomorrow
ElstyBoy: gawn 111
heppelitis: 138 for maxxy thx
Thomas1234: 114 please
Water: 106 for gawn please, going for a low ball
Badgerbadg: 250 for max
Social: An even 100 for big Max
MrWalrus: 151 please Avarax good sir, Walrus FTW!
pjw1234: 101 thanks
SC-STAR–: 145 for gawn
Raspel31: Haynes just went up a point- not all lost yet.
srj2409: Boooooo picking another Premo again. What about Pickett
GobChuck: 130 for Max please Avarax
GroupOne: ntp 147 thanks ava
goat_19: 151 for gawn
Woodie22: One hundred and Thirty two please
The39Steps: 168 for me please @avarax.
GobChuck: Jack Viney has to be super frustrating to those of you who have him
pjw1234: scoring is so subjective max kicked it straight to opposition but because it bounced first was effective v clanger
srj2409: Bloody Cameron killing Buckley’s 2021 rookie price
tdarian: dont worry guys. haynes will ton up
bagger2217: 116 for Gawn please Avarax
DrSeuss: 141 for Maxy please
isoeso: gawn 142
BC__: Who is avarax?
navy_blues: dthfj
Social: I’m Avarax!
Avarax: i am?
Social: Do you have his wallet BC?
Raspel31: No, I am Avarax!
tdarian: srj relax and enjoy life
navy_blues: 119 plz ava
pcaman2003: Oh crap! Just looked at my H2H only to see Haynes is my POD when I thought my opponent also had him.Need Gawn to kill it
MrWalrus: No, I’m Avarax! Or is it a buffable 4 armed red creature?
srj2409: Going to be a tough year next year with so many rookies blooded this year
navy_blues: we want to see the rookies
Avarax: ntp closes end of half time!
AlbySmedtz: 144 for gawn
navy_blues: love tom green he is a tough nut
kascadev8: @Avarax whats the highest guess rn? and what was my guess?
thommoae: I’ll go 121 please.
Avarax: the highest is 250, yours was 200
kascadev8: can i got 269 then
kascadev8: sorry idk why my thing took forever to send, i must have highest guess
Avarax: ntp closed. 269 locked in
original: Toby cmon man
kascadev8: thanks avar
thommoae: No way Daniels has a case to answer on Tracca. The Cotchin principle.
original: 1-2 goals instead of 0.3 makes a huge difference
CozzieCan: GO KELLY !! Double ton would be lovely
Kidult: Rivers is a gun and whoever said he should have been playing all year was spot on
CozzieCan: If Rivers ton’s might field him over Cripps this week
CATSPREM: i lopped watson over docherty should of looped im over willaims
kascadev8: very happy with pickett and rivers to go with jelly (vc), need the whitfield seagull now
StuL: Mitrovic on the bench
Moona: @thommo – he isn;t cotching tho – cotching gets everything he shouldnt so no doubt daniels will go
BRAZZERS: yeah mat, i said that about rivers last week
StuL: I wish i played Rivers for Haynes. Why would you of course
kascadev8: @StuL berry popping his shoulder out has gifted me Rivers’ score
coldog: Thanks Kelly! Just a week to late for me.
original: That’s enough thanks jkelly
pcaman2003: Stul. I hear you. Thinking the same thing.
Raspel31: Is Witherden really omitted again?. Ergo go rIVERS.
bagger2217: fuck Gawn move!
srj2409: Tomlinson is terrible
NewFreoFan: Is Whitfield still out there?
StuL: I was destroying my op. This must let him back in a bit.
Catatafish: Kelly may actually balance out Haynes at this rate.
Hazza09: Cheers Kelly, knew you would do this
DrSeuss: Whitfield might as well just go play for another team – team mates don’t look for him – not playing anywhere near it
kascadev8: sholl replaces witherden again for me, he should be playing for brisy tho, dumb that he dont get games
Moona: @ raspel – not omitted again – just not back in this week
MrWalrus: Witherden still out Raspel, its a mystery, was playing well…. hmmm does Fagan have a daughter?
Catatafish: Bloody Fritsch tagging Haynes, and de Boer is…?
pcaman2003: I might have to loop Rivers with Laird at this rate. Lol!
kascadev8: whitfield robbed again, team mates dont know how to quick the pill to him, had an easy shot for goal just then but nope
MrWalrus: Lols can’t type the Brisbane coaches name
GroupOne: GWS need specsavers, cant look up and hit a target in fwd50
Kidult: De Boer is game clogging Caldwell, Hately, O’halloran.
pcaman2003: Earn your money Ollie and get cracking son.
original: Kennedy has had a shocking few games lately
kascadev8: lets go jelly, double ton would be terrific
CATSPREM: yes williams
DrSeuss: Kennedy going at 25% DeBoer at 28%, Greene at 20% – but ignore Whitfield
StuL: Is Viney even on the ground? Not seen him since last week
CozzieCan: 1,300 sc points still to come anything possible
DrSeuss: Of course they can get the ball to Williams when he is in front of goals
original: Where has Taranto gone?
Hazza09: Bought in Oliver last week and he’s been useless
kascadev8: whitfield come to Geelong, you can play instead of Steven or Atkins and you’ll be given the ball
Raspel31: Done and dusted in my prelim so off to the EPL. Good luck lads and ladettes.
Kidult: was below the Knees ffs
Bluebagg11: Flower this. When I had Kelly he gets knocked out at HT as my Cap. Now opp has him doing this! FMSC
CozzieCan: Haynes in trouble
Gotigres: Disappointing vc Gawn
kascadev8: @Rasp u going for arsenal or fulham tonight?
BRAZZERS: taranto gone backwards this season
tcbl3390: Arsenal
kascadev8: arsenal* not alpsnal idk what my typing did there
Raspel31: Def alpsnal- though would love a Fulham win except I have Bang Bang in my team.
Baldfrog: Ar$enal
CozzieCan: Keep going kelly !! Save my prelims you good thing
kascadev8: ok i guess the soccer team that aubameyang plays for comes up as a banned word, cos i cant spell it
Raspel31: Bang bang will do kasca- cheerio all.
pcaman2003: These umpires have been atrocious for missing obvious frees.
broski: @kascadev8 nah atkins is the goat hes permanently in the team
circle52: agree pacman holding the man seems to be ok now,
pcaman2003: Catch you Raspel.
kascadev8: @broski aight, no steven then, get a mid who actually knows what to do, not a dude who is washed up now
Social: I reckon Whitfield is actually going alright
StuL: Empty Craven Cottage? Even the yanks have fans in and every second yank has covid
StuL: Should have had Kelly AND Neale. There goes the flag
pcaman2003: C’mon Ollie Gawn and Haynes. Big effort last qtr please.
Moona: @stul. Love craven cottage. Beautful place to watch a game. Saw my first live EPL game there
pjw1234: rivers to ton up and i can loop out mills
kascadev8: think ill set up my jelly loophole now
StuL: Welcome back Fulham.
CozzieCan: Cmon Kelly Whitfield Gawn & Tracca keep going boys
Gotigres: Put the cape on Gawn and I will make you Captain
Silz90: Gunners all over the place. Come on fulham!
StuL: As a Chelsea supporter I have local sympathy for Fulham
Silz90: Lol and bang lacazette
StuL: Saw my first game when it was Div 1.
Kidult: Demon win or a draw worst case pls and ty
beerent11: Would’ve that was tunnelling free for clarry there
Gandhi: The problem with ar$senal is they always try to walk it in
kascadev8: go laca, make ea give that awful fifa rating a boost
StuL: Viney and Haynes making Simpkin look competent
original: How’s that a free against toby cmon umpire take your anti toby glasses off
Moona: Mine was back in 07 when the pompies where in the premier league. long time ago now
Gotigres: Pity I can’t loop in Rivers
beerent11: Is this like those people talking horse racing the other week and some in the forum cracking it. Against the rules also?
original: Ridiculous -8 for that v Toby Greene
PowerBug: Talk about GWS vs Melbourne please.
srj2409: Speaking of racing how good was I’ll be gone in r5 at Warracknabeal?
Moona: @beerent – yep. happens every game
Woodie22: There it is lol
Silz90: Need Gawn to hit 120 to vc. im not risking it
CozzieCan: Cmon Kelly & Whitfield & Tracca don’t stop ! Move it flower me
StuL: EPL starts tonight and some of us love it. Sod the rules
kascadev8: jelly get the ball pls, i needs itsssss
DrSeuss: Whitfield starting on the bench – GWS going backwards. More Leon Cameron genius
Woodie22: Power trip
original: Rivers, may, trac 15+ were locks. Just a pity bout the others I picked
Silz90: Leon needs to go… why did they extend his contract wtf
Social: Liking El Romano in the third at Capalaba dogs tomoz
StuL: But OK. Wtf Viney and Haynes?
pcaman2003: Flowering Haynes is going backwards. Move forward you peanut.
bhg26: Flower you Haynes you flowering spud
original: Why give a simple ball when you can do what ZWilliams did
kascadev8: haynes stay low, im enjoying it
srj2409: Rivers has stopped
Silz90: Haynes and Ollie thanks guys. SC 2020 is done and dusted
CozzieCan: @Kas second Haynes
DrSeuss: Yep Zac Williams and Josh Kelly getting plenty of the ball but just rushing and butchering
pcaman2003: Go Max. Get to 150+ and I’ll send you a Xmas pressie.
Gotigres: Oliver, Whitfield and Petracca have literally done nothing this qtr
kascadev8: Berry injury has somehow reversed and been a gift for me this week rather then hindering me, thank you Rivers
pcaman2003: Rivers has come to a sudden halt.
StuL: Arsenal 1-0. Lacazette
Silz90: Oh no, Ive stopped up my loophole… i cant loop max lol
DrSeuss: Whitfield was on the bench for the first 7 minutes – when Melbourne put on all the momentum
kascadev8: anyone know where Jelly has gone? havent seem him for a while
pjw1234: 430 points to come
NewFreoFan: Only needed 3 flowering possessions this quarter from Whitfield. None.
Social: Rivers has blown a foofer valve
pcaman2003: How the hell did Oliver get a clanger for that HB?
beerent11: This is the kind of score I expected from clarry. But I also expected the deboer tag.
DrSeuss: Whitfield also the only player chasing the ball hard on a wing to defend
kascadev8: gws would be so much worse without Jelly-Field
Kidult: Haynes is fwd
Silz90: hopefully doc is out tomorrow then i can loophole max. i reckon he will be a late out with the calf strain
pcaman2003: Yes!Rivers you little beauty.
BRAZZERS: yeah going to loop rivers for doch
kascadev8: yessss trent, thank you very much Berry, but id still rather u in over wicks
Gotigres: Agree Silz. Then I will get Rivers’ score
Social: Cmon Clarry, i wanna see you turn bright red
pcaman2003: Just need Max to mark and kick the last goal.
CozzieCan: Rivers in , Cripps out
Mr.9_Toe: Wouldn’t mind a late goal or 10 here clarry
GroupOne: Giants are such a dissapointment
beerent11: Now that’s just selfish talk silz
original: Decision to start rivers on field rather than make a trade my finest moment
Kidult: Just benched Doch for Rivers
pcaman2003: Should I loop Rivers for Laird do you reckon?
Silz90: I got Watson just waiting to come on the field. super keen for his score
CniglioSsn: yeah dont tell me
kascadev8: rivers and pickett been massive for me, thank you, finally some luck goes my way
Silz90: I would say no pcaman… isnt laird playing midfield these days?
pcaman2003: Silz90. Sometimes but not always. Thinking about being safe perhaps.
CozzieCan: Pca I’d say yes , Rivers has a ton ..
Stu7: Pcaman for sure
Raspel31: Wow Rivers- wow not Haynes.
Silz90: Depends If you want to risk it. 106 is a really good score. tough call
Hazza09: Flower off Oliver
pcaman2003: His score has gone up again,so Laird will warm my bench and put Rivers on the field.
BumSniff: Imagine having a list like GWS and choking this shit
kascadev8: whitfields score is sad, should be higher if he actually got used by his teammates
DrSeuss: So Coniglio wasnt the problem? What now Leon?
beerent11: Can’t believe how much better trac is this year
Silz90: Wow rivers 112. I would 100% take that. I thought rivers was on 90 my bad
pcaman2003: And Max now my Captain. Some frlief to make up for dodo Haynes.
CozzieCan: Rivers in – Cripps out
pcaman2003: Bumsniff. Like the Cats,great team with horrid coaches.
Moona: Is it just me, or are the scores not up to it this week
Crowls: drop cripps or parker for rivers?
kascadev8: trac is unreal this year, pickett good, rivers great, trac jelly great, whitfield good. yes
CozzieCan: @Crowls Cripps for sure
GobChuck: Rivers in doc out. Wish Viney was m9 tho
CozzieCan: @Crowls but Parker has Lions .. tough call
lukefield9: Ooh if Gawn doesn’t scale I think I’ve got NTP
MrWalrus: Walrus wins!

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