Chat log from R17 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Essendon

Kidult: Pretty shit windy weather in Adelaide
shaker: Don’t think that will help the Bombers
missmagic: now get to watch the 2nd team that is already on mad monday,essendon after north
CozzieCan: After noon lads , need a big one from Saad let’s go
zacm44: ye mate
amigaman: Hope we put up a reasonable fight
hinsch: wet weather thats good I need heaps of low SC scores from this game
kascadev8: go port
Water: opponent has C on dixon, im concerned
Raspel31: I’m about to bomb out of the relims but go Bombers and go Spurs in the EPL.
LMartos: I brought in Charlie and vc’d him, f it
Apachecats: NTP report with profound apologies.
pjw1234: 3300 points per game does not matter if wet or dry, maybe some different players score better/worse in wet
kascadev8: spurs?? 3rd kit looks nice
Apachecats: Apache takes out his 4th NTP with a hole in one on 115.
Pies20: Rigged haha @Apache
DrSeuss: Rocky, Shiel and Draper – lets go gents.
Apachecats: =2nd were tags54 and Baldfrog on 117.
CozzieCan: Cmon Saad get involved
Apachecats: Bit like drawing your own ticket out in a raffle Pies20 , feels like it anyway.
pcaman2003: Afternoon all. Decided to trade Cogs up to Rocky. Hope this pays off.
tags54: Well done Apache, we were close Baldfrog 115 you must have jinxed me
Moona: Joey – watch the ball onto the boot.
kascadev8: need ridley to match or go better then merrett today
pcaman2003: kaskade8. That’s a big ask,but good luck with it.
Apachecats: You would think with 2 years off ,Daniher could have had a few kicking lessons . still can’t kick.
amigaman: Apache can’t kick much with a bung groin mate
kascadev8: @pca it is indeed, just like my ntp scores, hugeeee
original: Few more touches plz boak
Moona: Looking at that first kick, he was watching where he wanted it to go when he kicked it, not the ball onto the boot.
Apachecats: Well Amiga if its still bung now its never going to come good ,should have sold him to Sydney while we could.
beerent11: Damn my vc boak just got stuck on bench for half the quarter
Apachecats: Draper and DeKoning the up and comers in the ruck for next year.
kascadev8: r we thinking that curnow goes to sloane rather than matt crouch?
Moona: We won a first quarter – I’ll drink to that
bagger2217: nah Curnow will go Crouch
CozzieCan: Go Saad !! Keep going champ beat Ridley
cmperrfect: Well done on your NTP Apache, nice HIO.
Pies20: Carlton won’t tag a crow
pcaman2003: kascadev. I would think Crouch as Sloane is off his game.
kascadev8: tossing up between jelly or m.crouch as the vc with c on neale
benzammit: carn da mighty Bombers!
pcaman2003: Keep that up each qtr Rocky and I’ll be satisfied. Any better and I’ll be rapt.
thommoae: De Boer didn’t tag Crouch … and look how that worked out.
Moona: Great mark in the wet by dixon
MrWalrus: Pies if Curnow plays he is “tagging”, it’s his natural game, suspect Crouch or maybe Laird will get him
CozzieCan: Keep working Saad
beerent11: Boak off again only played half the fist quarter
tags54: are you playing out there tonight snelling
MrWalrus: Rozee looking good again 2nd week out of my team after averaging about 30 (when playing ) for the 11 or so weeks I had h
tags54: or just spectating
pcaman2003: Beerent. Don’t have him but TOG way too low. Being managed maybe.
kascadev8: how does motlop even get a game.
Kidult: bs 50 he followed the man
pcaman2003: kascadev. Reckon they’ll ditch Motlop when his contract finishes. Washed up!
Moona: Terrible call ump. Front on contact was made by Lycett
MrWalrus: Best bit about Rozee, traded him to daniher, SC 2020 can go get flowed
LMartos: No tackle for Charlie on Zerk-Thatcher, you got to be kidding
AuroraBore: Could Lycett kindly fuck off
bagger2217: keep going Draper!
amigaman: Haha bump ball called on the full
kascadev8: yeh i cant c motlop being given a contract, especially with shorter lists. give bergman a go
zadolinnyj: Merrett and Shiel gone missing.
Clint Bizl: If marty gleeson is still listed next year i’ll spew up!
zadolinnyj: On full and front on contact free correct from someone who hates port
beerent11: Boaks tog is killing my vc
Apachecats: NTP is on Devon Smith .Apache goes 65
zadolinnyj: Tippa needs to get off ball and get forward
Water: sam beerent
Water: same*
tags54: snelling stinks, he is off
kascadev8: devon smith 63 please apache
Water: Ill go 84 fpr smith please apache
Avarax: 72 please apache
heppelitis: 92 thanks apache
circle52: Dev Smith 75
tags54: 36 apache or less
Kidult: Would have loved Charlie today in the dry could’ve got up closer to Hawkins
Kidult: Hands to everything coming his way
jackhenry: 85 for devon please
pcaman2003: Snelling is smelling
bagger2217: 77 for Devon please Apache
zadolinnyj: 86 appache
tags54: 77 please apache
kascadev8: snelling is now smelling.. he is having a stinker
pcaman2003: Smith for 77 please Apache.
CozzieCan: 95 please Apache
Moona: Smith 81 please
AuroraBore: why does my oppo have lycett
navy_blues: 84 plz
SCkingisme: 100 Smith please
Baldfrog: 117 plz Mr long donger
Cabri44: 94 please Apache
lisapizza7: 99 smith please
Thomas1234: 61 please
Pies20: 89@apache
DrSeuss: Shiel has done very little in this qtr
TigerTime: Smith 97 please
CozzieCan: Superb qtr Saad !! Keep it up next half
Apachecats: settle BF.
zadolinnyj: Tippa should be up forward. Ball hitting ground in wet and he would swoop on it
pjw1234: smith 100 thanks
MrWalrus: 113 smith for me thanks, well here’s hoping
Baldfrog: sorry boss
goat_19: smith 92
FLAG: devun smiff 69
thommoae: 83 for me please.
cmperrfect: Smith 82 thanks Apache
DrSeuss: How does Phillips get more TOG than Draper – he is a hack.
bhg26: 81 for me
bagger2217: not bad Sammy, not bad
poolboybob: Stringer is not good enough to deserve a nickname
swandane: 87 for Smith
Hazza09: 86 for Dev Smith
tcbl3390: Smith 9
beerent11: Why Devon smith. Thought you normally choose good players;)
MrWalrus: Oh go away and contract syphilis Rozee you season killing puddle of rancid semen
SadBlueBoi: 101 for Smith
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Social: 65 for Smith thanks Apache
DrSeuss: 81 for Smith
Badgerbadg: Was wondering if anyone knows what stats fox footys ‘pressure gauge’ is drawn from?
Apachecats: He’s in a lot of teams beer
Baldfrog: just made up badger
isoeso: Smith 83
Social: That’s fine Walrus, just don’t mention his knee 😉
tags54: too nice Mr Walrus
kascadev8: go ridley, exactly what i needed, u to outscore merrett
MrWalrus: Pretty sure it’s a big fudge up badger, often doesn’t make sense
SadBlueBoi: I was trying to submit 101 for Smith but don’t think it was going through
Crippa9: Badger, fox went through the pressure factor a few weeks ago. Includes about 7 categories from corralling to tackling et
silksmooth: 91 for me please
Apachecats: yeah it came up SBB
Apachecats: yeah it came up SBB. 101ok.
pcaman2003: Have Rocky and Ridley,so quite content to this point. Trade from Cogs to Rocky might pay off after all.
Baldfrog: only 7 Crippa seems covid has affected the pressure gauge as
Baldfrog: well*
MrWalrus: Oh FFS! Now Rozee is scoring in the half time break, th only way this could be worse is if I was a bombers supporter
zadolinnyj: Did you get mine apachee
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. I’ll send you some Bex. Sounds like you need it 🙂
Apachecats: got you zad 86
zadolinnyj: Legend. Need to get on winners list
MrWalrus: Thanks pca, Im already having a nice lay down, the SC gods can be cruel sometimes
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. Most times this year. Strangest I can remember.
Woodie22: Seventy eight please
Apachecats: You are on the winners list zad ,you had a hole in one on NicNat couple of weeks ago.
exatekk: 105 please apache
exatekk: ahh missed it??
zadolinnyj: Awesome
MrWalrus: Agree pca yet I’m already hanging out for next season to start, I think I may have a problem
Apachecats: Comp closed 38 entered 9 -117
Apachecats: you’re in exatekk ,cut it fine though.
CozzieCan: Keep going Saad
exatekk: Cheers mate. was feeding the dogs LOL
benzammit: Daniher is as useful as tits on a bull
bhg26: I agree Cozzie, keep going Saad
kascadev8: keep going riddles. destroy merett’z score
DrSeuss: Draper – would be great if you could get a few touches and tackles
MrWalrus: I prefer turd in a urinal benz
StuL: Come on Draper you donkey.
tags54: F*&%$#@g attrocious Smelling
srj2409: People still have Draper? Wow
Woodie22: Apache who said 9 lol?
StuL: Draper had one more week to make cash.
Woodie22: Does that matter Srj?
AuroraBore: why is devon smith taking kick ins 🙁
pcaman2003: Keep going Rocky and Ridley you good things.
MrWalrus: Why not srj, good r3
bhg26: Parish, do something you spud
DrSeuss: Don’t reply to srj – he comes into each game with 1 troll comment then normally leaves
tags54: Smith is just a parasite definately plays SC only worries about his own stats.
Woodie22: Fair enough suess
DrSeuss: Shiel to the rooms – Nooooo
Thomas1234: fml shiel
thiccgucci: keep going saad
srj2409: As an R3 who cares what his score is? That cash he
srj2409: FU Seuss ya flog
Apachecats: yes Woodie someone went 9 ,they mightn’t want the publicity so I won’t name them ,check the chat log after the match is
StuL: EPL starts tonight. Closely related to SC in my reckoning. Need it to get my fix when this os over
Apachecats: *over
thommoae: Errr … did my 0 get lost? Separated from my 9?
Apachecats: thommoae you went 83
bhg26: Parish ffs, can you actually do something! Flower me
DrSeuss: Shiel back on at least
CozzieCan: Doch all good for tomorrow from AFL app
pcaman2003: Go Rocky go!
StuL: Im sure ppl here said not to trust McD,Rock or Rozee. Well wrong, wrong, wrong
bhg26: 50 point quarter from Parish coming
DrSeuss: Nice Cozzie – finally some good news
CozzieCan: Very happy Saad ! Now just 10 more m8 easily done
Apachecats: My lowball bid on Smith workrd wonders 37 point 1/4 from him grrrr.
Pies20: Who cares really? Like we got the same score @Apache has made another interest during the games
Silz90: Apache give him another spray. I need a 130 from him
bagger2217: 50 point last quarter for Draper?
pcaman2003: One of my better trades getting rid of pea hearted Cogs tonight for Rocky.
DrSeuss: Did the same pca – hoping for a big finish for my VC
Silz90: who u support stul?
Pies20: Well played @pca
bhg26: Traded Jack Martin to Sam walsh as my final trade, 2590 projection now
Moona: i did the same pcaman, but im playing afl fantasy, not sc
Pies20: cats i rekn @silz not wearing your glasses?
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. Good luck with it. It sure helps to get a score like that.
zadolinnyj: Not happy losing the purple name but happy with his score.
kascadev8: witherden still not in.. wtf is this
Silz90: @pies20 was I talking to you champ. Im referring to the EPL
pcaman2003: Pies20. He usually plays good wet weather footy so chose him over Dunkley.
CozzieCan: Get on the ground Saad & ton up!
Woodie22: Must have pissed someone off Kasca.
Water: not loading monty
Water: ah there we go
Woodie22: EPL back soon silz90?
kascadev8: and cottrell dropped despite kicking the match winner for carlton. wowee
silksmooth: come on you irons
silksmooth: @silz90 who do u go for in the epl
Pies20: @silz please don’t call champ I’m not your dog
Silz90: tonight woodie! chelsea 🙂
Pies20: yeah found that weird @kasca
Apachecats: and Hartlley can’t get a game at Hawthorn
DrSeuss: Ok Shiel and Rocky off the bench now lads
Pies20: me
Woodie22: Oh awesome Silz. Looking forward to my team being just avg again lol
Apachecats: Baldfrog looking good.
bagger2217: keeping goingDraper! Wanna see an 80 from you!
silksmooth: @silz chelsea look really exciting this season. despite being london rivals looking forqward to you guys
Silz90: Are you an arsenal or tottenham supporter woodie?
Avarax: yes boaky
Woodie22: Spurs mate
Silz90: Arsenal*
Apachecats: I follow Partick Thistle nil in the Scottish league.
pcaman2003: Keep going Rocky cos you haven’t scored this qtr yet. Don’t stop now.
Silz90: is the gunners name blocked on here lol i swear i typed it correctly haha. just make sure pool dont win it again
Woodie22: True silz
Baldfrog: Crystal palace here
pcaman2003: kascadev8. Merrett catching Ridley quickly. You worried yet?
Water: Arsenal
thommoae: Stoke City here. Championship contenders:)
DrSeuss: Also – get Phillips out of the ruck – Draper needs a big finish
Catatafish: Of course Smith is now moved to a point scoring role. Fuck off.
bagger2217: not giving up on Draper
tcbl3390: Arsenal
bagger2217: I go for Norwich. Watching Huddersfield game tonight
DrSeuss: Silz – you can’t type the ‘A’ word. First 4 letters of the team name.
Baldfrog: Water it’s Ar$enal
Water: Thats what i typed baldfrog
Baldfrog: oh I have no idea then Water
Pies20: Obviously im Newcastle
Silz90: Nice baldfrog. Michy has just joined your team on loan. Might be a good pick in fantasy.
BOMBRBLITZ: Awesome work Devon Smithy
Water: because the first part is spelt ay ar es e it is turned to alps
Baldfrog: Silz never done fantasy football Epl
DrSeuss: Few cheapies to finish Rocky – cherry on top
Pies20: Wouldn’t bother @baldy
bagger2217: FPL is awesome.
pjw1234: jonas might be in trouble for high one on merrett
Baldfrog: I’ll have to have a look after this game
Silz90: If anyone is keen to join the league on sportsdeck site let me know. Anwyays back onto the game lol sorry
Stikman35: Daniher will be a cheap pick for next year at his new club.
pcaman2003: Great game Rocky and Ridley. Glad you’re on my side.
pcaman2003: Great game Rocky and Ridley. Glad you’re in my side.
Water: Do i take Boaks VC?
Pies20: Yeah I’m keen @silz haha not i never forget peeps that rag on me your obviously a pom?
Hazza09: Is Riccardi are a late in?
bagger2217: noooooooooo DRAPER!
pcaman2003: Water. Without knowing the rest of your team,how can we answer that?
Apachecats: NTP report next game ,its between Walrus and Baldfrog.
Stu7: I hear Daniher’s new club will be Aldi!!
Silz90: What do you expect? You always throw shade at me? Im aussie but greek/italian family
pcaman2003: @Stu7. Haha! Good luck to anyone game enough to take him on.
Kidult: Rockliff avg of 114+ in his last 8 games
MrWalrus: Baldfrog wins, expect smith to scale up
beerent11: 15 points short for vc boaky
BOMBRBLITZ: Well done Lunchie
pcaman2003: Kidult. That was another reasoon why I picked him up tonight.The guy is on fire lately and bargain priced

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