Chat log from R17 of 2020: North Melbourne vs Fremantle

Social: Afternoon all
Social: Gonna take a risk and put the VC on Fyfe
kascadev8: good afternoon lads
amigaman: G’day folks
tcbl3390: Go fyfe go
bhg26: Fyfe, Brayshaw, Walters and Perez as back up if doc doesn’t play
SadBlueBoi: Looks like Jed Anderson on Fyfe
original: Quiet one from Simpkin plz
Hazza09: Ffs Fyfe
DrSeuss: Ok Simpkin – time to get involved young man
StuL: Fyfe vc at the last min. It will be C Gawn regardless
Catatafish: Anytime you want to do something Goldy
StuL: Old man Fyfe can’t take a tag any more
shaker: Acres on fire picked him in my draftstar team
Hazza09: Going to see Fyfe cost me dearly today
Baldfrog: least this game isn’t disappointing horrible as expected
DrSeuss: Piss off LDU – opponent has you and I have Simpkin – so you can slow down please
FLAG: 10 mins in fyfe still good for 120+
thommoae: Where’s Watson been? Just couldn’t get a game?
Catatafish: Bloody Plod Oldstein
Hazza09: 1 disposal @Flag so far, not looking great
BRAZZERS: goldy is cooked
DrSeuss: Any time you want to get involved now Simpkin?
Migz: glad i brought acres in this week as my f6
Migz: one midfielder from a full team 🙁
Pies20: wish serong did this last round jeez that hurts, who 1 ntp?
satch7: Nice one Migz. I had acres in my team until cogs got dropped, brought in danger 🙁
BRAZZERS: good start walters, fyfe, brayshaw. need to build on this tho
srj2409: Agreed pies
Water: looks like im looping in watson for docherty if he keeps this up
srj2409: Watson 40 off 3 lol
tags54: @pies I had 127 Stewart nothing was confirmed
Hazza09: Far out Fyfe!!
BRAZZERS: ffs fanfooty broken again
kascadev8: i’ve got no one in this game 🙁 used to have fyfe and simpkin
Pies20: Frozen again?
Silz90: hopefully docherty misses lol and i bring on watson
Apachecats: NTP results from last night ,Stewart officially 127.
Apachecats: First NTP win goes to tags54 ,welldone.Hole in one.
isoeso: updates slow today
cwall66: Is it frozen?
Stu7: Commmeeee on Brayshaw and Gold nuts!!
BOMBRBLITZ: Frozen again Monty
BumSniff: what happened to the site
kascadev8: muppet for larkey?
BumSniff: Is wood blackmailing the fucking coach. How is he getting games over Daw and Pittard
Apachecats: 2nd in NTP wasgoat-19 on 128 ,3rd was pjw1234 on 125 ,well done to all who had a go.
DrSeuss: Simpkin you freaking hack – get involved you spud
AuroraBore: get Brayshaw back on the ground ffs
Hazza09: Don’t shaft me today Brayshaw
DrSeuss: Good to see Brayshaw getting the rubbish TOG treatment from Longmuir again.
Catatafish: Fyfe injured, what happened?
Thomas1234: Brayshaw playing full foward haha
Yelse: TOG brayshaw is frustrating me
tags54: @Apache thanks looking forward to wearing that smelly shirt, no one would have had time to wash it. lol
Apachecats: yeah tags I hear its not real fresh.
AuroraBore: ofc this is the week that Brashaw is my unique
Hazza09: I’m so over Longmuir BS on Brayshaw, going to cost me a prelim
Social: I wiped up some baby vomit with it… soz
Apachecats: NTP is on Walters .Apache goes 115.
tcbl3390: @Catatafish. Hogan boot to face. Back on
DrSeuss: Are you serious Thomas? WTF is Longmuir thinking? It’s like coaches just screw with Brayshaws
BRAZZERS: you almost want freo to get a few injuries so brayshaws tog is higher lol
Hazza09: Same here Aurora, watch Brayshaw shaft everyone
GobChuck: 88 for Walters, loves falling out of games
srj2409: Your fault for selecting brayshaw. His tog has always been low
Water: Ill go 92 for walters please
satch7: Fyfe looking unstoppable again
bhg26: 121 Apache
cmperrfect: Fyfe still a gun.
Mustardish: walters 97 apache
navy_blues: 109 walters plz
Social: Fez Perez rotating at half back, what on exactly?
Hazza09: @srj look at Brayshaws scores mate when he gets decent time in the midfield when Longmuir isn’t being a knob
tcbl3390: 109 apache
Pies20: Never again goldy Never 107 @Apache
Raspel31: 98 Walters pleez.
thommoae: StuL, how’s that ‘Old man Fyfe’s tag’ thing going?
Catatafish: Oldstein and Dimpkin you spuds
lukefield9: 99 for walters pls
Thomas1234: 86 walters
tcbl3390: navy got me! 111 for Walters
shaker: Walters 101
DrSeuss: Brayshaw on the bench again to finish the half. Don’t need him against Norf I guess
heppelitis: 118 thanks apache
The39Steps: 103 for me please @apache
thommoae: 120 for Sonny, thanks.
cmperrfect: 93 Walters plz Apache
BRAZZERS: bray is the 5th best forward in sc, only a flog wouldnt have him. especially if u picked him in rd1 when he cost peanuts
StuL: On thin ice Simpkin
goat_19: 102 for walters
amigaman: Traded Walters in this week. Keep going please
SadBlueBoi: 91 for Walters pelase
scboy123: brought in the braysh this week. makes sensee
stemy1243: 135 for Walters
Avarax: 100 please
tags54: 117 thanks Apache
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
original: Lovely simpkin
StuL: Any pie that costs $1.50 must have pet food in it
kascadev8: who is the ntp player?
DrSeuss: @Brazzers – I think you have hit the nail on the head for srj right there
Apachecats: Looks like it must be Walters kasca
scboy123: are we thinking neale as C against sydney? or anyone else stand out this week
Avarax: hewett will tag neale
scboy123: dunno if is taken but 106 for me if possible
Apachecats: Gawn VC with Neale the back up plan
circle52: 104 for Walters
cmperrfect: Shaun Burgoyne is kidding himself isn’t he? Very selfish taking a kids spot for nothing. No flag chance next year.
kascadev8: oh its walters. 169 please
The Hawker: 121 please Apache
scboy123: cmperrfect they dont have any kids lol
pjw1234: 95 thanks
bhg26: Don’t you mean 269 kasca
isoeso: walters 98
Baldfrog: 117 for walters plz Mr Apache
bhg26: Hewetts out for the season Avarax
Haydo: Anyone else interested in Acres, 129 and 113 since hes been back and only 380k
cmperrfect: I’d be VC Boak this week for anyone who has him, he’ll towel up the Bombers
Yelse: brayshaw now starting on bench seriously
tags54: @baldfrog we are both on 117 now
Apachecats: Comp closed ,28 entries 86 -169.
cmperrfect: Is there a chance Brayshaw isn’t 100% and is carrying an injury?
Baldfrog: Yep and IM a jinx sorry tags
BRAZZERS: no, zero chance
Hazza09: Wow Brayshaw on bench, absolutely flog Longmuir
pjw1234: boak or bont as vc?
original: Coulda traded cogs to Fyfe. Missed opp hey. Do I go pendles cripps treloar Adams or lyons?
Baldfrog: Maybe they are saving Brayshaw and Mundy for next year
tags54: @Baldfrog Nah all good, im L/H so ill have the left sleeve
Kidult: I’m doin Gawn VC as he has Mumford…
Baldfrog: Tags my shirt comes in lycra so all good m8
dezlav: Cmon Brayshaw… off the bench please
Yelse: its not like brayshaw is unfit. when fyfe or walters where injured he was playing 85+ games time
tags54: @Baldfrog lol
scboy123: this brayshaw tog is actually criminal. Lowest in ground
Kidult: hopefully 10 FF Gawn
DrSeuss: How TF do you start Brayshaw on the bench as well.
Social: And yet Brayshaw’s outscoring Simpkin
navy_blues: u guys choose brayshaw knowing his low tog so only 1 person to blame the way i look at it
Snarfy: That comment doesn’t help Social when you’ve got both of them in your team!
StuL: Come on Fyfe. No disappearing after ht please
tags54: @Social not too hard for any player to outscore Simpkin.
thommoae: There’s not much of Brayshaw – still filling out. Maybe that explains his TOG?
DrSeuss: Thommo Brayshaw was playing 80% + game time with Fyfe and Walters our and was killing it. No explanation for it
Snarfy: Fyfe was right when he said that Brayshaw would be a household name by the end of the season- named their bench after hi
AuroraBore: did brayshaw just reach for his hammy? fuck me
BRAZZERS: much be the brayshaw name, none of them get fair tog
thommoae: Granted – DrS but if you’re slight, you’re not going to do that in the middle week after week, are you?
GobChuck: it’s purely Fyfe seuss, walters has been in almost 0 centre bounces since his return. He was takinga tonne of the time
Hazza09: Nah Brayshaw looks ok
AuroraBore: yes he looks fine, fox footy just zoomed in on him and i thought he reached for the hammy, thank god
Crowls: wish simpkin didnt start would have forced my hand and brought ladhams in. should have at least loopholed
DrSeuss: Be nice if Simpkin could actually do something with his time on ground. Maybe get a touch? Make a tackle?
dezlav: Nice to see Brayshaw Back on
Silz90: Good job fyfe… people were knocking him before?
Apachecats: Someone please tell Walters he’s it for NTP
BURN3R: C’mon Walters ya spud
GobChuck: nah stay down walters, i’ll get another podium in ntp if he falls below the bottom prediction
StuL: I was reverse mozzing him because he’s my VC, fyfe. If i predict a good score he will stink
original: @silz wishing I traded cogs to Fyfe. Just gets points
StuL: Simpkin on the other hand. Big mistake.
pjw1234: thought i was out yesterday after danger and martin efforts but main opposition has simpkin and goldy so maybe back in
cmperrfect: Get the mantelpiece ready for me plz Apache
GobChuck: brought in both LDU and Acres for Cogs and Riccardi to fill out m9/f6…..could be worse.
pjw1234: i also have fyfe as pod which helps
Apachecats: Used to have a horse called Mantlepiece
DrSeuss: Brayshaw good with the ridiculous TOG. Simpkin still concussed it seems.
amigaman: How on earth is Watson’s score higher than Serong
bagger2217: damn go LDU
Crippa9: Monty, just a thought if possible/worth it. Are you able to put a bench icon next to players when they rotate to bench?
BRAZZERS: easy, he’s had intercept marks.
amigaman: So you hang that on one stat. Look at the rest
kascadev8: brayshaw stop scoring
BRAZZERS: you know how much that stat is worth? educate yourself on sc scoring.
amigaman: Brazzers bite me fool
AuroraBore: @crippa i would also love that feature
DrSeuss: Just need Simpkin to beat one of Serong, LDU or Goldy – too much to freaking ask?
cmperrfect: Any1 proj over 2500 still this round Gents?
Silz90: Chill guys! Bigger fish to fry. I need simpkin to pull his finger out
Stu7: @Crippa9 – good suggestion
Silz90: yes im projected at 2502. doubt ill hit that though 🙁
Water: yes cmp proj 2571
Haydo: I’m projected 2597 with just Fyfe in this one
DrSeuss: Brayshaw back on the bench – good to see.
Stuart88: Ffs goldy milestone game and u don’t turn up
zadolinnyj: just cmperrfect
gingjok: Can’t believe I’ve stuck with Goldy . He is cooked
tags54: yes i must say Goldy is finished, no longer in the top three thats for sure
scboy123: yeah im at 2540 cmpperfect
scboy123: no way i get that tho – had butler get 36 and have simpkn
cmperrfect: I wasb
cmperrfect: I was, but poor game from Martin and Short cooked that
MrWalrus: McDonald been my best pickup this year, must be close to seagull if not better last 8-9 weeks
scboy123: would love brayshaw to ton up given simpkin will end on 60
DrSeuss: Goldy cooked – but still outscoring Simpkin the little spud
Raspel31: Where have you been this quarter Mr Ryan?
cmperrfect: Still 250 odd SC points left for the quarter.
DrSeuss: Maybe the concussion made Simpkin forget he is also allowed to kick and take marks this week?
GobChuck: LMac Walters Acres Fyfe LDU Ryan……and then Simpkin. Gah.
amigaman: Thankyou Mr Walters 🙂
kascadev8: back to the bench for you brayshaw
Pies20: Who eva vc fyfe what a turn around well done
FLAG: cmon scale up fyfey
StuL: Fyfe, Acres, Walters. Kching
davywap: Fuck Sonny that would’ve given you the cherries
Hazza09: Cheers Brayshaw! First Dusty last night and now this
StuL: 2498 predicted. Wouldnt win any of your leagues
pjw1234: 5% scale up to come
srj2409: Only 6 Freo players less than 80. And only 3 Norf over. Wow.
StuL: Nth are just useless. Irrelevant in the 2000s
Pies20: Went 107 ntp close rekn got piped
pjw1234: walters should end up 113 post scale

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