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Chat log from R17 of 2020: Geelong vs Richmond

Chat log for Geelong vs Richmond, R17 of 2020

J.Worrall: GoTiges
missmagic: tough game for a mutual,the termites or a slime like gabjr in prem favs if they win
shaker: Can the Tiges stop Hawkins if they cant they might be in trouble.
missmagic: if hawkins allowed to push early as he does,give them the flag now
Wahab_18: Isn’t Zac Guthrie out and Tuohy in??
Woodie22: Astbury would. Pitt he isn’t playing. Big game for Balta.
Thomas1234: If the cats win tonight and west coast beat north next week richmond can’t make top 4. From a pies fan CARN THE CATS
Apachecats: Get your colours up Thomas.
Wahab_18: Why is guthrie still on the list and not tuohy??
Kidult: Rohan out for Debutant ben Jarvis
Gotigres: Just heard Rohan out
J.Worrall: Haha ha, Thomas. Thatis all.
Social: Evening all, what’s this about chucky rohan?
Kidult: Rohan got sore after warmup
Avarax: would froth for a cats win
Social: Barrack hard Thomas, the hoops look good on you 😉
Woodie22: Think you’ll froth more if North actually could.
Avarax: nah, not worried about north
Gotigres: Won’t mind if you kick 3 goals and have 20 effective disposals Close
Avarax: would froth the spoon and 1st pick
Woodie22: Fair enough.
Social: How did we go last night Apache?
Corr_Dad: @Avaraz doggies get the number one pick through their academy
amigaman: Only if Crows make a bid
Apachecats: NTP results .Nic Nat officially 143.
Kidult: Crows are usually first round bidders
Apachecats: 1st NTP win to Social on 145 ,2nd to CozzieCan on 135 ,3rd to 39 Steps on 129 ,well done to all.
Social: Thanks Apache, finally on the board!
Baldfrog: Must be hard for umps tonight they love both teams
kascadev8: wow thought my 269 woulda been closer, good evening everyone
DrSeuss: Where is Tom Stewart? Haven’t seen him once all game
adgbubba: danger gets an effective kick for that ?
Mr.9_Toe: Was i right bringing in danger for coniglio and some cheapie for riccardi? Projected 2516
Gotigres: Speak and you shall receive DrSeuss
DrSeuss: Sorry all have found him the last few minutes lol
Stikman35: High scoring.
DrSeuss: Now I just need to find Dusty 😉 Actually need Dusty to just find the ball
navy_blues: hawkins up a better defence tonight
Kidult: Soft by Menegola
navy_blues: against
kascadev8: would prefer to c the all australian defender mark blicavs in defence tonight
DrSeuss: Get Stewart off the bench
Catatafish: Dusty better go big
original: If someone throws it or shrugs the ball out while being tackled does it count as a handball?
Woodie22: Baldfrog free kicks Geelong-21, Tigers -10 . Bad statement.
pcaman2003: Scott is killing me by keeping Duncan on the bench so long.
Belegur: Well done to the AFL for succefully integrating the throw as a legitimate form of disposal
pcaman2003: Seuss. Good point. I have Stewart and Duncan and TOG is screwing me over.
Gotigres: Is kicking the ball out on the full a free against? Or does it not count for Danger?
original: Flower off danger bs
DrSeuss: Dusty unlikely to go big. Playing forward too much with Jack and Lynch spoiling any chance
Billy777: wonder why some think its important to tell everyone their predicted score at this time of the year as if it is special
thommoae: BT: “Dangerfield goes onto the non-preferred boot – he loves it doesn’t he!”
DrSeuss: Agree Original – Danger can flower right off
thommoae: How do you love it if it’s non-preferred?
Rilian: @gotigres – Out on the full never a free kick against the player. Counts as a clanger or -pts for SC though I believe.
Raspel31: Agree Billy- What’s your predicted score?
BRAZZERS: yea agreed, dusty will need to kick a few snags to ton up imo
Woodie22: Billy some blokes here are hardcore into it.
heppelitis: danger butcher
GobChuck: What’s up with Stewart and Duncans TOG?
original: @gotigers agree what a joke. Turnover but not free against. Dw guys 38% eff and 4 TO but danger still 38 get stuffed
c-money69: dangerfield haha get outta here 3 clangers 37%eff
Billy777: think we are all into it but i still don’t see the point
DrSeuss: @Brazzers – he could just act like he is interested in playing football. Such a lazy player – 90% of the time
Baldfrog: IS figjam NTP tonight Apache?
Gotigres: Thanks Rilian.
Catatafish: Well if Dusty spuds up just hoping Danger, Duncan and Stewart kill it
SC-STAR–: nank with the big 33% TOG
Billy777: 3056 for me raspel yourself
Woodie22: Billy, I haven’t looked personally at my projected score all year.
Apachecats: Still thinking BF ,who is figjam?
Kidult: Cmon Cats don’t want Tigers top 4 again… Make them work for it. Would rather see a Port vs WCE and Lions vs Cats quali
Baldfrog: Danger Apache
dezlav: Picked a good week to off load Aarts
pcaman2003: Glad CD finally took off the stupid clanger they gave him early in the qtr. I believe they missed a tackle though IMO.
pcaman2003: I’m referiing to Duncan in my last comment.
pjw1234: how many doing the riccardi to buckley swap
Baldfrog: not me no trades left stuck with Riccardi
kascadev8: berry back for finals but misses remainder of home and away season, dont let me down rivers its up to you
pcaman2003: pjw1234. Was going to trade Riccardi,but now have to replace that spud Cogs. Not happy!
GobChuck: riccardi to dmacpherson,movelukosiustof6
circle52: I did pjw DPP handy as well
original: Not me pjw. Was going to hold but now need to move cogs on top ffs
pcaman2003: pjw1234. Was going to trade Riccardi,but now have to replace that spud Cogs with my last trade. Not happy!
pcaman2003: For Cogs,do I take a risk and get Rocky who’s doing okay,or Dunks?
Avarax: i traded riccardi to greenwood this week
Apachecats: Billy projected score a bit life your old fella ,could be bigger but it is what it is.
Apachecats: *like.
Billy777: ha ha
Baldfrog: speak about your own old fella Apache lol
DrSeuss: Stewart’s TOG is a Joke while Henderson the crab is on 100% wtf
dezlav: B woodcock as Emerg for Ricardi so I hope I’m ok
Apachecats: My projected score is quite big.
original: Danger will suddenly be +4 for that
original: Wow I was wrong, it was +5
amigaman: Woodcock 4th emergency
kascadev8: my projected for the DPP will be quite big
Kidult: Woodcock is an emergency for Port so hope he comes in for you @dez
Baldfrog: You studmuffin you
pcaman2003: Put Duncan back on the field you Muppet,Scott.
Water: menegola should still get a tackle for that
dezlav: @kidult. Cheers. Hadn’t checked the teams yet and used 2 trades this round
DrSeuss: Martin stopped again
Billy777: amigaman did you win going neale as captain
amigaman: Yep he got me there 🙂
kascadev8: how many times do richmond wanna throw it?? is it allowed now?
Billy777: ggod work
PAFC4eva: has anyone else heard the rumour about keeping short quarters next year
amigaman: Your advice convinced me
DrSeuss: Was so ready to trade Dusty this week but GWS had to use Cogs as their scapegoat
Billy777: glad i could help 🙂
Apachecats: Cogs out going to impact a few coaches.In 20% of teams.
MrWalrus: Kascade, about half as much as cats & stupidly incorrect disposal disappeared with the stupid new HTB interpretation
Billy777: 18 minutes i believe they are going to be
kascadev8: i dont even understand this new HTB stuff, too many rule changes, cant follow it
Apachecats: NTP time ,just for a change its on T Stewart ,Apache goes 105.
Baldfrog: They can drop the ball, throw the ball and still only score 4 goals in a half
Gotigres: Someone slap Martin at half time
furphy: is dorcherty out fellas??
Billy777: 116 for me please
Water: Ill go 112 for stewart please apache
isoeso: Stewart 123
Baldfrog: Apache 117 for me plz
pjw1234: i have him so 125
Cabri44: 114 please Apache
AuroraBore: pls no short quarters, i want my 20 mins back 🙁
navy_blues: 121 plz apache
pcaman2003: Nice half Duncan and Stewart,considering TOG,so keep it up.
bhg26: 134 for Stewart
PAFC4eva: not happy jan
DrSeuss: Maybe slap Hardwick and remind him that he already had two full forwards??
Gotigres: 104 for Stewart
boonisgod: 97 for t stew
pcaman2003: 111 for me please Apache
stemy1243: 112 Stewart
Hazza09: Knew Dusty would do this tonight
Wahab_18: 103 for Stewart Please Apache
Raspel31: Taken as well- 119.
Catatafish: Martin is a truly garbage top forward to have. Wish I didn’t start with the slacker.
silksmooth: 110 for me please
kascadev8: dpp is on stewart? 220 please
spdysaint: 98 for Stewart please
MrWalrus: 113 please Apache
missmagic: if soldo has done is knee,will they finally take a look at hawkins?pushed balta square in the back to cause that no free
StuL: Our achilles heel. No Hawkins no Geelong fwd line
Pies20: 121 hard choice tonight @Apache well selected
original: Don’t have Stewart in sc (damn) but he is such a solid player
pcaman2003: Catafish. You and a whole lot of others. Been a real letdown this year
Gotigres: Don’t you hate it when you realise your opponent doesn’t have Martin
tags54: Martin is the best player ever from what i’ve heard
SC-STAR–: 119 for stewart
heppelitis: 118 thanks apache
Avarax: 112 please apache
The Hawker: 109 please Apache
TonyJones: 96 for Stewart. Chomp chomp
exatekk: 112 for stewart please apache
tags54: 127 thanks Apache
spdysaint: Miss magic, it is shocking. All Hawkins does is push in the back and gets rewarded for it
Pies20: stick ya neck out who wins from here? I’ll go cats
pcaman2003: original. He is,but not sure why Scott is giving him so little TOG
dkeating48: 121 for Stewart please and thank you
Catatafish: None of my opps have Martin! Ffs
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
kascadev8: i have martin and hawkins hahaha
wadaramus: Thought tonight would be a cracker Friday night game…
swandane: 93 for Stewart
Baldfrog: A draw Pies to watch the melts
poolboybob: Soldo is probably tombstone
pjw1234: i dont have any of the melb 3(gawn, oliver, trac) ans opponents have then all so go gws
Billy777: better than skilton, ian stewart, matthews combined apparently
wadaramus: The game is so overly defensive, no-one can score!
88360: 114 for Stewart please
Woodie22: Plz
pcaman2003: kaskadev8. You’ve had a bit of bad luck lately
srj2409: 108 please apache
Pies20: Haha @baldy how’s things mate? Happy day’s crows winning!
GobChuck: 111 for stewart please apache
kascadev8: i was in 9 leagues and made 1 prelim lol. lost 4 out of 5 last week with the berry score
DrSeuss: 117 for Stewart
Stu7: 98 Stewart
Pies20: yes he has @pca with the 15 injuries
twinpeaks: Low scoring but a good game
Baldfrog: Yeah we might not finish bottom even I’m shocked lol
GroupOne: Ntp 117 pls apache
Gotigres: @tags54. I don’t think we’ll ever hear from that person again
Stu7: 98 for Stewart
shaker: Stewart 101
SofR: Is 122 available for Tom?
pcaman2003: kaskadev. One league is enough frustration for me.
GroupOne: Apache DrSuess got in so 116
Apachecats: Its yours SofR. 122ok
SofR: I’ll have 122 if available
Apachecats: Group one 116 ok
original: 94 for Stewart?
SofR: Is Docherty in doubt? Heard he’d done a calf.
kascadev8: pca i got invited to a few more this year, didnt work exactly as i thought, dropped 8-9k spots in 2 weeks
Pies20: Haha @baldy something to keep a eye on the woodenspoon chase
Billy777: i went 116 apache
Apachecats: yep original 94
Pies20: I’m looking at top 8 still garn be close
Apachecats: got it Billy.
Woodie22: Multiple people can billy
Apachecats: Multiples on the one score are OK.
Baldfrog: Be a good game Pies v Port
Billy777: all good thanks woodie
Woodie22: One hundred and nineteen plz
Pies20: True that @woodie especially how hard it is to get a score in haha
Ash777: stewart 116
Woodie22: Numbers wouldn’t work apache
TigerTime: 106 please
Woodie22: Pies20 I used words as numbers didn’t work again lol
Pies20: and you have found a way to do it @woodie i like that haha
dezlav: Not upset to see Dusty down the Order.
Ash777: oh make it stewart 114
goat_19: stew 128
Pies20: haha @woodie
DrSeuss: Need to put Dusty on the never-again list….again lol
Woodie22: Desperate measures pies20
Pies20: Why only us jeez but we find a way @woodie persistents pays off
beerent11: Me neither deslav, he’s in 4 of my 5 prelim opponents sides.
Woodie22: How much sh#t does Danger put on his arms.
Pies20: cats or tiges people tip?
pcaman2003: Dr Seuss. Adding Cgs to my never again list. Too pea hearted.
kascadev8: @Woodie think he has a film to go to after this
Woodie22: Pies20 we’re jinxed lol
pcaman2003: ats to bounce back Pies20
Billy777: @dr seuss i am adding cripps to my list
Woodie22: Is it a diving film Kasca?
BOMBRBLITZ: is Dusty even playing tonight?
poolboybob: lol how do you miss that
beerent11: Gee lynch is average
Pies20: haha @woodie yep
Thomas1234: Dusty gonna cost me my prelim
heppelitis: Cripps, Fyfe and Dusty on my never again lol
Pies20: im with ya @pca
kascadev8: nah nah not quite woodie, not quite grimes level. geelong playing dumb tho
Apachecats: Comp closed 42 entered ,93 -220.
Billy777: dusty nearly equivilant as riccrardi donut
Hazza09: Absolute crab Dusty
pcaman2003: FGS Scott,put Duncan on the field
DrSeuss: Same Thomas – just a lazy flog of a footballer
Woodie22: Dunno Kasca, that dive in the 2017 semi was the biggest I’ve seen.
DrSeuss: While Danger runs into gaps and gets his cheap marks and kicks all game
kascadev8: grimes sent into nxt year by ed richards, cant be beaten. nice from jarvis tho
silksmooth: see what happens when stewart gets proper TOG
Hazza09: Dusty going to cost me royally
heppelitis: flopper
Baldfrog: Bruce just orgasmed
beerent11: Rattled pussies
navy_blues: hawkins getting beaten everytime
DrSeuss: Did BT just call the ‘middle’ the Hey Diddle Diddle??
tags54: stewart is right up there with the seagull
beerent11: Stewart is caught on the bench can’t get back on. Happened in the 2nd quarter too. Explains his low tog.
kascadev8: this slow build up is awful, never gonna be good against richmond, thats why i picked richmond to win
DrSeuss: Stewart on the bench again
Ash777: This game is awful.
Yelse: danger considering how much he needed warming up the pine
pcaman2003: When Stewart and Duncan start doing well,Scott sends them to the bench. What a tool!
amigaman: Martin could still give the ton a shake
Apachecats: One more and the fat lady sings i reckon.
Ash777: Both teams just look tired.
beerent11: PCaman, they have normal rotations but have been caught on the bench waiting for a score. Happens all the time. Settle.
pcaman2003: Bruce just had his 2nd orgasm.
Migz: all these soft tissue injuries are proving we will never get more than 22 games H&A.
kascadev8: hawk i need another 110 points smh
Gotigres: Guess I won’t be looping you in Close
CozzieCan: Geelong are flowering rubbish this game . What a joke , terrible foot skills , no awareness and no game plan . Absurd
poolboybob: Geelong look like a pile of cat turds
kascadev8: get blicavs back in defence ffs, leave stewart and duncan on ground too. how hard is it
heppelitis: bruce too old just fakes them nowadays
Apachecats: Bruce should be saving himself for the finals.
pcaman2003: beerent. Just frustrating that good players like that left on the bench so long.Taylor 93% against 69% TOG,doesn’t seem
Migz: hawkins giveth and taketh
Kidult: Well it looks like Tigers are back to back GFs now dang it
Ash777: Migz It’s the training restrictions that are causing it.
Baldfrog: Stul said it perfectly before no Hawkins kicking goals no Geelong
DrSeuss: As good as Guthrie is – he shouldn’t be kicking from half back
beerent11: It’s not deliberate mate. Just bad luck
HelloJack: Be good if Hawkins decided to get involved
upweydons: Hey Cats , you ain’t playing the Dons this week
kascadev8: bruce stfu
StuL: Are we ever going tp score again. Hopeless.
beerent11: Bruce loves dusty’s penetration
pcaman2003: heppelitis. Damn! Bruce just faked a 3rd orgasm after a Dusty!
CozzieCan: @HelloJack what you want him to do jump in the midfield ? Muppet
PAFC4eva: migz heard there could be 26+ gam es next yeares n
pcaman2003: Stewart has been mentored by Lloyd.
Woodie22: Grimes Jnr might check in soon on here for some trash talk
Stu7: Geelong – chinks in the armour
The Hawker: Dusty 15 points for that mark and kick…
Apachecats: Bruce needs to let go of his projected score.
BOMBRBLITZ: much better QTR Dusty
Yelse: i reckon there needs to be each team plays each other twice
kascadev8: @HelloJack do u mean like essendon got involved last week?
Baldfrog: Well said Apache
StuL: Tigers plan. Take out Hawkins. Take out useless Geelong. Back to the bad old days
BigGryan: come on danger get involved and kick a couple hawkins, also up the cats
Baldfrog: Yelse then tiges get 30 games at the G you sure?
heppelitis: bruce lets go far too often
pcaman2003: Loving Stewart and Duncan’s scors. Big last qtr boys.
pcaman2003: Loving Stewart and Duncan’s scores. Big last qtr boys.
DrSeuss: Good 3rd Qtr from Dusty – need a big 4th please
Woodie22: Kascas getting fired up!!
Baldfrog: Wonder how poor Catman is doing
cmperrfect: CD not loving Jayden Short tonight it would seem. Sigh.
boonisgod: sorry guys, not been watching…is the low score richmond pressure or the weather?
kascadev8: @Woodie 🙁 im just sad that hawkins is costing me a prelim win, gonna miss 2000 again at this rate
pcaman2003: At least Dusty is on his favourite number.
Kidult: was a half half night for me till Martin in that qtr now add on Blicavs/Duncan and Stewart with Gaff last night.
original: Stay low danger (oppo vc) and stop now Stewart
pcaman2003: boonisgod. They have a useless coach.
kascadev8: hawk short dusty in this, also no berry and 2 forwards down :/ massive dub- not
Baldfrog: Sshhh pcaman want scotty to get an extension
Kidult: strange seeing 4 x 68’s in a row
BC__: Cats playing this like a final
boonisgod: pcaman…as a north fan surely he is not the worst coach in the family?
Gotigres: Whoever slapped Martin at half-time, well done.
kascadev8: gonna log off for tonight, hope everyone has a good weekend, final comment: can we get an actual ruck? thanks
pcaman2003: boonisgod. Equally useless.
boonisgod: agreed
StuL: Cookie should coach us. He usually wins. He was my clubs coach when i was a jnr
MrWalrus: Yep, best 2 teams in the comp useless, great insight
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. I can understand your enthusiasm for Scott to stay:)
original: Enough Stewart enough!
StuL: Scott ruined us since putting chappy in the vest in the first final in 2013
Ash777: good team. poor coach.
FinlaySON: you cannot convince me that someone can have hawkins c and 2 brain cells to rub together; the two are mutually exclusive
Woodie22: Kasca, might duck back in shortly
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. I’m referring to the coach.not the team. Great team,but could do better with a decent coach.
sammyo7: scott is overated
Vinazzi: ooo game on
Apachecats: Fat lady just choked.
SC-STAR–: lynch been injured and still has more tog than stewart
Ash777: The Scott’s learned under that freo coach before Lyon came along.
Yelse: danger tonight has killed my team
heppelitis: rodney dangerfield happy in the crowd
pcaman2003: Yelse. Is Danger being tagged,or just having a mare?
Yelse: having a mare at fwd hardly been in centre
beerent11: Danger is the Russell Westbrook of the Afl. Full speed. No control.
GroupOne: Magnet for stewart
Ash777: Mark Harvey
BRAZZERS: danger is in the forward line deep, large part of the game
Ash777: Current assistant coach for essendon. Says as much.
pcaman2003: C’mon Duncan!You haven’t scored for a while. Ton up man.
navy_blues: lololol
Woodie22: You DH Hawkins.
navy_blues: and hawkins scores for richmond
pcaman2003: There goes the fat lady. Lalala!
original: Please stop Stewart aarts
DrSeuss: Ok Dusty – reasonable come back – but a final goal or 2 would be perfect
poolboybob: Grimes star
Silz90: Agree pcaman come on duncan
Woodie22: This wouldn’t even be close if Tigers kicked straight.
StuL: We will never win another flag under Scott. Time to trade him for a bag of chips
Yelse: worst game I’ve ever seen danger play can’t handle the ball at all
twinpeaks: Grimes star, Jack X, Guth Gun, Stewart cherry
Gotigres: Geelong more sc points than Richmond
pcaman2003: Duncan has done it again. 65 at half time an d still can’t ton up. Sums up the Cats night
BRAZZERS: no one should take geelong seriously
MrWalrus: Heaps more, scoreboard doesn’t agree though Gotiges
Woodie22: Love to see Danger without a flag. No offence
Mr.9_Toe: Danger let us down big time
shaker: Go Tiges now Scott will have some excuse
Gotigres: I needed this game from you next week Hawkins should I make the gf
original: Scott has no idea. Geelong have 10 players that would walk up be 2nd/3rd best player at carlton lol
BigGryan: geelong lost and i had a horrible sc night. one of my worst nights.
FinlaySON: I love it when Geelong gives us a preview of what they love to dish up in finals
beerent11: Tall poppy syndrome alive and well
swandane: good call finlayson, pretenders
obione05: Geelong has a chance to put Richmond into elimination final and blows it
Bart Man: FinalySON just like last years gf performance from your mob :/
Gotigres: Surely a team who wins by 26 pts should clearly have more sc points
MrWalrus: What do you mean beer?
pcaman2003: BigGryan I’ll send you a box of kleenex big fella. Cheers!
Catatafish: Shit, I’m screwed.
BRAZZERS: grimes > daylight>andrews
original: StuL man, as always, I’m with you. Scott gotta go
Apachecats: NTP results very close ,in the photo are tags54 ,goat19 and pjw ,results out tomorrow.
Woodie22: Gotigres Tigers ain’t a high possession team.
88360: Is this Chris’s
MrWalrus: Almost doubled their score Gotiges, CD must have an interesting take on what is effective
88360: Is this Chris Scott u talking about?
MrWalrus: Shouldn’t matter woodie, SC is supposed to reflect actual effectiveness
Gotigres: That’s true Woodie.
Gotigres: I think scaling could be very interesting MrWalrus

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