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Chat log from R17 of 2020: St Kilda vs West Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs West Coast, R17 of 2020

CozzieCan: 10/10 prelims , cmon Nicnat go big !
CozzieCan: Stay very low Steele !!
blueflags: Any outs yet boys
blueflags: Any outs?
DrSeuss: Just no tags on Gaff please
SadBlueBoi: Pls no late out for NicNat
Apachecats: Big finish in NTP last night ,Neale officially 151.
Apachecats: Triple deadheat for 1st ,CozzieCan and pcaman for their 1st NTP and Pies20 for his second NTP ,all on 151.
Apachecats: Close up was The Hawker on 152.Bit stiff Hawker.
CozzieCan: Cheers Apache great work m8 , we all appreciate it
Apachecats: There are now 13 people on 2 NTP’s vying to be second onto the lifemembers board .
Apachecats: Well done Cozzie you have been close a few times.
CozzieCan: @Apache also that’s my second NTP win
Social: Cheers Apache, close again on 155, perhaps tonight I’ll break through
pcaman2003: Awesome thanks Apache,I finally cracked it . Just send me the invitation for the awards ceremony. Ta!
The Hawker: That is an absolute stinker 🙁 Thanks Apache
pcaman2003: I made it to the prelim by a very scant 3 points. .Very,very lucky.
CozzieCan: Just chucked the Vc on NicNat, reckon he’s going to go huge !! 150 +
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Hopefully he gets more TOG for you to get the really big score
Social: V brave Cozzie, hope he does too, one of my Prelim uniques
Woodie22: I’m out of my cash league. Played short. I’ll use the kasca line in that I’ve have lots of injuries 😀😀
Yelse: who does steele tag?
Apachecats: Sorry Cozzie that is certainly your second NTP ,you were equal 1st on Lloyd as well.
Woodie22: Still in four random leagues though.
pcaman2003: Good luck to all that have made it this far.
Social: Not seeing any late out tweets…
pcaman2003: Have no one in this game.
SadBlueBoi: Had a shocker last week with NicNat, ZWilliams, Hurn, C Mills, Luckily I was straight into premlims
Pies20: 2in a week @Apache what’s life membership again? How you go last night @pca?
heppelitis: Clawed my way back from ranked 19,000 in round 3148. Won my last 8 straight in my top league. Going to need luck.
Apachecats: 3 NTP for life membership Pies20 ,got your foot on the till.
Pies20: lost my$league by 2points last night feeling dirty stil in prelims other league but what’s the point pff
Yelse: only player of interest is my opponents Gaff. otherwise my bet
CozzieCan: Thanks lads , Good luck for this week ! Go VC NicNat great start
SadBlueBoi: wow, heppelitis that is a huge comeback
Avarax: also only watching nic nat and gaff
Pies20: Not bad for a dteamer @Apache
pcaman2003: Pies20. Just mentioned earlier squeezed in by 3 points. Too close for comfort.
The Hawker: Similar here Heppelitis, started off 68k now sitting on 5k!
pjw1234: just hurn for me
Yelse: @ pac man i also squeezed in by three in one of the paid leagues
Apachecats: Need to convert you for next season Pies20.
pcaman2003: I aslo finally cracked the top 1000 which is what my goal was. Sit at 985 overall.
Pies20: sorry @pca didn’t see that well done least 1of us had some luck, oh saying that we both got ntp
pcaman2003: Onya Yelse. You can breathe easier now.
Pies20: thinking that @Apache
heppelitis: my team normally heads in the other direction by the end @hawker haha. great comeback. thanks blueboi
DrSeuss: West Coast looking very average to start
CATSPREM: cmon coffield score another 120 for us
Pies20: imagine being on the other side of that @pca was waiting for late adjustments there were non ahh
Gotigres: Hope you stay in the top 1000 pcaman. You might get a few invites to top leagues
heppelitis: last 4 are overall ranked…12, 82, 3143 and 600. someone ranked 500 missed out…stiff
Pies20: Good luck everyone
DrSeuss: Missed a Gaff handball from that centre bounce
circle52: Will add fuel to the statement can not win in Qld. Seus
pcaman2003: Pies20. Yeah! Sweating it out a while. Relieved when confirmed.
BRAZZERS: is gaff tagged this week?
Woodie22: Where’s Kasca?? Surely he doesn’t miss a game here!!
pcaman2003: Thanks Gotigres. Amazed I’m up there after topsy turvy year.
Pies20: well done bro glad you got threw good luck this week @pca
DrSeuss: No hard tag Brazzers just hasnt touched it – West Coast playing like trash
CozzieCan: Huge goal from Darling flower me
bhg26: Moved to 153 this week boys
pcaman2003: Thanks Pies20.. Good luck to you too.
Phasir: already missed 3 blatant frees for WC and 1 for StK so far. Classic 2020 umpiring
Pies20: @woodie you got a gut feel on who’s ntp tonight lets try to get our guess on now haha
pcaman2003: bhg26. That’s massive mate. Tell me your secrets. I won’t tell anyone,promise
heppelitis: great year bhg26
bhg26: Search Benny’s All Stars pcaman, you’ll find the goods there
circle52: Well done on all your ranks my aim after falling to the 60ks was to get back to 20k
circle52: 28k with 2 weeks toi go
pcaman2003: bhg26. Cheers!
Woodie22: Has any blokes here met any other blokes from here lol?
bhg26: Just don’t ever trade for Jack Martin pcaman
SeasickJac: Need Gaff and Jones to beat Ryder and Kelly
Gotigres: Maybe top 100 for you bhg if you have any trades left after this round
CozzieCan: Ryder smashing NicNat flower off
Gotigres: I learnt that after 2 rounds bhg. Traded him back out then
DrSeuss: Need Gaff to look like he knows what a football is
bhg26: Using last two trades this week to get rid of Jack Martin and maybe Docherty gotigres
bhg26: One of my many great trades was Gawn to Nic Nat, the Nic Nat back to Gawn when Nic Nat wasn’t scoring
Pies20: Want to catch up for a beer @woodie? Haha doubt that people know each other here in the real world
pcaman2003: bhg26. Weren’t you also in the top 10 at some point?
goat_19: what’s everyone’s projected?
bhg26: Nah pcaman, pretty sure that was breakonthru
Woodie22: Be interesting to see the faces behind the names Pies20.
pcaman2003: bhg26. Yep! I believe you’re right. The name is very familiar now.
Gotigres: I think breakonthru was actually leading at one stage
Pies20: wouldn’t it just @woodie haha
Water: my projected is 2523
DrSeuss: See what Kelly is doing Gaff? Try doing that instead of just running around and pointing ffs
Woodie22: Be some to Pies20 that you’ll put a line through
cmperrfect: 2493 proj here.
bhg26: If Docherty plays, my last two trades will be Martin and Schoenberg to Boak
Pies20: By the way I’ve got a full set of teeth
pcaman2003: Gotigres. I believe he was no.1 earlier on.sitting on 107 now.
Pies20: haha @woodie
bhg26: I’ll believe it when I see it Pies20
Gotigres: My projected is a lowly 2386
Gotigres: What a feeling that must be pcaman. Doubt I’ll ever experience that
original: Not the week to do nothing steele
SeasickJac: Get out there McGov!
bagger2217: got Telly and Steele. Telly is godly, Steele needs move on.
Pies20: @bhg Haha
CozzieCan: Stay low Steele move your ass Nicnat
BC__: stay down steele
AlbySmedtz: Get Up up and awayyyy, Man Of Steele!
bagger2217: 39 and 25. good start
Yelse: are many of you in paid leagues?
bhg26: Is anyone in the fanfooty league?
DrSeuss: Need Steele and NicNat low and Gaff to do anything at all. Great week to take off Gaff
CozzieCan: @Yelse 4 out of my 10 prelims are only $50-$150 nothing huge
bhg26: Just school and family leagues for me
Pies20: I got knocked out last night @yelse still going in other’s but i don’t really care
blueflags: Come on Steele
Woodie22: Yelse I was through my local footy club I play for, but lost straight sets in finals
Pies20: 2points @yelse 2flowering points im still dirty on the lose as you can see haha
Yelse: Paid leagues make it so much more exciting! i am left in 2 of the 3 100 and 200 ones
Gotigres: Didn’t know there was a FanFooty league bhg. Obviously it was kept quiet from me as my team would drag it down
CozzieCan: Power off Steele
Raspel31: Go Sainters go Steele- living in Melbourne I slept in unfortuntely.
Pies20: Yep definitely @yelse
DrSeuss: Agreed Cozzie
Yelse: leagues in i am in all 3 in the top 600 leagues bloody tough still
Pies20: good luck @yelse hope you get the $$
twinpeaks: Missed Gaff tackle
DrSeuss: Steele killing it with his score and slight tag on Gaff – which we know he cant handle at all
pcaman2003: Ah Chalotte! I made it by 3 points last night and cracked top 1000 overall (985)
Gotigres: Would just do my dough in a cash league
BigGryan: good evening, got sheppard in this and opp has steele so heres hoping steele stays down
Raspel31: Well done Arlene- me too. But this round tougher.
davywap: Brayshaw if you could just go ahead and get a touch, that’d be greaaaaaat
CozzieCan: Cmon NicNat lift !!!
pcaman2003: Raspel. Arlene? Try Adele.:)
Pies20: Have faith @go tiges set up a league with mates who sought of play add $involved there’s the start of a good season
Raspel31: Sorry Adele- still waking up.
DrSeuss: Nice work Gaff – get a kick – give away free kick – stop being a spud
pcaman2003: Raspel. Waking up from your grandpa nano nap?
bagger2217: dammit Kelly. Keep going!
Pies20: @rasp just wake up from passing out? Getting @pca lingo name wrong very unlike you
twinpeaks: Gaff losing me my PF
Raspel31: No pcaman- I don’t nap- just sleep 20 hours a day. What is it with these huge pink insurance ads?
DrSeuss: Gaff is just standing off packs and not attacking the ball at all just waiting for soft possies – playing soft af
pcaman2003: More like a c cat than a grandpa then?
davywap: fucking hell hamish
poolboybob: BT is an abject moron
bagger2217: Telly nearly at the ton. YESSSS
CozzieCan: Cmon NicNat do something you wiggly flower
pcaman2003: poolboybob. And a maronic object.
Gotigres: Telly on fire
twinpeaks: yes Gaff
pcaman2003: There you go Seuss. Worrying about nothing.
DrSeuss: Not so sure pca – just in the right space – still being soft around the ball. But I will take the goal
davywap: how much would i get for gaff laying out another brayshaw in this game?
AlbySmedtz: 25 to life @davywap
poolboybob: Not surprised that Kelly is having a good match since the’s the last inside mid that the Eagles have left
Pies20: @Apache what’s the player tonight i think you’ll say gaff
pcaman2003: Seuss. On course to ton up,so wouldn’t complain with that too much.
Raspel31: My only relief is that most sane people don’t have Kelly or Darling.
GroupOne: Umps kept eagles in it when they should have been 4 goals down and now running over them. Brander free a joke
Pies20: let me and woodie know so we got plenty of time to try to get our guess in
isoeso: Started it’s too Elly and still have him… not sane but enjoying tonight
isoeso: Oh never mind. Pffft aurocorrect
Apachecats: Last try ,NTP on NicNat .Apache goes 111.
poolboybob: Considering that St Kilda have more free kicks, the umpires have done a pretty bad job keeping the Eagles in it
DrSeuss: Well if he can play the rest of the game like his last 5 minutes – I will be happy. Hopefully just warming up
Water: my opponent has kelly, fark
swandane: 89 for nic nat
Avarax: 105 please apache
DrSeuss: 121 Apache
Water: Ill go 101 for nicnat please apache
isoeso: Nicnat 95
Gotigres: 124 for Naitanui
goat_19: nic nat 126
Avarax: this chat box will block messages with 3 or more caps at the start of message or numbers. to avoid spamming in caps
Raspel31: Aspel couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss but goes 103.
The Hawker: NicNat 119 please Apache
exatekk: 97 please Apache
Woodie22: 112plz
CozzieCan: 135 please Apache
Apachecats: Thanks Avarax.
heppelitis: 96 For me thanks Apache
Pies20: 100 @Apache @rasp jeez grumpy much go back to bed mate
jackhenry: 75 for nic nat please
circle52: second time trying 108 for Nat Apache
GroupOne: Poolboy it’s what they don’t pay that’s hidden. aided momentum change. Ntp 98 pls apache
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
The39Steps: 129 for me please @apache.
bagger2217: 106 NicNat pls Apache
kascadev8: 269 for nicnat please. i have to get it right eventually
Water: i really dont think u will kasca haah
CozzieCan: @Kas reckon NicNat will explode next qtr you may be close
SofR: G’day guys. 99 for NicNat is a winner.
SofR: First time entry for me.
Social: 145 NicNat plz Apache
bhg26: 106 for NicNat
Apachecats: Welcome SofR.Good luck.
Raspel31: I’m just uploading my brain to a super computer. If WC- which sounds like a loo to me- keep winning, they’ll pull NicNat
kascadev8: @Cozz i got to get it right eventually haha, was in 9 leagues, only made 1 prelim final smh, and its against my mum lmao
isoeso: Lost a gf by 1 point to my missus a few years ago. I miss her.
CozzieCan: @Kas very inquisitive, be a good boy & let her win big fella
thommoae: 113 for Nic Nat Paddy wat.
Hazza09: Is Docherty in doubt?
AnOrange: Evening all, 88 for me please Apache
Apachecats: lol iso
Poliyagon: 116 nic nat
isoeso: True story
CozzieCan: Alright let’s go NicNat explode
Apachecats: Welcome Orange ,good luck.
kascadev8: @Cozz yes lets go nicnat
Apachecats: Comp closed 27 entered ,75 -269.
88360: Noo. Can I guess quickly
CozzieCan: Keep it up NicNat , go you beauty
kascadev8: 206 more points to go nicnat lets go
Apachecats: Too late ,sorry.
dkeating48: I hope who ever chose 75 wins
BRAZZERS: doch has a calf strain issue, yes in doubt
Avarax: with carlton a smoky to make the 8, i think he plays
CozzieCan: Simpkin probably will miss
isoeso: Doch will play, but you’d want cover. I’ll have the E on him.
isoeso: Kelly where has this been all season? Awesome tonight.
CozzieCan: Finally WCE getting their moneys worth on Kelly .. Been useless
MrWalrus: Gaff’s engine is super impressive, 100% game time all as mid, been doing it all season.
original: Cmon steele man ffs
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. Has Gaff put a smile on your dial yet?
Apachecats: Avarax can you do GWS v Melb.?
Social: Telly looks like 2 top picks tonight
Avarax: sure thing
kascadev8: nicnat.. not quite the massive 3rd quarter i was expecting.. kick a goal big man
DrSeuss: haha @Pca – yep much more involved this quarter – obviously took a while to warm up
Apachecats: Thanks Ava I’ll have my usual 133 on whoever.
kascadev8: @Ava can u put me down for a 269 score then?
pcaman2003: Seuss. Less panic and more chilling is better for your health:)
twinpeaks: This would be a really impressive win for the Weags with all those numbers + Gov down. Great leadership TK and Gaff
original: Steele 5 touches for 0 sc this qtr. raaaage
Avarax: locked in apache
DrSeuss: @pca – I am normally the most chill person you would know – until I played any form of fantasy AFL lol
AuroraBore: not watching the game, how is telly on 144 points? must be having a massive impact
DrSeuss: Aurora – 14 contested and 9 clearances – just winning the ball at every opportunity
StuL: God will be happy with C Kelly.
beerent11: I’ve had Kennedy since about half way through the season when he was going great guns. This is hilarious.
Yelse: how does west coast have so many players 96 and over before 3qt
StuL: Lot’s of CPs and goal assists Telly
Avarax: they are the only 4 players touching the ball yelse
Pies20: he’s everywhere @aurora
Apachecats: Should’ve done Kelly ,he’ll get over 200.
beerent11: He’s going to lose me at least 2 prelims
original: TKelly doing whatever he wants tbh
CozzieCan: Go NicNat !! Have a big last qtr cmon
StuL: If oppo has Kelly, your prelim is in big trouble already
kascadev8: if it had of been kelly my guess of 269 may not have been as far away lmao
beerent11: If gaff goes 160 that’ll be his and jjks score
AnOrange: yes Gaff, making up for last week!
SofR: I’ve got NicNat for 99. Can he have a 5 pt qtr?
spdysaint: Good to see jelly doing something for once. Nice it has to be against saints
CozzieCan: @Stul I have 2 that have him but also fielded butler & King
Woodie22: Out of interest Kasca, how old are you?
Kingy12: If you’re doing NTP ava, does that mean pies20 will abstain again lol
BC__: Steele or Ross surely have to clamp kelly into he last. Why they haven’t already is beyond belief
isoeso: @beerent I had him last year… I’m afraid he’s not a sc option these days
beerent11: Most of us are just having one way conversations with ourselves
Raspel31: Woodie, you never ask a lady that.
CozzieCan: @Woodie I’m gonna say 13
bagger2217: Bringing in Telly a couple of weeks ago looks like a master stroke. Though about trading him out this week.
pcaman2003: beerent. You asked recently for me to let you know when I get below the 1000 barrier. Got to 985 last night.
BC__: * in the last
Woodie22: Lol Raspel
Woodie22: Cozzie, I’m legit curious.
Yelse: these SC can’t be right
CozzieCan: @Beerent , most sane people do in this chat .. careful not to tread on muppets
beerent11: I don’t remember that pcaman but we’ll done mate. I’m heading in the other direction unfortunately.
CozzieCan: Cmon NicNat get to 150 you good thing !! Let’s go champ
kascadev8: @Woodie, 18 if u must know
Kingy12: Lol cozzie
Pies20: @Kingy pipe down its all peace on this site haha
BRAZZERS: very lucky, kelly been garbage in sc. this is a fluke
Woodie22: Cozzie u weren’t too far off.
Hazza09: Surely Kelly score is wrong
Kingy12: Am I the only one who thinks barrass is underrated?
Pies20: isn’t it?? Haha
kascadev8: is that an issue woodie?
Kingy12: Lol. @pies 🙂 couldn’t help myself haha. All good mate
The39Steps: Any idea why Foxsports are taking the entire 7 feed including ads and end of qtr analysis?
Woodie22: Kingy12 he’s pretty good.
Thomas1234: @Kingy unfortunately stuck in mcgoverns shadows
CozzieCan: 18 is the default age when lying , about age
Social: cmon sainters
spdysaint: Brazzers and hazzer are you watching the game?
Woodie22: No Kasca, you mentioned your mum and SC, do thought you’d be young.
SofR: Kingy – surely no-one under-rates Barrass by now. He is a super player.
Raspel31: Go you good Sainters.
CozzieCan: Cmon Nicnat
Kingy12: Didn’t think I was only one who rated him. I just haven’t had the guts to put him in my SC team…
BRAZZERS: Kelly been awesome tonight no doubt
SofR: Where do Weagles get all these intercepting defenders? hurn was a star but now 3rd banana behind McGov and Barrass.
poolboybob: Kennedy magnifying glass
beerent11: Is jjk really on zero or is that a fuck up?
kascadev8: nicnat wakey wakey lets go
Thomas1234: Kelly dropped 18 this quarter
Wahab_18: Really need a King, Kennedy and Waterman goal to win my multi..
Water: ross locking up kelly this quarter, love it
kascadev8: wake up nicnat lets go man
beerent11: Jjk looks cooked. Great kick though
SofR: I thought Kelly had gone home but he just came back when needed.
Avarax: what was that water?
bagger2217: 200 still on for Telly
beerent11: Lucky telly kicked burnt about 5 teammates
Water: lmao as i say that
DrSeuss: Piss off Nic Nat – St Kilda just kicking him marking practice
CozzieCan: VC on NicNat looking good
Social: @Cozzie might get a decent VC out of NicNat afterall
CozzieCan: @Social 135 I’m taking it
poolboybob: lol Gaff
The39Steps: But
The39Steps: Butler pushing his all-australian claims.
kascadev8: go nicnat, go nicnat, go nicnat eh eh eh
beerent11: Ha dt gave gaff 3 points for kicking the ball out on the full. Sc took 3 off.
davywap: Nicnat looks at the ball and gets 20 points
Crave: @beerent11 and people are still surprised when DT and SC ratio’s are so different
kascadev8: i took the vice off nicnat this week, taking it off him seems to have helped him
bagger2217: Last second Telly goal?
beerent11: Tough win we’ll done eagles.
bagger2217: Nope
Apachecats: Results before tomorrows game ,its between Social and Cozzie.
original: What a joke free lol
beerent11: Sums it up I reckon crave
CozzieCan: Apache will be my third win .. 2 ina row
Social: Think I’ll be a close 3rd again on 145
CozzieCan: Cmon NicNat scale to 150

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