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Chat log from R16 of 2020: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R16 of 2020

CozzieCan: Need Greenwood & Rankine to combine for 180 to win all semis , cmon boys go big !!
amigaman: In a close semi. Do I go Lloyd 114 or Neale for C
amigaman: I am in a tight semi. Do I go Lloyd 114 or Neale for Cap.
CozzieCan: Just flicked the switch C to Neale , can feel a big one coming up . Neale 140+
Billy777: think i would go neale has your opponent got him
Billy777: miller will go to him but i think he can beat that tag
amigaman: Yes but he’s taken Danger VC
Billy777: are you in front or behind, whats the score difference and do you have others playing
amigaman: Based on best 18
Billy777: he has averaged 138 for the year so you would be disappointed if
amigaman: 16 points behind
amigaman: Oppo has 5. I have 4 plus C
Billy777: meant to say you would be disappointed if he did not get past 114
Billy777: i would take the risk
Billy777: i have a mate who has gawn vc he is in a close one too and his is going neale
amigaman: Yeah no guarantees with 114. Think I’ll go Neale
Billy777: risk reward at this time of year i say
Billy777: has your opponent made three trades as he may be thinking the same thing
amigaman: At worst I am in a prelim in another league
amigaman: I’m watching as I have trades available too
Billy777: good luck hope he goes huge for you
amigaman: Cheers mate
kascadev8: praying that witherden is a late in, otherwise i’ve done a 2019 Brisbane and its straight sets for me
Billy777: no late changes
Gotigres: Another 130 please Rankine
Kidult: Backing the Suns with upset tonight
missmagic: let the suns save their upset till the next round
Apachecats: Well done to pjw1234 who went back to back in the NTP last night.
Apachecats: There are now 12 on 2 NTP wins vying to become the second life member.
BOMBRBLITZ: 120+ from Neale and 80+ from Rich thanks gais!
AuroraBore: Come on Captain Neale, neeed a big a game from you to win my semi final
Apachecats: Thankyo to Avarax for running the NTP last night.
Apachecats: No teams out for tomorrow on AFL site yet.
CozzieCan: Let’s go Captain Neale !
missmagic: eagles 6 changes 5 forced nicnat back,saints 3 changes
CozzieCan: @Apache gotta go into the article about WC vs StK .. will tell you .. Nicnat & Hurn back
missmagic: ST KILDA In: M.King, T.Membrey, N.Hind Out: R.Abbott (omitted), J.Marsh (omitted), E.Phillips (omitted)
Avarax: the low end scores really held strong yesterday. seagull let a few people down
missmagic: n: W.Schofield, S.Hurn, J.Brander, J.Petruccelle, N.Naitanui, H.Brayshaw Out: T.Hickey (omitted), L.Jetta (calf), D.Shee
missmagic: D.Sheed (hamstring), M.Hutchings (hamstring), J.Redden (thumb), B.Ah Chee (finger)
CozzieCan: Neale looks pumped up !! Go Neale
circle52: Enjoying a beautiful night at the Gabba. Worried x
Hazza09: Neale could go 200 tonight
Apachecats: Thanks for team info mm and Cozzie.Someone at AFL not doing their job.
DrSeuss: Zorko, Lukosius and Greenwood tonight. Let’s go lads
bhg26: Greeny and Neale tonight
GobChuck: Captain Neale, Zorko, Clug, BigO, Luko, Greenwood, Lyons. Huge night here to end, hopefully get 2350
Justavrage: Touk looks to be keeping touch on Neale
Raspel31: Same Gobchuck- 5 in this.
CozzieCan: Cmon Neale move it , don’t flower me
kascadev8: lets go neale, berry, lukosius, take me to the win
TigerTime: Only need 162 more points from Neale to win H2H
CozzieCan: Neale touched the ball !! Another 30 to go Neale
CozzieCan: And Neale just explodes haha flower go sun
kascadev8: greenwood slow down
GobChuck: Big O has forgotten to get back on the field lol
Catatafish: Need 146 or above from Neale…
pcaman2003: Miller does a gr8 tackle,but not rewarded. What BS is this?
Pies20: need rankine to do something please
Yelse: rankine better lift need him to be over 60 and greenwood under his BE to win
bhg26: Is it me or has Greenwood had 2 or three tackles not given any scores for
hinsch: agree Pie need 50 from Rankine
Wahab_18: Can someone please check Luko’s DE and Clangers for me.. Bit Concerning
Pies20: not sure how everyone’s semi final is going but myn is a tight as a nuns traded neale back in need rankine though
Pies20: and greenwood to go par
pcaman2003: @Pies20. My final is on a knife edgwe.
CozzieCan: Go Neale
Gandhi: Lukosius having a mare
adgbubba: Lukosius having a shocker early
pcaman2003: @Pies20. My final is on a knife edge,not being helped by CD not paying proper tackles.
Pies20: good luck @pca
Wahab_18: Luko what are ya doing mate.. I need Touk and Luko to combine for atleast 220 for a safe win
Bluebagg11: Lachie, keep it under 120 and I’ll buy you a beer at our next Uncle Jack promo day!! Seriously
DrSeuss: Glad I traded Witherden to Lukosius
Raspel31: Yep- we all want to stay in for another week. I’m comfortable at the mo but carn Rankine
pcaman2003: Pies20. And back at you. Cheers!
Bluebagg11: Lukocious -10! I have never seen that!!
original: Don’t stop greenwood
tags54: lukosius 3 disposals 5 clangers
DrSeuss: Greenwood been on the bench for about 7 minutes
Erich1036: @Bluebagg11 Toby Bedford was worse literally two nights ago
Apachecats: Lukosius -full house , 5 froggies.
kascadev8: lukosius on -10 wtaf is this shower
swandane: mustnt watch must bluebagg11
srj2409: Kick two goals next quarter Neale ffs
SC-STAR–: -11 now luko what the
pcaman2003: Had to trade out a non player in Adams to bring in Miller. Only way I could Stay in finals
Wahab_18: Luko is gonna need a 30-40 point quarter somewhere if I’m any chance now
tags54: lukosius lift your game buddy
swandane: much*
Pies20: That’s what i need @seuss
Social: Evening all. Here’s hoping every player gets through the game unscathed 😉
pcaman2003: I feel for the owners of Lukosius. Not a god time to foul up.
GobChuck: What a week to trade in McLuggage instead of Dunkley eh. at least he usually does well in big wins so will get cheapies
Hazza09: Is Downgrading Doch to Payne worth a risk?
Pies20: i went grundy to rob and Adam’s to neale traded out @pca but it’s worth a$100 in my league
kascadev8: lukosius burning me once im out of trades, very nice
CozzieCan: Keep it up Neale 3 more of qtrs of that please
Apachecats: I’m going well in a few biggest loser leagues ,lots a abandoned teams down there.
Gotigres: Didn’t realise Hanley retired. A great player for several years.
kascadev8: was in a greenwood v lukosius 1v1 for a league win… think im losing rn….
pcaman2003: Pies20. I wanted Lyons ,but didn’t have enough coin without making a double trade. Have 1 trade left now. Fingers crosse
GobChuck: cash league, need zorko and lukosius to combine for 95 lol, terrible start
pcaman2003: Pies20. I wanted Lyons ,but didn’t have enough coin without making a double trade. Have 1 trade left now.
Apachecats: Haha Social ,good to see you got rid of the voodoo doll.
Pies20: I’ve doca @pca if i get threw im flowered next all or nothing this week for me
Raspel31: We can share Lyons if you want Adele.
BurtCocain: ive always wondered, whats the exact definition of a clanger? how is it different to an inefficient kick?
Pies20: Got doca
kascadev8: lukosius lets go ahahaha
pcaman2003: Thanks Charlotte. Last trade will ditch Dusty and cash for Lyons next round,if I get there:)
GobChuck: Burt: Clangers can involve other things liek 50m penalties against, dropped marks and the like. Just bad errors.
amigaman: That’s the end of my semi. Had Starc vs Rank.
BigGryan: ive got noone in this, but opp has lyons, neale, anderson, greenwood and lukosious. tight game too
Pies20: I have starc @amig he ok?
amigaman: Knocked out. Being Assesed
CozzieCan: Go Neale keep going son
BurtCocain: cheers gob
srj2409: Neale has been poo for a while. What happened to those 170-180 games
Yelse: i think greenwood vs rankin + 30 — i aint looking good
pcaman2003: Nice Miller. 100+ and I’ll be happy.
kascadev8: neale has the brownlow easy, just relaxing for finals
biggs2dujj: CD clearly got Zorko in this week, when my life depends on him staying low
Raspel31: Certainly looking dodgy at the mo Yelse.
DrSeuss: Lions kicking straight makes a big difference. Will be 2 down on the bench though from here on out
swandane: srj, 5 round average of 127, scored 167 4 matches ago.. shh
poolboybob: 5 kicks, 4 clangers for Lukosius
kascadev8: Berry hurt, thatll be my 15th injured player in my team omg
CozzieCan: Neales on fire lol , open your eyes m8
original: Does it always look like neale gets so many cheap touches? Haven’t watched much brisbane
srj2409: 3 round avg of 106. From a 700k player.
Kidult: highest is only 171
Bluebagg11: You’re in my team but opponent has CAP. Stay under 137!!!
LMartos: Traded Shuey to Berry, why do I even play this shit
DrSeuss: How is that not a free to Zorko in the marking contest?
kascadev8: if berry is injured im actually done lmao, will c u all again next season
GobChuck: Lukosius is back to 0 woo!
tdarian: Hi I just logged on. Looks like there is an error with the scoreboard – Luko is showing blank with 6 touches and 84% TOG
CozzieCan: Srj , most ranked points and most tons for the year ? You are mentally challenged bud
Pies20: Same @blue bag
pcaman2003: Move along Miller and stop rolling backwards.
pjw1234: neale is like a danger, inside and outside midfielder
original: Greenwood + 156 vs neale + lyons. Who wins
swandane: srj you are poo mate, not neale
Yelse: should have started coleman instead of rankine
kascadev8: @LMartos i did the exact same thing
tags54: srj2409 100 every week from any player will do me. your to critical
Pies20: move rankine!!
pjw1234: trouble with zorko is he stages for so many the unps are never sure if the free is there
Wahab_18: Luko please lift
CozzieCan: Cmon Rankine !! Useless twat
c-money69: @original greenwood 156 for mine
scboy123: opponent has Greenwood, McCluggage, RIch and Lyons. I lead by 350. It all comes down to this
bagger2217: Neal is my saving grace this game. Luko and Flanders 0 points. Lucky to win my elimination final.
kascadev8: rankine is so over-hyped it sickens me, where is the talk on riccardi
Apachecats: NTP is on Neale .Apache goes 162.
Kidult: 172 for me
Wahab_18: 171 + Coleman vs Touk and Luko looking horrendous rn
GobChuck: 148 please Apache
Raspel31: 143 Apache
bagger2217: NicNat back in for Eagles
The Hawker: 152 please Apache
DrSeuss: HTB is ridiculous. Gotta feel for Weller there
CozzieCan: 151 please Apache
Gotigres: 184 for Neale
ajconodie: @Apache – 188 please.
kascadev8: @Apache can i have 269 please
teachrtony: I like your thinking Apache but I reckon 139. Thanks.
Gotigres: One of my players just handpassed a goal. lol
TigerTime: 167 for Neale plz
Avarax: 136 please apache
Yelse: neal 131 please
Kingy12: 142 pls Apache
spdysaint: 157 please apache
original: @c-money thanks buddy, that’s what I’m hoping wins!
kascadev8: @Gotigres at least they arent injured, like at least 14 of the players ive gone thru this year, think it may be more
srj2409: Ellis 137 thanks
bagger2217: 169 for Neal please Apache
biggs2dujj: is Greenwood injured?
pcaman2003: FFS! My opponent has rookie Coleman and I have Miller. Not going well at all.
thommoae: 139 thanks Apache
tags54: 155 thanks Apache
goat_19: neale 169
Pies20: 151 @Apache is starc cooked?
goat_19: sorry bagger beat me to it, 164 thanks
heppelitis: neale 156 thanks
TonyJones: 148 neale
srj2409: No Biggs he’s just on holiday
kascadev8: just confirming that i did actually pick 269 for my player prediction score
CozzieCan: Keep going Neale
swandane: spud icon for srj
teachrtony: Same PCa, have Coleman on the bench laughing at me.
heppelitis: im 176 points in front…can greenwood and lyons catch up that much in a half and a bit?
bagger2217: go Lukozade, go!
StuL: Does the same guy do the score review at every game, every ground ever?
bagger2217: you’ll get one right soon Kasca
pcaman2003: 151 for me please
Apachecats: got it Kasca
kascadev8: lukosius on 18 from 12 disposals is the funniest thing ive seen, and ive had 16+ injuries in my team aha
Kidult: When you read Lachie goals but the wrong one =(
swandane: 119 for Neale
obione05: Ill take trading Greenwood in for Dusty this week
Kingy12: Did my ntp come thru Apache?
Pies20: And we know your injury list @kasca we here it every game
kascadev8: these commentators consistently talking about rankine makes me want to turn the tv off. btw is berry back on?
BigGryan: im about to lose my league game if neale lyons greenwood and anderson keep this up
The39Steps: 138 for me please @apache.
Raspel31: Me too obione
biggs2dujj: we back to 35 min quarters?
Apachecats: Kingy 142 ok
kascadev8: @Pies is almost like looking at collingwood itself
Yelse: this is a joke rankine if you don’t make 60 u dropped next week
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
original: Needed neale to get more easy points like a hole in the head thanks miller FFS
Water: Ill go 137 for Neale please Apache
Pies20: Haha thankyou for recognising our injuries @kasca Haha
tags54: me too obione & raspel
Kingy12: Thanks Apache. Chat chucking a spaz on my ph…
pjw1234: 169 thanks
bagger2217: if Flanders outscores Rankine I’ll be happy
Pies20: How that half treat you @pca? Im flowered i think
tags54: lukosius 12 disposals 7 clangers
The39Steps: Anyone playing NFL fantasy?
circle52: 162 Neale if others not through
kascadev8: feel bad for collingwood’s injury list, hope they come back soon, especially treloar, like watching him
Apachecats: pjw ,well done on the back to back ,now for the hat trick and Life Membership.
Ash777: neale 122
Pies20: Well said @kasca
Snarfy: My opponent needs 291pts. to beat me. He has Neale and Anderson. At half time he’s in with a show!
Pies20: starc coming back on or gone?
Social: 155 thanks
Avarax: gone
Apachecats: Don’t think he’ll be back Pies20.
Gotigres: Rankine…130 one week, 30 the next week
Social: @39steps Tell us more about NFL fantasy
kascadev8: starc confirmed done, and berry had his shoulder popped out, cant really c him back either 🙁
The39Steps: @social, best one is There’s a range of options – snake draft, auto draft etc. espn use points reception.
srj2409: Neale desperately needs a goal. Has had a scoring shot in 10/14 games
The39Steps: @social, that favors WR, RB and TE for scoring. Starts Friday morning.
swandane: srj just trade neale already
pcaman2003: Pies20. Ducked off for a cuppa,back now. Looking a bit grim unless Miller pulls his finger out.
srj2409: I can’t hes locked
pcaman2003: Had Greenwood from the start and what a revelation he’s been. My best pick this year.
Woodie22: 40 bloody tries. 139 plz
swandane: next week ya muppet
Woodie22: I can’t work out why this chat is so damn glitchy.
Apachecats: Persistence personified Woodie.
Woodie22: Apache lol, two web browsers on phone, than laptop lol
pcaman2003: Big half please Miller. C’mon!
srj2409: Me too pca
Pies20: @woodie have the same problems ntp time
Woodie22: Too many comments at once maybe Pies20?
Pies20: good luck @pca im hanging on just
Pies20: yeah that’s what i think @woodie
Raspel31: That’s the answer Woodie.
pcaman2003: srj2409. Just wish I had more like him. Fewer Cog types and more Greeny’s
BigChief: Neale will struggle to get 120 with Miller tagging him now.
Pies20: you and me the only ones to say for the 5th or 6th flowering time haha
kascadev8: my prediction of 269 could be close i think
Woodie22: Is it cause the website is old school?
pcaman2003: Hopefully for me Miller will lay 15 good tackles on Neale.:)
Woodie22: Kasca, you’re an interesting human being.
CozzieCan: Keep going Neale , Greenwood & Rankine !! Go boys
Apachecats: 6th try .Comp closed 31 entries ,119 -269.
kascadev8: @Woodie i agree, gotta keep my sanity somehow
Pies20: Is starc precautionary you think or was it bad?
srj2409: Kick a goal Neale ffs
StacksOn: On the one hand, hope Miller goes well for my SC, on the other hand I want a st kevins flog to get rocked
DrSeuss: Zorko been very quiet this qtr. get involved again Zork
Pies20: haha @Apache
kascadev8: wtf was that rayner, Chief is going to have a good go at you now
poolboybob: Mare or cleaver for Lukosius
bhg26: Was pretty bad Pies, fell on his face after flying high for a spoil
tags54: some sort of record lukosius 15 posessions 9 clangers
pcaman2003: Muppet for Budarick
Pies20: Cheers @bhg
pcaman2003: Are you there Miller? Time to get the ball bud.
Yelse: cn rankine get over 60?
Pies20: hope so @yelse
bhg26: Greenwood, please get off your reserved seat on the bench please
srj2409: Greenwood stop being useless
kascadev8: assuming witherden will come in for starcevich now?
Pies20: Hopefully he plays next week if i get up tonight @kasca
pcaman2003: Yay! Miller’s first touch in 9 minutes
Pies20: rankine please get the pill move him on the ball dew
The39Steps: I reckon the Suns showed more effort, more class and better execution in their inaugural season than they are tonite.
Raspel31: How could you leave Witherden out??
kascadev8: can someone explain to me why ‘baby shark’ only plays when charlie cameron kicks a goal? think im missing something
Ash777: what’s with the baby shark after every cameron goal lol
DrSeuss: Greenwood stuck on the bench for a bit
BettsMagic: I’m hoping so also @Pies20
Kidult: he does the baby shark if not the Harley
Kidult: he does the baby shark if not the Harley after a goal
ElstyBoy: Greenwood and Neale keep going lads!!!! <3
original: That was Greenwood’s tackle!! Cmon
CozzieCan: Keep going Neale !!
Pies20: Fingers crossed @betts
Stu7: Come on weller sh1t
ElstyBoy: @original ikr, luckily we can rest easy knowing Greenwood wouldve probably kicked it out on the full for a clanger
CozzieCan: 50 more points please Neale
Patty19: How did Neal just jump to 123
BettsMagic: I need Greeny to outscore Rankine by 50 to progress through to a Prelim
GobChuck: cmon clug 115+ please young fella
Stu7: Great quarter Neale
Pies20: @pca update? Gone or still alive?
Yelse: how did greenwood go up 13 in last 1.5 mins didn’t do much at all Rankine tackle and HTB only 4
kascadev8: berry on the rise
srj2409: 43 points. Not bad. 60 in the last please Neale
Haydo: 102 vs Neale + Zorko +Touk Miller, who wins?
original: @patty neale is too fit and just gets heaps of ball. He is everywhere. Hate it
BOMBRBLITZ: Greenwood the new KOTD player. Handy to know for next year
Kidult: points get a boost at qtr time and 3qtr time to make up the total on what I’ve seen all year
Apachecats: Any one know Neales BE , buying him this week.
HawkTalker: Lukosius’ score is flatout cheating. Unfairly punished IMO
Patty19: @original he is, but I mean he got a late kick and his 3QT scaled score just exploded
scboy123: Pretty sure this game has cost me. Fuck you Gaff and your 61
Wahab_18: Haydo was that a serious question?
BOMBRBLITZ: 200 odd Apachecats
Wahab_18: HawkTalker Luko is the difference between win and loss for me
tags54: @hawktalker lukosius 9 clangers
Gandhi: @Hawk he’s only had one quarter where every possession wasn’t butchered. It seems pretty fair to me.
Yelse: neal BE over 200 @ apacheats
V@lks: Agree hawktalk. Judged as clangers when they’re actually under pressure in which case is ineffective.
Gregjones: need about 60 combined from Lyons and Lukosius to save my season
CozzieCan: Keep going Neale !!
srj2409: Fair score for Lukosius, 7 clangers
dipstick: Is Flanders first name stupid or sexy? Trying to work out what the S stands for
kascadev8: had berry, lukosius, kysaiah-pickett, sholl, riccardi’s scores in my top18 this week im just too good
Apachecats: Thanks Bombr and Yelse ,might get a small discount then.
pcaman2003: Getting pissed off now. Miller everywhere the ball isn’t. Meanwhile cd boosting Colemans score.
CozzieCan: Cmon Neale flowering do something
kascadev8: back to the bench for you greenwood, have a rest
Woodie22: flower me Cozzie his score is already decent.
CozzieCan: @Woodie not enough for me to win semis grr
Wahab_18: pcaman we have the same situation sadly
pcaman2003: Wahab18. Leaving a bad taste in the mouth
Patty19: I need another 20 from Coleman, cmon son!!
Wahab_18: if coleman gets 70 I need 220 from luko and touk combined.. should’ve happened but I guess not
Haydo: I meant for this last quarter its 418 vs Neale + Zorko + Touk Miller
Yelse: need greenwood to stay under 125
ElstyBoy: Neale 98% TOG is outrageous
pcaman2003: Wahab18. Don’t like your chances much. My match a bit closer,but very tight.
Catatafish: Just need 13 more from Neale
Wahab_18: Haydo looks unlikely at this stage
srj2409: Neale only 133 from 29 is outrageous
kascadev8: greenwood stop and have a nap, save urself for next year
Catatafish: TOG needs to be due to injuries which helps me
Woodie22: How so Srj?
Pies20: jeez this intense just hanging on stop greenwood
poolboybob: Will be disappointed if Lukosius can’t get over the line into double digit clangers
Pies20: Move rankine!!
CozzieCan: Cmon Neale
Cr1cketeer: How do you not all have Greenwood?
pcaman2003: FGS,Coleman is going to beat Miller. Trust me to bring in a losing player. at this rate.
Yelse: waste time king plzz
StacksOn: Why do people complain with CD for SC? Its all based on stats and maths…
kascadev8: Neale dont get reported!! get robbo to smack him for you
SC-STAR–: i got greenwood cricketeer don’t you worry
StacksOn: @Cr1cketeer he started kind of expensive for a mid price forward, and stayed expensive
Pies20: Because my team’s shower @cr1cketeer haha obviously
Silz90: Get on the field Greenwood and junk it up
ElstyBoy: Neale off…
kascadev8: ive spoken about my team enough :/ no comment
original: Are there really still 300 sc points to come. Worried
tags54: still 300 points to give out
CozzieCan: Keep going Neale
Pies20: Haha @kasca
Raspel31: any injuries kasca?
SC-STAR–: original unfortunatley no
srj2409: Greenwood 76 TOG is absurd
Kidult: 3 lions finished on 142 SC last year in the Qclashes last year
SC-STAR–: 1 point for 3 posis for neale real stich up
BettsMagic: Greenwood is onnn
Pies20: Haha @rasp
ElstyBoy: na more like 200 @original
kascadev8: @Rasp just a few aha
ElstyBoy: doesnt greenwood always play mid 70’s TOG?
Pies20: how long left?
pcaman2003: 27 points for the 2nd half so far Miller,you Muppet. Probable loss for me now.
StacksOn: @SC-Star two cheap handballs and a turnover will do that…
ElstyBoy: fulll time @pies
Hazza09: Cheers Rankine, you cost me another Multi
ElstyBoy: Neale 151 Greenwood 125 scaled on foxfooty
original: Rankine not kicking that goal cost my $47 multi gah
SadBlueBoi: Miller was M8 to complete my team and pretty disappointed
twinpeaks: Zorko star Neale Gun, cherry for the suitcase
Yelse: how did greenwood get to 125
kascadev8: lukosius had a shocker, think im getting a 1730 score now
beerent11: With best 18 not sure if I won my league game or not. Would’ve won easy best 22
BettsMagic: Neale – Marcus Ashcroft Medal! $80 winning bet for me. Yew!
twinpeaks: X factor Rayner or Charlie
pcaman2003: My scoreline say’s I’m up 2148 to 2145. So close. With any adjustments,I could still lose I think.
beerent11: Gee that’s low kascadev
Apachecats: Final NTP result tomorrow night ,3 of you on 151 and 1 on 152 ,then 2 on 156. Blanket finish.
bhg26: These were the scores on fox footy pcaman so I think there won’t be any further adjustments
Water: I think i just came back from 309 behind tonight! lets go!
bhg26: Started off this game projected to get 2063 to and my opponent 2107, after this game I think I won 2117 to 2103
pcaman2003: I think I said 151 so hope you got it Apache.:)
tags54: i had 155 Apache
kascadev8: @beerent missed the 1800 score for over a month straight and i should be xD but i am
kascadev8: apache r u sure im not closer??
goat_19: 1920, messed up big time with macrae on bench, nic nat and zwill out and i couldnt do anything about it…
GobChuck: 2250ish score i think, luko stinking put shiel back in my best 18
Apachecats: yes I got those.pca and tags
pcaman2003: Water & bhg26. Good luck fellas. Hope you made it.
Apachecats: Positive kasca.
bhg26: Let us know where you were ranked for the round GobChuck, hoping for me to move up from 166
Gregjones: Not happy
The Hawker: dammit im on 152….
GobChuck: i’ll try remember bhg, doubt it’s that super high with guys like shiel and cogs, plus i left bazlenka on the bench…..
bhg26: I’ll try and see if I crack top 100 GobChuck, 2200+ is a sensational score

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