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Chat log from R16 of 2020: Carlton vs Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Sydney, R16 of 2020

Yelse: do i take gawns score or go with loyd?
CATSPREM: take gawns
kascadev8: gonna go with lloyd over neale, dont trust his possible tag to come
bhg26: Lloyd, JPK, Cripps, Martin and Doc this game
isoeso: gawns every day
isoeso: lloyd, wix, cripps, doch, martin, codral
CATSPREM: lloyd, cripps, docherty and wicks
scboy123: LLoyd Captain, Cripps and Doch. wicks on bench. Fingers crossed. LLoyd bring me home lad
amigaman: Lloyd VC Neale C
kascadev8: anyone know lloyds average against carlton?
scboy123: kascadev mate i went exact same route. Who knows what’ll be thrown at Neale. Greenwood or Miller
Yelse: why can’t ed tag loyd?
scboy123: kasca last year he got 130 and 115
CozzieCan: I have Lloyd but majority have put the C on him .. hope he stays under 130 but over 100
kascadev8: thanks sc
CozzieCan: Cmon Cripps , Doch & wicks go big
88360: Lloyd c. Need you to go big if I want to win this week
Raspel31: Whoops stuck with you now Lloyd for better or worse. And Witherden out again???
Yelse: why do the goal umps have such a smug smile when singaling goal
Pies20: Think they get a extra $100 for it @yelse haha
thiccgucci: because they know theyre on tv mate
beerent11: Hopefully crippa and jpk Dont nullify each other
GobChuck: 5 minutes in and cripps need a break ooft
kascadev8: @Yelse for the same reason i do when i pay a free against someone at local level, especially when you know your right
zadolinnyj: Carn sydney
Ash777: that’s just rodan lol
beerent11: I’ve jpk, doc, crippa, and j Martin here. Apologies to anyone else who has them
Yelse: there he goes again boys 🙂 all of you have a valid point
DrSeuss: Curnow – you want to do anything this week?
kascadev8: rodan just loves his work, and it makes me love it haha
Silz90: Hey all. I’ve heard a whispers that cripps needs shoulder surgery.
CozzieCan: @Silz hopefully after home & away games
ElstyBoy: @silz wouldnt be surprised, looks like his been playing at only 50% for a while now
Snarfy: From the way he’s played this year Silz90, I’d say he needed it before round 1.
Silz90: Me too cozzie. I’ve only got 2 trades left 🙁
Yelse: whats cripps doing
Woodie22: Wonder if people that have the C on Lloyd are getting nervous.
beerent11: Ha, all still in single figures
kascadev8: i have the C on Lloyd, got a couple tasty chippies for him too if he wants a nibble
CozzieCan: I don’t have the C on Lloyd but he’s off to a flyer
heppelitis: always big scaling at end of 1st qtr for some reason
Raspel31: Tomorrow is another day and yesterday, today was tomorrow. Go Lloyd.
Gotigres: C’mon Crapps. Do something.
Social: Not nice to wish anyone ill, but hope Lloyd does a knee tonight
Avarax: poor form social
GobChuck: chill social, let’s go with uh migraine and gets glued to the toilet at half time
Pies20: How dare you @social especially the knee of all things haha
beerent11: So far four premos in this game for 30 points total
Silz90: Wow social that’s horrible.
kascadev8: @Social ive had 14 high scoring players traded out from injury, i’d prefer he doesnt
Woodie22: Maybe a shoulder Social lol
Raspel31: Indeed Avarax- poor form Social.
amigaman: Lowest of the low Social
exatekk: yeah. not cool
Pies20: good to see cotrill got his 2possies this quarter and turned off
beerent11: So called premos
Avarax: thats very antisocial of you mate
Pies20: @social why don’t you have him?
Social: Jokes of course, both my potential prelim opponents have him
scboy123: keep it up LLoyd. Doch and Cripps not awful first quarters
kascadev8: whats the antisocial number?? wanna let them know about social :/
Social: I’ve been waiting for him to bottom out and it never happened
thommoae: Not jokes. Poor form.
Hazza09: Time for Cripps to go? Trade to Neale?
Apachecats: NTP result Whitfield officially 121.
wadaramus: Lloyd munching on chips early tonight.
heppelitis: wicks costly dropped mark before…fire up son need cover for perryman
DrSeuss: Looks like Curnow’s experimental time in my team will be short lived. Pick it up Ed
Apachecats: Leave you in the capable hands of Avarax for tonights NTP.
Apachecats: First NTP to pjw1234 on 117 ,2nd was Yelse on 115 ,well done to all.
kascadev8: lloyd ive got a few more chippies if you would like some, can give you them every quarter if youd like?
Raspel31: Good work as always Apache.
beerent11: Got tricked by jack martin got 1 140+ score and not much since.
GobChuck: cash league is reliant on Jordan Dawson vs Patty Cripps +25. Surely as the cripps owner we don’t choke this
Avarax: cya mate. locked in 133 for you already
kascadev8: my biggest regret this season was not starting lloyd and clarry, done it every year except this one
pjw1234: woohoo i will let you know the address for the tshirt in the members only blog
Apachecats: Thanks Avarax ,early night for me .
Raspel31: Given the game away Avarax- obviously Lloyd. I’ll go 146.
kascadev8: patty cripps might wanna become patty chips now
Avarax: im going to choose aliir, just so apache is like 100 off LOL
zadolinnyj: Who is the ntp
Avarax: not sure yet zado. still plenty of time
Raspel31: Lol Avarax
kascadev8: @avarax, ur doing it so apache is 100 off? i c that 100, and i raise u to 200 off
zadolinnyj: Do it @Avarax. Choose Mitch mcgovern
Avarax: either aliir is scoring -67 or a record 333 SC points?
Pies20: Do cotrell @ava maybe he might flowering move
Bluebagg11: McGovern is useless. Fed up with his shit efforts and going to ground way too easily
kascadev8: of course avarax, gotta make it amusing
Avarax: which direction pies? he’s more liekly to go backwards atm
kascadev8: @Bluebagg11 think youll be stuck with him till he retires/de-listed. cant c anyone wanting him
Pies20: haha @ava either way makes ntp interesting
zadolinnyj: Certainly not unhappy losing him from crows @bkluebagg11
Bluebagg11: What a waste of money
wadaramus: Shooter was a star in the making at the Crows?
SC-STAR–: kennedy move your flowering ass
beerent11: Fuck this
wadaramus: Lloyd had enough chips already?
SC-STAR–: ava lloyd is the way
amigaman: Somebody get some more chips
kascadev8: lloyd ive got some chippies, here have them
heppelitis: geez blues nearly as bad as bombers
Raspel31: Salt and vinegar liberally sprinkled amiga,
ElstyBoy: Crippa, Lloyd, Parker and Wicks!!! Kick lads kick
SC-STAR–: maybe even worse hep
Pies20: wow the blues have really gone off the boil
DrSeuss: Drop the Curnow tag and just let him win the ball. Carlton playing like Blues of the last few years
The39Steps: Great chemistry in the Blues coaching box. NOT!
Raspel31: Should I take Riversor Cottrell as cover for Witherden?
bagger2217: Hope we do the same as the Dons with the comeback
heppelitis: (we are putrid SC-STAR lol)
Pies20: syd have played good footy the past few weeks though
bagger2217: Go boys go
spdysaint: kennedy get a move on you spud
Gotigres: David Rodan with a smile as he signals a goal for Carlton.
kascadev8: witherden may be my worst traded in… and i had 14 injured…
DrSeuss: Missed Curnows tackle there in the centre
SC-STAR–: Sc Star lol whe the dons win their last final a month before im born and I havent seen one since (curse?)
Pies20: who’s curnow tagging?
Gotigres: Docherty fallen asleep
heppelitis: yeah thats a bit sad…the blues have responded to that spray
Silz90: I think it’s time to drop gov or play him in a diff position…maybe backline
SC-STAR–: parker pies 20
V@lks: Pies20, if you hover your mouse over the icon it tells you. Tagging Parker
kascadev8: david rodan loves it, and i love it that he loves it
Pies20: are you talking to yourself in the 3rd person @scstar?
Avarax: joke question raspel? if not, rivers 100%
zadolinnyj: McGovern i think by the look of it @pies20
SC-STAR–: nah not to sure what the hell I was doing tbh pies20
DrSeuss: Pies – was on JK. Moved to Parker now
biggs2dujj: freekickcripps
Raspel31: Just a tad Avarax. Thank you for caring.
Pies20: no mouse on phone but cheers @v@lks
kascadev8: mcgovern still without a disposal lmao
Pies20: haha @scstar
Avarax: alright, its NTP time. This game no surprise, its the seagull, jake lloyd. Avarax goes (hopes) 148
tags54: docherty just waiting until half time so he can begin fresh
Pies20: cheers @Seuss
spdysaint: 158 please avarax
bagger2217: Lloyd 168 please Avarax
CozzieCan: 133 please Avarax
SC-STAR–: Ill go 153 avarax
zadolinnyj: 152 please avarax
pjw1234: 117 thanks
Moona: 161 thanks
Social: Seegs 170 chip chippeties thanks Ava
kascadev8: 269 for seagull please, ive got a lot of chips here for him
CozzieCan: Why would you trade Cripps ? So many have him , be stupid too
The39Steps: 161 for me please @avarax.
Raspel31: As stated earlier- before announced- 146 please.
Kingy12: 132 pls Avarax
ElstyBoy: 158 please Avarax
heppelitis: 180 thanks avarax in my best darts voice
SC-STAR–: Kennedy tagging cripps
exatekk: 155 thanks Avarax
ElstyBoy: 158 taken ill go 172 for him
Pies20: Also cheers @scstar llloyd 169 please @ava
kascadev8: @heppel… ooooooone hundreeedddddddd andddd eeeeeeeeeightyyyyyyyyyyyy
wadaramus: One Hundred and Eighty!!
zadolinnyj: Lol hepp
Woodie22: 145 Lloyd fourth try
Thomas1234: 125 thanks
tags54: i/2 doz spud cakes 2 flake & $6.00 chips thanks averax 128
Silz90: Dochs score doesn’t seem right
heppelitis: Thats it Kas!!!!
Woodie22: This chat is so glitchy using mobile.
kascadev8: doch always scores horrible in the wet, didnt realise that until after i traded him to sicily who then did his acl :/
scboy123: not an awful first half for big jake lloyd. Dochs 22 is raw
isoeso: lloyd 144
Gotigres: 152 for Lloyd
TigerTime: 147 for Lloyd please
Poliyagon: Gotta love Mitch McGovern!!
Water: 124 for lloyd
circle52: 172 for Lloyd
bagger2217: Doc was on 20 but them got a clanger. Has barely touched the ball since
bhg26: 164 for Lloyd
c-money69: 137 lloyd
goat_19: 181 for lloyd
kascadev8: can i confirm that i wanted a score of 269 for jake lloyd please @Avarax ? and im serious, not taking the pis
Ooost: Lloyd 122 please.
painkilla: Poly Crows got the xtra 1st back for the Gibbs trade there, McAdam looks every bit as good if not better than the Guv
jackhenry: 132 for lloyd pls
bhg26: Why did i ever bring in the spud Jack Martin into my side, absolute garbage, also JPK and Docherty, do something please
Ash777: jack martin was going so well then he went back to his gc days.
GroupOne: 148 for ntp please
bagger2217: Why did people bring in Jack Martin? Go Sammy Walsh instead
Wahab_18: Lloyd is killing any chances i have of getting into next round 🙁
Fatbar5tad: Cottrell NTP – I’ll have 5 thanks
Gotigres: I had Jack Martin for the last 2 rounds but traded him out along with Viney. One hit and one miss for me.
Poliyagon: How many of you actually have Walsh? He’s been better than cripps this last month.
bhg26: Jack Martin was cheap as chips bagger, and just came off 144, thought it was worth a crack…
isoeso: gov ntp -3
Gotigres: Same bhg
Silz90: Poli Walsh will be top 2 in Bnf. Cripps won’t finish top 5
Poliyagon: @painkilla Ik its a joke. Gov is a sweet guy but shocking forward..
bhg26: I have always wanted Walshy in my side, just couldnt find a way to get him in my team
bhg26: Can gladly say if there are no injuries, Jack Martin will be my last trade
Avarax: NTP closes end of half time. get your tips in now. Range 117 – 269
Raspel31: I’ve always found the most handy tip is to trade them in bhg.
Poliyagon: bnf carlton top 5 will be weiters, walsh, setterfield, curnow simpson I reckon
kascadev8: pwoah someone picked 269, they must be a genius
isoeso: gov to kick 2 goals this half
bhg26: Would love a 20 possession quarter from Kennedy
wadaramus: Bin Chicken to go 161.
Silz90: I agree with your first 4. I think maybe Murphy will finish 5th.
Avarax: murphy has to be in there.
DrSeuss: 145 for Lloyd if still open
The Hawker: 180 please
isoeso: murphy not top 10
Yelse: 128 for me if can pleases
Avarax: all accepted
CozzieCan: Alright Lloyd you’ve done enough , stay down now
Silz90: I need cripps and doch to go huge
Avarax: ntp now closed. Range 117 – 269 (yes 2) Entrants: 34
Raspel31: Trading Dochs to Witherden was a tour de force- if The Lions played him??
kascadev8: 269 hahaha that individual is a genius, i like their thinking
kascadev8: witherden out for no seemingly no reason frustrates me, especially since i have 0 trades
Kidult: H.Brayshaw to debut for eagles
Yelse: murphy lift need 15 possessions ffs
Bluebagg11: McGovern just got a touch!! Can’t wait for the barrage he’s gonna cop this week.
clay007: Have not seen Murphy on the ground. Might be injured after ankle strain in 2nd
clay007: Take that back. Just saw him
bhg26: A free would be nice umps
Raspel31: But the finesse of the touch Blue- it will be long remembered.
heppelitis: common wicks this is getting sad. giving away frees and nothing else
Silz90: So many inside 50s again tonight. Just not good enough
bagger2217: McGovern Brownlow confirmed. 2 possessions. Must be breaking some sort of record.
spdysaint: Kennedy has added to the list of dissapointments this week
CozzieCan: Glad to see Cripps up & about this game , happy days for owners
bhg26: Umpires gifting Carlton goals, 11 to 5 is disgraceful
BOMBRBLITZ: wake up Parker
Silz90: Umpire flower house. So many 50 50 calls. Just paying frees for the sake of it
bhg26: Hot tip for all ruckmen, never play on or go backwards
kascadev8: mcgovern stop, i wanted to c u with 0 disposals, never seen a pro finish without a touch 🙁
clay007: Murphy is having a holiday whilst in the hub. Could he try and get involved?
CozzieCan: Decent qtr from Doch
kascadev8: lets go lloyd, get me that 269 score
bhg26: McLean kicked a goal and just ended his game on a high
DrSeuss: Curnow go and win the freaking ball instead of hanging off Parker ffs
bagger2217: How’s that not ball?!?
bhg26: Cripps out here playing rugby
Silz90: Drseuss do u have him in draft or classic
StuL: Looks like time is up Wicks
bhg26: Was a bump bagger
Raspel31: Atta boy cap seagull.
bhg26: Two tackles for Kennedy where he span his player 360 degrees, no frees
kascadev8: 160 more points lloyd lets go
DrSeuss: In my AF team Silz – bought him in a few weeks ago
bagger2217: Looking good for you Kasca. NTP winner is nearly certain
casey22: Can Lloyd get to 140?
scboy123: Ill be a happy man if Martin scores less than 65
88360: Lloyd 150 pls. That would make my day
Avarax: i really need 150. i’ll take 160 though
Wahab_18: If Lloyd finishes on 150, give Coleman doesn’t get more than 58 I need Luko and Touk to combine for 197
CozzieCan: Cmon Lloyd you’ve done enough , no more please !!
isoeso: wahab you’re toast
bhg26: Disagree Cozzie, don’t think he’s done enough
kascadev8: lloyd finish on 269 please. make me look like a genuis
Raspel31: I need Owles and McLean to score 100 this qtr and I’m home and hosed.
88360: Sydney you will make lots of happy men if you kick it to Lloyd more
CozzieCan: Looks like I’m gonna risk Neale C .. if Lloyd beats Gawn
bhg26: Think McLean left the stadium after he kicked the first goal Raspel, always end on a high
obione05: Lloyd as my VC, will soon be my C
bhg26: The whole Carlton side playing rugby
Yelse: buzz off loyd wanted to wait one more week to get neale but now might need to
kascadev8: my guess of 269 wont be far off
CozzieCan: Lloyd if you touch the footy this qtr you might get corona .. stay away
kascadev8: lloyd touch it 30 more times, cos cozzie says stop
SC-STAR–: love that from kennedy
hinsch: I need Rankine to go on tomorrow kick the ball get 1 point then get off for the win
LMartos: Martin started at the centre bounce and was off within 2 minutes at the first goal. How can a 26 yo cop such shit TOG
CozzieCan: @Kas cmon be happy he got a ton .. haha that’s enough m8 no more
casey22: Good luck with that @hinsch
kascadev8: sydney starting to get a zoo, theyve got a seagull and a pelican
kascadev8: coz, never, it is never enough, unless im guaranteed winning
Avarax: birds of a feather, flock together. thats why they play for the swans
heppelitis: rampe climbs goal posts like a monkey
beerent11: Gee the poise of Walsh is impressivel
Raspel31: I knew a bird once- nice girl- didn’t last.
88360: Lloyd get on the field
kascadev8: thanks hep, theyve got a seagul, pelican, monkey, wonder what else there is
bhg26: Reid may be the worst key forward in football, spent the whole game falling on his arse
heppelitis: fox
CozzieCan: Stay away Lloyd !! Good job this qtr
SC-STAR–: bhg have forgotten essendons full forwards mckernan, stewart and now daniher
bagger2217: Need big from Lloyd
kascadev8: lloyd get on the field!
bhg26: Longmire, get someone forward. We need to flowering score, so stop flooding the backline and attempt
Silz90: Martin calf
StuL: Seagull has stopped
kascadev8: sydney be like, we bought a zoo
scboy123: Lloyd has died in the fourth. tragic
bhg26: to flowering score!!!
Silz90: Walsh bog
88360: Bloody hell Lloyd spent 8 min on bench
beerent11: There go my last two trades, Simpkin concussion, Martin calf.
kascadev8: lloyd hasnt bee on the ground all quarter i swear, get on their seagull, ive got chippies *throws chips*
V@lks: Star for Walsh
amigaman: Think I’ll roll with Neale C
beerent11: Every bugger was getting rid of crippa at qtr time
BumSniff: Simpkin could be right for next week. If not LDU should be a good replacement
Silz90: Htb agasint blakey. Come on
CozzieCan: @beer Simpkin will be back next game m8 , guaranteed
bagger2217: Have you ever heard the story of Jake Lloyd the Pointless. He scored in all quarters but the last.
bhg26: Cripps is a protected species
Raspel31: As would I amiga- but too late. 30 minutes ago Lloyd?
kascadev8: lloyd wtf, ur not getting 269, ur making me look stupid
pjw1234: newnes is tagging lloyd
casey22: Com’on Lloyd, I gave up Macrae’s score for you!!!!
88360: How will Neale go against suns. Can’t take Lloyd as c
bhg26: We do not deserve to win. An absolutely disgraceful performance from a bunch of soft footballers
Raspel31: Lead changing constantly.
kascadev8: newnes go away, let seagull have his chips u mean kid
CozzieCan: Don’t give Lloyd the ball !!! Woohoo
Woodie22: Good Newnes
Silz90: Lol go home umpires. Good duck sir
bagger2217: Fuck you umps
Social: Theres your free bhg
kascadev8: cozzie who do u have left?
bhg26: Makes up for the 15 throws that weren’t paid silz
CozzieCan: That’s what you get ya flog for putting the head back
kascadev8: go lloyd, give newnes some stick, smack him ahahah
CozzieCan: @Kas Neale , Greenwood , Rankine , on 2102 sc
scboy123: get fucked jake lloyd. 1 disposal final term. could be a big L for me this week boys
CozzieCan: Wbu you Kas ?
Woodie22: 117 Lloyd no scaling. Makes me feel better
Social: Lots of chips left on the ground
kascadev8: only 4 points difference from lloyd-whitfield scores, so no real loss
bhg26: Saint Kilda reject has done one thing for his whole career and thinks he can talk to better players like he’s good
Fatbar5tad: Cottrell my man!
obione05: anyone taking Lloyds score for C?
Wahab_18: I love you lloyd thank you for that last quarter Im back and alive in my matchup now
88360: Oh shut up, cause of Lloyd I ain’t making it through finals
kascadev8: ive got witherden, neale lukosius left, witherden playing or not as a late in will be a clown fest, barely gonna get 2k
Social: Shower score with knee intact!
bhg26: Jack Martins injury giving me an excuse to trade him, finally!
kascadev8: will be the 4th or 5th week in a row that ive missed the 2k score, after averaging 2.25k + all year smh
bhg26: Also swans are flowering shower, and flower them for giving me hope after every good performance
CozzieCan: @Wahab second that
kascadev8: i think my guess of 269 was wrong @Avarax
Social: Pick yaselves up swannies and hit the bears hard next week
CozzieCan: Lloyd lost 3 points haha
Avarax: Final NTP results shows 1 winner. with a guess of 117 , pjw1234 Wins!
Avarax: 2nd with 122 is Ooost, 3rd with 124 is Water

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