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Chat log from R16 of 2020: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R16 of 2020

Yelse: who do you think debar would tag?>
amigaman: Ben Keays? Hahaha
Kidult: Mcrouch
thommoae: MCrouch – no brainer?
Avarax: sloane. almost alwasy cops the tag
BOMBRBLITZ: 100+ Please Riccardi, not asking too much
CozzieCan: Cmon Whitfield & Laird go big boys
CozzieCan: Stay low Riccardi I’m beggin ya !!! Fingers crossed he doesn’t kick a goal
Kidult: Decided to VC ROB after the weather last night
CATSPREM: putting the c on crouch over neale
amigaman: I’m with you CozzieCan
ElstyBoy: come on M Crouch, Haynes and Whitfield, give me something lads!
missmagic: hately was an emergency,who did he replace?
Yelse: Laird ricardo whitfield and cogs go nuts pleaseeee
Kidult: Langdon with illness
enormohead: its been 12 years
missmagic: thanks,thought it was another in
Kidult: Hately also played the scratch match yesterday
GobChuck: VC ROB, MCrouch, Keays, Cogs, Riccardi,Whit, Laird. Big night this
Apachecats: NTP results from last night .Gawn officially 132.
Kidult: BS no free against Whitfield
Apachecats: Equal first were Apachecats and thommoae on 133
Apachecats: 3rd was adgbubba on 131.
swandane: apache im calling for some sort of review
original: Don’t go backwards laird
scboy123: Afternoon gents, ROB Laird and Riccardi for me in this one. All the best boys may the sc gods be with u
CozzieCan: If Adelaide win this , GWS are in huge trouble not only the coach but the media will be all over it
Apachecats: Bit embarrassing this but first NTP life membership goes to Apachecats.
The Hawker: surprised de boer not tagging crouch
CATSPREM: glad i have crouch as captain so far
thommoae: Some good news to compensate for the Giants being uncompetitive at present.
Apachecats: thommoae that is your second win in NTP ,well done..
SC-STAR–: just got riley O brien in come on big boy
Ooost: Good to see Laird midfield, need one of those huge ones
original: Go Toby go
Water: Ive got the VC on toby Greene, am i crazy?
thommoae: Thanks, Apache – I would like to dedicate my 2nd win to Robert Harvey – not in a team I supported but what an Iron Man.
Yelse: whitfield and cogs 4 SC not right
original: Gooo laird
original: Stop Haynes
Kidult: Scholl can kick awesome both sides
CozzieCan: Let’s be honest best I’ve seen Adelaide play in 2 years .. looks like a final team in this game not gws
thommoae: Congrats on Life Membership to … your own life, Apache.
Social: So many Himmelbergs! fugget about it
kascadev8: whitfield wtf mate, come on
Arminius: exact same boat as you, Original
beerent11: Could be curtains for Cameron if the giants drop this one
CozzieCan: None of the 5 teams im playing against has Haynes phew !
Water: cameron is not going anywhere he signed a 2 year extension ugh
kascadev8: whitfield as my vc, considered matt crouch for vc but possible de boar tag put me off it, forgot sloane was playing
AuroraBore: Please win this Crows, would make our finals chances almost absolute
Kidult: he just signed a 2 year extension if you on about the Coach
Social: They really like the coach for some reason, with that list they should be absolutely dominating
hinsch: I thought I was safe Whitfield, Ash, Riccardi and Laird need 80 each for a win I am in trouble
pjw1234: whitfield with riccardi and schoennberg on the bench so a crap start basically
CozzieCan: Good work Riccardi stay low !!
kascadev8: can gws please acknowledge whitfields work rate please, gets burnt every time
DrSeuss: Capt Whitfield, Cogs and Riccardi – feel free to get involved
Yelse: disgraceful GWS players lift your game ricardo whitfield cogs mainly lifttttt
Gandhi: The best and the worst of the Crows in that passage lol
DrSeuss: Witherden still not back for the Lions – should I go JDawson or Lukosius??
Avarax: lukosius 100%
CozzieCan: Flower off Riccardi
Kidult: Luko
Raspel31: Witherden not back? wtf. Glad you went ok last night Rivers.
bhg26: Come on ROB and Whit
DrSeuss: Cheers Gents – was tossing up both – see how I go
kascadev8: is witherden seriously not back in?
original: Cmon toby
DrSeuss: Named as EMG for Lions – not great 🙁
pcaman2003: Gee Cogs is such a lazy player.Pea hearted and just stands back all the time.
kascadev8: wow, so ive got 0 trades cos i had to trade mcgrath and shuey out, and now witherden doesnt play ffs
Apachecats: NTP is on Whitfield .Apache goes 81.
CozzieCan: Go Laird !! Stay low Riccardi great start
kascadev8: whitfield 99 please
GobChuck: 105 whit please apache
TigerTime: Whitfield 112 please
Avarax: 104 please apache
Water: Ill go 91 for whitfield please apache
heppelitis: 96 thank you
CozzieCan: Whtifield 115 plz Apache
The39Steps: 107 for me please @apache.
circle52: 89 for Whitfield
pcaman2003: Luckily Laird is doing okay,cos my other POD’s doing my head in.
lisapizza7: 113 whitfield
bhg26: 102 for Whit
FinlaySON: 111 for whitfield please
kascadev8: wish i could get trades back, brought in witherden because he looked good, now doesnt play ffs
Thomas1234: 102 please
pcaman2003: Whitfield 103 for me please Apache
GobChuck: very glad i got in someone else over adam kennedy, he’d had a few good weeks
isoeso: 81 whitfield
pjw1234: 117 thanks
Raspel31: 82 please Apache.
Bluebagg11: 129 for Whitfield please! Here’s hoping!!
isoeso: 83 whitfield
thommoae: 90 will do me, thanks.
scboy123: Thoughts on LLoyd captain?
Yelse: 115 for moi
isoeso: 83 whitfield please
Avarax: he’s a lock for me scboy
TonyJones: @kasca didn’t you ask what witherden looked like a few weeks back?
isoeso: lloyd solid captain
Dogs5416: 97 for me
Raspel31: Either Neale or Lloyd for me scboy- going Lloyd.
swandane: i remember that chompers
Gotigres: 91 for Whitfield
CozzieCan: Neale for me
amigaman: Lloyd VC Neale C
goat_19: 84 for whitfield please
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
kascadev8: @TonyJones yeh, his scores looked good so i got him, but i had no clue what he looked like
DrSeuss: Whitfield 101 – someone has to win this game for GWS
pcaman2003: To survive,have to trade out Dusty. Do I get Miller,JPK,or Lyons? Torn between the three.
Kidult: Miller
GetVainy: lol why is dusty in your mid
isoeso: apologies for duplicate posts..lag is god awful
Raspel31: Lyons for my money Adele.
Avarax: i think lyons pca. he is most likely to score big
MrWalrus: Witho looked good to me, must be a polec type situation
Apachecats: Lyons for mine pca.
pcaman2003: Get Vainey. Have premiums in fwd line already.
CozzieCan: @pca traded dusty in for Neale
Apachecats: Got you iso 83 ok.
pcaman2003: Thanks Charlotte.
MrWalrus: Whitfield 113 please
isoeso: thanks pache
kascadev8: i got Jarryd Berry (i think thats the right spelling)
pcaman2003: Cozzie . Only have 565k. Thought about Miller,bur he could be in a tagging role
pcaman2003: Cozzie . Only have 565k. Thought about Miller,but he could be in a tagging role
isoeso: ed curnow probs goes to jpk tonight
pcaman2003: Lyons may be Appealing Apache. May have to start tossing coins.
GetVainy: low key feel like you should go walsh
isoeso: how about suitcase pcaman
GetVainy: 114 3rd average
The Hawker: Whitty 99 please Apache if im not too late
GobChuck: so i’m looping on Baz Smith (was my m9), Would you guys bench cripps clugg or zorko?
GetVainy: 116 5rd average
Kidult: Carlton have Swans, Crows and Lions so not a bad option in Walsh
CATSPREM: 89 for apache if not to late just got home
GetVainy: wlash is a big pod too
isoeso: bench cripps he’s busted
pcaman2003: My opponent has Walsh. I’m looking for a POD. Think I might go with Lyons. Thanks fellas.
Apachecats: agree with isoeso.
swandane: 84 for whitfield
Nuffman: stuffed up and traded Cripps, instead of Kelly, back into Neale…. so upset now a unique down
exatekk: 101 for Whitfield please Apache
Woodie22: 106 Whitfield plz
pcaman2003: I have to shoot off. So good luck to all with your finals.Cheers!
Woodie22: I wonder why Witherden wasn’t selected this week.
Pies20: 103 @Apache please
Apachecats: Comp closed 31 entries 81-129.
Apachecats: Cut it fine Pies20 but you’re in ,good luck.
Pies20: Cheers @Apache always struggle that was 4th attempt
Dogs5416: De boer to Laird please
Woodie22: So Pies20 I’m not the only one who has to say something four times over lol before it finally appears
Hazza09: Looks like the Riccardi experiment is over
Pies20: Id rather smith @dogs
Bloods22: 9 off Whitfield for a 1 metre 50m penalty!
CozzieCan: @Hazz just for this game thankfully
Pies20: haha @woodie yep
isoeso: @nuffman by name…..
Kidult: Rob ruckwork last 5 mins been awesome
Hazza09: Cozzie he’s my F6
BumSniff: LDU f6 jump on it
circle52: @woodie Needed talls to come in one to assist in ruck Smith and Payne to take one of King or Day
circle52: Ah Chee will go back and McCarthy take his spot
CozzieCan: Sorry m8 , he’s no chance now
GobChuck: by my math, i need brad crouch to stay under 113 to be able to afford snelling to him next week
Social: bless you
isoeso: caldwell and hately both impressive…which one do they keep?
circle52: and with a four day turn around to play Swans in Cairns on Sunday suspect we may rest some.
DrSeuss: Wowsers – GWS going to lose this?
Bluebagg11: Wall for Riccardo?
CozzieCan: Injured mozzie beating Riccardi, stay low Riccardi !!
SC-STAR–: get near sholl
kascadev8: gws can you use whitfield properly please ffs
DrSeuss: Whitfield has stopped
beerent11: Just got home from work is whit injured?
GobChuck: keep going cornholio
kascadev8: @beerent nope, playing half back and getting burnt by teammates repeatedly
Haydo: Just got home my giants players are a nightmare – whitfield, riccardi and williams who i didn’t realise was out
Social: Ah Cornholio.. tp for my bunghole!
beerent11: Ah glad I put the c on him then.
circle52: was hoping for decent scores from Riccardi and Schoenberg to do one and one up for final 2 trades and they serve this up
poolboybob: Ricciardi pumpkin
Bluebagg11: Whitfield – if you don’t beat Conigs by 20+ Imgoing to write you a colourfully worded letter
circle52: but at least both have negative B/E
isoeso: jacobs and mrouch good tonight… who’s got either?
Kidult: that was eyes off the ball shepherd
CozzieCan: Phew Riccardi almost touched it but didn’t , lucky me
kascadev8: 80 more pints whitfield lets go, trac can do it, clarry can, now your turn
scboy123: ROB you beauty. Laird really slowed down
Apachecats: Jacobs ahead of ROB ,yeah sure.
kascadev8: points not pints, frustration of needing points in tight games is ruining my spelling
beerent11: I dunno kascadev. I’ve been watching for 10 minutes and haven’t seen him on the screen
swandane: bluebagg11 – he averages 4 more than coniglio, why would you expect 20+..?
isoeso: 80 pints would be a fair effort
DrSeuss: Imagine the pressure on Leon Cameron if GWS were a Melbourne team
GobChuck: C’mon Keays 3 turnovers that term from 3 touches……’re playing for adelaide not giants
Kidult: cmon Crows build that margin only .5% between Dogs 9th and GWS 8th
Kidult: If Crows go onto win this the Dees vs GWS will be on
kascadev8: whitfield not gonna do it, lloyd the seagull or neale for captain?
Raspel31: Lloyd for me kasca but hard call.
kascadev8: yeh rasp haha, took the vc off hawk and then had people not play
beerent11: Whit c, Simpkin, gaff, cogs,Haynes, Ridley,clarry. Been a sower round so far for the yeahnahs.
CozzieCan: Stay low Riccardi !! Woop woop
Snarfy: You’d think a player whose average is 142 over the last 3 games would be worth a tag, wouldn’t you.
colin wood: How come Whitfield doesn’t have a Free against for his 50 metre penalty?
kascadev8: @Cozzie hope he kicks 3 late goals 😉 need him to do so
CozzieCan: @Kas next week .. not going to happen sorry
kascadev8: @Cozzie useless for me nxt week cos ill b out haha
broski: @snarky doubt leon cameron is checking matt crouchs supercoach scores lmao
Kidult: shoulda been a free against Himmelberg
beerent11: Whit on fire
Avarax: supercoach scores are just a player rating @broski. he 100% would see it
Snarfy: Your spot on broski, but my opponent has the C on Crouch and I wasn’t worried because I thought De Boer would get him.
Apachecats: Whit puts on 40 in 6 minutes.
Social: Whit doing a Danger
beerent11: Whit may get me a captain score yet.
Stu7: Whitefield on fire 🔥
broski: fr ? id imagine he’d know crouch is playing well but would he really know there supercoachs @avarax
AuroraBore: pls don’t choke crows, we need this
Stu7: Come on O’Brien stop treading water
original: This is where you win the game Toby G
Pies20: Just thinking the same @aurora
scboy123: ROB mate gotta at least tonn up. same w laird.
scboy123: especially when whitfield just got 40 pts
CozzieCan: Cmon Adelaide !!
kascadev8: whitfield lets go ahaha, fancy another 40 points please?
AuroraBore: @pies yeah sows up a top 8 spot if we beat the Suns
Ash777: who knew so many teams are relying on crows to win
Catatafish: Come on Riccardi, need your $$
Pies20: yep @aurora going to be close for the top 8 go crows jeez i shiver saying that haha
88360: Ya Whitfield where did he come from
bhg26: Come on Rob
kascadev8: never wanted a bottom team to bit someone to make 6-7-8 on the ladder so interesting
CozzieCan: Raccardi almost had a goal then phew
Pies20: Keep going rob
kascadev8: beat* sorry, game is too exciting
LMartos: Taranto only got 4 points for 3 touches in clutch time, fmd
Ash777: Good job crows.
BOMBRBLITZ: GWS are putrid
CozzieCan: Wow gws lost , go Adelaide !
Pies20: ricardi surly holds his spot after this game?
Avarax: so terrible blitz..
beerent11: No points to scale
Gandhi: Massive loss for BWS
scboy123: Laird 130, ROB 104. I’ll take it boys. Captain on LLoyd to come next
kascadev8: gws melbourne all terrible, none of them should be in finals, but 1 will probs end up in it
Stu7: 8 Adelaide players on the 100’s nuts
CozzieCan: Riccardi gone this week bye bye
beerent11: Stoked with whitfields captain score after 3qtr time
StuL: Not often a team goes so far backwards as GWS this year
isoeso: good effort whits
beerent11: 60 point qtr
Pies20: thankyou crows @baldy where are you get around it
Apachecats: NTP results next game ,its between pjw1234 and BlueBag.

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