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Chat log from R16 of 2020: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R16 of 2020

CozzieCan: Need a huge game from Gawn , Fyfe & Rivers .. now screwed with no Nicnat & Kelly .. cmon boys go big !!!
Foxman69: Need Walters to play on ball
CozzieCan: Also petracca go big son
bagger2217: did I win the Macrae NTP? I think I was a point off. Had to leave early
CATSPREM: need trac, fyfe, walters and bedford to score half decent
shaker: Gawn C with Preuss in the team?
NewFreoFan: Poor Whateley looking desperately off screen for help as Robbo drunkenly rambles
missmagic: yeah how does anyone put up with that robbo idiot?
CozzieCan: Need Ryan & Brayshaw to stay low fingers crossed
Apachecats: NTP results from last night Macrae ended up on 117.
Apachecats: We had a first time NTP winner in bagger2217 on 116 ,well done.2nd was yours truely on 121.
Apachecats: Got the VC on Maxy with Seagull the back up plan.
Justavrage: C on Gawn, on a side not Lever has the worst mo in football
Apachecats: Modus Operandi ? Justavrage.
CozzieCan: Vc on Gawn , reckon he’ll double ton
Justavrage: moustache……
NewFreoFan: This could end up the lowest game score in history
Apachecats: Got it now.@Jvr
GobChuck: Repay the faith Viney – looped Cripps off instead of you for Baz m9 score….
Apachecats: Gawn 24 in 7 minutes noice.
Ash777: got the c on oliver tonight.
CozzieCan: Cmon Fyfe & Tracca ffs
Stu7: Rednuts only on 3 wooo hooo 🙂
Stu7: Come n Brayshaw
Stu7: These blokes cant kick for sh1t
NewFreoFan: They’re playing in a monsoon Stu7
Water: Yes sonny, please a good score tonight
Apachecats: Lots of stoppages ,good for the ruckmen.
Justavrage: Kick it sonny
CATSPREM: bAHA i got bedford
srj2409: Never been to tropical qld stu? Its terrential rain
pharace: That’s not torrential my friend!
Ash777: phew I thought I made the wrong trade because I forgot to trade out walters but brayshaw was omitted anyways.
DrSeuss: Damnit Brayshaw getting the rubbish TOG treatment again this week.
Crippa9: bedford going well
CozzieCan: If Melbourne managed a goal or two Gawn would be on 60+ sc
Belegur: Oliver uncontested clanger marked by opposition. +4 SC. Please explain?
CATSPREM: bedford u goat keep scoring well
Stu7: 2NewFreoFan cheers mate arent watvhing it so thanks for the heads up
StuL: Who did Bedford kill? One bad tackle that looked like nothing
88360: Fyfe go good, Brayshaw, Oliver and cerra bad
Raspel31: Evening ladies. Hmm, Melbourne don’t look too hungry?. Good work Ryan.
GobChuck: gave a 50 away straight after @StuL
Hazza09: Who the hell is tagging Fyfe?
Justavrage: Melkscum
scboy123: Evening Gents, Trac Fyfe and Rivers for me in this one. Opp has Gawn C so ahh fingers crossed. GL all
DrSeuss: Brayshaw starting on the bench as well. WTF Longmuir – its becoming a joke
original: Fyfe <100 would be splendid
NewFreoFan: Salem an underrated player
original: Stop Fyfe *
Yelse: seriously why is brays haws time shower again last few weeks
pharace: Some one tell Bedford the aim is to get possession, not give it away…..
StuL: This must be a record. -18?
DrSeuss: Brayshaw played less than half the game so far while my opponent has Viney – Longmuir you FLOG
CozzieCan: Cmon Tracca Fyfe & Gawn flower me
NewFreoFan: Wish I knew Yelse
dipstick: Bedford- brought to you by Philip Is penguin parade
Gotigres: So happy I traded Viney out this round
pharace: Half way into the 2nd and Demons have 2 Pts – the irony is they are still in this!
broski: same gotigers i got in boak tho so cant really complain
Apachecats: Any Demons in the chat tonight?
Water: WHY is petracca going at 37%!!
Raspel31: I’m predicting a goal fest of at least 3 goals 2nd half pharace.
SCkingisme: C’mon gawn move
Kingy12: I got on the turps sat @broski and left boak on bench. Doh
pharace: Dont think so Apache – they are bit behind….
beerent11: What was clarry at quarter time?
pharace: New flags for the goal ump then Raspel!!
GobChuck: C’mon May Move, glad rivers is sitting on my bench and scoring well ….
bhg26: Come on Fyfe get going
CozzieCan: Gawn 8 points after that goal , keep em coming Melbourne
broski: 19 beerent
srj2409: Not terrential rain. lol.
beerent11: Reckon most of the players on the ground would be going similar @water
pharace: That was a Hunt of a goal
beerent11: Cheers broski
DrSeuss: Oh good Brayshaw got to 60% TOG – better get him back on the bench Longmuir – how is he supposed to get in the game??
bhg26: How is vineys face still intact?
GroupOne: Massive hit on Viney and credit he got straight up
beerent11: He’s a tough mudder viney
Yelse: brayshaw on bench again this is ridiculous
LMartos: How can Viney just get straight up from that
Apachecats: NTP time ,its on Max Gawn , Apache goes 133.
pharace: No @ srj2409 – that is just what they call wet
davywap: Did Bedford kill someone?
Gandhi: Viney must have a airbag inside his skull, wow
bhg26: Can I please be the Freo coach, that way I can give Brayshaw more than 59% TOG
CozzieCan: No concussion test for viney ?
CATSPREM: 123 apache
thommoae: Viney comes from good stock – his Dad was a tough man.
BOMBRBLITZ: GOD has the C on Duman I spose
bhg26: 149 for Gawn
Water: Ill go 142 for Gawn please apache
Avarax: 155 please apache
beerent11: His mudder was a mudder
DrSeuss: Agree Yelse – although back on now. Good way to ruin any flow though.
The Hawker: 122 please Apache
The39Steps: 171 for me please @apache.
Kingy12: 163 pls Apache
Yelse: 150 for me apache
Raspel31: 136 pleez Mr Apache.
CozzieCan: 170 please Apache
GobChuck: 159 big max please apache
bagger2217: 106 for Gawn please Apache. Going for 2 in a row!
StuL: God has the C on Menegola. He tonned up by ht
beerent11: Serves me right. I traded viney out before teams came out and Brayshaw didn’t get up.
CozzieCan: Rivers making up for NicNat , go you son of a gun !!
Thomas1234: 139 thanks
Bart Man: 161 thanks apache
thommoae: 133 thanks.
Gotigres: lol Bombrblitz
Gotigres: 128 for Gawn
swandane: 191 for gawn
Arminius: what you win for guessing the score, also 146 please
Cabri44: 175 please Apache
SCkingisme: 179 please
Gotigres: I think GOD has Menegola and Duman as capt
88360: 170 ntp pls
SilverLion: 147 for Maximus
88360: Sorry just saw cozzie already did that, will go 165 instead
exatekk: 166 please apache
Apachecats: Its for a sheep station tonight Arminius.
CozzieCan: @Arminius a happy ending with your choice of venue
GroupOne: ntp 158 please apache if avail
Mustardish: 158 apache thx
Raspel31: Can we do beef next week Apache?
CozzieCan: All good 88360 you can also have 170.. multiple for the same number is fine , confirmed by Apache
Hazza09: Gawn 182 please
Crippa9: 140 for gawn please
Mustardish: whoops taken 163 thx apache
BumSniff: Anyone know how bad the Williams injury is?
BumSniff: 153 for Gawn
adgbubba: 131 for max
Dogs5416: 153 is it’s ghee
TigerTime: 154 for Gawn please
srj2409: Gawn? Booooo guess someone new like Viney
Justavrage: Gawn having a red bull at half time, look out
Gotigres: What a pity Rivers missed the goal. Would be about 60 if he kicked it.
goat_19: 171 for gawn thanks, 174 if that’s taken
CozzieCan: Terrible week for finals , no Nic Nat , Kelly , Hurn , Williams , Brayshaw who’s next
Dogs5416: Bumsniff got me haha 152
Pies20: 143 @Apache again I’ll try
Gotigres: NTP on Bedford would be interesting
DrSeuss: Seriously how does Brayshaw get 62% TOG – next lowest is 70%. Did he sleep with Longmuir’s wife?
BumSniff: Smaller range on Bedford tho
CozzieCan: @Gotigres would of been wrapped if rivers goaled
kascadev8: anyone know what the worst ever score from a player at full time is? bedford must be on track for it
rupertmarn: I’m starting to think getting Bedford at the start of the year was a mistake
Pies20: Serong please have a rest showerest round ever flower me
spdysaint: 148 for Gawn please
Apachecats: Did think of that GoTig
CozzieCan: Cmon Gawn get 160+ I’ll be stoked
bagger2217: haha
scboy123: Did bedford kill somebody?
scboy123: Ph jeez 2 disposals 2 turnovers and 2 frees against
Gotigres: lol Apache
Pies20: I always wanted a bedford
scboy123: moment of appreciation for young Trent Rivers
CozzieCan: Bedford B/E 12 , he might be the lowest price in SC in 3 years haha
Ash777: gawn 145
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Pies20: Steddy eddie had 1 weird comedian he scared me now that’s showing my age if anyone remembers that?
CozzieCan: @Scboy thank god for rivers , he may save finals for myself at this rate !! Boy oh boy
satch7: 151 pls apache if its free?
Woodie22: 138 for whoever it is. Just logged in. Seen the score too. Ripper game lol?
NewFreoFan: Gawn 149 please
tags54: 157 thanks apache if that figure hasn’t already been taken
Arminius: sorry, left my computer, what do you get for picking the right number
AuroraBore: not watching the game but how the fuck is Gawn on 82 at half time from those stats?
Apachecats: SFA Arminius ,just skiting rights.
AuroraBore: of course my oppo in a tight semi finals game has him as C
Kidult: season over for Redden apparently WCE losing mids everywhere.
Gotigres: Bedford on fire
Apachecats: However ifyou win 3 NTP’s you become a Life Member.No life members yet though.
Kidult: needs thumb surgery
Apachecats: NTP closed ,results before 1st game tomorrow.
Woodie22: Always happens when you trade a player out, they score well, the player you bring in doesn’t.
beerent11: Six contested possessions and 18 hit outs aurora
GobChuck: uh oh , looks like steven may has finally burnt me.
CozzieCan: Flower off Ryan
scboy123: Cozzie mate with you there. Always a pleasant surprise when rookies score well
beerent11: Doesn’t sound good for jpk then woodie22
GroupOne: That wasnt one of Max’s best looks
bhg26: i should have been one Apache, until CD decided to flower me over
AuroraBore: I checked before and he was on 41 points from 5 possessions and 12 hitouts, just not sure where those 40 points come fro
CozzieCan: More of that Tracca
spdysaint: Cmon captain Oliver
Apachecats: Yeah that was cruel bhg ,hope you crack a third soon.
Social: Not sure I want to cash Rivers out now
satch7: Gawn should be on more. 0 points for that hitout to tracc that ended in a goal
original: Gawn stop going backwards
beerent11: I reckon it’s the only thing that needs looking with supercoach. Scoring favours ruckmen too heavily.
GroupOne: @AuroraBore Max had a mark, kick I50 and goal assist so got 11 pts late in Q2. Im watchiing as have him C
beerent11: *looking at
Belegur: agree satch7, some bizarre scoring going on in this game, whether it is just delayed, I noticed gawn gained a fair bit o
Belegur: But yeah has gone backwards since half time even with 3 hota
Ash777: cd can take awhile to adjust scores.
Slicendyce: Hurry up Oliver
CozzieCan: Fyfe you unfit useless twat move it
Yelse: if rivers gets me 100 won’t need to bring in neale this round
Belegur: gained a fair bit at half time*
GroupOne: Agree Satch he’s had hits to advantage and got jack finally in front of HT score now
DrSeuss: Oh wow look what Brayshaw can do when actually given game time…
casey22: Worst game ever to watch
spdysaint: DrSuess, it is very frustrating. Freo wasting talent
beerent11: Lucky I’m not in any Elim finals this week my teams having a mare.
SCkingisme: Fyfe was a terrible trade in
Yelse: when brayshaw is on he scores well just needs to stay on
Yelse: how is viney score so much better than oliver?
Hazza09: Can’t believe this from Fyfe
Ash777: brayshaw probably doesn’t have the tank to play long periods
beerent11: Gee serong is a gun. Missed that one.
DrSeuss: He has pretty much played this entire quarter Ash
Woodie22: Lol gawn
Yelse: the is BS how gowns score has hardly moved this quarter
spdysaint: Tracca having a ripper quarter
broski: wtf is steven may doing
Woodie22: Beerent I traded Serong out for Steele this week 😢
beerent11: Not all possessions are scored the same in SuperCoach yelse.
scboy123: kinda sad i traded serong for the cash. Gotta be one of my fav rookies. Surely Serong for rising star
Arminius: 20 points for that pick up goal? how
amigaman: Serong stamping his name on Rising Star
bagger2217: c’mon Gawn. Stay low. Papa needs second NTP 🙂
Ash777: serong, anderson, rankine, the top 3
thommoae: Kept Serong. So Se-right!
dipstick: Do something Gods Clown
beerent11: Woodie that’ll turn out fine although I think Steele gets de boer in the last game
BumSniff: holy shit bedfords gone positive
Kidult: 62 points to Trac wasn’t he on 37?
scrappers: sc has always been corrupt but this season has taken it to another level
Woodie22: Hoping so mate
Bluebagg11: Petracca single handedly ending my season in 3/4 leagues. Lift Oliver and Fyfe FFFFFS
CozzieCan: Tracca you beast
DrSeuss: DT Cape for Brayshaw this quarter?
clay007: Gawn’s scores going backwards.
GroupOne: Lets see if Max gets points for that Mark and kick ?
CozzieCan: Go Gawn beautiful mark!!
Yelse: gains score makes no sense
adgbubba: 2 intercept marks for max = 6 points BS
StuL: How is Gawns score going nowhere. Intercept marks much?
biggs2dujj: Gawn’s intercept marks worth nothing to CD the cheats
Kingy12: Put C on Ryan after taking it off tracca last minute. *facepalm*
LMartos: Gawn’s kick out of defence was a clanger I’m pretty sure
Belegur: 6 pts for gawn for the quarter, give me a spell CD
Stikman35: Hogan a lot of ground time for not much. Decoy?
Raspel31: Ambitious on both counts I’d have thought Kingy.
scboy123: Tracca and Rivers unique players for me. THis match could be a winner for me boys
Yelse: oliver disappointing today too no-one really on his case
Belegur: atleaset 6 hota, 2 contested intercept marks, against one long turnover kick
CozzieCan: Gawn have another redbull m8
Kingy12: I felt good about it half hour ago tho…. *sigh
spdysaint: Need clarry to have a tracca qrt
satch7: traded rivers this week.. got dunkley though so cant complain
Belegur: Oliver had about 8 clanger kicks that have not been penalised gawn has had 1 that ive seen
Kidult: 82 point qtr to Trac nice one.
Kingy12: In hindsight rasp, I think you are right lol
original: 9sc that quarter. The heck gawn
Raspel31: My only 2 players in this Kingy so I’m happy. You won’t lose many points
Bluebagg11: 82pt qtr from Petracca. FMSC
Kingy12: Nicnat not playing hurt. Had intended boak as vc, but got on pis s and forgot lol
srj2409: Imagine if brayshaw had an engine
DrSeuss: Srj – he pretty much didnt come off that quarter and didnt stop – not sure there is anything wrong with his engine.
Kingy12: I’ve got viney, Walters and Brayshaw as well
dkeating48: Why is my new Fyfe broken? Where are all the points that were promised to me!
adgbubba: 13 hit outs 3 to adv,2 int marks. 4 poss = 9 points..give me a spell CD
hinsch: anybody got info on Z Williams is he out for a long time
Belegur: So petraccas quarter has been rated as high as gawns 3 quartrer? off the bong CD. I have both no bias, straight up wrong
Kidult: news is his achilles just didn’t pull up well after 2 close games
hinsch: is achilles a long term injury
SadBlueBoi: I have C Mills and Z Williams and Nic Nat. 1 trade this round and 3 total. Any ideas?
allgoodes: fyfe done very little this game
BumSniff: Fyfes done very little in general since injury
Raspel31: Suicide SadBlue?
CozzieCan: Rivers you beauty
Kidult: its just an ongoing issue with his achilles since 2017. Sounds like a management issue sorta like Ryder with his
Kingy12: Did Bedford out score Gawn that qtr??
CATSPREM: @sadblue whos your other rucks
Belegur: Highly likely nic nat is back I not sure about mills, sounds like Williams is a possibility if its only soreness
biggs2dujj: Gawn intercept. -13
thommoae: Raspel – noooo. Just nooo.
StuL: Gawn seems to be broken. Anything he does is worth no points I’m sure he won hitouts to adv last qtr
scboy123: imagine betting on melbourne, oh wait …
allgoodes: after 132 in last game i thought fyfe would be an upgrade for viney- bad trade!
StuL: He faintly funbled a wet ball at his feet. -10. He’s 6’11 ffs.
scboy123: Rivers for a ton lets get it
biggs2dujj: Up to 100. Still 25 points lower than what he should be
Migz: holy shit how far out from the kick in did ryan run. they get to run so far. except nelson last night
StuL: Fyfe over the peak sc years. Time to get off next year.
original: Fyfe huuuge dive forward then big free kick play
DrSeuss: Was a 50m penalty Migz
GobChuck: time to throw may forward again melbourne
Belegur: Umpiring decisions are a lottery at this point, I saw multiple players run further out than Nelson in the last week
StuL: Scoots, struts, skips. Stupid descriptions Dwayne
Belegur: none of them called for running too far
Migz: no way before that suess. the kick in before that
Raspel31: Ryan and Tracca- you have been a tad quiet of late. Step it up old chaps.
beerent11: Do I take clarry vc?
Belegur: And how about Darlings free kick, has anyone worked out what that was for yet, or doesnt mater because he missed it
Nuffman: real questiojn.. run the gawn train as VC.. or Neale/Lions C
Yelse: viney done well due to brayshaw out
DrSeuss: Oh right Migz – just saw your comment after the 50m penalty. FLip a coin with Ump decisions this year though
beerent11: And perfect conditions for him too yelse. Loves it.
Raspel31: Ask in 10 mins Nuffman- no rush.
Ash777: what bel said. umpiring is a lottery this year.
The39Steps: Acres has become a cheap dpp option.
BumSniff: Lloyd or Neale C?
beerent11: Push in back belegur
Belegur: Not 15m rule is the worst, they call it if the receiver is in space but not if he is under pressure
scboy123: Quite 4th qtr for my boys, will still take it i guess
Nuffman: I can’t deal lol.. Gawn’s second half has been woeful from an SC perspective for some reason
Raspel31: My dilemna too Bumsniff- leaning Lloyd.
GobChuck: Acres may just come in at f7 next week for final trade
Ash777: no one knows what is going on with the decisions.
Nuffman: Gawn ripped off a HTA!
Belegur: My opo will take neale so I’ll follow if im winning or maybe llyod if im behind
Kidult: anyone think Demons can win both GWS and Essendon?
CozzieCan: If Gawn kicks a goal 140+
srj2409: No chance against either
Nuffman: I’ll take gawn now lol
Nuffman: Kidult: Reckon whichever AFLW team won the spoon this year could beat Ess…
Belegur: The only thing that makes sense is they’ve discounted all first half point and gawn has copped it most because of it
Water: We not losing to melbourne next week no wayt
Belegur: Duman was the other high scorer in the fist half from memory think has gone minus in this half?
beerent11: These two sides are gonna have some heavy legs next game.
CozzieCan: Go rivers Tracca & Gawn .. making up for Fyfe
The39Steps: Is Hitler plying for the Demons? Number 8.
beerent11: Old boy Mundy just keeps on truckin
Belegur: Be interesting to see how Dockers go next year
scboy123: Trac 130 Rivers 84. Really cant complain
Kidult: need pies and dees to lose 1 each and dogs to win both hawks and Freo to steal that spot
original: Fyfe on 93 get stuffed
beerent11: Who’d be dees supporter?
BumSniff: not even mad about rivers replacing williams this week
StuL: Too rubbish Melb. Not good enough for finals
CozzieCan: And Fyfe almost got a ton ? Hahaha what
NewFreoFan: Bloody love Mundy
srj2409: Fyfe was huge in the last
dkeating48: Exact same for me BumSniff
GroupOne: Yes Belegur Duman was around 85 at HT
satch7: Duman was on 97 at half time. He got injured though, did he even play the second half?
Rilian: Duman was same AF score at half time as full time. Yin-Yang!
CozzieCan: Do we take Gawn or risk Lloyd or Neale ?
clfabre: not sure if srs cozzie
J.Worrall: 120 to come
J.Worrall: well 108
J.Worrall: trac 140. Nice
CozzieCan: Fyfe lost 10 points damn

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