Chat log from P1 of 2021: Collingwood vs Richmond

exatekk: hey all
m0nty: should be a bit smoother tonight, touch wood
Raspel31: First time poster- a shy hello.
navy_blues: hiii
exatekk: Who’s everyone watching tonite?
kascadev8: hello to all, hope you are well, watching grundy howe and dusty for me
AuroraBore: watching de goey, daicos and howe tonight
Baldfrog: I’m watching Stand….Crapping me off already
kascadev8: thought macrae may have played tonight, apparently not
exatekk: Agree Bald! No Mcrae. Doubt we will see him Rnd 1
beerent11: evening
Baldfrog: Hey Beer
beerent11: welcome aboard raspel
RuffLeader: Keen to see if Quaynor warrants the price tag
pcaman2003: Hi all! A feww familiar names are back. Good to see.
amigaman: Testing
pcaman2003: Raspel you legend haha!
amigaman: Howdy folks. I was having cookie trouble. All good now
kascadev8: wondering how many here aren’t starting Rowell this year?
Baldfrog: He is an awkward price Kasca specially if he takes a while to play well
exatekk: You not Kas?
pcaman2003: Kascadev. probably better idea after Monday.
Avarax: hey guys. ready for another year!!!
Baldfrog: Hey Ava till covid strikes again yeslol
pcaman2003: Avarax. You mean another year of self inflicted torture? 🤣
jbjimmyjb: hey avarax, of course! looking forward to attending too hopefully
Avarax: jimmy – I’ll be going a number of times too. gotta make the most of it while we can
Avarax: pca = its only torture if you dont enjoy it…..:P
pcaman2003: Lots of regulars here again. Should have a loyalty rewards
Baldfrog: 10k fanfooty points = Night with Monty?
exatekk: Is there a FF SC group?
pcaman2003: @Avarax. Was thinking torture along lines of players breaking down in my team.
Baldfrog: Yes exatekk. BEER is the man to see
Avarax: yes there is Exatekk. I created it last year
Avarax: oh on FB im talking…..can i join the league?
navy_blues: how we accesx it?
Baldfrog: So Ava you or us for bottom this year?
exatekk: beer? got a group code??
Baldfrog: Talk to beerent11 when he comes on
Avarax: I just created one. Join the facebook group for league codes
Avarax: search fanfooty supercoach on facebook
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. Think the Hawks have bottom spot covered this year.
exatekk: i thought i saw him before. cool. will do!
Baldfrog: I wont use fb anymore
Avarax: baldfrog, i think hawthorn finish last this year
navy_blues: there was 2 leagues i think
Baldfrog: Ok Hawks it is lol
PAFC4eva: hello everybody heres to a covid free year
Avarax: closely followed by north, then sydney, adelaide 15th
bushranger: Is Grundy trying?
exatekk: happy to create a league if anyone wants to join? i was talking about SC groups tho. Ava i cnat find the FB page..
Baldfrog: G’day Pafc4never
Avarax: Fanfooty supercoach, either way. its there
kascadev8: short wowee, had him last year
Baldfrog: It’s a practice match bushranger
exatekk: yeah he’s on my watchlist kas, but i never thought he would be any more than that. whens Houli back?
PAFC4eva: cmon frog dont be like that looking forward to showdown 2 of 4 this year
Raspel31: Well that took me over an hour to log on- eeek, but I’m a dedicated man,
boxy36: Evening all
Baldfrog: Sorry maatee auto corrected
kascadev8: rasp a real one. didnt even realise houli was injured. working out whether i go short or laird if williams cops weeks
exatekk: hey boxy!
Raspel31: Thought I’d been banned before I even posted. Such are the vagaries of life. Guess Sidebum
exatekk: i’d have to shed 70 grand to get short in
bhg26: evening lads
Baldfrog: Yet your still here Raspel life is cruel
Raspel31: Don’t think Williams will get weeks- but we don’t want a donut in round 1 kasca. Hmm.Least Sidebum out and was never ha
Raspel31: Indeed Bald- after several spilt glasses of red wine- up and running.
kascadev8: rasp yeh 100%, leaning towards Laird at the moment
Raspel31: Had a beer with Damian Hardwicke last week- he drinks at my local- and he says bring in Jack Ross.Hmm- I don’t think so,
Baldfrog: If Howe stayed injury free he’d be a no brainer
Baldfrog: Laird will be a mid now Brouch has gone
Raspel31: Who we got in this.? Me only Dusty and Castagna. And Dusty a lazy fart. Hard to make any calls.
Baldfrog: I wont pick dusty raspel everytime I do he goes crap. Only Noble atm but haven’t looked at team in a while
bhg26: Got Short, Dusty, Grundy and Collier Dawkins
kascadev8: only got 3 big defenders so far, went with lloyd, howe and williams. DGB, jones and highmore my other 3
exatekk: I have Dusty and Grundy, but dont care about them. More interested in rooks
Raspel31: Taken a punt on Matt Flynn rucking- have big Maxie so stacked my midfield.
Baldfrog: Haven’t heard anything about Maxy is he injury free now?
kascadev8: someone told me that lloyd had an injury, i havent seen anything but maybe someone else found out something about it?
exatekk: Short 4% own currently. watch that soar to 20%
Raspel31: I’m offering a Friday night special onLLloyd exat- buy one, get one free. $50000
Raspel31: Whoops- I meant Short exat- odds shortening.
kascadev8: im gonna be the person who brings in short. xD
exatekk: he’ll likely cough up more 70’s than 120+ though kas
Raspel31: Yep exa- agreed. But just zoomed- hmm?
exatekk: man on mark rule might help him. If Ryan isnt fit Rnd 1 im taking short
Raspel31: 40 possessions is not to be sniffed at-unless you have something I don’t.
exatekk: halve that when Bacha comes back.

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