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Chat log from R16 of 2020: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R16 of 2020

Pies20: rooboy ya legend congrats and thanks cleaned up on nite raid today hope your having a great night
Apachecats: Apache has had a very BIG day.Go Night Raid.
Pies20: 1k for me @Apache yeew!!
amigaman: I don’t gamble, but cheered for him. Well done.
Apachecats: Noice pies 20 well done .Me about $300 ,but doubled up my bet in the 1000 guineas
Apachecats: Now $10 equal fav for Guineas
Pies20: rooboy ball’s of steele declaring it well done bro
Billy777: thanks apache owe you won it was a nice win
Apachecats: cheers Billy happy you got on .Don’t think BigChief backed it.
Pies20: Last night 21-1 missed the boat @Apache just happy with the result today
Billy777: no i don’t believe he would have
Pies20: haha @Apache or rasp
Billy777: lets talk abotu night raid all night that will bust him
amigaman: Would be an improvement on all the fights
Snarfy: Anyone wanna go out to a strip joint tonite. Never know who you’ll see there.
Pies20: Your apprentice was annoying last night @Apache as he’s running a comp very disappointing
CozzieCan: Good luck for finals all !! Go Simpkin & Perez go big boys
Apachecats: Pies just let bygones be bygones ,I appreciate Avarax giving me a break.
Kidult: 44/45 players available for Port at this part of the season is awesome Credit to the fitness staff
Billy777: yeal hope you all win your finals if you are in them this round
Pies20: Got missy goldy McDonald good luck to everyone also well said @cozzi
Pies20: yeah i will @Apache that’s what happens when the pies play get attacked by any Muppet
bhg26: Apache. I’m back
amigaman: Oh dear!
Apachecats: I am so happy with that bhg26, cheers
bhg26: Even Michael Jordan came out of retirement Apache… twice
dipperD: can’t see perez anywhere on the list…
BigChief: @Apache since I am not a horse racing fan and don’t gamble on racing why would I bet on it?
Rathain84: HI All! Hoping for an entertaining GAME tonight since I missed the Sydney game last week
Jess99: the team list for north melbourne is wrong
Apachecats: Modesty almost prevents me from reporting last night NTP went to Apachecats.
amigaman: Exactly BC, nor me.
bhg26: Projected 2200 this week, fielding a full team of premos
amigaman: Don’t worry dipper, monty will fix it
Pies20: He’s not saying @chief more you sooked the other night we talking about it
Avarax: well done ApacheCats. Last nights NTP winner with a guess 3 days earlier!
wadaramus: Carn Norf!!
CozzieCan: Well done Apache , about bloody time haha
Apachecats: Each to his own Bigchief No problem with that at all.
Avarax: @pes, move on mate. we get it, you’re sour. get over it
heppelitis: well done Apache
Gotigres: Well done Apache. About time you got your own t-shirt.
Avarax: Also, i won a cheeky hundo on night raid today!
cmperrfect: Like pulling the winning ticket for the meat tray raffle Apache haha
Gotigres: Only got Perez as an E. Can loophole in if required.
Pies20: @chief you sooked over the race talk the other night remember daah that’s why i got in early no more mention of it
CozzieCan: @mOnty where’s Perez ? Or am I blind haha
Jess99: fanfopoty trying to fix the team list since they had daw down instead of flynn perez
Apachecats: Finally worked out a winning formula ,have a blind guess before you even know the player.Had 2 goes at this for a 1st an
cmperrfect: Who is your cheapest player and how much @bhg?
Apachecats: *and a 2nd.
BigChief: @Avarax he is just a troublemaker mate ignore him.
wadaramus: More quality umpiring there.
Apachecats: And thanks Avarax for minding the fort.
navy_blues: flynn perez in for majak daw m0nty
Ash777: used the last 2 trades on neale n scharenberg
Bezzina: Simpkin v Goldy for my H2H tonight. Goodluck for all
Dogs5416: Apache , thank you sir
Ash777: schoenberg* rather
Avarax: should i just guess 133 now @apache?
Pies20: @ava hundi you must bet like your comments soft
Nuffman: Ava: I won a cheeky 150. I have to roll, but can you please thank RooBoy for me, if he comes on
scboy123: And so the elimination finals begin – good luck lads
Apachecats: Any way we now have 10 people on 2 NTP’s .Someone will crack it for life membership soon.
Ash777: got mcdonald vc, simpkin in this
SCkingisme: Please do something tonight simpkin
CozzieCan: Thanks scboy you to m8
heppelitis: my sc team is at zero trades and not one dollar in the bank haha
Apachecats: Nuffman we’ll be all over RBS if he logs on.
CozzieCan: Simpkin going at 100% a miracle
Nuffman: haha Apache
Avarax: are you even old enough to bet @pies?
CozzieCan: @hepp , who’d you trade in bud ?
Pies20: @chief your a flog go through the chats where you bag me
Apachecats: Haha Avarax ,bestyou wait ,I might pick as muppet tonight.
Avarax: why are you so defensive @pies. stop being so agressive mate
Pies20: ?@ava been here longer than you mate
Silz90: Boys can you stop! its clogging up the feed
heppelitis: Shiel for McGrath at $488,900. (prob should have got Parker but liked the idea of spending every cent!)
Avarax: what does that even mean @pies? literally proves nothing
Rathain84: Hey you pair of little girls, stopping pulling each others pigtails and focus on the bloody footy!
scboy123: What are peoples thoughts on Grundy to ROB – my R3 is a DNP, is this supercoach suicide?
kascadev8: good afternoon everyone, said goodbye to my last trades thanks to the mcgrath and shuey injury
circle52: Keep the personal attacks out please. Remember the rules
amigaman: To pies20, Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon… No matter how good you are, the bird is going to s
CozzieCan: @Hepp should of got Merrett (unless you already have him)
Silz90: Isnt mcgrath out hepp?
Nuffman: so my trade of Goldy to Gawn doesn’t seem so inspired so far..
Pies20: @ava watch the game spud I’m done wasting my time with you Muppet
Apachecats: If you have some cash its gotta be Grundy to Gawny scboy123.
wadaramus: Nice spray Dixon.
heppelitis: Yes on ankle out for year
beerent11: Have faith in goldy. Just needed a week off. Reckon same goes for Grundy
wadaramus: Go Goldy!
amigaman: s*it on the board and strut around like it won anyway
Yelse: doing grundy to gawn i think
kascadev8: i traded draper+shuey+mcgrath to lloyd, conroy and Berry. thats me done
heppelitis: not enough coin cozzie…zerrets high 500s i think
Avarax: blah blah blah
scboy123: Apache im quite low on cash – if i went down to ROB i was gonna go dust to steele then bring back dust next round 4 izak
DrSeuss: Why are you back on the bench Simpkin?
Catatafish: If I had more cash I’d have gone Goldy to Gawn. Probs Grundles to Gawn and get Trac and Greeny in now.
Pies20: Cheers @amiga don’t mind the flogs attack but will let it go again
Avarax: @pies, your first comment was about it. get off your flowering high horse and own it
amigaman: Apologies monty. Did a copy & paste. Didn’t notice that word.
Catatafish: And super glad Goldy starting well.
amigaman: Oh I give up!
Rathain84: Thanks for finishing Amiga, its was killing me not knowing what that pigeon would do
kascadev8: r my trades ok? couldnt do much haha
Pies20: What we talking about now @ava?
amigaman: Haha Rathain84
Ash777: oh I forgot I have LDU also.
Catatafish: Just need Spudkin to get a touch or 20.
Rathain84: Avarax, shut the fuck up! The only reason this is still going is because you won’t stop. End it already
CozzieCan: @hepp spewin m8
Fatbar5tad: Evening gents. Fatty wondering if it is safe to come in.
m0nty: back on the game please
Apachecats: scboy Steele is a gun ,can’t go wrong there .ROB nice draw according to the bruvvers on fanfooty.
Avarax: i really like berry kasca
Fatbar5tad: I’m a spud who has to cover McGrath. Thinking Zerrett.
CozzieCan: This game getting ugly .. cmon Simpkin
DrSeuss: Same Catata – Simpkin my only player in this game and not doing great. Also – Polec is such a spud
amigaman: Keep your guard up Fatbar
heppelitis: nice upgrade fatbar,,,playing well zerret
kascadev8: yeh ive been watching Berry all year Avar, figured the time might be now with injuries and him having GC this week
Catatafish: Goldy went back in time to un-handball. That is impressive!
Fatbar5tad: Cheers amigo..I mean amiga.
scboy123: Cheers Apache – think ill pull the trigger tonight. Been so sad watching steele kill me all year when i nearly had himr2
Avarax: mason wood looks like he is kicking on the wrong foot
Apachecats: yes Fatbar, bit of a mine field.
Fatbar5tad: Never had Zerrett and I’ve played since 07
Avarax: im surprised he doesnt score much better kasca. he is involved in everything, and is a beast of a man
m0nty: can’t believe no one ran down LDU on that play, looked like Usain Bolt
scboy123: definitely get Zerrett if u can afford him
Apachecats: Steele brownlow 100/1 into 16/1
beerent11: For those thinking about getting rid of Grundy, watch how goldy goes after a week off.
Rathain84: My opponent brought in the Pig. Game over 🙂
Fatbar5tad: I thinking of getting rid of Nic Nat instead. I reckon the Weagles will spell him for sure.
CozzieCan: @Beer traded Grundy into Gawn .. need to win 8/10 semis
scboy123: Neale has the brownlow locked up
MrWalrus: Finally got rid of Rozee last round, about to get his highest score since round 3 or 4
CozzieCan: Then Nicnat back into Grundy next week for my last trade
scboy123: Fatbar hes playing tomorrow at least. Might miss one of next 2 but can deal with that when it happens
beerent11: Can understand going to Gawn cozzie but wouldn’t be sideways trading him
Raspel31: No vested interest in this one so carn the best team- ie Port.
Apachecats: yeah probably scboy123 ,just hoping he clocks someone.
RooBoyStu: Boys I’m here Go you bloody good thing Night Raid!
Fatbar5tad: Yeah I’d like to do that move next week if I can scboy.
kascadev8: yeh haha, Berry is a tank, happy to have him in my team now
Ash777: If you dont have the cover trade grundy. you don’t want to lose your first final
BigChief: do you go Berry or Lyons though?
Pies20: Rooboooy Rooboooy Rooboooy!!!
Foursuits: @Apache Awesome tip m8 thank you
RooBoyStu: Night Raid clap clap clap
Avarax: rooboystu, great stuff mate.
Apachecats: yeah RBS well done, what a nice filly!
Raspel31: Grundy a late out Ash?
Avarax: has dropped to $11 in the thousand guineas too. was at $41 2 days ago
pjw1234: only playing one league this week and opponent is collingwood supporter with 8 not playing 🙂
RooBoyStu: Cox Plate 46kg lol
Pies20: legend bro great effort yeew
Ash777: he’s got the bye this round rasp.
Billy777: well done roo boy very nice win by a nice horse
Apachecats: Running double ,daily double and nice ew at 6.00
RooBoyStu: Think i made a lot of people money. If you won today say I
Pies20: Won 1k today rooey legend balls of steele declaring it
Raspel31: Joking Ash- hanging on to see if Draper playing- otherwise would have got Goldy tonight.
CozzieCan: Go Simpkin you good thing finally when we need ya
Apachecats: Guts effort tipping it on this forum RBS ,cheers
GroupOne: @RooBoyStu I was thinking of you when it charged late. Big mare better suited on a big track so todays win was big.
DrSeuss: Simpkin stop running to the bench after 3 freaking minutes on field ffs
scboy123: Draper playing @raspel
Kidult: umpire called touched then said he didn’t haha
Foursuits: Apache put my on to it Wednesday RooBoy got $6.25 and put $100 on it
tdarian: i traded out DBJ for Haynes. Looking like a genius move
scboy123: spewin i missed this tip aye
Raspel31: Cheers scboy- don’t expect a big score but helps me bolster elswehere.
RooBoyStu: I won a few grand as had Humidor as well but put 50 on North
scboy123: no word of a lie i missed out on draper cuz i stayed in the fkn pool for 2 hours too long and missed the start of game:(
scboy123: brought me parish instead but definitely woulda preferred the draper cash
Apachecats: You’ll probably land NTP as well RBS
Ash777: Norf have too many Tall forwards.
wadaramus: How good is AFL? I’m flicking to Roosters v Raiders..
wadaramus: Fuck me, it’s half time 🙁
BigGryan: come on got boak and simpkin in this
Social: Evening all
DrSeuss: Kick the ball Simpkin you flog
Rathain84: Game is not that bad wada
Apachecats: Floweroff Rozee ,sacked you weeks ago.
Pies20: Thanks again rooey keep me in the loop about the next tip cheers bro
wadaramus: Rath, this game is shower.
Fatbar5tad: Rosey sucks bolls. Cunt of a player.
Raspel31: And back Social as I sign out with no players in this. Good luck all.
Rathain84: lol 3 port players ran off without the ball
CozzieCan: CD tighten up for finals ?
Water: Reason for Boak low TOG anyone?
Kidult: Port are doin themselves harm playing Dixon in the ruck it is tiring him out too much to use him fwd
Avarax: nothing obvious @water
Social: I hope Flynn Perez makes it, great name
Rathain84: Not enough stoppages Water
goat_19: what’s everyone’s projected?
DrSeuss: Game isn’t that bad. Just North are horrendous
wadaramus: HIgh quality low quality aussie rules footy..
scboy123: goat im at 2100 before trades
navy_blues: coming from a crows supporter lol
scboy123: need simpkin 20+ for multi , not quite on track but not out yet young fella
Yelse: goldy hasn’t move much at all this quarter
Ash777: Keep going LDU
Billy777: 2140 for me before trades
wadaramus: How is that relevant navy blues?
Pies20: that’s how they’ve played him the last 2seasons @water
Apachecats: NTP timefolks ,its on Goldy ,Apache goes 118.
wadaramus: Carlton have sucked arse for an eternity?
DrSeuss: 126 Apache
Social: Ah Golda gets 134 tonight Apache
CozzieCan: 129 plz Apache
Thomas1234: 102 please
navy_blues: your talking bout quality footy? well crows have played any quality footy
Billy777: 123 for me apcahe
Woodie22: 123 goldy plz
heppelitis: 128 thank you apache
Cabri44: 141 please Apache
teachrtony: Goldy for 132 thanks Apache
goat_19: 139 for goldy
beerent11: Think this is the first week I have no rookies on field. Copping a zero for Grundy though
The39Steps: 133 for me please @apache.
BigChief: 131 please
DrSeuss: Simpkin forgotten how to tackle lately??
navy_blues: 121 plz apache
scboy123: Ill take 148 thanks apache
wadaramus: I’m stating that htis game sucks, how is that relevant to the Crows sucking?
Avarax: 133 is the magic number @apache
circle52: 132 for Goldy
Social: How hard are the hawks tanking! If the dees got investigated then surely
Fatbar5tad: 135 for Goldy
bhg26: 132 Apache
st_steve: 136 for Goldy
heppelitis: coping that too @beerent…mainly thanks to ladhams stupidity.
TigerTime: 128 for Goldstein please
circle52: 138 forvGoldy
The Hawker: 141 please!
pjw1234: 117 thanks
Water: Ill go 119 for goldy please apache
Rathain84: Btw Happy Farjah’s Day to all the Farjah’s here. Looking forward to my first!
heppelitis: dheers rath,,you too. my pressie didn’t arrive thanks aust post lol
CozzieCan: J Steven most injuries in an AFL season at this rate .. so unreliable & unrealistic for SC
goat_19: sorry apache did you get my 139? didn’t see it come up
Fatbar5tad: Happy fathers’ day from this old dad to the new
BumSniff: Hope LDU somehow keeps the mid/fwd DPP for next year
beerent11: Coming off a four day break social
Apachecats: circle 138 ok
Fatbar5tad: Hawks not tanking. They are legit poo.
Apachecats: yes goat
Rathain84: Sorry to hear Hepp, something cordless?
Gotigres: 145 for Goldstein
beerent11: Goldy Luke Mac and boak going ok need Simpkin to get moving
Pies20: 115 @Apache enjoy the rest of the game @ava speak to all tomorrow
BumSniff: Fuck that Mason Wood kid is good. Future star
Bart Man: 138 goldy thanks
Rathain84: Thanks Fatty hope you still getting a few Bunnies gift cards tomorrow
srj2409: traded goldy today lol
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
heppelitis: no idea mate..a suprise…probably a medium t shirt that wont fit my oversized bod 🙂
heppelitis: *surprise
CozzieCan: Stay low goldy please & thank you
Raspel31: 129 Goldy- been elsewhere.
Social: I would defend my argument but looks like my posts are being censored
Apachecats: Hey Raspel? Whats the difference between a goldfish and a mountain goat?
nbartos: Goldfish like to muck around the fountain
pjw1234: mcevoy, stratton and silk all out for hawks so looking to the future
dkeating48: 153 goldy
Apachecats: darn.
Apachecats: All right nbartos ,Whats the difference between a vacuum cleaner and the Swiss navy?
exatekk: 114 please Apache
88360: 130 ntp please
Avarax: whats the difference between a magician and the collingwood football club?
beerent11: Seems like a lot more aggro in the forum these days.
Avarax: one has a cunning array of stunts
RooBoyStu: Who backed Night Raid
Apachecats: I giveup.Avarax
Apachecats: Been a bit tough for a few sessions lately beerent.
CozzieCan: Cmon Simpkin move it
Apachecats: Go Night Raid!!
Avarax: i got on him RBS. I’m also on him in the guineas @ $41
RooBoyStu: On her she is a filly
Apachecats: All give up? the vacuum cleaner sucks and sucks and never fails.
beerent11: Simpkin starting on the bench
Kidult: backfoot kick to Motlop ends up with a Muppet turnover
beerent11: Might sideways Simpkin to greene for prelim week
Avarax: haha apache. thats a good one
DrSeuss: Simpkin starting on the bench for the 2nd – just doesnt seem into it tonight. One of those games
Billy777: i backed her rooboy
CozzieCan: @beerent you tell that little prick Simpkin to get on the field & do something !!! Jesus
Apachecats: NTP closed by the way.
beerent11: Simpkin k.o.
The Hawker: what in the world happened to channel 7
Pies20: you got $5 on that @ava big spender haha flog
Apachecats: Its the Chinese embassy again Hawker.
DrSeuss: What happened to Simpkin? Channel 7 died and I missed it
RooBoyStu: I never go ntp win nothing waste of time
BigChief: Butters in trouble surely.
Kidult: Butters in trouble
The Hawker: Hahaha Apache oh no.
Kidult: Probably get a Woodcock/Bergman in next round
amigaman: What did he do BC?
DrSeuss: Maybe it can knock him into actually attacking and winning the football?
CozzieCan: Simpkin never again you flowering useless flog
amigaman: Oh just saw it
Avarax: @pies, give it a rest mate. im done
BigChief: Elbow to Simkin’s chin.
Fatbar5tad: Concussion test for getting hit on the chin? Looked like he was milking a free.
Rathain84: He’s on the bench laughing it off, does that count for anything on review?
Pies20: same @ava think about what your saying before saying shower to me mate
DrSeuss: Davies-Uniacke might be fast – but damn his disposal is freaking terrible.
beerent11: You’re turning everyone against you pretty quickly pies20
heppelitis: ok for the port player to step over the line when being tackled…but not simpkin? same thing?
Water: butters will get a week for that hit on simpkin
Catatafish: I’m guessing it was that arrogant wank stain Butters that collected Simpkin?
Apachecats: Need Henry Kissinger in here at times.
DrSeuss: No milking a free FatBar got a shoulder at speed square on the chin.
DrSeuss: Was thinking the same thing Hepp. Exactly the same just 1 qtr later
BigChief: @Suess that’s the game now. More athletic than skill.
Pies20: you ava and chief @beer that’s everyone?
Fatbar5tad: Yeah thought there was a bit of Mayo on it Doc.
Kidult: Damn almost brought in Rozee
Bezzina: Pies you’re a flog, flower off
Ash777: you can really rattle someone hitting them in the jaw.
CozzieCan: Terrible start to finals with Simpkin , flower me dead
scboy123: Simpkin out fucking great
BigChief: Simpkin done
Gotigres: Simpkin ruled out
Billy777: least he got a low score so you dont count it
Water: Simpkin will still push for 45 from the bench
Fatbar5tad: Oh yeah, a bit of head contact as well I think.
DrSeuss: Rozee you freaking spud – hope you get weeks
Ash777: Simpkin glass jaw
StuL: I need to win obviously Simpkin you flog
circle52: Avarax and pies cool it. Ban could be forthcoming if it continues. Been going at over 2 nights now
Catatafish: Butters you cunt
pjw1234: 1 or 2 for butters?
BumSniff: free my boy simpkin didn’t do anything wrong just has a sore head
cmperrfect: So many peanuts on here 2nite, must be the full moon
Yelse: thats ridiculous the rub the out so easily
Raspel31: I didn’t come here for an argument. Yes you did. No I didn’t.
DrSeuss: Sorry Butters not Rozee
heppelitis: butters would melt in his mouth…he actually looks like he was in the beatles with his haircut
Beast_Mode: lol simpkin wouldnt have scored 75 anyway tonight
poolboybob: Butters should be imprisoned
Rathain84: How is Motlop getting selected over Georgie or Woodcock?
amigaman: Stop it Raspel. You too Raspel 🙂
scboy123: But does the pies avarax beef not spice up everyone elses night?
Woodie22: Not watching guys but quick question. Was the hit bad enough for Simpkin to miss a week with Concussion?
Justavrage: let’s just hope he gets up next week when its 22 scores and trades are getting dry
DrSeuss: Don’t see why the AFL doesn’t have a red card for such incidents. Norf lose a player while Butters plays on.
BigChief: @Rath George is a tall, but Woody not sure.
tags54: @circles ban both the sheila’s
Raspel31: Woodcock a surprise out Rath- think back next week.
Water: boak may have been my best trade in of the year somethign like 129, 110, 140, 97 and now this since i got him
CozzieCan: @Beast Simpkin proj was 115 .. just hurts being the first game of finals for most ..
dipstick: Hey simpkin, tell ya facken story walkin pal. And don’t look back ya peanut👉
heppelitis: thank you boaky great pickup a month ago at sub 500 price
heppelitis: same @water
scboy123: surely anderson or someone takes butters out as retaliation, just a cheekybump here or there
DrSeuss: Should be fine I reckon Woodie – but you never know with delayed symptoms and such
Beast_Mode: georgie had a hammy issue
Rathain84: Boak a shoe in for AA this year
Beast_Mode: simpkin was a trap
Gandhi: Been impressed with Amon this year
Woodie22: Strapped for trades Suess 😢
Catatafish: @scboy would be nice to see the rat cop it
satch7: Lycett got no sc points for that hit out, kick, clearance and score involvement.. wut
CozzieCan: Good stay low Goldie phew!
beerent11: Absolute gun rathain
pjw1234: looked like simkin was out on his feet for a second but looked fine on the bench so maybe ok for next week
dipperD: wonder what the mason wood brownlow odds are
Apachecats: The lowballbid of 102 on Goldy not looking too silly Thomas1234.
srj2409: When’s round 18 fixture announced
Apachecats: *spacebarisflowered.
Rathain84: Dozens of players from every team have done worst Catatafish. Not as bad as you are making it out to be.
AlbySmedtz: Just Saw Butters in a bit of strife. Will it cost any weeks?
Water: boak 150 from here?
Catatafish: Ah a Port supporter called Rat to the rescue. What a surprise.
Rathain84: He’s a young player with a lot of promise. I would defend him no matter what team he played for
Catatafish: And it’s “shoo-in” not “shoe in” champ.
Fatbar5tad: RatCat. That takes me back to when fatty was finny.
Catatafish: Yeah, sure you would mate.
Woodie22: Quite testy in here tonight.
beerent11: Simpkin breakeven is 84….
Rathain84: been doing reno’s all day, sorry if my spelling and grammer aren’t up to your lofty standards
Fatbar5tad: Could be twice as bad and be testys Woody
Rathain84: Hey Woodie
Water: Boak casually putting up a 58 point quarter – he had 59 at halftime
Woodie22: Rath, Happy 1st Father’s day tomorrow mate.
Wahab_18: I’m having an absolute ball tonight.. Simpking Basically the only leg that will fail on my multi and he’s also a unique
Kidult: Boak just rubbing it in now after I went Shuey 440 points from 5 games vs Boak 490 from 4 and now this on top of his inj
Rathain84: Thanks mate I am super excited for it!
Apachecats: Whats the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping Tom?
pjw1234: careless, medium impact , high = 1 week careless high impact, high = 2 weeks
Haydo: Brought in R Gray and put the vc on him what should I take? 125+?
st_steve: Going Danger ahead of Boak in SC is stinging a little
srj2409: Clearly high impact. Bloke was knocked unconscious. Didn’t even need to administer a test
DrSeuss: Butters should be in trouble – didnt try to tackle, aimed up and shoulder him straight in the head – high impact.
Snarfy: Put the VC on Boak tonite 🙂
Kidult: Love Butters
Justavrage: They started a test and was ruled concussion straight away
Woodie22: Good work Snarfy
Rathain84: You going to finish your Dad joke apache? I am writing all these down btw
CozzieCan: Terrible Saturday night game what a waste
The39Steps: Whatever happened to that goose who called himself GOD? Thankfully, haven’t seen him on here for a bit.
Dogs5416: 7 leg and 8 leg multi. I’ll hit 13 of 15. Only two to miss are simpkin in both.silly silly
Sugartits: Apache are you an old man sweaty
DrSeuss: Yep @Cozzie – wait all Saturday for 1 game and this is the one we get
Catatafish: Rub the prick out, no attempt to tackle or bump, eyes on him and elbowed him in the face.
Apachecats: No sugartits but you are deadset creepy.
CozzieCan: @DrSeuss .. not wrong m8 110% agree
Thomas1234: @apache when will ntp results be posted
kascadev8: how many had simpkin?
heppelitis: gf might be a slippery affair up there at night.
Rathain84: Was probably his “auto-correct” again Apache lol
Water: i did kasca
Apachecats: Before 1st game tomorrow Thomas.
Catatafish: @kas guilty here. As long as he’s not out past this game should be right.
CozzieCan: Perez might out score my wannabe premo Simpkin haha
BigChief: i do Kasca, but so does my oppo.
Woodie22: I did Kasca but it’s only top 18 this week , so I’ll cop it. Plus if I lose I don’t care. Just a game
Social: Yeah I had Simpkin and Dixon. Charles has done alright. Might move Simpkin onto a cheap Walters next week.
Apachecats: yeah Rath I think i’ll cut the humour for a while except to say that the pickpocket snatches watches.
m0nty: nominations for star please
kascadev8: i had 1 game where i was projected to lose by 4, but he has simpkin
Ash777: norfs fwd line is too slow and dont provide pressure.
beerent11: Luke macs been a little disappointing since I bought him in
teachrtony: Roos are playing for nothing, no way Simpkin is playing next week. I have him too.
heppelitis: boak m0nty
Kidult: Wines star
Avarax: boak for star 100%
The39Steps: star = Boak.
dipperD: @Monty mason wood
Water: boak monty
BigChief: Star Boak easy
navy_blues: boak m0nty
heppelitis: lol apache good one
nbartos: Rocklobster Mont – tackling machine set in up early
Ash777: amon or wines for star.
Social: The boy from Torquay m0nty
Rathain84: lol I got a nice clean Dad joke for you. Diarrhoea is apparently hereditary, it runs in your jeans
CozzieCan: Simpkin for star .. a shooting star at best
The39Steps: Feel for North fans. When is the earliest they will make the finals again? 5 years?
teachrtony: Nice work Apache.
Raspel31: What’s grey and wrinkly and hangs out your pants?. Your grandmother.
Breezey: The difference between a goldfish and a mountain goat
st_steve: How dare he get elbowed in the head, Cozzie
BigChief: Goldy may not even get 100
Breezey: A goldfish mucks around fountains.
Apachecats: we’ve had it already Breezey sorry.
Ash777: ldu gun.
Avarax: been done breezey 🙂
beerent11: Just hope the boys ok. Easy to forget they’re people.
CozzieCan: @steve outrageous I know , just not this week grr
Rathain84: Lol I think that’s the winner for the night Rasp
Raspel31: Agreed beer and lol Rath.
Apachecats: I suppose you know the difference between a draft horse and a cavalry horse.
Kidult: can port make it 11 Tons
kascadev8: i would have traded butters in if it werent for injuries
Social: Called the missus to say I’d get fish n chips on the way home
CozzieCan: GOD has the VC on boak
Social: No response… I still don’t think she likes the names I gave our kids
original: Got the over, $62 same game multi up lads. Happy days
MrWalrus: Oh flower you Rozee, flower you sideways with a pineapple
Rathain84: Noice Social!
nbartos: boak and wines no tackles – weak as piss
dipstick: A few real white knucklers in this chat✊
Apachecats: Thomas1234 ,reckon I can safely call this one tonight ,well done on your first NTP ,went 102 ,noone else anywhere near y
Social: Happy Fathers Day all 😉
Raspel31: I spoke to my missus today social-first time she was off the phone in 6 weeks.
Woodie22: What did the elephant ask the naked man? How do you breathe out of that thing?
Apachecats: Well done original
MrWalrus: Bit hard to tackle when it’s always you with the ball
dipstick: GOD doesn’t use a VC. Doesn’t even select one. Always straight C
Raspel31: Phew- dodged a bullet with Goldstein.
Apachecats: like that one woodie,lol
CozzieCan: Good 1st game from Perez very happy
Woodie22: Cheers Apache
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha hartlett drumming up the enthusiasm
Woodie22: I got another one but it’s not pg at all lol

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