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Chat log from R15 of 2020: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Chat log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R15 of 2020

Apachecats: Leaving you in the capable hands of Avarax for tonights NTP.
J.Worrall: Go Lachie Neale
Apachecats: Results from last nights game ,Greene ended on 105 once the dust settled.
exatekk: Hi all. I’ll just sit here and drink by myself!
CozzieCan: Evening lads
Apachecats: 1st in NTP was heppelitis on 104 ,his second NTP well done
Kidult: going to be weird with only a one game Saturday! Wonder how long it has been since we’ve had that in H&A
Apachecats: 2nd was teachrtony on 103 ,3rd was cozziecan on 102.Well done to all who had a crack at it.
Ash777: didn’t macgyver is palying for pies tonight
heppelitis: ha..thanks Apache….thought i had 114 lol
swandane: evening cozzie
CozzieCan: Aye swandane how are ya big fella .. ready for a win tonight
Ash777: word is that grundy will be playing more forward tonight.
Kidult: Wonder if Greenwood will go to Neale
AuroraBore: Very excited to see Max Lynch debut, bit of a cult figure around the club
Pies20: hey everyone hopefully tonight’s game will be good
Ash777: what is lynch’s nickname?
Apachecats: Definitely your heppel on 104 just checked.( people on 2 wins now.Who will get 3 for the first life membership.
Apachecats: Honour board all set up in the Apachecat Poolroom.
Kidult: Think Pies will lose their last 3
Apachecats: *9 people on 2 wins
heppelitis: cheers thanks…too funny
Gotigres: I laughed when I saw Hipwood’s hair.
Pies20: May be okay if the team’s under us keep loosing @ash, going to be close in the run home
Gotigres: @Kidult. I don’t have a single player and no opp so a nothing game for me.
Kidult: whos ur 2nd ruck without Grundy?
circle52: Joining from the Gabba tonight
Apachecats: What ? No Grundy ,No Neale tigs?
Apachecats: Lucky bugger circle.
Pies20: Big game though see where the pies are at
heppelitis: wish i could hang out and get in a blew out the front of the strippers. the good old days
Ash777: got big o, grundy, maynard, t. brown in this.
Hazza09: Can Neale go 25+ disposals?
Baldfrog: Evening all and my Lycra model Pies
BURN3R: G’day folks, go pies
Apachecats: Any way gents and lisapizza ,signing off for the night .Avarax will be here soon to take care of the NTP.
TonyJones: Chomp chomp
Gotigres: I mean the single game tomorrow between North and Port. So it’s like a whole Saturday with no sc relevance for me.
CozzieCan: Eyes on rich for D6
circle52: Apache how about a ntp on how many behindsbrisbane kick
Avarax: another night of football. how good!
Pies20: Haha @baldy
Gotigres: Have a good night Apache.
Hazza09: Is Maynard cooked?
Rathain84: Come on Pies!
lisapizza7: nite apache
GobChuck: wooo big finish hopefully incoming. Own both rucks here, zorko neale adams
Gotigres: In this game I have Capt Neale, Grundy and Maynard. Traded Noble out this week so he will prob go huge
Avarax: just a corkie hazza
CozzieCan: Noble been great bench coverage this year
Pies20: He looks sore
Poliyagon: I traded neale for kelly and then ran out of trades..
heppelitis: Hipwood a model from Zoolander
Baldfrog: Maynard will be flucked after sitting down @ 1/2 time
CozzieCan: Unsure if I trade Nicnat or Grundy into Gawn …
Pies20: Wow umpires look like they will have another good game shower calls both way’s and missed one’s
ajconodie: Quaynor is the new Josh Gibson
Avarax: it took 10 mins for a collingwood fan to complain about the umpires.
swandane: cozzie definitely nic nat with his 60% gametime.. grundy lock 120
kascadev8: neale, we get it, your winning the brownlow, but get the ball mate. gone from a prediction of 2056 down to under 1600 🙁
CozzieCan: @ajc not harry ooooo ?
Pies20: Im saying going both ways @ava
DrSeuss: Zorko, Grundy and Maynard – pretty sure this game is going to screw me hard
ajconodie: @Cozzie – Not woke enough lol
spdysaint: Same as me kas, captain Neale looking bad early
Pies20: your obviously not watching
Baldfrog: This dropping the ball is getting ridiculous
original: Knew that neale multi choice was pushing it
DEESareSAD: Quaynor is number 3
Ash777: grundy looks tired already.
kascadev8: ive got the C on Neale too, maynard and grundy in it, witherden a 0 cos he was dropped for some reason, this is great…
goat_19: what is everyone’s projected? not sure what par would be
Raspel31: Who like me is an idiot and has to use all 3 trades next week to cross trade Pies and Tiggers. Dumb- moi?
GobChuck: was hoping this would be a “both rucks go huge” game……owning both is painful rn
J.Worrall: Handball from outside the boundary?
Avarax: @pies. but you complain if they make calls, complain if they dont. when will you be happy?
Baldfrog: Never thought u were that smart to begin with Raspel
kascadev8: @rasp my last 3 trades involve trading out mcgrath and shuey to different premiums, goodbye trades
GobChuck: par will be quite low @goat, personally mines 2214 rn with grundy bigO neale zorko maynard
kascadev8: @goat im projected about 1500 now hahah, absolutely disgraceful
V@lks: M0nty Lynch needs an L plate. Great week to bring in Neale and C him 🙁
StuL: Picking up Neale for 500 and something is going be good.
Pies20: Not me @rasp didn’t have 3 trade’s left
srj2409: @avarax he’s a Cwood supporter
swandane: lift pies
Stu7: Neales gone into isolation
StuL: WTF Grundy though
Pies20: ok @ava won’t mention the umpires again sorry I’ll go back to talking horses
ajconodie: Brisbane’s kicking at goal is why they won’t make the GF
Baldfrog: really Pies I still have 5 and still won’t win
Ash777: still 1st qtr ppl lol
goat_19: oh rip kascadev haha, mines 1908, not regretting making whitfield captain as much as i thought with neale going crap
NewFreoFan: How do Zorko and Neale have 3 possies between them in a quarter
spdysaint: Brownlow medalist touch the ball. I think you have forgotten Neale
scboy123: Captain on Neale and Crisp for me tonight boys. cheeky hundy on brisbane as well
J.Worrall: why the long face?
swandane: darcy moore the pies best player now
ajconodie: Greenwood is underrated as a stopper.
Legix: Grundy making me sick
J.Worrall: Neale will accumulate
DrSeuss: Zorko, Grundy and Maynard about to help me lose a league game I was leading by miles – special mention to Witho too
circle52: @pies tobe fair umps letting a lot go both ways
J.Worrall: … as will Grundiji
CATSPREM: whats everyone projected at the moment SC?
Pies20: Got 2 @baldy traded hard to make the 8 in my $league got threw the first final got my $back
kascadev8: maynard, grundy, witherden 0 and neale captain might put me under a 1200 score, and i had 18 playing (3 rookies) ooft
Baldfrog: Circle NTP should be lions out on the full
CozzieCan: Simpkin to Pendlebury looks good
Baldfrog: Nice to hear your at least square Pies
Crowls: neale or grundy for C? looks like it didnt matter which one I picked
Pies20: yeah that’s what i was saying @circle but geez mention they are having a off night again and im whingin?,
Crowls: 1800 ish depending if neale can get 120
J.Worrall: What’s with the checquered flag? on Mihocheck?
DropCox: Checkers
CATSPREM: glad i had crouch VC
ajconodie: @J.Worrall – His nickname is Checkers.
Avarax: you did not @pies. you said they missed and made wrong calls. not ‘letting some things go’
Avarax: if you are going to be crass, atleast stand behind your own comments mate
J.Worrall: thx pies fans
circle52: Also there was a breeze favouring pies in first quarter. Had to grab my jacket
Baldfrog: Lock down getting to you Avarax?
Pies20: No i didn’t @ava go threw the chat mate your obviously under the pump with the ntp duties
Gotigres: 1938 Catsprem with two lowest scores to be taken out (prob Neale and Grundy at this rate)
Raspel31: Pies- chill.
GobChuck: same @Cats (wait that doesn’t say sperm wtf read it 3 times before it said prem) huge compared to waiting for these guys
V@lks: Early call but heart for Maynard. With my pain threshold, I’d hit the showers
vamos77: Geez Collingwoods away jumper is horrible
hinsch: Lucky its a H2H bye this week 1300 is going to be max for me
J.Worrall: agree vamos
hinsch: Neale and Grundy looking OK at the moment FFS
spdysaint: Hinsch, what happened?!?!
DrSeuss: Against opponent with Crisp – I have Maynard. Of course Crisp benefits from Maynard being slow & hurt
DropCox: @Pies20. Ignore the flogs. Keep going mate. GO PIES!
kascadev8: fullarton out for the rest of the game?? gee i may as well have had him in my team
hinsch: So called Premos Martin, Nic, Tracca below average
Pies20: Go through the chat @rasp tomorrow see what i said haven’t done said nothing wrong @dropcox cheers mate used to it
kascadev8: hinsch, did u have mcgrath and shuey as well? or just me
J.Worrall: Go the Royboys
Baldfrog: Tracca plays well when Melbourne do
Woodie22: DrSuess what fantasy game you playing to be playing someone this week?
hinsch: kascadev no but I have Grundy & Neale
spdysaint: Neale four disposals in 30 seconds. Nice
pjw1234: grundy playing injured? collingwood form drop off in last few weeks at the same time as his form
beerent11: Lachies on the move can still go big
Catatafish: Managing Grundy before a bye? Makes sense.
Gotigres: Neale warmed up now
kascadev8: go neale, save me from a 1300 score
J.Worrall: Neale on the move. Grundy less so
beerent11: Obviously carrying something catatafish
DrSeuss: @Woodie – that’s just my AF team for this week
Baldfrog: Put a Mo on lynch and u could call him Quinton Lynch
J.Worrall: G Roys
Woodie22: Ok cheers mate
swandane: big mason is on for the full game bagel here
Hazza09: Grundy looks tired
DropCox: MUPPET for Phillips. Terrible handball to no-one
DrSeuss: Collingwood playing 3 rucks – not a great sign for Grundy
Raspel31: No sises taken Pies- all friends here.
swandane: reverse psychology in full swing lads
DrSeuss: Zorko – do something? Anything?
circle52: First goal to that end
heppelitis: he gave you a shhhh swandane lol
Raspel31: Please don’t lose too much money Grundy- Gawn doesn’t come cheap.
Social: that was huge Cox
Baldfrog: 9 inches Social?
kascadev8: regretting the grundy to nicnat trade now, especially since i went and traded conroy to draper
J.Worrall: Go Roys
kascadev8: gawn to nicnat* not grundy to nicnat
Avarax: Alright, NTP tonight will be on Pendlebury! Avarax goes 136, Apache goes 133
J.Worrall: Give Mitch a kick
CozzieCan: 115 plz Avarax
heppelitis: 139 thanks avarax
Raspel31: Nicnat was put in cotton balls last night kasca- fear not.
isoeso: pendles 111
Pies20: Pies chooses not to play tonight
beerent11: Umpire could have called a free kick and stopped all that
teachrtony: 142 please Avarax.
lisapizza7: 113 pendles
GobChuck: far out that was a perfect SC play Big O ito zorko…..and he does THAT kick
Raspel31: Pendles- hmm? 128.
Pies20: well done Maynard get some niggle into the game
Kingy12: 157 for pendles pls
Legix: 151 for pendles please
Bart Man: 147 thanks avarax
Baldfrog: 124 for me Avarax
GobChuck: 146 for pendles please avarax
Gotigres: 136 for Pendlebury
Ash777: lions not getting many favors from umps this qtr
Foursuits: 112 for Pendles
FinlaySON: 127 please
J.Worrall: 156 Pendles will go very big tonight
spdysaint: 152 avarax
Moona: 131 for dependlebury
Hazza09: 137 Pendlebury for me
Pies20: 1less guess you have to worry about @ava
Social: 165 for Scott
V@lks: 161 dependlebury
Foursuits: where is Apache?
TigerTime: 136 for Pendles please
Pies20: Shoosh @ash for heaven’s sake don’t mention the umpires
Raspel31: Perhaps I bid too early.
The Hawker: 129 for me please
CATSPREM: 121 for pendles
Avarax: yeah, notice that nobody cares pies20
Raspel31: Apache’s night off.
DropCox: 139 Pendles please
Baldfrog: it’s Apache’s lucky Night
exatekk: 144 thanks Avarax
Foursuits: Ahhh Righteo
Pies20: neither do i mate @ava
MrWalrus: 142 Pendles please
TonyJones: NTP 125 Apache. Chomp chomp
Ash777: pendles 154
Cr1cketeer: These brissy fans r nuffies. Pendles kicks the ball they appeal for htb
88360: Ntp 136 please
The39Steps: 147 please @apache.
Pies20: Enjoy the spotlight tonight your speeeecial @ava
Avarax: then why have you made 2 posts to ensure i noticed you were abstaining? seems like you do care
TonyJones: Avarax I should say. Chomp chomp
Baldfrog: Tonyjones go chomp chomp on Kane Kornes
Woodie22: I’ll try again lol. 139 plz
2Ph0nes: lol the irony of that comment
kascadev8: 180 for Berry please
goat_19: 164 for pendles
swandane: 107 for pendles, cheers Avarax
CozzieCan: @Avarax @Pies20 , cmon lads not necessary.. if we wanted to here bitching we’d be with our misses for the night
Avarax: kasca, its on pendles?
GobChuck: c’mon move along grundy, them gun mids and lloyd don’t come cheap
Kingy12: Lol Cozzie. Couldn’t have said it better myself
kascadev8: oh its on pendles, woops, can i have 180 on pendles then? sorry
Raspel31: Witherden must be back next week surely- and don’t call me Shirley?
Kingy12: But I am guilty of eating popcorn and enjoying the squabble haha
Pies20: @cozzi im logging out now let the apprentice concentrate on the ntp hopefully pies come back later
Woodie22: Rasp, any reason why he was dropped? Wasn’t playing bad.
DrSeuss: Hope so Raspel – not sure why he went out this week.
tags54: shirley he should be
circle52: Pendles 159
Raspel31: Your guess as good as mine lads- he’s been looking good and lol tags.
circle52: Raspel and seus someone had to go for rich
circle52: Was between him and Answerth
Raspel31: I know Rich replaced him- but Answerth-really?
kascadev8: witherden should be in, need him in. get him in chris
tags54: he will be back boys. that is if he is not carrying some sort of injury.
DrSeuss: Witherden does pretty much everything better than Answerth though – had been playing actual defence recently as well
Catatafish: Fuck me, Grundy can’t even beat a second ruck?
Avarax: ntp closed. 37 entries. range 107 – 180. good luck to all entrants!
circle52: And in saying that lester probably his best gamme
GobChuck: Big O is the first ruck now surely, with all due respect to Stef Martin. He’s taken it up or beaten every single ruck
DrSeuss: Lester has been consistent lately – but still likely less impact than Witherden
Raspel31: Who could ever compete with the Big O for the high notes- sorry, bounces.
Avarax: during the week they wrote an article about bruce and his rhetorical questions at the end of every sentence.
Avarax: he seems to have stopped doing it tonight
kascadev8: andrews hamstring? wow, guess witherden defs comes back in now
Kingy12: Facepalm raspel lol
Sloan4Pres: Elliott’s a terrible footballer
DrSeuss: Zorko – get a touch? 5 touches is a joke
Raspel31: All I can say to my fans and sponsors is thank god this round doesn’t count.
Kingy12: Gee Elliott cost the pies then
pjw1234: cameron looks like he is injured as well
DEESareSAD: Quaynor is number 3?
Catatafish: @GobChuck he is now
CozzieCan: Stephen needs to go in the mid get some touches ,chuck Grundy forward for abit bucks
Raspel31: It occurs to me I should perhaps not have let Lyons go
GobChuck: at least you’ve dogged me in a week that doesn’t matter zorko, but jeez ihad a possible shot at the 1k
DrSeuss: Lets hope he is just getting it out of his system GobChuckh
clay007: Hi Guys, I’m in the prelim in h2h comp, and want to know if I should hang on to Grundy. Any thoughts? I have Goldstein
GobChuck: oh and grundy too, but uh may or may not trade him to my 5th lions mid in clugg (lyons lyons neale zorko already aha)
scboy123: Neale looks injured as well
scboy123: or at least very sore
Raspel31: Finals are everything- if you have cash- Grundy to Gawn.
kascadev8: i like all the people asking “do i hold grundy?” and im here forced to use my trades to cover mcgrath/shuey injuries
DrSeuss: Zorko playing up forward ffs – not going to help anytime soon
GobChuck: i’ve got shuey too, tankfully not mcgrath. got enough for a gun in any pos + greenwood for shuey and grundy thankfully
clay007: I agree Raspel, but Grundy to Gawn requires extra 150, was thinking of O’Brien. Heard he is good touch and sub 500
scboy123: I got 6 trades left but no cash 🙁
J.Worrall: Lyons has been up there all year
beerent11: Rob has hit form and has a dream run of ruck matchups
GobChuck: ROB is in very good touch and has a soft ruck draw (none of nicnat gawn goldy grundy)
GobChuck: can’t believe i’m gonna start with gawndy for the year, and then enter the prelims with ROB and Big O rucks. Funny year.
kascadev8: gee this Jarrod Berry is a good footballer
beerent11: Jinx gobchuck
Raspel31: If you got 6 trades scboy-you can do anything you want.
clay007: Ive got Cripps also, not sure whether to move him on also. Best 18 next weekend
scboy123: @Raspel yeah but i still have rankine and butler starting for me up front
Catatafish: 60 point final quarter Ted Grundy..
clay007: scboy-sell low and buy high
Raspel31: I’ve got 3 scboy so Grundy gawn.
beerent11: Goldy will come good now he’s had a week off. Was cooked.
beerent11: Crippa nearly tonned up off a first half deboer tag.
Catatafish: @beerent11, I’m a bit worried about a jacked up Nic Nat against him. Hopefully misplaced!
kascadev8: im already planning my team for next year, given up on this year
Pies20: I didn’t do ntp tonight because the guy tonight taking over is a Muppet should i do it tomorrow night @rasp?
Ash777: same here kasc.
beerent11: If I have a trade to play with in the last round I’ll sideways him catatafish. That’s if nicnat plays.
V@lks: M0nte Carlo, how bout dat heart for Maynard?
Silz90: Cmon grundy its time for some junk time
beerent11: Toys out the cot pies20?
The39Steps: After Cox and now Lynch, Pies now looking to draft Ted Cassidy later this year.
Kingy12: Hang on guys, @pies is back… lemme get my popcorn
Avarax: lol. im sorry if anyone here may have been offended by something
CozzieCan: Pmsl@Kingy
Raspel31: I choose not to comment- except I am commenting. No idea why I’m mentioned- peace.
Gotigres: Mihocek! Haha
2Ph0nes: checkers you flog! lmao
poolboybob: Mihocek muppet
DrSeuss: Zorko is having an absolute MARE – couldn’t find a root in a brothel
V@lks: m0nty! The meatloaf (<3)…f**k
Ash777: Mitch is about to go hulk smash lol
kascadev8: freekicks 7-14 collingwoods way, and collingwood are getting smacked. haha
circle52: No commrmt kascadev
beerent11: One of my dads favourite dad sayings suess
GobChuck: ya HAD to say it kasca.
twinpeaks: Zorko will get 60+ in AF. Also not sure what Robbo offers to the Lions these days press aggro aside
Raspel31: Avarax- Pendles is only allowed four more points. Otherwise that $500 I SLIPPED YOU IS WASTED.
Avarax: i’m super impressed with noble’s contributions this season. he has come along really well
CozzieCan: Cmon Collingwood !! Need you guys to win for my multi & for geelongs spot on the ladder
Gotigres: Keep going Neale
Avarax: raspel, i’ts a moving pin for you mate. wherever you need it 😉
kascadev8: @GobChuck im sorry, i couldnt help myself
Gotigres: Blinked and Grundy near the ton
Pies20: Next goal huge
tags54: flower off mcavaney you make me sick
Social: couldnt organise a pizzup in a pub
Raspel31: Cheers Avarax- back to you after the siren- and agree about Noble- only sold him 2 weeks ago.
cmperrfect: Magnify or Icicle for Stephenson surely m0nty
Avarax: gotigres. everyone should trade him please
kascadev8: gee, never paid attention to players scores after i get rid of them, but noble’s is just making me sad
Silz90: stephenson should get dropped next week.
GobChuck: Icicle, magnifying 100% stays on zorks
DrSeuss: Zorko has been HORRENDOUS. Hasnt helped when he is played forward
GobChuck: well he certainly does better last line of defence Seuss. big minute for zorks
DrSeuss: Yeah a couple of gimmes GobChuck – Can’t even stick a tackle, has been falling and slipping over all night
Silz90: berry and mcluggage are stars. I rate them higher than zorks
twinpeaks: Umpiring has been great till that decision
Silz90: I rate mccluggae and berry. they’ll overtake zorks in the next couple of seasons
poolboybob: Star for Berry
beerent11: By trying to make three goal margin sound close
thommoae: Queensland lost the last Origin series, Monty.
kascadev8: how has moore disposed of that? swear that was a throw
beerent11: *bt
Ash777: 1.29 to go to kick 2 goals.
Baldfrog: Throws and dropping the ball allowed this year
duckky: First throw paid all week!
Ash777: game over.
The Hawker: did my 129 go through apache haha
Social: youll hear a mighty roar… rarr
Raspel31: Okay Avarax- make sure Pendles is upgraded 3 points.
BumSniff: guess who moved the titch VC to neale…
beerent11: 200 scaling points Neale may get to 120
Raspel31: Me too BumSniff0 but do the math- it makes little difference.
beerent11: Clarry vC into Neale next round?
Woodie22: Apache ain’t here hawker
swandane: old chompers went 125 i think? looks good
The Hawker: Oh Awkward..
Avarax: he very well may be raspel
Raspel31: As it stands the diff between Titch and Neale as cap is a mere 14 points.
CozzieCan: Big trades for finals tonight , good luck all
MrWalrus: Neale & Grundy recovered well
goat_19: 1888 for me, not as bad as it could’ve been with whitfield C

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