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Chat log from R15 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Carlton, R15 of 2020

Avarax: next
DEESareSAD: Walsh, Whitfield and Riccardi for me
Bart Man: Lets go baggers
CozzieCan: Cripps , Whitfield only for me
Gotigres: Josh Kelly not playing.
FinlaySON: Lets go Giants, god returning to the team tonight
Avarax: kelly listed for GWS, not finlayson?
Thomas1234: Whitefield c riccardi haynes williams cameron cripps docherty and jack martin. HUGE night
Water: there…. a…. big big sound from the west of the town
BigChief: Haynes, Docherty, Cripps, Martin, Riccardi and Whitfield C.
Kidult: Cmon Blues
DEESareSAD: Riccardi, Whitfield and Walsh for me tonight
Gotigres: Took Rivers 67 rather than Williamson on field.
Torana: Whits, Cogs, Tara, Doca for me tonight
swandane: muppet icon for cozzie
Gotigres: Fantastic Martin!
BigChief: Burger for swandane.
MrWalrus: Doc, Cottrell, Crippa, Cogs, Whit & Riccardi for me
CozzieCan: @Swandane ya inbred hairy lemon , there’s the door m8 haha flog
Baldfrog: Knob for BigChief
swandane: not wrong chief
Baldfrog: never seen a hairy lemon Cozzie?
Gandhi: Ease up fellas
bhg26: Go Jack Martin!
DrSeuss: Riccardi, Cogs, Whitfield, Curnow and now Cottrell with Witherden dropped
CozzieCan: @Baldfrog gotta get down there m8 hahaha like the blue waffle lol
MrWalrus: Thems fighting words Ghandi!
m0nty: back on the game please
hinsch: Gawn drops in price this week
Baldfrog: Listen to Mahatma
GobChuck: Whit Zilliams Cogs Cripps Doc, danger game if I want to get 2300 this week
Yummy5454: Cmon Cogs get the pill
Rathain84: Crow going after Hately Baldy, reckon they’ll get him?
Baldfrog: probably Rath as he’s not getting a game at GWS
hinsch: amazed how many love Toby Greene not many
CozzieCan: De boar tagging Cripps yet ?
Baldfrog: Rath hows Bubs and Mum doing well?
ajconodie: Hateley is too good to be an emergency.
BigGryan: yep
DrSeuss: Perfect start – Cogs and Curnow – zero touches and off to the bench.
heppelitis: positive start from the ferryman
Gotigres: Maybe I should ditch Cripps instead of Viney
pcaman2003: Gr8 start. Have Cripps,Cogs,Riccardi,then Haynes and Whitty.
Rathain84: Yeah all good mate thanks. The little fella got online and ordered me a new table saw for fathers day too
Baldfrog: Haha keep training him well
Catatafish: Docherty getting sour grapes points since I traded him the week before last.
bhg26: Keep going cripps, riccardi and Whitfield, dont stop!
LuvIt74: I know Docherty hasn’t been setting the world on fire but he’s been scoring 80’s so cant get rid of him
pcaman2003: Cogs doesn’t like going for the hard ball these .Prefers to stand around.
Social: The Doc just keeps getting better
scboy123: Evening Gents, Doch Cripper and Riccardi for me lads. House on Giants as well so up the giants
amigaman: Strewth. Setters HB to a goal kicker & DE goes down
DrSeuss: Well this has been a pretty terrible start – Cogs, Riccardi, Curnow and Whitfield – can only get better I guess
Raspel31: Yep, Cripps and Riccardi doing us proud.
hinsch: Riccardi has a BE of -71 hopefully he makes it
CozzieCan: @pca no Kelly to give him the easy pass hey ..
LuvIt74: Docherty, Whitfield and Riccardi but killing this round so far
Gotigres: No points to Martin who got a hardball out of the pack which resulted in a goal.
pcaman2003: Cozzie. That about sums him up.
srj2409: Riccardi can score quick tho
Catatafish: @Luvit averaging less than 80 after 8 consecutive rounds is fair reason for trading.
Catatafish: But I’d trade him back for Cripps at this rate..
Apachecats: Lloyd official on 143 .NTP results.
Pies20: Cogs also @rasp
Baldfrog: Hope the Tour De France starts soon
Torz: Cogs has forgotten how to football.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. He’s the greatest player ever and doesn’t need the points.:)
Reubz: Evening all
Apachecats: We had 3 first time winners in the NTP.=1st Cozziecan and MrWalrus on 142 and TrainMan10 on 144.Well done .
Rathain84: Calton could be playing finals the way things are going
Pies20: you like watching men in Lycra do you @baldy weird
Gotigres: lol pcaman
pcaman2003: Oops! Wrong Martin. I’ll have another drink:)
heppelitis: watched tour de pharmacy the other day..good for a laugh
Ash777: wtf 4 tall fowards
CozzieCan: Cheers for your work Apache , legend
Baldfrog: Only once per year Pies
Gotigres: Apache, what was my NTP?
Catatafish: The way de Boer is going, if you have Steele, Trac/Oliver in r17/18 you’d be a little worried.
Rathain84: I traded Viney to Cogs at the last moment today.. doh
Crowls: @hepp icarus is a good watch as well
Apachecats: Whoever has the Tshirts please forward them to the winners.
Pies20: haha @baldy
Social: baby brain
Apachecats: Gotigres you were next best on 145.
tdarian: cogs can score quickly. don’t worry lads
heppelitis: Cheers @Crowls will have a look.
Beast_Mode: lol doch taking the piss to those who traded him 2 weeks ago lol
kascadev8: riccardi, whitfield and cripps in this for me, took the C off Whitfield a minute before the game
zadolinnyj: Interesting first quarter
Gotigres: Oh ok Apache. Thanks for that.
Rathain84: the damn Qld tourism commercials have started…no shame
Bluebagg11: Crippa, Docertai, Riccardo, Whitefeld and Consigliere. Not a good start!!
heppelitis: looks like McGraths score will be a keeper thanks Cripps ya Karen
beerent11: Oh maybe Cripps wasn’t a great vc choice.
Baldfrog: Apache I would do NTP but I want my shirt in lycra
Crowls: early trades were z williams/b simpkin to lloyd/riccardi didnt do them; looks like good outcome
Pies20: just taking the power @baldy glad to have you back
Ash777: bloody de boer
Baldfrog: pies lol I know
Apachecats: Picked the right week to sell Cripps,small miracle there.
CozzieCan: Good to see the Adelaide supporters up & about after there win .. hats off to you blokes
Beast_Mode: cripps has had an ordinary year anyway
BigGryan: de boer go to walsh or murphy or something
bhg26: Nic Nat to Gawn this round was an amazing trade, had him as captain too
Crowls: cripps is right on the verge of my never again list
bhg26: Whats everyones projected score?
Baldfrog: We aren’t up and about yet but looking forward to 2026 Cozzie
Apachecats: No promises Baldfrog ,maybe next year.Lycra not very flattering on some people.
swandane: good to see cozzie up and about before the cats lose to the tigers by 10 goals in finals again
Baldfrog: along as Pies demostrates it I’ll love it Apache
beerent11: Crowls half of my team is on my never again list.
Apachecats: Bound to be a few mamils in here I bet.
CozzieCan: 2026 ?? Reckon Adelaide will bounce back before then m8
pcaman2003: bhg26. Mines dropped back to 2006
zadolinnyj: I’m thinking 2025 with the early picks this year @ballfrog. Picks 1, 6 at moment
Beast_Mode: lol swandane
CozzieCan: @Swandane we’ve been warned by mOnty mate , not going to retaliate champ
Baldfrog: yeah Zad and Cozzie wasn’t serious
Avarax: why do people feel the need to come here and tough talk? you’re not proving anything to anyone, its just douche-y
beerent11: Anyone else vc Whitfield?
88360: We didn’t lose by 10 goals!!!
zadolinnyj: I know.
scboy123: i dont get ppl bagging other ppls clubs unless its a light hearted joke. every club goes through good and bad patches
zadolinnyj: I had vCard on crouch so super happy
Baldfrog: Zad hate to be tackled by Schoenberg in a couple of years kids gunna be a bull
zadolinnyj: Good to see the healthy minds camp finally paying off for us
heppelitis: keep playin for frees cripps…only chance tonight to get a kick you spud
Beast_Mode: lol not 10 goals, but 51 points in the 2017 prelim lol
Baldfrog: scboy people are so sensitive now some can’t handle banter
Beast_Mode: QF i mean
cmperrfect: Evening all. 125 enough to take as VC do we all think? Neale to come.
zadolinnyj: New danger
Pies20: Haha @baldy Lycra no chance
Baldfrog: lol Zad
scboy123: this is surely a must win for gws as well. Gonna make it much harder to make finals with an L tonight
Baldfrog: cmperfect I would take it
Baldfrog: don’t want to show off your curves Pies?
scboy123: Actually nah itll likely come down to GWS v Melbourne and GWS v saints
Pies20: don’t want to upset anyone but gws loosing also helps the pies go the blues
spdysaint: Scboy, maybe not a must win, but it will make it hard. Good for the sainters
beerent11: Lucky this is a leagues bye week
Apachecats: Neale averaging 140+ ,worth rolling the dice cmp.
Pies20: more dont want to be associated with the Lycra crew they shower me on the road when driving haha
J.Worrall: lineball
CozzieCan: I’d go Neale , had a week off will go huge
cmperrfect: I C McCrae and got 96 few weeks ago, so little gun shy now Apache
J.Worrall: lineball I reckon, take the bird in hand
pcaman2003: Was hoping to crack the top 1000,but looking less likely at this rate. Currently 1039.
Apachecats: True cmp ,bird in hand rule then.
Raspel31: Phew, finally free. Evening fellow loonies.
srj2409: You’ve answered your own questions cmp
Avarax: 125 is good enough i think.
cmperrfect: I’m went up 424 spots last round, now 782 overall.
Crowls: doc’s battery run out again!!!
rupertmarn: Why do people call Cripps elite? There’s 10 mids ahead of him.
Apachecats: Any one know what a LOMBARD is?
DrSeuss: Curnow? Cogs? Cottrell? Any chance of getting involved ffs
CozzieCan: Apache Alaskan pipeline ?
J.Worrall: lousy old mega bitch and rats dinner
J.Worrall: lousy old mega bitch and rats dinner/
StuL: Why is Cripps playing? Can’t be right
scboy123: Damn im only top 8k, beasting cmperrfect
ajconodie: I wouldn’t go Neale. Greenwood has been named. Will most likely tag Neale.
StuL: Cripps had a fitness test he presumably passed. Hmm.
Stephen001: Collingwood aren’t playing to win. just look at the ruck! No Grundy
Avarax: has greenwood tagged anyone this year?
GobChuck: Cripps and Riccardi gonna put rivers and shueys scores to count. Gulp.
DrSeuss: Whitfield running into space and just being ignored – GWS are a bunch of flogs
swandane: only played 1 game ava
pcaman2003: Cripps 90% TOG so not being managed at all.
Avarax: grundy is named stephen
Crowls: neale or grundy for C?
Pies20: Grundy named
kascadev8: at this rate im gonna have 6 blokes combining for a total score of 100 :/ hahaha
Apachecats: Nearest the pin time .Its on Greene.Apache goes 118.
beerent11: Who’s first picked in next years side. For me Sam Walsh.
Stephen001: they named a first game ruckman for collngwood
beerent11: 2nd Matt Rowell.
Catatafish: Cripps was a wretched choice.
CozzieCan: GWS 1 goal 9 points .. could be smashing Carlton
swandane: @beerent11 rowell
Raspel31: Apache- m0nty won’t publish my answer?. Hardly rude. But, yep, I know what a Lombard is.
BigChief: @Stephen Grundy named in ruck. Not sure what you are looking at.
pjw1234: dropped cameron not grundy
Gotigres: 122 for Greene
goat_19: 141 for greene
BigChief: 124 please Apache
Baldfrog: Seagull loyld beer
Reubz: 134 please Apache. Cheers.
BumSniff: Cripps and Riccardi really want me to get stuck with Dusty and Tracs score
MrWalrus: 113 thanks Apache, how did I do last time?
DrSeuss: Remember when GWS were supposed to be a dynasty…surely Leon Cameron is gone if this crap continues
pcaman2003: 98 for Greene please.
Crowls: make it easy no Carlton players
tags54: 98 thx apache
Pies20: 117@apache
Baldfrog: 125 for Greeney
Bart Man: 109 for Greene thanks Apache
ajconodie: 130 for Greene please.
DEESareSAD: Brought in Walsh this week, looking good
SC-STAR–: push for 65 before half time haynes
CozzieCan: 102 please apache
DEESareSAD: I’ll take 96 for Greene
kascadev8: @bumsniff im down to 17 players, taking mcgrath shuey riccardi cripps rivers sholl dusty
tags54: make it 99
mikh2001: 111 toby greene
DEESareSAD: Btw can anyone see my messages?
heppelitis: greene for 2 weeks in the second half im tipping…104 for me
Pies20: they dropped Cameron @Stephen probably lynch to help out maybe
pcaman2003: Haynes my only player over 50 from 5 players. Lol!
FinlaySON: Give me 112 for TFG please Apache
cmperrfect: Greene 94 plz
88360: 121 for Greene please
Water: Ill go 116 for greene please apache
SC-STAR–: 121 for greene
GobChuck: 131 greene for me please Apache.
BumSniff: Nic Nat to Gawn this week or do nothing and aim for steele the week after
spdysaint: 128 please Apache
LMartos: Jack Martin got a FF that advantage was taken on and they still haven’t added it, wow
Pies20: Yeah @dees
Avarax: 131 for greene please
Baldfrog: oh and 1 report Apache to go with my guess
zadolinnyj: 92 for me Apache
Apachecats: Looks like you and me will remain as the only oneswho know what a LOMBARD is raspel ,censored here too.
Kingy12: Can I have 139 for Greene pls
Ash777: punchable 113
SneakySC: 109 for Greene Please
Kingy12: Lol baldfrog
Apachecats: lol BF
swandane: 147 for Greene cheers
kascadev8: whats up with nicnat?
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
ajconodie: Finlayson is a lombard.
Raspel31: Lack of money but a real darling Apache.
exatekk: 97 for greene please apache!
Apachecats: That is a slight corruption of it rasp.
isoeso: greene 89
RooBoyStu: GWS will still win TAB live lines easy money
isoeso: Greene 89
Raspel31: An inverse publishable version Apache.
Baldfrog: Milk price confident on Saturday Rooboy?
teachrtony: 103 please Apache.
Gotigres: McGrath out for the season as mentioned on Fox at half-time.
Apachecats: Trying to win it twice in one night isoeso?
Baldfrog: *Mick
isoeso: no, sorry its the lag, noob error
Pies20: Shh @baldy we want the good odds
Raspel31: Why rest Grunty before the bye, sigh?
dkeating48: 113 for greene
Poliyagon: “play our way” just make sure you have a plan b for when they play theirs…
Baldfrog: It’s only $5.50 pies rekon top weight will be hard to beat
Pies20: where is that said @rasp?
Ash777: Grundy being rested? I thought it was cameron being rested
Raspel31: But,on the positive side he won’t lose money when I bring Gawn back in for him next week.
Apachecats: Comp closed 33 entries ,89 -147
Ash777: who is grunty?
Raspel31: Someone posted it here- not my call.
Pies20: @rooboy is confident @baldy was 6 last night he’s stuck his neck out see how it goes you getting on??
Avarax: cameron is rested, not grundy…..
beerent11: Once and for all. Grundy is named to play. Cameron is out.
RooBoyStu: Confident as trainer said in Racing . Com article today the best of all his horses will go bang
Apachecats: Results for NTP I will put them up tomorrow before the game.Avarax is hosting tomorrow nights NTP>
Baldfrog: yeah I’ll put a couple on it and have a saver on top weight
Avarax: yes he is! and you all better behave
RooBoyStu: Champagne on ice lol
Pies20: Check the afl site @rasp Cameron out you should know not to listen to everyone on here especially you sometimes haha
Raspel31: Thanks beer and a well deserved break Apache.
Apachecats: Into $5.50 RBS.Just had another $5ew. Good luck.
Baldfrog: Best of luck rooboy is it black type race?
Pies20: haha @rooboy
Raspel31: Good call Sharleen- sorry, Pies.
DrSeuss: Are GWS purposefully ignoring Whitfield? It is getting ridiculous
CozzieCan: Go Cripps !! Finally doing something
Kidult: Rocketman Cripps
LMartos: How is Cripps on 70???
RooBoyStu: Yes a listed race and main target Thousand Guineas. Good odds in that too 41 into 21 for that
CozzieCan: Ohsorozze where ya been m8
pcaman2003: Cripps from nowhere. Wowee!
amigaman: Been busy. What is the name of the horse?
RooBoyStu: Cheers all. Need something to smile about in this shower year
Pies20: i forgive and forget @rasp
scboy123: did i miss something where did the crips 70 come from
Kidult: 47 points to Cripps and still 10 on the clock
RooBoyStu: Night Raid is the name
pcaman2003: Try and and show some heart Cogs. Feeble effort so far.
Baldfrog: Fingers crossed Rooboy black type means big bickies later on
amigaman: Cheers RooBoy
Pies20: raid haha good luck stu love the confidence hopefully you get up yeew
Social: Crrrippa
pcaman2003: Nice work Haynes. Keep going.
Kidult: Been watching from the stands
CozzieCan: Doch looks to ton again , 2 in a row fingers crossed !!
duckky: Hi everyone – is this game as bad as the score suggests?
Avarax: haynes is controlling the airspace back there.
Baldfrog: not overly exciting Duckky
DrSeuss: Even worse than the score suggests duckky
spdysaint: Williams has dissapeared
Rathain84: Crows are going to flog these muppets next week
isoeso: @duckky one team off a four day break, the other of five, both gassed
Nuffman: chucked a sneaky 20 on night raid at thousand guiness and used a powerplay for $61 to win… lol
Gotigres: Whitfield useless up forward
duckky: Is that what we are going to see for the next fortnight @isoeso? 🙁
DrSeuss: Get stuffed Haynes – going to cover all 3 of Cogs, Curnow and Whitfield
pcaman2003: Gotigres. He and Cogs both having mares.
Raspel31: Lloyd now Haynes- defenders outscoring midfielders. Some tired bodies methinks.
MercAm: What the flower is gws doing
beerent11: Bad day for the yeahnahs, crippa whit trac jmartin viney cogs lucky it’s a bye
isoeso: @duck wouldn’t surprise
BigChief: 6 goals 17? What a shit show.
DrSeuss: Why would GWS give Leon Cameron a 2 year extension after this year?
pcaman2003: beerent. I’m already having nightmares about next round when scores count in H2H.
Yelse: cripps pick uo some points asap trading you for neal next week
Baldfrog: Cameron is wasting the talent GWS have
Pies20: Me thinks? Come on your better than that @rasp
Pies20: would go well in black and white @baldy
beerent11: Luckily I’m through to the prelims in 5 of my six leagues pcaman. Two weeks off pretty much.
DrSeuss: How is that HTBon Curnow? He didnt even put a hand on it?
BOMBRBLITZ: what a horrible game
Apachecats: Just went eachway in the 1000 Guineas as well.
circle52: So much for opting Whitfield as C
Kidult: I Think Cameron should go to Port and be that second fwd
CozzieCan: This game is hilarious haha
Baldfrog: na pies no one looks good in black and white except Joffa
circle52: He did dive on it Dr so is HTB under the rules. I disagree with that rule.
Avarax: im also on in the guineas apache
kascadev8: whats up with whitfield being ignored by the GWS players?? he provides great consistent running and isnt being used
pcaman2003: beerent. Well done.
Ash777: It’s like the premos know there’s no h2h this week
DrSeuss: Again – Whitfield ignored when open in a paddock. WTAF
Yelse: this must be the worst game week in history
Baldfrog: sheesh if it doesn’t win rooboy will have to relocate
DrSeuss: @Circle – Definitely dived into the contest, dont think he ever had the ball though. But who knows with the HTB rule
Pies20: Joffa looks better in gold @baldy
circle52: Think so Ash
beerent11: Pretty weak leagues if I’m going ok in them pcaman
Baldfrog: haha toche
RooBoyStu: Lol Monty can do website maintenance at 4pm Saturday for 15 mins as race is 4:10pm, nobody will be chatting lol
circle52: 2Pies 20 hoping tomorrow nights game much better
CozzieCan: Cripps beating Doch in sc ? What a joke ..
Baldfrog: *pies
Poliyagon: I wouldnt be able to watch this if I didnt go for carlton. shocking game.
beerent11: Shit crippa got to the 70’s
CATSPREM: apache we should guess whitfields score if your there
Apachecats: The one I have a small share in is running on Saturday week -Future we
spdysaint: Zac williams was on 33 at qtr time. Wtf
exatekk: Goal from Crippa for $240 would be nice
Poliyagon: go blues! dont choke the season
Apachecats: Might do him next time CatsP ,we’ve had him a couple of times.
RooBoyStu: Good luck apache, same with me small share
beerent11: Doc 3 cp crippa 7 Cp cozziecan
Ash777: glad to see cripps break the tag atleast
Sunharp: Can someone with more insight explain Cripps’ score? He’s been missing the whole game
BigChief: Not everyone likes horse racing @RooBoy
Pies20: same @circle you a pies fan?
RooBoyStu: Not everyone likes chiefs BigChief they like Indians
spdysaint: Just go lucky sunharp, tackles, cp, and 4ff
beerent11: All his possessions have been contested sunharp
Pies20: @chief relax
Billy777: i like racing rooboy what was horses name
BigChief: Shut up Pies
beerent11: Crippa to ton
Raspel31: Agree BigChief.
SC-STAR–: easy beerent
Social: Allo Ricco
CozzieCan: Why would you trade Cripps is beyond me
Raspel31: I meant about horse racing- not shut up.
beerent11: Each to their own chief and raspel
Torz: Riccardi goes bang!
kascadev8: go riccardi
Baldfrog: Chief it can be exciting my best mates dad owned Durbridge won a group one
BOMBRBLITZ: Riccardi! I didn’t break you after all
spdysaint: Riccardi is a beast
DEESareSAD: Riccardi stepping up in the big moments
valkorum: Mark Kick Goal, Mark Kick Goal. Good boy Riccardi
pcaman2003: Nice one Jake
MercAm: Dam this Riccardi kid is gonna be something!!!
Reubz: Cream rising
Gotigres: Well done Riccardi
twinpeaks: J R Jake Riccardi
Ash777: out of finlayson n cameron who wont be at giants next year?
DrSeuss: Cogs, Riccardi and Curnow starting well. Whitfield still being ignored by teammates and umps
The39Steps: 26pts for Riccardi from that effort!
V@lks: fml, looped mosquito over ric. NN, mcgrath, walters, dusty, braysh, tracc, cogs, whit
pcaman2003: Don’t stop now Haynes.
SC-STAR–: Buono Riccardi
Raspel31: No- he kicked a goal only moments earlier 39.
MercAm: Cameron you flog
Pies20: plenty on the race talk @chief and still on the footy so maybe you shut up about your opinion on the horse’s
goat_19: i made whit C right before the game lovely
kascadev8: 23 more disposals to come crippfield. lets see u get it
Apachecats: Great solo effort The Perryman.
Poliyagon: classic.
BigChief: The real GWS finally showed up.
beerent11: Ripping goal
The39Steps: Sorry @raspel, i meant contested mark, kick and goal got the 26.
beerent11: Me too goat. In lachie we trust
BigChief: This is a footy site Pies. If you want to talk hor racing go else where.
Raspel31: True- my bad 39.
Rilian: Yin-Yang for Cripps & Cogs m0nty?
Pies20: your a Muppet @chief your flying solo on that comment
DEESareSAD: Good week to bring Walsh in
pcaman2003: Cogs! I wanna divorce please.
BigChief: Read the site rules Pies. Oh I forgot you can’t read.
CozzieCan: Now that was 50 & should of been play on . Umpires are all over the joint
Apachecats: Hill deserved that ,should’ve been kicking from the goal square.
Raspel31: No- he’s not Pies- but no private bickering.
dipstick: As if anyone would trade out cripps. Not even a nutless monkey would do that🙊
bhg26: Agree Cozzie, and if you go even a millimetre in the protected zone, the umpires never miss it
Pies20: haha @chief with no teethe ill finish your next insult Muppet
swandane: cozzie first thing youve said all night that i agree with
srj2409: Flog comment chief
Baldfrog: thats one sad monkey dipstick
beerent11: The kids are overrunning this site.
valkorum: pies and chief – cut it out, keep the talk about the game
Napper: Great 2 weeks to bring J Martin in
CozzieCan: @Aprt from B.T. & his obnoxious over the top .
pcaman2003: Keep it nice boys. No more bickering.
CozzieCan: @swandane cheers mate , I appreciate that ya muppet
BumSniff: Williams always seems to s top scoring as i stop watching
Billy777: still don’t know horses name
Social: there’s a horse forum over on easy bet
Apachecats: Psst Billy (whispers) Its Night Raid.
CozzieCan: Doch 2 tons , keep it up you good thing !!
PowerBug: stick to GWS vs Carlton please
Gotigres: How I regret looping Rivers 67 ahead of Williamson who will ton up.
Pies20: Haha @Apache
Billy777: thanks apache knew you would help me out
Raspel31: Finally gave up on Doch 2 weeks ago Cozzie- more fool I.
SC-STAR–: Cripps was already on that score with 7 posis
SC-STAR–: Cripps was already on that score with 7 posi
DrSeuss: Piss Off Haynes – stop kicking it on his head
PowerBug: Similar GoTigres. I had to pick one of the two and chose to start Rivers 🙁
pcaman2003: Cripps is a worry. Runs hot and cold very quickly.
dipstick: Whaaat. Am I an aysshole, am I a joyk, get the farckk outta here!
CozzieCan: @Raspel with you on that.. but seasons to short for flogs
Raspel31: “And they’re racing”- sigh,
Pies20: Who get for him @rasp appreciate the shut up explanation
srj2409: Wouldn’t trust a horse forum on a betting site. Probably full of fake accounts spruking horse to lay their bets
Raspel31: Haynes Pies.
pcaman2003: Gee!Riccardi has dropped back from 70 to 59 without being near the ball since his goal.
twinpeaks: Haynes star
Poliyagon: carlton you absolute fucking idiots
kascadev8: how did riccardi drop to 59 🙁
Pies20: enjoy the night off @Apache
CozzieCan: Gee 2 NTP wins in a row I’m on fire
Social: Giants by a length
twinpeaks: Walsh a good get next year IMO – should be the Viney/McGrath of 21
pcaman2003: Thank goodness for Haynes score.
Raspel31: Indeed- good work Apache.
MrWalrus: Did we win the last Cozzie?
Apachecats: Cozzie might be on a hat trick if that score holds ,final results tomorrow.
pcaman2003: Kascadev. He dropped back slowly to 59 but got a kick since my comment and went back to 70
88360: No way, o was gonna go 101
Apachecats: haha social
Pies20: And a half @social
srj2409: lol social

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