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Chat log from R15 of 2020: Sydney vs Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs Melbourne, R15 of 2020

BigChief: So Mills out for McLean.
amigaman: Howdy BigChief
bhg26: Lloyd, JPK, Trac and Gawn as captain
BigChief: Gday amiga. Hows things?
amigaman: Tossed up between Lloyd & Oliver for VC. Went Oliver
BigChief: Lloyd Petracca and Rivers for me.
amigaman: Good thanks BC
amigaman: Lloyd Oliver Viner & Petracca for me
amigaman: *Viney
Stephen001: Go Dees
amigaman: Yep Go Dees
Wahab_18: Just VC Trac and Viney in this one
Wahab_18: oh and forgot about rivers too
Poliyagon: Oliver, Tracca, Loyd C and Wicks for me!
Avarax: petracca, oliver, lloyd (VC), wicks,
hinsch: What happened to Foot from Sydney, thought he was the new gun
Beast_Mode: doe ppl actually care who each other have in each game lol
Gotigres: I just traded Lloyd in, so expect him to have a quiet game. Will probably go sub-90.
Avarax: i do beast. its nice to sweat with them sometimes
Raspel31: Who’ve you got Beast?
Gotigres: Yes Beast. Then we know who to blame.
SC-STAR–: Got J kennedy in cause of Jords vids
m0nty: Foot was given the boot
Beast_Mode: lol ok i see, was just curious. in that case i have gawn, chips, tracca
Nuffman: the moment you took foot over wicks…. paying massive dividends…
Baldfrog: thanks for the dad joke m0nty
J.Worrall: Shocker dad joke. m0nty
Raspel31: Who cares Beast?
GroupOne: Gold M0nty
Beast_Mode: lmao, well played
Avarax: Wicks hasnt been that good. bit of a slow burner
Nuffman: better to have a playing rookie, than a non-playing rookie though, Ava
Water: go wicksy
Avarax: hopefully he can outscore NicNat
hinsch: Thanks Monty that answered my question lol
furphy: cheers avarax, can you fire jpk up now
BURN3R: G’day everyone….nice front and centre by Wicks
GroupOne: Wicks on fire
DrSeuss: Wicks doing pretty well from 2 possessions
MrWalrus: VC Gawn quietly building
Gandhi: Great start for Blade Runner
BigChief: Clarry looks like he has lost weight
Wahab_18: Why is Viney so Shower? 🙁
Baldfrog: ok who bought in Tracca this week?
StuL: Both likely GF opponents have Viney so ive held but gee he looks bad
CATSPREM: i bought trac this week 🙁
Stephen001: If you were to pick a best defender for this year. I would have to go with Lloyd
Raspel31: Me last week catsperm- plenty of time left.
Poliyagon: lets go wicks
Beast_Mode: dont worry catsperm he’ll be alright
skendoooor: Wicks just needed a match to get going
DrSeuss: Hmm traded out Brayshaw this week. Expect a big score
Avarax: if you look at pure scoring stephen, sure. if you look at impact, ridley, maynard, haynes have been huge
MrWalrus: Llyod good fantasy scorer but doubt he’d even d
Stephen001: Ridley has had a great year so far as well.
bhg26: As a swans fan who hated lloyd last year for getting cheap touches, this year he has definitely become more effective
MrWalrus: Llyod good fantasy scorer but doubt he’d even be in the mix for top 20 defs in the AFL
Apachecats: NTP results from last game.Brayshaw got 63.
MercAm: I mean Lloyd has gotten many AA and he’ll get another this year
StuL: Wicks cash boost could be very handy
Apachecats: First NTP was swandane on 60 ,2nd was pies20 on 69 ,3rd was social on 76.
Apachecats: Well done to all who took part.
swandane: start freeing up some space in the poolroom apache
bhg26: Just wanted to let you know apache im loving retirement
thommoae: Gonna go the NTP running double with Brayshaw, Apache?
Apachecats: cheers bhg26.Always welcome back though.
Apachecats: It crossed my mind thommoae ,but no.
Apachecats: Well done swandane ,clever pick that.
J.Worrall: Sicily then Lloyd, according to
Ash777: damn thought I put the c on oliver this round. It’s on whitfield instead.
Ash777: I feel cd like uptick 1 brayshaw a round.
Avarax: probably a good thing ash
pcaman2003: Arvo gents. Just came in. Ollie TOG? What’s happened? And Wicks? Score correct?
J.Worrall: followed by Daniels and Andrews (not political at all)
srj2409: No, the score is wrong (rolls eyes)
Ash777: I also though I bought in Daniher. I bought in Riccardi so that was good too.
pcaman2003: srj2049. Rhetorical ,get it?
Pies20: go swans
NewFreoFan: What on earth is Melbourne doing
Pies20: I made the podium thanks @Apache
Gotigres: Gawn on track to reach his breakeven of 165
J.Worrall: ironic/satyric, not rhetoric
swandane: whos NTP apache? need to apply my algorithm
srj2409: Yes I was definitely being rhetorical. Sorry if that wasn’t clear
Apachecats: Patience grasshopper son.
CozzieCan: Rhetorical question genuinely doesn’t have a question mark . Proper English grammar
Ash777: I wonder if anyone kept McInerney.
woodduck: A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked to make a point rather than to
srj2409: That’s why I didn’t put a question mark in grasshopper
woodduck: elicit an answer
StuL: If Melb want to be any chance of finals? They’re being Melbourne
SneakySC: I’ve still got McInerney
CATSPREM: do something Trac
DrSeuss: Anyone else trade out Brayshaw just in time for him to remember what the footy looks like?
woodduck: you are welcome pcam
Raspel31: You’re not allowed to use rhetorical Cozzie- that’s my word
NewFreoFan: Salem uncharacteristically quiet
Apachecats: Wasn’t referring to you actually srj2409
poolboybob: lol melbourne
Apachecats: Ok ,nearest the pin time .Its on Lloyd .Apache goes 172.
woodduck: a rhetorical question has a question mark srj
poolboybob: 8 contested possessions for Lloyd must be a career high
CozzieCan: Sorry Raspel , retarded suits me best haha
Water: Ill go 169 for lloyd please apache
pcaman2003: woodduck. I already knew that,but rather than cause stupid arguments I let it go.
The39Steps: 184 for me please @apache.
MrWalrus: I want a recount
Gotigres: 145 for Lloyd
CozzieCan: 142 please Apache
pcaman2003: 156 for me please Apache.
MrWalrus: Llyod 142 please
woodduck: fair enough pca
stemy1243: Hope so Apache he is my V/C. 151 for me thanks
BURN3R: 137 for Lloyd please Apache
heppelitis: 148 thanks Apachecats
thommoae: 149 looking fine.
CATSPREM: 154 please apache
Thomas1234: 111 please
Raspel31: 156 pleez Mr Apache.
Ash777: super McInerney
ajconodie: Evening!!! 147 for Llllloyyyyyd please Apache!
pcaman2003: Raspel. You sticking by me again with your score?:)
Apachecats: My vc too stemy
bhg26: McInerney is on fiyah
BigChief: 151 please Apache
TrainMan10: 144 thanks Apache
Moona: 161 for Lloyd please
Poliyagon: 163 loyd
Billy777: 177 for me please apache – evening boys
lisapizza7: 153 for lloyd please
amigaman: Lloyd 165 for me please
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.Entries put in during 3rd quarter will just be ignored.
DrSeuss: 138 please Apache
SneakySC: 136 if mine didn’t pop up in chat I think
isoeso: Lloyd 181 please
exatekk: Hi all. 155 for Lloyd thanks Apache
FinlaySON: 147 Lloyd please Apache
Haydo: 150 for Lloyd
isoeso: 179 lloyd
Ash777: going to keep the C on whitfield but I think Curnow will tag him.
Billy777: makes you wonder why mcinerney was left out of side for so long and also why gould has not got a game yet
Pies20: 169 @Apache please
Avarax: 164 for lloyd
Apachecats: isoeso 179 ok
isoeso: Keep the 181 and delete the 179 please…didn’t think it went through
Apachecats: sneaky 136 ok
Apachecats: isoeso 181 ok
SneakySC: Gould was mentioned in a press conference, he’s nearly there, they just want to iron out a few things
Wahab_18: Lloyd 147 Please Apache
mikh2001: 147 lloyd
SneakySC: Yeah 136, sorry, my FF chat doesn’t always show what I put in for some reason
Wahab_18: Oh someone took 147 Ill take 148 then please
dkeating48: 147 please and thank you
swandane: 124 for Lloyd apache.. back to back for the first time in history surely
Desi: Got the VC on big Max go 150, would be good.
Stephen001: 168 for Lloyd
dkeating48: 146, just missed 147
The Hawker: 159 for me please Apache 🙂
Apachecats: wahab 148 ok
Desi: Damn, Lloyd 150 not Max.
Billy777: have had gould all year just one game might be handy
Apachecats: dbk 146 ok
Wahab_18: Has Anyone noticed Melksham’s score? That’s kinda crazy
tags54: 153 thanks apache
pcaman2003: Billy777. Same here. All year waiting in hope. Oh Well!
Nuffman: I’ve been stuck with Brisbane’s Roberton all year… zzzz
Billy777: GF scores 100 and wins us our final – you can only hope at least he will be cheap next year
tags54: wahab looking at his stats no way should he be on 43
SC-STAR–: 147 If it has not been taken
Wahab_18: And I’ve had Hawks Greaves at D8 all year
BigChief: WTF is Rugba League?
Wahab_18: tag54 He must’ve had a good time with someone from Champion Data last night.. Maybe?
Crave: Melksham normally gets a fair few goal assists, add on that 3 of his possies r contested. not out of the realm
SneakySC: I was thinking the same Chief
Apachecats: Peter Vlandy has changed the name to Rugba League.
Rathain84: Hi All, bloody 4.10pm work day games!
tags54: could be still in bed wahab haha
BigChief: @Nuffman maybe he gets a game this week.
Kidult: When you got both Mcinerney no E and Wicks with the E
Pies20: Same @nuff
StuL: Vlady is right. We wont blow your house down but we have chipped heaps off it. It will be rubble one day
heppelitis: Hi Rath…4.10 a good time for us that are locked up and not allowed to work haha.
swandane: blow the siren on NTP
tags54: 4 poss 1 ga 1 fa 1 clanger = 43 dont think so
CozzieCan: Wicks is going great , no complaints here .. except for Rivers floating away
Social: Flower these 4.40 starts, missed out on JPK grrrr….
BigChief: @tags it’s not just those stats you know.
Apachecats: 38 entries ,111-184.good luck.
Avarax: he seems to be flowing in a southerly direction
Sugartits: Hey Apache, again sorry about the autocorrect the other night.
Rathain84: No worries, Hepp. Nocked off early to watch on bus home 🙂
Crave: only looks jarring coz his DT is low, but having ~+40-50 SC over DT isn’t uncommon
Apachecats: All good sugartits ,cheers
Migz: What do you guys think about a slight rule adjustment with kickers taking 30s then passing
dkeating48: Could rivers have more pozzie’s then SuperCoach!
Migz: i saw a suggestion saying if you take your 30s for a shot on goal and pass it, if your team takes a mark they dont get
tags54: @bigchief thx just seems odd
CozzieCan: @Crave i only do SC m8 wbu ? Happy days
LMartos: how on earth is Melksham on 42, not SC relevant but that ratio is ridiculous
Migz: additional time to kick for goal.
swandane: @migz should be a free if you indicate you’re having a shot and dont end up scoring.. no reason to allow that rubbish
Rathain84: Melksham should have kicked a goal by now, Dees planning early end of season trip
Crave: @CozzieCan I only take SC “seriously”, have a DT team but don’t pay much attention lol
SC-STAR–: melksham 8 fantasy and 44 sc
Migz: only problem with that swan is what if they shank it or dont make the distance.
CozzieCan: Ah fairo @Crave , how you going this year mate , positive rank ?
SC-STAR–: Apache did you record mine?
Avarax: the umpires should just take a harder stance on it. no need to penalise. just call play on if outside 55 metres etc
swandane: has to be a penalty for it though
CozzieCan: Man Tracca having a stinker
Migz: thats why the change would be if they pass it, no time for a set shot. basically you need to get on your line then take
Migz: the shot
BigChief: There was no way Kennedy was making it from 55 against the wind. Should have called play on.
swandane: @avarax 25m out with 45 seconds to go, should absolutely be penalized for a pass after 30sec
Avarax: no it shouldnt. its within the scope. if a team wants to pass, and gets away with it, thats on the defence. mark up
Apachecats: yes SC-Star
Struda: thats such a smoothbrain idea dane
BigChief: Brayshaw bandaid
goat_19: what’s wrong with oliver? 60% tog way less than usual
Rathain84: come on seagull its chippies time
pcaman2003: Ratrhian84. He’s finding the chips a lot quicker today. Hungry little gull.
Gotigres: Viney making the decision easy to dump him.
Rathain84: I have him VC in DT so he needs to be bit hungrier for me to loop in over Neale
kascadev8: what the flower is petracca doing to only be on 35
Migz: sorry guys i brought petracca in this week. my bad
CATSPREM: how is trac on 40 16 disposals
kascadev8: with mcgrath and shuey out injured im bringing in clarry and lloyd nxt week. have fun
blonde0na: how the fuck was witherden omitted… what
StuL: Did Brayshaw or Gawn touch it thar qtr?
Bluebagg11: Evening all. Come on Oliver. Brought you in this week. Earn the C please!!
Rathain84: witherden out 🙁
kascadev8: witherden dropped @blonde?? ffs now im forced to take mcgraths score
SneakySC: My 136 for seagull is looking bad
Str1k3_M95: Hows he on 40 for 16? Look at at his clangers and disp efficiency.
blonde0na: @kasca yeah teams just out, witho out for rich
Water: oh man i love when taking risks pays off. passed on titchs VC for Lloyd C. fuck yeah
Raspel31: Oh pooh- Witherden dropped?. Grace a dieu this round not counted.
goat_19: greenwood a potential tag on neale?
pcaman2003: Hopefully Tracca gets this out of his system and goes big next rnd where it counts.
Kingy12: Evening all
CozzieCan: Haven’t seen a double ton in a while .. last one was English 6 weeks ago
pcaman2003: Happy with Wicks. Hope he does this again rnd 16
kascadev8: wowww, no witherden, no jelly, no k-pickett. mcgrath injured, shuey injured. fun.
Avarax: oliver double tonned more recently than that
mikh2001: I know NTP is over but Loyd-162
CozzieCan: Avarax round 10 Oliver you are right .. English round 7
Water: Cozzie didnt clarry get one 3 weeks AGO?
Kingy12: Wtf…. risked my VC for tracca C *Doh
kascadev8: my team is falling to pieces this week 🙁 down to 17 players and having to take 2 injured scores 🙁
CozzieCan: @Water can’t keep up , but was Round 10 when ever that was
pcaman2003: kaskadev. Lucky it’s not H2H this round.
Ash777: damn only have 2 defenders playing this week 🙁
Water: yep all goods
hinsch: kascadev I think a lot of teams are falling apart over the last two weeks
kascadev8: @pca yeh haha, bringing in clarry and lloyd for the injured players i have, then im done, cant make any further trades
tdarian: gee, sold the farm to be able to get tracca next week. now i’m having second thoughts!
pcaman2003: McKinerney fires up now I don’t have him any more. Grr!
StuL: Nah. They’re done Dwayne
srj2409: Lol. Not very good at this game are you tdarian?
Baldfrog: Lovin Mcinerney
Ash777: there is no winning this year 🙁
CozzieCan: @Td Tracca was always going to drop money this week .. now looking at -30k .. should of waited big fella
Ash777: Hoping Martin fires up tonight.
dkeating48: @cozzie didn’t tomahawk haven’t a double ton between now and olivers?
kascadev8: never used all my trades before the last round of the year, have done that now
DrSeuss: Keep going Lloydy – need a big score. But more kick to kick down back please.
Beast_Mode: not at all, considering getting simpkin in a few weeks ago lmao
pcaman2003: kacadev8. That’s not so good mate. Fingers crossed!
Apachecats: Just worked the old looperoo on Seagull.
DrSeuss: WTF – just saw Witherden omitted from Lions. Dammit
Baldfrog: Beast didn’t you say earlier that Tracca would come good?
Pies20: 100% tog for Lloyd rest him now for next week
Beast_Mode: he’s having a mare
BigChief: Petracca will come good. Just won’t be this week.
thommoae: Muppet Parker
lock98: butchers knife for Trac? gone at 47%
Pies20: @baldy how was the hangover from the crows win?
srj2409: Only six players on the ground have more possessions than Petracca
DrSeuss: Lloyd hasn’t had a touch this qtr – when is Seagull time tonight??
tdarian: is May a real premo?
Catatafish: Got rid of McInerny this week to free up cash. Of course he has a fucking blinder.
Baldfrog: Pies nothing better than beating the wees and poos
pcaman2003: Wicks has stopped completely this qtr.
Ash777: I would consider a borderline premo.
kascadev8: lloyd gonna look nice in my team next week, would trade him out
Apachecats: No 300 games for NJones poor bugger.
Ash777: May I mean.
BigChief: Muppet for Langdon. Just cost Dees any chance.
Baldfrog: bugger can see Swans losing this
benzammit: May B+ once you calculate his bad games.
Sugartits: So cmon wilfried bony, score some goals for Swansea, we go wild wild wild so cmon wilfried bony…🎶
swandane: star for parker monty
CozzieCan: Slow down Gawn jesus
Nuffman: That langdon miss cost Melb the game
MrWalrus: Big Maxy VC lock, anyone having trade regret?
benzammit: Tracca glad to get that stinker out.
heppelitis: put it through vc gawny
Torana: Max has Gawn crazy
kascadev8: @Walrus yes
StuL: As if I would trade Max.
heppelitis: lol
BOMBRBLITZ: Stay down Gawny
Crave: I traded in Gawn this week for Nic Nat
Nuffman: and that Gawn miss solidified it. this is why i am not a betting man
Poliyagon: dont think petracca and martin will make best 18
CozzieCan: @Walrus no , wouldn’t be sitting at rank 2190 .. was to much money on the bench
NewFreoFan: Classic Langdon, don’t miss him
Nuffman: talk about a muppet
tdarian: big maxy is my C – winning
DrSeuss: Langdon just giving the game away at each end
Baldfrog: Melbourne never change
benzammit: Perfect weather here in Cairns
Pies20: Well done swan’s helps the pies
pcaman2003: Upgrading to Gawn for rnd 16.
Struda: langdons been close to best on, the fuck you mean
Kidult: ty Swans now need Blues to get up tonight
Baldfrog: Even money Langdon is dropped next week
NewFreoFan: @Struda he crumbles at the slightest hint of pressure
Nuffman: Sure.. close to best on.. but at the end of teh day.. easily cost them the game
benzammit: Captain Gawn, Oliver,Tracca,Lloyd,Rivers happy enough.
thommoae: Well done Swans – helps the Giants too. Least they could’ve done having pantsed us recently.
Torana: is the app for this on iphone?
Kidult: Rivers and Wicks going to push out Martin and Trac for me haha
Torana: can’t seem to find it if it is though
Pies20: Give Lloyd a rest now horse need him fit next week
Ash777: Rivers better score than premos…
Yummy5454: Why Oliver such low TOG?
kascadev8: hello jake lloyd, come to my team
BigChief: 10 points scaling for Lloyd? LOL
Torana: dees finals are done oh well
swandane: apache got my 142 for lloyd right?
BigChief: Star for Parker m0nty
Beast_Mode: rivers shouldve have been playing for months, goodwin u muppet
Crowls: no gawn no lloyd -head to brick repeat
CozzieCan: @Swandane give the man a break you’ll find out soon enough
Apachecats: nope got you on
Crowls: @beast with you mate on rivers
swandane: come on mate, you could have read it wrong haha
hinsch: Good that Gawn did not hit BE goes down in price
Crowls: bloody lloyd – gets points for farting
benzammit: Langdon dropped after that…..? Ridiculous!
swandane: @cozziecan it was a joke, you need the muppet icon mate
CozzieCan: @swandane seeing as you aren’t a regular flower off ya inbred hairy lemon
bhg26: Gawn as Captain, Lloyd and Kennedy! only negative was petracca

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