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Chat log from R15 of 2020: Richmond vs Fremantle

Chat log for Richmond vs Fremantle, R15 of 2020

pcaman2003: Dusty ,Ryan and Brayshaw. Be interesting to see if Ryan improves on last weeks piddly score of 67.
Pies20: im watching closely tonight with who im v next round
Rathain84: Only have Dusty, but word on the street is he is the greatest of all time
Pies20: Got dusty that’s it
Wahab_18: Only Dusty on here for SC but hopefully my multi boys get over
Stephen001: I hate Richmond, but Iknow that they shouldnt lose this game
bhg26: Fyfe, Walters and Brayshaw
heppelitis: dusty not even top 10 im my crappy sc team
Apachecats: NTP results .
BURN3R: G’day everyone
Apachecats: So after Ridley mysteriously lost 7 points he ended up on 136.
pcaman2003: Hi Burn3r.
pcaman2003: Drum roll for Apache please. Results are….
Apachecats: !st was sMiles -hole in one on 136 ,well done on your first NTP.
bhg26: Just wanted to let you know that I have retired Apache
CozzieCan: Well done sMiles , thanks for your work Apache
Apachecats: 2nd was social on 135 ,=3rd were Water 138 and Gotigres on 134.Well done if you had a go.
Nuffman: I don’t play Apache. But just wanted to thank you for your services
Apachecats: Just going to say keep that speech handy ,you will crack your 3rd soon bhg.
BigChief: Time to hit mute on tv already.
Apachecats: Thanks Nuffman,
pcaman2003: Yep! Great work again Apache. Congrats to sMles
Apachecats: Thanks cozzie and pca ,appreciated
hinsch: who thinks Dusty is the best player in the league
bhg26: I am retired indefinitely Apache, I cannot continue to play after suffering so much heartache
DEESareSAD: Ryan and Brayshaw tonight
CozzieCan: A female commentator?? Not sexist but gee
Apachecats: Don’t start hinsch ,he’ll turn up again.
blonde0na: @Cozzie gee what? Wilson’s a fine commentator given what we could be listening to…
Apachecats: Soorry to loseyou on the cusp of greatness BHG but I understand.
Haydo: Last minute change of vc from Neale to Fyfe😬
bhg26: I may return Apache, but when… I don’t know
StuL: Night GF? Don’t like it. NRL has been rubbish ever since. Nothing to “test”
Social: That’s my best NTP finish so far 🙂
heppelitis: better than bruce blowing his foofoo valve with his artificial excitement every time something happens
Apachecats: Time wounds all heels bhg.
Thomas1234: @haydo why would you have neale vc he plays last game of the round
furphy: @haydo probably a good change considering neale is the last game
Social: @heppel luckily Bruce doesn’t do that for the Cats
CozzieCan: Fine I’ll shut up , I’ll keep perving on that fine lady in the goal square .. what a honka
Apachecats: Getting closer social.
Social: hummana hummana
GobChuck: nice quiet night after blasting out to 1450 off the two games yesterday. Just Fyfe
thommoae: Agreed StuL. Night GFs have never been the same since NRL went there. AFL should stick tight.
heppelitis: lol social
TheLegend6: Brayshaw only 2 touches last week in first qtr, slow burner
CozzieCan: Lmao @Social doesn’t hurt to look once in a while haha
Gotigres: I like the female commentators. It is another unique element of our game. Like the theme songs as well.
Nuffman: As long as they know footy, I don’t care.
pcaman2003: It’s either listen to her,or BT aand Bruce the Goose. I’ll take her thanks.
circle52: @stu7 Reason for night GF is Cox plate in the afternoon and Channel 7 has rights to both.
Nuffman: In saying that… I thought the addition of the female commentators felt rushed and thought they were out of their depth
heppelitis: can someone give brayshaw a rocket please
Nuffman: for a little while… especially Holmes. too raw, like Daniher in his first year
BigChief: The game has started Brayshaw and Walters.
CozzieCan: Walters & Ryan are doing flower all
Rathain84: Anyone like Viney>Cogs as a use it or lose final DT trade for this round?
Torana: i listen to the game on abc radio on mobile always playing gaming on the xbox got nfs heat
amigaman: Geez CD really hates Darcy
pcaman2003: As long as Ryan and Brayshaw fire up next round,I’m okay with it.
CozzieCan: Serong for rising star ?
NewFreoFan: Serong or Rankine
amigaman: Surely Serong purely on consistency
CozzieCan: Fyfe slow down & save this for next week ya son of a gun
scboy123: Serong my rising star vote for sure
scboy123: yeah course fyfe going big in a week that means nothing
pjw1234: anderson i think just because he has played an extra 4 games
GobChuck: ooooooft could be a shot for the 1k this week, got 21 playing and so far 11/12 yesterday tonned up
Nuffman: have 800k in the bank… and 7 trades left for the year. next week gonna bring Neale back in and maybe upgrade to fyfe
SadBlueBoi: Haha, I agree @CozzieCan
RooBoyStu: Kelli Underwood flower off commentating she says at qtr time “Tigers dominated the half”
Nuffman: and another downgrade
CozzieCan: Full credit to Serong , did really well when Fyfe & Walters where out with injury. Has my vote
Apachecats: Nice staart JAarts.
spdysaint: Was thinking of three players this week, crouch, Fyfe and of course I picked brayshaw
bhg26: Fyfe is making up for Brayshaw and Walters
Pies20: @rooboy your horse running Saturday scene it’s nominated going to win?
Apachecats: You could use one trade this round and still have 2 for each of the last 3 rounds Nuffman.
TheLegend6: Serong/Rankine then daylight for Rising Star. Anderson had a good few weeks too.
Nuffman: was thinking that Apache, but figure I can get more value for money next week, hence the trip trade next week
furphy: You forgot about king LEGEND
Nuffman: only need 3 premmies to finish team also…
RooBoyStu: Race 7 number 9 at Moonee Valley Saturday will win $6 TAB Fixed easy money. Thousand Guineas the target
TheLegend6: @Furphy I like King but don’t think he’s a shout for it.
spdysaint: Furphy, king is way home berated as a saints fan
GobChuck: Serong, King, Rankine in that order for me rn, Anderson after that and then daylight
RooBoyStu: Get on Night Raid boys!
CozzieCan: Ricardi to late for rising star ?
Pies20: Yeah that’s why I’m asking cheers I’ll get on it
Nuffman: chucking a sneaky $20 Roo… I don’t know horses… grandpa never passed that on.. so ima trust you
TheLegend6: Cozzie I’d say so. But if he’s in contention then Rowell wins easily.
Apachecats: Nice barrier .good jockey RBS, good luck.
Nuffman: even though i don’t generally trust north supporters
Raspel31: Evening all.
Pies20: @rooboy i want $6 keep it down would ya haha
Stu7: Brayshaw you Alive?
BigChief: @RooBoy nope Dirty Thoughts for me.
pcaman2003: Howdy Raspel.
CozzieCan: @Legend fair call m8
Apachecats: Evening raspel
Social: Ah Rasp, here try this McLaren cabsav
kascadev8: who won the DPP on Riddles last night? was my 140 pick close to it?
Pies20: good luck with it @rooboy get up you good thing yeew
Pies20: what’s up @rasp?
heppelitis: brayshaw on bench i think
DrSeuss: Brayshaw starting on the bench and already with super low TOG. Nice if Dusty could do something
furphy: @spdy saints fan too, treated way too harsh. already better than mccartin
Raspel31: Ha ha Social.
NewFreoFan: Brayshaws numbers are usually down when Fyfe is up and about
spdysaint: Not too hard to be better than McCartin loll
Raspel31: Who screwed up the bye next week and has too many Richmond and Pies players?. hMM.
Apachecats: 1st was a hole in one to sMiles kasca.
Foursuits: What’s the tip @Apache ?
DrSeuss: Brayshaw at 59% TOG – WTF. Not this crap again.
kascadev8: ahh cool, thanks apache
Sloan4Pres: Lynch for coleman?
StuL: Only have one of each Raspel
spdysaint: Raspel who do you have? Can’t think of more than four of those teams
GobChuck: was looking to walters value next week, role change? he’s nowhere
CozzieCan: 101k owner’s first Dusty for next weeks bye .. shouldn’t effect many
Apachecats: RooBoyStus horse Night Raid.@Foursuits MV Saturday.
Wahab_18: What is the point of brayshaw being in the team? This is so frustrating
zadolinnyj: Managing brayshaw killing me
TheLegend6: Brayshaw 4 touches in 30 seconds
DrSeuss: @Gob – he hasn’t gone back to the middle much since his injury. Traded him out this week
Foursuits: Ill put a 100$ on it
Apachecats: Pies 20 TAB operating for saturday .Just had $5ew at $6.00 and $2.20.
Raspel31: I’ve got 5 Stuhl so will need my 3 trades next week.
DrSeuss: Is Martin playing forward? Or playing lazy?
kascadev8: forced to finish with rookies onfield now with shuey and mcgrath out for a month + . which rookies do i keep on field?
GobChuck: @seuss that’s just dumb by freo, they say they’ll go fyfe fwd with the new mids and then keep mundy and punt walters. se
circle52: Only Walters and Dusty in this game so not a good start
kascadev8: got riccardi, woodcock, sholl, rivers, wicks. going to have to play 2 of them
circle52: Poor performance from the greatest player of all time.
LMartos: Ryan 3 points for an effective kick i50 which was a score assist :/
Pies20: Rekn my last 2 trade’s will be neale for Adam’s and dusty to someone any suggestions?
DrSeuss: @Gob – frustrating. Held him through his injury then he came back with rubbish scores and a new role 🙁
GobChuck: riccardi and rivers imo kasca, but keep wicks in case rivers gets randomly dropped
StuL: Ffs. Dusty. Lucky everyone has him. Not next year i think
Foursuits: $6.25 poweplay
Foursuits: run 2nd or 3rd $50 bonus bet
Ash777: the round you want premos to be bad.
StuL: Plenty of inconsistent premos this year. Playing with rookies may not
Gotigres: I was going to mention Rankine kascadev.
Nuffman: did the same 4suits.. stuck a sneaky 20. first bet on the horses lol
Pies20: got both smiths Whitfield trac dusty ricardi woodcock and rankine
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin tonight is on Brayshaw .Apache going for 90.
Nuffman: don’t know what that means 4suits lol… lost me now
StuL: Ricco been outscoring my premos
kascadev8: @Gob thats what i was thinking yeh, going mcgrath and shuey to clarry and lloyd i think
Crave: ehh Dusty still avg 104, if he has FWD status still a good output.
Apachecats: sounds good 4suits.
CozzieCan: 102 plz Apache
Rathain84: Just want Dusty to beat Brayshaw (Gaff style if necessary)
hinsch: NTP Brayshaw 99 pls
Foursuits: 111 for Brayshaw
kascadev8: 80 for brayshaw please
Raspel31: Raspel goes 92 although he really doesn’t care.
Bart Man: 94 for brayshaw thanks apache
zadolinnyj: 102 please
heppelitis: 98 for andy b thanks
exatekk: 97 please apache
thommoae: Brayshaw 92 please.
scboy123: Serong 4 disposals Bolton 9 disp and Riewoldt 2 goals come on second half
Water: Ill go 128 for brayshaw please Apache
swandane: 60 for Brayshaw
pcaman2003: 119 for Brayshaw pls Apache
Pies20: 69 great number
isoeso: 85 brayshaw please
BigChief: 98 please Apache
cmperrfect: Great work Shorto, big 2nd half now to make up for Spudsin Martin
CozzieCan: @Zado pick again mate 102 taken
Reubz: Looked like Walters was looking up at coaches box when he dropped a flower bomb then
Gotigres: 113 for Brayshaw thanks Apache
GobChuck: even 100 please for brayshaw apache
stemy1243: 103 Brayshaw
thommoae: Can two take the same score, Apache?
Pies20: thanks @Apache
Wahab_18: Brayshaw 101 please Apache
Ash777: brayshaw 91
Avarax: 111 brayshaw please
Thomas1234: 84 brayshaw
cmperrfect: 93 Brayshaw
Breezey: Brayshaw 112
Apachecats: yes thommoae.
Thomas1234: sorry i meant 83 for brayshaw
Haydo: 116 Brayshaw
DrSeuss: Wonder if Dusty can pull his finger out for the second half.
furphy: ill go 92** didnt see message below cheers
CozzieCan: Bollocks
DrSeuss: Brayshaw 101 if available
masterhc2: 97 for Brayshaw pls
DEESareSAD: I’ll take 114 thanks
Apachecats: Thomas 83 ok.
GobChuck: I forgot Acres is really good at footy. Got sucked into him a couple years back at st kilda before he did his back
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Raspel31: Round of applause for Apache.
Foursuits: I’ve also got 111 @Avarax
spdysaint: 126 for brayshaw please
bushranger: Brayshaw 93 please
NewFreoFan: 79 Brayshaw please
Apachecats: Multiples on the one score are OK.
circle52: 92 for Brayshaw
SC-STAR–: 119 for brayshaw
TigerTime: Brayshaw 118 please
Social: Brayshaw 76 please Apache
TigerTime: 118 for Brayshaw please
dipperD: 105 for brayshaw
jackhenry: 102 for brayshaw please
Raspel31: Can you add me as a multiple to the winning score please Apache?
CozzieCan: If we all go the same number for NTP everyone is a winner !!! Ok Karen
Apachecats: That would simplify things great idea Cozzie ,could bulk order the TShirts.
Apachecats: no raspel.
CozzieCan: @Apache taking the piss m8 … lol
Apachecats: Comp closed 40 entries 60 -128.Results before tomorrows game -not tonight.
Raspel31: Freo on fire.
Torana: Houli on 19 wtf he is making stratton seem a better defencer at this point
Apachecats: We seem to have woken Brayshaw up a bit.
Water: Hey walters the best scores go at the top not the bottom
DrSeuss: Where is Dusty playing? Or is he just running around tonight?
Sugartits: 98 Apache
Apachecats: Close end of half time sugartits.
V@lks: Yes Walters! Cmon mate
GobChuck: jeez walters is 5 ahead of dusty
dkeating48: 93 for Brayshaw
Ash777: doubt dusty will get more than 70 at this rate.
Rilian: @DrSeuss Playing like he gives 0 f’s. 2nd gear, always behind play. Killing me in an Elim. 🙁
TheLegend6: We’ll play dusty in the square, good chance for a goal or 2 which would push him up a fair bit
Apachecats: Entries closed 15 minutes ago, enough already.No late entries accepted.
DrSeuss: Dusty will pout if he is getting tagged. Score will likely go backwards.
Social: saving his sugar pills for the finals
Raspel31: Well,it was finally farewell Pickett for the bye next week- now farewell Dusty- if still worth anything?
CozzieCan: Give Apache a break , why you wanna break his balls for ? You know the rules lads ..
StuL: Dusty bottom? How the mighty have fallen
Raspel31: Well said Karen.
kascadev8: dusty, any danger of doing something? dangerfield would work a way into it
GobChuck: fyfe will make it 12 of my first 14 to ton up, where was this last week smh
cmperrfect: Martin won’t best Mosquito at the rate geez
amigaman: Like a mouse playing with a cat Hahaha
cmperrfect: *beat
kascadev8: dusty is almost making me have to take mcgrath’s score, what a meme
TheLegend6: @Kas shame he can’t work his way to a granny
BOMBRBLITZ: Dusty to Neale for me next week
CozzieCan: Can’t tell if that’s dusty or budarick haha
Raspel31: Grace a dieu not a comp round. Dusty to anybody for me.
thommoae: Dusty will pick up now that the game is on the line.
Woodie22: Great call TheLegend
GobChuck: will have about 500k and 4 trades, since i have to shove off shuey maybe serong is a shout
Chelskiman: 40 point quarter would be useful from Houli.
amigaman: Dusty the only Rich/Coll player I have left. Bye!
Raspel31: GobChuck- enough about you. I’m far more interesting.
CozzieCan: @amiga no Grundy ?
LuvIt74: Why would u get rid of Dusty now he’s great up forward
SC-STAR–: Petracca can finally find his way into my team
amigaman: No Grundy. NicNat & Draper
LuvIt74: He’s last 5 games have been good and as a forward i think its crazy moving him on
GobChuck: Dusty to Kyle Langford surely Raspel
kascadev8: i actually really liked Andy McGrath this year, never really heard of him, but impressed with the way he used the ball
Raspel31: Finals in SC Luvit and a bye next week. Why would you not move him on???
amigaman: kasca you kidding? No1 pick + rising star
SC-STAR–: anyone else rate cerra
swandane: if youve never heard of him, probably better off staying quiet
Phasir: Serong should be on 25 SC, absolutely scrubbed every posession he’s had.
Nuffman: Ryan on a mission 30pts in 5 mins
Gotigres: sc joking with Ryan
kascadev8: @amigaman essendon was the one team i never really watched games for, watching mcgrath this year has made me regret it.
Phasir: This is the horrible quality football you see in Qld, every match.
spdysaint: Why do free have all this talent and just chuck in on a bench
DrSeuss: Interesting to see Conca in a tagging role – he has been useless all year otherwise.
thommoae: Is it the Queensland air, do you think, Phasir?
Nuffman: 100% Phasir… last qtr of last nights game was horrendously boring.. nothing but tempo footy for 25mins
thommoae: Perhaps the spirit of the Brisbane Bears still lingers?
Phasir: Its the humidity, makes everything slipper and garbo. No skills in these conditions, just scrub footy
DrSeuss: Good to see Brayshaw wasting away on the bench again. WTF
Apachecats: Lots of humidity by GF time.
hinsch: A lot of Richmond scores going backwards
m0nty: nominations for star please
Phasir: It will be the lowest quality, lowest scorring GF since 1905
V@lks: Acres
swandane: kamdyn for star monty
BigChief: What is another word for dud? Walters.
Raspel31: None m0nty- Acres?
Phasir: If they were smart they’d move it to SA
V@lks: Acres
Avarax: dusty. he is the best player ever
SC-STAR–: rankine M0nty
hinsch: Dusty for star
Ash777: has to be Graham.
V@lks: Mare for Walters
hinsch: Phasir your team won last night be a bit more positive in these trying times
Ash777: They want to grow the game in QLD Phasir.
Phasir: 3 Votes, D.Martin lmao
thommoae: Not sure the star is warranted; the Anti-star-devaluation committee just contacted me.
DrSeuss: Shiel and Gaff last night – Brayshaw and Dusty tonight. Feast to Famine
Stephen001: Nartin needs a rough pineapple.
Phasir: “Trying times” get off the pipe mate
heppelitis: dusty for chocolate star
TheLegend6: Acres probably BOG
Woodie22: We know what phasir is like here. Full of positive words.
Woodie22: Coronavirus not trying enough for you Phasir?
TheLegend6: That was a Higgins goal??
CozzieCan: @Phasir don’t confuse the pipe for general stupidity .. #pipesmokerslifematters
GobChuck: didn’t gaff score solid seuss? i know shiel got a good score cos i own him
Social: If you haven’t worked it out Phasir, the AFL is about $$$, including creating clubs from nothing to tap into new markets
Raspel31: Apache- Brayshaw keeps going backwards- can I go 60?
Nuffman: economic shutdown is more trying than coronavirus.. let’s be honest
Phasir: I don’t usually engage with nuffies, Woodie so feel honoured lol
Phasir: Fair call, cozzie. Cats vs Lions this year
swandane: raspel – i already took 60 mate
Woodie22: I happily point out idiots Phasir.
Social: And ensuring existing supporter bases don’t evaporate through lack of success
DrSeuss: Yes @Gob – Gaff and Shiel last night were nice – Brayshaw and Dusty tonight – killed me
Raspel31: Brayshaw 61?
Phasir: They could move GC to WA and see an instant success $$$ as well as some of the bottom dweller Vic teams lol
Apachecats: Looking good swandane ,results will be up tomorrow at start of Syd v melb.
Phasir: The mirrors in ya house would be getting pointed at a lot then, woodie
Raspel31: Woodie- simply ignore him.
Woodie22: Will do Rasp
swandane: apache – whats the next lowest guess above 60?
GobChuck: What do people think the top score will be around this week? been some huge performers and some absolute spuds already
kascadev8: my 70 for brayshaw was close lol
sMiles: this scaled yet?

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