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Chat log from R15 of 2020: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, R15 of 2020

Crowls: a decent game now that the hawks/crows country football game is over
CozzieCan: C on NicNat let’s go
Apachecats: Is Draper out?
CozzieCan: @Apache says he’s playing on the AFL app
beerent11: Do you mean vc cozzie?
heppelitis: um…zac merret and dylan shiel are left footers.
cmperrfect: Draper warming up Apache
ConnorMcP: apache just saw him warming up
Moona: Draper definitely playing. he is out on the ground
beerent11: Looking forward to this one should be a ripper
BigChief: Really late out if so.
J.Worrall: Draper in, Phillips out
Gotigres: Decided not to trade in B.J. He will now probably go 100+
CozzieCan: @Beer nah C .. VC Titch no good
cmperrfect: Phillips was omitted, so who’s not playing for him to be back in?
J.Worrall: Heppell in
beerent11: Kennedy not playing so don’t take any notice of the lists above apache
Apachecats: monty hasn’t listed him ,thats why I asked.
amigaman: Oscar Allen?
BigChief: Interested to see how Heppell goes.
cmperrfect: m0nty playing lists not correct
beerent11: Monty also had Kennedy in till a second ago
J.Worrall: Oscar in
amigaman: OK there he is 🙂
beerent11: There’s draper
Poliyagon: Devon, Ridley, Draper, Bailey Williams and Xoniell for me.
Ash777: what’s with lists cut off?
HelloJack: Hopefully we show up earlier than half time
CozzieCan: Go Captain NicNat
heppelitis: nicnat on track for 3300 point
Apachecats: NTP results are in.
ConnorMcP: west coast have 18 listed
GroupOne: Nic Nat, Gaff, XO’Neill, Ridely Devil Smith
Apachecats: 2 hole in ones liaspizza and NewfreoFan both in the hole on 99.Well done.1st win for lisa .2nd win for NFF.
Apachecats: 3rd on 98 was circle.
heppelitis: he got 102 apache 🙂
Avarax: laird 102?
Apachecats: We now have 9 players on 2 NTP’s.Who will be the first life member.?
DrSeuss: Draper, Shiel and Gaff – Might need Gaff and Shiel to make up for Draper
Raspel31: Don’t rub it in Apache.
Apachecats: Don’t tell me I’ve done it again Avarax ,hold all tickets ,new results coming.
thommoae: Apache – tiebreaker? Whoever lodged first wins it?
Haydo: 200 from 70% tog incoming for Nic Nat
Gotigres: Now that I have you on field Draper you won’t even score 50sc will you?
BigChief: Awww 1 off
circle52: scaling has changed Laird to 102 but still not final in SC
Apachecats: Scrap those results sorry.
Social: cmon the bludy bombonieri
thommoae: Draper is up against the best tip ruckman in the comp, Gotigres – ease off.
Apachecats: New results 4 way tie.
wadaramus: Surely that waas a good spoil if not mark?
DEESareSAD: Hello Everyone, Finally logged in properly. Got Ridley, mossie and big Daniher tonight.
circle52: Ye Apache SC takes a while to finalise after each match
Apachecats: =1st thommoae and exatekk on101 andBigChief and heppelitis on 103.Well done .Sorry to lisa and NFF for the stuff up.
GobChuck: Shiel Snelling Shuey Merrett Ridley here, backup the good start to last game
Apachecats: yeah circle been caught twice ,thought i waited long enough tonight. but no.
Raspel31: Hang in there Draper- going to need you next week.
lisapizza7: that’s ok I noticed the change in score in sc match centre.
BigChief: Can I get a circus tent size shirt plz Apache
Sillybugga: guess my 101 was too late
thommoae: Rah! I’d like to dedicate my first win to Jimmy Stynes. What a legend.
Gotigres: At least it’s only top 18 with no opp thommoae. Congrats by the way.
DrSeuss: Any time now Gaff – I did not bring you in for a couple of touches.
thommoae: Cheers, Tigres.
Apachecats: Sillybugga it didn’t come up on the screen.
Pies20: tagging saad weird i rekn bomber’s got plenty of mids that are worth watching instead of saad
exatekk: wahoo!
Pies20: hope shiel starts like this next week
Sillybugga: no worries Apache
Apachecats: No worries BigChief ,I’ll get the fairies working on it now.
CozzieCan: Nicnat done flower all since first 3 minutes
scboy123: come on Darling 2 more goals and Parish 17 more disposals lol
Apachecats: Finally cracked it exatekk ,you’ve been all around it.
88360: Apache did we get the ntp results FITB gc and nmf on Sunday?
exatekk: win for the crows and a NTP!!
88360: For*
Pies20: season couldn’t get any better @exatekk haha
Apachecats: yes 88360 Rankine got 130 and teachrtony was a hole in one.
kascadev8: bad start from mcgrath, thankfully i had matt crouch
bhg26: Come on Parish ffs
pcaman2003: Why couldn’t Ridley play like this last rnd?
Sillybugga: Darling rofl
Pies20: same as shiel @pca
DrSeuss: Draper going to get all of his points from hit-outs.
Raspel31: Riddle to me too pcaman.
thommoae: Shiel the only Ess. mid pulling his weight – guess that’s why Saad is being tagged.
srj2409: Who the hell has darling and parish? lol
Pies20: and unfortunately knowing my luck he won’t next round when I need him @pca
circle52: Gaff and Smith for me.
heppelitis: merret was good with low tog
CozzieCan: Mozzie a 1 game wonder , waste of a trade
pcaman2003: Pies20. Shiel tonned up but Ridley only got 76. Big let down
swandane: gleeson really carving out a career at half back.. would love him at the pies
Pies20: Yeah maybe @thommo
BigChief: Ridley, Merrett VC, Gaff and NicNat for me.
GobChuck: F in the chat for those who picked Mozzie over Riccardi
Kingy12: Gaff my VC. pls keep going
DrSeuss: Draper killing it with 10 hitouts – just needs to get a few touches and make some tackles
bhg26: Parish has got 100 for 3 or 4 weeks in a row srj
teachrtony: Have had a couple like Mozzie Cozzie, these 2 round price increases make it very hard.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Between him Ryan Duncan and Goldy they cost me. Lost by 5 points,but have another chance.
Pies20: Fair call @pca
CozzieCan: @Tony frustrating almost gives 1 a headache !!
88360: lol have Daniher
Pies20: anyone like me just 2trades left before this round heading into a semi final next week?
pcaman2003: Pies20. Worse thing is it’s hard to kjnow which premo on any given day to trust.
88360: Yes pies20
GobChuck: got 3 pies20
Pies20: yep totally agree glad shiel doing well tonight just back it up next week!
Apachecats: swandane how about we do a direct swap Gleeson for Maynard ,that’d be fair.
pcaman2003: Damn! I thought I was in trouble with 4 trades left
Raspel31: 4 pies- 1 yet to make this week and will need all 3next week with no Tiggers or thugs.
Sillybugga: its been a chaotic season but has anyone else felt we have had too many trades this season?
Sillybugga: one of many reason I prefer sc to dt less trades
beerent11: Gaff’s back! Love watching him run blokes off their legs
Gotigres: Surely Draper’s kick was on target
Thomas1234: Shiel should be on 65 not 50
Pies20: @88360 did you flick neale last week? I did and I’ll be getting him back next round
Apachecats: 6 trades left.
MrWalrus: 3 left for me, full squad and one left next week
Apachecats: Buying neale next week after he drops a few $$
Raspel31: Nope Sillybugga- lack of prep has seen more injuries than ever- it’s a sideways crab waddle let alone build.
pcaman2003: Draper is out tapping Nic Nat.
CozzieCan: Cmon Nicnat move your flowering ass
beerent11: Beautiful field kicking by the eagles
teachrtony: Also 6 trades. Stopped chasing ranks a few weeks ago when Doedee and Sicily went down.
Raspel31: Hope Neale scores 200 to keep him out of your greedy cltches Apache.
bhg26: come on parish you spoon
kascadev8: had the VC on nicnat again this week, not looking good. again. ffs
V@lks: @cozzie 2 x h/o to adv this qtr not showing 🙁
Sillybugga: @raspel31 maybe I have been lucky but wasted 2 sideways tradesd this week for no other reason but chasing overall points
pcaman2003: beerent11. Reminds me of the Hawks.:)
Pies20: my $league was tight as a nuns I had to trade hard to make the 8 got my $back after last week win,anything a bonus from
Apachecats: Rasp even if he gets 200 he’ll still drop.
beerent11: Not today pcaman
beerent11: Did Simpson coach under clarko?
Yummy5454: Onya Ridley
Pies20: here
Yummy5454: Let’s go Riddles you beauty
pcaman2003: beerent. How aboutnot this year?
kascadev8: nicnat’s TOG is horrible
Sillybugga: sideways trade should be a luxury
beerent11: That was a pretty special side pcaman
pcaman2003: I just want Ridley to do this next week when it counts.
heppelitis: Id take Mason Cox for Gleeson atm…Ryan killing him
exatekk: aridley, Dev and Hurn in this. Happy so far!
Raspel31: Who needs Nic Nat when you have Draper on the bench- sigh.
Apachecats: shh heppel ,trying to get Maynard for him.
Pies20: Yeah not when finals and byes clash @sillybugga
Ash777: quick wiki check says yes he did beerent
Bluebagg11: NicNat. Wow
heppelitis: lol apache
Apachecats: NicNat back to low TOG ,sharing it with BJW
Pies20: Know what your saying @pca
pcaman2003: I aimed for cracking top 1000 and sitting at 1039. So close!
beerent11: Cheers ash
BigChief: Who said NicNat would get 200?
Sillybugga: Best 18 hides the cracks in ur team imo
beerent11: Brad shepp just quietly doing the job again
Raspel31: Think they’re keeping Nic Nat in cotton wool this week BigChief.
heppelitis: syndamosis strikes again
pcaman2003: BigChief. Haydo said it first qtr.
bhg26: This isnt funny anymore Parish, get a move on
kascadev8: is mcgrath ok? cant afford to trade people out now
scboy123: Parish 20+ touches gonna lose me my multi. Dogs averaged like 25 last 3 rounds ugh
Pies20: good call @sillybugga says alot about my best 18 haha
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin is on Ridley .Apache likes 132.
kascadev8: ridley 140 please
Poliyagon: who put the c on nic nat?
GobChuck: 115 for me on ridley
pcaman2003: 116 for Ridley please Apache.
bhg26: 142 for Ridley
BigChief: Apache 121 for Ridley please
jackhenry: 129 for ridley
Poliyagon: ridley 118
heppelitis: 114 thanks apache
poolboybob: Clock for Naitanui
Ash777: Ridley for 121
Thomas1234: 129 thanks
thommoae: Put me down for 119.
The39Steps: 107 for me please @apache.
HelloJack: Ridley 118
Water: Ill go 138 for ridley please apache
Raspel31: Mr Richard Aspel- aka Raspel likes 128 Apache.
swandane: ridley 71
teachrtony: Riddle me 123 please Apache.
DrSeuss: Ridley 129
jspiri789: 123 ridley
Cabri44: 119 please Apache
CATSPREM: 96 for ridley
88360: 116 please Apache
BigChief: @Pcaman I doubt he will make it 🙂
FinlaySON: ridley 127
Social: Riddle 135 thanks Apache
circle52: 130 Ridley
BigChief: @Ash I hope you are right
hinsch: ridley 115 for me pls
Woodie22: 122 ridley plz
Sillybugga: Ridley 112 pls sir
kascadev8: mcgrath please be able to come back on, if your injured im screwed with trades, had such a horrible year with injuries
Gotigres: 134 for Ridley
sMiles: 136 Ridley plz
Gotigres: Great play from Draper and Mossie then
ConnorMcP: 130 for me apache
lisapizza7: ridley 132
Sillybugga: haha unlucky Pies are you overall or league focussed ?
Pies20: 126 please
bagger2217: 133 for Ridley please
Moona: Didn’t see 114 for Ridler come up, so I’ll do it again 🙂
cmperrfect: 114 Riddler plz Apache
CozzieCan: 129 plz Apache
pcaman2003: Until they use high speed cameras,Reviews are mostly guesswork. They shouldn’t bother otherwise.
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Pies20: definitely league @silly I’m know where overall
Vinazzi: MotoGP bikes have better cameras than those goal line ones..
BigChief: Looks like McGrath is done.
Social: Toyed with Gaff and Shiel in recent weeks but passed… wonderful to see them do well
Poliyagon: idk why they still dont have 120fps cameras on the goals…
Apachecats: Bad writers cramp.
thommoae: A bit harsh, pca; review might be painfully long sometimes but they get most of them right.
Bart Man: 126 for ridley thanks apache
Raspel31: Gaff speaks very fondly of you toying with him Social.
kascadev8: mcgrath now makes it the 12th bloke averaging 100+ that ive had and has eventually gotten injured…. flower me
Avarax: 118 please
pcaman2003: It’s not like the couldn’t afford decent cameras. My phone would do better.
Ash777: mostly guess work? That last 1 is was 1 of the very few that they couldn’t decide from.
Sillybugga: Caltex security cameras for goal review in 2020
TigerTime: 122 for Ridley please
Raspel31: kaska- don’t mean- you speak for 90% of us. Soldier on.
twinpeaks: Is McGrath on crutches?
StarvyJ: 142 for Ridley please Apache
CozzieCan: McGrath will take no further part , serious ankle injury
kascadev8: @Raspel im down to 3 trades with 2 spots to fill. was gonna trade draper to conroy to free cash. cant now
pcaman2003: Ash77. They can decide,but are their decisions right? I’ve seen some dubious ones.
Ash777: yes twinpeaks.
Poliyagon: i’m all out of trades. really hoping draper keeps his spot
Social: @Rasp, hehe, didn’t mean toyed in the pell way
Raspel31: I read yiu kasca- just saying you are not alone.
Pies20: Not watching, you bomber’s supporters confident of a second half comeback like last week?
Sillybugga: Rildley to kick 2 goals we dont know know about?
Raspel31: Me too Pollyagon- especially for next week.
pcaman2003: @Siilybugga. Nice dream, but to be saved for next round.
V@lks: Red cross for McGrath M0nteith. Damn, have him and NN VC
bagger2217: Lucky I paid the premium for Zerret over McGrath
heppelitis: Not really Pies although thought we played a bit better in the first than what the scoreboard showed…midfielder down
Ash777: swap the goal review for the nrl’s bunker then talk about dubious ones.
CozzieCan: Could only field 14 players this week , thank god no finals
Ash777: The bunker is so bad despite better vision.
Foursuits: @Apache did my 133 for Riddler come through ?
Nuffman: How’s Draper going vs NicNaT?
GobChuck: probably not the best week to have the start of my life…….barely even cracked 2000 last week and already on 1200
kascadev8: VAR in the UEFA Champions League isnt much better
Woodie22: Did my 122 come through apache?
Apachecats: No four suits but your in now.
Apachecats: yes woodie
Foursuits: cheers m8
CozzieCan: Pca how’s top 1000 looking ? I’m sitting at rank 2190
ElstyBoy: ridley 103
Woodie22: Cheers apache
Water: Im up to 1500 been climbing from 20 000 in round four im quite happy
Raspel31: You a good and hard working man Apache.
CozzieCan: Very nice @Water , successful year is a confidence boost for next
Apachecats: yeah rasp 44 entries -new record.
Apachecats: When I started we were getting 8.
Pies20: you should get a gig on this site @Apache good work mate
DrSeuss: @Nuff – Draper going pretty well just needs more hands on the footy – but doing pretty well with the HO. Low TOG for Nic
Nuffman: Thanks DrSeuss! Not watching, so stats don’t show much of a story. Draper looks a jet
Pies20: @monty you seeing his efforts?
beerent11: Gaff Shepp and riddler for the yeahnahs. going ok
Apachecats: Comp closed 44 entries 71-142 .No results till tomorrow 1st game.
srj2409: Draper is going poo
88360: Y did Draper go back 5?
CozzieCan: Devon Smith in trouble
Ash777: Took this long for Smith to be injured.
TheLegend6: Gaff (VC) and Ridley, strong half
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Currently sitting at 1039. Inching closer:)
Water: beerent are you @Nacheers on twitter?
m0nty: yes Pies20, thanks to Apachecats for the effort
Raspel31: Personally I’d be happy to see Ridley go well over 128- having won the shirt once it stank to high heaven.
CozzieCan: Devon Smith okay , doing a Dangerfield
CozzieCan: Awesome @pca keep us posted
Apachecats: Cheers m0nty.
Apachecats: Raspel you are on 2 wins.
Pies20: There you go @Apache
pcaman2003: Cozzie. No probs.
Raspel31: Ah, true Apache- hence the smell lingers. But I did wash it before returning.
SadBlueBoi: Would that Shiel miss be a clanger? Or as it went to a pack count as a disposal
Apachecats: Thanks pies20 ,I can go off jobseeker now.
beerent11: There is the real Daniher
beerent11: I’m not on Twitter water
pcaman2003: Raspel . Skanky with lovely yellow/green armpits no less.
Water: ah okay must be someone else
CozzieCan: Nicnat lowest tog on the ground , flower me
GroupOne: Weagles have stopped
ElstyBoy: parish and ridley doing me proud <3
Pies20: Haha @Apache expecting ntp on this site next year you’ll be running it name in purple or whatever colour
Raspel31: Don’t get bitchy Adele. Dons still well in this.
Social: Weagles are playing cute with NicNat, he might need to get his knees dirty here
srj2409: Jebus we are poo. This is why we needed the GF in WA. Can’t play anywhere else
Apachecats: Might have to franchise it out a bit Pies20 ,9 games a week a bit much for me..
Pies20: 60 more possessions will the bomber’s run over the Eagles?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Hahaha! Nice deflection.
Apachecats: Avarax did a good job the other night.
Avarax: all over it
SC-STAR–: how many possessions will shiel finish on
bhg26: Go Parish you good think!
bhg26: Go Parish you good thing!
GobChuck: parish is an absolute monster sometimes, unheralded behind mcgrath merrett shiel
DrSeuss: Damn Gaff has completely stopped
Raspel31: 200 now out of NicNat’s grasp?. I ponder.
Pies20: 37 @scstar and probably 21 more than he will next week
Apachecats: Avarax could you do Ntp fot the Friday night game
Ash777: Daniher is such a polarizing player. Can win or lose a game on his own boot.
Avarax: sure thing
hinsch: Gaff has been resting he can put some effort in the 4th Qtr
Pies20: when i need him more @scstar
ElstyBoy: Saad played on then but the umpire didnt call it and he got tackled, real 50/50 that
poolboybob: Draper sure loves a bit of argy bargy
pcaman2003: @Raspoel. If he pulls his finger out he’s a good chance.
heppelitis: agree Elsty spot on
Apachecats: thanks Avarax ,put me down for a blind 133.
SC-STAR–: dont worry pies he sucked me in I had the vc on him when he scored 58
88360: Come on daniher
twinpeaks: Ryan star
heppelitis: Gaff never goes on bench what a freak
pcaman2003: poolboybob. More than he likes getting the ball.
Raspel31: Good lad Avarax- a great old Gallo/ Celtic name.
Pies20: He’s definitely hit and miss hopefully he stays consistent now @scstar
SC-STAR–: all sc players @ me if you want me to put the link of a website that projects the players price
Avarax: 133 locked and loaded
CozzieCan: Nicnat is like a bat out of hell .. Gawn
upweydons: Last 3 – 4 weeks the gun promo I bring in completely sucks
Catatafish: Surely Saad gets a muppet for that clusterfuck
Apachecats: Going to be hard for some of these Bombers to come up again in 5 days.
Apachecats: Always going to be hard making up for the cancelled game.
Raspel31: I have amazing stamina Apache.
CozzieCan: 1,100 sc qtr coming up
Sillybugga: hold! ball! what about calling play on first?
Sugartits: Wanna pull another excuse out your ass Apache? Wanka*
Apachecats: Might need you in the forward pocket then raspel.
Moona: Draper grabs the bloke and literally throws him – love it
Catatafish: Ump did call play on when he turn and lept into WC arms
SC-STAR–: calm down sugartits
teachrtony: Cozzie and Raspel, ha ha nice work.
Ash777: called play on when Saad tried to take on the player Sillybugga.
Raspel31: Out of order Sugartits. Just rude.
Apachecats: Whats with spewing out the vile abuse sugartits.
heppelitis: think he called hold@ash
Sugartits: A few words were autocorrected bud, my bad
pcaman2003: More like Sourtits
Nuffman: he’s salty that Saints haven’t been relevant in almost a century
feralmong: Vinegartits
SC-STAR–: not wrong nuffman
beerent11: Go b shep!
Sugartits: Anyone take the punt on hurn this week? Seems to be a good move so far
SC-STAR–: sugartits what autocorrected to wanka
CozzieCan: Mozzie has been alright tonight , considering against the eagles
Vinazzi: Drop it guys, stick to how wasteful the bombers are atm
SadBlueBoi: Can’t believe I picked up Hurn but at least has scored OK tonight
BigChief: That vulgar comment was not warranted @Sourtits
SC-STAR–: 5th vs 12th Vinazzi
Catatafish: Ump did call turn and lept into WC arms
Raspel31: He’s trying to apologise-give him a break. Any news on L. Ryan’s namesake for Freeo?
Ash777: Dons should let Daniher go.
Sugartits: Wanna, because I was asking a question
beerent11: 3out of 3 tons. Rippa rita
bhg26: Ridley, Parish, Saad, and traded Nic Nat to Gawn, winning
pcaman2003: Tippa on a mission.
BigChief: Losing McGrath has hurt
Pies20: drop it like @rasp said @chief vulgar bit over the top
Raspel31: Sugartits- don’t try and justify. You were well ot of order. I’d stay quiet.
bhg26: Raise the bat Parish
Nuffman: WC have done nothing but play tem,po footy all qtr… zzzzzzz
feralmong: i’m doing crazy trades since i’ve spudded this year. English > Balta and Rankine > Petracca
Nuffman: umps are working hard to help WCE here
V@lks: @bhg had him from the start, was tough to hold but he repaid the faith
amigaman: Umpire on a mission
pcaman2003: BigChief. Do you think he’ll be in next week? I missed what happened.
jfitty: Hulk for Saad?
CozzieCan: Stringer needs to retire , Fevola would do better
V@lks: Potato or Hamburger for Stringer.
Raspel31: So, Ridley 128 for me- go you Dons. Within a sniff.
BigChief: @pcaman they will most likely manage him. But that’s just my opinion.
DrSeuss: Shiel and Gaff have stopped
Nuffman: how was that not 50 for Merrett.. 2 WCE players within “protected zone” not an ESS player in sight
Sugartits: Cmon mozzy!
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Just as bad as Stratton. Both should go.
teachrtony: Still a lot of points in SC. Ridley to kick the winner.
pcaman2003: So Ridlkey terrible last round,great this round,next round?
BigChief: @Nuffman can’t penalise WC.
Avarax: shuey hamstring gone
beerent11: Nice junktime work gaffo
Torana: hurn on 92 gotta be fake
Ash777: they changed the rule nuffman.
Raspel31: Ridley already smashed most of our predictions- not an easy game- well done lad.
SC-STAR–: anyone else keeping draper instead of upgrading
Nuffman: Absolute joke BigChief
Torana: traded hurn out 1 min before the game BE was 76 was not gonna lose dat cash
beerent11: Been the breakout player this year with tracca raspel.
Nuffman: When @Ash? considering it’s been paid this season multiple times
poolboybob: Daniher cleaver
ElstyBoy: Ridley scaled to 143 on fox footy
upweydons: Lucky eagles in the end
Ash777: They were in the protected zone when he marked it. As long as the move out they wont pay 50.
Raspel31: Depends on team picks next week SC-I will keep if picked.
Sillybugga: why keep draper and lose 60points
pcaman2003: Just hope
bhg26: 1 point away from my NTP
pcaman2003: Just hope Riddles hasn’t spent it all before next round.
Apachecats: WE might have our first life member on 3 NTP’s.Name in gold letters on the honour board in my poolroom.
Nuffman: fair enough Ash, wasn’t aware. thought they had to leave immediately
Raspel31: Because you have to cover every Pies and Richmond player next week- and we have many- durr.
bhg26: Riddles, Saad and Parish, you rippa!
cmperrfect: Nice F6, thanks mozzie
pcaman2003: Nice bhg26.
bhg26: Also traded Nic Nat to Gawn pcaman
pcaman2003: bhg26. May have dodged a bullet there.
SC-STAR–: hahaha Apache how many names in the poolroom
Apachecats: Preliminary result looks like bhg26 and StarvJ on 142. if he goes up they still win as they have the highest predictions
GobChuck: ridley shiel merrett gaff snelling nice lads nice, shame snelling lost me multi but
Apachecats: No yet SC-STAR but could have one now.
Apachecats: Final result in tomorrows game chat.
bhg26: Ill have my speech prepared Apache
Apachecats: haha bhg ,first on the board you go I hope.

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