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Chat log from R15 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Adelaide, R15 of 2020

Trizzy: Good evening, back at it again
Trizzy: Anyone else really trumped for what to do with trades this round?
Water: Evening fellas, Titch VC and schoenberg for me tonight
CozzieCan: Afternoon all , injury watch this week .. fingers crossed nothing major happens
Foxman69: Went the VC on Laird week to take a risk
Yelse: Vc captain boy?
Yelse: mitchel into oliver for me
Avarax: nobody here yet?
BigChief: m0nty bathing the kids?
Avarax: lloyd into neale for me this week
Avarax: i traded mckay > bailey j williams, and woodcock > brayshaw this week
DrSeuss: VC Titch and Laird for me. Go big Titch
ElstyBoy: Gawn into Neale
BigChief: I left c and vc alone as there is no SC this week.
Avarax: overall counts chief. just no matchup
Yelse: anyone in paid leagues trading this week?
exatekk: Still a chance for $1000 BC
CozzieCan: No use trading this round , Gawn & Neale about to drop 50k each
BigChief: @Avarax I am so far back it won’t matter LOL
ElstyBoy: depends how many trades u have left Yelse, fine to downground if required but probably hold upgrades
Avarax: not about winning mate, but score the best you can
CozzieCan: Nicnat into Gawn & Simpkin into Neale next week
Gotigres: Titch and Laird just running around doing nothing.
BigChief: Well I have Merrett into Neale. Same as last week πŸ™‚
DrSeuss: Laird and Titch – feel free to get involved.
The Hawker: Did we get the results for NTP on GC vs Nm game? haha
88360: I don’t think so. I had a hole in one
Gotigres: Rankine allowed me to have two come from behind wins last wee. So happy.
88360: Sc star did to
Rathain84: Crows could get an upset tonight fellas
StuL: VC Laird not going so good. Not much riding on it so meh. Overall is shot already
Apachecats: Looks like all the usual suspects are in here.
Apachecats: NTP result from Sunday game.
Poliyagon: I brought in mitchell this week. sorry
circle52: Get a move on VC Mitchell
Ash777: go crows
circle52: And not trading this week so far out of overall so no issues.
Apachecats: Rankine got 130 ,TeachrTony was a first time NTP winner with 131.Well done.
CozzieCan: Laird effected by Brad Crouch back in , Thoughts all ?
Ash777: why is this a crows away game in adelaide.
Apachecats: =2nd were Gotigres and Raspel on 132 and The Hawker on 128.Well done to all who had a crack.
Gotigres: Laird double my vc Titch score
Gotigres: Thanks for the mention Apache
Crave: got in MCrouch this week, so far so good
Poliyagon: got last 2 minutes by titch
CATSPREM: got matt crouch VC this week lesgo
DrSeuss: Nice comeback late from Titch – your turn now Laird
The Hawker: Cheers Apache
Maroonies: Siren keep on going thought it was a tornado warning
CozzieCan: CD loves Titch I tell ya
Gotigres: Does Laird get a Free for if advantage was taken?
Bezzina: Worst game of football i’ve seen in about 4 years
StuL: Ok titch lives.
Wahab_18: yeah the free stands he just doesnt get a disposals
Apachecats: Did this site crash on Sunday night or was that just my computer.
Maroonies: this clown i am facing in fantasy put all bye players on bench lol
circle52: Did crash Apache
CozzieCan: @Apache completely shut down
SC-STAR–: Maroonies probably had no more trades
Apachecats: I think there is still a prize for highest weekly score maroonies.
Apachecats: Thanks ,gave up after 45 attempts to log back in.
amigaman: Fantasy rules are stupid. Why would you lock bye players at the start of the round?
Breezey: QLD has the GF. That was a certainty
Apachecats: Reckon QLD have earned it too.
pcaman2003: Hawks home game played in Adelaide? How does that work?. Just call it another Crows home game. Unreal!
The Hawker: We’ll be generous and give Adelaide their fist win here… πŸ™
Maroonies: you get the avarage score on bye players if they played the week last round
Kingy12: Hi guys. I’m nervous about this game. Can see crows breaking the duck tonight *sigh
circle52: But will I get a ticket that is the question. With all the hanger onners probably on 500 available if Lions do not make
blonde0na: yeah QLD did an awesome job but WA has a better stadium and far more capacity…
blonde0na: with the $$ AFL lost this year, not choosing WA might be a huge mistake in future years
arbel: it is pure politics to have it in QLD to try wrestle the NRL away but it will never work …
circle52: With the NRL team going crap great opportunity to make inroads
arbel: WA could host all finals and get 60k at games … throwing away money in a year where it’s important
circle52: If WA did not have such tight quarantine then they may have got it.
NewFreoFan: Forgot there was footy on at all today, let alone 5:40 in the arvo
kascadev8: brought matt crouch in this week, happy so far. went him over laird
pcaman2003: Hopefully the GF won’t have embarrassing 16 min qtrs.
GobChuck: Brought in Big Ranga ROB this week and whacked the VC on him, go big fella go!
arbel: teams would have been exempt like they had done last few rounds … teams fly in and play each other while quarantine
BigChief: Optus Stadium is a better stadium than the GABBA? Yes it has a bigger crowd capacity, but no way is the actual ground
Yelse: laird playing mid? or back due to crouch?
NewFreoFan: I doubt they’d change it back just for the GF pcaman
BigChief: better than the GABBA.
pcaman2003: How did everyone go with their first finals game?
shaker: Yeah how can you have finals in Perth with the Quarantine ?
srj2409: WA was a crap option for gf. Gabba the obvious choice with all teams there. Crowds irrelevant
pcaman2003: Lost my final 2217 to 2212,just 5 points. Still scratching my head as premnos failed me badly.
kascadev8: @pca i lost last week, went from a 200 point predicted lead at the start to losing by 100 points :/
Water: i won 3 out of 3 finals into the prelim in 2 and got the semi next week in 1
Avarax: won 4/4 pca
arbel: @shaker … the teams that all came in to play were in quarantine and played each other before playing freo/wc week afte
SC-STAR–: pcam I got eliminated in the 1st week no double chance and lost by 1 point
pcaman2003: kaskadev. So frustrating. I was proj well ahead too,so shows how useless projections are. Never trust them.
Soups07: my teams suck
NewFreoFan: Stengle sounds too close to Steggles for mine, makes me want a roast chook
Soups07: hi
srj2409: Optus is a terrible ground. Good for concerts and spectators but crap for footy. Gabba is a much better ground
pcaman2003: Good stuff Avarax. At least I still get another shot being top of my league.
blonde0na: how are crowds irrelevant srj2409?
GobChuck: c’mon keays pick up ya DE please buddy, you’re playing well otherwise
Kingy12: Finished 5th in all five @pcaman and lost all matches. FSC lol
srj2409: And I say all this as a west Australian
Apachecats: Teams are up ,no surprises.
shaker: Yes arbel@ but that won’t work with finals
pcaman2003: SC Star. Mate! That is incredibly stiff. That’s terrible luck. Better next year hopefully
StuL: No one goes winless these days. Hawks are going down
srj2409: How are crowds relevant? This years GF is a tv spectacle. Use the best ground available.
arbel: @srj … it is same dimensions as MCG, can hold more people and is newest stadium … hmmm easiest best place to hold at
Soups07: bourguone get a touch
pcaman2003: Kingy12. Makes you hate SC sometimes. The ultimate frustration.
SC-STAR–: yeah cheers mate the bloke that beat me lost in his cash league by 5 so he copped his fair share but im done this year
twinpeaks: Went Gaff over Worps, looking good so far
Soups07: addilade suck
blonde0na: Crowds are relevant because if you sell 60k tickets, you make money…
tdarian: saad, haynes, williams, or daniel?
arbel: @srj … cos crowds is money and even if it is tv spectacle Optus is still better
GobChuck: so where’s the granny? Gabba?
pcaman2003: Soups07. Are you new to this chat?
SC-STAR–: tdarian wouldnt go williams very injury prone
BigChief: In what reality is Optus surface better for the players than the GABBA?
Water: saad
GobChuck: Optus is made of concrete, the only reason it may be better is the Gabba being torn up with all the games on there
Rathain84: You just jynxed the result Soups. Crows gonna trash you now sucker
Avarax: blonde0na, the stadium would make money. the afl would make very similar with no crowd
DropCox: WA heavier border restrictions may possibly play a part in this?
Avarax: gabba will re-lay turf before grand final 100%
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin time ,its on Laird .Apache goes 89.
circle52: Not officially announced as yet,
shaker: The WA premier won’t let teams fly in and out GF never going to be held there
circle52: and there will be a bye to help Gabba surface as well.
Maroonies: alright i’m calling it for a day catch yas
BigChief: @Apache 103 for Laird please
pcaman2003: Laird for 96 please
Avarax: 94 please apache
Breezey: Laird 77
heppelitis: 103 thx apache
GobChuck: I’m gonna go Laird for 95
Thomas1234: 74 thanks
lisapizza7: laird 99
Water: Ill go 92 for Laird please apache
The Hawker: 96 for me please Apache
CozzieCan: 108 plz Apache
DrSeuss: Is Laird still playing mid? Or has BCrouch pushed him out?
Wahab_18: 104 please Apache
pcaman2003: Massive qtr from Titch. Good stuff!
circle52: Laird 98
thommoae: I’ll go 101 thanks.
exatekk: 101 please Apache
Trade Bait: Laird still on the ball
kascadev8: 90 on matt crouch?? hello πŸ™‚ very happy now
pcaman2003: Would someone pleas biff Brereton in the chops?
Poliyagon: laird 110
Gotigres: 97 for Laird
DrSeuss: Thanks @TradeBait
CATSPREM: i VC crouch thank god πŸ™‚
bhg26: 112 for laird
Bart Man: 106 laird thanks apache
Rathain84: Good work @Kasc. I’m sure Woodie has some great last minute tips for the next game if your interested πŸ˜‰
The39Steps: 81 for Laird please @apache.
nogoalo: vc on matt crouch
Kingy12: Laird 118 pls
MrWalrus: Laird 113 please
SC-STAR–: now tht I have captained laird he has been cursed so im guessing 79
NewFreoFan: Laird 99 thanks
hinsch: Crows making a late finals run
StarvyJ: 96 for Laird please apache
kascadev8: 80 for laird please
Rathain84: Hawks counting on the guaranteed 3Qtr fade from the Crows
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
pcaman2003: Rathain84. I bet we’ll fade quicker. Like last week after half time.
88360: 93 for laird pls
CATSPREM: 105 for laird please
teachrtony: I’ll go 114 for Laird please Apache.
Rathain84: You can’t think like that pcaman, after all you you flew in all your supporters for this didn’t you?
NewFreoFan: Robbo is a fucking embarrassment
feralmong: 139 for Laird
Apachecats: TeachrTony well done on your 1st NTP win on Rankine.
BigChief: Tipped Ess to win. Am I nuts?
teachrtony: Cheers Apache. Got up in the game too.
Rathain84: Any chance the West Coast Hub-Haterz get up tonight?
BumSniff: If Adelaide can gift North the wooden spoon I wouldn’t even be mad
GobChuck: they should beat us @Rath, they’re the better team.
amigaman: Not nuts BigChief, just delusional πŸ™‚
BigChief: @Bumsniff you think Adel can win 3 games from here?
CozzieCan: Well done @Teachrtony
Apachecats: Gone WCE by 27 ,happy to be wrong though.
BigChief: hahaha amiga thanks mate
teachrtony: Thanks Cozzie. I tipped the Bombers too Big Chief, a bit of a Hail Mary though.
kascadev8: lets go Matt Crouch, 200 coming for you big man
Apachecats: Comp closed 31 entries 74 -139.
VodkaHawk: Lol, come on Hawks, make the tanking a bit less obvious.
GobChuck: ben keays fan club
VodkaHawk: Last game 2nd half was obvious
BigChief: Fair kick from Schoenberg
amigaman: Me too GobChuck
davywap: forgot to do my tips in time, looking like it might’ve been a good move
feralmong: what sort of idiot picks 139 Apache. what a spud.
DrSeuss: Clarko going to be happy after this one. Also Titch – don’t stop now. Need that VC score please
BigChief: Why is Clarkson persisting with McEvoy at CHB? Best Ruck Hawks have.
kascadev8: matt crouch. back on the field please
Apachecats: Looks like we are in the deep freeze again.
pcaman2003: Muppet for Stratton. Easy goal Crows.
Gotigres: hello
kascadev8: matt crouch needs to stay on the field more, is killing it tonight
BigChief: @Pcaman how did Stratton get a game over Hartley?
Donzoes: did everything freeze or was it just me
GobChuck: Frost and Hartley were too good for the tank @Bigchief, hence they went out
Erich1036: @donzoes this website freezes multiple times a game these days, getting very unreliable
Gotigres: Yes, it all froze Donzoes
pcaman2003: BigChief. Have no idea mate. He’s a real spud these days.Constantly one of our worst players.
circle52: @Donzoes was stuck 0n 3:59 for a fair while
Donzoes: wow
Bluebagg11: This is good for Titch VC. Hawks will throw it all at Adelaide in Q4 and Titch will have 12 touches
nogoalo: no scaling this quarter?
kascadev8: quiet from you Matt, a big last quarter please
CozzieCan: Reckon W.Day comes back in after this performance by hawks
Donzoes: Yeah Titch looks good for VC for sure
Crowls: @bluebagg hope titch and hawks go nuts. win/win 140K vc and crows remain winless. crows or eagles suffering Yeh yeh
gingjok: @ Erich .. go find another website that is more reliable. Knob.
Pies20: where’s @baldy get around it mate
The39Steps: The Hawks ins this week have five of their lowest eight scores.
Breezey: Geez I pulled the right rein getting Scrimshaw in Draft. Bonus
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Don’t think it would matter much who comes in as same result will apply.
Pies20: absolutely @cozi
Bluebagg11: Agreed Crowls. I hate Adelaide slightly more than Hawthorn
CozzieCan: @pca , Clarko needs youth your boys are outdated , had 3 outstanding premierships , time to move on & start winning
scboy123: so tragic i was so close to bringing crouch in, eh what can u do. Docherty u better ton up again lad
Social: Can they avoid the ultimate humiliation? As Bruce would say – Delicious
Gotigres: I can’t see Titch getting above 125
pcaman2003: Bluebagg11. That makes me feel much better knowing that:)
scboy123: Surely Hawks arent the team to lose to adelaide
Pies20: Haha @social
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Been playing diff kids past few games. Side changes every week pretty much. Need to move a few passengers on tho
Donzoes: I reckon that’s game right there
Social: Will be looking at B.Crouch R17
Pies20: Sorry @pca your the first team to loose to this mob disappointing
DrSeuss: Looked like BCrouch went to Titch in Q3 – that still happening?
Poliyagon: schoenberg should be at least 75 robbed
Snarfy: Its a bit like moving the deck chairs on the titanic pcaman2003 πŸ™‚
AuroraBore: damn i wanted crows 0-17 πŸ™
pcaman2003: I think they should replace umpires with robots that actually see what goes on.
Haydo: The irony of a Hawthorn supporter blaming the umps
Raspel31: That’s what you get for resting Day Hawks. Go Titch!
Crowls: wingard invisible to umps
GobChuck: Looks like keays is lightly following him @Seuss this term
Ash777: I think AFL purposely set this up for crows so they can catch hawks with their short break.
Bluebagg11: Back on now please Titch. Time to go!!
wadaramus: Plenty of time left for the Crows to lose this one.
kascadev8: yess matty, lets go big man
pcaman2003: HAYDO. I never mentioned any favouritism or blaming you silly man.
DrSeuss: Maybe Keays while Brouch is on the pine GobChuck? Definitely putting work into him πŸ™
VodkaHawk: Dees… this is how you tank properly πŸ˜‰
CozzieCan: M.Crouch low sc owners .. only 1620
Bluebagg11: Bad option Stratton. Real bad. Not a great captain.
GobChuck: cmon keays
DrSeuss: Laird – any chance of getting involved? Maybe 1 mark for the game?
Crave: Traded in MCrouch this round, probably my only good move this year lol
circle52: Get a move on Mitchell as VC need you to get to 130
Ash777: the streak is over!
CATSPREM: cmon crouch get to 160 got u as VC
Raspel31: Is M crouch doing okay Crave? Well done- hard to tell being blind.
beerent11: Just tuned in. Happy I changed my vc from titch this arvo.
GobChuck: it’s a shame it’s not a finals round, i’ve got the vc on matty crouch aha
Rathain84: what’s the green symbol on Silk?
Breezey: Apart from one goal by Tex , all other goals by the young guys in the side.
Woodie22: Well done Crows
Crowls: @rath probably mould from aging and lack of movement
pcaman2003: Well! The result doesn’t surprise me and I tipped the Crows on ESPN tipping.
AuroraBore: He’s cactus Rath, dead, donezo
Apachecats: Star on McAdam???
wadaramus: Cactus!
ConnorMcP: rath i think a cactus
Erich1036: why on earth is the star on mcadam?
swandane: monty way off with the star
Rathain84: Fair enough lol
DrSeuss: Titch – last big push mate
Crowls: ffs why not handball when it is on you muppett scully – not afl std
Raspel31: Still within Hawk’s grasp.
Apachecats: NTP results next game.
CozzieCan: Kick a goal laird
Stu7: Come on Titch
BumSniff: Whos the captain on this week? Not taking Titchs vc
Bluebagg11: Another impossible VC decision coming up. Not good enough TITCHELL!! Maybe Jelly again? Haha
Crowls: god I hate seagulls Laird and lloyd drive me nuts
beerent11: Schoenberg 83 you beauty
GobChuck: laird managed to get around a ton, sweet. VC crouch ROB keays laird bsmith titch is like 900 wowee
circle52: Will be some sacling down already 3302 points.
BumSniff: Moving C onto Neale
CATSPREM: imma real quick put the C on macrae ill take a 162 :}
Crowls: neale 72, macrae 96, last 2 vcs – not sure I am game to go oliver
Poliyagon: happy with titch and schoenberg
pcaman2003: Happy with Schenberg. Looks like Titch into Ollie for C for mine.
NewFreoFan: Damn, I’m spot on NTP, scaling gonna get me
circle52: Who to C after Titc did not quite get there – Neale or Whitfield.
Crowls: think sholls 57 will score for me this week.
Sillybugga: neal has a 140 AVERAGE you know he will be out to make up for last week
beerent11: Whitfield vC into Neale for me
wadaramus: Titch 120, should have taken that last week but went Macrae.
GobChuck: won’t be much scaling down though thankfully NewFreoFan, Laird may change 1 or 2

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