Chat log from R14 of 2020: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

CozzieCan: Cmon Rankine , Greenwood & Simpkin 3 tons please and thank you !!! Go boys
RooBoyStu: Tonight’s match with Gold Coast at 6:10pm will be our 2000th match in VFL/AFL history. Come on North get a win!
spdysaint: what is everyone projecting?
Ooost: Lukosius and Simpkin can win it for me here
Silz90: Im sorry I brought in greenwood tonight. im sorry if he scores below 100
ElstyBoy: why does everyone start on 1?
The Hawker: Dammit Silz 🙁
Gotigres: Last chance for you Rankine
Pies20: What about calling me toxic @silz bit harsh haha
crazzzed: same here Oooost. need approx 190+ total for my league final win
BOMBRBLITZ: Simpkin 140 please mate not asking much
88360: Ntp results?
pcaman2003: Please save my bacon Greeny and Goldy.
Ooost: roughly the same for me crazzzed depeding on what greenwood gets
hinsch: Rankine starts like M King 30 points in the first Qtr and finish with 25
kascadev8: already lost for the week, lets get a nice score here lukosius
88360: @silz greenwood doing really well
Avarax: the ground looks horrible. not AFL standard
The Hawker: Here we go Greenwood bout to sit on the bench for next 15 minutes…
ElstyBoy: missed 2 greenwood tackles already…
pcaman2003: You need to tackle harder Greeny for CD to notice.
StarvyJ: Majak Daw miracle recovery to get the ball haha
heppelitis: Jynormous start….hardly
Water: Avarax mate this ground has seen about 4 games a round for the last 2 months, impossible to keep it in good nick
ElstyBoy: CD give dusty tackles for a touch but others have to strangle a bloke, so strange
NewFreoFan: jeez my Suns 1-39 might be too conservative
BOMBRBLITZ: well done Simpkin MUPPETT
Apachecats: NTP results upcoming.
Apachecats: TAdams 117 -We had 2 hole in ones.Woodie22 and Raspel both on 117 .Well done.
furphy: really need you not to go full spud here simpkin, also go goldy
Apachecats: 1st NTP for woodie and second NTP for Raspel.3rd was heppelitis on 118.
CozzieCan: Think I’ll avoid Simpkin next year .. up & down like a yo-yo
Silz90: It’s all good 88360, he’ll score 150 tonight because of me lol
pcaman2003: Onya Raspel and Woodie22. Good guessing fellas.
beerent11: Been going 10 minutes cozziecan
Woodie22: Woops woop. Cheers Apache
Gotigres: Pathetic kick by McPherson.
Woodie22: Cheers pca
88360: I don’t know why I care silz no one I know has him
CozzieCan: @Beerent nm
Gotigres: Nice one Rankine
pcaman2003: If Greeny can keep this up all game I’ll be stoked.
Pies20: i traded in McDonald this week thought it was a trap
CozzieCan: Beauty Rankine
Yelse: having trouble working out if i am gonna win this top 18 hard
m0nty: McDonald on Rankine, that will kill McD’s fantasy score
88360: Thought u only said important things Monty haha
Gotigres: 150 from here please Rankine
CozzieCan: If Rankine tons , I’d be beside myself !!
amigaman: Ballard reminds me of Lloyd. Could become a great seagull
BOMBRBLITZ: The week I trade out Rankine to Walters, nice
Stikman35: Monty. Ur right. Sad…
The Hawker: Rankine having a blinder 1st qtr
CozzieCan: Rankine keep going for superman !!!
m0nty: if you followed my Twitter you’d know that’s not true 🙂
pcaman2003: Back on the ground please Greeny.
LMartos: Made a gut decision to keep Rankine but also made a gut decision to field Riccardi over him, swings and roundabouts
Beast_Mode: my oppo needs rankine to get 160 to beat me, not lookin ggood for me lol
MrWalrus: 2092 + whatever McDonald beats 42 by.
StarvyJ: I’m kicking myself atm. Using emergency loop to get Riccardi’s score instead of Rankine. Give me the muppet
heppelitis: 2 weeks ive had symkin. fair to say i havent enjoyed it..his ton was painful last week
88360: Haha beast mode, bet you went into this pretty cocky
pcaman2003: Get going Goldy. Need a big one from you tonight.
ElstyBoy: just need greenwood to beat Simpkin by 7 and rankine to stay under 71 to win, all of a sudden im in trouble
Jolles: Join the club Starvy … will cost me a final.
Beast_Mode: sure was already was thinking about the week off mate lol
Nurfed: simpkin 3 kermits and still manages a decent enough score
Gotigres: 5 goals today please Rankine
BOMBRBLITZ: Keep going JY I need 127 for the win
Raspel31: Well, cut me off at the knees and call me tripod- go Rankine.
BumSniff: If Hugh and Goldy combine for 223 im fucking gone
hinsch: Rankine to finish with 60 SC points
Nuffman: I lose if Rankine and Greeny combine for 120
CozzieCan: 2219 and climbing with Rankine greenwood & Simpkin
BumSniff: Would love for us to fuck with Mcdonalds role again tonight so he can tag Hugh
Nurfed: rankine hit his projection already, its all downhill from here
Crave: Simpkin good for 5+ kermits a game, he cuts them down to 2-3 and thats 10+ on his ave
softwhitee: I traded rankine out this round, your welcome all
SadBlueBoi: My Opp needs 150 from Greenwood to win I am very nervous
beerent11: Not worried bout Luke mac. He’s the blue and white lloyd
BumSniff: Not sure how hes consistently a muppet
BumSniff: I wish i agreed with you 4 weeks ago
The Hawker: Dont sleep now greenwood and rankine
thommoae: Cats a healthy 2nd on the ladder: any love for Chris Scott yet, Cozzie?
CozzieCan: @Thommoae well against Adelaide was miserable , bulldogs great comeback but was a team
beerent11: Ha Luke Mac less than 2 per possession
CozzieCan: Effort , undecided @thommoae will wait & see after the bye seeing as we always have a shocker
beerent11: Zero contested
thommoae: But a team effort must include good coaching, you think? coaching,
RooBoyStu: Rankine sc score is bullshower
Water: 7 score involvements rooboy
Water: including 3 goal assists
NewFreoFan: Why Roo? 5 contested, bunch of score involvements
softwhitee: Needed Goldy to outscore rankine. Rough year
GobChuck: C’mon Luko, drag me to 2150 for the week with a ton
CozzieCan: @Thom was a great strategy from all the coaches & players .. can’t directly say Chris Scott .. not convinced yet
DrSeuss: Greenwood, Simpkin – wake up?
RooBoyStu: Should be 500
srj2409: What a spud goldy is. Only two scores over 110 in last seven games.
CATSPREM: do something goldy and simpkin
beerent11: Dwayne Russell might be doing sc scoring in this match.
NewFreoFan: That’s not a mark
pcaman2003: Right on cue,Greeny falls asleep again. What gives?
pcaman2003: Goldy looks cooked these days. Sad to see.
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin is on Rankine .Apache goes 118.
thommoae: You’re a hard man to please, Cozzie.
BumSniff: If this performance helps Wood get another contract with us I wont be a happy man
MrWalrus: They should pay them more even though its only kind of a mark
CozzieCan: 120 plz Apache
SC-STAR–: 123 @apache
NewFreoFan: 98 thanks Apache
thommoae: Think he’ll fade. I’ll take 118
MrWalrus: Walrus goes 87
thommoae: Make that 119. Ooops.
Water: Ill go 149 for rankine please apache
BumSniff: Goldys sore from carrying the team for the first half of the season
RooBoyStu: Rankine 79
pcaman2003: Rankine 113 for me please.
Nurfed: 107 apache
beerent11: Remember you said that pcaman when he tons up again at the end of the match
navy_blues: no mark to wood but paid mark to king but not paid umps suck
Thomas1234: 102 please
Cabri44: 114 please Apache
CozzieCan: @Thom not at all , if we win after the bye hats off to Chris Scott & yeah I’ll back him 100%
FLAG: Rankine 160 ta
hokkien34: 112 for me please if it’s not taken
Avarax: 101 please apache
pcaman2003: You useless shower Greeny. 7pts this qtr so far.Crap!
exatekk: 114 please apache
circle52: Rankine 92
beerent11: 85 please apache
PAFC4eva: 109 thanks acat
Gotigres: Keep going Rankine
navy_blues: pca why u abuse every player?? u go do better
Gotigres: Rankine 132
The39Steps: 94 for me please @apache. Same as Riccardi.
Reubz: 94 please Apache
srj2409: Goldy is shot
beerent11: Just an angry person navy
Woodie22: 103 rankine
ElstyBoy: rankine 80
The Hawker: Rankine 111 for me please Apache
CozzieCan: Rankine on fire , silly people trading talent .. woops
pcaman2003: I’m screwed. From what should be a prelim will now be an elim. Can’t believe it.My premos truly suck.
Social: 148 Rankine tnx Apache
Pies20: It’s reverse psychology @navy rag on them they lift
pcaman2003: navy blues. I don’t abuse every player. That’s exaggerating ,but not surprised
MrWalrus: Nice recovery from McDonald, has become a scoring machine
navy_blues: 122 plz apache
DrSeuss: Rankine 125 please
navy_blues: ok lets see what happens from now on see if im proven correct pca lol
Raspel31: 132 Rankine si vous plait Apache?
bagger2217: Rankine 106 for me pls Apache
SilverLion: 119 for Rankine
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
beerent11: I give it 2 minutes into the third navy
Pies20: for flower sake 121 for the 5th time
navy_blues: we should run ntp on it beer lol
Apachecats: Rasp you had a hole in one on Adams ,2 NTP’s for you now.
circle52: @pcaman not the only one had 20 premiums playing and only 9 tonned up so feel your pain.
beerent11: All the north players everyone is whinging about are heading for 85+ scores.
pcaman2003: navyblues If a player is going crap,i’ll give stick,just like fans do with the umps. Everyoned does it.
pcaman2003: navyblues If a player is going crap,i’ll give stick,just like fans do with the umps. Everyone does it.:)
Apachecats: you’re in pies20 thanks.
CozzieCan: Need Rankine to get 140 to win cmon lad
The Hawker: Change of mind, 128 for me please Apache 🙂 Is that ok?
Apachecats: Hawker 128 ok
teachrtony: Hi Apache, 131 for Rnkine please . That’s what he needs for me to stay in a league.
Apachecats: good luck TT
MrWalrus: 2096 and rising, thanks McDonald, what’s a good score this round?
teachrtony: Cheers Apache.
tags54: hi new here
Avarax: i scored 2150
Foursuits: Rankie does a knee early in the 4td and scales back to 76
navy_blues: welcome tags
FinlaySON: rankine 119
Pies20: Welcome @tag’s
Apachecats: you are very welcome tags54
BigChief: I have Rankine v Greenwood + 29. Any chance?
Foursuits: early in the 3rd ***
Tig_Bitty: Rankine 111 please Apache
Apachecats: You like long shots then Foursuits?
Apachecats: Apache on 2100 plus whatever Rankine gets over 67.
tags54: thanks guys i love listening to all your comments
teachrtony: I don’t have him and am often cheering at half tome and filthy at the end.
teachrtony: First half of the did not send.
Foursuits: Sure do Apache & never win
teachrtony: I reckon Greenwood will go large in 4th quarter Big Chief, you might be in trouble was the first message.
Apachecats: Comp closed 36 entries 76 -160.
circle52: welcome to a fellow lions supporter tags
The Hawker: Have a chance to go 2200+ if greenwood and rankine goes 125+ each
RooBoyStu: Mare or magnifying glass Larkey
Ash777: come on captain macdonald
thommoae: Foursuits – wishing knee injuries on players? No, forsooth!
Nurfed: norf are clueless
teachrtony: I’m on 2180 with one still to cull.
BumSniff: 2020 with simpkin.
teachrtony: Have Simpkin and Rankine.
BumSniff: the fuck is that 800k thing on about for round 18. wasnt paing attention
MrWalrus: McDonald took the kickout but didn’t step out of the square, does he not know how stats work! ?
Raspel31: Ash777- are you really serious? Bad enough to have a Norff player but to captain one?
Ash777: lol wut have you been following mcdonald lately?
robbieg: respect the seagull raspel
srj2409: Goldy doesn’t even look interested
Slicendyce: 2067 with Rankine and Greenwood but will lose Close and Day’s score
Ash777: 2nd best defending scorer after lloyd.
CozzieCan: Move your flowering ass Simpkin greenwood & Rankine do something shower!!
Ash777: Larkey looks completely spent.
tags54: thx circle, old fitzroy supporter
DrSeuss: Agreed Cozzie – especially Greeny and Simpkin. Get moving
Yelse: rankin and Jy both have completely stopped
Ash777: wtf was that sentence king lolll
SC-STAR–: rankine gone to bed early it seems lads
GobChuck: luko + 110 vs greenwood and mcdonald……this is gonna be tight
BigChief: Let’s go Anderson. Stop Greenwood.
Apachecats: Hard to get interested eh?
Ash777: 2nd year and hampered most of the year by injury. rankine’s probably doesn’t have the tank.
beerent11: Only about 2100 points awarded so far in nearly 3 quarters. 3300 for the match. About 825 per quarter.
Beast_Mode: who’ll be the better King?
GobChuck: Luko’s hit the wall too looks like. Been jogging around in circles this term
beerent11: David king
beerent11: Martin Luther
BigChief: Jake King?
Beast_Mode: push up king
Raspel31: This game is a bit like escorting my gran to the shopping centre on her walking frame.
Haydo: Louis the 2nd
Ash777: Jake the snake King
hokkien34: Lots of byes next week.. my team is going to suffer haha
beerent11: Tan king
beerent11: That’s jake the snake Roberts ash
Apachecats: Rasp that would be way more interesting than this.
BigChief: Billie Jean King
Silz90: Burger king
beerent11: One of your best raspel
MONEY TALK: hokkien no sc next week
BumSniff: this scaling is going to fucking kill me
Apachecats: If they keep scaling up like that Rankine will end up 120 without having to get a kick.
beerent11: Nice big chief
pcaman2003: Huge qtr please Goldy and Greeny. 100pts + each
Ash777: stephen king
Avarax: Wayne king
BigChief: Okay I need Rankine to outscore Greenwood by 13 this qtr
MrWalrus: Wayne?
beerent11: Was waiting for the wayne
Ash777: how is rankine still getting points.
DropCox: Wayne King. Pretty handy in the pocket.
DropCox: Sorry. Just Joe King.
Yelse: when did rankine last touch the ball?
hokkien34: Thanks @moneytalk, I didn’t know that!
BurtCocain: need buda and mckay to lift
Justavrage: 9 points for 2300 please Simpkin
poolboybob: Someone from CD definitely has Rankine in their supercoach side
SC-STAR–: my 123 prediction is looking nice for rankine
Ash777: the amount of behinds is shocking. but it helps mcdonald
Thomas1234: What’s everyone roughly scoring this week
Slicendyce: Somewhere around 2200 @Thomas1234
pcaman2003: Lost my game 2217 to 2212. Off to the next final.

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