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Chat log from R16 of 2020: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Chat log for St Kilda vs Hawthorn, R16 of 2020

J.Worrall: Go Sainters
CozzieCan: Cmon Titch !! Need a big one
Apachecats: Official NTP result from last night ,Goldstein got 101.
Wahab_18: Ross gonna tag titch and he’s gonna get sub 100 and ruin my matchup even more.. just watch
navy_blues: titch n steele 4 me
Apachecats: 1st was Thomas1234 on 102 ,2nd was exatekk on 114 ,3rd pies on 115.Well done
Wahab_18: Also I’ve had Greaves all year and he’s finally getting a game! Hope he’s of Will Day Qaulity
CozzieCan: @Wahab think positive m8 , he will ton I promise ya
thommoae: Al ot of noise last night about Port v Norf being a waste of a Saturday night; let’s remember: lucky to have AFL at all!
kascadev8: happy to see Abbott get a game 🙂
masterhc2: I’ve got cash on us think we’re a real chance here, $4.30 too good to leave imo
Raspel31: Poo- King a late out. Come on Titch and Steele.
original: 140+ please steele. It’s not asking much
m0nty: we are going to be sad when the footy is over
Raspel31: Indeed m0nty.
Nuffman: 0 vs Steele and Marshall. So far so good
CozzieCan: Agreed @mOnty
Torana: Damon where is Stefan
Rathain84: Hi All, good to start Father’s Day with a good feed, a few beers, and now some footy
CozzieCan: Flower off Steele
Torana: I got Greaves on field shhhh
Raspel31: What powers that be has Day offended?
scboy123: cheeky VC on steele and E on Butler
RooBoyStu: Happy Father’s Day all the dads
scboy123: masterhc2 hope u didnt bet much lad
Torana: high scoring 1Q nice
masterhc2: just a nibble scboy, early days yet
srj2409: Titch u spud get moving
Rathain84: Cheers mate!
CozzieCan: Needed Titch to beat Steele , man cmon Titch flower me
Poliyagon: traded out butler so expect him to kick 6
VodkaHawk: Risky bet, Hawks are tanking
Water: Why is titch not attending centre bounces much?
StuL: Where’s Titch. 3rd bounce he has missed
masterhc2: also had a very very nice collect on the crows last week getting them at $3
Fatbar5tad: Afternoon all. Waiting for wda to come on and say shit game LOL
masterhc2: plus just feel saints are absolutely ripe to fall apart and miss the 8
StuL: 3rd in a row i mean
thommoae: Speaking as. GWS man, carn Hawks. Take it from the Dees – tanking ain’t worth it.
scboy123: masterhc risky betting on a team that cant kick over the mark on an after the siren shot
scboy123: but yeah titch mate where u at this arvo mate
masterhc2: lol don’t take it personally mate just not convinced by the sainters
pjw1234: problem having premiums like titch in sides not making finals. Trying different combos, tanking, resting
scboy123: and youre convinced by this hawthorn team? each to their own i guess
thommoae: Dees tanked in 2009 and the stench still lingers.
Thomas1234: any news on jelly?
Fatbar5tad: aaaaand the coaches shut down this game.
m0nty: Love it when the coaches say “we’re playing too much footy boys, let’s play Dream Team instead”
Rathain84: lol noice Monty! Happy Father’s Day to you mate!
scboy123: our kicking for goal has been atrocious. cant tell if st kilda or brisbane
CozzieCan: Just another 55 handballs to go Titch for a ton ya flop
Apachecats: Is m0nty your father Rath?
Rathain84: My scrimshaw POD isn’t paying off yet
Rathain84: No but heard mention he was missing the start of games to bath his kids so I thought I’d be respectful
original: Earth to steele. It’s halfway thru the qtr
Rathain84: besides he has to tell off so many squabbling kids in here he may as well be
Fatbar5tad: Need Steele to beat Titch.
Raspel31: m0nty is the proud father of my children.
Apachecats: Very true Rath.
Apachecats: Titch won’t catch him now Fatbar.
scboy123: Im on the steele and titch train, would love em both to do well
Apachecats: Seems unusually peaceful in here this afternoon.
Apachecats: *touch wood.
scboy123: is it just me or does worpel seem to dislike titch
Raspel31: With you there scboy,
Fatbar5tad: 11 points only Apache.
Apachecats: Relax fatbar won’t catch him.
CozzieCan: @Apache almost like a summer breeze blowing thru the chat lol
Fatbar5tad: OK (puts trakky daks on)
Apachecats: NTP is on Jack Steele .Apache goes 135.
beerent11: Anyone else weighing up Simpkin to wingard ?
CozzieCan: @Apache Titch will catch Steele just you watch !! Fingers crossed for myself , sorry fatbar
scboy123: ill take 146 thanks apache
CozzieCan: 120 please Apache
Raspel31: 126 Apache- though I’d like more.
scboy123: 146 thx apache
Thomas1234: 102 please
Fatbar5tad: Quiet Coz that’s enough out of you. 🙂
HelloJack: Steele 112
Apachecats: I’ll take 18 head start any day cozzie,
lisapizza7: 132 for steele please
Apachecats: same strategy Thomas? Well done for last night.
The Hawker: Steele 118 please Apache thanks
Raspel31: I’m sick of all you boring farts- time for dome biff.
Thomas1234: Haha hoping to break history and go back to back apache
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
swandane: 93 for Steele
Hazza09: Steele 122
Apachecats: None of the usual suspects are here raspel
dkeating48: 138 for Steele
Mustardish: steele 137 thx @apache saints to dominate 2nd half
Raspel31: And are we not grateful Apache?
Apachecats: yeah me especially rasp ,nursing a hangover ,got through all the random beers in the bar fridge after night raid won
pjw1234: steele 117 please
c-money69: steele 131
Raspel31: Atta spirit Apache. The bad boys are probably complaining about their kid’s gifts- or they are the kids.
Apachecats: Nice to see a couple of new people having a go.
Apachecats: The latter I suspect.
teachrtony: Steele for 127 please Apache.
bhg26: 124 for Steele
FLAG: steele 89 as opponent has him
Bart Man: Steele 123 thanks apache
Pies20: @Apache 112 got good gifts @rasp
phivee: ill go 114 apache cheers
isoeso: steele 119 please
srj2409: Steele 107 pls
pjw1234: held hill for 12 rounds and finally gave up and traded and he has finally started scoring. situation normal
Pies20: hair of the dog @Apache always fixes the hangover
Raspel31: Lol Pies.
CozzieCan: Cmon Titch let’s go big boy
wce18: steele 127 please
wce18: steele 129 please,
Apachecats: Not game pies20.You know those random beers that accumulate after a few BBQ’s with friends around -all gone.
isoeso: Held Rozee all season until two days ago aargh
Apachecats: Comp closed 22 entered 89 -146.
sMiles: Steele 73
sMiles: I always miss this game. lol
Apachecats: Too late and too low sMiles
StuL: Come on Titch. Get going
beerent11: My gifts were spot on. Socks , a handmaiden key ring , a brew teapot and herbal tea. All been used already today.
Apachecats: wce you made it 129 ok
navy_blues: grr missed it was putting spit roast on
SeasickJac: Jones has gone to another level at Saints!
beerent11: *handmade
CozzieCan: Keep going Titch just passed Steele !!
wce18: yep, thx Apache
Raspel31: We were wondering beer.
Pies20: Rookie mistake @Apache always know your beer stocks would help you now trust me good luck everyone speak later
beerent11: Handmaiden would have been pretty good
scboy123: yo jack steele u wanna score this qtr?
Brute: Greaves is having a good debut stratton might never return
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Steele
CozzieCan: Go Titch!! Woohoo
WCE18: how do we get team symbol next to our names?
BurtCocain: what the flower happened to steele? i walked away for 1 quarter!
WCE18: dont worry, its there now lol
Brute: to to options in your account
SeasickJac: He will go big last quarter SCboy
Raspel31: Can we start the Steele vote again Apache?
Brute: tick circle border for colours
SeasickJac: Now if Shiels can lift that would be great
WCE18: well at least i didnt have steele as cpt in SC
Fatbar5tad: Won’t be starting with Steele next year. A bit up and down.
goat_19: of course the week i get steele
Fatbar5tad: Worpel squashed
zacm44: greaves x
BigChief: Stanley and Tuohy out and Jenkins and Z. Guthrie late ins for Cats.
cmperrfect: Glad I have the VC on Merrett by the looks, unless Titch or Steele go nuts
beerent11: Worpedo gone now it’s 2018 hawks. Titch time.
kascadev8: will day on 73 :/ only dropped him the other week when he was managed because i needed the 18th player
Fatbar5tad: Great quarter Steele.
dkeating48: Lets hope so beerent
cmperrfect: Neale, McCrae, Oliver, Lloyd, Fyfe or Bont for Capt this week Gents??
original: Oppo brought greaves in. Talk about KOTD
Stu7: My trade selection contiunes to go bad – picked Steele and probaly on his was yo lowest score this year – damn
Water: cmp im going lloyd vc into neale C
beerent11: vC clarry c Neale here
Raspel31: Same prob having put vc on Steele. Hmm?
Sugartits: Sorry everyone watching for this disgraceful performance
kascadev8: ive got the VC on whitfield into neale, but now considering matt crouch, hawkins and lloyd
dkeating48: The seagull will eat chippies all day vs the blues put the C on him
beerent11: If I had Gawn it’d be an easy
dkeating48: I was lucky to put the VC on Boak
Avarax: VC macrae into Lloyd for me
BigChief: No one putting VC on NicNat against Dogs?
WCE18: i gone neale c, mcrae vc
CozzieCan: Put the VC on Gawn & C on Neale
teachrtony: VC Gawn C Neale. Tried and true I hope.
Raspel31: He’ll spend 50% off the ground BigChief.
dkeating48: Steele has done this a few times then gone crazy in the last so lets see
goat_19: zerret vc, macrae C
kascadev8: @BigChief ive had the VC on NicNat for 2 weeks and those r his worst scores since o’briens comment
WCE18: need crimshaw for 3 more possies to keep my multi alive
CozzieCan: Titch to go huge with no worpell , let’s go Titch
beerent11: Clarry has shown he can go big even with a quiet quarter here or there
SeasickJac: Shiels get to 80 buddy
navy_blues: oliver vc neale C
scboy123: Foot better not play this week, need him to loop butlers score
BigChief: Thinking either Whitfield or NicNat VC into Neale.
beerent11: Wingard will get a big boost of mid time too probably
BOMBRBLITZ: keep going Wingard Stop running away from the ball!
Fatbar5tad: Steele v Titch closer than this match
navy_blues: bit boring this week not playing any1 in league
CozzieCan: That was a nice sit down mark I’ve ever seen haha
WCE18: whitfield by far BC
Stu7: Watch St Kilda lose from here!!
BOMBRBLITZ: Do we know if J Kelly is playing yet?
CozzieCan: @Bombr , I dare say so .. was only concussion should be good to go .
navy_blues: omg cmon hawks
dkeating48: Bomb he has a training sesh on sunday and if he passes that he plays
hokkien34: Both teams look really tired even after the bye
BigChief: Will find out around 6.20pm on Monday about J. Kelly
dkeating48: So far he has passed all tests
StuL: Saints should win now. But they are the saints..
BOMBRBLITZ: cheers guys
dkeating48: I see what you did there Stu, the old reverse jinx SMRT
Stu7: @StuL too true
beerent11: Titch treading water
Stu7: @dkeating48 – if only, Ive been a st kilda suppoorter too long and know what their like!
dkeating48: Touhy and Stanley LATE OUT. Zach Guthrie and Josh Jenkins to debut are the ins
scboy123: steele and titch srsly not gonna ton up? excuse me
CozzieCan: Cmon Titch move it !!
WCE18: arrrgggg cmon scrimshaw
Stu7: Here we go – only 8 poiints in front 🙂
scboy123: there we go steale intercept mark goal assist
2Ph0nes: lol
ElstyBoy: Frost’s decision making is unbelievably bad
navy_blues: game over
poolboybob: Seagull for Day
scboy123: just need titch to somehow ton up
exatekk: Yay. Finally cracked a multi!
beerent11: He’ll need a goal scboy
Water: yes Titch!!!!
2Ph0nes: you’re cooked
cmperrfect: Nice goal Titch!
Crave: on queue
dkeating48: You asked for it beerent
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off titch with your junktime bullshit
beerent11: There we go
CozzieCan: @Beer Titch goaled cheers m8
yablettt: oath titch!
masterhc2: better fight from the boys, still get the loss for the draft and greaves excellent on debut
scboy123: cant take steels score as VC but 2 tons not the end of the world
Woodie22: Bugger all scaling to come
RooBoyStu: Bin Mitchell. 20+ pts in final 5 mins
Raspel31: So who scboy- I’m leaning Lloyd or Neale. Well done Greaves.
Apachecats: Thomas1234 all over it again.
original: Needed worpel for 20 ooft 10 legs up
scboy123: oh really titch u still didnt ton. useless
Thomas1234: @apache when will ntp results be posted
BOMBRBLITZ: Thanks Chad!
c-money69: steele 108, mitchell 93 🙁
2Ph0nes: 4 points wont make that much differnce lmao
Fatbar5tad: How did Titch only end up on ?
scboy123: that blokes double then -10 strat really does work aye
navy_blues: how does mitch go down in score????
scboy123: 2phones in best 18 scoring every pt counts more than ever lad
Apachecats: When scaling is done and its posted on SuperCoach page .Its your up to 107 and then you are out

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