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Chat log from R16 of 2020: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, R16 of 2020

CATSPREM: up the cats
kascadev8: go catters, but why zac guthrie 🙁
Avarax: wouldnt mind a geelong win either
CozzieCan: Let’s see how we go from the bye , let’s go Dangerfield, Stewart & Saad !!
bhg26: Ridley, Saad, Parish and Stewart for me this game
goat_19: zerret vc and stewart go big
Avarax: muppet for tippa….LOL
Kidult: Blicavs, stewart, Duncan and ridley
amigaman: Didn’t take us long to do something stupid
yablettt: waku up tippa ffs
kascadev8: tippa with the muppet already, surely
Pies20: Need shiel and Duncan to play well come on
DrSeuss: Stewart, Shiel and Draper in this one. Let’s go lads.
FLAG: minty!!!!
navy_blues: geelong by 8 goals
Pies20: Frozen?
zacm44: not loading
Rathain84: Did the boomers think they had another bye this weekend?
Pies20: Frustrating
kascadev8: had the vc on hawkins then took it off when i saw jenkins in, think i deserve the muppet now too
Rathain84: ad break, goal, ad break, goal…
Badgerbadg: Hawkins could kick 10
CozzieCan: This game is getting ugly jebus
LMartos: How is Danger allowed to claim that free when his tackle was beaten
Raspel31: Think we got this one covered lads.
Rathain84: Yes, Stewart junk time!!
Pies20: Podium finish again surely for me @Apache last game?
Napper: How the hell is Shiel on 0 come on mate
CozzieCan: What a mark paddy !!! You beauty
Baldfrog: No wonder Joe wants to leave
pjw1234: got heaps in this one.danger vc, stewart parfitt, merrett smith and draper subing for grundy. fingers crossed
DrSeuss: VC on Shiel wasn’t such a good idea it seems – Draper doing very little as well
Grimes Jr: thanks for nothing dons. pathetic club
masterhc2: bombers perennial pretenders
Napper: Shiel should be on like 6
Rathain84: lol charity mark paid there
SeasickJac: This is painful to watch as a Bomber fan
adgbubba: Shiels ball use is terrible, always has been
dkeating48: Bombers got to ground less than an hour before start. Had 8mins to warm up prior to entering field
kascadev8: hawkins duncan ridley tom-stewart for me, couldnt fit danger in with my last trades, lloyd was needed more
GroupOne: Slowdown Merrett my opponent has you as C
srj2409: Flog comment grimes u troll
cmperrfect: That is bizaar dkeating. Like working Sat morning and playing in the arvo. Amateur stuff.
Pies20: No handball in the square goals for Jenkins? That’s his signature move
Brute: traded out close to redden so hope redden does better lol
CozzieCan: Mengola save some points for everyone else you hog
SeasickJac: Menegola playing for a new contract?
Woodie22: Grimes always trolls Srj.
bhg26: Alright Saad, you can start now
sMiles: Stewart and Merett my only bright spots here in a smudge of very ordinary scoring!
cmperrfect: Cmon VC Merrett, the only shining light so far. Missing McGrath in the middle.
Pies20: Shiel lift!!
Crowls: another week another broken heart for bombers rule
pharace: That Gold Coast M1 can be a nightmare sometimes though@ Cmperfect
DrSeuss: Looks like Shiel forgot how to play football in less than a week. Or Bombers in general
CozzieCan: Dangerfield proj is 94 .. half way in the first qtr hahaha pmsl
bhg26: Parish and Stewart, good job, Saad and Ridley get moving you spuds
srj2409: Danger four possies for 52. Hopefully he doesn’t get 10 possessions this quarter
cmperrfect: Pharace, it’s still no excuse. Leave 2hrs earlier then ffs. It’s AFL, not country footy.
kascadev8: if hawk keeps this up ill regret moving the vc off him 🙁
srj2409: Speaking of pathetic clubs, 37 years without a flag is pretty pathetic
BigGryan: need riddles and shiel to pick up, but good on ya danger and stewart
Grimes Jr: haha srj mad as usual 🙂
Baldfrog: srj not all tigs fans here are feral just a select few
Pies20: Ntp results,
cmperrfect: WTF are you on about Gryan?
Moona: Cmon Ridler – you would normally mark them instead of punch it out.
Baldfrog: How’s the brokback Mountain winery goin Grimes still giving a free fondle with each case?
Apachecats: Been working outside pies.
DrSeuss: Shiel and Stewart starting on the bench – great… get involved Shiel ffs
Pies20: Ahh yep need him to @Seuss moove!!
Apachecats: NTP results -Steele 111 .@first time winners -pies20 and Hello Jack both on 112 ,3rd phivee on 114 ,well done to all .
Fatbar5tad: Lovely game this. Cats cleaning up and my new recruit Zerrett scoring well.
Pies20: the weekends complete haha
Ooost: Danger and Steward. Good work!
CozzieCan: Thank god only 2,370 own menegola phew
StuL: God might have the C on Menegola i reckon
Woodie22: Witches cones?
Sugartits: Why do you do the ntp Apache, is it just for fun?
CozzieCan: Thanks for coming Essendon & supporters , lol
clfabre: get the cones out
masterhc2: menegola surely all aust this year? having a great season
DrSeuss: Not looking good for Stewart – won’t see the ball again at this rate. Shiel get a touch you lazy flog
kascadev8: regretting the hawkins vc swap now, fuming, need whitfield to go big against adelaide then
Ooost: Yeah get out the witches hats
beerent11: My opp has me menegola/smith I have Tom Stewart/Ridley
Baldfrog: Wow think the crows are going better than the bombers
navy_blues: lol
beerent11: Menegola just got his projected 102
bhg26: This is a massacre
Fatbar5tad: Cat attack!!
clfabre: where are the cones
kascadev8: think the geelong v melbourne score from years ago might not be so incredible any more, this is gonna be brutal
Pies20: now that’s being cocky @baldy
The Hawker: Is this another Hawthorn vs Dons type of game?
Baldfrog: haha Pies had to get hat in
scboy123: ugh just need Parish Duncan and Stewart to ton up and then bombers can lose by however much
Raspel31: Ah ha- they’re falling into our cunningly laid trap.
sMiles: these sc scores are making me feel sick
Baldfrog: is that the Tottenham manoeuvre Raspel
masterhc2: heppell 1 touch nearing HT, there goes my multi lol
Raspel31: One game like this can knock you out of the finals-aargh.
DrSeuss: Get Draper back on
yablettt: god we suck!
Rathain84: Stewart is so bored he keeps going to the bench
poolboybob: Just give Menegola the star now
Crowls: gotta go, cant watch, or even look at ff data
Pies20: Keep going Duncan and please shiel get going
Baldfrog: Gold could be on for a 250
Baldfrog: Gola *
Social: Afternoon… what did I miss?
goat_19: duncan stewart and merret vc not bad
Yummy5454: Why does duncan have such low tog
beerent11: My 250 point projected cushion is being menegolad
DrSeuss: Nice throw from Hawkins – nah just ignore that
Pies20: I won ntp last game @social the main talking point this chat haha
Raspel31: Pretty tight game here Social- not much in it.
Haydo: Menegola is not missing 200 from here
Fatbar5tad: @Social…a Cat goalfest!
masterhc2: why would you tag guthrie over danger duncan menegola etc
Apachecats: NTP ,we haven’t had Danger for a while ,Apache goes 147
CozzieCan: Let’s sing the song at half time boys this one is done
scboy123: Parish gonna be lucky to ton, in fact any essendon player not named Zerrett will be
Moona: Dons just waiting for a 70 point deficit before starting the comeback. Shouldn’t be long now
Woodie22: 130 danger
bhg26: Flowering heck Saad and Ridley, lift! It’s been nowhere but your area all game
srj2409: Ok. Game over. Rest Danger now.
Moona: 157 for Danger
Fatbar5tad: Danger will murder them…187!
scboy123: Ill take 138 thanks
Baldfrog: My guess is Dangers head will explode
CozzieCan: 142 please Apache
cmperrfect: Danger 138
lisapizza7: 154 danger apcahe thanks
bhg26: 146 Danger
Avarax: 143 please
thommoae: 122 for Danger thanks.
beerent11: Gaj may not get a game
FLAG: danger 200
goat_19: danger 165
Kidult: 172 to Danger
srj2409: I’ll take 177 for Menegola thanks. Good to see we don’t have a superstar leading the way for a change
DrSeuss: 153 for Danger
Pies20: Hope @Apache has gone and got more beer?
Raspel31: Ah, my 138 didn’t come up?
thommoae: Cats on fire – good coaching from Chris Scott, Cozzie?
CozzieCan: @Flag if danger gets 200 I’m sending you a box of beer legitimately
swandane: 120 for Danger
exatekk: 121 please!
cmperrfect: Danger 139 then.
CozzieCan: @thomm the curse from the byes have been cured , so yeah full credit to Scott
FLAG: thanks cozzie but rather bundy
pjw1234: danger 161
Social: 128 for Danger plz
Ooost: Danger? Ummm 155 for me
Apachecats: Nah Pies20 ,rest day.
Hazza09: Danger 152
sMiles: what is the range? Ima liking 152 for Danger
WCE18: danger 143
Haydo: Danger 142
dkeating48: 144 for danger please apache
DrSeuss: Play advantage – but then the guy taking advantage doesn’t dispose it properly? Just ignore that?
boxy36: Danger 147
Apachecats: Avarax would you be OK to do Carl v Syd NTP?
TgrTime: Danger 156
Ooost: Witches hats are out!
Moona: So Merrett had prior, but miers didn’t, thats bulla bulla bullsh!t
sMiles: ok – still can’t find a number, right? 145?
heppelitis: disappointed@m0nty. disrespectful to witches hats
The Hawker: Danger 151 please
Thomas1234: 174 please
navy_blues: 139 danger plz
Moona: We are back – stringer goals – here we come…..
Stu7: Menegola’s going off his head!!
BurtCocain: Danger 136 thanks
Water: Ill go 154 for danger please aoache
Raspel31: Take that Cats- it begins!
Avarax: i’ll be here
masterhc2: Danger 149 pls. Would be happy with that as VC
CozzieCan: @hepp no offence but this from Essendon is sub-par from AFL level .. under 18’s play better
88360: 127 danger pls
teachrtony: Danger 148 thanks Apache
kascadev8: game is putting me to sleep haha
scboy123: Raspel they have no idea what just hit them
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
heppelitis: i know cozzie witches hats are way too good for us
CozzieCan: No Joe no Essendon ?
Pies20: ok for the 3rd time 146 @Apache
Apachecats: sMiles 145 ok.
bhg26: Don’t get to comfortable kasca, Essendon are right in this
Apachecats: Thanks Avarax blind 133 again for me thanks.
kascadev8: can i get 110 for danger please? feel some player management coming in
CozzieCan: @Hepp Essendon are better than this , hopefully they can bounce back next half & get some percentage back
Pies20: What game Apache you out? I won’t play just joking happy father’s day to all even you @ava
Avarax: locked in apache
SeasickJac: I would change the witches hats to Spuds. They are playing deplorable.
CozzieCan: Clarke needs to go to menegola , stringer in the mild field & chuck hurley forward
isoeso: Danger 132
Kidult: Butters got 2 weeks
kascadev8: gutted to see that Andrews will miss the next 6 weeks, enjoyed his intercept mark masterclass every week
Gotigres: 165 for Danger
Sloaneyyyy: Is this Geelong vs the Crows?
Pies20: @ava you me mates again?
Hazza09: Playing a bloke in my semi final in Draft who has Menegola, season over
zadolinnyj: hats lol
adgbubba: 177 Danger
sMiles: ty Apache
Bart Man: Danger 136 thanks
casey22: m0nty not missing the opportunity to stick it up the bombers
Pies20: shiel needs at least 70 dt for me or im flowered
Pies20: @casey @monty wouldn’t dare the way the hawk’s are going
CozzieCan: Well got Hurley going fwd right haha
Pies20: Of all week’s thanks shiel flower me
Nuffman: pretty sure this si the long stretch of time within a qtr, og cats not kicking a goal
Kidult: Cmon Cats get a few behinds now give Ridley something
Raspel31: Don’s running away with this quarter.
CozzieCan: Cmon Saad , still need you to ton m8
Stu7: Come on Saad kick it to Ridely 30 times
Ooost: Danger will finish higher than Menegola
Stu7: Hey Ooost why you say that?
BigGryan: shiel and ridley what r u doing
Pies20: Zerrets vc in dt ain’t good hmm
cmperrfect: Is the thread reallllllly slow today?
Ooost: Stu gut feeling
scboy123: ooft need 5 duncan disposals and 7 parish disposals for a solid $750 payout
srj2409: Rest danger now
Stu7: Ooost – cool mate. Ive writen it down… lol 🙂
kascadev8: essendon finally kicked a goal
Social: Have a rest Danger
CozzieCan: Let’s go Saad
bhg26: It’s the round thing Saad and Ridley, try and get it
Ooost: I hope you’ve got some whiteout Stu :/
CozzieCan: Gee mosquito down , don’t have the trade for him spewin
Stu7: Come on Duncan ffs
Woodie22: Prefer if they chased the oval thing bhg
bhg26: That’s it, I’m out, see ya next game everyone
Raspel31: I am not Japanese- why are all my players commiting seppuku this week?
Ash777: first simpkin now mozzie
boxy36: Gee you’ve gotta feel for mosquito! Poor bloke
kascadev8: nicnat out, yay now im down a player, in a must win game, ffs
BurtCocain: good thing i saved a trade
srj2409: Nic Nat late out
Raspel31: The short and brave career of the wonderfully named Irving Mosquito.
Raspel31: Are you serious srj?
Avarax: yep. NN out
Stu7: @Raspel31 – yep srj2409 is correct
2Ph0nes: yes he’s a late out confirmed
Ooost: My opponent has Nic Nat… Excellent!
CozzieCan: Fuck me there goes my semi’s fuck SuperCoach.
Stu7: Dodged a bullet there – I was going to pick Nic Nat over Goldstein but didnt!!
Water: Whats everyone doing with nicnat trading or holding
Raspel31: Oh well that is simply grand news- off I go for an unneeded trade.
RooBoyStu: BLIM Black Lives Injury Matters Protest announced for Melbourne CBD tomorrow lol for Irving Mosquito ACL injury.
Kidult: Yeh Hickey in for Nicnat
pjw1234: stewart to go big in junk time
Kidult: Just changed my tip to Dogs now
Avarax: i think i may hold @water. i cant afford maxy, so not going to waste a trade
CozzieCan: Stuck with Nicnat & mozzie no trades left .. bad luck comes in 3’s
Nuffman: Merret for Atlas. easy
Moona: Abbey holmes said Fortnuately some big injury news – WTF. Fortunately my a$$ –
StuL: Im guessing we put the cue in the rack at half time?
Fatbar5tad: Last trade used Nic Nat>Gawn. Got some horrible players on field now.
Water: I just traded nicnat to reilly o brien, dunno how i feel about it
Raspel31: Me too Water- no choice.
GobChuck: Probably a bad game to own four bombers eh, thankfully menegola my Shuey replacement has gone bonkers to cover.
Avarax: im not trading. i am only playing 1/4 match ups this round. the other 3 i made Prelims, so will reevaluate next round
goat_19: nic nat out means i’ve got 20 playing, will lose cottrell and simpkin’s score hopefully
sMiles: Wow – Saad – a possession – thought he’d gone home already……
boxy36: Rats,
boxy36: rats, traded grundy to Gawn instead of Nic Nat -_- 0 trades left
Avarax: with nicnat out, does that increase the WB mids chance of a big one? does macrae have more VC value now?
CozzieCan: How many weeks for Nicnat does everyone think ?
CozzieCan: @boxy same boat as you
amigaman: What’s happened to NN?
Ooost: Jmac for VC here
Water: Yeah Avarax, initally didnt have VC on Macrae becausre of Nicnat but now ive switched and its on macrae, hes due a big o
Water: ne
Kidult: back soreness
Napper: Gawn to Neale for me
wadaramus: Merrett just been running laps for the whole last quarter.
goat_19: wake up merret, 130 please
beerent11: Woosha hasn’t a care in the world. All yours truck.
2Ph0nes: it’s just a workload thing, he’ll play next week
davywap: what’s happened with nicnat?
beerent11: How many have no trades left?
amigaman: Hmmm… just one week hopefully. Think I’ll hold
88360: Me
CozzieCan: Last time I heard back soreness was Cunnington & now isn’t going l play since round 5 or whatever
Water: I have 2 trades left
CozzieCan: @beer me & stuck with Nicnat & mozzie
Apachecats: Take Merrett out and the rest are ugly.
goat_19: i’ve got none beerent
2Ph0nes: i have 3 trades left with only one player to upgrade to a prem
Crippa9: Is it a masterstroke that I traded in Hawkins this week??!
amigaman: 3 trades left but will play 21 only
Stikman35: Not trading this week. But tempted with grundy recent form
Stu7: come on duncan
Avarax: as the #1 forward in supercoach, not really crippa. but good trade
Water: Yes junk it up saad and draper
beerent11: I’ve got 6 prelims next week and will probably have to use my last two
2Ph0nes: masterstroke? lmao. he has the 2nd best average of all forwards mate
Crippa9: Yes I know..timing might b the key, semi final in supercoach
Water: does anyone know what ridleys start price was?
CozzieCan: @Water with you On Saad keep going
Pies20: Draper beating shiel great result flower me
Avarax: 323k @water
WCE18: i got ridley in my team in rnd 3 @ $354900
Water: wowwww 323k?! imagine picking him at the start for that price damn
kascadev8: hawkins score makes me sad, had the vc and took it off, and now nicnat out, what have i done
goat_19: do i take merret vc or macrae?
Ooost: More junk please Ster
beerent11: Ridley has been excellent value. Every def but Lloyd has these weeks. 70 is not the end of the world
Crippa9: Ridley 322600 in supercoach starting price
Fatbar5tad: MacRae VC I reckon McRae to Gawn for me
navy_blues: <<getting hungry spit nearly ready
beerent11: My same opponent that had me Menegola has telly. I have a bad feeling
navy_blues: getting hungry spit nearly done
cmperrfect: I’ll take the NTP, thanks Apache

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