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Chat log from R14 of 2020: Richmond vs West Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs West Coast, R14 of 2020

Tangent: Dusty a late out…
CozzieCan: Cmon Nicnat & Dusty can feel big scores coming up , watch this space !! Go boys
CozzieCan: @Tangnet source ?
Maroonies: sup lads
feralmong: Tangent might be out.
boxy36: Cheeky VC on Nic Nat – hopefully a big game ahead. Also got Dusty and Shuey in this one
CozzieCan: @Tangent just letting you know , that you could be banned for misleading information as stated in the rules .. not on m8
Wahab_18: Tangent almost gave me a heart attack! Get him banned!!!
Phasir: Love how the AFL gift ninthmond a game against WC off a 4 day break in scrubber, evening Qld conditions.. 🙂
Apachecats: NTP results up on last game chat.
ajconodie: I’m tempted to put the VC on Nanks.
Woodie22: It’s a joke obviously Cozzie. Cheer up.
TeamRMPG: Righto coasters, get it done!
Kidult: Captain on Williams
DrSeuss: Bailey Williams – You have been on my bench all year – time for some pay back to cover Draper
Rathain84: is Hutchings tagging anyone?
GobChuck: After 4 95+ last game, c’mon Dusty/Shuey/Rotham keep up the going!
CATSPREM: cmon dusty got vc on you
Rathain84: Anyone seen our mate who loves Dusty?
hinsch: NTP should be on who Lynch will punch this week
navy_blues: lol
hinsch: took VC off Dusty last minute because of Hutching playing he better tag him
SC-STAR–: @hinsch I got Sheppard
BumSniff: Lynch to run across the field to pop Kennedy in the snout
zadolinnyj: Would be multiple people so too many winners @hinsch
kascadev8: short, dusty, nicnat, shuey in this for me. has anyone got the flopper in theirs?
FLAG: thanks apache, virgin win
Silz90: Dusty is the best player in the comp. only player to the coleman, brownlow, rising star and norm smith in the same year
hinsch: Brander for me Hurn is to big
CozzieCan: Cmon Nicnat get on the ground m8
Social: I got NicNat n Gaff WCE plus knuckles and phister from the tiges
Avarax: not just in the comp silz….best payer in history, ever
Nuffman: Martin is so good, he’s played 101% of the game!
88360: Apache did you get my guess of 70 last game?
88360: Vc on Nic nat
TheLegend6: Anyone gonna call our Liam Ryan for staging?
feralmong: silz put those matches away.
boxy36: Surely I’ve put the moz on Nic Nat with the VC this week
Apachecats: 88360 ,didn’t see it on the screen ,did you see it come up on screen.
BumSniff: Ill never understand someone for putting Tom Cole in their team but im somehow playing against him
88360: I think so. Oh doesn’t matter. Would I have won?
GobChuck: tom cole wtf, some people be weird, bad week to cop him though
ajconodie: Aarts is the new Jake King, but with skill.
BOMBRBLITZ: come on NutNut
CozzieCan: Move your flowering ass dusty & Nicnat what is this shower
bhg26: You’re not the only one with Nic Nat vc boxy, sad times
BumSniff: If Cole outscores Nic Nat I will delete my team
Apachecats: We’ll call you equal first then 88360 ,well done on you first NTP.
WizMan: Dusty also won MasterChef and The Block that year too
Silz90: I brought in rotham this week… in my draft team
Ash777: dusty won MVP award that year
pcaman2003: Didn’t Dusty also win the Douche and Chopsiticks award the same time?
scboy123: huge VC call on Nic Nat, paying dividends. Boys what u reckon take the 1?
heppelitis: Martin most skilled with chopsticks in AFL too.
Apachecats: haha Wizman ,and don’t forget Dancing with the stars.
BumSniff: Im feeling quite greedy. Will only take Nic Nats VC if he r eaches 5
Struda: @scboy123 hes actually on 0
colin wood: come on hurn ffs…
88360: Thanks Apache
Ash777: also the coaches award and hs award.
Water: is anyone taking titch’s 122 as vc?
Apachecats: Wonder if our little Richmond mate has been banned.
DrSeuss: Bailey Wiliams – another 3 quarters like that and I will forget all about Draper
Cottees: I yoloing Macrae as captain. He hasn’t failed me this year
FLAG: nah water, taking zerrets 145…
CozzieCan: Nicnat might single handily lose all my finals in 1 shot . Flower
Maroonies: nah ditch it
beerent11: Strongly considering it water. You?
navy_blues: i think dusty has a foot problem only handballing
Stephen001: I have put Bolton as VC this week, after his performance last week. not looking good.
Schillaci: VC 2pt first quarter
Social: Fathers Day coming up, Dusty to get Father of the Year
Water: i rolling the dice on macrae myself
BumSniff: Does SC finals work the exact same normal footy as
BumSniff: Does SC finals work the exact same as normal footy
Kidult: Wish my Defence wasnt complete as Houli would have been a nice value option
TheLegend6: Graham looks a handy POV, couple of tons in a row and a good start here
beerent11: Reckon 122 is ok. Vc/ c scores bit unpredictable lately. Don’t really want to risk Grundy, goldy, whit, clarry, Luke mac
Kidult: rd 14 is elimination and qualify finals, round 16 is semi, round 17 is prelims and 18 is GF
beerent11: Have boak too but scared of Hewitt.
88360: Lol vc on Nic Nat
Fatbar5tad: Nic is on his way boys
ajconodie: Keep going Vloss Stone.
Ash777: Houli’s be is 147.
beerent11: Glad I loopholed Kennedy looks like maybe concussed.
heppelitis: 2 more involvements for Nic Nat and he will be on 100
Water: why does mcgovern have 27 points from 1 kick and 2 handballs
CozzieCan: Nicnat 50 point qtr coming up
StuL: No way Vlaustins name is pronounced Vlastone
Cottees: na Nat just has to have 1 more hit out to get to 100
TheLegend6: Vlos-stone
BigGryan: had titch vc and decided not to take it for nic nat but thats hurting me rn
thommoae: Vlasutine’s name could be pronounced ‘Valsunite’?
Water: Flas-tin
ajconodie: I think it is “Vloss-Stun”
heppelitis: 20 points for a free lol
Cottees: hahahahahhaha nat stonks
DrSeuss: And just like that NicNat goes from 7 to 37
TheLegend6: It’s pronounced Vlos-Stin
StuL: Vlas too in. Its pronounced as written in german and probably the same in dutch
original: Flower off nic nat
Apachecats: Cracking game -grandfinal rehearsal.
Kidult: Its actually Floss- stone
Kidult: F sound rather than the V
Cottees: traded aarts.. prepared for him to get to 100
TheLegend6: @StuL did a video when he was drafted saying how it was pronounced
Social: Vlas – knuckle – in
StuL: Anyway. I hate both these teams. Who do i go for?
Napper: 23 down to 17 for a contested handball that was effective. that makes sense
ajconodie: Floss-Tone apparently. Or Tigger.
Maroonies: I like the L plates on the debutants
kascadev8: i traded aarts out this week too :/
StuL: Vlas flop
scboy123: yeah im on the traded aarts out train. Got Gaff in so if he tons up itll be fine
navy_blues: love BT commentating never gets anything correct
TheLegend6: Danger flops, Selly ducks, whole AFL does, nothing new
original: Hurn is so yuck now
poolboybob: Lol at that being a free kick
Woodie22: You don’t go for anyone perhaps StuL……..
DrSeuss: Keep Dusty in the middle please – he just floats about when he is forward
Kidult: Tigers need this to make top 4 you would think would put them 2 games behind
CozzieCan: @Stul Richmond so west coast don’t over take us on the ladder
scboy123: dam shoulda gone T Kelly
Maroonies: original tell me about it LOL I have him in fantasy FML
Ooost: My opponent has Hurn, all is well
navy_blues: dusty never chases very lazy off ball
ajconodie: Is Kennedy done and dusted?
StuL: Yea you’re right aj. A v is an f. But a u is an oo sound. So i reckon the tone bit is anglo corrupted
dipstick: @ledgend then he’s wrong. Its European. Its pronounced as written. And it is vlas too in
BigGryan: need dusty nic nat and sheppard to all go off to win finals
StuL: Ok. Yellow and black!
Kidult: Hurn has lost the little pace he had to reach more contests
original: Nic nat <110 pls
scboy123: Also Brander come on mate get involved
Woodie22: Geelong supporters will say Selwood doesn’t duck
Maroonies: Hurn > Stratton
StuL: He doesn’t. He’s a champ. Toughest player ever.
Avarax: hurn 100% better than stratton
poolboybob: Smart move by Balta kneeing Kennedy in the head in the first quarter
dipstick: Without the ruck rule change nic nat would be useless
CozzieCan: @Woodie Selwood irrelevant in all situations.. enjoy the game m8
stew42: Is Hutchings tagging Bolton?
AuroraBore: can’t believe i traded Hurn in over Stewart all those weeks back
hokkien34: Hellloooo Dusty, anyone home?
Woodie22: See. My point exactly.
Apachecats: NTP coming up soon.
Maroonies: Dusty has the Hutchings tag
kascadev8: shuey and dusty lets go
Stephen001: you cant always rely on martin to win richmond games
Ash777: geelong like to cover themselves in baby oil.
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin is on Nic Nat .Apache goes 120.
Sloan4Pres: flat track kennedy goes missing away from Perth as usual
CozzieCan: Time to dust off the cobwebs dusty & get a move on
MercAm: Is Kennedy confirmed out?
Fatbar5tad: LOL. Kennedy got a knee in the head!
ajconodie: @Sloan – He is concussed.
FLAG: nit nat 122
DrSeuss: You can’t always rely on Martin (fixed it for ya)
Maroonies: Kennedy got the arrow to the knee
Bart Man: I’ll take 116 for Nic Nat thanks apache
CozzieCan: 140 on NicNat Apache plz
bhg26: 132 Apache
kascadev8: did dusty seriously ask Stevic how he saw Dusty throw it?? must not be used to getting pinged for illegal disposal
ajconodie: Nickerbockers – 111
Gotigres: 136 for Naitanui
kascadev8: nicnat?? 144 please
TheLegend6: @Kas or the fact it was middle of the pack?
Woodie22: 92 nic nat
Avarax: 127 please apache
zadolinnyj: 98 for. Me Apache
scboy123: The Richmond floppers my god so bad to watch
Haydo: 110 for Naitinui
Ash777: nic nat 112
BigGryan: dusty what are you doing not again
Napper: 111 Apache
boxy36: 119 please Apace
boxy36: 119 please Apacehrd
Haydo: You cant say this is a bad game to watch scboy
boxy36: juts a minor stroke at the end of that message…
kascadev8: it was an easy throw call, stevic just the goat, trains well, good bloke
scboy123: really quite quarter from Gaff and Brander
navy_blues: 95 for nicnat plz
88360: 124 please
ajconodie: Kennedy and my multi done for the night.
scboy123: How wasn’t that holding the man?
The Hawker: 111 Please Apache
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
goat_19: 94 for nic nat thanks
thiccgucci: ill take 87
TheLegend6: If you’re gonna lose a multi, it’s better to lose early so you can actually take in the game
Woodie22: Whose flopping scboy???
HugeHead: 76 for nic nat
Phasir: WC gonna get a shot at goal? Nah, just tackle the player without the ball so he can’t have a crack. Classic 9nthmond
Phasir: Garbage game to watch Haydo
scboy123: Haydo not the game. The richmond player doing a full 360 flip after someone tried to spoil the ball.
scboy123: i thought riewoldt flopped that in the back call but i know some will debate that.
ajconodie: @TheLegend6 – All my other legs were looking very nice. Them’s the ropes.
Billy777: 76 for me please
Woodie22: Phasir, do we mention the drug culture you blokes had over there?
Beast_Mode: lol westcoke flogs sooking up a storm as usual
GobChuck: i’m pretty sure Pickett just tackled him for no reason lol very nice, also NTP 99 on NicNat please
Ash777: Glad this is best 18 or jjk concussed would hurt more.
Badgerbadg: Nic Nat is rubbish, supposed to be the “best ruckman in the afl”
Water: Ill go 112 for nic nat please
BigGryan: 129 for nic nat please
Phasir: Bring up history from over a decade ago, lol okay champ
The39Steps: 93 for me please @apache.
kascadev8: it was defs a free kick to cripps that was missed
Phasir: Pretty sure there’s 15+ clubs with a grub culture like 9nthmond with their history of king hitting opponents but okay
jackhenry: 90 for nic nat please
Woodie22: And when did Richmond last finish ninth?
stemy1243: 134 Nicnat wet sail
scboy123: The thing that shits me about richmond is they flop a lot whilst also being dirty as piss. Umps always buy it too
CozzieCan: @Badger who said Nicnat is the best ruckman lol ? You’re misinformed my friend , top 5 but not the “Best”
kascadev8: imagine getting eliminated in finals by the 9th placed team hahaha
Phasir: They finished 9th more recently than WC had a ‘drug culture’
navy_blues: houli very good that half
Woodie22: Over a decade ago..
SC-STAR–: 87 for nic nat if not taken
Woodie22: Keep going phasir
Beast_Mode: imagine being a top 4 team every season anf get smacked every time lol
Badgerbadg: @coz numerous footy pages on fb calling him the premier ruckman after last weeks performance….
CozzieCan: @Badger they sound like flogs lol .. you & I both know he isnt the best in the league .. they must be on drugs haha
Ash777: wasn’t the reason they’re called 9thmond is because they had a string of years finishing 9th in a row.
navy_blues: i lik nicnat but he struggles to play a full game if he could he def has chance to join grundy and gawn at top of tree
teddyt: imaging getting eliminated by 9thmond twice and watching them win the grand final those 2 years haha lolmao
CozzieCan: @Navy what about Goldstein ? I reckon he’d be in front of both Grundy & Nicnat this year
Woodie22: Teddyt spot on.
navy_blues: im talk if nic could be fully fit and play full season and goldy never far away for sure
Beast_Mode: ash they didnt even finish 9th twice in a row lol, but looking at wiki they were 9th 6 times in 15 years tho
kascadev8: @teddyt better then being eliminated by 9th, that couldnt be geelong
Thomas1234: grundy is the best ruck in the comp and has been for years FULL STOP
st_steve: Goldstein has been the best ruck this year
CozzieCan: @Thomas lmao yeah right . He’s had a shocker year barely in form & looks lethargic every game
teddyt: well.. its not.. but ok lol 🙁
Ash777: Grundy is still the leader in SC but he’s having a down year in the ruck.
SadBlueBoi: I actually thought 9thmond was when Carlton finished 9th, made finals when Essedon got banned, then beat Richmond in fnl
Phasir: Grundy is the best midfielder who also rucks a bit
Pies20: 77 for me @Apache
BigChief: Gawn 141 average Grundy 122. So how is Grundy leader in SC?
Roksta: gawn for mine
Ash777: Total points I mean not avg.
Apachecats: Closed 30 entries.
scboy123: @Bigchief I’d assume he meant total points not average since Gawn’s missed a few weeks now
DrSeuss: Dusty so lazy – standing behind packs – complaining to umps – get the freaking ball
BurtCocain: got the vice on nicnat tonight…
Fatbar5tad: Runs pretty quick when there’s an umpire goal on offer
Fatbar5tad: Never looked like missing that. He’s a great kick.
TheLegend6: Take a bow Dusty
Ash777: BT just soiled his pants.
poolboybob: Nice kick Brander
CATSPREM: good dusty
CozzieCan: Dusty is a freak let’s be honest
Maroonies: Musty Rartin
Stu7: Come on Brander
DrSeuss: Still a great kick though haha – Yeah he got to that ball in a hurry FatBar
Fatbar5tad: Good thing we don’t have smellovision Ash
Wahab_18: Is Kennedy done? Do I Still have hope for my multi or nah?
BigChief: @wahab looks cooked.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off. In the back ha ha ha.
TheLegend6: JK done
scboy123: what. ok this umpiring is disgraceful
Avarax: kennedy cooked
Maroonies: DrSeuss nice image
kascadev8: how is that not HTB?
scboy123: Wahab hes done at this point
Napper: How the f did williams go down to 23 after that what?
SC-STAR–: Gaff sit down , slow down
DrSeuss: Ridiculous frees against Bailey Williams – not looking good for my Draper replacement
Fatbar5tad: Throw not called. Getting a reacharound the Tiges.
wadaramus: Houli free a joke, so was Ryan free, umps got no idea!
TheLegend6: Sheed is a hack hahah
bhg26: So you can throw it now, thats good to know
Stu7: Go Gaffa tape
Raspel31: I have absoluely no interest in this game other than 1 loser So, godbless ladies and ents
Avarax: WCE playing away from OS not so crach hot
kascadev8: traded gaff in, but changed to bring a forward instead
CozzieCan: Nice 1 Aarts , 16 more points for b/e & I’ll be wrapped
GobChuck: Eagles didn’t beat anyone good in QLD last time, are we really surprised the tigers are winning?
Fatbar5tad: Big Tigers causing problems for the Weagles
Ash777: eagles getting a raw deal this qtr.
StuL: Show pony eagles cant play outside Perth with their cheating umps amd flog fans
kascadev8: aarts stop it now, bad boy, i got rid of u, stop
poolboybob: Cotchin star
Phasir: Rich were always going to get the 4 points this match, gill’s VFL made sure of that
Avarax: i backed the tiges. in QLD there was no other choice
Fatbar5tad: Is that three for Barass now? Silly play boyo
Social: And they’re here to show us why
Avarax: aarts should have been gone weeks ago.
Beast_Mode: lol wce have lost the plot in the 3rd
kano: Phasir for the burger
Avarax: lol phasir…..bias against your team is not real. thats an excuse
kascadev8: keep going nicnat
TheLegend6: @Phasir lmao here come the excuses
Fatbar5tad: Poor WCE. Have to play away. A terribel tale of woe Phasir.
Woodie22: Rightio Phasir.
navy_blues: phasir have a tissue m8
Phasir: I called the loss before the match started
Phasir: Grub weather suits grub teams, 4 day break, go have a look at the chat logs buddy
Crave: Richmond were going to always win umpires or not but WC got shafted on a couple of crucial calls
Avarax: VIOC teams have had 1 round held in victoria, how can you claim bias?
Sloan4Pres: eagles are pretenders
Raspel31: So very, very difficult.H
BigChief: @Phasir where was your excuses when WC were in WA?
GobChuck: Tuesday eagles vs dons will be super juicy now at this rate
Avarax: WA, SA and QLD teams have all had hubs… excuse
NewFreoFan: WCE no good in a hub
Roksta: richmond get kissed on the dik een when mcg is closed
Social: Remeber those freaky square biceps that Heady grew in one summer?
TheLegend6: @Phasir cry more hahaha pathetic
Fatbar5tad: And they’re here…to have a whine….
Phasir: Doesn’t matter who wins this years premiership anyway, always going to have an asterix against it as, same as the wars
teddyt: what happened to richmond can only play at the MCG? RicHMoNd ALwYaZ Gna WiN EaGleZ onLy GOod peRth
st_steve: Sooo… West Coast fans are just like Crows fans?
navy_blues: oh no 50m for wc omg umps are a joke lol
DamoBurner: refs got none right tonight
poolboybob: I’m glad that BT is commentating this match, said nobody ever
Avarax: i dont think so. asterisk or not, you win the same trophy.
NewFreoFan: Brett Heady? There’s a blast from the past Social
Phasir: I’ve said the same thing all year, its nice to see WC win, but it doesn’t matter
CozzieCan: 2 players down = more sc points to dish out .. will be interesting
BumSniff: shouldnt this premiership matter more
kano: eagles are trash away from home
Silz90: No its not Phasir. Whoever wins this year will deserve it
Phasir: WC bad in grub weather like Qld at night, always have been. No excuses
st_steve: Refs?
Woodie22: Teddyt, not over yet.
Phasir: If you think this season means anything you’re lying to yourself hoping your club gets a fantasy cup lol
original: Nic Nat flower off
Fatbar5tad: By calling it grub weather you are making an excuse. Last time I checked footy was a winter sport.
RoughRed: @StuL if you cannot say something nice …. you probably have the vocabulary of an onion
Avarax: this season probably harder to win than others. list management has been crucial.
Phasir: How good is Graham though
kascadev8: @cozzie wouldnt mind the boost on nicnat rn
StuL: Giving up already Phasir. If you win the flag I’m sure it will count.
scboy123: Phasir – whoever wins they still are premiers. Their 22 players still get their medals. Asterisk or no asterisk
CozzieCan: Keep going Nicnat you good thing
Sloan4Pres: @ Phasir it’d mean something if west coast won though (they won’t) wouldn’t it?
CozzieCan: @Kas he will ton m8 , usually has an awesome last qtr
Phasir: This cup is worthless
Stephen001: no such thing as holding the ball
TheLegend6: Shaiiii
scboy123: theres the ton for Gaff. Get in there. Brander take notes youngblood
Silz90: Plot twist, dusty lover is really phasir in disguise? stop trolling man
srj2409: No Optus stadium no west coast
kascadev8: this years premiership means more, able to adapt to the toughest circumstances compared to last year
beerent11: Why the fuck are you watching something you say doesn’t matter. Isn’t that a waste of your time?
Social: Remember when Cousins was speeding off his nana on the dais?
Phasir: If you don’t care about conditions, then go play all your home matches in launceston
hinsch: Phasir it’s OK to loose a game
Avarax: north would love to do that
navy_blues: lol launceston has best ground in afl
Avarax: our record in launceston is great
Phasir: I watch the preseason games each year too. they mean about the same as this year
BumSniff: Im sure the premiers are going to lose sleep over the * youre putting around their medals
poolboybob: Lot of Geelong ferals in the chat tonight
Snarfy: Phasir, you are probably talking about the best surface of turf in the country.
scboy123: Umps have evened up the calls now. Interesting 4th to come
Haydo: It’s still a legitimate afl season, still 18 teams competing for a premiership so same chances of a flag
NewFreoFan: Yeah, still a premiership, and if anything harder earned given the crazy season
Fatbar5tad: West Coast aren’t Phasir’d.
CozzieCan: @poolboy speak for yourself you half sucked cheese twisty
Apachecats: This ain’t over.
wadaramus: Set for a pretty good last quarter, carn Dusty, ton up!
Snarfy: The weather conditions are a separate thing:)
Ash777: Phasir is right no matter how it turns out there will always be mark on it.
Catatafish: Is Brander even fucking playing?
BigChief: Launceston is a much better ground than that rock in WA @Phasir
scboy123: Damn will Brander even get his 32 break even lol
valkorum: keep the chat about the game please
Rathain84: Geelong ferals? West Coast sooks is closer to the truth
kascadev8: @poolboy ur a bigger nuffy then that TigerNut bloke
TheLegend6: Cats got the premiership this season anyway, tough season to win so they’d deserve it
LeGoat1996: It’s not over yet. Big las qtr
Silz90: I’m not watching at the moment but T.dow better than brother? surely!
Nuffman: 900 pts up for grabs this qtr
Woodie22: Those tradie ads are terrible.
CozzieCan: 800 sc points to come for last qtr , cmon nic Nat & Dusty
Woodie22: Plus the Shane Warne ad
Stephen001: Go West Coast
TheLegend6: Dow’s had a pretty good debut, looks a player but not much job security
BumSniff: the cats smelly
Ash777: I think this will be the year cats can win it with their aging list. All the older players just started coming into form
Kingy12: Darling you legend!! At half time only leg needed in multi was him to kick 3
Rathain84: whats wrong with fresh pits and bits Woodie?
poolboybob: Why does Furphy advertise? Would rather pee in my own mouth
beerent11: Seems like bachar likes the hub
scboy123: kascadev speaking of where is that tigernut fellow since his tigers r playin
Kingy12: Don’t knock launceston chief. I won two flags on that ground lol
Social: Remember when Rioli produced something other than peepee for his doping test?
CozzieCan: Welcome to my team Houli , he’s back
Spifflicat: The Warne ad is dreadful
kascadev8: yeh where is tigernut, when he comes someone ping me so i dont have to watch his talk
Woodie22: Rath, nothing lol. Just the way they execute the ads lol
Apachecats: Got his bub in the hub beerent.
zacm44: hope richmond lose
zacm44: hi
Kingy12: Pickett, 8 more touches and a goal pls
scboy123: need a hide chat option for when he rocks up
kascadev8: nicnat looking better this 2nd half, close to a 40 point 3rd term, need it again in the 4th
hokkien34: 14 disposals from dusty is disappointing
PAFC4eva: first time caller long time listener
BigChief: @kingy I am in Tas and York park best surface in AFL by a mile.
Maroonies: Hurn is Burning me
poolboybob: Gee Richmond can’t miss
Avarax: doubly welcome PAFC
Apachecats: Welcome PAFC
Fatbar5tad: That’s all folks1
DrSeuss: Back to ‘Do Nuffin Dusty’ in this quarter
wadaramus: Straight kicking goes a long way.
CozzieCan: Cmon Nicnat & Dusty move your flowering ass flower
Silz90: stay low dusty – im not sure why i dont have you yet 🙁
Kingy12: @BigChief really? Awesome! I’m a Lonny boy but on west coast nowadays. York Park best ground I’ve ever played on
srj2409: Take a rest now son
Wahab_18: Omg Bolton is lifting!! Need him and Short to get to 15 each to win the multi!!!!
PAFC4eva: must agree this year as important as any other
Ash777: never say sexy on tv again bt
Kingy12: But the gravel here in Queenstown comes a close second haha
kascadev8: naitanu going down without doing anything wrong?? ffs
wadaramus: This season is compromised, but still valid.
Woodie22: Balta will be a All Australian in years to come. I know it’s a big call but he’s so young and built like a brick …..
scboy123: @Ash777 never say anything on tv again bt
BigChief: @Kingy never played footy there, but played cricket. And Queeny gravel is awsome
srj2409: Good. Go down further NN.
Raspel31: As a South African who has absorbed your wonderful game- is J riewoldt gay.Certainly has no drive
zacm44: Hi Hamish and Liam xx
Wahab_18: Come on Bolton and Short Please don’t flower this up!!!
PAFC4eva: WHAT! port and crows agree on something
BigChief: Oh you changed countries @Raspel?
Kingy12: Gotta keep ya feet tho chief lol. Gravel rash stings for a few days haha
Apachecats: Can’t sleep Raspel?
wadaramus: Similar sentiment does not equal agreement 🙂
scboy123: lol met Jack Riewoldt at the cricket nets in toorak, was off his chops
Rathain84: Come on Dusty get another wonder goal
srj2409: No Optus Stadium No WCE
PAFC4eva: of course
Raspel31: Fair enough Apache- was indeed snoozing. Who’s let you down this week?
BigChief: Great tackle NicNat.
poolboybob: Duggan blue moon
wadaramus: Can’t have us agreeing on something!
RooBoyStu: Lunch time in South Africa Apache 1:20pm lol
original: Stop nicnat
Social: Houli could give his BE a nudge here
teddyt: give balta the brownlow already
beerent11: Mixed bag here. Gaff shepp and a dizzy Kennedy.
CozzieCan: Onya Dusty
BigChief: Good call @poolboy. He has been great tonight.
scboy123: I swear Raspel said he lived in Melbourne so i assume hes just from South Africa
DrSeuss: Ok Bailey Williams – can you at least get to 50?
kascadev8: i met dermy brereton at an indoor cricket practice place haha, went there for a training session and all i see is dermy
StuL: No show pony, charmed run, downhill skiing, no eagles.
PAFC4eva: no that woudnt be right
original: Every nic may touch is imo 13sc so let’s hope he only gets 2 more max
Apachecats: Draper has by not getting a game Raspel ,they are really nursing him ,next big thing me thinks.
Grimes Jr: have a sook west coast boys. no home ground for u!
BumSniff: How did Nicnat get +4 off an effective hitout, handball and kick into 50?
Snarfy: Keep talking to Williams Dr Seuss!
scboy123: How has the first gamer bottled that so badly
kascadev8: nicnat been robbed off points tonight i swear
Apachecats: We had Dermie for a footy clinic when he was 17 ,the kids were realy pi55ed off ,wanted a big name player.
Apachecats: I told the kids to get his autograph any way.You never know he could turn out a good player.
Social: Balmy night, more like Vicco conditions than WA
scboy123: carn Gaff push for that 130
BigChief: Now that’s funny Apache. Little did the kids know.
Raspel31: From the cape of Africa we look at Riewoldt and the Lynch. We think is a joke. Go you west Costers
Phasir: “charmed run” like 7 at home into the finals then a home final series even though other teams finished higher, okay
Wahab_18: Bolton and Short thank you guys for the multi win !!! <3
kascadev8: dermie was actually hitting the ball well hahah
scboy123: VC on Nic Nat didnt payoff. WHo the fck to captain this round ugh
beerent11: Scale shep up to a ton please
DrSeuss: @Snarfy would have preferred a mark and goal – but he finished ok I guess. Better than a Draper 0
Social: Wonder if Chol will sneak back in for the song
BRAZZERS: bad luck flogs, shit club.
StuL: We had Brandon Gale come to my club and it was lile, meh. Richmond. They suck.
kascadev8: can we gift nicnat to a 130? will be happy, stuck with captains given no neale
CozzieCan: Aarts 70 , will be in my top 18
Apachecats: Reckon NN will be 100 after scaling
Social: Oh we’re from tiger…. 3 knuckles deep
goat_19: i cant remember my ntp but im pretty sure it was close to 94..
Woodie22: Phasir, you still sooking?
scboy123: 200 scalijng to come, surely not a 135 for gaff
Justavrage: Daniher still the story
CozzieCan: Great come back from Nicnat considering 1 sc point for the first qtr ..
Apachecats: yes goat.

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