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Chat log from R14 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R14 of 2020

CozzieCan: Can’t wait for this game going to be a cracker ! Go Danger , Stewart , Bont & Mcrea need big scores boys
navy_blues: only stewart 4 me
navy_blues: macrae and smith and duncan gottastay low my son has them im playing him lol
Cottees: go Captain Macrae! got Smith and Stewart
CozzieCan: Gonna roll the dice & Captain Dangerfield
BigChief: Only Stewart for me in this 1.
pcaman2003: Evening peeps. Have Macrae VC and and Stewart,Duncan as my POD’s. Good Luck everyone
bagger2217: g’day lads. Got Macrae (vc) and… that’s it
amigaman: Howdy BigChief
circle52: evening all Stewart, Daniel, Macrae, Duncan and Dusty for me.
circle52: Macrae will go big because I have take Titchells 122
casey22: Just deciding to take Titch 122 or rely on Mcrae??? Big call
bhg26: Macrae c, Bont, Baz and Stewart
CozzieCan: Can feel Captain Dangerfield 150 here , have a great feeling & im usually right
navy_blues: wouldnt be surprised if parfitt goes to bont or macrae
BigChief: Gday amiga. Hows things?
circle52: @casey I have taken it got caught with Neale last week so banking it.
BigChief: I don’t have to worry about C as Merrett was my VC
scboy123: Boys do we captain macrae or grundy this week???
amigaman: Staying low mate. Too many troublemakers in here of late
circle52: Macrae has only exceeded 140 3 times which aided my decision.
casey22: Got caught with Neale as well
navy_blues: im putting c on oliver this week
BigChief: I am ignoring them mate.
Yelse: VC mitchel has screwed me now such a tough decision
scboy123: Fyfe has de boar this week so that rules him out. Lloyd has PA, really hard week to decide the C. bloody nic Nat as myVC
Woodie22: Evening lads just the one player tonight McCrae. I dislike the cats so reflects with my team lol
circle52: We know Yelse a few in same boat but with my luck this year will go the worng way.
casey22: Done deal: Titch locked in. Opponent has the Bont as C
circle52: Usually take anything above 125 so in danger territory for me. Taking the 122
Ash777: Only Bailey Williams this game. great POD
Yelse: Taylor adams or fyfe and luke ryan vs haynes which two to bring in
Apachecats: Evening all ,nearestthe Pin winner last night on Nic Nat was Zadolinnyj .hole in one on 98 ,well done on your 1st NTP.
navy_blues: fyfe and ryan 4 me
Apachecats: 2nd place went to Gobchuck on 99.Well done ,getting closer.
Raspel31: Perhaps a whole bottle of vodka yesterday was a tad ambitious. Groan. Go Macrae- only cap option.
Maroonies: gidday legends
Stephen001: i hope the bulldogs win tonight.
Wahab_18: Macrae VC Caleb Unqiue
Wahab_18: Macrae VC Caleb Unqiue.. Danger and Stewart staying low would be nice!!
The Hawker: Grundy avg 145+ against Carlton, looking to C him but Maca and Bonte tonight…
Maroonies: might watch first half then call it for a day. I hope doggies win my 2nd tream in the comp
kascadev8: got macrae, duncan, stewart, close, hawkins (c) big balls
GobChuck: Macrae stewart baz close tonight
88360: That’s a risk kasca especially in finals
DrSeuss: Only Stewart in this game – but would be very happy with Macrae and Bailey Smith staying LOW
88360: I am with u Seuss need macrae to stay low
Cottees: I was thinking about getting Dunkley this week… haha classic
Raspel31: Agree with 66- huge risk kasca.
Maroonies: go the doggies already with the 2 gotta score high early against the cats
tdarian: what how is dunkley on 38?
Yelse: can’t be right Dunkley 2 mins in 39 SC
DrSeuss: Dunkley on track for 1000 lol
CozzieCan: Flower off Dunkley
heppelitis: McClean was traded out after giving me 60 to 80 all year. Started well lol
Gandhi: If dunks keeps this up, my keeper team is looking good for next year lol
Maroonies: I swear every bulldog player just about has a mullet LOL
Rathain84: Hi All! Go Doggies!
The Hawker: Hope for Bonte to go HUGE today
Cottees: anyone put money on Bont and Hawkins kicking a goal each?
J.Worrall: Go Doggies
Silz90: Hey all, i put vc on macrae instead of bont. hope it pays off
J.Worrall: Same Silz
Stu7: Come on Macrae
Apachecats: Same Silz ,not lookiing too bright at the moment.
Apachecats: Got the C on the seagull.
CozzieCan: What the fuck danger get of the bench you fucking twat
Maroonies: Western Mullets
scboy123: Macrae 1 touch is this a joke
DrSeuss: Danger and Stewart on the bench WTF – Geelong are terrible so far
Ash777: cats are napping away.
Gandhi: Doggies are smashing Schlong so far. Wow.
FinlaySON: Geelong giving us a preview of their finals football?
Maroonies: what is the point of bouncing the ball they can never do it right anymore
pcaman2003: Cats most damaging backman stays on the bench. Why Scott? Seen the score
Rathain84: Get in there Baz!
biggs2dujj: Did BT say Enright?
Woodie22: This is beautiful so far
Maroonies: Scott is keeping them on bench while doggies get tired
beerent11: Beat me to it Biggs got his 44’s mixed up
Raspel31: If Macrae is my lowest scoring player am I stuck with him as cap- graon.
BigChief: BT is still a moron.
DrSeuss: How is that high? Should have been holding the ball
J.Worrall: BT could say Peter Hudson and I wouldn’t be surprised
BumSniff: Love to see my captain being the one bulldog not doing much
biggs2dujj: Beerent he’s like 8 years removed? Sheesh BT
pcaman2003: Hey Duncan! Try giving the ball to your own team,not the oppo. Geez!
Yelse: seriously danger and mcrae and stewart lift ffs wtf is going on
scboy123: Seuss shhh let the ump help macrae out, he needs it
J.Worrall: Expected Guthrie to go to Bont, not Macrae
beerent11: Hunter doesn’t like smith has burnt him 3 times so far
BigChief: @Raspel I believe you would get the VC
scboy123: Raspel his captain score wont be in ur bottom 4 scores so yeah you’ll be stuck with him
DamoBurner: duncan pls
original: Was praying those yuck Duncan touches wouldn’t = 40 sc phew
Stu7: Menongola come on
Raspel31: Thanks chaps- it was a rhetorical question.
CozzieCan: Fuck this game
Ash777: cats fans need to pspspspsps their team. 😛
pcaman2003: You little devil Charlotte.
GobChuck: are cats really the inform team? they were godawful last week so not surprised that they’ve been blown out early
Gandhi: Lol Ash
Raspel31: Behave Adele.
heppelitis: here puss puss puss
Apachecats: This mob wouldn’t rhetoric Raspel.
The39Steps: Dad’s Army normally collapse in September. Done three days early in this unpr3dictable
Apachecats: *get
Cottees: Geelong making Doggies look like grand finalists
LMartos: who needs hitouts
2Ph0nes: weak as piss effort, shouldnt be surprised but usally dont see these until finals time
The39Steps: ..unpredictable year.
J.Worrall: What you tokkin’ ’bout, Apache
J.Worrall: What you tokkin’ ’bout, Apache?
Raspel31: Hope M0nty doesn’t ban me Apache.
BigChief: @Raspel being an alien I didn’t think you knew about Fantasy Footy.
scboy123: @Raspel being South African I assumed anything was possible
Yelse: what did we just watch
CozzieCan: Wtf is this shit , fuck off dogs & Dunkley
Apachecats: sorry worrall ,should have said with a few exceptions.
Kidult: haha 7 tackles to the dogs and 5 from Dunk
Woodie22: Something awesome Yelse
kascadev8: how is steven on 100% accuracy?? i havent seen him hit a target yet
pjw1234: got 6 in this. bont. daniel. smith. stewart. danger. parfitt.
Apachecats: Was it South African vodka Raspel?
Raspel31: Lived in Cape Town for 2 yearsscboy- great times. Carn Macrae.
Cottees: how is dangerfield on 24… bs
CozzieCan: Can’t watch this fucking shit , I’m out
kascadev8: steven is terrible, his accuracy is a lie
Raspel31: Russian of course Apache- I’m not an amateur.
Trizzy: surely cape for Dunks that quarter
navy_blues: lol
kascadev8: @Cozzie im with u
Woodie22: Lol cozzie
beerent11: Couple of fair weather cat supporters there
BigChief: @Trizzy cape is for 50 DT, not SC.
Crave: yeah isn’t the hot symbol this year based on 80 DT, surely 40 in 1 qtr gets the cape
BigChief: Bye Cozzir and Kasca
GobChuck: Next one up for cats is the dreaded post-bye L they seem to cop every year. Surely not?
tdarian: its only 2 goals a qtr. still in it
Ash777: imagine walking out the stadium after a qtr
Apachecats: Bombers were 6 goals down Thursday night ,don’t give up yet Cats people.
Woodie22: True Ash
heppelitis: cats need to find their inner essendon lol
Apachecats: GobChuck you got 2nd in NTP NicNat ,only 1 off.Well done
Raspel31: Strangely Concerto de Aranjuez in the background doesn’t suit this game
Raspel31: Strangely Concerto de Aranjuez in the background doesn’t suit this game.
beerent11: There you go tdarian. Stick fat.
scboy123: Raspel I’ve been to Cape Town too, beautiful city
GobChuck: thanks apache, good to see a first podium finish
Apachecats: Lift your game Dunkley ,still on 70.
pcaman2003: Duncan not paid the tackle on Daniel at the boundary. Crapola!
Rathain84: As long as Baz beats Parfitt I’m happy
Pies20: maybe time you see a psychologist @rasp?
DrSeuss: Tempted to bring in Hunter but I just can’t stand the way he plays
Apachecats: Any cats still here? Plenty of Bombers.
Raspel31: Whoever picked Hawkins as captain might be having second thoughts. And thanks for the love pies.
AuroraBore: idk @Rasp, i reckon it fits
beerent11: Vc and c scores are a bit tricky this round so far.
Woodie22: Kasca did lol
scboy123: Cant stand Hunter either
Pies20: Got family in Melbourne in the same boat @rasp drink up keep busy bro
pcaman2003: That’s better Duncan and Stewart. Keep going fellas
bagger2217: If Macrae doesn’t score well, who should I put the C on? Gawn should be a decent shout coming off his break
MONEY TALK: whered bont go
kascadev8: i put the C on hawk, but got a comfortable win so it doesnt matter
BurtCocain: im rooted, cap on macrae
exatekk: VC Stewart. Something different! In an Elimination so gotta try everything!
tdarian: back in business cats
Pies20: i got mcrae for neale and the vc on him lift please
Bluebagg11: Duncan Stewart Macrae Smith Come on!!
tdarian: macrae will be fine. keep the faith
Raspel31: Should have stuck with 122 from Titch last night- carn Macrae.
beerent11: 122 from titch is looking better and better
BurtCocain: need a massive 2nd half from him
pcaman2003: Anyone else have Macrae into Oliver for C?
kascadev8: need hawkins island to open up
Raspel31: Adele- don’t show off.
scboy123: How is Macrae’s score so low? 8 disposals @75%. 3 score involvements, 0 TO, 3 tackles?
Gotigres: love all your possies on the wing Stewart
Bluebagg11: Glad I didn’t take Macca as cap. Should I take Mitchell’s 122 or go Grunddog?
beerent11: Stewart’s racking em up now
duckky: Only 1 contested and 1 clearance to Jack Mac.
pcaman2003: Charlotte! Jealous!
beerent11: I’d be worried about Steele on clarry pcaman.
scboy123: @beerent Hunter Clark back this week as well, should be a good midfield battle. looking forward to it
pcaman2003: Just need Duncan to improve DE and catch up to Stewart to help my score.
cmperrfect: Hunter brought his own Sherrin tonight
BumSniff: Hoping for a 120+ from Macrae but anything above Nicnat counts as a pass
GobChuck: given Mac is burning my VC rn, would you guys go Grundy Cripps or Whit Captain?
Pies20: @pca keep your weird adel gear chat up with @rasp he seems down tonight I’m worried
pcaman2003: So far I’ve seen one definite tackle and one a maybe,but neither paid. Dodgy CD observers.
kascadev8: why did i captain hawkins omg
Apachecats: Nearest the pin time.Its on Macrae .Apache goes 102.
cmperrfect: Merrett VC looking mighty juicy right now me thinks
BumSniff: Did Baz somehow lose score from those 2 handballs?
Cabri44: 125 please Apache
pcaman2003: I’lol go 108 on Macrae thanks Apache.
Water: Ill go 107 for macrae please apache
Woodie22: 122 Apache
The Hawker: 94 for me Apache thanks
AuroraBore: ill say 135 bc i didn’t go with Titch VC for him
FinlaySON: Macrae 121
scboy123: 116 please apache
Yelse: 111 for moi
Crave: 114 for JMac for me
GobChuck: NTP 93 for me please Apache
navy_blues: 89 macrae plz
DrSeuss: 92 for me Apache
Bart Man: Macrae 115 thanks apache
SC-STAR–: @apache 94
jackhenry: 105 for macrae please, what do u think hewett??
Ash777: macrae 111
88360: 87 please
Raspel31: Whoops- Ash just beat me to it- 109.
Avarax: 88 macrae please
The39Steps: 138 for me please @apache.
cmperrfect: McCrae 98 plz
bhg26: 129 Apache
Cr1cketeer: 88 macrate
CozzieCan: 125 plz Apache
Cottees: 108 please
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
PAFC4eva: 112 acat
navy_blues: wb cozzie
Cr1cketeer: oh no avarax got in first. 91, or 85 if that’s taken please
Mustardish: mac 83
hinsch: ntp Macrae 101 pls for me
CozzieCan: Thanks m8 was infuriated that first qtr
circle52: 138 for Macra because I took Mitchells 122 So ne will come home 2nd half
Apachecats: Cricket 91 ok
CozzieCan: Great to see C on Dangerfield paying off so far so good
Mustardish: believe cozzie – not done yet
navy_blues: it happens
scboy123: nah circle i got him as C so dont fear a sub 100 is surely on the cards
CozzieCan: @Mustard after lasts weeks efforts against Adelaide , Just isn’t good enough . All this media hype & we produce rubbish
kascadev8: loving the C on Hawkins again this week, forgot to change the team
bagger2217: 68 for Macrae
Cr1cketeer: so you’re feeling a 100 point half @circle?
scboy123: kasca im sure his near 200 score a few weeks didnt cloud ur judgement on that one
Gotigres: 122 for Macrae
Pies20: Has any of my predictions come through 128
kascadev8: @scboy im very dumb in general
Mustardish: yeah coz agree hype too flattering. can grind back in 2nd half but need to shut run down
Cr1cketeer: Jack Steven having the weirdest season
exatekk: 117 please apache
Apachecats: kaska ,haven’t seen your NTP>
Moona: 101 for Macrae
CozzieCan: @Mustard keeping only Hawkins as the only tall timber down forward was a strange call from C.Scott ..
benty691: 98 for me thanks apache
LuvIt74: 111 macrae
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Should be used to strange calls from Scott.
scboy123: yo i know m0nty is like the owner and hes red but are purple people like mods or whats the deal w that
Mustardish: @coz only works if opposition let you keep hawk one out. few strange calls this year from scott
Pies20: I wouldn’t have Hawkins in my team let alone c him that’s just me buddy the last tall forward in my team
pjw1234: 89 for macrae thanks
Pies20: his puppets i think @scboy sorry to disrespect if I’m wrong
Karlpov: The old purple name game…
Apachecats: NTP Closed
pcaman2003: Surely you can beat Parfitt, Duncan.
Moona: Forgive me for I am new to the NTP, is it for DT or SC
BumSniff: how did duncan go backwards by 10
kascadev8: steven is so bad, useless
Apachecats: It SC Bomber Moona
Stikman35: Great goal assist by Rohan.
Moona: Thanks Bomber apache
Raspel31: Firstly Moona you deposit $ 50 in Apache’s on line account and it’s SC
Crave: fuck BT is annoying
SadBlueBoi: Brought it Macrae this week as an edge over Opp to win final… Not looking good
pcaman2003: Anytime you’re ready Duncan you can start making points instead of losing them,FFS
Apachecats: HaHa Rasp ,I wish.
Stikman35: Men a gonna on a holiday..SAM!
Stu7: Macrae 95
Gandhi: Dunkley hasn’t done much since the 4th minute of the game
scboy123: last night i said i wasnt gonna captain jackson and somehow i talked myself into it today
Apachecats: These fantasy TShirts don’t come cheap ,plus I’ve had a memorial board put up in the poolroom for the 1st lifemember.
scboy123: how the hell is bont an 83
Apachecats: Stu7 your about 12 minutes too late,will give you a honourable mention if he gets 95.
bhg26: Macrae you flowering spud do something!
Moona: had my 8 year old send a pineapple to efc to get joey to re-sign – will that do apache??
CozzieCan: Dangerfield ripped off
Patty19: Loved watching Stewart seagull it in the backline for 2 minutes, brilliant
pcaman2003: Last night Ridley failed me,now Macrae and Duncan making sure I lose.
Raspel31: Many of us seeing our year go down the toilet as Macrae chooses this week to do nothing,
Patty19: Do it again
Stu7: Apachecats – cheers
Apachecats: You’re on Moona.
BurtCocain: i am well and truly cooked
CozzieCan: Danger mark , kick , 2 balls for 3 SC ?
scboy123: yeah so glad i made top 4 for an extra shot but like macrae come on fella
srj2409: Good to see Macca staying down. Might take Titch’s VC
Pies20: Same @Burt flower me
BurtCocain: i finished 5th on the ladder by 0.5%
pcaman2003: Will someone knock Bruce out? Sick of hearing his inane voice.
SC-STAR–: flower off stewart
Gotigres: Greedy by Miers
Stu7: Why is Duncan’s score so low??
original: Duncan wow
sMiles: where is Macrae… Seriously… where is he?
pcaman2003: Thankfully I have Stewart doing well,but Duncan is a flowering spud.
kascadev8: all my geelong players scoring horribly
Apachecats: Cats will win this.
sMiles: Fuck you Macrae
heppelitis: Its time to play the music..its time to light the lights…duncan is the muppet show tonightts
scboy123: Nah big 2 touches this quarter from Macca, always good to see
CozzieCan: Keep going Captain Danger
Catatafish: Shit DE for Duncan, that’s why. Bu if Bont had that DE and same stats it’d be double.
Moona: this is gonna be 2 6 goal down and come from behind and win games in the 1 round.
pcaman2003: heppelitis. Couldn’t of said it better. Having a real mare. Can’t play against decent sides
scboy123: Macca keep getting contested possessions thats what we wanna see
kascadev8: duncan on 38?? wtf how, letsgo hawkins
Catatafish: Should have got Bont purely for the CD boner factor
pcaman2003: So Duncan is minus 1 for the qtr. Brilliant!
bagger2217: Could actually win an NTP
Bluebagg11: Duncan costing me my prelim spot in two leagues, opp has DAnger
scboy123: Yo bontempelli has a lower DE and only 2 more contested possessions and a goal. is that worth 20?
srj2409: Good boy Macrae
Ash777: you know what I realised that’s good about this pandemic. No roaming Brian.
Crowls: 7:25pm login chekc teams move C off oliver to Macrea. Repeat of last week with Neale, Suicide watch please
Apachecats: 33 point 1/4 from Macrae ,got going late.
CozzieCan: 800 or so SC points to come , let’s go Danger you food thing
CozzieCan: Oops good*
Stu7: Old Dunkley crashed and burned after getting off to a flyer!
Catatafish: Yeah, but Bont is prettier. That’s double points right off the bat.
Wahab_18: Duncan Showerhouse.. Gonna need a rookie to score massive this week now
kascadev8: go hawk
pcaman2003: Now Stewart,I need at loeast 150 now to make up for that Duncan peanut. Please oblige!
Crowls: danger, stewart, close, b smith, macrea and daniel in this. Make or break game for the weekend
Apachecats: Good comment Ash777 ,annoys the hell out of me.
CozzieCan: Cmon cats !!! Let’s do this
scboy123: Ahh bont has 4 intercept possessions to macraes 0. that explains it
pjw1234: damger and boak in for me this week so good start
pcaman2003: I’ve got Cogs as well,so this round could get real nasty.
Apachecats: NTP results will be in Chat room before 1st game tomorrow.
kascadev8: horrid from duncan, lift hawk i have u as my captain
88360: Pcaman what did you use your trades on
davywap: Picked a good week to play shit Macrae
Avarax: if someone guaranteed me 100 for macrae right now. id take it….
scboy123: how wasnt that a contested possession by macrae. fuck champion data honestly
BurtCocain: pcaman i reckon coniglio is due for his monthly good game. fingers crossed.
pcaman2003: 88360. Haven’t made any trades this round yet
Water: dont worry macrae 120 from here
Nuffman: duncan has second lowest SC in whole Geelong side… urgh
scboy123: Carn macca get that ton – ideally 120-130 but lets not be greedy
BurtCocain: im getting excited every time macca gets a touch now
scboy123: wait what is this. Bont is genuinely a protected species. holding the ball not paid then a high tackle there let off.
pcaman2003: BurtCocain. Hope so but I think someone put a hex on me
pcaman2003: Nuffman. Worst thing is Duncan is a mid and can’t even reach the score of many rookies. Disgrace!
Nuffman: it Hurts pca.. hurts so much! Meen such a solid contributor for me all year
CozzieCan: Cmon danger kick the goal don’t pass it
Nuffman: Hopefully a goal or so this qtr.. boost the score like last week
davywap: Be lucky if Duncan is in my top 18 at this rate
kascadev8: go hawkins just beat nicnat
srj2409: Duncan above Close. Ripper.
Yelse: how did bont get a handball and 10 SC points was a free against
DrSeuss: Stop now Macrae – no need for a big last qtr
pcaman2003: C’mon Stewart,you’ve stopped scoring this qtr. I need ya bud.
scboy123: Yelse i dont understand bonts score at all. 7 less disposals and the DE is nothing special
NugzNiggle: Go Lachie.
tommy10: CD taking points off Smith BS
scboy123: how did bont just go up 4 and macrae down 4 with no disposal for either wtf is this seriously
LMartos: CD taking the piss with the clutch time points, blokes losing way too many points
jbjimmyjb: duncan has lost me my final
The Hawker: How did stewart went -3 from 2 effective kicks and one inside 50
srj2409: Every touch stewart gets he loses points
scboy123: Macrae +2 for handball score involvement as well as high tackle free kick for?what
kascadev8: lift hawkins
Maroonies: this game is bradley close lads
CozzieCan: Cmon captain danger keep going !!!
Cabri44: Stewart and Rohan on same points
BumSniff: what the actual fuck has mitch duncan done
BigChief: Crozier has lost 18 points this 1/4
pcaman2003: Looks like Macca into Oliver for sure now.
Yelse: is bont score serious get p off here as opponent has him
adgbubba: yes Stewart is getting flowered with this scoring
kascadev8: 2 more goals hawk please
NugzNiggle: All the Duncan sooks.
J.Worrall: Kicked a sausage roll?
Avarax: potentially kicked a match winner
Gotigres: kicked a goal BumSniff
The Hawker: Why would you trade Macca?
Apachecats: So if a free is called advantage ,the player who earned the free gets nothing?
pcaman2003: Flower me! Duncan actually did something right. Amazing!
J.Worrall: With you there, C
Bluebagg11: A couple more please Duncan
Moona: Game on Biatches – game on
J.Worrall: With you on Clarry PCA
scboy123: this is the most aggravating thing watching bonts score rise for no reason
SC-STAR–: Come on cats keep essendons season alive
davywap: Luke Dalhaus is also the leading singer of Sheppard
kascadev8: good hawk, 1 more
pcaman2003: Lol! Duncan went from 53 to 76 with that goal. I’ll take it.
srj2409: Duncan will outscore Stewart soon
BigChief: Who said they are trading Macca @Hawker?
Nuffman: went Neale to Boak and two cullings, to bank 725k for more upgardes and get Neale back in two weeks lol
tommy10: Bont been getting point last for farting..I’ll take it
BumSniff: has dunk been in the ruck again
Yelse: comparing bont with danger absolutely makes no sense
CozzieCan: Cmon Danger !!
pcaman2003: Stewart has gone backwards this qtr by 6 points. Damn!
davywap: Great run Rohan, shame it led to absolutely fuck all
Badgerbadg: How was that not deliberate out of bounds?
88360: Captain on Hawkins have been saved
SC-STAR–: Bulldogs to win kick after the siren by bruce REMEMBER IT
scboy123: Carn Macca push that ton up
srj2409: Ran 70m and shanked it. How WAS it deliberate?
BumSniff: Macraes gone above Nic Nat i can sleep easy tonight
exatekk: why the F is Stewart going backwards?????
BurtCocain: macrae got the ton yewwwww
Badgerbadg: Kicked it to absolutely no one, just sent it up the line.
Cottees: danger went up for kicking out on the fool haha
scboy123: BumSNiff dont speak too early hes already dropped 1 lol
LMartos: Danger gained 8 for kicking it out on the full??
BurtCocain: bum did you put the vice on nicnat too?
navy_blues: cos cd giving mac all the points
BOMBRBLITZ: Danger rising!
CozzieCan: Cmon danger 150
BumSniff: Yea I didn’t trust it but had to t ake the chance
srj2409: No one to kick it to ahead of him what do you want him to do turn around and kick it backwards?
BigChief: Muppet for Macrae. Just cost Dogs the game.
88360: Yes Cats
kascadev8: go hawk!!
scboy123: Macrae and Bont – 2 points different DT, 21 SC. CD fuck off
casey22: Wow, some sort of game
Gotigres: Macrae should lose about 10 points for that
BOMBRBLITZ: McCrae should lose 20 points for that clanger that cost the game
The Hawker: I guessed 95 for Macrae 😉
CozzieCan: Thank you C Dangerfield you beauty !!!!
Nuffman: they krrp movingh the ball via the opposite wing that Duncan is on…. boooo
BOMBRBLITZ: Danger 150+ Surely
BurtCocain: fuck macrae, why mate
The39Steps: Rohan 120 SC pts ! Greatest indictment ever of SC/CD system.
88360: Scaling
Nuffman: no scaling it looks
Avarax: scaling to come hawker
beerent11: Where’s that fuckwit cozzie?
Apachecats: you had 94 The hawker.
scboy123: going forward so i can try understand how the fuck this crap is scored. what did bont do to earn 122 from 14 disposals?
Moona: scaling to come hawker
scboy123: no scaling to come avarax
Apachecats: no scaling
Gotigres: 29 sc points for that goal by Rohan
beerent11: Cozzie you gave up at quarter time
circle52: Scaling will be minimal only slight adjustments if anyy.
tone: agree with the spud for gardner, how tf does he get a game..
kascadev8: captain on hawk didnt screw me like i thought it would
Avarax: yeah, no scaling. wow
Wahab_18: No Scaling left lads that 3300 on the dot.. might be a few adjustments
Crowls: guttes macrea
Apachecats: NTP results.
BurtCocain: harry looking fine
bhg26: Flower you Macrae, absolute spud
CozzieCan: Gee English has dropped off since that double ton ..
DamoBurner: what a game
Stu7: And be 95 Apache
Apachecats: Equal 1st wereThe Hawker and SC-STAR on 94.Well done 1st win for The Hawker and 2nd win for SC-STAR.
Wahab_18: Someone explain how Bont got 122? You’re telling me if he had 30 tocuhes hed be on 250? Absolute BullShower
CozzieCan: Geelong on top of the ladder for tonight , gonna sleep like a baby
Apachecats: And a very honourable mention to our late entry From Stu7 ,in the hole on 95.
The Hawker: Hey man give credits when its due 😉
navy_blues: 10 tackles and 10 cp
Cr1cketeer: 10 tackles, 10 contested possessions both help
beerent11: You gave up at quarter time cozziecan you knob
theflukes: 10 tackles, 10 cp, 2 frees for and a goal
navy_blues: haha cozzie big turn around
kascadev8: @Cozzie couldnt be happier
CozzieCan: @beerent wasn’t happy first qtr Geelong where shocking , why the name calling m8 ? No need to be immature
hokkien34: Any scaling to come?
Moona: well done hawker. happy for you to take the ntp win, ill take last night 🙂
Avarax: hokkien. scroll down and add up the total SC points at bottom. 3300 allocated each game.
Avarax: you can work it out yourself
RooBoyStu: If lockdown isn’t hard enough, you have amateurs like wahab_18
hokkien34: Thanks Avarax, didn’t see that down there!
hokkien34: Sorry, still kinda new to this haha. I know for next time now 🙂
Avarax: all good mate. giving you the tools to do it 🙂

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