Chat log from R14 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Essendon

CozzieCan: Afternoon lads , big week of the first round of finals , good luck every1 & big thanks to mOnty for ya hard work m8
bhg26: Fielding 20 premos this week so looking good
bhg26: Hurley out, Zerk-Thatcher in
Avarax: 19 premo’s and dev smith for me bhg….quite confident
wadaramus: Perfect afternoon for footy in Adelaide today.
bhg26: Went Day to B. Williams, Hosie to Riccardi and Rankine to Jack Martin, thought?
bhg26: *thoughts?
Avarax: hosie had cash left in him, otherwise jack martin is a good choice. he’s going to finish strong
DrSeuss: Similar thoughts BHG – B Williams was on my bench – so he plays for Draper. Bring in Riccardi and Mosquito
DrSeuss: Lets me turn Bytel into Jack Martin
bhg26: Just have B. Williams in my backline, turning him into Zac Williams next week and then i have a full team of premos
Ash777: everyone bought in mozzie?
LeGoat1996: Excited to see Daniher back for the bombers.
Avarax: i went simpson and ladhams to mosquito and titch
CozzieCan: Cmon Saad Mitchell !! Big scores
Ooost: B Williams has been my off ruck, moved him to defense and cashed in McKay
Avarax: will likely go georgiades to riccardi before tomorrow, for cash for next week
Napper: Brought in Jack Martin this week good call or not?
bhg26: Really wanted to trade Grundy, field Draper, then trade Rankine and Day to Z Williams and Oliver, but cant now
Avarax: anyone VC mitchell this game?
bhg26: Saad, Ridley, Parish and Titch
Avarax: just read below napper
Ooost: I did too Napper
navy_blues: mitch my vc
Napper: @avarax me
bhg26: cant wait to see how our recruit Joe Daniher plays
scboy123: Round 1 finals lets get it boys
Wahab_18: Ridley and Titch lets go! Coping Draper donut tho 🙁
scboy123: Carn Titch, Parish and Ridley
Gotigres: Yes Avarax. Titch vc for me.
bhg26: Nic Nat vc, Macrae c for me
Napper: Have Titch VC, Ridley, Shiel, Smith and Mozzie
Ash777: I bought in martin too. he’s going to have a mare 🙁
CATSPREM: cmon daniher and devo
Raspel31: Why am I pissed at 4.40-oh cos I live in Melbourne. Carn Titch and carn you Dons.
Ash777: got titch vc, day, ridley n mozzie in this game.
Bluebagg11: Come on Titch VC. Traded you in for Neale. Expecting a big game please!!
Pies20: hi all at work dam the early start good luck to everyone in the finals!!
Avarax: me too bhg
Bezzina: you traded Neale for Titch?
Avarax: why anyone would trade neale is beyond me.
FLAG: Neale trader here, i feel dirty but love it
Sloan4Pres: lol at the gift for daniher
Bezzina: it’s got me bamboozled Avarax
Thomas1234: I traded neale for kelly
CozzieCan: @Avarx trading Neale in J.Kelly & Rankine into pertracca seemed applaudable
Avarax: its a clear grab at league wins, with disregard to top 18 or overall scores
Pies20: I’ll be doing the same neale to mcrae
Ash777: this must be a joke?
FLAG: neale to zerrett, no finals h2h in R15 so will bring neale back r16 with 9 trades left
DrSeuss: Be great if you could get a touch Shiel?
MrWalrus: It’s madness, that’s what it is
Pies20: it’s about winning my elimination final in my $league @avarax
GroupOne: Good luck all in finals. Debated the VC for Titch but went with Nic Nat later tonight. Ridley, loveable Devil Smith
Napper: Insane start by Shiel and smith
Bluebagg11: Neale will drop 100k in next two weeks. Get him back then. That’s what the extra trades are for boys!
Bezzina: I’m in cash leagues, can’t win overall so couldn’t care. But still not trading Neale
CozzieCan: This year in Sc has been horrendous , why not take a few risks ?
Ash777: eww
FLAG: yer pies, im the same, win the elims
The Hawker: Come on Big boy should be on 50 with those stats
Ash777: ew mozzies tog is poo.
bagger2217: @Bluebagg11 if you have the trades
LeGoat1996: McRae into Jelly for me. Dogs mids v Cats mid will warrant some high scores
Bluebagg11: I’m 1071 overall. Trading Neale is logical with the bye, his hUge BE and extra trades.
hinsch: VC on Dusty hoping hat he does not get tagged C on McRae
Raspel31: It’s finals and understand the trade frenz. But why on earth trade Neale .
scboy123: i was gonna trade neale but with 350k already in bank 2 up 1 down already possible so pointless waste of trade
hinsch: I kept Neale save a trade
scboy123: fk me what has parish done to earn 2 points per disposal?
heppelitis: well i have my first non scorer of the round. thanks smith
BigChief: gday all. I have VC on Merrett and C om Whitfield.
BumSniff: Feels bad for Jono
Rathain84: Hi All! Hoping Day beats 1 of the 6 players my opponent has
Kidult: Is Clarke running with Mitchell at all?
NavyMan: win finals week 1 and try and win the comp hence trade Neale this week.. lots of trades to the good
Bezzina: Patton career over :/
BigChief: @Bumsniff hoping it’s not his knee again.
NavyMan: yeah you might be right re Patton..
Ash777: SC says Day is a good onfield option because consistancy.
bagger2217: poor Patton. Has it rough with injuries
Woodie22: Hey Rath
BumSniff: One of the unluckiest careers
Rathain84: Hey Woodie
scboy123: what in the hell. 4 disposals 7 sc. what a joke
CozzieCan: Day = New Sicily = Happy owners great start
Apachecats: Who would everyone VC out of Macrae and Bont vs Geelong.
bhg26: flower off day the week i trade you
CATSPREM: wtf devo should be on 20
heppelitis: was an inch away from trading mcevoy in for ladhams…did not because of ceglar. ceg screwed me earlier this year as wel
Woodie22: Baby well Rath?
Apachecats: Got Cousins out of The Reject Shop in draft ,nice.
CozzieCan: @Apache Bont for sure has a good record against the cats , he can go forward ..
88360: Of course day does well the week I trade him in
CATSPREM: should i VC dusty and C macrae or VC macrae and C grundy or goldy someone help
Rathain84: Yeah all good mate. Footy is back! Two days break was extra torture on top of the crying
Water: vc macrae
CozzieCan: C on Grundy for me , Goes huge against blues & will smash pinno in the ruck
Apachecats: thanks Cozzie.
88360: Where is Draper?
BumSniff: I’d take the C on Grundy over Goldy
CuzzysCrew: crae/grundy cats, hutchings might go to dusty
Apachecats: *and Water.
Rathain84: only good thing to come out of covid: Festival of Footy during paternity leave. winning!
MrWalrus: Dusty not bad for a hail mary either
Ash777: will grundy have a 2nd quiet game in a row?
itsduftime: brought in Mcevoy for fantasy. hope he can keep this up
ajconodie: Who are we thinking for NTP @Apach??
Ooost: Safer to VC Dusty into C Jmac than messing around with Grundy and Goldy
88360: Why is Draper not playing?
The Hawker: Draper came out an ACL injury last season, so they are managing him tightly
BumSniff: managed
FlyinRyan2: draper being rested
Napper: Come on D smith and Titch
DrSeuss: What is Titch doing? Anyone running with him or just not touching it?
BumSniff: worpel reminds me of michael cera
shaker: Where’s Stringer off getting a burger?
SC-STAR–: Getting anxiety watching this game
88360: Wow, that really stuffs me up. Got 250 higher proj the opponent but he has day and I have draper
Apachecats: Not sure ajc ,just waiting to see if m0nty is doing his PNG.
ajconodie: Checking his Snapchat @Seuss
Bluebagg11: @shaker there he is!
ajconodie: I mean @Shaker
Phasir: Just do it apache, community engagement is coming from people like you
BumSniff: probably got a text from his teammates younger sister
Phasir: Not worth waiting around for m0nty to grace us with PNG
shaker: Ha ha the burger must have done the trick.
scboy123: regretting the titch call now, pod week 1 finals and on track for sub 100
DropCox: what does PNG stand for?
Gotigres: Looks like I won’t have to worry about Mozzie’s E score.
LeGoat1996: bombers could be 40 points down by now geez
Tangent: Wait what?! There’s a game on now? What’s with the time?
Phasir: Can’t believe I accidentally reversed trading out Day, was gutted I missed it… now look at him go! B)
CozzieCan: Mozzie cmon big fella kick a few goals
DrSeuss: Same Tigres – looks like his score will be staying on the bench
navy_blues: i brought mcevoy in
navy_blues: i brought mcevoy in
Apachecats: NTP will open at 15 min mark and closes end of 2nd quarter for this match.Stand by.
DrSeuss: Someone let Titch know that he can also take marks and kick the football as well
Bluebagg11: Atta boy Minch!! Finally make me some coin please! Haha
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin is on Day .Apache goes 95.
BOMBRBLITZ: Did you know Umpire Chris Donlon is a Hawks supporter>?
HugeHead: mosquito mate, where are you
ajconodie: pache – I’ll go 86
NewFreoFan: Bombers don’t look like a side playing for a spot in the 8
Water: Ill go 89 for day please apache
The Hawker: BOMBRBLITZ Free kick count 5-8 just to let you know.
BigChief: 83 for Day @Apache
Rathain84: 84 for Day thanks Apache
navy_blues: 106 day plz
Ooost: 75 for Day
Moona: 88 for day
CozzieCan: @Bombblitz that’s why Essendon has more free kicks makes sense
NewFreoFan: 79 Apache thanks
Gotigres: 92 for Day
Thomas1234: 76 for day
CozzieCan: 98 for day plz Apache
FinlaySON: 94 for day
The39Steps: 93 for me please @apache.
exatekk: 101 thanks apache
Avarax: 93 for day please apache
BOMBRBLITZ: Umpire Chris Donlons whole family are Hawthorn. Watch his decisions closely.
MrWalrus: 87 please apache, thank you
Fatbar5tad: 88 Two fat ladies for Days
Bluebagg11: 91 for day
Sugartits: 87 for day
jackhenry: 116 for day pls
GroupOne: @ Apache ntp 90
Ash777: 89 for day
VodkaHawk: 109 for day
CozzieCan: @BombeBlitz Essendon are playing terrible , worst game I’ve seen them play all year
Gotigres: Mozzie’s not a problem at this time of year in Adelaide it seems
Avarax: mosquito a 1 hit wonder?
FLAG: 61 day
Moona: cmon bomberblitz – umps have been good this game – dont try make excuses
Snarfy: Alright! Who sprayed the Mortein?
Napper: I don’t think my message went through but ill take 84
MrWalrus: 50 from mosquito would be good too
RGriffen: is 101 taken for Day?
Apachecats: NTP closing soon.(end of 1/4)
bagger2217: 77 Day please
FLAG: mortein mossie
The Hawker: You cant be blaming the umpires with how essendon is playing…
VodkaHawk: No need to prepare excuses for the bombers, lol.
Ash777: hawks should be 10 goals up already.
kascadev8: not sure whats available, can i have 82 for day? otherwise 75
The Hawker: Day 85 for me thanks.
BOMBRBLITZ: Just stating a fact I know about umpire #1 Chris Donlon
DrSeuss: Any chance of getting a couple of touches Shiel?
goat_19: 93 for day
FLAG: whatas that putrid beer in adelaide?
Phasir: I reckon 85 for Day
Avarax: yeah, essendon have been woeful. not the unpires fault
VodkaHawk: Hawks just showing what they can do, they’ll tank the 2nd half, going for pick 2
Tangent: 99 for me @Apache
Apachecats: kaska 82 ok
SC-STAR–: 107 for day plz apche
kascadev8: aight sweet, thanks apache
Woodie22: I said 100. Didn’t go through I think
Apachecats: Now I can eat tea in peace thanks all.
Napper: 2 points for 2 contested handballs for Shiel
Apachecats: Woodie 100 ok
Napper: 2 points for 2 contested handballs for Shiel??
shaker: 88 for Day
SC-STAR–: @ me if you think adelaide play a better brand of footy than the dons
Ash777: not even umps can excuse dons for playing this bad.
Woodie22: Cheers
Rathain84: Coopers Pale Ale @FLAG
CniglioSsn: 98 for day pls
navy_blues: only vic beer and tassie beer not to bad either
MrWalrus: Since he’s an umpire wouldn’t he be a prick & hammer the hawks? Seems an ump thing to do
Apachecats: nearest the pin closed
VodkaHawk: Anyone know who was in the most disposals group? Merrett, McGrath, Shiel, Mitchell, Worp
CozzieCan: @Cnigilo I’ve got 98 also m8 good luck
bhg26: How is parish only on 33?
SC-STAR–: How useless can a team be
GetVainy: because parish sucks
amigaman: Careful bhg26 the CD police are out there
bhg26: CD’s opponent must have Parish
Social: 4:40 start eh?
CozzieCan: W.Day 6 points of B/E great start by the young man
Social: How is Mozzie only 3?
Apachecats: yeah Social I got caught in a big way ,bought in Draper and couldn’t reverse.
88360: @sc star crows definitely played better against us last week
scboy123: Titch recovered a 59 but Parish a 33 gotta lift that DE%
Avarax: apache. this is the first round of the week, you should always be able to reverse
88360: Same Apache. Might cost me the final
Apachecats: Wild weather here ,got a tree on fence to chainsaw up in the morning.
CozzieCan: Can’t reverse @ Avarax ? Draper is locked now
Apachecats: nah avarax he’s locked
bhg26: You in Victoria too Apache?
scboy123: yeah the wind in melb is crazy rn. storm incoming
Cottees: the weather is absolutely wild here in vic
Apachecats: yeah bhg ,60 km SE of Melbourne.
circle52: @avarax once round starts you can not reverse. Learnt that the hardway
Tangent: My power just went out LOL
Avarax: yes i know circle…but if you knew draper was rested, why not reverse…. it wasannounced last night
bhg26: I think my house is about to blow over
Avarax: there is no reason why you didnt have time to change it….
Badgerbadg: Mosquito was a bit of a trap ey?
Desi: Outback Qld for me ,weather is magnificent.
ajconodie: @Apache – I;m ion the CBD and lights are flickering.
Avarax: mosquito has been shocking. but i’ll make 40k on him atleast
Badgerbadg: Also, don’t mind a bit of Thursday afternoon footy.
DrSeuss: Kick the ball Titch – not even looking to kick
Moona: @ badg – love Thursday footy, just not so early
ajconodie: Hopefully if anybody sends Mosquito inappropriate messages on social media, he doesn’t bite.
circle52: No weather problems in beautiful Qld.
Ash777: oh hey a goal from a dubious free.
Napper: How do you go up 3 points from a mark and kick can someone explain to me please I dont understand
bhg26: Bugger off circle
GroupOne: @Badgerbadg I see what you did there lol
Avarax: uncontested mark = 2 points, ineffective short kick = 1 point
BumSniff: bloody had enough. Going to call Mozzie a poopyhead in the dms
Crowls: another one caught out, finished work look3ed at SC teams and LOCKED. wt….
CozzieCan: Cmon Saad & Titch flower
Breezey: @ajconodie. Let’s hope he doesn’t give them a spray
GroupOne: I thought about Mozzy but went Riccardi for Georg and upgraded Rankine to Gaff
Crowls: sicily>maynard and serong>zerret locked in
ajconodie: @Breezey – Then everyone can avagoodweekend
FLAG: cmon zerrett, im feeling dirty
pcaman2003: Surprised Zerrett not getting a tag.
BumSniff: How many years has ridley been i n the system
Avarax: good trades crowls
Crowls: bombers on the ramp ready for takeoff
NewFreoFan: Comeback is definitely on
Kidult: 3rd year i think
pcaman2003: Get cracking Ridley. You haven’t done much
Snarfy: 4th year Bumsniff
Ash777: 3yrs I think bumsniff
BigChief: Daniher will do well in Sydney next year.
Crowls: avarazx- hopefully better than parker last week and neale c
bhg26: I agree BigChief
Crowls: love joe and probably end up playing 22 with Syd. No good to us not on the ground
heppelitis: joe d just took over a game of footy lol
Nuffman: McGarth may be a decent pick up next year
pcaman2003: FFS Merrett killing me. Tag him Clarko for FFS
colin wood: Keep going Zerrett
kascadev8: yes McGrath, great start keep going, good from Day too
Kidult: @m0nty Goals long from daniher haha
Ash777: Daniher’s salary just got another 0
BOMBRBLITZ: Daniher on fire
Avarax: daniher starting to put on a clinic. hope he kicks it
Cottees: im versing the same guy from last week and beat him by 500… looks like ill actually lose this time
NewFreoFan: What on earth is this game, where was this in the first half
FLAG: pure filth zerrett
BigChief: I am the opposite @Cottees. I lost to my best mate last week and I could win this week
Haydo: Brought in Zerrett this week
Woodie22: Ridley can’t do much Pcaman if the ball ain’t down there
BumSniff: What will come first a covid vaccine or another kick from Titch
Cottees: Chief! I hope I win
navy_blues: im playing my 19 year old son so bragging rights up 4 grabs lol
wadaramus: Kick from Titch!
Crowls: titch doesnt want to kick it in case his SC score gets to high
kascadev8: day+mcgrath making up for ridles now, love to see it
exatekk: Mcgrath on my bench in draft FML
pcaman2003: @Haydo. It was down there a lot in the first half.
Fatbar5tad: Go McGrath a miprice guy who has earned his keep
CozzieCan: Frozen ?
FLAG: monty enjoying his 7 day premium pornhub trial
CozzieCan: Peddle faster @mOnty haha
BumSniff: Love seeing that Stargirl ad every break. Cant wait to not watch it
BigChief: This is close to Ridley’s worst SC score this season.
Torz: Shiels is a bit of an enigma. Can bang out 100’s one week and then 30’s the next.
pcaman2003: Woodie22. The first half the ball was down there a lot.3rd qtr not so much,but hoping he’d do better.
88360: I might actuall lose this week. Have Saad and Ridley and a non existent draper
Kingy12: Hi guys. Just knocked off work. Wtf happened to Patton
scboy123: what a shocking opening game for finals fuck
Social: Helllooo the bombonieri
MONEY TALK: fan footy frozen ?
penguins00: What a game
The Hawker: Now those easy shot of goals in first half going to haunt us
MONEY TALK: the one week ridley is a unique
pcaman2003: Great coaching Clarko. No tag on Mgrath or Merrett which is killing the Hawks. Well done!
VodkaHawk: Called the 2nd half Hawks tank 😉
heppelitis: thank you smith great fight back after early spray
Avarax: they are running wild pca
circle52: True to form starting well McEvoy, Mitchell and Dev Smith and then die in the later games.
kascadev8: ridley is a machine
bagger2217: c’mon Hawks. Need you to win for Carlton finals hopes
Kidult: Bloody hell Merrett wish i Picked you up
thommoae: Who’s the Hawks’ tagger, pca?
CozzieCan: How the flower did hawthorn lose this game ? Clarko needs to retire like Chris Scott jeepers
Kidult: its weird to see MB scores up again
wadaramus: Wish I put the VC on Merret and not Mitchell.
pcaman2003: Shiels non existent. Not sure what role he’s in. Pity it’s not a tagging role though.
DrSeuss: Keep going VC Titch – just a little more for some safety
Kidult: Nice Mcgrahts highest diposal tally?
NewFreoFan: 1 more please Mitchell
Avarax: 340 points left
kascadev8: got the VC on nicnat this week
CozzieCan: Saad 50 point qtr so far .. go you good thing
Kidult: 10 Clearances
pcaman2003: thommoae. Normally it’s Shiels,but can’t see him tagging anyone.
BigChief: Time to make Neale my C
kascadev8: love how devon smith’s scores have slowly gotten better since i got rid of him ffs
Social: I would’ve VCd NicNat but my opponent has already. Probly Macrae into Oliver now
Silz90: Cmon Day going backwards again
CozzieCan: @Kas also have the VC on Nicnat , going to be a nail bitter
pjw1234: vc on merrett 2 weeks in a row very happy
pcaman2003: My lucky Oppo brought in Merrett. Nice move! Hawks letting Bombers run wild.
BigChief: Thanks Merrett. I will take your score and run.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake McGrath on the bench for four minutes ack
kascadev8: @Cozzie yeh 100% dont doubt big nicnat
MrWalrus: Mozzie makin money, nice
scboy123: ugh gonna score significantly less than projected from this game. carn titch get another 20
pcaman2003: Time to move on coach,I’ve seen enough.
pcaman2003: Ridley loses 6 pts for a FA? Bit much isn’t it?
Bluebagg11: Sometimes you just gotta kick it Titch. That was no good.
CozzieCan: Saad 60 point qtr !! Beauty
NewFreoFan: My SC may be garbage, but I’m on fire on the punts at least
bhg26: Daniher is nailing the job interview for the swannies
Nuffman: Great to see Joey out there.. looks like he’s moving really well!
pcaman2003: What a joke! Shameful capitulation today.
kascadev8: why has day lost points?? swear he was on 75 a couple minutes ago
bhg26: What sport is Hooker playing?
Social: Whos #14 for the hawthorn these days
hokkien34: What happened to ridleys points? He was up near 90 before
feralmong: bhg26 swannies still keen on having half their cap in rehab?
GobChuck: Proud owner of Shiel Titch Daniher Saad and Snelling, erect start to the week
bagger2217: Scully overperformed for me tonight so that’s a positive
BigChief: @social Scrimshaw but is says that next to his number
Beast_Mode: lmao, no way you played made the finals then lol
MrWalrus: So daniher eh?
scboy123: Im sorry but how the f did mozzie get to 42. he was on
pcaman2003: hokkien. Ridley got to 83,the a FA and has bled points since
BumSniff: did will day go backwards
BurtCocain: what was mozzie’s score at HT?
Maroonies: yo
kascadev8: i own mcgrath ridley and day, very happy so far, time for nicnat
bhg26: Imagine a forward line with Buddy, Reid and Daniher feral
kascadev8: @BumSniff yeh he did, was on 75 at one point then dropped without doing anything wrong
pcaman2003: BurtCocain. I think he was on about 5 at HT. Not really sure how he jumped to 42 so easily.
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin goes to Flag on 61.Well done on your first NTP>
Apachecats: 2nd in NTP was Ooosr on 75.Third was Thomas1234 on 76.
Social: Cheers BigChief 😉
bagger2217: damn. Guessed 77

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