Chat log from R13 of 2020: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

CozzieCan: Afternoon lads , looking forward to see how Collingwood respond
missmagic: something similar to giants vs swans the other week,with the swans doing everyone a favor would be nice roos
Tangent: Who do these flogs think they are? I hate these two!
Wahab_18: Grundy, Maynard, Simpkin and Darcy Cameron here tonight lets get it boys!!! finish off h2h well!!
CozzieCan: Grundy , Simpkin & D.Cameron & Noble cmon lads !!! Need tons
Foxman69: Need Adams, Simpkin & Goldy to score 303 between them to win slightly worried
DrSeuss: Grundy, Maynard, Adams and Simpkin tonight – big finish please lads
NavyMan: well a double ton from Grundy and a 1 pt win to the Roo’s would be nice 🙂
The39Steps: @foxman, u should have it well and truly covered.
Rathain84: Just hoping for the entertaining game Pies played up until recently
Tangent: This will be such a shit game.
Rathain84: Lynch is cleared hopefully SPP gets off too
Maroonies: Sup lads
Wahab_18: need about 398 between Grundy, Maynard, Simpkin and D Cameron to lock top 2 in my league!! You guys reckon they get it??
NavyMan: surely SPP goes clear i can’t believe he was even reported..
Rathain84: Agree NavyMan
NavyMan: but he’s not burgoyne so they may give him 4 weeks.. been awhile since the pies were entertaining
Tangent: I tipped the roos for this one, anyone with me?
Pies20: @tangent you Muppet watching any crows games this year has been shower pipe down already would ya
AuroraBore: roos will win probably.
Gotigres: The sc miracle I was hoping for has not eventuated. Cameron and Xerri both playing. Draper’s 122 sitting on the bench 🙁
Gotigres: Might be close Wahab
Tangent: @Pies20 Bet you wont be running your mouth like that when you come 9th
CozzieCan: @Wahab I think 350 would be more sufficient
Pies20: @aurora change the attitude hasn’t started yet have some faith in the black and white
heppelitis: hoping simpkin goes ok…looked like he was starting to win more ball again…my pick up this week
CozzieCan: Why does Grundy have nail polish on hahaha wtf
88360: Need crisp, Maynard and noble to score under 340 combined, should be safe
Wahab_18: Is Monty asleep?
Apachecats: Same as you wahab except swap in Crisp for Simpkin
cmperrfect: No sign of that Tiger flog tonight then Gents?
Apachecats: m0nty has a baby to get bathed.0
Pies20: Why not least we won’t be 18th
hinsch: need Cameron and Ruscoe to get 100 each not looking good
kascadev8: maynard and grundy for me, looking at a 2250 which isnt the worst with 4 rookies on field
Apachecats: Your 4 should get 400 wahab
GobChuck: not cmp, he’ll be on here gloating about Lynch soon you’d imagine. Anyways, c’mon simpkin and grundy
Pies20: nah just a crows 1 @cmperrfect
Apachecats: Just need to train everyone to ignore it cmperrfect.
Apachecats: Heppel he played with a bruised heel for 3 weeks ,over it now.
Tangent: You cant be good every year mate.
Rathain84: In his defence Dusty is the greatest player of all time 😉
CozzieCan: Common Collingwood need big scores for Sc lift !!!
Bluebagg11: 120 from you tonight please Crisp. Otherwise you gone.
2Ph0nes: is grundy taking the piss?
heppelitis: yeah i was aware Apache…his price dropped and looks better now
beerent11: Grundy and goldy to score about 70 each I reckon
cwall66: C on Grundy tonight come on!!
bhg26: Okay I’m contemplating a trade. Grundy out for a nobody and field Draper, and trade Rankine and Day to premos. Yes or no
Catatafish: Goldy, between the two big sticks next time champ
Apachecats: All eyes on big Cox tonight.
Gotigres: So happy I went Grundy captain
Napper: On 2107 with Grundy and Simpkin would of neared 2420 if had Gawn
Apachecats: Who was your VC cwall?
CozzieCan: Wanna trade noble but does more than bloody Doch .. decisions, decisions
beerent11: Why not bhg26? Just a game after all
Apachecats: and Gotigres ,your VC?
CATSPREM: cmon grundy and goldy
DrSeuss: Ok Adams off the bench now mate
Bluebagg11: How many people will mute the TV because they don’t wanna hear flog J Lewis. The guy is dumb.
circle52: I’m on 2165 with Grundy and Cameron need to lift.
NavyMan: sounds alright @ BHG..
Pies20: not getting in a shower fight with another crow’s supporter @tangent get used to being shower for a couple more years
Rathain84: Hope Sidebottom tanks. Didn’t read that article properly and traded him to Zorko
AuroraBore: Lewis is quite good imo. Jobe Watson is truly bad
NavyMan: i have the same feeling Bluebagger about most footy commentators 😛
GobChuck: thinking similar @bhg grundy to draper, keays and mcpherson upgrade
Yelse: grundy and goldy gonna be a low score because of the game been keepings off
Apachecats: Lift Cox ,lift.
Rathain84: Good boy Hosie!
CATSPREM: im on 2057 need grundy, goldy and simpkin to go high
Napper: Bro this next week is gonna be harsh coz I have no clue who to downgrade from have rookies that are around 180k
NavyMan: neale to oliver, grundy to nicnat and devo smith to Jack martin for me …
Social: Still love ya Travvie
88360: Napper go to mosquito or riccardi
BigChief: 1998 with Grundy, Simpkin and Noble.
bhg26: On 2340 with just Grundy, lift!
CATSPREM: @mavyman dont trade neale
CozzieCan: @Navy Neale to Oliver ?
NavyMan: napper yup Mosquito a great option being DPP
DrSeuss: Simpkin you are wearing boots so you can kick the ball mate
NavyMan: well 1st week finals, Neale not playing, way below his B/even , lots of trades to use :p
beerent11: That’s what SHE said Apache
m0nty: Maynard really is AA quality, notwithstanding that muppet for the first goal
Napper: I don’t know who to downgrade from though have close, wicks, bytel, schoenberg, foot, skinner and woodcock
SC-STAR–: Maynard slow down need to get you in next week
NavyMan: well the crows aren’t playing next week if you’re in finals …
Pies20: @navy said it last night my plan’s aswell
Rathain84: Fantasy 101 – Get rid of the Crows players first @Napper
BigChief: Maynard has really taken over the Howe roll.
Gotigres: Would have been better off having Neale as captain this week with his 72
Apachecats: No lift off yet beerent
Social: Don’t think Close will get too many more games with Dahl back
DrSeuss: Grundy getting owned by Oldy Goldy
SC-STAR–: when is howe back and will anyone get him
CozzieCan: Pendlebury looks unfit
NavyMan: good call Pies20.. round 16 upgrade a misfiring mid to Neale and hope he misses his B/even round 15
Apachecats: Napper the Swans ones will keep getting games.
88360: Apache please do ntp today
BigChief: @Apache can we do NTP on Cox please 🙂
Foxman69: Goldy has been robbed i swear he had about 5 hit outs too advantage
Social: Weather’s fine, Cox to go large
Apachecats: Thanks 88360 but gone into recess while m0nty does his PNG thingo.
88360: Burger on pendles, even though I know him welll
Nuffman: Because there are byes next week, is it best 18?
Apachecats: Bigchief reckon there would be a big run on the single figures if I did.
Nuffman: Where’s all the Nth supporters that were hyping Zurhaar as some sort of half decent footballer?
Rathain84: Dahl suspended Social
88360: Apache he is so inconsistent though. Only 2 this week.
heppelitis: someone else do it and give apache a break if you are all into it that much
Pies20: I’ve got adams so will be for him @navy in rnd16 if finished top4 wouldn’t be speaking like this
Gotigres: Why are you even playing Xerri; just to stuff up my sc?
Raspel31: Agree hepp- lot of work involved.
Social: Is Flynn Appleby a real person?
NavyMan: i’m on top but thinking outside the square to maximise premiums.. good luck
NavyMan: Xerri’s playing??.. who knew….
Rathain84: Anyone know what’s keeping Beams from coming back?
beerent11: 766 people have mason cox in their teams
GobChuck: he comes into my work Rath, let’s just say he’s pretty outta shape. Seems in a bit better spirits though now
kascadev8: simpkin high tackle? hello. wait, people have mason cox? what
Pies20: Cheers @navy
AuroraBore: wow this has been an awful game to watch so far
SC-STAR–: Maynard really annoying me now
Apachecats: If no PNG ,will do a Nearest the Pin about the 20 minute mark.long as m0nty is ok with it.
NavyMan: they obviously didn’t take notice of.. bye bye american pie…
Rathain84: Thanks Gob. Hope he gets back soon I hate hearing these blokes go down with mental health issues
Social: OMFG Dahl gets a week for that, head didn’t touch the ground while Burgoyne got off 4 slamming Danger’s head? I give up
BigChief: Coll disp is awful. If they start hitting targets they will win easy.
kascadev8: im very happy i have maynard, not so good last week, but looks better tonight
Pies20: where has png gone @monty?
BigChief: @Social rules have changed since then mate.
NavyMan: Simpkin 100%???.. usually he’s sitting on about 30%..
Napper: No points for simpkins 2 tackles?? great
GobChuck: Do my eyes deceive me? Jy Simpkin going above 50%DE? let alone 100?
Rathain84: Danger had it coming?
Water: its because he has only kicked it once gobchuck, dont worry he’ll be back to his usual best by the end of the game
DropCox: Refer to my name. Why the hell is he back in?
Pies20: penles 11touches not bad for a unfit guy who ever said that geez
heppelitis: lol DC
Apachecats: Simpkin would be on 60 if his name was DMartin.
GobChuck: true Water, sink the slipper in Simpkin eg Oliver 2.0
BigChief: @Dropcox has pics of Buckley playing golf with Craig Parry 😛
Avarax: DMartin best player ever
J.Worrall: I guess they ignored you, Dropkick
heppelitis: My fault napper….new player curse will bite soon. Probably be done for bringing a hooker into the hub b4 game over
SC-STAR–: @Apache not wrong
Raspel31: How the mighty Grunty has fallen – might trade him and field Draper.
DropCox: lol @ BigChief. Wouldn’t surprise me.
hinsch: Is Dusty Martin the greatest AFL player of all time
GobChuck: as a neutral, how nice is it to see Mason Wood actually giving effort?
Yelse: need 215 symkin and nobble to win one league game
DrSeuss: Kick the freaking ball Simpkin – it won’t hurt
The Hawker: Hinsch, heck no
AuroraBore: how was that 15 lol
Desi: Delist Cox useless only stopping a young player from getting an opportunity
Pies20: Wouldn’t write him off @rasp
Yelse: pies have no chance this year injured payers might not come back and if this is what we serve up
Rathain84: Everyone knows Tredrea was the greatest
Raspel31: Very tall order there Yelse.
heppelitis: agree gobchuck thought he was going to be a star a few years ago
Water: Honestly with the best 18 rounds coming, trading grundy to make 400k might be smart because if draper goes low, it wont
Water: even count. That is if u have draper at r3 like me
Apachecats: Grundy to Draper and use the cash?
BigChief: @Aurora 50 was for running over the mark. Clear 50m penalty.
88360: That’s smart
DropCox: @Desi – there’s not much else after Cox. Cupboard is bare. List managers need to be sacked.
bhg26: Looking to be the most popular trade Apache
heppelitis: bomber still might rest draper
sikkem: anyone who thinks simpkin is a poor kick clearly had no idea who he was prior to the richmond game
Raspel31: Have Draper Apache- but Grundy gawn to bolster the team.
kascadev8: go maynard, good boy, carry grundy for me
Rathain84: BS free on Grundy
NavyMan: had simpkin for many rounds his efficiency wsn’t a highlight of his time with me
piro: mason wood potato m0nty
Raspel31: He rested him only 2 weeks ago hepp?
beerent11: Grundy has tonned up in all but one game this year and 2 of his last 4 have been 140+. Must be bored.
kascadev8: simpkin could score way higher if he kicked the ball
sikkem: do you watch footy or just watch stats navy?
Wahab_18: D Cameron and Grundy absolute Showerhouse! Lifttttt
ajconodie: @Rathain – Nah he was over the shoulder.
Apachecats: Ok ladies and gents Nearest the Pin is on grunty ,Apache goes 70
heppelitis: i know rasp…but we rested him after 2 games. dont forget we are talking about essendon lol
NavyMan: i watch footy sikkem he’s not the worst kick but he’s not great either. and you’ll note i said efficiency not kicking.
ajconodie: Grundy 88
Raspel31: 82 Apache
GobChuck: gonna go 82 please apache
FinlaySON: 88 please Apache
HelloJack: Grundy 100
DropCox: Grundy 108
Water: Ill go 107 for grunty please apache
kascadev8: grundy? can i have 69 for grundy please
DrSeuss: Seuss for 92
pcaman2003: McDonald a better player since the Ned Kelly put on his face.
beerent11: 97 please Apache
NavyMan: 81 grundy
Bart Man: I’ll take 84 apache
sikkem: you’ll note i said poor kick to which you replied with efficiency navy..
pcaman2003: Grundy 78 please
88360: 92. Thanks so much for doing one Apache
Avarax: 94 for grundy please
Pies20: 115apache
BigChief: WTF is that crap. That wasn’t touched.
sikkem: either way, won/iced the game against saints for us rd1 and cut teams up late last season by foot
The39Steps: @apache, 103 grundy please.
TheLegend6: Gee that’s stiff
bhg26: Grundy 93
BigChief: 122 Grundy for me.
MercAm: How tf can you say that he clearly touched it
sikkem: either way you’ll figure it out one day mate keep plugging away
Napper: Shit umpires
Fatbar5tad: 88 Grunty
Legix: got the potato cam on the goal line
2Ph0nes: it was clearly touched, c’mon now
Stst1001: I guess I’ve only got myself to blame if I’m relying on a bumper score from Cameron. But lift Cameron!!!
Ash777: the vision fox got was crap bc.
MercAm: 101 Grundy
Gotigres: Cameron can’t even handball
heppelitis: 55 grundy for me…he is sooking today cause goldy is good
Fatbar5tad: Hooray. Finally got a NTP entry in!
Legix: 86 for Grundy
NavyMan: anyway lets not quibble over semantics.. i won’t be getting him back 🙂
ajconodie: I’m starting to see why Cameron couldn’t get a game at the Swans.
Rathain84: 68 for Gruddles Apache
BigChief: Okay it was touched, after the line.
NavyMan: plugging away???… lol
kascadev8: i agree with 2Ph0nes, clearly touched
TheLegend6: Simpkin kicked that out of bounds in the last 10 seconds off the ground, not given as a disposal?
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Napper: Grundy 91
Gotigres: 83 for Grundy
scboy123: my opponent has zurhaar captain damn gg
Avarax: lol at everyone. it was clearly touched
Ash777: Goal review vision is 4k and gets compressed down to whatever for for fox/7.
TgrTime: Grundy 97
Apachecats: Got you fatbar ,good luck.
Gotigres: Noble fell asleepthat quarter. Hope he wakes up for the second half
cmperrfect: Grundy 87
SadBlueBoi: Got Cameron and Ruscoe on the bench was really hoping for a big score to sell them next week
Tangent: Grundy 101
goat_19: 71 for grundy thanks, if that’s taken, 72
BumSniff: was expecting LDU to have a higher SC score for some reason
Ash777: grundy 104
BigChief: I can’t afford to trade Grundy with Sidebottom going out.
J.Worrall: Grandy 65 if I can play
Wahab_18: Hopefully Grundy and D Cam have a big 2nd half! Maynard and Simpkin very happy so far!!
kascadev8: need a big 2nd half on grundy, maynard done all the work so far
Apachecats: you’re welcome worrall
bagger2217: Grundy 78 for me if that’s ok
CATSPREM: 87 for grundy
SC-STAR–: grundy 89 apache
kascadev8: only just realised grundy was projected 116, may actually go up if maynard can track like he is
SilverLion: What’s the game?
Foursuits: Bugga @bagger ill go 73
TgrTime: Who wins from here?
Raspel31: Has your sex life improved since running this comp Apache?
J.Worrall: ths apache
Kingy12: Grundy 92 pls
Apachecats: got writers cramp rasp.
SilverLion: Well I’ll just go Grundy 68 since I dunno what’s happening haha
bagger2217: Beat you did I 4suits?
circle52: Grundy 98 please
Social: Grundage 108
circle52: @ Silver it is predict Grundys Final score
Foursuits: sure did Bagger
SilverLion: Cheers circle, DT or SC?
SilverLion: If its SC I’ll change mine to 83, if its DT keep 68.
Apachecats: yeah SilverLion ,remember you from past seasons ,its nearest the pin on SC.
theflukes: Grundy 77
SilverLion: Aye easy ty
CniglioSsn: grundy 96
CATSPREM: are we talking dt or sc
Apachecats: SC Catsprem
Foxman69: How is Grundy on more than Goldy he’s killed him
BigChief: That’s a goal.
CATSPREM: cmon simpkin
Apachecats: Catsprem 87SC ok
Nuffman: that’s a goal
MercAm: Flower-ing hell this goal umpire is a spud
TheLegend6: That’s a goal surely
Fatbar5tad: Goal surely
Apachecats: NTP Closed.43 entered (record) range 55-115.
Tangent: Take some more time please…
GobChuck: well he called it correct and it was a obrderline call @Merc, settle down
TheLegend6: @Merc 2 tough correct calls though?
CATSPREM: good simpkin thats what i need
Fatbar5tad: Merc all the umps are spuds this year. Worst I’ve seen and I followed the game for 45 years.
kascadev8: i might have to get simpkin back haha
Fatbar5tad: Change the rules every week and they have no chance. AFL needs to give itself an uppercut.
CATSPREM: simpkin already on hes projected
Raspel31: And I only just dumped high catsperm, sigh.
TheLegend6: Need a Larkey goal, cmon big man
Gandhi: McDonald started watching Lloyd this year. Has become a nice hungry seagull.
BigChief: You didn’t get my 122 @Apache?
88360: Apache I forgot what I guessed. Could u please remind me?
Apachecats: Rasp its Catsprem lol
Yelse: need nobble to get to 75
Apachecats: yeah got you BC
TheLegend6: McDonald very fantasy relevant but I don’t like that he’s their #1 tagger too
DrSeuss: Docherty to McDonald is rather tempting at the moment
Apachecats: *range should read 55 -122 sorry.
Kingy12: Maynard can EAD. Was 101 in front, opp has him
BumSniff: Luke Mcdonald is a poor mans Jake Lloyd
kascadev8: go maynard, lets go, carry grundy 🙂
MercAm: Nah that was def a goal my Simpkin just at first glance when the goal umpire said it was a goal, fair enough
MercAm: The other one, that was ‘touched’ was bull-shower
DrSeuss: Ok Adams – time to get a few more touches. Slowed down this half
Rathain84: The funny thing is Maynard still has 40% of game to play…
Kingy12: Don’t feel bad rasp, I have dyslexia too and thought it was catsperm haha
Ash777: clearly touched in the vision they showed after the goal review.
HelloJack: why
BigChief: Cox is such a spud.
Kingy12: He gunna go huge Rath
Raspel31: Much more realistic than Catsprem.
kascadev8: day out for mcdonald or aarts out for brayshaw?
Fatbar5tad: Cameron OUCH
Rathain84: Good boy Ruscoe!
Apachecats: 6th time lucky I hope 88360 you went 92
Gotigres: Cameron down
BumSniff: even with the injuries collingwood have Cox has no place in their side
BigChief: Ouch. Cameron in trouble.
Yelse: how was that not a free for cameron
Water: mcdonald has r15 bye remember guys so be wary
GobChuck: day to mcdonald kasca, brayshaw got sent back to a wing in the demons game vs dogs
Kingy12: Bahahaha rasp
kascadev8: @GobChuck sorry, meant andrew braydhaw not angus
Nuffman: there’s adams
ajconodie: Ho was that not HTB??
88360: Lol, hosie conceded 2 goals now
BumSniff: honestly cant be mad at that one need the bloke to score for me
GobChuck: ah, andrew becausse no bye then
BurtCocain: maynard finally cracked the ton again
Gotigres: Only 103 short of Draper’s score Cameron
Kingy12: I thought I went 92 Apache? Can I go a point either side if not too late pls
Ash777: pies fans winning but complaining about umps lol
kascadev8: yeh ill have a look at that, got 3 other rookies besides day to eventually move on
BigChief: How did Xerri mark that?
Gotigres: Oh great, now Xerri is going to outscore Cameron.
ajconodie: @Ash777- I wasn’t aware the scoreboard was a factor in questioning decisions?
BigChief: Out of bounds much?
SC-STAR–: Im looking for a solid defender looking under 500k anyone help?
Apachecats: No kingy ,locked in ,mutiples on the same score are OK in NTP>
Yelse: how many calls are north gonna get in their fav
Avarax: pies fans aggressive too…surprise surprise 🙂
kascadev8: has maynard really only moved 10 points this quarter? thought he had done more then that
BumSniff: Is stewart still lingering under 500k?
Ash777: everyone knows the umps are crap this year. no point questioning their decisions.
Apachecats: Actually got 3 of you on 92 ,but thats OK in NTP.
BumSniff: Haynes should move under 500k this week. Should still drop another 15-30k next week
Kingy12: Oh cool. No worries Apache. Thx
Bart Man: Jesus this umpiring is horrible, gifting Collingwood the game
ajconodie: @Ash777 – Is it the umps, or the rules?
Apachecats: Not looking like he’ll get that high actually.
Tangent: That’s a bit harsh
CATSPREM: stewart 467 k if were talking about tom
BigChief: Stewart currently 467k
DidgiePie: @Bart Man, like they did for you against freo??
teachrtony: Hey Star, what about Lukosious, been pretty consistent and uber POD.
Yelse: yeah maynard should easiy be 130 by now
circle52: Agree Ash the one thing the umps are consistent in is their incosistency
GobChuck: lol alright Didgie, don’t act like half your wins aren’t ump affected
Fatbar5tad: uber POD. Up against three Sicily owners owned me with Luke.
kascadev8: cant fully blame the umps though, constant rule changes and rule tweaking doesnt help them
FinlaySON: Didgiepie come on mate, bit of pot/kettle action on your behalf there son
Bart Man: Didgie not sure about that one mate, they reviews the calls and found them correct
Kingy12: If he lays a few tackles Apache, he might get there
teachrtony: Yeah 10% and will rise. Not so uber.
Apachecats: Any one watching is Cameron done?
BigChief: @Bart Man not all were correct mate.
SilverLion: Hilarious how Luke Mcdonald has suddenly become a premium
heppelitis: Steven may quite solid last 8 games except one game…bit cheaper too
scboy123: nah apache hes back out there
BigChief: @Apache nope. He contested last I50
Gotigres: Cameron was back on for the last few minutes Apache
BigChief: @hepp I like that call. May has been good.
SilverLion: Confirmed growing a beard makes ya a better player
pjw1234: Z Williams is good. gets a few minutes in the mids which always helps
pjw1234: will pendels get a fine for the dive?
Apachecats: Thanks guys.
CATSPREM: whats houli price
Nuffman: still 900 points to distribute this qtr
Apachecats: Hope diving is not going to take off.Its looming by the looks.
CATSPREM: bachar houli around 490 after this round wouldint mind getting him in
Apachecats: I watch a lot of soccer at AAMI and the diving is chronic.
pjw1234: richmond and pies have the bye round 15 so would steer clear of them unless you have spare trades
Gotigres: Try to reach your breakeven of 27 Cameron.
kascadev8: diving coming out now, led by richmond. saw more diving from grimes then i did in bayern v psg- with neymar jr playing
BumSniff: isnt houli still bleeding $
The39Steps: Coaches can stop the diving. Tell their players to play in the right spirit which means no diving, no taunting/mocking.
CozzieCan: 1000 points for sc to come , let’s go Grundy & Noble move your asses
Catatafish: Thank you Goldstein…
kascadev8: @Cozzie wouldnt mind a maynard party right now, last 15 minutes as a seagull please
BumSniff: i feel bad for the man but i dont rate vickers-willis
NavyMan: come now.. gun by name….
BigChief: Pies are going to miss Sidebottom next few weeks.
DrSeuss: Come on Simpkin – no need to stop for the 4th qtr
Ash777: houli’s be is 165
BigChief: Nice flop Grundy.
kascadev8: i havent seen maynard yet this quarter but his score is going up
Ash777: or was as of round 12.
Gotigres: Cameron 1 point for a mark and long kick into fwd 50?
ajconodie: It pains me to say, but I think Cox has earned another game. *Shudders*
kascadev8: what mason cox did just then is what he needs to do more, would be so much better if he could consistently do that
duckky: Early call on BOG Monty
Cr1cketeer: @aj the experiment will continue
bhg26: Whats everyones score looking like?
BigChief: Correct call though @duckky.
piro: wood potato
AuroraBore: Cox has had a pretty decent 2nd half, pretty bad first though
hinsch: Mason Cox is Eddies love child
ajconodie: @Cr1cketeer – if he keeps doing the 1%ers like he has so far in the last 1/4 he will earn his spot.
kascadev8: if grundy and maynard keep tracking along ill be at a 2300
Yelse: just a question why do players need to take the mouthguard out to have a shot. i never needed to
BigChief: OMG Cox. Brilliant stuff.
Gotigres: Muppett for Simpkin
kascadev8: cox just destroyed simpkin, deserves another game now
AuroraBore: simpkin pls
Legix: simpkin kermit surely
Donzoes: about 2350 for me
CATSPREM: i swear goldstein aint getting points
Ash777: lol wtf was that simpkin
DrSeuss: Simpkin you flog – just kick the goal ffs
SadBlueBoi: Oh no Jy
valkorum: muppet alert
Tangent: Lol
BumSniff: Some of the shit Simpkin pulls is beyond me
V@lks: Muppet for Simpkin
masterhc2: need noble and crisp to junk up about 50 points to make finals :/
Kingy12: Not watching 🙁 what did simpleton do?
BigChief: Has Noble actually played since 1/4 time?
Foxman69: @catsprem hes had 6 touches and 16 hit outs for like 20 points its a joke
StuL: Who was the wrong north fan who said McD was no good?
CozzieCan: Simpkin thinks he’s really Robert Harvey when really he’s lucky to make AFL level jesus
DrSeuss: Simpkin has had a rubbish 4th qtr – dont a lot – but all of it crap
bhg26: Sitting on 2420 with Grundys score, just want him to ton up
Woodie22: Is Mason Wood the worst player in the AFL getting a gig atm?
hinsch: what would the SC final be with only 10 in the league
Gotigres: Only 103 behind Draper now Cox
The Hawker: Was a clssmate with Mason Wood, great bloke…sucks that hes not performing at all
Gotigres: I mean Cameron
BigChief: Didn’t North say Wood was as talented as Carey when 1st drafted?
ajconodie: Mason Wood looked like he was going to be a decent player early in his career. Injury ruined any chance of consistency.
Yelse: when do finals start? after next round yeah?
kascadev8: if maynard and grundy can get 10 more points each then i get 2300
Woodie22: Along those lines bigchief I’m sure of it.
StuL: Kingy. Tried to play on from a set shot to get around cox and got tackled
Ash777: yes & no woodie. He’s a poor player but norf’s forward delivery is shower and isnt helping him..
GobChuck: next round yelse – there’s just no round 15 in finals
CATSPREM: omg goldy touched the ball
hinsch: SC finals Rd 14 as far as I know with Rd 15 a bye
vamos77: Tex has Wood covered
Kingy12: Can’t believe I fielded Grundy and left Draper on bench *sigh*
BigChief: Ohhh Carl V Coll next week. That will be interesting on here LOL
beerent11: SW23 anyone?
kano: Tex wouldnt have you covered Vamos
Kingy12: Thanks stu. He not a smart footballer aye lol
CATSPREM: anyone guess 81?
kascadev8: maynard with a 30 point 2nd half 🙁 depending on scaling gonna miss 2300
MercAm: With Maynard, Adams and Grundy I’m at 2400 with no scaling yet. I’m happy with that, with Neale C
SilverLion: Bah was pretty close, 3 off Grundy
Nuffman: 300 points left
Wahab_18: there’s still scaling to come
Apachecats: big upscale coming 8%.
NavyMan: i did but he went back to 80
wadaramus: Rucks a total flop tonight.
Sugartits: I needed 81 from goldy and d Cameron no way I didn’t choke that
Cr1cketeer: Sad that that was our best game in 7 matches
V@lks: Need 3pts scaling from Maynard, Crisp, Simp & Grundy to crack 2500
SilverLion: I had 83 rip
MercAm: Wow 200 odd points is scaling to come
Apachecats: Tipping Grundy will be 86-88ish.
Wahab_18: 204 Scaling points to give out!!
Fatbar5tad: That fucking SW23 shit
BigChief: 42 points scaling for Grundy? LOL
Fatbar5tad: Fatty always goes 88 whenever he can. Two fat ladies. Nice
DropCox: @Kingy. Would have been unthinkable to field Draper over Grundy. Nobody else would have done that.
Ash777: thanks maynard n mcdonald for winning my h2h lol.
vamos77: Geez that Cox looks alright, could be as good as Tex one day.
circle52: Will be scaled up as about 250 points still to allocatted
CozzieCan: A ton from Simpkin would be nice
Apachecats: Photo all placings.
Sugartits: D Cameron surely getting scaled I need 24 from him for the win
Wahab_18: @Sugartits D Cameron got robbed he was 21 at half time and had 4 touches and 3 marks in the 2nd half for no points…
Apachecats: Sugar reckon he’ll be +2
cmperrfect: 87 Grundy plz
scboy123: Ahh 2357 for me without scaling to crisp grundy or simpkin. Ill take it
Fatbar5tad: Nervous times sugartits.
CozzieCan: Need 3 trades this week or in flowered
Sugartits: You reckon? Fat boy I need like 15 points in the second half bruz
Sugartits: Already had Sier, Ladhams, Simpson, McPherson and Watson drooped same week I trade him in. This shit is too much to hand
heppelitis: 2549 b4 scaling…nice
Gotigres: Think I lost one match by 5 points. Double chance could be gone.
bhg26: 2425, dont know if i rise or drop from 293
SilverLion: Did anyone have 85 for Grundy?

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