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Chat log from R13 of 2020: West Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Sydney, R13 of 2020

Kidult: Let’s put the C on Shuey for something different
FinlaySON: lets go Giants
hokkien34: Needs cogs and Whitfield to go big
feralmong: Need a big one Tonto.
kascadev8: dropped 141 points from that brisbane game, very fun
CozzieCan: Cmon Whitfield & NicNat plz go big lads appreciated
Kidult: Tippin Giants just because they want to ruin Bulldogs finals chances
kascadev8: shuey, nicnat, whitfield, jelly. need these blokes to cut into the 141 point loss i just had, lets go boys
CozzieCan: Nicnat 150sc & Whitfield 122 sc your welcome
BigChief: Need Josh Kelly to be under 100 please.
Kidult: Gaff,Hurn and Shuey C for me
Wahab_18: Hello there guys! Been watching you all comment here for the past 2 years and finally decided to make an account!
Water: please respond boys
BigChief: m0nty must be bathing the kiddies
Wahab_18: Shuey and Haynes in this one!
Jabbles90: God Shuey spends a long time off the ground
Stu7: Come in wheres the scores
Kidult: Just realised who is in Giant’s Defence probably shoulda tipped Eagles
2Ph0nes: giants garbage, wce by 80
Stu7: Thank you 🙂
kascadev8: nicnat whitfield jelly, good work boys, shuey get off the bench, thats my seat
Stu7: Comee onnn Gaffa tape!!!!!
Jabbles90: Who is everyones tip for the big dance this year? West coast for me
BigChief: OMFG Eddie can’t help himself. He has to mention Coll every damn time.
kascadev8: my players love the bench… nicnat…
Stu7: Geelong
Stu7: Eddie = Toss
DrSeuss: Time to stop now Haynes
Jabbles90: Dangers on Nic Nat being rested late in the game if its a big margin
CozzieCan: Not sure if I’ll go back to Gawn .. NicNat has been fire lately
Stu7: Gaffa some on buddy
StacksOn: man, i really wish i hadnt traded nic nat to gawn
wittner12: just give nic nat the x factor now
CATSPREM: need williams and cogs to go big cause i captain neal
CniglioSsn: wow we’re shocking at the moment
CATSPREM: need wiiliams and cogs to go good
navy_blues: 1 way traffic here
kascadev8: brander is in?? wtf i forgot he still played
CniglioSsn: can’t help but laugh
Kidult: Get Gwd under that 90% ty
Kidult: Get Gws under that 90% ty
DrSeuss: Anytime now Cogs – just get a touch or 20
Wahab_18: Shuey really?
CniglioSsn: lol “no way, no way, yep, no way”
kascadev8: shuey lazy, gets the cheap handball then runs off for a sleep
Water: hows the person with shuey C feeling right now?
NewFreoFan: Need Whitfield to stay low
hinsch: got Zwilliams in this week maybe just should have taken the doughnut
Sloan4Pres: Eagles look like world beaters in Perth, can’t wait to see them struggle in QLD
CATSPREM: yeah who captained shuey
CozzieCan: Wce cheered louder for gws’s point , than they have their own goals hahaha
kascadev8: nicnat becoming a serious captain option i feel, dont need gawn no more
CniglioSsn: this ain’t fun
TgrTime: Dermy and McGuire makes my ears bleed
CATSPREM: is coniglio even playing havint seen him
CozzieCan: @Kas with ya on that Nicnat is fire atm .. not going to trade Gawn back in
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Interesting observation and well picked up.
Wahab_18: absolute nightmare of a start from Shuey 🙁
Stu7: Come on Gaffa keepp pushing buddy 🙂
pcaman2003: Imagine NicNat with 80%TOG fully fit. Be unstoppable for big scores.
DrSeuss: I have Cogs – opponent has Perryman and Haynes – pick it you you flog
NewFreoFan: Kelly 8 disposals for -12 meters, crazy
Stu7: Trust me not to play Brander and choose MaKay instead
original: Trading nic Nat to gawn a month or so ago, to go along with dropping brayshaw after a few weeks, my highlights
Kidult: Nicnat already 200+ metres gained for a ruckman
Stu7: Cog flog 🙂
Water: only reason im still watching is because i have Nic nat, im so dissapointed in us *sigh*
CozzieCan: @Pca definitely a possibility.. how do you think his work rate would look like ? Might drop off
hokkien34: Traded out keeffe this week and gaff. Why did I keep cogs ffs what is he even doing
Wahab_18: Ya’ll reckon Shuey can still crack the ton and get 20 touches??
BumSniff: how did whitfield get a 29? was expecting a lot lower
Stu7: @Water thats the good thiing about Supercaoch it gives you some kind of joy
wadaramus: I reckon the inadvertent jab O’Brien gave Nicnat has fired him up!
Stu7: hokkien34 bugger
CniglioSsn: Water, we can take solace together. I’m melbournian, so i dont even know fellow fans
SC-STAR–: Haynes playing well
kascadev8: thank you nicnat you are a beast
CATSPREM: cogs went down 4 points
CATSPREM: cogs went down 4 points ;
CATSPREM: cogs went down 4 points ;[
Phasir: Nic Nat a sneaky brownlow chance?
wadaramus: I thought the superman cape was 50 DT or 3 goals?
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. He’s looking the fittest I’ve seen him for some time. Looks good!
DrSeuss: Oh good – Cogs losing points at Qtr time.
CniglioSsn: missing finals this year 100%
pcaman2003: CATSPREM. Nasty stutter there bud.
BumSniff: whats haynes BE?
CATSPREM: nic nat on a solid 64
kascadev8: fam im just captaining nicnat every week now, flower macrae
Water: cniglio im from geelong so not far and yeah i dont know any fans either. Sad times
pcaman2003: Does anyone else want to knock Dermie out,or is it just me?
wadaramus: I never listen to the telly pcaman, it’s shit.
CniglioSsn: this season can’t end soon enough
srj2409: Pcaman I wish Maguire would then he can spend some time in the slammer. Both annoy me.
kascadev8: i like dermie and bt, dont like daisy pearce tho
Wahab_18: Did Shuey’s score just shoot up after 1 more handball.. Not complaining I’ll take that thank you very much ;P
The39Steps: Hey, @water and @cogs, what was the inspiration to follow the giants given u live in Vic?
beerent11: Evening. Big game for the yeahnahs. Kennedy,Shepard,gaff,cogs,Haynes and Whitfield.
CniglioSsn: 2012, was at my swim center. thought everyone always asks me what team i follow
Wahab_18: Okay Shuey you’ve covered the SC side now get your 20 touches please !!
cmperrfect: What’s every1 Proj now Neale had a mate?
CniglioSsn: thought, hey i’ll support the new team, cos noone else will.
pcaman2003: Whitty and Haynes keep going,but Cogs,you’re a frigging disgrace.
DrSeuss: What has happened to Cogs – just getting worse and worse – do something that isnt giving away frees
FLAG: cogs looks cooked
CniglioSsn: followed the giants ever since
jackhenry: What’s the difference between a chicks p**** and stephen coniglio: nothing, you’ll struggle to find them both
kascadev8: if shuey is getting 17 points for a handball then this is looking good
Lawls: 2544 projected for me
StuL: Come on Giants. This is bad
Rathain84: Who won PNG last night?
pcaman2003: cmperrfect. Mines dropped down to 2448.
tdarian: hey guys, just switched on. whats with cogs?
Napper: @cmperrfect 2305 and still have Gawn hoping he will bounce back well next week
Water: Since 2011 i been following, i liked their colours (I was 8) and wanted to support the new team net geelong anymore
CniglioSsn: put cogs in instead of shuey in draft, this looks bad
Wahab_18: dropped from 2459 to 2378 after neale
Stu7: These scores are so sh1t
Nuffman: Grimes and Vlastuin both fined for staging.. 1 resulted in a goal to Rich, the other robbed a goal from Essendon… than
srj2409: Projected is 2578
cmperrfect: Some nice projections amongst us. Hopefully one of us can win a weekly prize yet.
Wahab_18: Nuffman should’ve been a tied game for us aye 🙁
kascadev8: dropped down to 2277, neale and witherden hurt my score
Stu7: FOff Whitehad
heppelitis: @lawls…2543 for me lol…got me by 1!
Nuffman: thanks AFL. good job
The39Steps: Cool guys. Mght not be this year but hope you success in the future and with your list it should come.
wadaramus: They always happy to pay a fine after getting the 4 points.
Nuffman: @Wahab: both came at crucial times of the game and killed any momentum
kascadev8: whitfield jelly nicnat shuey lets go recover those points u stars
Woodie22: Nuffman they kick straight, they win by a lot more.
Yelse: Where’s cog playing?
Water: we definetely need a coaching change for success i think
TigerNut04: It’s good to see Brander finally making some decent coin. I had him from the start and held through his 4 week injury
Kidult: Loving Shueys 3 disposal 37 point game now just if he can get more 150+
Wahab_18: Shuey’s TOG is giving me a headache
Catatafish: Keep it up Brander. You’re a spud Cogs.
hokkien34: On the moon by the looks of it yelse
cmperrfect: 2501 for me, but Cogs will kill that unless Nic Nat has a double ton
Nuffman: The Grimes flop cost us a 2 goal lead and possible momentum. for instance.. can only speculate, but still,
original: Projected 1700. Makes more sense for me to lose this week and get an easy first final hehe
Nuffman: can’t discount the impact
CozzieCan: @holkien pmsl
CozzieCan: Hokkien sorry m8
Apachecats: They should just give the flag to WCE now.
The39Steps: Selfish Riccardi. Should have handballed over the top.
Avarax: with the reast of the season played in qld. i wouldnt be so quick to call it apache
Yelse: only reason eagles are where they are is having all these home games in a row. they where shite in QLD
TeamRMPG: Come on Shuey, lift
Cottees: Apache, only if the gf is played at Perth
tdarian: @avarax exactly
88360: Apache you should continue to do ntp m0nty isn’t reliable
Stu7: The kicking thus season has been sh1t as
kascadev8: guys if i ever go into a week with the C on anyone but nicnat i want u to yell at me
The39Steps: Wonder if Cogs will give himself a bake in the half time interview?
Napper: Why the hell is Hurn off the field when WCE are just chipping it around come on mate
Crave: WCE good but GWS have been ass lately
Water: hallelujah
CozzieCan: If you told me GWS made finals last year I’d shoot myself in the foot .. what’s happened
BumSniff: was fyfe playing foward most of last night?
pcaman2003: Cogs to Adams or Steele next round. Had enough!
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, is the purple name game staying for 2020 now?
TigerNut04: It’s Lions or Port for the flag. Tigers runners up in the Grand Final
Jabbles90: Steele is going back to melbourne
Stu7: @Water – was it you that Suggetsed I go MaKay over Brander?
Catatafish: With you pca, same here.
88360: Haha pcman I was thinking of bringing him in
BigChief: Need to replace Sidebottom next week
tdarian: cogs will work his way back. keep the faith like bon jovi said
kascadev8: tigernut, have a spell
kascadev8: @Jabbles where did u get that from
CozzieCan: @Jabbles source ???
Water: trust the process stu
Woodie22: Why Kasca? Think it’ll be your mob??
BigChief: @kas he means Steele Sidebottom, not Jack Steele
Pies20: wish i kept brander couldn’t do it was out for to long
TigerNut04: I wouldn’t write off Geelong either. I can’t see anyone winning it other than those 4 teams
Social: The sidebum is going back to Melbs, not StK Steele
Jabbles90: Wooops wrong one. i meant sidebottom
Avarax: he’s talking about steele sidebottom. not the obvious jack steele that everyone else means
pcaman2003: 88360. I’ll sell him to you cheap.In fact I’ll give him away.
kascadev8: nah woodie wont be us, it wont be richmond tho, defs port tho
penguins00: Think he means Sidebottom
CozzieCan: My prediction Richmond vs WCE grand final
cmperrfect: Lynch sent to the tribunal, hope he gets weeks. Dirty pr1ck
StuL: Williams looking good as a discount alt for seagull.
tdarian: wow nicnat putting together a pretty mean streak
Beast_Mode: wce/tigers gf at this stage for me, but a lot can happen between now and the start of finals
TgrTime: I can’t see Port winning, and maybe give lions another year
thommoae: Not disgraced, the Giants. Good side, Coast.
Pies20: Good luck to sidey if he goes to Melbourne won’t achieve much
88360: Thanks pcman in return u can have Adams
Dexter21: @pcaman I’m with you about cogs so frustrating! You watch we’ll trade him out and he’ll drop a 160 lol
srj2409: We will,be premiers
TigerNut04: I captained the Seagull 127 points this week
Water: carlton vs stkilda grand final for mine
Avarax: geelong/bris GF for me
srj2409: Home and away season is just for shits and giggles to entertain ppl in lockdown
Sloan4Pres: You’d give the Eaglea the cup now if every game was played in Perth, too bad they’re just flat track bullies
AuroraBore: Traded Taranto in 2 weeks ago, very close to booting him for Steele, only have 8 trades left tho
a1trader: Put the C on Brander to get Macrae VC score……didn’t stop to check if Brander was selected
srj2409: Sidney will
pcaman2003: Dexter21. Yeah I know. He’s such a tease
srj2409: Sidey will achieve as much at Melb as he will if he stays at Coll. Another failed tilt at a flag.
Pies20: Bahaha @water what year you predicting that?
Breezey: @Pies. Sidney is going back to Melbourne to be with his pregnant wife, not play for them
Woodie22: Water, are you stoned?
Breezey: Sidey
BumSniff: Brander should be staying under Yeos back lol
88360: Lol
navy_blues: shuey on 49 with 4 possessions but 5cp”s???
CozzieCan: GOD has the C on Nicnat
Dexter21: Definitely thinking to adams next week if Steele’s leaving us to go home!
Pies20: ahh ok cheers @breezey dam when?
Breezey: Sidebottom has won a flag srj.
shaker: Word has it Eddie will be in charge of the birth
FLAG: lynch tribunal…
Water: got a few bites haha
Breezey: After the North game.
88360: Avarax there is no way we are making it past prelim
BigChief: @srj Sidey going back to Melb for the birth of his child not the MFC
Pies20: cheers @breezey sucks for us though another gun will go missing
88360: Who should I upgrade Simpson to. Can go anywhere up to 615k
srj2409: Oh sorry misunderstood. Seemed odd.
Jabbles90: What does everyone think about sideways trading in round 16 when collingwoord, richmond have a bye?
Social: Word has it Eddie was also in charge of the conception
srj2409: Navy: could have punched the ball clear to a teammate.
Pies20: you would have got more if you said gws v someone @water
srj2409: 88360 mosquito
Pies20: @jabbles said do it if your game is vulnerable!!!!
BigChief: Heard Cornes will quit media if Lynch gets suspended. AFL please suspend Lynch so Cornes quits
kascadev8: for me, geelong, wce, port, st kilda might make the GF, brisbane goalkicking and richmond I50 to score ratio hurts them
Breezey: Let’s just hope Sideys wife has a good birth and not out of the Sidebottom
navy_blues: ok ty srj
Pies20: ouch agreed @breezey
BigChief: @navy disp and CP are 2 completely different things.
Pies20: i don’t rate the saint’s at all that’s just my opinion no chance
BigGryan: flowerin hell cogs
Kidult: Hating Monday games I just want to trade tonight!
navy_blues: richmond in trouble for staging
goat_19: lets go i’ve got whitfield williams nicnat
CozzieCan: Lynch reminds me of the old Barry hall days hahaha
Pies20: I’d rather stick my neck out for the dogs than saints
heppelitis: sorry tom stewart you must stay and play for my fantasy team.
Haydo: Whitfield Williams and Telly for me
88360: Srj, Simpson is currently on field so I wand to upgrade him
Woodie22: 18 only scorers next week?
tdarian: so glad darcy cameron kept his spot even with big cox in
BumSniff: Barry Hall was a lot more entertaining
Social: NicNat, Zilliams, Whitfield and Jelly for me, looking good so far
kascadev8: @Cozzie yeh aha, just not as tough or scary
TigerNut04: Who doesn’t love a bit of biff. If it’s front on contact it’s mostly legal to the rules
Pies20: Brisbane v Eagles my gf tip
CozzieCan: @Kas correct on those components haha
srj2409: 88360 yeah. Upgrade him to Mosquito
srj2409: Yes woodie
CozzieCan: Cmon Nicnat & Whitfield !! Let’s go boys
Pies20: lynch not even in the same category as big bad bazz
The39Steps: Cox, Cameron and Grundy. 😐 – will pies rest Grundy against Goldy given they should win rgeardless?
TigerNut04: T Lynch hasn’t done anything that was out of the rules apart from the Witherden incident. Football has become soft as bu
kascadev8: me: ahh damn i lost 120+ points from brisy game.. NicNat: Dont worry ill get it back for you. love him now
Kidult: Freo finally got rid of their fitness boss
tdarian: i wouldn’t say the pies are a shoe-in. @39steps
Wahab_18: Need a Jezza Goal and Taranto Hopper 15 touches and Whitefield and Gaff 20 to win the multi!! Come on boys!!
TeamRMPG: Save your propaganda Tigernut
kascadev8: @TigerNut04 pretty sure hitting blokes in the head isnt in the rules (hurley incident)- btw hurley deserves 1 too
Woodie22: Tigernut the punch to Collins gut was a bit low. Last night, nothing in it.
88360: Srj how is Irving mosquito an upgrade
BigChief: Why are you guys feeding the troll?
TigerNut04: Nothing in it. Mate watch the footy from the 90’s. There was bumps everywhere.
Pies20: Williams to Houston first trade locked next week im thinking
TigerNut04: They’re all softcocks these days
The39Steps: Pies 1.40 favourites @tdarian. Not a shoe in but should in.
BumSniff: Lynch is a flog
Catatafish: Why did I keep Hill instead of getting Zac. More regrets.
kascadev8: @BumSniff spitting facts
CozzieCan: @Chief who’s the troll m8 ?
The39Steps: *win
Pies20: who’s the troll @chief??
Catatafish: @Pies20 you mean Houston to Williams?
SC-STAR–: Haynes pull your finger out
TigerNut04: Lynch is a flog? Because he plays physical. Bumsniff the Do-Gooder.
Breezey: Officially if it wasn’t already SOFT if Lynch get rubbed out. Just keep raising the fine 25k every time.
Pies20: haha yes yes o do @catafish
StuL: Too cocky eagles
BigChief: @Pies the Rich “Nut”
DrSeuss: Trade Cogs to Riccardi?
Social: Shouldn’t Riccardi have the L plates on?
m0nty: back on this game please
GobChuck: Look at Shueys sc and wonder how in the world snelling only got 60 last night in comparison. jeezus
Patty19: Here they come, game on
CniglioSsn: actually not doing too badly…
Pies20: I do
tdarian: never write me off says cognigpremo
Breezey: He will soon get over that rubbish in his game.
Jabbles90: Can shuey stop leaving the ground?
Kidult: 10 disposals to Riccardi on debut this early in the game as key fwd is nice
CozzieCan: Nicnat lost 10sc
TigerNut04: Mosquito most traded in this week.
BigChief: Riccardi is looking okay for sure
SC-STAR–: Tigernut get your head out of the clouds 3 times in 2 weeks hes been fined
88360: 100% getting in riccardi
Stu7: And you watch hel’ll score 30 next week
Social: Riccardi could go past Mozzie out as FWD downgarde
GobChuck: Riccardi Mosquito and Fullarton all looking solid fwd trade options here – bye aarts
TigerNut04: Who do you follow BigChief?
tdarian: this riccardi kid goes alright
CozzieCan: Problem is how long does Riccardi stay in for ? Waiting on green to come back
CniglioSsn: he’s a key forward guys, you’re crazy
CozzieCan: Job security with riccardi is anyone’s guess .. GWS unpredictable with rookies
beerent11: Go b shepp you good thing
Catatafish: Come on Brander
twinpeaks: Cnglio he is playing as high half forward
TigerNut04: Mate footy has become soft, as soon as there’s a wrestle or push + shove it’s a fine. Did players get fined in the 90’s?
Water: riccardi gonna be first out for finlayson when he comes back i would not get riccardi
Avarax: with 3 best 18 rounds and final sstarting next round. rookies are now irrelevant.
Haydo: Trading in Telly was the dumbest thing I’ve done all year
Beast_Mode: mozzy the safer bet, leon camero doesnt give the kids much a chance, one poor game hes gone
Catatafish: Mozzie probably better for security.
Breezey: If he turns in a game that makes him undroppable he is a chance of staying
CniglioSsn: @water Riccardi’s pretty refreshing tho, amiright?
kascadev8: im sitting here hoping bergman gets named
Water: yeah i have liked what i have seen so far
Pies20: Making neale c this week was for me @haydo
Kidult: target the 103k players for maximum cash now with best of 18 for 3/5 rounds
TigerNut04: Riccardi..I’d pick Mosquito over him. Mosquito has sewn his spot for the next few games with that performance
Ash777: wtf kelly n jjk get going.
LeGoat1996: Was tossing bw Fyfe and Jelly all week. Glad i went for Jelly
Breezey: Pretty happy with my genuine POD in Perryman. Going well.
hokkien34: First year in SC – how do the finals work?
GobChuck: riccardi does have that extra 6k cash which may make the difference in decision for many
kascadev8: nicnat get back on the ground, i need ur points
Catatafish: This Coniglio rookie goes okay.
TigerNut04: Dustin Martin is the best the player. Full stop
BigChief: Taranto done nothing since 1/4 time.
BumSniff: not this shit again bro
CATSPREM: cmon cogs and william
kascadev8: “dustin martin is the best player” hahahah no he isnt, settle down
GobChuck: Dusty a ballet teacher or a swimming teacher Tiger?
scboy123: Hate when my players score higher on DT than SC, really sad times. come on brander u can get a 70
JohnHoward: i think wards days are up
CozzieCan: @Tigernut , on repeat from last night aye ? why don’t you go blow him & flower off
pcaman2003: TigerNut. Never heard of him.Pffft!
AuroraBore: When he’s on he’s the best player in the afl. He’s just very inconsistent
SC-STAR–: dusty’s about as a good as your english
DrSeuss: Cogs back to sleep after his quick burst
Pies20: Settle @coz
Breezey: Could not have said it better Cozzie. Repetitive trolling at its best
Ash777: eagles are the best team at absorbing pressure.
Phasir: NicNat > Daylight > Dustbin
AuroraBore: Onya timmy, don’t see you for 20 mins and you give away a free kick. See ya mate, it was a good two weeks
CozzieCan: Cheers Breezey something’s gotta give with these idiots
Haydo: I had Neale captain until I swapped it to Lloyd the night before Pies, I’m lucky
Kidult: Would be the best player if he went harder every week and not just the odd game here and there
TigerNut04: Which player has won a premiership, brownlow, norm smith and best and fairest in a year? No one
poolboybob: Umpire muppet
CniglioSsn: now thats a shocker
valkorum: Guys you have already been warned by monty – stay on topic
pcaman2003: Has NicNat borrowed K Kardashians booty?
Rathain84: Looks like what Delidio said about GWS was right
Breezey: Heard it all before Nutbag
Kingy12: Hi guys, long time stalker but only just made acct
CozzieCan: Nicnat looking really good , reminds me of pharlap
Wahab_18: Why didn’t shuey get the 50? 🙁
Apachecats: Maybe m0nty could set up a separate chat for the primary schoolers.
Breezey: I am glad I decided to Pay for the Perryman
Pies20: Welcome @kingy
srj2409: what did delidio say?
V@lks: Cmon Capt Nic Nat! Tigernuf, one yr doesn’t define a career
heppelitis: superstuff mid8 perryman….cont possies/metres gained. star
cmperrfect: lmao @Apache
TigerNut04: FERALS. bring on next round Rich vs Eagles at Metricon. Easy Richmond win
BumSniff: did mozzie get injured last night?
Apachecats: You are very welcome Kingy even though you are a hawk.
Kingy12: Cheers @pies. Love the banter here and be rude not to join in
hinsch: who thinks Dusty is the best AFL of all time
Pies20: I’m v perryman where’s he come from geez
hokkien34: Sorry cogs but you’ve got to go! Kicking a goal is no good if you don’t do anything else!
CozzieCan: @Apache mOntys daycare centre
thommoae: True for last week, Rath – not this week; just meeting a topline team tonight with one heck of a Ruckman
feralmong: cozzie he reminds you of a dead stuffed animal in a museum?
twinpeaks: Dusty is not the best of all time. He is in the top 3 rolling around RN but isn’t as great as Ablett, Judd, Franklin
TigerNut04: Dusty is the best player ever. Can kick on both feet. Dead set gun footballer. He can do anything, bomb from 60 m
CozzieCan: @Feral needs abit of dusting ha ha ha
pcaman2003: Always a welcome for another Hawks supporter.
Kingy12: Geez Apache…. coming from a bloody bomber 😉
AuroraBore: If Dusty played at his best consistently he’d be in the conversation i think. Explosive, prolific and clean.
Pies20: Get involved @kingy you probably got a better opinion of a few of these muppets on here haha
Kingy12: Love ya work pca
navy_blues: all i will say bout dusty just watch what he does without the ball answer = nothing
Phasir: The scrubby teams will do well in Qld conditions, skillful teams win in dry weather
Woodie22: When did Dusty last kick a goal from 60??
BigChief: Not sure how many warnings m0nty needs to give.
Water: stop feeding this stupid fucking troll he does this almost every night fuck sake
TgrTime: Dusty is a gun, but not best player ever. Leigh Matthews and Wayne Carey
Ash777: I’d like GOD back.
pcaman2003: Tigernut. Try to stop using the cut and paste feature all the time. More repetitive than a parrot.
BumSniff: Dustys inconsistent on purpose. Bloke doesn’t want Neale to have competition for the brownlow
Ash777: need a huge qtr from kelly.
Pies20: sorry @chief you big Brown nose
Woodie22: Ablett Snr and Carey best I’ve seen.
pcaman2003: Thanks Kingy!
BigChief: I didn’t know Dustin Martin played for WC or GWS, but with all this chat he must do.
TigerNut04: It’s not Dusty’s fault he has a team of superstars. Y’all wish he had a magnet on his hands
CozzieCan: 750+ sc points to come , go nicnat & Whitifled
Apachecats: GOD is Einstein in comparison Ash.
Rathain84: lol I’d like to see Leigh Matthews vs one of today’s goal posts.
piro: Zac Dawson and Jack Anthony best I
piro: Zac Dawson and Jack Anthony best I’ve seen
Kingy12: I’m not wasting my opinion on muppets @pies haha. I prefer decent banter
Woodie22: Rath, the bubs going well?
TigerNut04: Plugger,Ablett, Daicos best FWD. Dusty best Mid, Rance/Scarlett Backs
BumSniff: Ty Vickery best key foward
TigerNut04: I’m not wasting my time on incoherent keyboard warriors
Kingy12: I gotta thank u guys for pointing out the Steele tag on Neale…
Rathain84: Yeah Woodie. We had a good nights sleep last night so starting to settle into a routine
TgrTime: Gorringe in ruck?
JohnHoward: my boy riccardi, went to school with him. gun
Avarax: great trolling indeed, to include rance as great anything…..great quitter maybe
Woodie22: Mason Wood best forward player of all time.
Kingy12: Took the C off him and put on nicnat
Woodie22: Good to hear Rath.
DrSeuss: Hey Cogs – watch Riccardi – see how he touches the ball? Try that
StuL: Cogs and greene shadow of the former giants
Breezey: You’re a natural if you keep making them moves@Kingy
Pies20: Romanoe negri best ruck of all time
kascadev8: should i trade gorringe in next week?
pcaman2003: Richard Tambling out and out champion according to TigerNuts
TigerNut04: Rance was a brick wall in 2017. You’re kidding yourself If you think otherwise. Hahahaha
Ash777: what a spoil.
scboy123: first gamer with 2 goals, juicy downgrade option?
navy_blues: ward broken finger
beerent11: McGovern what a player.
Kingy12: Those moves are few n far between breezy
kascadev8: you cant group scarlett and rance together fool. scarlett is way better then rance. dont insult scarlo
CozzieCan: Nicnat get of the bench & get moving sunshine
Breezey: Relton Roberts was a genuine all purpose player. Fitting bringing him up in Sir Doug Nicholls round. Star
feralmong: Bringing in Taranto was a big mistake. Coulda had Freo’s brayshaw.had
Woodie22: Scboy I’m thinking about it. Scored more than a lot of rookies have.
DrSeuss: Cogs – stop giving away free kicks ffs
TgrTime: NicNat quiet 2nd half
kascadev8: shuey lazy.. just sits on the bench, if you are injured then dont play. if you arent stop sitting on the bench this much
Raspel31: I am a deeply devout christian soul so, thank god I didn’tbring in Coniglio. Let us pray together,
Social: Brick wall? Ol Harry Taylor managed to kick four on him
Ash777: Adam Goodes would of smacked dusty.
Apachecats: Ward a few weeks off to practice for the OLympics.
TigerNut04: Relton Roberts was busted eating a burger before a game. True story
heppelitis: geez perrymans tog a killer. too many good mids ahead of him. come to bombers and be best player
Pies20: how many will get ricardi or get sucked in?
GobChuck: he’s an injury hazard kasca, eagles don’t want him to do a hammy. he’s healthy
CniglioSsn: very funny apache
TgrTime: Mosquito or Riccardi next week downgrade?
Pies20: impressive first game though
GobChuck: Pretty weak brick wall to get pushed over by Smack McKernan
NewFreoFan: No bigger brick wall in defence than Zack Dawson lads
kascadev8: who needs grundy gawn when you can have grundy nicnat, think im doing that next year. thank you ROB
Apachecats: He’s in the diving squad @Cnig. along with Vlastin.
Rathain84: I’ll have a crack at Riccardi for DT. The cash cow factor is enough to make it worth it
Woodie22: How many trades does everyone have left?
kascadev8: andrew gaff with 100% TOG, just me or is that odd?
CozzieCan: Miss seeing Dayne Swan play , he was a freak
TigerNut04: Mosquito don’t even consider Riccardi
tommy10: Add Grimes to that Apache lmao
heppelitis: every week kas….amazing
Ash777: Riccardi’s spot to lose seeing as he came in for finlayson who was omitted.
beerent11: Some huge projections not gonna happen this round I bet
Raspel31: Is he a late out tomorrow Cozzie?
feralmong: 13 woodie.
Breezey: @Cozzie. Swannys autobiography is a ripper read
Stu7: @Woodie22 I have 9
DrSeuss: Gaff has been at 100% TOG or very close for the last few weeks. Not like he is crashing into contests
pcaman2003: NewFreoFan. Yes! Dawson played a blinder against Collingwood once. Rocca anyone!
CniglioSsn: just expect ricc to be out after one bad game
Breezey: @agree
Pies20: @rath my fellow dteamer he’s probably a lock with a score like this, job security the only worry
Woodie22: 13 feral wow
kascadev8: so i grabbed the sleepy WCE player. ah well, cant win them all
Beast_Mode: 11 trades here, 19 prems and 350k in the kitty
TigerNut04: Grimes knows how to play. Haha I love AFL. Vlastuin Gun too. Hahaha
TgrTime: Not to blow his horn, but maybe mozzie > tippa?
Maroonies: yo
GobChuck: 9 trades, 19 premos and 3 midpricers on field but only 30k in the bank
CozzieCan: @Raspel names captain for his first game unreal
TigerNut04: Why do pies supporters have no teeth. Ferals
CozzieCan: @Breezey might give it a read , cheers
CniglioSsn: dissapointed, but it was a good game to watch
Maroonies: sup peeps
Apachecats: TKelly just a shadow of last year.
Woodie22: 17 prems 8 trades 497000 left couple of trades short probably
kascadev8: are we saying mcgrath and shuey are premiums or nah? idk what a premium is, im assuming its 100+ average
beerent11: Never seen a marking backline like the eagles
Breezey: I’ve never heard that one before.
Beast_Mode: any idea roughly what haynes b/e in Sc will be?
Kingy12: Really need NicNat to have huge finish
feralmong: yeah woodie kind of didn’t bother early.
88360: Ricc or mosquito
Stu7: Come on gAff 120
Dexter21: Cogs you’re out next week!
Avarax: rather than talk about it, come and share your teasm on “fanfooty suoercoach” on facebook. share team screenshots
Pies20: pff @nutbag so old showerest joke now got anything else??
DrSeuss: Cogs back to doing nothing to finish off the game
pcaman2003: A few very poor games from Cogs. Has to go now for sure. Can’t be trusted,too weak.
TgrTime: Mosquito because of job security
Woodie22: Done well Feral
Raspel31: All my team are prems- they just need to learn that.
Pies20: geez @avarax you get paid every time you mention that?
TigerNut04: Essendon supporters are flogs also. Pie fans are soft cocks
CozzieCan: Nicnat great mark needed that
Woodie22: Avarax, don’t use Facebook sorry mate.
beerent11: You can hold cogs through best 18 I reckon. Will pop up with a big one soon.
Breezey: Raise the bat Harry P
Social: Time for NicNat to go BOOM
feralmong: i think most players over 500k u could call premo. But some fwd/def 400-500 you could call premo.
GobChuck: need a m9 asap to loop with cogs at this rate. Jeepers he’s too yoyo
kascadev8: nicnat and jelly recovering points for me, couldnt be happier
Woodie22: Tigernut any need to say that?
kascadev8: tigers fans are clueless xD
pcaman2003: beerent11. Problem is he’ll bleed a bucket load of money in the meantime.
thommoae: Nic Nat star
TgrTime: Stop TigerNut!
Raspel31: Very unhappy with Nicnat replacement for Gawn- where to from here?
GobChuck: Gaff perhaps to loop with cogs at m8/9? or upgrade keays to a better f7 instead? tough call that
beerent11: If you’ve got heaps of trades and it makes you happy go for gold
Avarax: just trying to call out some people from here. everyone quotes 2500 proj, but nobody willing to share screenshots….
Breezey: I think what Tigernut knows about footy you could write on the back of a cigarette paper with a jackhammer
TigerNut04: Collingwood won’t win a flag for the next 15 years they’re pathetic. Scum mob. Just as ugly as Buckley
kascadev8: @Cozzie nicnat the beast haha, so happy ive got him
CozzieCan: @Raspel probably Xerri for Nicnat
TigerNut04: I’m looping your mum with your sister for captain for next week
FLAG: natnic 106sc 1st half 35sc 2nd
beerent11: I still have one upgrade to complete my team so I’ll be holding cogs for now
TgrTime: TigerNut04 is probs a different supporter trying to ruin Richmond reputation
Woodie22: Avarax I’m happy just to get past 2100 lol
CozzieCan: Tigernut needs a holiday @mOnty that’s unacceptable behaviour
TigerNut04: sister for captain for next week
kascadev8: tigernut on ur bike
Woodie22: Not even remotely funny.
Zagzz: With ’04’ probably his birthyear, and his comments. Definitely acts 16
Raspel31: Time for TigerNut to go-a pain.
Woodie22: I don’t get the point of being a dckhead here

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