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Chat log from R13 of 2020: Brisbane vs St Kilda

Chat log for Brisbane vs St Kilda, R13 of 2020

TgrTime: Who wins?
Water: lions
Apachecats: went lions by 27.
adgbubba: Lions
Pantsman: Football. Football is the winner. In a more accurate way, Lions by heaps.
Apachecats: Sold Butler so watch him fly today.
Kidult: I think in accuracy should keep Saints in this
FLAG: cmon Starch, ton up!
Stephen001: cameron will kick heaps
TgrTime: Steele hasn’t really played tagging roles this year, be interesting to see if he goes to neale today
kascadev8: go witherden and neale
scboy123: Come on Dan Butler. Come on Saint Kilda. Lets get it
Gotigres: Went Grundy captain at the last minute so expect Neale to go 150+
TheLegend6: Can’t see saints going close unless lions goalkicking is no good again
TgrTime: Went naitanui instead of neale as well, agree gotigres
TheLegend6: Members muppet, he’s terrible
Fatbar5tad: Saints worked hard to prevent that goal
Avarax: Membrey BOG for the lions today
Breezey: Membrey wanted the first goal clearly
srj2409: Where’s woodie?
Fatbar5tad: Sorry Butler you aren’t a Tiger anymore
Cottees: hahahah nice butler
scboy123: Come on Danny boy. Only got a BE of like 130 to beat lad
Cottees: Steele on fire! yes my man
Nuffman: Steele v Neale and Lyons… not the start I wanted..
FinlaySON: coincidence that the groping and flopping all have links to richmond?
Poliyagon: I’ve got Neale C, Steele, Butler and starce
thiccgucci: jesus steele…. i wanted to get you after ur bye
Raspel31: Mr Steele, we are happy so far.
TgrTime: FinlaySON, why did you get dropped
MercAm: Steele can you just please flower off
TheLegend6: @Finlayson who cares, he’s a stkilda player, not a richmond player.
heppelitis: Ward didn’t play for Tigers FinlaySON
TgrTime: Still getting flashbacks from the granny FinlaySON
FinlaySON: haha tiger fans are so sensitive
kascadev8: what does witherden look like? ive got no clue
2Ph0nes: geez ppl take things so personally, just relax
Bart Man: So FinlaySON it seems the tiger players and supporters are very alike
TheLegend6: @Finlayson Not really, we’re just backing our team?
FinlaySON: nah boys getting flashbacks to round 8
StuL: Withers looks like he has a bye in final 1 so no donut
Kidult: @kaska overgrown kid is what he looks like has that baby face
DrSeuss: Ok Zorko back off the pine please mate
MercAm: Who else has the C on Neale?
scboy123: this just gonna be a game of who stuffs up least in front of goal lol
kascadev8: thanks @Kidkult, i brought him in for sicily and had no clue what he looked like haha
Napper: Steele is losing points every second dam
pcaman2003: Hate the way Bruce and Lingy force me to turn off the volume
thommoae: Lachie, you deserve this rest – put your feet up ,Mate.
Fatbar5tad: Lions still can’t kick straight
tdarian: so jealous of the weather in qld… the rain is non-stop here in VIC!!
TgrTime: Accuracy killing lions again
Nuffman: Thankfuklly I took Martin’s VC score
Kidult: I haven’t had a Ling commentated Game all year. It has been awesome
Bart Man: Pcaman you could not have summed that up any better
StuL: Measures it. Squeezes it. Doesn’t even mean anything!
Nuffman: @tdarian: tell me about it.. I’ve been wanting to mow for 2 weeks..
Woodie22: Sorry Kasca about my bad maths in previous game
scboy123: how is Membrey an AFL footballer honestly
srj2409: You didn’t add non captain score in which you also get
MONEY TALK: because membrey is good? a couple bad games and that makes him shit
TheLegend6: Members is no good
Haydo: Thanks for those who said not to captain Neale, good advice so far
kascadev8: woodie all good, i knew what you meant
TgrTime: Good start Neale
pcaman2003: BartMan. Glad I’m not alone about those two.
Woodie22: That’s right srj
scboy123: how can u beat brisbane MONEY TALK if u cant get a clean disposal from a mark out of defence. kicked it straight out
biggs2dujj: The Big O’no, Neale and Bytel combining for a whopping 20 points
hokkien34: Steele my man! What a star
Tig_Bitty: @scboy123 Because he made his way onto the same list that gives Geary a game every week XD
Poliyagon: I was planning to put C on steele last night but forgot to!!!!
Cottees: Captained Macrae via loop. Liking my decision so far! also have STEELE! YES
Catatafish: Bytel the ball magnet..
Apachecats: Hopefully another 3 voter for Steele in this.
kascadev8: had an easy week this week so thought id try the C on Hawk, didnt work out but had the gap to try it
scboy123: Catatafish its his 3rd game and its Brisbane at the Gabba give the kid some slack
biggs2dujj: Thank god for Jack Macrae, otherwise I would be suffering with cheap stat Neale
pcaman2003: Catafish. But just a tiny magnet
DrSeuss: Haha the only reason Bytel even has 1 possession is that he had to tackle someone for it. A few more touches might help
SC-STAR–: Apache who we pinning the score on this game
biggs2dujj: Bytel is going to be donut bench fodder after this week. Terrible
kascadev8: ok steele might actually ruin me now, had an easy win, but if he and butler keep this up it may not be
Apachecats: No more NTP SC-STAR ,taken a redundancy while m0nty does his PNG.
SC-STAR–: calm down biggsy let the game play
Poliyagon: maybe I should have taken claytons 100???
Catatafish: @scboy123 I was being cheeky not calling the youngster shit or a flog. He’ll grow into the game.
SC-STAR–: I should of taken bonts 130 got greedy
scboy123: Not gonna lie. All the praise on our list management this year. Paying Brad Hill was the dumbest decision ever
scboy123: They get a goal from an absoliutely atrocious brad hill kick. coulda handballed to butler but no lets kick to brisbane
SC-STAR–: M0ntys brought out donuts early
BigChief: McCarthy in trouble for bump on Paton?
TgrTime: Agree @scboy123
scboy123: point cuz brisbane cant kick for shit but still. BRad Hill has done nothing all year
Schillaci: Lions kicking for goal keeping saints in the game
DrSeuss: Brisbane need a Sports Psychologist or something – this kicking is going to cost them
kascadev8: witherden and neale, let get a move on boys
TgrTime: Goalkicking is crucial in finals as well
AuroraBore: Maybe i should’ve taken Foots score instead of Bytel :/
Kidult: Imagine if you waited a year and targeted Williams or J. Cameron
DrSeuss: Zorko, Witherden and Bytel – what a fantastic start
scboy123: Membrey would make a good number 3 forward. He cant play as a key forward but he’d be really effective there
scboy123: Need to play marshall/ryder at half forward
kascadev8: hoping for the big 100 from witherden today
BigChief: Ross doing a great job on Neale (bastard)
Napper: Come on Steele haven’t touched it this quarter
navy_blues: has steele disappeared?
SC-STAR–: neale get near it
hokkien34: Steele 62 at quarter time and now 54
LMartos: Ross isn’t tagging Neale, he mans him at stoppages but doesn’t run with him around the ground at all
Yelse: Neale C need 110min or I’ll loose all 3 paid games
DrSeuss: Brisbane FFS – get your game together – this is horrible
Kidult: Neale is still gettin it just not CP or much involvement
scboy123: 2 dubious decisions in a row there. High tackle? Out on the full off his shin? come on man no boot to ball.
MONEY TALK: lol how was that high
Stu7: Who has Neale as C?
Cottees: anyone have Harris Andrews… going big
Gandhi: Brissy mids need to get going
DrSeuss: SCboy if its under the knee – it is out on the full
Raspel31: I did warn thse who kept Neale as cap.
cogs94: 1 combined contested possession for Neale and McCluggage
Gandhi: @scboy123 anything below the knee is a “kick”
BigChief: @scboy below knee is classed as a kick. Always has been.
scboy123: Gandhi so if i handball it near the bounday into a blokes leg i can get a free kick? thats literally so dumb
scboy123: still doesnt excuse the iffy as shit high tackle call lol
Gandhi: Yep, that happens occasionally
scboy123: Also cameron wasnt closest to the ball ther either so really doesnt matter how u look at it
Kidult: still think Neale can get 130
BigChief: Yes scboy. I guess you have not watched much footy as it’s always been the rule
DrSeuss: Witherden has disappeared – do something
LMartos: Neale handballed it to Birchall and it was given ineffective lol what
sikkem: who here is surprised a saints fan doesnt know the rules?
navy_blues: gee membrey on fire lolol
scboy123: sikkem given they change week to week its hard to keep up
scboy123: and ill openly admit i havent followed AFL in 7 years, first year following it again since you know, lockdown and all
TheLegend6: Any chance of holding one King?
cogs94: To be fair on him legend pretty sure his arms were chopped each time he was going for one
scboy123: Plus ive seen ones earlier in the year where ball hit similar part of leg and no out on the full was paid so
Catatafish: Sounds like someone doesn’t know the rules
FLAG: piss off steele
Poliyagon: Cmon Neale. I was so fuckin close to putting C on Steele.
MONEY TALK: he still lacks confidence to hold those marks
kascadev8: steele going to go huge
scboy123: Catatafish okay so if its out on the full – closest player takes the kick. that wasnt charlie. Even umps dontknow rules
zadolinnyj: Below the knee out of bounds always been a rule. Umpiring ok as nuetral
FLAG: my op has steele, and neale (c) phew
thiccgucci: fuck sake steele gonna reach his BE of 170
kascadev8: dont know the rules? or made a mistake?
StacksOn: geez and here I was thinking I was some POD picking champ picking up witherden this week
SC-STAR–: wheres the off button steele
kascadev8: @Stacks i did the same, had a look at his scores,113 average excluding R1, looked smart, not so much now
pjw1234: the other teams will be studying how steele plays neale
scboy123: kascadev given same thing happened last week with an after siren shot for Carlton id say its a recurring theme
scboy123: the “closest to’ rule is really just “player of choice that was in the vicinity” might as well just make that the rule
navy_blues: lynch inn trouble again lmao
navy_blues: lynch in trouble again lmao
MONEY TALK: pjw1234 steele isnt even tagging neale
navy_blues: ross on neale
pjw1234: not tag but shuts him down at the clearances
Pies20: neale to get 25plus touches brizzi to dominate next half
BigChief: @pjw it’s Ross not Steele on Neale.
Pies20: 25 plus for the game
Kidult: Strange to think Dunkley will be worth approx 516k.
Dexter21: Currently glad I took mccrae vc! Just want neale to finish strong for 100+ and bytel to lift!
scboy123: lol straight off the bat theres the square up
Catatafish: @Pies20 I think old mate might blow his lid if that happens
StuL: Go saints!
DrSeuss: Haha looked like Marshall pulled his own jersey – WTF umpire
StacksOn: florwein love marshall, definitely starting him next year
Kidult: Steele on track for CP record in shortened game
kascadev8: witherden and neale wake up lets move, you gotta close steele down
DrSeuss: Missed a Zorko handball
DrSeuss: Ooops there it is lol
Apachecats: that was a very short pass Charlie
scboy123: yeah Seuss was a shocking call
Kidult: just realised Saints can leap over Lions if they get up
DrSeuss: Zorko and Witherden do something FFS – please
Pies20: Move neale geez the only week my opponent doesn’t have you fkmydt
heppelitis: Tom just went Fullhardon
scboy123: Wilkie should play up forward, dropped that down to the attackers advantage perfectly
srj2409: Neale can GGF. Kills me all year I finally get him and he’s a pod delivering this crap
thiccgucci: lions mids been nowhere this qtr ffs
scboy123: was that not a throw out of the middle or am i just blind
kascadev8: anyone seen alex witherden? regretting this trade even more now
Stu7: @Kidult problem is Saints lose these games too easy you watch
Crowls: any sympathy for neale c coaches?
navy_blues: fullarton having great debut
BumSniff: neales a pod?
poolboybob: Neale magnifying glass
TheLegend6: I had Fyfe C so not much better
Stu7: The hole in the st Kilda bow has been exposed
CniglioSsn: no sympathy here. havent had him all year
DrSeuss: @Kas – Lions havent controlled much ball down back – Low TOG this week as well. Just a rubbish game for him
AuroraBore: Dont think Lyons has touched it this qtr
Stu7: @ Crowle Not if they had Macrae as VC
srj2409: Only six players have more possessions than Neale
Haydo: Surely you can’t be mad at Neale, he’s averaging unheard-of numbers this season, everyone has a down game
kascadev8: @Seuss just realised that his TOG is awful this week, hopefully a big final quarter from him
navy_blues: neale best player in afl
pcaman2003: Neale tagging Steele. Well there’s a first.
BumSniff: Any good team has Neale.wont impact ranks that much if he isnt your captain
BigChief: Neale still had 10 disp, just no impact on the game.
Avarax: havent you heard of dusty martin navy?
Pies20: know this sound’s stupid but I’ll be in a elimination final next week in my $league I’ll will be trading neale to get to
Yelse: Neale shocking captain should have taken Ollie ffs
Nuffman: This is why being greedy doesn’t pay off.. took the 147 of Martin for my VC
Breezey: I’d take Danger before both of them
Pies20: the next final
Avarax: wow, inspired decision nuffman, how did you ever come up with that?
srj2409: I’m in the same boat yelse. Switched from Macca to Oliver at last minute
kascadev8: my dumb decision of putting the C on Hawkins because i didnt know if tyler brown is playing tomorrow doesnt seem so dumb
heppelitis: I love watching Maxy Gawn. One of the best.
Nuffman: Just having a laugh at everyone complaining about a poor C score… pays to not be greedy. relax, love
Avarax: anyone would have taken 147 though….
Stu7: You’d have to be mad not to take 125-130 VC as C
kascadev8: brisbane keeping st kilda in this
pcaman2003: I took a conservative approach and kept Lloyd’s 127 for C this week and still proj for 2522
Yelse: If somehow Neale can get to 113 would beeeeeeeee great! Super man quarter coming!!
Poliyagon: i mean i took Neale C over Claytons 100. I thought there was no way I’d lose value from that.
Nuffman: Not anyone… People still question these days
scboy123: jesus that ending to the 3rd was fuck that up and let it go out is inexcusable with 15 seconds on the cloc
Pdsm2016: If anyone can Lachie can!
Pies20: anyone else thinking the same seeing Brisbane have the bye?
Kidult: Is it just Defenders kicking to fwds today as most midfielders are low on stats
BumSniff: Wouldnt be surprised if Neale still cracked a ton
biggs2dujj: Superman Neale? Could it happen?
kascadev8: neale to get 100, witherden to get to 75-80 please, i can work with that
satch7: Keep going Steele. May as well cheer for my opponent to win the weekly
BumSniff: there is nothing less scary than hugh mcgluggage in front of goal
Clint Bizl: As a non-neale owner this is the one bit of joy i’ve gotten this season – freak
CozzieCan: @Pies it’s only 1 week unlike Gawn .. not sure big risk as he’s so consistent
Schillaci: Went danger as C as I thought Neale may struggle v Saints.
Nuffman: @Bumsniff: I see your McLuggage in front of goal and raise you T.Lynch, in general
kascadev8: @BumSniff Dangerfield infront of goal isnt any less scary
Pies20: when it comes to $ i try to go as far as possible kamakarzi would probably get him back if i went through @cozzi
Rathain84: Gawn is likely to play next week
Kidult: Tough introduction back for gawn 240 BE and Ryder/Marshall
pcaman2003: Hoping Cogs and Whitty do better than last weeks effort.
BigChief: Bris are pathetic in front of goal. When was the last time they kicked more goals than points?
Breezey: Hipwood doing his best Travis Cloke impersonation with that kicking.
cogs94: What a grab from King
pcaman2003: Oh! And Haynes too.
Stu7: Come on Butler you one game wonder
Kidult: Buddy put on ice for the season
CniglioSsn: me too PCA
NewFreoFan: That’s the thing, Saints goalkicking is shit but they’re not being punished for it
pcaman2003: No superman qtr from Neale this qtr
jackhenry: This is exactly why you always take Macrae 141 VC
shaker: Buddy is finished a year out for a hammy?
kascadev8: @shaker they arent making finals so no need to play him, rest him and get him right
Pies20: Move neale
Cottees: buddy was finished years ago
Kidult: Had problem with his groin recently
NewFreoFan: Lions not saints sorry
dipstick: Buddy put on ice? Don’t you mean coke? That’s why he barely plays anymore.
LMartos: Neale just not running through stoppages today, also not getting free ball from receiving kick ins like he does
pcaman2003: Kidult. With his missus,I would too
Yelse: Stop
NewFreoFan: What a goal
BurtCocain: steele making me very happy
Yelse: No Neale no lions
Jabbles90: Round 16 where magpies and richmond have a bye, do you reckon its crazy to sideway trade in that round?
BumSniff: fuck bytel handballs a lot
kascadev8: not getting witherden to neale from kickins today, could really use that right now
Nuffman: one of my opponents has C on Neale… and VC on Steele.. poor fella
AuroraBore: No neale, no lyons, no lions
BurtCocain: neale isn’t playing like neale today
pcaman2003: Can someone lasso Bruce around the throat please? Big reward offered for the task.
NewFreoFan: bowled him
TheLegend6: Lyons one touch second half
Haydo: Hodge is the only good commentator on 7
AuroraBore: Lyons has literally had 2 touches since half time, unreal
Pies20: no jabbles think I’ll do it next week with neale elimination final $league
Kidult: 18 disposals for 98m just no impact.
2Ph0nes: brissy look cooked
DrSeuss: Neale getting his cheapie marks and kicks this quarter it seems
Gandhi: Looks like it’s the saints turn to miss all of the shots
pcaman2003: Hayd. Pity Commetti isn’t on the TV any more.
Pies20: how long left?
TheLegend6: Haha yeh lions!
Haydo: Yeah agree pca
hijikata: steele or andrews for the star i reckon
feralmong: put the star on Steele
StuL: Saints never win games like this. Can’t help but be losers. Sorry its true
AuroraBore: my proj. score just went down by 140 lol
hokkien34: Should be a fair bit of scaling to come?
cogs94: McCluggage lost points for that kick to Rayner at the end?
scboy123: whoever was defending membrey earlier where u at. bloke kicks it out on the full with game on the line.trash
Poliyagon: neale to get 100 more with scaling!
kascadev8: witherden got 64 in the end? him and neale shared the garbage stats at the end. maybe the boost puts them to 80+ each ha
Crave: Yeah Steele or Andrews for Star
Schillaci: Nice bait stu
CozzieCan: Majority have Neale , I wouldn’t be worried .. the bloke has worked hard lately due for a quiet one .. on ya Neale
Nuffman: 300 pts left
Stu7: @StuL I agree they are sh1t
dipstick: Do you wanna get the Lyon on the lion? Well blow it out your orse then!
Napper: Had Steele thanks mate might even break par score this week, would of went huge if wasn’t for Gawn
BumSniff: anything happened with lyons today? Why was he so low
kascadev8: ah well, 69 for witherden isnt that bad, touch day for the brisbane defence with their forwards inaccuracy
twinpeaks: Bailey huge that last quarter. Need 117 from Haynes and Goldy in AF to win – reckon I can?

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