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Chat log from R12 of 2020: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R12 of 2020

Tangent: Evening lads!
Woodie22: Too early to write off the Pies? Or are they cooked?
Tangent: Pies will come 8th.
Foxman69: Need Serong too keep his form up
Woodie22: You think.GWS make it?
NavyMan: would be nice if pies came 9th on a slight percentage differential
Thomas1234: Pies are making top 4 and then winning the flag FULL STOP
Rathain84: Who’s the late out for this game Woodie?
Tangent: Giants will make the 8 for sure… Easiest run in the comp, apart from Eagles at OS.
NavyMan: what ya drinking there Thomas?… must be good shit…
Woodie22: Lol big dreams there Thomas
BigChief: Keep dreaming Thomas.
Woodie22: Rath, I won’t pull that one again lol.
Rathain84: too soon? 😉
Tangent: Crows could make the 8!
Woodie22: Don’t wanna anger the SC die hards twice in a few hrs lol
Thomas1234: when it happens i cant wait to see your reactions hahahaha
BigChief: The bottom 8 @Tangent?
ConnorMcP: yeah sure thomas u will make finals if ur lucky
Rathain84: Just need to get Erin Philips in the team Tangent
Woodie22: Thomas, thing is it won’t.
pcaman2003: NEWS! Swans fined 50k for Covid breach. Fine Suspended. Weak as shower punishment from the impotent AFL
Thomas1234: When the day comes you will all realise Thomas1234 was right
ConnorMcP: Thomas you might not even make finals
satch7: Whats your excuse if it doesn’t happen thomas?
navy_blues: elijah taylor out for rest of season
ConnorMcP: His excuse will be injuries
kascadev8: who was closest on trac? think i missed it
Kidult: Pavlich is a late out..
bhg26: Good on ya AFl, pick on a first year player whilst giving Steele and Buckley a slap on the wrist
navy_blues: he tried to smuggle his gf in the hub how stupid
kascadev8: how hard is it to follow these rules omg, afl season gonna be ruined by player stupidity
Apachecats: Modesty almosts prevents me from giving the Nearest the Pin report.
feralmong: lol woodie22 your not the messiah, just a very naughty boy.
feralmong: just read the chat log. as i missed the show.
bhg26: Dumb move by Elijah, but if he was Victorian, he would have got a couple weeks
navy_blues: jezza late in for blues lol
Apachecats: We had a 3 way tie between ApacheCats and Poliagon on 123 and FinlaySON on 127.
Rathain84: Is his gf a 10? can’t blame him
Woodie22: Lol true feral lol
FinlaySON: your kidding, two in a row for me Apache!
Apachecats: Close up were Balddrof and Circle52 on 122 and bagger2217 on 128.
Rathain84: He should have just taken a drive to Kalgoolie lol
Thomas1234: Should I take neales vc score or roll the dice on macrae
Apachecats: FinlaySON is now on a hattrick ,well done to all players.Tshirts are on their way.
Apachecats: *baldfrog
Kidult: Take Neale as Macrae might get the tag If Bont plays fwd with only Naughton KPF
CozzieCan: Big 1 from Fyfe & Doc coming up
Apachecats: Next NTP comp will be on tomorrows 1st game ,cheers.
Bart Man: FinlaySON if only your giants could get on a hat trick run
bhg26: Have Doc, Cripps, Brayshaw, Walters and Fyfe
feralmong: if blues get the sealer in the 4th do they get to say ‘Honey were home’
Tangent: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the best game of the round!
navy_blues: u do a good job at ntp apache wd
Tangent: Give Fyfe +5 for winning that coin toss.
Baldfrog: They will get some honey after the match
bhg26: Surely we do a fake NTP where the winner gets a sock
circle52: I had a different VC went Grundy into Macrae so obviously taking Grundys 148
FinlaySON: Bart Man my giants are marching towards the big dance
Ash777: got cripps n walters in this.
Kidult: finally get to see Serong looks like a replacement for Neale
Bart Man: My blues would eat your giants alive FinlaySON
pcaman2003: Have Cripps in this,but no POD’s with opponent.
DrSeuss: Docherty, Brayshaw and Walters – repay the faith Sonny
Str1k3_M95: Doch for132
cwall66: Bought in Cripps this week boys hopefully goes big
satch7: Fyfe, Brayshaw, Ryan my 3 pods. go boys
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Brayshaw flying last 5 or so rounds.
Avarax: fyfe and pbrayshaw are hardly pods anymore. ill give you ryan
Ash777: traded out doch so he’ll probably go big.
DrSeuss: @pca – yep – was moreso Walters to repay the faith for holding him
satch7: @avarax, i meant against my opp
FinlaySON: keep dreaming simpson
CozzieCan: @Avarax not FyFe ? Lol you feeling alright ..
scboy123: Serong with the elite -2 start lol
CozzieCan: If Fyfe didn’t get injured he’d be top 5 midfielders. Jesus
BigChief: That’s a BS free to Taberner
kascadev8: think ive only got cripps in this now :/ had 1 point it was cripps+doch+fyfe
bhg26: Bart! I dont want to alarm you, but there may be a bogeyman or bogeymen in the house!
Thomas1234: What are all our projections lads? Im sitting at 2423
kascadev8: would of loved fyfe to be a mid/fwd, only way he could of gotten in with clarry coming
nbartos: tough one
Beast_Mode: fye playing forward mostly tonight, plus managed game time
pcaman2003: @bhg26. As long as he/they leave me alone,it’s cool.
DrSeuss: Time to move Walters onto the ball – get him a few touches
kascadev8: got mcgrath and shuey as pod players in midfield so yeh
Beast_Mode: fyfe8
NewFreoFan: Walters is returning from injury, they won’t risk him in the middle too much
nbartos: fyfe who is this fyfe? LOL
satch7: DO i have to change my colour scheme to get a team logo in chat?
Bart Man: @bhg nail the windows shut and get the gun
Avarax: i said fyfe wasnt a pod @kasca
Water: yes satch
hokkien34: Earth to Serong…
satch7: test
Catatafish: Viney to Fyfe looking alright so far. Need Hill to do something. Old man..
CozzieCan: Onya Fyfe , proof the pod haters wrong you good thing
Yelse: fyfe and walters back and brayshaw back to crap
Ash777: get some touches pls walters
bhg26: Sonny and Brayshaw do something ffs
NewFreoFan: Looking good satch7
Cottees: Ffs. I was meant to get fyfe and accidently tradded Brayshaw… argh
BigChief: This will be a flogging.
Avarax: people know that pod means point of difference right?
DrSeuss: Brayshaw was going fine – has been stuck on the bench
Avarax: nothing to do with scoring potential or premo status or anything
Breezey: The Fyfenator tracking for a double ton.
nbartos: fyfe 70 sc qtr
Social: couldn’t afford Fyfe this week dang it
NavyMan: Fyfe BOG closely followed by the ump.
bhg26: Georgiades to Fyfe looking real good
Ash777: the armpit is in the back it seems.
pcaman2003: The Flinstone shuffle alive and well when going for goal.
dipstick: Where the fuck ya been Nev? Ya flyin’?
BigChief: Another soft free to Freo.
Crowls: this match killing my weekend!!! Walters in, serong on the field
satch7: We sure are @NewFreoFan
CozzieCan: Look son , another Fremantle wanker
pcaman2003: @bhg26. A massive leap for mankind.
beerent11: Look at brayshaw with Walters and Fyfe in.
bhg26: Doesnt matter when you have Sonny and Brayshaw underperforming
Ash777: kennedy the donut
navy_blues: freo deserve the lead but these easy free kicks in front of goal need to stop
Breezey: Four qtrs of that Nathan will net you 272.
beerent11: Fyfe breakeven 105
Kidult: Was Fyfe playing as that high CHF everytime I saw him it looked that way
satch7: Quick math
DrSeuss: @kidult – in the middle at times as well
dipstick: I knew someone that used to pipe donuts in their dreams
Breezey: Cox with 1 magical possie for 30pts
Kidult: ok must’ve been when I was stuffing my face when he did go mid
Yelse: whats happened to doherty over the last few weeks?
Kidult: Fyfe got lucky he didnt hit his head then would’ve got 3
Ash777: Yelse probably the knees. Libba had the same problem coming back.
Catatafish: Fuck me Hill, you old fuck
kascadev8: the debate on fyfe v oliver for a mid8 is getting interesting, still gonna go oliver
Pies20: Had fyfe spewing he got injured flicked him now he’s back
Yelse: next week doherty out for loy gotta go
DrSeuss: Docherty and Walters not up to much – at least Walters has an excuse
Yelse: but still need doherty for 15 possies for multi
BigChief: Docherty needs to be played mid or wing to provide his run.
kascadev8: @Pies20 i was the same, had him, held for his first comeback but when it happened again i traded out
Pies20: I’d go fyfe and he’s cheaper is old mate twitch around or he’s had enough from last game
pcaman2003: kascadev. mid8? Oliver too higher Ave for mid 8.
Yelse: brayshaw tagged?
kascadev8: @pcaman2003 i meant like oliver would be my last midfielder i brought in, so all mids 1-8 are filled
Kidult: I barely know which player is which when Carlton wear the white
Pies20: Please call me pies the 20 is just a number
Thomas1234: all i can hear is the ump saying “play on”
Raspel31: Many had Fyfe- going great guns but scared to bring him back.
beerent11: I’m happy with 70 from doc these days
SC-STAR–: Yelse what walters excuse coming back from injury
NewFreoFan: There you go blues fans, umpires ignoring hands in the back for your first goal 😉
pcaman2003: kaskadev. All good! I nned to upgrade 2 of my 18,then hopefully no mnore upgrades.
Pies20: he scores well when playing @rasp think he’s a lock
BigChief: Every player that crosses the white line has zero excuses.
Kidult: Didn’t think Walters would get mid time now with how their Midfield young guns have stepped up
Pies20: he’s back is what I’m saying
pcaman2003: Charlotte! Where you been all night?
kascadev8: @pca yeh ive got 2 fwds, 1 defender and a mid, but if day can perform for hawks then itll be 1 mid + 2 fwds
Pies20: what’s ntp @Apache can you announce it early keen to log off
pcaman2003: @kaskadev. Good stuff!
Raspel31: If I told you, I’d have to shoot you Adele.
kascadev8: if we get the additional trades to a total of 37 i could always go shuey-fyfe. would b a luxury trade,need 2 finish team
scboy123: Serong please ton up this game
DrSeuss: Missed that kick from Walters that was smothered
pcaman2003: @Raspel. You naughty tart
Kidult: Blues look to have a Mitch Robinson clone
BigChief: Beautiful throw from Cripps
Pies20: Get a room u2 geez
Ash777: serong tagging? there goes his score.
pcaman2003: Pies20. Wanna join?
Seiya: @Suess its not a stat if the kick gets smothered
Baldfrog: We were always taught to handball one hand had to be stationary whilst the other punches it how are the ups not picking
Raspel31: We said no Pies Adele. Come on Cripps lad.
Pies20: Hell nah u2 are weird cats with your lingo
BigChief: Simmo ouch.
Baldfrog: this up*
pcaman2003: Get going Cripps and get a big score champ.
DrSeuss: @Sieya – Never heard that before – is that legit? In SC, AF, DT?
Raspel31: 270 beginning to look a bit elusive for Fyfe now.
beerent11: Look at doc go
pcaman2003: Pies20. Lol! Too much for you I think.
kascadev8: i used to have doch too, this was fun aha
Seiya: I never see them get stats for it, besides in SC its an ineffectual kick so even if the did still no points
Pies20: Would rather rag on @baldy and the crows least I know what’s coming back, yep @pca way over my head mate
Baldfrog: pies20 thats what quarantine does to ya
Thomas1234: Want doc to go HUGE to annoy everyone that got rid of him
Pies20: might be a age thing knowing @rasp is close the pension
Ash777: could of saved a trade if I knew doch was going to do this.
DrSeuss: huge qtr from Docherty – Walters looking a little off the pace
Raspel31: How very rude- nowhere near the pension. Next year. Good work Doc.
CozzieCan: Doc 61 half time ? Thought it was full time cough lol
Pies20: Yeah i think so @baldy I’m out later
beerent11: 6 point quarter for Fyfe
pcaman2003: Now Doch decides to play. Got rid of him last week.Just kick me.
nbartos: Tabs only fwd to beat Weit this year
Woodie22: Appears bringing in Brayshaw might pay off
Pies20: new you were close @rasp have a good night
Str1k3_M95: Like i said, Doch for 132
bartsy: Canny for the life of me understand why anyone would trade doc. Talk about knee jerk
Catatafish: Brayshaw can seriously fuck right off.
pcaman2003: Gee I must be considered old then.
Raspel31: I’m a spring chicken in my 40s Pies20 with a fine figure. Fyfe gone rather quiet.
bhg26: Fyfe, Brayshaw, Cripps and Doc, then there’s Walters
bhg26: Getting ready for a 4 goal half from Sonny
Bluebagg11: Feel free to touch the ball Walters. Traded you in for this??
pcaman2003: Raspel. I’m an old boiler with everything going south.
Raspel31: 50s not 40s- whoops. Game on from here?
heppelitis: not sure who to put on field to take neales vc score…h brayshaw or hibberd…both named as emg in their teams
scboy123: today has just been atrocious for me. None of my PODS even close to tonning up.
pcaman2003: @scboy123 Makes you want to tear your hair out,right?
feralmong: same scboy. 6 players that would be 90+ all down so far.
feralmong: gone from proj 2450 to 2250.
Mustardish: @hepp i’m in the same boat – have put the C on Hibberd
Raspel31: Had the same prob hepp so rolled the dice on Macrae.
Cottees: im proj to go 2451 at the moment but waiting for Cripps, Doc and Brayshaw from this game. might be up to 2500?
feralmong: good stuff cottees
Cottees: just need Macrae to go big for Captain reasons. couldnt loop Neale cause my bench is playing, thought shoenberg ommited
Mustardish: @rasp thought about macrae C also but couldnt pull the trigger
heppelitis: will have to be on the ball looking for late changes..thats an option too @Raspel.
Tangent: Just out of curiosity, what are your highest scores?
feralmong: wtf happened to docs SC. look like it dropped 15.
heppelitis: If they both play I have really fucked up and will lose Cripps score here
Raspel31: Some poor guy got Xerri as a late addition today hepps- destroyed his cap loop big time.
heppelitis: haha i shouldn’t laugh but thats funny
pcaman2003: Umpires have lost the plot.
NewFreoFan: Get your hands on it Brayshaw
Raspel31: I laughed hepp- in the nicest possible way.
scboy123: Hey caleb wanna ya know, get some efficient disposals in
CozzieCan: Any1 seen Frenzy or BeastCoast lately ?
Breezey: Anything over 100 thanks Patrick. Thanks in advance
Kidult: @cozzie probably locked up breaking Covid
zoomba23: Kermit for Jones
nbartos: no beastcoast when freo winning ive noticed
pcaman2003: Cozzie,No,and Haven’t seen Wends for a long time either
dipstick: @bartos this fyfe fella is a nothing since you asked.
bhg26: That’s better Walters, the big sticks next time though
nbartos: @dip reckon hes overrated
Raspel31: So Fyfe has gained 6 points since qtr 1- don’t feel so bad now.
Ash777: hoping atleast an 80 for walters
Thomas1234: @Ash lucky to get 60
pcaman2003: Lol! Doch marks and kicks to Lobb who marks,but stiil gains 5 points.
nbartos: umps on drugs
DrSeuss: @Ash – Reckon Walters will be lucky to get 60 – just looking slow and not confident with his hammy just yet
Ash777: yeah 🙁
kascadev8: is fyfe resting at Full Forward?
Gotigres: Evening everyone. Just got home from shopping.
bhg26: Get your two superstars in the flowering midfield! Stop over coaching!
CozzieCan: Cheers lads .. @Pca Wends yeah shit at least 4 months
BigChief: Fyfe not resting fwd, he is playing fwd.
Dredd: Who is serong tagging? And why?! Gotta hurt me big time
nbartos: wheres the HTB??
NewFreoFan: Cripps just dropped that
V@lks: Jesus, traded geo out for Walters…was finding it tough to choose between him and Hawkins :/
pedsz: Cripps dred, not a hard tag just following him at times
Crowls: tagging cripps
pcaman2003: New Freo Fan. Like I said just b4. Umps have lost the plot. They have no idea
Kidult: opp has Brayshaw and Serong 110 below their proj atm
Dredd: Well the kid needs to start just getting the ball. He’s a gun. Stop making him run with Cripps >:{
hokkien34: Ffs Serong where are you
Ash777: umps have been poor for both sides
NewFreoFan: For real pcaman, absolutely baffling, nobody knows the rules any more
beerent11: I love watching wet weather footy. Am I a sadist?
bhg26: “Cracking game”
nbartos: what happened to no attempt is HDB?
Ash777: umps were decent last couple of games.
CozzieCan: Oh honey honey nanana
Raspel31: Volks- that is truly tough- but just think, you have brought joy into the life of your opposition
navy_blues: carl kicking like bris
DrSeuss: What games were you watching Ash?
kascadev8: nah, i love watching wet weather footy too, so much better then the alternate
pcaman2003: Ash77. Unfortunately becoming a rarity
nbartos: carl supposed to be contenders this yr?
scboy123: Serong 10 disposals at 50% efficiency for a 29 seems awfully harsh
pcaman2003: @Raspel. You make patronising sarcasm sound!
Woodie22: Since when nbartos!?
Breezey: Yeah I don’t recall anyone saying Carlton were contenders. Improvers maybe.
V@lks: Lol Raspel can literally sense the hear ‘EAD’
nbartos: Im asking?
BigChief: Who said Carlton were contenders? Never seen that from anyone.
pcaman2003: Fyfe back front and centre.
Woodie22: Short answer nbartos NO mate.
Kidult: Fyfe held a few players without ball tonight
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Umps missed a whole lot of frees. Don’t want to wear out their whistles
BumSniff: was fyfe up foward 2nd and 3rd?
beerent11: Crippa shoulder?
Silz90: Terrible htb against levi
Kidult: yeh he was and most of the 1st
pcaman2003: Looks like Simpson to Fyfe for me now.
Gotigres: Great move up Fyfe
Breezey: Looking for Fyfe to stand up when it counts and get Freo home.
Thomas1234: 35 points for fyfe in 4 mins
heppelitis: not so terrible if you own ryan 🙂
NewFreoFan: There’s been about 10 holding the man calls not paid for each side this game
Avarax: fyfe 40 points for 3 possessions
dipstick: Pfff fyfe just got 33 points in the last 2 minutes. Load of corrupt shit. Make it 40 now
Breezey: Will it be first team to 50pts wins or first team to 40pts wins.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw, Docherty and Walters want to get involved this quarter?
amigaman: Umpires are ruining this sport
MrWalrus: I prefer the no frees except blatant rather than the make it up freefest we normally get
nbartos: close one, that Fyfe aint so bad
Yelse: brayshaw TOG shocking this game
Cottees: omg where is brayshaw. why do I get shit scores when I trade someone new
Kidult: Fyfe with 105 be looked like barely reaching it at 3 qtr time
pcaman2003: Umpires haven’t been to Specsavers lately and it shows.
Silz90: Aarts or rankine to Fyfe next week
Avarax: brayshaw must be being managed
DrSeuss: Brayshaw been on the bench this whole qtr??
Catatafish: Brayshaw can stay where he is
srj2409: Hopefully brayshaw stays there
Kidult: Interesting this round and next is pretty much a normal fixturing wish we could get the teams named thursday and Friday
Breezey: 4 more beh8 da and Freo will have this sewed up
Silz90: Good boy rich
Moona: saw brayshaw on field
Moona: saw brayshaw on , but hope he stays on the pine
Kidult: Nice by Hill
pcaman2003: More throws in this game than the NBL
Breezey: 4 more behinds and Freo will have this sewed up
Sugartits: Anyone get rid of doch this week
Kidult: Just got flashbacks by Matthew Robbins 1 hander by Ryan then
dipstick: Fyfe just got 7sc for scratching his aggits
pcaman2003: Keep going Crippa and stay down Doch.
Catatafish: Can’t get rid of Doch, my team is garbage so he’s doing well
Silz90: Cripps winning goal plz
Avarax: agates* @dip
Breezey: @dipstick. Well that’s two touches of the ball then.
NewFreoFan: I can’t handle this stress haha
pcaman2003: Dipstick. Brownlow recipients gain triple points.
heppelitis: fyfe, ryan, cripps:) common doch to finish a great night
Baldfrog: Borussia Dortmond scored more goals than these 2 combined
CozzieCan: Lots of sc points to come
Raspel31: Cripps losing 3 points a minute- he’ll be 39 at the siren at this rate.
Baldfrog: well nearly
BigChief: Murphy winning goal again this year?
kascadev8: fyfe and ryan the only blokes whos points r moving?
Ash777: I got rid of doch but I bought in L mcdonald this week so have come out top.
nbartos: now they pick one
AuroraBore: haven’t been watching the game, is Brayshaw playing forward?
dipstick: @breezey you saying those 2 touches were effective thne
pcaman2003: Raspel. Cripps is a sieve and leaking points everywhere
Breezey: If the itch is gone then it’s effective
DrSeuss: Brayshaw has been in the mids – been pretty low TOG compared to recent weeks
Ash777: oh wow
SALAH: mo salah, running down the wing…
nbartos: the umps tried to give it to blues
pcaman2003: What a lot of shower.
V@lks: That is worse than the McGrath HTB
CozzieCan: Flower of Newnes
Gotigres: Oh wow
Ash777: ahahaha they won wow!
Social: Faaaaaaaaaaaaaark
navy_blues: lololol
duckky: What the fuck?
bhg26: That is the greatest kick I have seen! Jeeeeeeessuuuus
Donzoes: that was a horrible decision
Avarax: holy shower!!!!
BigChief: What a kick but not sure that free was there
Arminius: Brayshaw flowering useless that half
Rilian: Deliberate was a good call, but the down the field one a load of bs.
pcaman2003: And the umpires win. Terrible result.
Breezey: That it rubbish umps
chilipowdr: abysmal
CozzieCan: Umpires just ruined this game , well played Fremantle deserved to win
DrSeuss: Damn the Umps are ruining footy this year. Amazing kick though
navy_blues: robbie grat special
bhg26: Thank flower I tipped Carlton
NewFreoFan: Well that was ridiculous
scboy123: good game lads, umpire ruined my week there giving docherty a 20 point swing around as clangers = frees for
Kidult: Right result in the end with the frees freo got for goal in the 1st
Moona: Umps should be managed – that was disgraceful umpiring ALL game
SC-STAR–: really want to know what newnes new score will be
satch7: Well slap my ass and call me Sally
dipstick: & how many free goals were freo given? 3? Right in front. Not 50 on the boundary
Avarax: fremantle kicked 5 goals 6. they hardly deserved ti win
CozzieCan: Load of rubbish
Rilian: Even if down the field free, should’ve gone back to kicker as went out on full. As happened 1min prior.
duckky: Well if they weren’y kickingWAFL scores, a goal from a free may not be a talking point
navy_blues: um dont forget the umps gave freo 2 goals early
Sunharp: Great kick, but fuck that umpiring.
Silz90: Oh yeh! Go the blues. Identical to robbie grays kick
CozzieCan: Doch should of taken that free kick , no ? Fucking bullshit
kascadev8: why r u brining WA football into this? lucky free kick, good kick to finish tho
Ash777: down field free cozzie.
88360: What player were we guessing again? I forgot
dipstick: Sweet. Good to see the players swarm honey after his first win game 😅
CozzieCan: @Ash did doch receive high contact before down field ?
MercAm: Mean like it was a bloody great kick from Newnes and the free kicks were probably there, just the umpires are so unconsi
MercAm: So inconsistent with them
pcaman2003: Gibbons closest to ball but Newnes gets the kick. What are the rules Umps?
GOD: Suck it Freo, and that idiot camera man
kascadev8: Cozzie it was paid downfield for late contact, wasnt a free, but was paid, should go to closest player to ball landing
nbartos: your a nob GOD
pjw1234: down the griund should be where it crosses the line which was about 20m further out. But good kick from the ex Saint
CozzieCan: @Kas looked like Doch received high contact after kicking thou …
V@lks: Gun for Fyfe Monteith?
BigChief: I would give gun to Ryan. If he was not there Blues would have won easily.
kascadev8: @CozzieCan possibly, but i think the ump called it as late contact which is why it was downfield
pjw1234: have a look where gibbons was standing on the mark thinking it was freo free

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