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Chat log from R12 of 2020: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R12 of 2020

don key: hows this going to end ?
CozzieCan: C on Grundy , can feel a day out in my gizzard .. cozzie called it
BigChief: Gawn is my C now.
Ooost: I’m taking Neales, not gambling on Grundy or Mac
don key: Feel Brody going to go well with Pendles in
kascadev8: im risking the captain on macrae
biggs2dujj: Come on Trac and Clarry. I need 150 minimum each
thommoae: Grundy C for me. Should score around the ground as well as ruck.
Water: fuck it im risking it on grundy
Dogs5416: What’s this comp going around atm?
CozzieCan: Nice 1 @ Water , Grundy looks to have an advantage
Water: cozzie im blaming u if this backfires haha
FinlaySON: Tracca and Oliver to go big, I can feel it
Woodie22: Rivers late in. Spargo injured in warm up. Isn’t that a fine?
navy_blues: grundy c 4 me too
CozzieCan: @Water accepted , what about if he goes huge haha come with a happy ending your shout lmao
kascadev8: woodie is he actually?
Water: if he goes huge cozzie your the best
m0nty: Trim those sideburns, Preuss!
Woodie22: Just messing around 😅
Ash777: got the c on piggy instead of grundy I hope it works.
kascadev8: on my bench anyway
scboy123: Ive got Crisp vs opponents Clarry. Crisp u better ton up to cheer me up after the starc debacle
teachrtony: Hope you’re right FinlaySon, C on Clarry. Risk it for the biscuit.
Kidult: He wasn’t even emergency so….
CozzieCan: Grundy -8 great start hahaha
Avarax: great start for grundy
hinsch: Just checked I cannot loop Neale score go McCrae
Arminius: Elliot 16 point kick
biggs2dujj: Prooooss gonna hit 100 in the second quarter
Nuffman: accidently traded Noble to Ridley (wanted to keep him a bit longer) on friday and couldn’t reverse…
Kidult: Captain on Viney just coz
BigChief: Woodie obviously not read site rules about false reports.
23rookie23: @Monty pls ban Woodie22 his stupid lie just made me make a late SC change as was using Rivers as the C
23rookie23: @Woodie22 I now cant take Neals 134 because of your stupid lie mate – Thats not ok mate
Avarax: @rookie. thats your rookie error dude. always check sources
Avarax: dont blame someone else for your mistake…..
Lofty9: Grundy put a bit of sauce on that leap
kascadev8: @Woodie22 leave, no need to do that to people
Pies20: Missed it what he say?
amigaman: Never pays to be stupid. Hang your head in shame Woodie
Schillaci: just gave me a heart attacktoo rookie23 asI have the C on Rivers too -not an emergency and no late changes
tdarian: pruess is a damn good ruck. why he doesn’t get a game is mystery?
kascadev8: @Lofty9 handy amount of mayo on that for the free
BigChief: @pies claimed Rivers late in for Spargo. That’s a ban according to site rules
Foxman69: Also this is why you need Conroy
Avarax: that rivers was a late in, for spargo injured in warm up @pies
23rookie23: $avarax it was with 1 minute to go mate, who can check a source at that stage? Its not right and u know it
biggs2dujj: I wasn’t affected by Rivers but had a heart attack. Checked my team 🙁
scboy123: fuck this.Ref just gives CLarry a free kick which gives him FF and 2 disposals + Score involvement fuck right off honest
Rathain84: Come on Adams!
CozzieCan: Onya woody , made the chat more exciting then this rubbish game
scboy123: literally got rewarded for not being able to cleanly grab the ball. so stupid
Avarax: I would have checked and known well before then. dont leave to this chat with 1 minute to go
23rookie23: @monty surely he gets banned for that crap?
Pies20: Geez no wonder peeps having a heart attack i did that loop lucky I didn’t read would be filthy if affected me
Rathain84: BS frees
Stu7: Spewing I chnaged my tip to Colingwood hope dotn regret it
Poliyagon: I’ve got Tracca and Clayton , grundy.
Foxman69: Stop having a sook and get a real loophole
Avarax: if you let something like that affect YOUR strategy. then its your mistake.
23rookie23: $avarax I have played for 15 years mate and on PC as a content creator – It was 1 min to go buddy, I know what I am doin
tdarian: noble on fire. he is going to be my ticket to gull
Nuffman: @ava: doesn’t matter.. if he broke a site rule, he broke a site rule *shrug*
heppelitis: brayshaw cheap and starting to hit his straps
Pies20: agree @avarax i checked but still someone saying it before first bounce hmm
BigChief: @Foxman it has nothing to do with loophole, what Woodie did is a ban according to site rules.
23rookie23: @pies I kinow right? That is really not cool at all!
Avarax: @rookie, cool flex man, nothing to do with this scenario
kascadev8: been wanting to get clarry for weeks but i cant fit him 🙁
Kidult: Gawn overrated if Demons get a 2nd win without him
Foxman69: Just get the 102k spud ruckman who will never play its not hard
Pies20: Start moving pies!!
Avarax: waaa waaa waaa, snowflakes
Ash777: so far so good on the c choice. Preuss is keeping grundy accountable
23rookie23: @avarax stop defending an idiot in Woodie22 – we R all trying to have fun here and thats not cool
scboy123: who was a late in that peeps used to loop lol
CozzieCan: @Kidult we’ll take him lol
Foxman69: Gawn is overrated
23rookie23: @pies gets it but sadly Avarax does not
kascadev8: for a north supporter ur talking a lot @Avarax, try win a couple games
Avarax: im defending anyone who a crowd yells for their head, over something so trivial
23rookie23: @woodie22 – pls have a think about your “jokes” here mate as with 1 min to go it effects people
Nuffman: lol Ava… still butthurt that your mancrush Zurhaar is a hack? lol
Avarax: kasca, you are the biggest nuffie here
DrSeuss: Adams, Maynard and Tracca – not a great start lads
CozzieCan: @Kas flower off
m0nty: back on the game please
pcaman2003: Avarax . Play nice mate. We’re suppose to get along in here.
Stu7: How is Gawn overated?
kascadev8: @CozzieCan relax, its a joke.
23rookie23: @scboy123 no late ins but @woodie22 said Rivers was with 1 min to go forcing me to miss Neals score – 1 min 2 go FFS!
toopz: @23rookie23 – if you are gonna do fancy loopholes its on you to get your stuff together.
BigChief: @m0nty thanks
Avarax: lol. the man the myth
feralmong: i can’t loop neale all my rooks playing so Mac is C.
Foxman69: He slows them down Stu
bhg26: Listen to almighty m0nty lads
StuL: Go dees!
Franksy: When you go Macrae over Clarry as skipper
Pies20: Relax fellas everyone has had there say
Avarax: @pca. i agree, so calling for other to get banned, is not right
softwhitee: can someone pls tag oliver thatd be great thx
Yelse: maynard lifttttt PIES FFS LIFT control the ball
CozzieCan: Melbourne on fire !!
Baldfrog: Chaos in the chat today
Stu7: Okay @ Foxman69
23rookie23: @toopz with 1 min to go? Far out LOL
BigChief: Okay stop the shit talk and get back on the game at hand like m0nty said.
exatekk: wow. what i miss?
23rookie23: Yep done here too and great to see @woodie22 held accountable for his poor actions – cheers
Social: KKP in the house
scboy123: how is Clarry not being tagged.
Kidult: Changed my tip with Gawn out and Pendles in looks the wrong choice
Pies20: early days @cozzi obviously kicking with the wind haha
Apachecats: Is this the right room for an argument?
VodkaHawk: …or can Oliver beat Hawkins’ score this week, that’d be better
Nuffman: really hope Noble has an off game.. amkes my error hurt less
DrSeuss: Adams get off the bench – you were supposed to at least stay somewhere near Laird
23rookie23: Think to Dees get the Pies as they have looked shakey the last few games
Kidult: Dees will dislodge GWS from the 8 😮
Migz: should i field arts or rankine. Rank has been good, but coming up against tiggers and high pressure not sure hows will b
CozzieCan: @Pies pmsl loving ya positive thinking m8
pcaman2003: Grundy -8 to 28+ gr8 comeback big fella.
Water: field aarts migz
DrSeuss: Haha where the hell did that comment come from??? Old chat recall
Baldfrog: Pies200 thought I was watching the Crows but no it’s the Collywobbles
Cottees: I wish I could of afford Oliver 🙁
pcaman2003: Took Neale as C,now want to change to Clarry. Remorse!
kascadev8: i brought maynard in.. sorry
88360: Lol, I have crisp, Grundy, Adams and tracca, only 1 score above 15
pcaman2003: @Seuss. The old cut and paste fail perhaps?
Pies20: Im not 200 @baldy and please pies is enough, @cozzi After the chat before peeps need to have laugh and relax
duckky: MAynard score sad with how much it has been in pies backline
Switcheyes: I love it grown men crying over words, how about we all grow some balls( or go back to your safe space) baby’s!
Baldfrog: sorry fat fingers Pies
DrSeuss: @pca – recognised an old chat where I must have also complained about Adams being on the pine lol
scboy123: Crisp 8 noice
MrWalrus: Me too pca, me too, can’t really complain though
Yelse: mayor disappointing where are you ffs
pcaman2003: 88360. To answer your earlier question. Hawks R Us.
DrSeuss: Maynard TOG pretty rubbish though
Pies20: You talking to me @switchey?
pcaman2003: Walwrus. Hindsight is great of course
kascadev8: im assuming maynard just works into games slowly?
Stu7: Who said they C Viney?
CozzieCan: Grundy nice 37 point qtr
Pies20: who wins? Pies by 17
MrWalrus: Pies been a rabble for a bit now, something not right above the shoulders & I don’t mean the hair
Pies20: Being optimistic of course
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
Rathain84: I thought with Pendles back Pies would get their shit together 🙁
88360: Thanks pcman, good memory
Switcheyes: Don’t know pies20? Are you crying like a b*tch because someone said some words?
Baldfrog: it’s Darcy Moores headband Walrus
MrWalrus: Funny how good Brayshaw is when played in position, Goodwin will mess it up soon no doubt
Baldfrog: switcheyes me and pies give each other $hit all the time he’s cool
Nuffman: you speak big Switchy, but I bet you don’t say the “n” word in public lol
Avarax: got 6 players in this game. make or break for me
Baldfrog: Nigel Nuffman?
CozzieCan: Think everyone needs a cone & to chill out , Collingwood is playing shh
Switcheyes: No I don’t, what’s that got to do with anything, I don’t use it at all as I have no use for it! Idiot
Nuffman: Nah, “nuffman”, Balfrog lol
AuroraBore: Anybody know how Petracca got rid of the footy then? bc im not sure
thommoae: ‘Words’ maybe, maybe not – but let’s at least get each other’s names correct, switch.
Apachecats: Salted caramel for me Cozzie thanks.
Nuffman: use your brain switchy.. quick, before you get banned. Not hard to work out the connection
Avarax: lol @ cozzie
Pies20: didn’t affect me @switch was just trying to get back on the game
Baldfrog: Aurora every team throws or drops the ball now
MrWalrus: Pack me up cozzie but not sure this counts as playing
pcaman2003: Grundy,Tracca and Ollie,so smooth sailing to this point.
BigChief: FFS get comments back on current game
Avarax: mihocek done for the day
Nuffman: “knocked out in tackle” Aurora… silly intrerpretation
Switcheyes: Whos name did I get wrong
Baldfrog: calm down thommoae I just clicked 0 twice by accident lol
don key: hope brodys ok
Yelse: seriously ffs any more injuries this year
circle52: Aurora just watch the Lions Roos games and see what went for disposals and you will see atm anything goes.
circle52: and went both ways
Switcheyes: The safe space crew burning down American towns since 2020
Pies20: He’s probably following my thommoae haha
Nuffman: preach it @yelse.. Walla is our No1 Big target in F50 lol
colin wood: Mr Mihocek your first up tonight on who wants to get injured at Collingwood this week.. Over it
Pies20: Spelling
thesilentl: Pies a bit unlucky on the holding the ball…not much getting called
Switcheyes: Bring that crap here safe space crew
colin wood: Hope hes ok but in all seriousness head hit hard in that on the turf
Avarax: point made @switch. lets all move on now
Grimes Jr: @thesilenti #hotpies are getting outplayed
pcaman2003: A very edgy chat room tonight. Maybe we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya..1,2,3
kascadev8: that looked horrible, hope he is ok
Nuffman: Switch, I’d be consider “alt-right” by today’s weak standards, but you’re just being a d!ck. get stuffed out of here
Avarax: im not edgy pca, you’re edgy….
Baldfrog: Na pcaman Pies hands are sweaty
Apachecats: a few on the angry pills pca.
kascadev8: zzzzzSLEEPzzzz lol
MrWalrus: Been weeks even since incorrect disposal been a thing, biggest problem with footy ATM IMO
Pies20: Haha @baldy
DrSeuss: Adams, Maynard – keen to get involved or nah?
pcaman2003: @Apache. Mood has been very dark past couple of weeks. Covid?
softwhitee: Get around the pill pls Viney
Donzoes: dees turned up today, eh?
MrWalrus: Oh boohoo, pies have injuries, pies not getting all the frees for once, crie me a river boys it makes me stronger
wolfheart: Vandenberg is always hurting people. Normally his own teammates or himself, but occasionally the oppostion.
wadaramus: Crows are crap and they have injuries, i’m still chipper 🙂
thesilentl: Bit hypocritical @mrwalrus to have issues with incorrect disposal and then tell other fans not to complain
Social: the assplay has got us down @pca, thought that was only a rugby thing
Crave: hmm I swear a few Tiger supporters doing the exact same thing when playing port
kascadev8: walrus, they got enough frees from some last week
VodkaHawk: Be nice if Crisp and Maynard woke up, at least to 15 disposals
Water: grundy going well lets go
Avarax: its easier to look past injuries when your are last and 2nd last @wada
Grimes Jr: walrus, pies have injuries, so do we, look which team adapts better and has greater depth 🙂
Switcheyes: It’s dark in here because someone speaks truth
Apachecats: you got a multi vodka?
CozzieCan: @Water reckon it’s a safe bet lol
scboy123: Clarry is the biggest rat i absolute hate the flog
Switcheyes: Where the light switch, ban him, he hurt my feelings
kascadev8: depth in richmonds list is scary, and i dont like saying that
wolfheart: crispy Jack is slow out of the gates tonight.
scboy123: as clarkson would saY “milks a free kick as good as anyone in the competition”
Water: Not counting the chickens yet but i am quite happy right now
Stu7: carrrnnnnn noble
Water: @cozzie
wadaramus: No it’s not! We’d be way closer to our first win if we hadn’t had so many injuries!
BigChief: Seriously @switch you have had your say. Back on this game.
Social: @kasca yeah 3 knuckles deep
MrWalrus: No silentl, not hypocrisy, it sucks but it is what it is, not just an anti pies conspiracy
VodkaHawk: Lol yeah Apache, crisp, Maynard, Salem, Langdon 15+, Trac and Pendles 20+
Switcheyes: I can’t handle another’s words, it’s pitch black in here
kascadev8: maynard on the bench again.
Avarax: so close, yet so far 😉
Apachecats: Change of subject -Nearest the pin on Petracca -Apache goes 123
thesilentl: Umpiring is woeful again tonight
Silz90: stay low viney
VodkaHawk: to win $400 and anchoring some others
Nuffman: let him keep going @BigCheif, clearly craving attention he was missing growing up
AuroraBore: how many fucking high free kicks will we give away
bhg26: 135 for Trac Apache, want the shirt back
Baldfrog: Excuse me Switcheyes not all of us are Karens
Cr1cketeer: @thesilentl it’s woeful almost every game this year, not just ours. Kinda balances out tho
kascadev8: 130 for trac please @Apachecats
BigChief: @Apache 132 for Petracca for me.
StuL: Come on Viney. Brayshaw being “back” seems to be taking his midfield minutes.
jbjimmyjb: maynard you spud
hinsch: Petracca NTP 115 for me
Baldfrog: 122 Apache for me plz
Badgerbadg: Is Maynard having a sleep?
Switcheyes: Heil the ban police
Breezey: Petracca 100
Misternick: Pies are woeful tonight. Two goals with no one home out back
Water: Ill go 132 for petracca please apache
Avarax: 140 apache
Sunharp: Mihocek an any time goal kicker in 2 multis for me. It’s a sad day
Pies20: 110 @Apache pies to win
wadaramus: Avarax, stop being so salty. 1998 was a long time ago.
Apachecats: good luck vodka.
VodkaHawk: 149 for Trac
Water: okay well ill take 133 please BIgcheif got 132
Cottees: Tracca gets 139
Cr1cketeer: I swear Clayton throws it so much. Keep the whistle away though cos he’s in my team
Social: 136 for Tracca
Baldfrog: Cmon Adams get a kick
Switcheyes: You picked the right name Huffman what attention am I seeking from people I will never meet
StuL: I knew Maynard was a false dawn at least
kascadev8: i cant even get trac in 🙁 very sad, cant find maynard but his points go up
Pies20: have another drink @switch loving your opinion
CozzieCan: @Apache 160 on tracca
Avarax: how was i salty this time wada i literally was joining in on it with you.
Avarax: notice the “17th” reference to north. and the “;)” wink face…..i dont understand
AuroraBore: yep and thats enough for me, flower this club
Nuffman: *yawn* missing a bit between the ears, I see… keep working on it.. you’ll work it out
MrWalrus: 113 please Apache, if I win on the dinger can I get 2?
BigChief: Wow @Cozzie 100 for Truck in 2nd half. Big call mate.
Baldfrog: GAME OVER plz enter another 2bob to play again
Switcheyes: Hey nuffman go pull down a statue or get a flag banned
Poliyagon: need grundy to not beat neales score!
Ooost: Tracca 115
wadaramus: Sorry mate, maybe the chat vibe is getting to me.
Poliyagon: tracca 123
nbartos: they seem very reliant on Pendles
circle52: Tracca 122
Avarax: and you;re right, 98 is a long time ago, and may be another 20 years beforenorth have another crack
88360: 129 please Apache
Apachecats: Walrus nothing extra for hole in one sorry.
Pies20: settle @badly we don’t run out of leg’s like your mob a half to go
teddyt: best thing about 2020 is not having to hear the collingwood scum chant coooolingggggwooooooddd
BigChief: OMFG how was that a free to Viney? He took Sidey’s legs out.
FinlaySON: Tracca 127 please Apache
MrWalrus: Why is Switcheyes being such a knob? I missed the early chat
Rathain84: If everyone wants a little cheerin’ up – I am bringing another little feral port supporter into the world next Friday
DrSeuss: WTF was that decision?
bhg26: Is Switcheyes still going?
Water: 6 clangers and 4 FA’s for adams man what the hell
jbjimmyjb: this umpiring is a disgrace, but collingwood deserve to be losing by 6 goals
wadaramus: Not another one Rathian?!
Nuffman: lol switchy.. I see you don’t read either
Baldfrog: Just what we need Rath Call Centrelink
MrWalrus: No worries Apache, don’t want to break the fantasy bank
teachrtony: I’ll go 104 for Tracca not chosen thanks Apache.
Avarax: congrats rathain. im pro choice though. so you gotta let him/her choose for themselves
wadaramus: Maybe he got switched off?
kascadev8: 4th time maynard decides not to tackle… please do something 🙂
Nuffman: @Rath: i’d be happy for ya./.. but we don’t need anymore of them lol (congrat, hope mum and bub are both healthy
adgbubba: tracca 98
Apachecats: great news Rathian ,let us know how it goes ,cheers
Cr1cketeer: At least the umps are bouncing it well
RuffLeader: Petracca 117
Switcheyes: So I’m reading wrong when you are crying like a sjw
Kidult: Essendon every chance to get in striking distance of the Pies % with 2 games in hand if the Demons keep this up
wadaramus: Petracca 115.
Rathain84: lol BF not us don’t worry about that
Pies20: Because he is @walrus
bhg26: Is Switcheyes seriously still going?
Nuffman: reading wrong when i said i’d be considered “alt-right” by todays weak standards.
nbartos: 34min qtr??
Avarax: @kidult. agreed, this is dangerous
kascadev8: who is maynard playing on?
CozzieCan: Longest qtr in this footy frenzy
Nuffman: now flower off with you faux white knighting, this ain’t your beloved America. get stuffed
Crave: someone obviously is receiving attention he sorely missed as a child in here
Apachecats: last time I ever do a NTP while eating my tea.ffs
BigChief: @wada nope still switched on.
Baldfrog: haha all the best m8 hope bubs is healthy
pjw1234: Trac 93 thanks
Crave: @nbartos was a 5-10 min stretcher for Mihocek
Pies20: I’d join you switchy but you have said your bit
bhg26: Nuffman, he isnt stopping till his keyboard breaks
Kidult: or not just realised they have to play Saints, Eagles, Tigers, Port, cats and Demons
Switcheyes: Because you say that it must be true
Pies20: Chill out
DrSeuss: Maynard on Fritsch I think – but just no where near it so far
bhg26: Is he still going? XD
Rathain84: Thanks fellas. Hopefully he loves footy so I can see his name on here in 18yrs getting called a flog lol
NavyMan: what the???.. 15 min quarter and still going approaching 37 mins?
Yelse: Umps atrocious.
Nuffman: oh, it 100% is true.. now run along, otherwise we’ll start to believe you are affected by our words. *waves*
Pies20: longest quarter of the year??
Nuffman: lol @bhg: just a sad little boy.
kascadev8: thanks @DrSeuss needing maynard to be chucked on ball as a clarry tag rn, only way he scores
Switcheyes: What type of person was George Floyd
Foxman69: Kidlut Dees the biggest chance and maybe the dogs if they start playing good again
Apachecats: Time keeper has passed out.
Kidult: Cavarra is back! knew it
Switcheyes: Internet playing up
Nuffman: @Rath: tis the dream! Give him no choice lol
pcaman2003: Obviously,no one joined in the singing of Kumbaya.
NavyMan: a criminal.
dipstick: Why is this qtr longer than Fred bàssets ballsack?
Water: ban switcheyes
Kidult: Devon Smith is out
shaker: Pies fans just waking up that they can’t get all the free kicks every week
kascadev8: @pca i dont know the words
StacksOn: Whats everyone arguing about?
Badgerbadg: Is Maynard actually playing?
beerent11: Out on the golf course. What’s up with viney?
Switcheyes: Why water, what have I done
pcaman2003: @Kidult. That suits me fine. Opponent has him.
Kidult: Draper back for those who held Gawn
bhg26: stfu Switcheyes! No one cares about what you have to say. Give it a spell you knob
Avarax: nothing. but you are very aggressive switch. just chill my dude
feralmong: the qtr was long due to mihocek. hope he’s ok.
navy_blues: i thought there were rules here?
Baldfrog: Now its heating up
Nuffman: nah guys.. let the bleeding heart keep going, that chip is huge.. Say your piece switch
bhg26: I know Baldfrog, its pretty funny
Switcheyes: Exactly I’ve done nothing, it just goes to show how temperamental society is
Pies20: Don’t ban him for having a say but rekn enough has been said switchy like a few of us are saying
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
MrWalrus: One of those survival of the fittest, stuff everyone else ethnic cleansing has its place types, he wont stop
bhg26: Haha, he’s still going! XD
Nuffman: *acts like a tool* *get’s called out for it* *I did nothing wrong* talk about being a snowflake lol
noobcoach: uh just logging on and uh i see maynard at a huge score! any reason for it?
navy_blues: why bring george floyd up in a footy forum switch?
Pies20: is that still on @Apache?haha
Baldfrog: it’s like watching kids in the backyard arguing over who goes first on the slippery dip
pcaman2003: Damn! I need some pepper to go with all this SALT.
BigChief: I can’t believe he is STILL going on and on and on. Give it a rest champ.
blonde0na: @Nuffman that’s more boomer behavior mate
MrWalrus: Haha nuffman, that’s the funny part, he is the exact thing he is raging against
Apachecats: yes Pies , tried it as a diversion but it didn’t workwhats your guess
wadaramus: What is the issue, can someone not come up with a resolution?
stemy1243: Grundy 152
Switcheyes: What have I done wrong nuffman? If I’ve done something wrong I can be banned right? So get me banned
Nuffman: or some cheese with that WHINE… amirite @pca lol
Rathain84: I miss Gryan Goat/Big Gryan lol
Ooost: noobcoach he just hasnt been near it all day. hoping for a 60 or 70 out of him in this half
Apachecats: *actually already got your 110.
Kidult: 92 for me think he will rest as they are controlling the game
Rathain84: or some tomato spelling corrections @Pies20
Kidult: If we doin Petracca that is
SC-STAR–: Apache sorry im late mate whose score we guessing
pcaman2003: @Nuffman. Speaking of whine,having a nice Pinot Grigio with my fish cakes.
bagger2217: is NTP closed?
Apachecats: Petracca SC Star
bhg26: Only the Gryan bois can save this chat Rathain
Pies20: everyone v 1 no what is like how about everyone chill just saying enough been said
Nuffman: *insert appropriate Parks and Rec meme featuring Henry Winkler
pcaman2003: Petracca 112 for me if not too late Apache.
bagger2217: Petracca 128
dipstick: LOL fishcakes. The meal of the pov
Apachecats: still open bagger
SC-STAR–: @apache is 96 taken
Switcheyes: Lol pies who cares this is fun
kano: Petracca 143
CaptainWho: Petracca 141
pcaman2003: @Dipstick. But best ones in the world helped by a very good 2015 wine.
Cottees: so I have to go Macrae as captain! Shroenberg was named 🙁
Nuffman: @pca: I’ve been enjoying the Jacob’s Creek Double barrel Shiraz, lately
Switcheyes: Finally a bit of banter, no pussies shit
Apachecats: 96 for you SC Star
Baldfrog: hope their birdseye pcaman
scboy123: Apache im super late is 136 taken
Pies20: ok so flower you and power off mate you talking smack and bringing up non relevant shower flower off
Donzoes: grundy gone for the game
duckky: Piesdont know how to play away from MCG
dipstick: LOL must have had a few nice glasses to think that 😅
pcaman2003: Nice choice Nyffy.
Donzoes: oh wait, wrong brodie, my bad!
kano: Did i get 143 Apache ?
Breezey: On something completely different, but there’s a big storm heading for the Gabba.
Apachecats: pca had a top @015 Cab Sav last night -Curtis Cavalierre.
Switcheyes: keep going girls because you are to afraid to insult anyone else
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Wash your mouth out. Home made only around here.
Pies20: you must be lonely switch need a hug??
pcaman2003: C’mon Dees. 80 more points please
Baldfrog: I had a coopers pale ale 2020
Rathain84: Told the misses she has to deliver before the games starts. Its only Calt vs GC but that’s not the point!
wadaramus: Thank fuck for that Donzoes!
Apachecats: kano 143 confirmed
kano: can collingwood win this ?
Foursuits: 99 if not to late
Rathain84: its pronounced snail ale BF
Nuffman: Why would we want to *purposefully* insult other people? you’re just a tool
wadaramus: Fucking good drop that Baldfrog!
pcaman2003: apache. You toff,you!
wadaramus: Hazy IPA coming out on Monday Baldfrog 🙂
Baldfrog: Nice too see you have your priorities right Rath
dipstick: @switch we get your point. For the most part Aussies are gutless cowards that protest for nothing. But you best go to Yo
casey22: is this game live on any medium?
wadaramus: Wash your mouth out Rathain!
Pies20: @nuffman obviously just a troll now
Baldfrog: looking forward to it Wada
BigChief: Dees are terrible normally in the wet.
kano: live on kayo
pcaman2003: Grundy,Ollie and Tracca,keep slaying them boys.
J.Worrall: game live on abc melb.
BigChief: @Casey live on Foztel
kascadev8: maynard!! stop giving up frees, leave pendles behind alone!
Rathain84: don’t listen to me I used to favour XXXX before I stopped drinking 😉
J.Worrall: game live on abc melb. radio
wadaramus: Me too mate, sucking down a couple of Boozy Fruit’s tonight.
Kidult: get those tackle counts up boys ur efficiency going to struggle
Apachecats: Foursuits you’re in ,NTP closed now.
pcaman2003: Ollie and Tracca are contesting beasts.
casey22: Got rid of foxtel for kayo but robbed, ffs!!!!!
Apachecats: 33 entries ,range 92 to 160.
amigaman: @casey22 why
casey22: Now I’ve got the game on kayo, very confused
NewFreoFan: Oliver has stopped a bit this quarter
wadaramus: Ahh, Bunnies in again, carn Cowboys!
DrSeuss: Melbourne getting some nice assistance from the Umps tonight
scboy123: Crisp has been literally useless. might as well have stayed in his hotel and made youtube videos fuck man
BigChief: Viney takes Sidey’s legs free to Viney. Thomas takes Viney’s legs Free to Viney
amigaman: Sorry don’t understand
kascadev8: maynaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard
Rathain84: geez Port not playing Pies until round 18! They could get their shit together by then 🙁
pcaman2003: I got rid of Foxtel 2019 then got Kayo. Very happy!
kano: i dont get it casey22 ? what was the issue ?
pcaman2003: Onya Tracca. Good boy!
Tangent: That was a great kick…
Bezzina: can’t go wrong with foxtel, sack of kayo
kascadev8: maynard do u know this song? “i like to move it move it” well if u do, then i like ur score to “move it move it” xD
thesilentl: 6800kms and 4 games in 13 days taking its toll.
Social: go dees
AuroraBore: So many teams playing their best game of the year against us. Why is our footy so shit
CozzieCan: Keep going grundy !! Big last qtr I bless you
Kidult: Dees with a nice 115.8% and counting
Avarax: tough break aurora. but yes, pies have been the stepping stones this year
Tangent: Dees to play finals footy?!
Social: Sydney played better against GWS
noobcoach: foof
Kidult: Probably better to give Gawn another week off aswell as they have English next
Rathain84: You going to SoO1 at Adelaide Oval Wada?
Avarax: i think they may finish 9th tangent.
kascadev8: i went from gawn to nicnat, frees up cash to go to either hawkins or clarry
Avarax: if they finish the remaining games with a positive differential, then maybe. but they have make or break games remaining
Avarax: kasca. gotta get oliver over hawkins.
Social: SLoane could be nice pick up next week
Poliyagon: I went gawn to ladhams. Bit of a risk but I’d say he went well considering.
BumSniff: Hawkins > Clarry for a pickkup. Trust
MrWalrus: Wait let me get my tiny violin #droppedpies
wadaramus: I’ve got tickets Rath, will it go ahead?
kascadev8: yeh thats what i was thinking avarax, but that means i gotta play aarts, k.pickett or budarick as a F6
Avarax: same poli. good call i think
Foxman69: If you didnt go Gawn to Goldy/Grundy youre kidding yourself
thesilentl: everything about you is tint
CozzieCan: If you don’t have Grundy now is your chance while he his cheap
kascadev8: started gawn+grundy, but going to goldy wouldnt give me enough for clarry or hawk, needa c the price changes first
Avarax: oh. who would be your m8 though?
Kidult: I went Gawn to Oliver with some dpp moves
feralmong: winner of dees v dons makes the 8.
BumSniff: in what world would you have to toss up between hawkins and clarry
kascadev8: ive got wicks/budarik as my last mid, but moved dusty there this week with close out to avoid wicks’ 30 odd
Rathain84: Hope so SA weather is better in November but know my luck it will still rain that day
Avarax: i think you gain more from oliver/aarts, than hawk/buda(or wicks)
Pies20: Would love Cameron to get inv5
Tangent: Melbourne should keep Gawn out the team. For some reason the squad plays better without him.
Avarax: offer some advice, rather than just criticise @bumsniff
pcaman2003: Rule book been thrown out the window. So many missed frees brings hole new meaning to interpretation
Pies20: involved
CozzieCan: Grundy you beauty 50 more points plz
kascadev8: yeh thats what im starting to think, thanks mate
BumSniff: Picking up clarry is the advice
Avarax: search “fanfooty supercoach” on facebook, for a group to share screenshots of your teams…then you can crit all u want
TheLegend6: They missed a Noble handball late in that quarter
Rathain84: maynard and cameron adding to my already four 20/30’s 🙁
kascadev8: maynard touched pendles behind then got a +24 point quarter ahaha, pendles with the magic behind?
CozzieCan: SuperCoach average atm is around 2300
cogs94: Viney on 41 points with 15 disposals at 50%. Cal Brown has half the disposals at the same efficiency for the same points
Rathain84: giving a W to my 18th seed opponent looks likely unless Mcrae C gets me a 300
Kidult: Blues or Dockers 2night?
Avarax: ive gone the dockers @kid
BigChief: 5 clangers to 0 @cogs94.
CozzieCan: Let’s go Grundy grub , big qtr m8
Kidult: time to delist Reid paying someone to rehab all the time
BigChief: @kidult you would think Dockers
kascadev8: right now i could use a macrae double ton :/ not the best start to my supercoach round
cogs94: Ah true chief, missed that – my bad
Yelse: whats the weather in freo?
Schillaci: Viney is getting ripped @ cogs94 had an intercept mark and effective kick for 5pts SC…. others go up 10+
Rage_Trade: @Yelse Very windy, overcast and will probably rain later
Avarax: still 800 points to allocate this qtr. could be some big ones out there
Tangent: I tipped dockers only because Walters is back.
Rathain84: lol Elijah Taylah suspension
kascadev8: keep going maynard, recover for me champ, u were blocked in the granny, can i get some bonus points now brayden?
Pies20: Congratulations @rath hope all goes smoothly
Tangent: And Martin out with an injury.
wadaramus: Come on Sidebum, ton up!
Pies20: move Cameron
BigChief: @yelse forecast says rain all night.
pcaman2003: Going like a well oiled machine so far and looking at 2500+. How’s others going?at
BumSniff: How many weeks is Martin out for
Avarax: proj, 2314, but will likely drop to 2250ish after this game
Rathain84: Thanks mate
Pies20: @baldy up for pies loosing abuse if you keen for banter?
kascadev8: martin?
SC-STAR–: Pman not great gpnna scrape 2300 by a bees diddle diddle
kascadev8: pls tell me u mean jack martin, not dusty martin
MrWalrus: 2300ish including D Smith doughnut pca
Water: jack martin
Tangent: Jack Martin, sorry for the scare…
Kidult: going to be interesting to see Petracca’s output in 2021 with longer qtrs and less of a scale
hokkien34: Yep Jack Martin out
Pies20: or maybe not been pretty tense this chat next game
Schillaci: Jack Martin is out injured yeah
bhg26: 2400+ pcaman
pcaman2003: @Walrus. My opponent doughnutted with Gawn on field .
Tangent: He should be fine for next game though.
Foxman69: 6/8 100s so far assuming Adams gets there simpson will kill me though
kascadev8: @Tangent i was hoping u meant jack, not that i want people injured, but dusty was blocking my wicks’ 30 ahaha
Poliyagon: jack martin will likely be back for friday!
Torz: Oliver Star? Not sure about that.
satch7: Ditto MrWalrus. Had the e on close instead of Georgie
CozzieCan: Let’s go Grundy let go
pcaman2003: FFS Tangent! Get it right,otherwise you’ll cause another chat!
MrWalrus: Mine traded Gawn for Cameron and benched Tracca for Cavarra
Foxman69: is brayshaw under 400k worth a look now?
navy_blues: what will grundy get?
BumSniff: Does Angus have DPP
kascadev8: maynard if u can get to 70 odd ill accept it, hasnt been easy for u
MrWalrus: For sure foxman if you are short on cash could be a great move, could also finish your season
CozzieCan: At the I called Grundy to have a big 1 , deserves a vb for me effort
cogs94: You would be crazy to go for Angus Brayshaw. Every chance he scores 60 odd week out from here on
Ash777: Maynard had no backup and got out played.
BigChief: Brayshaws DPP is Mid/Bench
Poliyagon: Should I take neale or C Macrae. My opponent has Grundy as C
Tangent: I brought Brayshaw in after what he did last week.
pcaman2003: bhg26. Good score mate. Hope it climbs higher for you.
Kidult: @fox will be above 400k with 18 BE and 100+
Foxman69: didnt he average 115 2 years ago though cogs not saying i will do it but looks very good value if he keeps it up
kascadev8: good maynard, keep going, 6 more minutes of ur best
BumSniff: Has Brayshaw nicked Vineys place at centrebounces?
Water: yes cozzie u have earned that vb. Made me go with Grundy C your the best
Arminius: i did see that Cozzie, well done
CozzieCan: @Water winner winner chicken dinner
Avarax: poli, if you take neale, you make up 20 point difference elsewhere. if you need more than 20 to make up, go Mac
OnTheRocks: odds of Brancer playing tomorrow?
Ash777: This is 2017 stuff from pies.
bhg26: Could have been higher pcaman, then Simpson decided to do his hammy
MrWalrus: Hey pca, are you feeling better about not captaining oliver? I know I am
LuvIt74: Brayshaw way to inconsistent to bring in now
pcaman2003: Glad Crisp stayed down as opponent has him,then Gawn as well. Ouch!
OnTheRocks: Brander
DrSeuss: Another terrible ump decision. Pies horrible.
scboy123: Crisp a decent rookie this year, solid reliable 50-60. fukcwit
bagger2217: Taylour Adams is just flirting with the ton at this point. JUST GET THERE
LuvIt74: I hate playing greedy for C coz ive been bitten way to many times. If they score 120+ take it
Ash777: my piggy over grundy as c didn’t work out but if preuss could of stayed on the park grundy probably could of been lower.
Pies20: Don’t underestimate the pies if fully fit look out,pear loose last night brizi just today ,carnival over pies will come
CozzieCan: L.Dunn is “done & dumped this week “
pcaman2003: @Walrus. Yep! Stayed safe and took Neale’s score. Based on the tried and tested rule of SC.
Pies20: that’s harsh scboy
Social: This is now a drubbing
Ash777: who comes in for Dunn at this stage?
Avarax: stil 280 points to come
scboy123: Pies20 maybe he should make the switch to youtube permanent. might be time for a career change
scboy123: Barely beat sam simpson who played half a game yesterday lol
CozzieCan: @Ash a fresh young running rookie
Kidult: Roughhead
Breezey: Most tackles for the Pies Grundy with 7. Tells a bit of a story right there
Avarax: good boy noble. nice junk time scoring
MrWalrus: Yeah nah Ypies20 #cookedpies
BigChief: Roughead would replace Dunn if fit.
Avarax: 200 points remaining still
CozzieCan: Lyndon Dunn looks like he plays for Frankston (Vic) hahaha to many hamburgers.. haircut getting the ladies
pcaman2003: Tracca and Ollie having such great years. Good on em’
Apachecats: Going to be a fair upscale here (hoping)
TheLegend6: Missed my multi by 1 touch each to viney and maynard ffs
Pies20: wait and see @walrus
Social: noice
VodkaHawk: Ughhh, the annoying 14 disposals, lol
pcaman2003: Stiff Legend6. Glad I don’t bet. I’d lose everything.
satch7: bet you wouldn’t get a game at Frankston Cozzie
Kidult: take 10 points off each Pie and put them on Demons
CozzieCan: @Satch played for Dandenong stingrays for 3 years from Pines Pythons ..
Water: petracca 126
ElstyBoy: pussied out and went Neales VC over Grundy C, only a couple of points but they all count
hokkien34: Adam deserves a few more SC points imo
hokkien34: Adams**
Migz: 6 points locked away vs unknown score of grundy. Cant be mad at that elsty
CozzieCan: Grundy could go 150 here
Poliyagon: take points of grundy and give them to the winning team
Avarax: grundy 148, tracca 125, oliver 139
navy_blues: grundy 148
CozzieCan: @Poli no way !! If anything deserves more
navy_blues: elijah taylor out for rest of season
navy_blues: covid breach

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