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Chat log from R12 of 2020: North Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Brisbane, R12 of 2020

J.Worrall: Xerri in for Tarrant?
amigaman: A little strange, can’t see him playing KPD
J.Worrall: Seems so but.
J.Worrall: Named at HF
Foxman69: I feel like ive gone back to 2016 watching North games for Goldy
amigaman: I guess they’ve got Walker and Durdin to play KPD
DrSeuss: Simpkin and Zorko in this one. Let’s go lads. And Brissy for the win.
BigChief: Neale VC, Bailey and Simpkin for me.
Ooost: Goldstein and VC Neale
Snarfy: I’m a bit worried about GWS form. I stacked up on thier Premo’s cause they had their bye.
Snarfy: I’m thinking that as teams realise that they can’t make the finals, some will really fall off, away from home hubs etc.
Nuffman: Lyons, Neale, Goldy and Simpkin here
The39Steps: Think Xerri may end up captaining a few fantasy teams this weekend.
BigChief: Anyone give Nth a chance?
The39Steps: And be interesting to see how much of Goldy’s workload Xerri is given.
Mustardish: @chief no chance nth
Avarax: no chance chief
Avarax: i’ll be surprised if the damage is limited to 10 goals
NavyMan: simpkin certain to have a big game today.. finally traded him..
Kidult: Neale finally going to break that 171 PB of 2020
circle52: Nice to see set shot accuracy is improving not.
amigaman: Lions by 60+
Gandhi: I wonder how many people McDonald will trick into picking him
BigChief: Lions might kick my behinds than Nth total score.
BOMBRBLITZ: get a touch Lachie
casey22: Neale playing today?
zadolinnyj: Whoever is kicking out against Brisbane is going to go big the way they kick
MercAm: Neale always starts slow
amigaman: I need some players who can kick 🙁
88360: If norf wins anything, it has to be this game
Snarfy: Mcdonald and Simpkin 14 possies between them and only 23 pts?
casey22: Traded Zorks in with a minute to go. Hope he continues to fire
Beast_Mode: charlie great player, but a bit of a flog
FlyinRyan2: simpkin and mcdonald should be on way more
DrSeuss: So you can drop the ball cold when you are tackled now?
amigaman: Jeez Larkey learn to kick
GobChuck: aight c’mon big o, first tough task since i’ve got ya
Gandhi: This could be the highest combined behind tally for the year
Jontdawg: Sorry north had larkey for 2 goals in my multi haha
DrSeuss: How did they miss that Witherden tackle??
Avarax: he’ll still kcik 2 today. he’s the only thing working for north
NewFreoFan: Larkey tried his hardest to miss that
Raspel31: Lions to win by 1?
amigaman: Phew! just sneaked it in
BigChief: Larkey tried to miss again.
Sugartits: Goldy stiff on super points
NavyMan: Larkey is a lovely kick of the ball and 1000 times a better kick than u are 😛
cmperrfect: Weak as p155 tackle Simpkin ffs
amigaman: D at it again. 1 goal and a good HB. 20 DE
amigaman: I have McClug and Larkey in a comp. Think I’ll offer my services as a kicking coach 🙂
DrSeuss: Ok Witho – your turn to pick up some points
GobChuck: 7 guys in this game, and Neale is the lowest right now. Wow
duckky: I hate this year – my loophole Xerri is playiing as a late in
cmperrfect: Simpkin would be on 50 if he could hit the side of a barn
Raspel31: That’s a disaster duckky- everyone’s mare.
softwhitee: good early signs from goldy
BigChief: And people complain about the amount of goals in AFLW. SMH
NavyMan: ba ha ha… that’s plain imbecilic
Poliyagon: @GobChuck who do you have??
Water: legit imagine if simpkin could hit a target, he could be the best sc scorer ever
Arminius: why does this Eagles bloke even get a game?
MercAm: @bigchief think it is more the quality of AFLW lol
Schillaci: Neale did virtually nothing that quarter and is on 28SC
Kidult: Lions only need 8% to get top spot
Ash777: got alot of players in this 1. going to have do something come bye time.
Torz: Here comes Neale
Ash777: AFLW is in it’s infancy so of course the quality is going to be low.
BOMBRBLITZ: Neale jest went Ballistic
NewFreoFan: Hah, I guess that gets called an effective score assist from Neale?
Ooost: Ben McKay is going to net me some cash at this rate
Kidult: 4 tackles this early in a game to Neale is strange
DrSeuss: Watch Neale get a goal assist for that kick from CD lol
BigChief: True @Merc, but AFL standard not that great atm either.
BigGryan: come on simpkin hit a target or two
pjw1234: swapped higgins for bont. part 1 looks ok
Nuffman: DrSeuss. why wouldn’t it be? lol. he kicked it, his teammate marked it, teammate kicked a goal.
pcaman2003: Why did they take a tackle off Goldy? He had 2 good tackles.
MercAm: @bigchief 100% agree with you, wasnt trying to have a crack at anyone, but overall atm AFLW is pretty shower
Apachecats: NTP results from last night on Dangerfield (124)
Donzoes: hopefully bringing big o keeps [paying off
MercAm: far out did anyone bring in McInermey???
masterhc2: my opponent used xerri as c for loophole, great result for me
Kidult: I didn’t as he had Goldy and Grundy b2b
Schillaci: Xerri still on my bench. Looks like he willl ose cash
Apachecats: 1st was bhg26 who went125 ,equal 2nd were kaskadev on127 and pjw1234 on 121.Well done.
MercAm: @master haha got really lucky there
NewFreoFan: Big oof for them masterhc2
DrSeuss: @Nuff it was obviously a shank
Ash777: I bought in big O, mcdonald n ldu this week
bhg26: Looking to go back to back today Apache
Poliyagon: why do I still have starcevitch!
BigChief: @Suess shank or not it’s still classed as an assist.
Kidult: O what fixture did i look at he doesnt have Pies next
Kidult: Oh Goldy had Pies haha
Apachecats: That would be afirst bhg although Water nearly did it.
circle52: I brought big O in 2 weeks ago.
Gandhi: Intention isn’t taken into account for effectiveness
88360: Simpkin might be a nice option Apache. He can be quite unpredictable
MercAm: @ash lol nice trades, what is your rank?
Avarax: larkey with 2 before half time, after missing 2 sodas too
BigChief: There is Larkey’s 2nd goal for whoever had that multi.
Nuffman: and Dr Suess? teammate still marked it (effective) and kicked goal (assist)
Ash777: poor merc. got burned with unfortunate premos scoring bad
GobChuck: Big O/Neale/Zorko/Dumont/Simpkin all today, carn lads
Foxman69: Looks like Simpkin is doing what he did last game
Nuffman: If we went by “intention” then every player would have 100% efficiency, because noone intends to not hit up a teammate
amigaman: McCluggage TOG very low
StuL: How on earth did Starc and Eagles survive? Nice of Fags to give them another game.
circle52: Looks like it is ok to drop the ball when tackled both sides
pcaman2003: Neale and Goldy been off a while
MrWalrus: Yep, incorrect disposal is not a rule anymore it seems
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, do you get bench players in the AFL feed?
AuroraBore: Yeah Monty, the only thing that could make this site better would be bench icons
hinsch: Finally got rid of Starcevich for Wicks what a trade that was
PowerBug: Cmon Norf
MrWalrus: Stul, probably because the coach doesnt care about fantasy scores & is more concerned about how well they defend
Apachecats: OK ladies and gents Nearest the pin time.
Dredd: Why do I go for this stupid fkn football team
MrWalrus: Happy with my cheap defs Mcdonald & Witho, wont be cheap much longer
Apachecats: Nearest the pin in on Neale , Apache goes 128
Dredd: Turning on the rugby at this rate… bloody infuriated
Ash777: need mccluggage to lift
Nuffman: This is the game Goldy shoulda had last week… when i had C on him
pcaman2003: Neale for 132
AuroraBore: Simpkin on the bench with 5 mins left in the qtr, comes back on, and then goes off again at 3 mins
Bart Man: Zurhaar genuine wrecking ball, should play him up the ground to get him more involved. Seems like a very exciting player
Water: ill go 144 on neale please apache
Mustardish: Don’t ball it up, just set a scrum!,,
MrWalrus: Neale 143 and VC lock please Apache
LMartos: Great 5 minute stint on field from Simpkin there!
GobChuck: 136 please Apache
Donk: 151 for Neale
Raspel31: 132 for me Apache.
AuroraBore: 165 for Neale @apache, massive second half coming up
Bart Man: 147 for Neale thanks apache
BigChief: 107 for Neale Apache
NewFreoFan: 121 for Neale please Apache
Avarax: 131 please apache
Silz90: 153 neale
The39Steps: @apache, Neale 123 please.
FinlaySON: 133 for Neale thanks Apache
Dredd: How does a top 4 team struggle this much against a poor team without half of their main 22…. I’m embarrassed rn
DrSeuss: Zorko struggling up forward – get back on the ball
Poliyagon: Thank you Starcvich!!!
circle52: Kicking skills attrocious 131 Neale
Breezey: Neale 121 thanks
srj2409: 146 for Neale
Mustardish: Looks like 7 goals wins this
circle52: Make it 129 as Avarax beat me
Breezey: New Freo Fan got in first. Make mine 122
Pies20: 139 Apache
masterhc2: gees birch tog shocking considering he was rested last week :/
bhg26: 142 for Neale
Dredd: 156 for Neale Apache
Crowls: shite forgot bne first game didnt get my mullet>oscar trade done.
masterhc2: 136 for neale for me
Grimes Jr: 152 for Neale
SneakySC: 119 then everyone took my ones
MrWalrus: If I hadn’t turned starc into McDonald I’d be pretty sad right now
amigaman: Starcevich much improved today
Haydo: 132 for Neale
chilipowdr: 137 for Neale if not taken
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Dredd: Brisbane are a joke of a top 4 with this effort so far… should have been an absolute thumping
HugeHead: 162 for Neale if that’s not taken
Cr1cketeer: McDonald has been a great pickup so far. Even though he’s a seagull according to m0nty
amigaman: How the hell is Williams on 23?
Billyt14: happy with the Witherden pick up
navy_blues: 115 neale
cmperrfect: magnifying glass for Cameron
DropCox: Neale 141 please
wadaramus: Neglected to put the E on Starcevich 🙁 So of course he is going to score something loopworthy.
88360: 165 for Neale please
pjw1234: 131 for Neale please
Poliyagon: I’ve got starcevitch stuck on my field and if he gets above 70 my matchup might be saved!!!
Raspel31: I went 132- think that sneak Aarax went 132 pjw.
Kidult: Two tough tips coming up today
Seb78: Any chance of getting a touch Berry?
pjw1234: no probs how about 142
pcaman2003: Raspel. I went 132 earlier. Cheers! Try again.
wolfheart: why are ruckmen always in the top 2 or 3 players for SC points every game? They aren’t that influencial.
Apachecats: do you want 142 pjw ?
Avarax: they are involved at every stoppage though wolf
Raspel31: You cheeky bugger pcaman- are you sure you were first? Okay 128.
Apachecats: pca and rasp you can both have 132 ,we have 2 TShirts now.
pjw1234: crows and bris have bye first round of finals so no Neale as auto capitan
pjw1234: yep 142 if available
Apachecats: Rasp confirmed on 128 then.
pcaman2003: Raspel. But shows how great minds stick together.
tdarian: simpkin u awesome cheap premo!
Raspel31: It’s Adele and Charlotte to you Apache. But thanks.
pcaman2003: Thanks Apache. Raspel and I will enjoy them immensely.
bhg26: Thought i went 142
navy_blues: simpkin aint a premo
Beast_Mode: lmao, simpkin isnt a premo, he’s cheap for a reason
Foxman69: Neither is Cripps
Pies20: Higgins so inconsistent like a lot of my mids
zadolinnyj: Do i have 143 apache
Apachecats: yes 2 people have 142.not a problem though.Could you please get last nights Tshirt ironed.
PowerBug: And that reason is injury…
Raspel31: Simpkin wasn’t this cheap a month ago. And lol pcaman.
tdarian: lol u guys continue to buy your overpriced premos and i’ll pick up the bargains
wolfheart: Simpkin was scoring like a premo before he hurt his ankle
bhg26: I’ll get it out of the frame on my wall Apache and iron it
Apachecats: Missed that one zado ,but you’re in on 143
BumSniff: Is everyone forgetting that Simpkin was a chance and still is a chance at being a top 6 foward
Ash777: starc mus of got traded alot to put in this performance
Beast_Mode: averages 65 in last 5 games lol. cant blame injury that long
cmperrfect: Starcevich outscoring Neale haha
JRedden: Neale being semi-managed, 80% tog way lower than his usual of around 95
Badgerbadg: Good decision going Gawn to Goldy, happy with it
Beast_Mode: he’s hit or miss, some weeks tons then others you’ll get 60-70’s
Raspel31: Sorry about the stains from when I had it bhg.
Ash777: trade out I mean
BumSniff: Was tagged against Carlton and gave away a lot of frees
bhg26: They were fairly easy to clean Raspel, dont worry about it
wadaramus: One ton from his last five games, premo’s give you consistent big scores.
JRedden: Simpkin is top 6 forward, he had 2 injured games
Kidult: Port will be cheering on North
BOMBRBLITZ: Happy we took McGrath before Suitcase
GobChuck: zorko finally did a handball lol
pcaman2003: Simpkin had 4 clangers earlier,now showing 3.?
amigaman: What is wrong with McCluggage. Is he being tagged?
Raspel31: Neale, Lyons and Witherden- so far, so good.
GobChuck: Clugg falling to distant 3rd the stakes for that 2016 draft
BumSniff: Lovely way for Mason Wood to say goodbye to his career at North
Grimes Jr: yes clugg having a bad game but he is so much better than mcgrath its not funny
wolfheart: the scottish handbag burning teammates and shots at goal like a millionaire
GobChuck: that’s a joke right Grimes? McGrath has well and truly covered Clugg this season so far.
Avarax: @bum agree. mason needs to go. id rather anyone else
wolfheart: nice goal Zac
biggs2dujj: Who’s got two thumbs and Starcevich on the field? This guy!!!!
TheLegend6: @Grimes disagree, very similar levels imo
BigChief: @GobChuck who do you have at 1 and 2?
FlyinRyan2: simp needs to get going again
pcaman2003: Happy with Goldy and Neale so far. Really want Neale to go huge though.
Thomas1234: Hey guys what score do you reckon neale has to score to take his vc over macrae
biggs2dujj: Thomas, I am taking anything over 110. I am conservative
NavyMan: i use the 130 rule personally
Avarax: 130 as normal thomas.
The39Steps: 125 plus for me @tom1234
Migz: its always good to have nice scores on field but why the fek are you fileding starch
DrSeuss: Zorko – get involved
Apachecats: Benchmark for me is always 130 Thomas.
tdarian: wow starc is having a great game
BOMBRBLITZ: I’d take anything over 125 from Neale this week
GobChuck: Taranto 1 McGrath 2 for me
NavyMan: Macrae is up against the bottom side hence it’s tempting to go him full stop
Nuffman: Zur is nothing but a wannabe thug. no good at footy, so chooses to go the man
Raspel31: Given Macrae’s form- I’m going 140.
DrSeuss: Thank You Zorko
biggs2dujj: Migz lol he’s D6. Rivers got dropped and has saved my azz. Thanks Goodwin
BigChief: Surely you forgot Tom Stewart? I have him 1 by a fair bit.
Water: macrae will get tagged by keays tho so watch out
Apachecats: Any one else get a prize from Telstra pop all over their screen.
NavyMan: can someone swab Starcevich.. can’t be him at top of the scoring list…
TheLegend6: Really bad game to go over 119 game points, these two are poor
Ash777: Macrae’s last couple of games against Adelaide are 118 n 177
BumSniff: Now I know why youre called Nuffman
amigaman: Starcevich nearly a ton by break
Avarax: lol @nuffman, zurhaar is a gun. he will be a serious player for 10 years
Nuffman: Lyons and Simpkin stopped this qtr…
wolfheart: Tarantula, The Scottish Handbag, then McGrath but not much in it
casey22: Mine popped up as a prize from optus. Very sus!
Nuffman: lol.. when your “highlight reel” is nothing but “look at how hard he hit that guy”… yeah…
scboy123: I traded starcevic 10 mimutes before the game started. I want to cry
Nuffman: he’s got that “shinboner” spirit though lol
TheLegend6: Zurhaar isn’t a gun yet, maybe one day but has a big ceiling
casey22: monty: is the optus/testra pop up prize a scam?
Ash777: zurhaar probable needs a bigger tank to transition into the midfield
Avarax: this coming from a supporter of a team that thought shiel was the answer LOL
masterhc2: good boy birch
NavyMan: zurhaar.. ideally placed in a shinboner side :p
Poliyagon: I was hoping starc didnt play so he didnt lose value. he’s gonna rise tho!!!
Social: Gee this Starcevich kid goes alright
BigChief: Of course it’s a scam
BumSniff: With a body like that you’d hope Zurhaars able to bump people off
Apachecats: yeah Casey offering a new Samsung free except for delivery costs ,its a scam for sure.m0nty do you know about it?It kno
Nuffman: someone that doesn’t support Roos.. convince me that Zurhaar is actually good. i’ll wait
GobChuck: c’mon Oscar big final term here get to 95
Pies20: Higgins must of known my frustration
Raspel31: No casey- all free give aways including inheriting a fortune from Nigeria are legit.
wadaramus: Big last quarter Lachie, i’d prefer to lock in a VC socre.
biggs2dujj: Blue moon Starcevich. I checked his stats during the week and they are deplorable
TheLegend6: @Avarax you guys went big on two average players in Pittard and Polec
casey22: My real question; is m0nty aware his site has been hacked?
navy_blues: i like zurhaar think he has big future
Social: Easy to search for when you sort Z-A
casey22: I deleted before checking it
Poliyagon: Starc really doesnt wanna get dropped
Apachecats: *its completely knocks out fanfooty and takes over the screen ,you have to reload to get back to fanfooty.
wadaramus: Starc bench fodder with DPP at best, still I should have remembered to put the E on him!
Avarax: polec is also very good, and pittard can be awesome
upweydons: Starcevich 11 last week , I have him on the bench in my team
don key: Lachie my capt
BumSniff: Genuinely forgot Tom Murphy was playing
Raspel31: My Ad Bloc blocks them all Apache?
Nuffman: and Shiel is better than both Ava… but hey
MrWalrus: Probably the 3rd time I’ve not had starc on field this year (traded now) & putting up his 3rd good score….
Avarax: who was your vc don?
pcaman2003: How does Xerri get more TOG than Goldy?
BumSniff: Would be happy to trade Polec in the off season
LMartos: Starcevich is a great 1on1 player, goes in hard and a good kick. Just because he doesn’t ave 80 SC, doesn’t make him bad
amigaman: @pcaman probably managing Goldy
Apachecats: No late changes next game.
MrWalrus: Story of this season in a nutshell, it’s rage inducing levels of BS
Avarax: polec has 3 more years on contract
pcaman2003: Big last qtr please Lachie.
Ash777: out of all the norf players I’d want in my team it’d be larkey,zurhaar, mckay, ldu.
beerent11: Probably because he’s sitting forward and not rucking pcaman
Apachecats: Yeah rasp ,its stopped now ,happened twice though.
wadaramus: But we judge players based on their SC relevance LMartos.
Snarfy: What is the minimum VC score for Neale if Macrae ‘C’ is still to play?
BumSniff: Is Aaron Hall still contracted?
wolfheart: the lions are crazy for playing Charile with a sore knee
beerent11: Like these lions jumpers
Snarfy: Anyone feeling that sick feeling from trading out Simpkin that I know too well.
Ooost: Good question Snarfy, I’m thinking 135 Neale VC otherwise C on Jmac
CamT: I’d lock in a 130 from Neale, Snarfy.
BigChief: If Polec can’t stay in this side there must be something seriously wrong with him.
Beast_Mode: what score do you want neale to have to put the C on him?
beerent11: Thought goldy would be more that 10% owned this week. Still a pod.
Snarfy: Anyone feeling lucky for a 140?
scboy123: Snarfy i feel sick that i traded starc 10 mins b4 this fucking game. kill me now
TheLegend6: @Beast how about pay attention to the rest of the people answering that question?
furphy: Fellas, what does grundy score. Don’t have jmac so might be a cheeky straight c?
Snarfy: It happens to the best of us scboy. Some of us though more than others.
Ooost: Grundy against Preuss is good, but he hasnt had big scores lately.
scboy123: Crisp better ton up next game else ill be fuming lol
DrSeuss: Damnit – how many times can you Lions miss Zorko on a short lead
beerent11: I’ll be grundy or clarry if Neale doesn’t go 125
Avarax: @ooost, pies also playing cameron again, so ruck sharing with grundy
Cabri44: What about Oliver as C?
Thomas1234: Zurhaar is one of the most overated players in the AFL
GobChuck: Zorko does so much unrewarded gut running for Brissy, they ignore him so often
BumSniff: Wish North kept Preuss
Ooost: @snarfy decided 130 for Neale and ill keep it VC
beerent11: Who’d you bring in scboy?
FLAG: go starcy, making money!!
88360: Lol, I have the c on Neale
Avarax: how is he overate thomas? you literally never hear him talked about
scboy123: Laird beerent
scboy123: bloody simpkin looks like he did his ankle in that tackle again
BigChief: Pruess made the wrong choice going to Melb.
beerent11: Simpkin limping after that tackle
Cabri44: Have a feeling Neale is about to make t a moot point
DrSeuss: Simpkin needs to come off – ankle still hurting him
beerent11: That’s a nice upgrade scboy
BigChief: That’s a fucking bullshit free against Robbo. How about in the back?
tdarian: simpgun has recovered. rolling again
Breezey: Xerri steals Goldy goal.
tdarian: xerri stole goldy’s goal. wow thats gonna hurt!
Snarfy: Regardless of Neales score, I’m leaving the C on Macrae. Feel free to take the p1ss out of me tomorrow :)t
pcaman2003: Should be Goldy goal,but oh well.
softwhitee: i dont like that Xerri
GobChuck: earth to Big O, get back in the middle
beerent11: Goldy you champion
wadaramus: Carn Lachie, finish off another good day at the office.
Nuffman: how dare he steal Goldy’s goal!
88360: Pcsnman what is your sc name
Avarax: mason wood, is a flowering spud
TheLegend6: How to Wood keep getting games? Spud.
tdarian: goldy would be on 140 if he kicked that goial
Apachecats: Wasted the VC on Whitfield ,so C on Macrae for me too Snarfy.
Raspel31: My only fear Snarfy is Carlton will tag Macrae heavily- hmm?
BumSniff: Would pay a club to take Mason Wood from us
scboy123: Snarfy i reckon im with u on that one
Haydo: I don’t have a rookie to loop so I’m doing the same snarfy
pcaman2003: For all that Goldy gets 4 points. What a ripoff
BOMBRBLITZ: Neale is now Captain Neale
Nuffman: boom VC lock for Neale for those that wanted 130
Arminius: why Eagles tog so shower?
beerent11: That’ll do thanks again lachie
Raspel31: I meant Crows- whoops.
softwhitee: Cmon North, I believe
NewFreoFan: Come on Neale, have you for most disposals, almost there
thommoae: Most clubs tend to tag Bont – which is why Macrae runs free
FLAG: ton up simpkin and starcy!
BumSniff: Thought the North coaches would’ve realised Wood’s career at the club is over by now
Snarfy: Will they probably play Curnow on him or Bont Raspel?
Stu7: Carn Neale 160 brother
Ash777: Wood good at marking but cant even do that now lol.
scboy123: Yeah they could use the keays tag, but the problem is bulldogs midfield has bont, dunckley, liba, baz. is it worth
Ooost: Neale looking good to keep that VC right now
Water: bulldogs are versing crows, keays will go to him
casey22: Anyone taking Lachie’s 130
Breezey: Why would you risk Macrae getting an average score when with one click you can take Neale’s 130 plus
Ash777: I just realised I got mcdonald as vc.
Avarax: keays will run with bont
MrWalrus: Atta boy McDonald
Pies20: If he can keep up @avarax remember he tagged neal
tdarian: simpgun well done you’ve almost tonned you cheap premo
Stu7: Very frustrating Neale
MercAm: If he gets in the 140’s I’ll take it
MrWalrus: Looks like captain gawn for me, cmon Neale, give me some VC gravy
Stu7: So far he has lost 2 points
Avarax: zurhaar!!!!!
pcaman2003: Goldy should be 130+ by now. Being horribly ripped off IMO.
biggs2dujj: Neale is poop but I will take this score.
Stu7: I think I stiill take 130 its in the bank
Beast_Mode: lol simpk will guarantee wont score 70 next week
Silz90: come on hosie
Ooost: a little junk from Neale please
BigChief: Star on Lyons? I would give it to Goldy.
Apachecats: NTP photo finish all placings ,hold all tickets.
cmperrfect: Neale scaling to come yet
MrWalrus: Oliver was my plan B, banking Neale but watch Clarry feast on pies
Beast_Mode: brisbane rubbish, not a threat to anyone
BumSniff: Wheres nuffman?
FLAG: ball goes thru for 6 and the bladder for a point!
Ooost: Love me some Neale scaling
Nuffman: Zurhaar played 90% and took until the final 3 mins of the game to actually do something lol. Star surely
Schillaci: Neale plenty good enough for C
Apachecats: Telstra hack again.
Nuffman: lions tried so hard to lose that
FLAG: starcy!!!
GobChuck: 7 guys 96+ in this game pre-scaling, mintttttt
Stu7: Neale C for me
bhg26: Possible chance for me to go back to back, cmon Neale!
Avarax: zurhaar nearly flipped the game on its head. single handedly
GobChuck: just to confirm – rivers isn’t playing in 15 minutes? new captain for neale
pjw1234: higgins for bont swap not looking so good now
bhg26: 8 points please!
Thomas1234: @Avarax he did 2 things in the last qaurter
Nuffman: was a fantastic 3 minutes. give him a new 5yr contract!
Apachecats: NTP result. Neale 134 .First time winner FinlaySON on 133 ,well done bhg26 will get the Tshirt to you express post.
Nuffman: McDonald has put in a huge 5 weeks
Sugartits: Xerri a rat for taking that off goldy
Apachecats: equalsecond to GobChuck (1360 and Haydo and pacman2003 both on 132.Well done all.
lukefield9: Josh Walker staying low to stick next to his good mate Will Walker… bit in that…
FinlaySON: thanks Apache, how many wins for a tshirt?
Apachecats: if you win it 3 times you can keep it.
MrWalrus: Opponent has starc E and no way to loop 🙂
Apachecats: Don’t tell any one but its not a real Tshirt.
bhg26: Then what the heck was mailed to me Apache?
Apachecats: A fantasy Tshirt.

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