Chat log from R12 of 2020: Geelong vs Port Adelaide

Poliyagon: bout to trade Gawn for Ladhams, get that cash. Hopefully he tons at the least!
bhg26: Might do the same in order for me to get Oliver
Cottees: I actually do not like Ladhams against Stanley but could definitely be worth the risk
breakonthr: thought about doing it myself poli but holding hoping draper comes in
Cottees: but for the cash. yeah overall probably worth especially to upgrade those rookies to premos
Ooost: went Gawn to Goldy last week for the solid 100’s, Simpson to Fyfe this week.
bhg26: Thin im going with Gawn to Ladhams, Georgiades to Clayton
Yelse: are we getting extra trades? starting to get low 6 to go when gawn to goldy picket to trek
breakonthr: if draper not named im going to sideways trade to someone and trade gade gawn back without spending money
Beast_Mode: i might hold, goodwin basically said gawn will def play next week
kascadev8: tossing up what i do with gawn, if i trade him out then i have to stick with whoever i get in. any advice?
breakonthr: my thinking too beast…gawn will be a good pod…im ranked 40 ATM
Ooost: It’s hard with 6 teams out round 14
CozzieCan: The boys are back the boys are back for Friday night footy , cough cough
kascadev8: its a big dilemma, gawn-goldy which frees up some cash, but then i have to stay with goldy. thoughts?
bhg26: Also could go Gawn to Nic Nat, Georgiades to Fyfe, which one should i do
Water: i went gawn to nic nat so i could go close to adams
Water: only problem is down to 6 trades now w 2 rooks left on field
kascadev8: if teams were all named together thatd be so much easier, if draper plays then i dont need to trade gawn yet
breakonthr: people forget qick how well gawn scores..100 on one leg and shoulder
Beast_Mode: you gotta keep some spare trade for injuries and make sure you got enough to get 22 prems
bhg26: Gawn is the best ruck, need to take risks now tho to jump up further, need to get rid of rookies
Beast_Mode: i can wait one more week, for gawn to drop 140s again
CozzieCan: Gawn>NicNat. Pickett>Fyfe ,
kascadev8: ive got a D6 M8 and F5/6 to fill, with 7 trades. butler an issue but gonna have to cop it
bhg26: I have Day, Rankine, Simpson and Georgiades to trade out
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin results from last night.
Baldfrog: Gawn expected to drop 51k this week
Water: trading gawn just freed up so much cash i had to do it
CozzieCan: Bhg Rankine ? Keep him he’s in my F6
dipstick: next week for gawn means misses 2 games
Water: all i have ti fill is f6 and d6
CozzieCan: 51k is a lot of money in a short season
breakonthr: the more i think about it the more i want to hold gawn..all top ranked traded him.. could help me in the long run
Apachecats: Whitbourne 84 after scaling .1st Water who went 85 ,Well done your first win.
kascadev8: Will Day and Sholl could stay as my d6/7 now with the circumstances of their clubs
Apachecats: 2nd exatekk on 86 ,well done ,keep trying.
bhg26: Rankine probably going to be the one i trade last, capable of 100 any week
Baldfrog: it is Cozzie so if Gunnar trade him this is the week to do it
Apachecats: Equal third New freoFriend and beerent both went 81 ,well done
dipstick: the guy who has won AF TWICE (yes twice) traded Gawn to Ladhams last week I believe and is in top 100 again
Cabri44: Evening. Any chance Budarick will be dropped?
Water: lets go my first win on one of my boys whitters. Shame about the result last night tho ugh
Thomas1234: Hey guys should I risk it and put the vc on danger
bhg26: Imagine losing to the swans, lol
Kidult: Who wins? I tipped Cats but hope Port win
Water: we dont deserve to make finals tbh
kascadev8: just moved dusty to my mid using close so that i can avoid wicks’ score, need aarts to play well now, against GC
Baldfrog: if Cats defence gets on top they will win
Ooost: VC Neale into J Mac
bhg26: Gawn to Nic Nat, Ladhams, or hold and trade Georgiades to Simpkin?
Avarax: me too ooost
Kidult: Don’t go Simpkin if u got alot of Cats,Dogs,Port,North and co players rd15 bye sucks
Gotigres: Houston out for me this week. Fyfe in.
bhg26: Think im now going Gawn to nic Nat, Georgiades to fyfe, 70k in the bank and 9 trades
BOMBRBLITZ: Take Bell’s 82 or go Mayes in this one?
kascadev8: one more big game from hawk and im bringing him in over georgiades, got the money once i decide what i do with gawn
Avarax: gawn to ladhams for me
Avarax: lock 82 from bell. obv choice for me
Billy777: evening boys looking forward to this game
Apachecats: Mayes is Jekyll and Hyde stuff Bomberblitz.
Corr_Dad: 3 extra trades lads
BOMBRBLITZ: Cheers gaiz!
Tangent: $250 on Port Adelaide to win by less than 29 points.
kascadev8: @Corr_Dad where did u c that?
Donzoes: 3 extra trades confirms me making 3 trades this week
Gandhi: Brave bet Tangent
kascadev8: where did u see this 3 extra trades stuff? u saying we got 37 as a max now?
Avarax: source corr_dad?
Corr_Dad: kascadev al paton twitter
Kidult: It is a bloody paid article
exatekk: I still have one trade for Gawn, but Im torn between De konig as cover, or Goldy!
88360: Who we doing tonight apache
Ooost: Goldy
HugeHead: supercoach grand finals staying r17 or do we reckon its getting pushed back a week?
Avarax: its not 3 extra trades…..its 3 per round
Apachecats: will start one late third 1/4 ,under wraps. 88360.
teachrtony: Have been hoping for extra trades.
kascadev8: i was hoping it was 3 extra trades, coulda used that 🙁
Apachecats: * late 2nd quarter
Tangent: What is this bullshit port adelaide?
Apachecats: * meant late 2nd 1/4
Avarax: terrible translation from corr_dad…..
Corr_Dad: check the comments on the tweet, he confirmed 3 extra
Silz90: no we are getting an extra 3 trades. 37 in total for the year
Donzoes: Extra three as well as 3 per round during byes avarax
Silz90: wht are u talking about avarax lol jee wiz
CozzieCan: Go the cats
Apachecats: Hawkins going to have a field day on this guy.
Corr_Dad: my apologies avarax! next time I’ll keep my mouth shut!
BigChief: So when do we get these supposed 3 extra trades?
CozzieCan: They don’t call us the greatest team of all for no reason you know
twinpeaks: Partfitt with 90% TOG will be a Fantasy gun
kascadev8: wow so we have a max of 37 now, works absolutely beautifully for me
scboy123: Houston, Stewart and Duncan for me tonight boys
Gandhi: Lycett is sitting in a hole between kicks rather than in front of hawkins. Absolutely terrible game sense
Silz90: news will be announced soon BC – we are getting best 18 scoring too!
MrWalrus: Reckon if Hawkins was the defender would have been 2 frees against, whod be a defender?
HugeHead: surprised they’ve given so many extra especially since there’s 5 less rounds than normal
Yelse: i am conceding round 14 as a loss if i win bonus
Rathain84: Hi All! What did I miss?
scboy123: when do we get best 18 again SIlz?
Silz90: wow duncan 6 touches for 13 points
Billy777: dont think they have any other choice with players being rested
CozzieCan: Chucked a sneaky vc on Dangerfield
Kidult: Last minute took Simpson off field haha
Silz90: I think R14 to 16. Plus, we are getting 3 trades each week (if you didn’t know)
scboy123: is it best 18 this week?
Beast_Mode: wasnt sure eitrher but started simpson over bytel and looped bell’s 82
scboy123: so finals time, interesting
88360: Silz do we get three trades per week no matter how many trades we have left
Apachecats: nah normal scboy.
The Hawker: Keep going Ladhams!!
dipstick: you get 1 bonues trade added for each of rounds 14-16.
BigChief: OMG that was a quick HTB on Fogarty.
Donzoes: loving ladhams
HugeHead: cmon Georgie, lift
scboy123: yeah Apache, was gettin a bit lost there aye. Kinda lame i still have excess trades xD
Raspel31: Cheers- good to know dipstick.
kascadev8: as long as the maximum amount of trades is 37 then im happy
Ooost: So 1 bonus trade for 14, 15 and 16 in top of what we already have?
teachrtony: Anyone think Sloane coming in will affect Laird?
Avarax: i dont think so. whrre is it saying that?
88360: How many trades does everyone have left. I only have 6 lol
Nuffman: Sincerely hope they give an extra couple trades after throwing in an extra round..
heppelitis: looks like cd might have big ladhams…happy days
pjw1234: Colloinwood and richmond have the bye first round of finals so time to need to look at dumping pickett and cameron soon
biggs2dujj: That feeling when you keep Gawn and get Ladhams in!!!
Raspel31: Any news on Lloyd’s foot injury?
Ooost: 88360 dont worry only 5 here
Tangent: @teachrtony probably not.
BigChief: Each team still only plays 17 games. Had to have 18 rounds because of the byes. Makes perfect sense.
penguins00: How is Ladhams so high
kascadev8: @teachrtony dodo now being out 4 the year i feel like will force laird back to defence. reason i went maynard over laird
Avarax: i have 9 trades left, and 550k in cash to spend
twinpeaks: Parfitt -> Ladams next week?
CozzieCan: @Raspel the horse said nothing major last night just bruised
cmperrfect: Boak gonna be ripe for the picking next round with Port back at home
Raspel31: Can I borrow 200k Avarax? Cheers Cozzie.
Nuffman: 10 trades, but only 31k in bank…
exatekk: 11 here
Yelse: i got 6 trades left only noble and rankine to upgrade and possibly need to get gawn back
biggs2dujj: @penguins contested pill, tackles (not credited) general beastness
teachrtony: Hope you’re right Tangent,planning to bring him in for Dodo when teams drop.
Yelse: is every round with a bye best 18 even finals? ?
kascadev8: ive got 7 trades left and need to decide on gawn, but if max trades is 37 i dont have an issue
DrSeuss: Looks like everyone at CD traded Gawn for Ladhams as well lol.
biggs2dujj: Ladhams’ hands are poor. Couldn’t catch a cold tonight
Avarax: kasca. i highly doubt we are getting more trades. just 3 to use each round from our existing stock
Stu7: Come on Duncan move son
LuvIt74: How long is gawn out for?
Yelse: Ladhams score is ridiculous
pjw1234: will be interesting if they do best 18 first week of finals but guess they have no choice.
Gandhi: @biggs he clunked plenty of tough marks in the past couple of weeks, he will come good
Beast_Mode: lol boak only average 90 at home
kascadev8: @Avarax, im waiting out anyway, gonna make a really late call on gawn, hoping i see something about added trades b4 it
biggs2dujj: LuvIt74 They say possible back next week. I reckon he misses 1 more
exatekk: Goodwin confident only a week Luv
SC-STAR–: Lads I got 5 trades 3 upgrades but also 500k
Beast_Mode: goodwin said gawn will play next week basically
scboy123: since gtta trade Gawn, is Nic Nat the agreed best option or
SC-STAR–: who else got ladhams
Stu7: Nat is the go
BigChief: @scboy I would have Goldy before him.
DrSeuss: Damnit Stewart – go and get the kick-ins
kascadev8: georgiades really low tog for him, nothing wrong with him is there?
Ash777: nic nat will be best option. already had a bye
exatekk: agree BC. im making a late call too
GobChuck: got Big O over Ladhams…..instant regret.
LuvIt74: I’ll hold gawn and just hope cameron keeps playing
scboy123: BigChief Goldy more expensive and still has bye
Spifflicat: Nic Nat over Goldy. Has his bye, plus Goldy has the dreaded r15 one
dipstick: gawn>ladhams was a no brainer with both their BE’s. I agree Gawn will miss next game aswell
Raspel31: Let Gawn go- shoulder and leg? Even when back won’t be at his best. Pointy end.
teachrtony: HS says Gawn back next week. Hold and save the trade.
pcaman2003: Hi all! What’s happened to Duncan? Only 51%TOG. Off injured?
Gotigres: Stewart very disappointing
BigChief: If you are trading Gawn you can afford Goldy and having a playing 3rd ruck would cover bye
CozzieCan: Duncan muppet
hokkien34: Nothing happened to him as far as I know, players keep getting stuck on bench for extended periods though
DrSeuss: How did that miss that Houston handball earlier? It went straight into Hawkins arm?
scboy123: my r3 is a dead rookie so im a bit limited there
dipstick: next week doesnt mean next game with these short rounds
JRedden: parfitts tog is even worse.. ive never seen such a low TOG for a non-injured player
DrSeuss: Stewart playing ok – guys like Bews and Henderson just blasting out of defense so Stewart not getting his possies
kascadev8: can hawkins please slow down a little, would like to believe i can trade him in
biggs2dujj: I got sucked into getting Duncan. He’s that one you never have that scores 150 a week, then does SFA when you have him
Water: hawkins double ton
Stu7: Hawkins is off the chain tonight
CozzieCan: Hawkins superman
pcaman2003: I’ve got Duncan Stewart and Simpson and so far it’s looking very sick.
dipstick: thats a lotta half time doughnuts
Ash777: hawkins needs the cape
Stu7: Is Mayes cutting up the oranges?
kascadev8: duncan and stewart low, same with woodcock and georgiades, this has been fun :/
heppelitis: dunc has 9 tons out of 10 games…he was inj in the one he didnt
Stu7: Duncan will lift 🚁
Raspel31: I wouldn’t exactly call Georgiades low kasca- more invisible.
Stu7: Duncan is a gun
pcaman2003: @heppelitis. That’s why I brought him in last round,because he was consistent.
pcaman2003: Need Simpso to lift now.
pcaman2003: Need Simpson to lift now.
GobChuck: oh look duncans suddenly on 44 would ya look at that
DrSeuss: Look at Duncan – doubles his score in about 5 minutes
Beast_Mode: lol at the muppets stressing about duncs comical
kascadev8: @Raspel yeh could say that, just putting him on notice by acknowledging him
Stu7: Keep kicking those points Farrell
Ash777: duncan seems to always rise after the first qtr n a bit
Snarfy: The famous words of Barry Hall. “Tippett is out of the game. He needs to lift and he’s done so, so far.”
DrSeuss: Whoever was telling Duncan to lift – can you say something to Houston?
Apachecats: Ok guys ,nearest the pin time.Its on Dangerfield. Apache goes 108.
biggs2dujj: Dan Houston is a spud Needs to lift
Gotigres: That’s the way Stewart
Stu7: That was me – come on Houston move your ar5e
dipstick: bring out the duncan doughnuts for those port players
heppelitis: please do something woodcock. i will not ask so politely next time
kascadev8: 127 for danger please @Apachecats
Snarfy: OK, how’s this: Houston’s playing as if he’s out of the game. He needs to lift and he’s done so, so far.
GobChuck: 99 NTP for me thanks Apache
Water: 116 for dangerfield please apache
Billy777: can i go 113 for danger please apachecats
Ooost: Georgiades looking like the upgrade to make next week!
HugeHead: simpson, Georgie and woodcock for me 🙁
teachrtony: Onya Apache. I’ll go 111 cos I have him.
scboy123: Apache ill take 116 if pssible
bhg26: 125 Apache please
CozzieCan: Stewart on fire
scboy123: ahh water got me there, ill go 129 then aye
HugeHead: Ill go 92 if no one has it @Apache
Ash777: danger 118
CozzieCan: Apache I’ll take 145
Bulky: “Amon on his non-preferred right” says BT as he kicks with his preferred left.
scboy123: I need houston 15+ for my multi
Water: unlucky scboy haha
scboy123: I need houston 15+ for my multi :/
Tangent: 111 @apache
Cottees: 105 Danger please
Gotigres: 104 for Danger
heppelitis: Georgie drifts in and out. I am convinced his focus is on bonkin chics on the back seat of his valiant half the game of
Tangent: 110 actually.
exatekk: 101 apache
Yelse: danger 131
SC-STAR–: 98 for danger Apache please tell me if you get that
Silz90: has anyone said 119 for danger?
88360: Who are we doing
Arminius: 117 Apache
BigChief: 101 for my pick @Apache
Apachecats: got it sc
88360: 97 please Apache
Gandhi: 231 for Danger
Apachecats: Its yours Silz90
Raspel31: Danger 94- someone grabbed 98.
SC-STAR–: Heppelitis might be right mate more interested in a root
LeGoat1996: What’s this prediction game? Is it similiar to when you got a purple name for guessing it right?
88360: U serious ghandi
Ooost: 114 on Danger please.
Cottees: If Danger get 200+ Gandhi, I will give you $50 bucks
kascadev8: stewart+duncan=good. woodcock+georgiades=bad. itll probs average out as a BE
Apachecats: Nearest the pin game on Danger Goat.
pjw1234: 121 for danger
SC-STAR–: Kascad Ive got woodcock as well really fustrating me
MrWalrus: I’ll take Danger for 113, thanks
Woodie22: 93 Dangerfield
Silz90: thanks apache
Woodie22: 93 Dangerfield plz
LeGoat1996: Danger 82 then apache
Apachecats: NTP closes end of half time -25 entries so far.
heppelitis: SC-Star…Woodie got half his points in the first 20 seconds of the game lol
Water: woodcock is on my bench so im ok w his score i guess
GroupOne: @Apache 111 for Danger Cheers
SC-STAR–: Anyone know what woodcocks breakeven is
CozzieCan: Danger to go straight into midfield after half time , you watch
Avarax: 109 please apache
kascadev8: i like my option of a 127 for danger
heppelitis: -41 sc star
Jontdawg: Danger 106
Beast_Mode: woodcock sc b/e is -41
scboy123: Yo wtf, round 15 which is finals time, 6 teams have byes….. 6!
Billy777: they are saying only two trades for round 12
scboy123: how the fck is anyone fielding a team that week lol
Poliyagon: Keep it up ladhams and stewart. If siimpson can hit 70 i’ll be stoked!
SC-STAR–: Cheers beast
SC-STAR–: Cheers hepp
scboy123: surely super coach goes to r18, at least rounds 17 and 18 are normal rounds
kascadev8: @scboy123 i only lose 6 players for the week where 6 teams have byes, been trading in players who have already had byes
Billy777: no head to head in round 15 finals are 14,16,17,18
Jontdawg: I reckon either rd15 will be a bye or knockout from rd16 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5
Pies20: You got my 103
CozzieCan: Between kangas , GC & st Kilda you shouldn’t have more than 5 players
scboy123: i lose at least 10
Apachecats: Got you now Pies 20
dipstick: danger 128
Billy777: as i said below no finals in round 15
kascadev8: how do u lose 10… i only lose 6
Tangent: Nice drums kid.
Pies20: Nice Billy second game in stamping authority on your comments
scboy123: 1 Gold coaster too
Apachecats: NTP closed 33 entries ,ranging 82 -231.
Billy777: cheers well no one was listening!!
biggs2dujj: Ladhams doing well from 25% game time. He’s always on the bloody bench
kascadev8: i like the attitude from Billy
Pies20: not many do haha
Silz90: comon on woodcock a couple of goals will be handy
Cottees: what was Hawkins BE before this game?
Billy777: they are also saying only two trades this round but that must be a mistake i would think
Billy777: some may have already made three trades
Pies20: just got 3touches @silz
CozzieCan: Simpson hamstring ? Gessus
scboy123: Nooooo simpson hammy, fuck sake. there goes that rookie lol
Beast_Mode: simpson gone!
hokkien34: Ffs Simpson!!
Apachecats: Simpson hammy.
Donzoes: simpson hammy, rip
scboy123: Billy 2 trades next week i thought
pcaman2003: Simpson gone so now in trouble.
Silz90: nice! misses put a movie on… apparently i watch too much footy 🙁
GroupOne: looks like im trading homer next week
Ooost: Simpson to Fyfe looking good now
Nuffman: where you getting your info from Billy?
Yelse: geezzzz there goes another player, this season we need 50 trades
scboy123: Ooost you read my mind
Billy777: and round 12 on sc site
Beast_Mode: simpson was struggling to score, mostly likely neede to be traded this week anyway
Pies20: think you’re write @scboy
Yelse: seriously danger ffs doooo something
kascadev8: need the max 37 trades to be 100% confirmed, then i can go to nicnat and get hawk or brayshaw for georgiades
pcaman2003: Need you more than ever to lift Duncan. Pull ya digit out.
CozzieCan: Good news Simpson gets his b/e , so will make money
Apachecats: Lowball looking best for Danger.
kascadev8: hawkins gonna be 700k at this point. stop
Rilian: Witches Hat icon for Clurey surely.
biggs2dujj: I am happy Port are getting smashed. Serves Ken right for benching Ladhams
scboy123: Cozzie his score will go down by end of game tho
duckky: I went Pickett to Fyfe this week. Running out of bench options though
scboy123: but yeah cant see it falling below 21
Pies20: probably gets more tog now @pca with you though lift
Ooost: scboy123 Georgiades to anyone looking good too
CozzieCan: Biggs 23 points smashed ? Put the pipe down big fella
Tangent: What is it with these shit footy games.
Misternick: @kascadev8 there are an additional three trades coming for the upcoming bye rounds. Confirmed by sc on twitter
Crowls: biigs ladhams been Ports most effective midfielder
scboy123: wont go below 21 tho
GroupOne: OMG Mayes touched it, oh it was over the boundary
CozzieCan: @scboy b/e only 23 , doubt he’ll go down that much
Crowls: hurts watching dangerfield sit forward
kascadev8: @Misternick ah sweet, just need the multiple source check, thanks heaps
hinsch: Can Goergiades finish with a negative score
scboy123: problem is ooost, Jake aarts will probably max out at around 300 soon so was thinking chopping him next week. go georgi
pcaman2003: Flower me! Duncan has gone down in points this qtr. Grrr!
Ooost: scboy123 mmm 300k
kascadev8: duncan and stewart are now needing to cover for georgiades and woodcock, shoulda risked hawk in and rely on draper
CozzieCan: Duncan wake the flower up & see the handball from Stewart you muppet
HugeHead: yes woody
DrSeuss: Houston stopped again after getting his 3 touches
GroupOne: Cats have dominated and Port within 3
heppelitis: woodie on the rise
Crowls: simpson becomes zerrett or fyfe next week
Water: nice wooders
DrSeuss: So Stewart’s kick to Duncan is 15m, but Duncan’s linger kick back isn’t 15???
Pies20: traded in wood cock for george this week to make 190k dt paying off
HugeHead: lift Duncan, need you to cover simpson
scboy123: never bet on players u have on sc, just leads to double misery lol
HugeHead: will probably go simpson to Oliver, have about 400k spare to upgrade
kascadev8: stop gifting port frees, unbearable inconsistency
Social: Im looking to bring Parker in next week, reckon the swans might lift a bit now
heppelitis: geez i need binoculars to see on that camera angle. ball was up the other end
CozzieCan: Umpires love PA
Stu7: How can Mayes only be on 3?
Ooost: Woodcock and Sterart might make up for Georgiades here.
kascadev8: i just need to improve my forwards hahah, hawkins relax mate, give miers some goals
scboy123: main thing for me is that Houston beats Boak
scboy123: doubt thats gonna happen tho, dare to dream
GroupOne: scboy123 I’m hearing ya
original: Cmon ladhams
CozzieCan: It’s Hawkins vs Port Adelaide
pcaman2003: Who are the lucky ones with Georgiades?
Crowls: really dont see umps favoring PA, just piised at the inconsistency.
Woodie22: Did I hear right that we are getting added on three extra trades? When will we see that on the app if true?
V@lks: Star for Hawkins
Tangent: Wow Hawkins… Just wow
88360: Lol. Go cats. Hawkins 200?
SC-STAR–: simpsons breakeven enyone?
heppelitis: mcgrath goes at about 50%. Ladhams at 100%. who would have thought
DrSeuss: Pick it up Stewart – get involved
GroupOne: ripping grab by georg
CozzieCan: Cmon George lift son flower me
Billy777: it has come through on sc website
kascadev8: pcaman i have georgiades 🙂
biggs2dujj: Suck it Ken.
Water: at what point do i take woodcocks score over aarts?
navy_blues: hawkins looks good with no opponents lol
scboy123: pcaman im on the georgiades train
StuL: If this was the 80s Tom would have 14 by now
navy_blues: ports backs suck
88360: Sc-star its 21
heppelitis: 21 sc star
The Hawker: @Water If Woodcock scores 75+, take it
biggs2dujj: Water, i’d take Woodcock score regardless
scboy123: water id take woodcocks score already
original: @Water imo 59+
Cottees: Georgiades gets +14 for mark, goal and kick. but ive seen players get +21 for the same thing lol
Water: okay thanks boys
pcaman2003: scboy123. Well,at least he just got a goal for you.
penguins00: What’s happened to Motlop at Port? He’s been woeful tonight
Tangent: Keep in mind Richmond are versing Gold Coast.
scboy123: Boys what premo defender should i bring in this week(couldnt afford lloyd so didnt grab him) , Laird?
kascadev8: hawkins stop it, ur killing me right now. please
Poliyagon: sam simpson out might muck up my game plan!!!
CozzieCan: @penguins got a dodgy trade from Geelong lol
V@lks: Cottees, depends how pivotal the mark/goal is in the context of the game
Water: i would say laird or ryan given he has had his bye scboy
Billy777: houli would be a great POD SCBoy123
navy_blues: never rated motlop myself
CozzieCan: @scboy , Ridley , Laird , Williams . Haynes , Sicily
biggs2dujj: scboy123 Laird has been good. Spewing Gawn was out cos i missed Zac Williams. Next week!
BigChief: Just read the SC site at does not say anything about an extra 3 trades. It states bye round you can have up to 3 trades.
GobChuck: Laird is good if u can cop his bye, otherwise Luke Ryan
CozzieCan: God has the VC on Hawkins
Raspel31: Ryan for my money.
teachrtony: The round with 6 ye teams is a bye for SC as well.
V@lks: scboy, Laird has played on ball last 2 weeks for a total of 305. Good choice imo (have him btw)
LuvIt74: got 10 trades and thinking i might trade Noble but to who only Sholl seems viable
Billy777: plenty of premium options in defence who have had bye, laird been playing midfield but sloane is back
teachrtony: Yes it does Chief.
original: Laird has a bye week 1 of finals yeh?
beerent11: Boak heading for an atlas icon?
scboy123: BigChief one of the supercoach blokes tweeted that rounds 14-16 we get an extra trade to use
scboy123: Lairds bye week is round 15 where there is no head to head so its not too brutal of a week to cop a bye
teachrtony: @ Volks Sloane back in this week and BCrouch to come might slow Laird down in a few weeks at finals time.
pjw1234: Sicily moved forward last week and looked ok so careful his scores may drop off if he plays forward for rest of year
Billy777: it does say there will be three extra trades and they will be added to total
LuvIt74: yeah we get 3 trades or a extra trade to use if we wish but we still have 30 trades
Ooost: I sense a big quarte from Stewart, Woodcock and Georgiades coming.
biggs2dujj: Great. Ladhams starting for once
pjw1234: daniels for dogs is a good defended at pod
kascadev8: @LuvIt74 it became a max of 34 ages ago
Billy777: we already have 34 trades total now is 37
teachrtony: About now is the time I decide if I want trades to win Leagues or if I’m a realistic chance at going close to the Top 10
scboy123: giving everyone extra trades takes away the strategy element. give ppl the ability to use 3 but dont give ppl extra trad
LuvIt74: im glad i traded Georgiades this round
teachrtony: lol that was top 100, ran out of room.
dipstick: total SC trades has been lifted to 37
StuL: Umps wtf!?
Silz90: I think Maynard is a decent pick.
LuvIt74: how do i view my trade history on windows
kascadev8: is the free kick count really 15-8?? they are tryna keep port in this so much
heppelitis: that was lucky for duncan
scboy123: teachrtony who u reckon for premium defender heading into finals time then if u think Lairds pos is compromised
CozzieCan: 145 on Dangerfield is looking good
DrSeuss: Dangerfield taking dives again
teachrtony: @luvit, go to Team and just above the field top left are 3 options, chooe History. Than right panel pick Trades.
pcaman2003: Duncan so disappointing.
Silz90: cmon duncan finish strong plz
Ooost: incoming Danger
teachrtony: Sicily will drop a lot this round. Depends who you have.
DrSeuss: Ok Stewart time to get off the damn bench
The Hawker: Ladhams laziness is annoying me
Social: Chucky!
Apachecats: Dreamin’ Cozzie.
scboy123: Houston needs 1 disposal and Duncan 5 for multi to get up, get moving mitch
teachrtony: I’m getting Laird this round most likely, I’m just worried.
Ooost: Ladhams gas can
scboy123: teachrtony i got Crisp, Ridley, Houston and Stewart as my premo defenders lol
kascadev8: any chance of a free going against Port?
Baldfrog: Just come back what happened to simpson?
LuvIt74: @teachrtony thanks mate, shit i had no idea i used 24 trades already
Water: hammy bf
teachrtony: Then Lloyd, gotta have him.
HugeHead: might need to trade crisp or Maynard in a few weeks, 4 Collingwood players in my team come semi finals may end me
Pies20: Hami
Tangent: Hamstring @BaldFrog
Baldfrog: Cheers Water
kascadev8: hawkins about to get 200 🙁 almost got him this week
teachrtony: And Sicily when he’s dropped. Strong backline then.
LuvIt74: so ive currently got 10 trades so if i use one are you guys saying i’ll have 12 left
Silz90: hawkins wow! so many people will be chasing points next week.
Baldfrog: And others 🙂
Bezzina: Hawkins may be the best forward in the comp, and that kills me to say
pcaman2003: The Herald Sun mentioned big shootout with Dixon and Hawkins. Lol! Right!
StuL: Go cats!! Party time.
CozzieCan: Geelong smash st Kilda & smash PA .. Where’s this been Chris Scott for the last 5 years ya flog
Yelse: port not the good away from home
Ooost: Danger 😀
DrSeuss: How is Mckenzie’s SC so high? He has been very average
exatekk: HS are a bunch of flogs
LuvIt74: pcaman 50% correct not bad…lol
kascadev8: hawkins get in me team, i think he is doing so well to avoid going in my team
Rilian: @pcaman It was all over the tv coverage too. Can’t remember if Fox or 7, possibly both.
HugeHead: atleast 1 more goal georgie, cmon
Ooost: Lets get some junk please Stewart
pcaman2003: Gotta just laugh at the “experts” sometimes.
DrSeuss: Ok a bit of kick to kick down back please Stewart
kascadev8: @Ooost wouldnt mind duncan and stewart waxing for a couple minutes
scboy123: Duncan 3 disposals come on
Social: Stewarts gonna rack up a heap of kicks now
heppelitis: you called it Ooost
scboy123: i dont understand, when my players get injured their scores go down, my opponent starts simpson and he goes up
duckky: Bin for Rohan as well as seagull
Ooost: For sure @Kascadev8
pcaman2003: Agoal would be good about now Duncan. Lift!
srj2409: Should be 4 extra trades. In 9-12 it was one per round to cover players managed etc. no consistency in decisions
kascadev8: simpson did his hammy when he was on 37…
GobChuck: such a disappointing finish for gola , 35 points since quarter time
Ooost: heppelitis Stewart loves the junk
Water: srj its only 3 bye rounds coming so its one per round exactly the same. It’s perfect consistency
Migz: because they weight scores in time periods when the game was an actual contest.
Ooost: 10 more mins of Junk for Stewart, Lets go!
wadaramus: Thank fuck I had the E on Georgiades.
exatekk: Woodcock of Buderick?
Rilian: Hawkins was $7.50+ for Coleman last week. Now $2 fav. Deserves his first one (with a hint of bias..)!
Avarax: lol @ water. you think you would check before having a whinge
srj2409: No it’s not
Social: hows this umpire, fair dinkum
StuL: No one near him. Wtf?
GobChuck: woodcock for sure
Thomas1234: Please ton up Mitch
Silz90: BT triggers me when he pronounces ‘parfitt’
Avarax: as if you would ask exa. budarick has scored over 60 like once.
srj2409: No water. Last time there were two byes we got four extra trades. The trades were because of compressed format
teachrtony: Smelly charity, nice work Monty.
kascadev8: @Silz90 Puff-It ahahh
teachrtony: Srj, is a h2h bye so different scenario.
exatekk: Yeah alright Avarax…..
CozzieCan: Thank god only 3500 only own Hawkins , phew !
Tangent: What the hell Hawkins.
DrSeuss: COuple more Stewart and Houston
Water: second one 3 weeks, 3 trades
Cottees: Forward double tonning in 2020
thommoae: Been a lotta Chris Scott critics recently. Anyone gonna give him a pat on the back?
GOD: GOD has the C on Tom Hawkins tonight!
kascadev8: @CozzieCan 3501 after i bring him in nxt week
scboy123: cant deal with dan houston god damn. such a roller coaster
Silz90: @kascadev8 hahah so good
Water: well its based off the amount of weeks that the compressed fixture with byes spans over. FIrst one 4 weeks, 4 trades,
CozzieCan: @thommoae pfft , no one expected hawkins to kick 6 .
kascadev8: how is simpkin scoring? gone up 7 points since doing his hammy
GobChuck: doubule ton before scaling wowee hawkins
Bluebagg11: Will Geelong ever go away?
Ooost: Simpkin is a trap… But a tempting trap
Silz90: simpson had more impact on the bench then motlop all night
nbartos: pathetic port
Avarax: not sure kasca. he’s not even in these teams
CozzieCan: @Apache my 145 NTP is looking close
casey22: Great game Hawk BUT you only play as well as your opposition lets you
kascadev8: meant simpson not simpkin ahaha, the fact he has been off for half a game injured but goes up triggers me
kascadev8: i said danger would get 127. gonna be real close for me
scboy123: Boak in garbage time killed me whilst Houston had a snooze the entire 4th
scboy123: Apache what was my NTP again i forgot lol
thommoae: Cats did a number on the team coming third last week too, Coz.
scboy123: kascadev ikr, goes off on 37, ends on 44. excuse me
Ooost: @Kascadev8 some sort of SC coachind I’d assume, he was 37 on injury
Migz: @kasc because they weight scores in time periods when the game was an actual contest.
srj2409: Yep and this compressed fixture with byes is over 4 weeks too
Apachecats: Wont be any scale up ,but will wait just in case .NTP result on the chat before 1st game tomorrow.
srj2409: If its based off the amount of weeks that the compressed fixture with byes spans over. Second one is 4 weeks, 4 trades
scboy123: I reckon ive been bloody close 2 nights in a row on this NTP
srj2409: Simpson was 38 when he went off
Yelse: come on danger 131 cmonnn
ElstyBoy: simpson kept going up cause of scalling
bhg26: 1 point off right now, cmon Danger
ElstyBoy: because the margin kept blowing out disposals and stuff from when it was close are worth more than when the margin is 60
Avarax: scaling complete
nbartos: duncan gun LOL
bhg26: Scale up
ElstyBoy: not saying its right but its how it works
srj2409: Correct weight elstyboy
88360: Lol I brought Duncan in for the three rounds he has scored below 105, still hasn’t dropped 90 yet though
Apachecats: Scaling complete so can do NTP result.
kascadev8: danger got 124, pls tell me im closest
Billy777: there is only three weeks where best 18 is in play rounds 14-16

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