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Chat log from R12 of 2020: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R12 of 2020

BigChief: This naming team day before play for rest of year blows.
Pies20: yes it does @chief thought you had the glass ball?
Narkee: when do final teams get announced these days? Used to be updated on afl website 90 minutes before games
Cottees: Yeah sure does suck. I have used 2 of my 3 trades so I could get Williams. 3rd trade is for Brayshaw or Fyfe
Pies20: think it’s locked in for tonight @narkee
Pies20: was going to do the same @cottees but not risking it my back line is flowered
Pies20: anyone putting a vc up tonight?
Narkee: cheers Pies
Cottees: No VC tonight for me. Neale VC into Macrae for me
Cottees: No Late changes btw guys
bhg26: Not trading until I know Gawns fate
Pies20: Haven’t got mcrae but vc on neale @cottees got a few good options running around tonight
Pavs: Might VC Kelly?
Cottees: Pies20. Yeah that is very fair. I wanted Williams for a cheap defender to replace Doedee. Please no donuts afl gods!
bhg26: Got the same vc and c cottees
Apachecats: Nearest the pin results for Rankine last night.
Cottees: Yeah I like Lloyd or Whitfield or Kelly VC tonight. All great options
Cottees: I love having Neale and Macrae since the start! Best choice ever
Pies20: Good luck @cottees that’s who i was looking at also hope Williams go huge tonight mate
Apachecats: First with a hole in one was ConiglioSSn on 85. Equal second wereRathain84 and ajcondie on 84 andteachrtony on 86 ,well
Pies20: who the player tonight @apache?
Cottees: Thanks man. Goodluck to you too @Pies20. Love Williams to go 120+ thats the dream. But as long as he has a decent night
Cottees: Apache will go Whitfield. Calling it now
Apachecats: *well done everyone .That was ConiglioSSN’s 2nd NTP win ,one more win and he gets Life Membership ,5 wins for Hall or Fa
Apachecats: *Hall of Fame.
bhg26: Surprisingly only Lloyd and Whit for me tonight
Apachecats: Keep you guessing for a while Cottees.
bhg26: Lloyd Apache?
Cottees: Na it’ll be Whitfield 😉
Apachecats: Will call it late 2nd quarter Pies20
Pies20: Cogs i rekn
Pies20: first time player last night don’t play sc 2points off not a bad start @Apache
Apachecats: Thats right Pies20 was a great effort first go.
bhg26: How’s everyone going ranking-wise this season?
Pies20: you wana do a dt one I’ll win because I’m the only kent on here that plays it haha
Cottees: Went from 4302 to 2899 with the round just gone. hope my team keeps it up
Apachecats: I’d be best bhg26 around 64,000.
Yelse: wicks or betel to bring in?
hinsch: what is the go with the future bye rounds that make the final in SC very difficult
Apachecats: I went for Wicks yelse ,figure with Swans injury list he’ll get games.
thommoae: I play DT. Pies, I apologise. Peace.
Apachecats: minefield hinsch.
bhg26: Can’t wait for the Swannies to lose by 50
bhg26: Who’s everyone trading Gawn for if he’s out long term
Cottees: went with Wicks! Sydney injury list means okay job security
MrWalrus: Clawed back to 46kish after a few decent weeks, expect to go backwards again soon.
Apachecats: Thought so ,no one could beat 64,000 obviously.
Foxman69: Goldy
Poliyagon: thinking of going gawn to Ladhams to get Clayton! what do yall think?
Pies20: @thommoae good to hear don’t apologise for dt mate
kascadev8: my team is ranked in the top 14.5k how does that compare to u all?
hinsch: Gawn to Nic Nat
bhg26: 642 kascadev
Foxman69: Goldy is 575k and ave 122 its a no brainer
MrWalrus: 3 weeks ago I’d have had ya Apache, worst season ever.
Pies20: anyone getting last minute twitch to vc someone?
Snarfy: The one positive about being down the ladder points wise, is that when you have a good round you jump up 10K!
Poliyagon: thoughts on getting Ladhams for gawn?
MrWalrus: I play both, dt been kinder to me this year than SC but SC is the number one game
Water: nah pies gotta be neale vc macrae c this week surely
wadaramus: Nope, VC Neale to Macrae.
wadaramus: Ladhams OK option if it helps get another premium. Not sure when Lycett is due to return?
bhg26: Not a bad option Poliyagon, could pay off or stuff ya, but Oliver may be worth it
kascadev8: i might go josh kelly into neale
Poliyagon: Lycett played last week
wadaramus: I’ve had Ladhams in DT for a few weeks now.
wadaramus: Well, that didn’t affect Ladhams too much then!
Snarfy: I got rid of Budarick this week. As yet, I haven’t shed a tear. Maybe if he tons up…..
Napper: Do I trade Gawn?
Foxman69: Adams is a better cheaper option
wadaramus: Surely you have to if he is not named?
scboy123: im sticking with Gawn – had him since r1. going the ol wicks and bytel
Water: o halloran p plate game as well monty
Yelse: what happens if Gawn late out will miss goldy
amigaman: Totally stuffed my VC and C
bagger2217: brought our Jelly for Cogs. Let’s see if it pays off
kascadev8: @Yelse nicnat has become a beast since rob talked shit about him, im going to him if i need
Thomas1234: Got williams in last minute please dont dissapoint
StuL: Come on seagull. Time to stay down
Ceema: Nice little double stat from wicks
Silz90: hey all. im entertaining the idea of bringing in nic nat or big o or go safe with goldy
pcaman2003: Amigaman. What happened?
Kidult: Yeh Nicnat should go ok already pantsed Gawn and Grundy and 2 easy matchups Hawks and GWS
StuL: Fox likes to run? He’s a fox on the run
pcaman2003: Evening all! Have Lloyd, Whitty,Cogs,Haynes and Wicks,Bell on bench. Let’s go! Knocking on the door for top 1000.
exatekk: VC Lloyyyyyyyyyyyd
Apachecats: Any one got a multi?
Ceema: Went vc lloyd instead of kelly, hope it pays off
exatekk: Yeah Apache i have a hail mary
Tangent: Evening lads!
Baldfrog: Evening Ladies
Rathain84: Was that a Manfred Mann reference StuL?
Tangent: Cogs 20 possessions and a goal…
Apachecats: Say something Amiga.
Baldfrog: I got $3.10 for Sydney to score first then lose
Fatbar5tad: Brought in the seagull. Been cursing blokes all year. Apologies in advance.
wadaramus: The Sweet maybe?
Baldfrog: lol Fatbar so did I this week
NewFreoFan: GWS look stagnant
wadaramus: Whitfield a slow starter, Lloyd picks up a lot of chips late too.
biggs2dujj: Bell playing 8 mins a quarter. what a spud
Yelse: whitfield seriously
original: Lloyd smfh
DrSeuss: Lloyd getting tagged. Whitfield get off the freaking pine FFS
Apachecats: Thats promising BF ,you’re got the hard bit done.
NewFreoFan: Yeah seagulls wait for the meal to finish before they pick at the leftovers
Raspel31: Whoops,took me a long time to get back from the bottle shop. Okay, we all dumped Gawn but who in midfield?
exatekk: kept Gawn here.
wadaramus: Close to Wicks with the big E on him.
heppelitis: gawn for ladhams…simpson to boak and doedee to laird
Baldfrog: yeah Apache here’s hoping
wadaramus: Whitfield off the mark, now for Lloyd to get peckish.
Apachecats: One thing I’m not doing is spending big money on any one who has not had a bye yet.
StuL: I didnt dump Gawn. He will be back next week
wadaramus: Nice hepp.
MercAm: Ahhhh Lloyd, Whitfield can ya wake up please
Fatbar5tad: My victims this year include Rosey, Steele, Greenwood, Mayes Daniel
Baldfrog: Rath will woodcock hold his spot?
biggs2dujj: Kept gawn. Will get Ladhams as F6 and switch with brian straughan
Raspel31: exatekk- even if he comes back- which is very doubtful- nursing 3 injuries. Time to spend and have fun
exatekk: Cogs 20 & a goal, Blakey 2 goals, Finlayson ATG, Sinclair ATG
Apachecats: * they will suddenly go missing in the middle of SC finals.
Pies20: What’s your poison tonight @raspel?
NewFreoFan: I haven’t even sighted Lloyd yet
Nuffman: Lloyd, Kelly and Whitfield… Top start
Kidult: Think Port may rest someone like Gray against Hawks
StuL: Bombers and Melb have an extra game. You’ll want Gawn then
Apachecats: Whats ATG exatekk?
Baldfrog: Raspberry cordial for Raspel
Kidult: also a mature age 103k fwd rookie debuting for Eagles
DrSeuss: Whitfield WTF – I have the VC on you
Ash777: sleeping giants
exatekk: any time goal apache
pcaman2003: And Lloyd finally on the board.
Apachecats: Picked up Thurlow off the junk pile in draft.,looks promising.
Raspel31: A rather inferior Chardonnay from the Mornington Peninsula.
Rathain84: Bergman named emergency, so might replace him next week if he’s quiet
Tangent: @exta I got the same bet on cogs.
kascadev8: i hope bergman plays
Pies20: odds @exatekk?
Rathain84: Then again Motlop needs to prove he’s in 22 and that will be hard if Geelong targets him
exatekk: should get home Tangent
NewFreoFan: Here goes Lloyd
Baldfrog: so yes or no Rath? Lol
Pies20: with a sweedish date? @rasp
Apachecats: “Oscar” Ward starting to rack up a few.
Silz90: wake up giants!
88360: Rathain84 can’t see us targeting Motlop he is kinda useless
Rathain84: couldn’t tell ya BF. He stay’s if they win out if they lose.
DrSeuss: Chose between Whitfield and Lloyd for VC – not sure Whit was the right choice
Silz90: will dawson become sc relevant next year?
StuL: Usual 150 for Lloyd coming damn it
Raspel31: She passed away sadly Pies- 90 will do that to you.
Rathain84: You want to get him in don’t you?
Social: a chewy Heathcote shiraz
original: Lloyd you fooling SOB I knew you were joking us
Baldfrog: OK cheers m8
AuroraBore: Traded in Taranto as a POD M7 instead of Gaff this week, hope it doesn’t bite me
cogs94: Pretty poor effort from GWS so far. They look slow/tired, even after the bye
Baldfrog: yeah Rath for buderick
pcaman2003: Get cracking Haynes and Whitty.
Rathain84: Are your other fwd bench players getting named regularly?
Pies20: Haha @raspel
Baldfrog: Raspel grimes jr owns a winery
NewFreoFan: That was incorrect disposal
wadaramus: Frankland River Shiraz, then some of the good stuff from my port barrel shortly 🙂
Haydo: Lloyd’s score this qtr a perfect example of why not to panic too early
Ash777: go the swannies
GroupOne: Hi All, VC Neale C Macrae. Have Lloyd, Kelly, Whit and brought in Wicks for Mahony.
Pies20: Sending my condolences of course more for you to drink then enjoy @rasp
MercAm: @Haydo yep 100% I def fell victim to that
Yelse: whitfield need 150 you better go on fire
kascadev8: lloyd will be my last defender trade in
twinpeaks: Ugh, took Haynes over Witho for his bye…
Baldfrog: my easy money may not be so easy
MercAm: Who did you guys go for Bytel or Wicks
88360: Lol have Whitfield, Kelly and haynes
biggs2dujj: here comes dingaling bell
Napper: My ass Lloyd if 39
Cottees: Happy with Williams so far but he can do better. Come on Whitfield
Rathain84: Got Haynes and Wicks on field against an opponent with only 9 unique. Round over 🙁
Tangent: If I was Leon Cameron I would start belting the players.
Raspel31: Strangely enough I believe you are not alone on this whacky call GroupOne.
Kidult: Would’ve been horrible if GWS didn’t get up last game with this performance
pcaman2003: Might need Lloyd to go big to make up for Whitty and Haynes.
CozzieCan: @pca what rank did you get last week m8?
Bluebagg11: Lloyd. Had him from round one last year, why not this year?! 🙁
Apachecats: What about Taranto Haydo ,is that a cause for panic.
NewFreoFan: Hope LC gives the Giants an almighty spray to wake them up and make this game interesting
supastarr: One team having a crack the other not. Simple. Over to you Leon.
Raspel31: The week you dump Perryman because he’s as exciting as a stale fart- and he wakes up? Sheesh.
exatekk: Havent traded anyone yet. If i trade now, can you still reverse? or not as the round started?
Breezey: Still backing GWS
kascadev8: happy i dropped corr last week, got out of it good
Baldfrog: can’t reverse once round started
Gotigres: Not much time for me to savour in the glory of #821 round rank
FlyinRyan2: you cannot reverse once the round starts
Water: fuck sake wake up boys please
Raspel31: Can’t reverse trades made exatekk but can still trade in rolling lock out.
exatekk: Bummer. Thought as much. Should have dabbled with some Gawn trades before
Ash777: No haynes n davis mean corr has to sacrifice himself.
Napper: Come on haynes and whit lift please
Kidult: Is Mills actually playing midfield?
Ash777: oh haynes is there.
Baldfrog: I have been caught out before exatekk
exatekk: Had all my trades done, then reversed the lot and playing the wait n see game
Napper: Not 15 u reckon great
Haydo: 12 point handball from Haynes
Tangent: Fucking wake up giants.
DrSeuss: Not often Whitfield has as many tackles as he does possessions
Bluebagg11: Lloyd +6 for a kick in? Come on…
pcaman2003: C’mon Haynes and Whitty. Get going boys.
Ash777: Haynes looks lost out there.
Poliyagon: cmon wicks get in there!
Yelse: where is whitfield playing
DrSeuss: Why are you back on the bench Whitfield? You haven’t done much…
Raspel31: Bring in Coniglio they said. I say I’d rather cut off my ex wife’s head/ Think I made the right choice.
Kidult: Very surprised TOG for Whitfield for endurance beast
Baldfrog: looks like Ward is injury free he’s playing well
Pies20: Besides @water where are the other 3gws supporters?
CozzieCan: @Bluebag 6 points ? I know ripped off should be at least 12
BigChief: Okay Timmy time to start FFS
NugzNiggle: GWS = Pretenders.
Breezey: @Raspel. Where is she buried
benzammit: righto i was doing reseach and seen a fellow fanfooty regular…TBC
Baldfrog: this is the roos swans giving GWS nothing
DrSeuss: Does Jelly even look for teammates any more? Just throws it on the boot
benzammit: Arguing about Truth, in regards too the origin of the AFL?
amigaman: I’m over fantasy. Keeper league only next year. Nol Captain crap.
pcaman2003: Bell doing well for 60%TOG.
Tangent: That’s soft
Nuffman: Benz: What did your research show? lol
pcaman2003: Amigaman, How did you stuff up your VC and C?
Tangent: Umpire down!
Raspel31: amigaman- I dropped off the tablets 2 hours ago. Chill dude.
Baldfrog: Ben u smoking ur coco pops?
amigaman: I changed it but when I went back it reverted to last week
FinlaySON: Come on namesake pop up for a goal here
amigaman: I’m fine Raspel, just think the C is crap
amigaman: Also find it boring that we all have the same players mostly. Keeper league every player is different
NewFreoFan: Garbage from the Giants
pcaman2003: Amigaman. Ouch! That hurts.
Gandhi: amigaman, I switched to keeper league only a couple of years back and enjoy fantasy way more now
Apachecats: Playing someone with a forecast of 2557 ffs.
Raspel31: Everyone who stuffs up does amaiga- why not Neale to Macrae?
Gandhi: Enjoy keeper more than I did fantasy I mean
DrSeuss: 15 marks for GWS – just rushing kicks – not looking for each other. Time for a new coach?
pcaman2003: 2 HB’s Haynes. Seriuosly dud,you need to pull the finger out now.
CozzieCan: To think gws played a final last year ..
amigaman: @Gandhi yep much better
Ceema: Whats a keeper league
heppelitis: Amiga a tad salty going from 2nd to 6th in our league after last week.
Raspel31: Apologies amiga- just saw your problem. Rather you than me.
Apachecats: Ok ,nearest the pin time ,its on Whitbourne ,Apache goes 88.
amigaman: @Raspel if you tried a keeper league you would see how much better it is
Breezey: They’re a much better side when Toby is playing. Certainly makes a difference
Yelse: no toby no GWS
Water: ill go 85 for whitfield
Apachecats: *Whitfield sorry
BigGryan: took a gamble and captained whitfield, hasnt ended well
NewFreoFan: Finlayson and Himmelberg are no good, they’re lost forwards without Greene
Avarax: 100 @ apache
CozzieCan: 110 @ for me plz Apache
amigaman: @Hepp that’s just stupid. You’remaking things up to make yourselfg feel important. Pathetic
hinsch: NTP Whitfield 90
Breezey: Whitfield 88
Kidult: 11 Gws players under 50% efficiency
Raspel31: Does a rather drunk Apache mean Whitfield?
Baldfrog: Apache dunno who that is but I’ll have 101
NewFreoFan: 81 for me Apache
RooBoyStu: @Breezey Greene played in the Grand Final didn’t he lol
heppelitis: haha was jokin mate
Bart Man: 106 for me @apache
FinlaySON: Apache a huge second half to come, give me 120 for whitty
beerent11: Some of these giants have good quarter time scores
amigaman: No yopu weren’t
ajconodie: 98 for me @Apachecats
Cottees: told ya Apache. youd go whitfield. ill go 117
Haydo: Whitfield 68
exatekk: 101 Apache
Raspel31: Whitbourne 97 for me Apache.
heppelitis: was jokin thats why your upset
Breezey: I mean in general. Remember they did make the GF.
Bluebagg11: Whitbourne 94
Rathain84: 89 for me Apache
Snarfy: Winfield 115pts.
Woodie22: 89 Whitfield
pcaman2003: FFS Cogs. Need you to ton up you muppett.
exatekk: oops 101 taken. 86
beerent11: Whitbourne 81
bhg26: Whitfield 95
Tangent: Whitfield 94
DrSeuss: How is it a free when he drops the freaking ball. Useless umps
Avarax: he’ll get there pca. relax my dude
The39Steps: Whitfield 93
Napper: 97 whit
Kidult: 77 for me
Pies20: 93 @Apache
beerent11: Is wicks gonna be another shit rookie with a good 1st game?
scboy123: cuz my opponent has Whitfield ill go 108 if its free apache
Avarax: if anyone here is looking for some extra discussion between games, search “fanfooty supercoach” on facebook
wadaramus: Haynes 3 possies 30 SC, just need the 10 possessions to ton up.
Raspel31: Language Adele- please?
kascadev8: can i have the closest possible score to 100 when everyone else has voted @Apache. idk whats taken already
Baldfrog: we can share exatekk
Poliyagon: Whitfield 99
wilaj: Opponent has Haynes. 30 SC from 3 possessions. Get flowered!
Raspel31: Napper- already taken 97.
Avarax: great for sharing team photos, asking advice, and simply bragging about your great trade week
heppelitis: Perryman going well for you @Raspel
The Hawker: Disappointed with LLoyd, didnt crack 100 on HT
biggerz: If Jelly got +3 for the kick on the siren, does he also lose points for OOF?
amigaman: @Hepp not buying it. Anyway it’s all yours. Enjoy!
Billy777: Hi Boys, i am new here love your banter each game so just saying hello to the group
Pies20: Ahh @steps just beat me 103 taken?
Ash777: whitty 99
Baldfrog: Billy don’t be a hero and make me your wife. Apache will remember that one
Avarax: hey billy….nice to see a GC tag
Apachecats: you’ve got 100 ,Kasca.You can have the same as someone else now that we have so many entries.
heppelitis: No hard feelings from my end..will leave it there.
Raspel31: Solange, whenever I see your brests glistening in the moonlight- god damn, I;ve crossed sites again.
NewFreoFan: Just get half the tshirt each
wadaramus: Enjoy the chat Billy.
Billy777: thanks someone has to support them
Gryan goat: Hey billy mate how are you
Pies20: Hi Billy join in nothing to loose plenty of smack gets said on this site
Apachecats: you’ve got 93 pies20.
Baldfrog: freo fan Apache splurgged and we have 2 shirts now
Billy777: thanks boys i am on this site every game thought it was time to get involved
NewFreoFan: Easy mistake when you’re typing one handed Rasp
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
JackRipper: How can you possibly be on 32 points with 1 kick & 2 handballs? CD is nuts!!!
Nuffman: welcome Billy. Screw you and GC. Have a great time
Baldfrog: No crap towards crows sups plz Billy lol
Gryan goat: Hey billy do you know Chris burgess
CozzieCan: Gryan goat>Big Gryan
Apachecats: Yeah BF ,ConiglioSSN is the first dual winner ,if you win 3 you get life membership
Raspel31: But Billy- as an initiation ceremony you need to correctly post every word of the .Paper Lace song. We’re tough here
Gryan goat: Whitfield:93
Billy777: don’t think so where is he from, name is familiar
Apachecats: Win 5 and you are in NTP Hall of Fame with legend status.
Gryan goat: I’m not big Gryan
wadaramus: One hundred % DE an two CP’s!
wadaramus: Whitfield 88.
Baldfrog: Raspel you told me u were 15 once starting to doubt you
Gryan goat: He unfortunately got dropped from Gold Coast great player he was just unlucky
Pies20: Listen to @baldfrog @billy they are precious haha
Billy777: unless you mean gc forward or defender, know of him dont know him
Nurfed: Apache ill take 107 or closest to that if taken
CniglioSsn: Whitfield 103, also this is shocking playing but i expected that.
BigChief: Whitfield 106
SC-STAR–: @ Apache Whitfield with 95
Apachecats: 107 ok Nurfed.
Rathain84: lol I know one Paper Lace song and I’m in my 30’s. These got no chance
toddless: whitfield 95
Baldfrog: put ur teeth back in pies20 only attractive people here
Billy777: billy dont be a hero was a great song
Raspel31: Ha ha Bald- turned 16 last week.
pjw1234: Whitfield 121
Pies20: he’s 15 in dog year’s @baldy
BOMBRBLITZ: Jelly VC looks like a bust
Pies20: sorry @rasp but im close haha
Baldfrog: haha pies20 sounds more probable
Gryan goat: I will do 93 for whit Apache
Gryan goat: Sorry @Apachecats 93 for whitfield
MrWalrus: Whitfield 113 please
Kidult: Missing the P plate on O’Halloran
Apachecats: already got you GG
teachrtony: Just on, if not closed I’ll go 119, big last quarter to get Giants up.
teachrtony: Cheers Apache.
Gryan goat: Sorry
Baldfrog: hope so tony thought I had money for jam
Apachecats: NTP closed -40 entries.
amigaman: Rowbottom loses 5 points in 10 seconds. CD joke
88360: What is this guessing game?
BigChief: did my guess come through @Apache?
CozzieCan: Apache you got my 110 at the start along with Avarax 100 ?
Pies20: I’m out good luck everyone
teachrtony: Coniglio, Whitfield, Haynes and Mills. Yay.
Tangent: Got mine? 94
FinlaySON: Bang good goal my guy
Avarax: yeah i was in early
DrSeuss: Whitfield you useless spud – get involved, put the VC on you for some stupid reason
Apachecats: Got both Cozzie and got Tangent.
Ash777: giants starting wit a few extra on ground to help them play.
BigChief: So mine never posted again? Thats 4 days in a row.
CozzieCan: Lovely work Apache , cheers m8ty
Raspel31: BigChief- it’s not a guess but a strategic mathematical equation.Man up old boy.
Bezzina: did whitfield fall over?
pcaman2003: Seuss. Masochism anything to do with it?
Tangent: Thanks mate.
Baldfrog: I saw yours Chief
wadaramus: Just get a handful of touches Haynes.
pcaman2003: Haynes having a shocker. Not what I wanted.
Apachecats: Got you Big Chief 106
wadaramus: Wicks won’t be worth looping 🙁
SC-STAR–: Apache did you record mine?
wadaramus: Come on Lloyd, channel the inner seagull.
DrSeuss: Could be @pca – he is building as players look for him
BRAZZERS: stay down haynes, be a juicy pick up in a few weeks
blonde0na: HTB interpretation changed at HT it seems
88360: Feel bad Apache, everyone non stop nagging you
scboy123: the start to this 3rd qtr has killed me
Haydo: 4 touches = 40 points?
satch7: Anyone here remember McRooster or Mr. E?
Kidult: @bigchief u did pick 77 for Rankine last night so that posted and I did see your post earlier but forgot the number
AlbySmedtz: OMG! “Great mark by Foot”
wilaj: Haynes getting 10 points per possie
AlbySmedtz: Also, “Fox is on the run”
BigChief: @kidult I did pick 77, but I must have missed it showing up.
heppelitis: McRooster rings a bell
Apachecats: got sc star.95
twinpeaks: If they don’t make finals this year, Cameron should be done?
kascadev8: just me or does foot look like he is wearing metal studs??
JackRipper: Haynes is in CD’s team Haydo.. Thats your answer.
SC-STAR–: @Apache Cheers mate
BigChief: @Haydo spoils get points in SC also
wadaramus: Fox is barely walking?
Apachecats: yes 88360 a few insecure players on here.
Raspel31: Sadly I don’t have Z Foot- only W Elbow.
Kidult: Haynes is 1% and pressure acts
Kidult: Haynes is 1%ers and pressure acts
88360: How can I participate
BOMBRBLITZ: That’s better Kelly
Apachecats: Reckon they read the NTP to Whitfield at half time.
satch7: McRooster was the wittiest member on here. Wonder if he’s lurking out there
srj2409: Haynes has 5 intercepts. they’re SC gold.
Baldfrog: Now thats a 15yos joke Raspel
DrSeuss: Whitfield TOG is horrible today. Just another reason to think Leon Cameron is a spud
V@lks: Haydo/Jack rip – contested intercept marks are worth heaps
Apachecats: It opens late in 2nd 1/4 and closes end of half time .I’ll do another one tomorrow night 88360
DrSeuss: O’Halloran has Whitfield open on 50 – kicks it to the Swans
88360: Ok cool, is it Whitfield tonight
V@lks: Cogs plz, I need a big game
Tiny Rick: Hi all. Long time lurker, finally decided to become a chatter
Apachecats: yes
Raspel31: Whary weird season- who on earth picked this?t a ve
SC-STAR–: I reckon duncan might be a chance for tomorrow night @Apache
Apachecats: You are very welcome Tiny ,what are your colours.?
wadaramus: Get involved Tiny Rick!
heppelitis: Cheers Rick Welcome
Raspel31: I do speak English- keyboard locked up.
Apachecats: Patience ,patience.
pcaman2003: Haynes,Cogs and Whitty killing me here.
Gryan goat: @apache what’s the prize
Yelse: how come this game players just kick to no where. shocking efficiency
wadaramus: Come on Haynes, just ten possessions mate!
Raspel31: Yoant to knowGryan.on’t wu really d
wadaramus: Fanfooty credibility Gryan.
Kidult: J.Cameron 403,200 with a 92 BE Wonder if he can get to 300k in 2 rounds
Billy777: wow giants are ordinary tonight, they seem disinterested
Apachecats: Gryan its a perpetual fantasy TShirt
Baldfrog: so far Wada I have none
Cottees: big last quarter Whitfield please!
Tiny Rick: Geez the chat lags a bit on mobile.
Tangent: Gold coast fan?
wadaramus: LOL Raspel, what is your keyboard doing!
Billy777: haynes just get points for doing nothing
pcaman2003: @Wada. I wish!
Raspel31: Keyboard frozen – sorry for gobblygook.
Gotigres: Welcome Tiny Rick
Apachecats: and if you win 3 times you get life membership ,win 5 and you get legend status in the NTP Hall of Fame.
Tiny Rick: I’m a Fyfe is life man Apache. Freo first. But the west is the best
wadaramus: Keep striving for greatness Baldfrog!
cogs94: Sinclair is really toweling up Jacobs today
wadaramus: You too pcaman!
Tangent: Who else hates these 16 minute quarters?
Breezey: The chat isn’t any better on anything else either Rick.
Apachecats: Thought you had spilt the chardy on it Raspel
Tiny Rick: Parker is a God. What a POD. Keep going my son
wadaramus: And the extended 1/4 & 1/2 time breaks Tangent!
Billy777: all those wicks buyers would not be happy
exatekk: I have Parker too Tiny 🙂
Apachecats: Tiny if you hover on your name above and click options ,pick your colours and save at the bottom.
exatekk: I just notived Rozee is out. Dam maybe switch Buderick for Bytel?
wadaramus: That’s me Billy :(, at least he’s on the bench!
Tiny Rick: Ah really breezey haha shame. Needs to be quicker like YouTube or Facebook. Solid community here
Baldfrog: Rick if you want a freo icon up the top click on ya name then team and save at the bottom
Avarax: search “fanfooty supercoach: on facebook, and get involved with the chat between games. advice, polls, and banter!
cogs94: That’s me Billy. Although at this stage of the year I have more rookies to cull than trades
Baldfrog: snap Apache beat me
Raspel31: Think it was more than Charddy Apache- all sorted now. Phew.
wadaramus: Rozee has a torn plantar fasci something or other.
Tiny Rick: Yeee boi exatekk. He gave me a heart attack last couple rounds but faith has been rewarded
88360: Captain Kelly, Neale or Grundy?
Tiny Rick: Wicks got a tough team this week. He’ll be right. Well he better be…
exatekk: He was my first rookie upgrade Tiny! POD always good!
Stu7: exatekk where did you see the teams?
Tiny Rick: Ah sweet. I’ll make sure to get the flag colours when I switch to the computer
Raspel31: Well, Neale obviously- no Macrae? You understand the loop 88360?
Stu7: Neale
exatekk: Only know Rozee doesnt have a green light Stul. Is Bytel a cert?
Stu7: Raspel31 I reckon he does if he’s suggesting Kelly
Kidult: Rozee was out last round and didn’t come back in only Motlop and Mayes come back in
CniglioSsn: wouldnt mind a mark inside 50 every now and again
Tiny Rick: They’re versing Essendon. Surely bytel comes in
Kidult: AFL web under fixture and Lineups at 6:20pm Aest the day before each game
Yelse: why doesn’t any team tag loyd
Apachecats: Slow down Whitfield.
Gryan goat: Vice captain neale or Grundy
BigChief: The naming teams day before play is killing fantasy footy.
88360: @rasoel, yes I’d do y I slid Kelly in the mix
Billy777: i think they are goooone
Apachecats: Before thisIhad GWS down for finals ,no hope on this effort.
heppelitis: hopefully bytel holds his spot with gresham out for the year
88360: Grundy is versing Melbourne who has no ruckman right now
Tiny Rick: Slow down Whitfield Apache?! Don’t curse my boy like that
NewFreoFan: This is an embarrassing loss for GWS
DrSeuss: Thats a terrible free kick
BigChief: @Tiny Rick Bytel played last round.
Baldfrog: nighty night Giants
Kidult: @Bigchief a little better when there isn’t a 5 o
Yelse: kelly doesn’t deserve score shocking skill
Thomas1234: If williams gets to 115+ im happy
pcaman2003: Keep going Seagull and catch those chips.
Apachecats: yeah BigChief they need to allow trades to be reversed up to the bounce of each game.
Kidult: @Bigchief a little better when there isn’t a 5 o’clock game before the next day lineups
Billy777: looks like they are going to have same for rounds 14-17 as last three rounds, not sure how sc finals will work with ten
Tiny Rick: @big chief. Yeah I brought in bytel and wicks this week. At this rate, bytels staying on the field
Apachecats: yeah Tiny I went a bit low in NTP on him.
Billy777: ten teams to have byes i meant
Raspel31: Apologies 88360- of course you knowthe loop. But not great choices apart from Neale. You really have no choice.
Nuffman: @Billy: there’s a floating round 18 also
BigChief: Bytel looked good last week and I have him onfield this week.
blonde0na: how does a paid commentator get papley and lloyd confused?
Tiny Rick: NTP? Whatever it is. He just missed. I’m holding you responsible
Billy777: yes i heard that tonight
Tiny Rick: Haha it feels strange being called Tiny. Reminds me of Crash Bandicoot. No fans of Rick and Morty here?
SC-STAR–: @raspel Macrae
Breezey: @blonde0na. It only takes them both to be swearing the same jersey.
Billy777: be interesting to see how many more trades they hand out to cover bye teams
Tangent: Geelong or Port?
Nuffman: it really screwed up my trade strat having another round thrown in
HugeHead: decided to put wicks on the field and Bytel on the bench, a loophole didn’t even cross my mind
Breezey: Wearing the same jersey.
Gryan goat: I’m a fan of the footy mate that’s why I’m on fanfooty
pcaman2003: Are you still alive Haynes?
heppelitis: Rick is probably 6 foot 8 inch lol
Baldfrog: Geelong on the smaller Gabba
bhg26: I dont care what Supercoach says, Hayward has been very good
Apachecats: Coin toss Tangent ,I went PA.
Raspel31: There won’t be any more Billy don’t be a hero. It would be a disaster.
HugeHead: would you guys go Macrae or Neale for captain, don’t reckon I’ll take Lloyd as my vice
Breezey: Port for me.
Ash777: all over
BigChief: They couldn’t have 17 with a bye.
Tiny Rick: @heppelitis that’s the size of my you know what 😉
Apachecats: You can stop slowing up now Whitfield,
Billy777: I have both would take macrae against the crows he has really hit his straps
CozzieCan: Neale to go spastic against NM .. gonna be a field day
Baldfrog: Why do u think we are all here Rick same pro5
SC-STAR–: @billy neale vc and macrae c
Raspel31: Ah Huge- you went early. For me Neale to Macrae- so Macrae.
Billy777: mind you lloyd could get to 130 + yet
Apachecats: Won’t take long to read the goal kickers out.
Kidult: this result now opened the door for Bombers and Demons
Billy777: yes neale vc into macrae c
pcaman2003: Frig! Haynes is missing everything tonight. Cogs and Whitty stopped scoring. WTH
Kidult: It is on the afl web that round 14-17 is byes
DrSeuss: Whitfield is the only one chasing at least – unfortunately that doesnt help his score. GWS have been horrendous.
Tiny Rick: Alright lads. I got to head off. Onya swans. Pleasure speaking to you boys
Cabri44: Oliver projected 150 as well in the mix
Bluebagg11: Lloyd is the biggest seagull going round. Haven’t seen one solid
heppelitis: Probably just the demons @Kidult
Kidult: Under the 17 of 18 Days thread fixture release tomorrow
HugeHead: Yeah I imagined GWS to have it in their forward half a lot which would lead to Lloyd getting lots off it. Oh well
Bluebagg11: Not
Kidult: round 14 fixture
Raspel31: Not that Lloyd is to be sneezedat- he gets another 16 and hard call.
Poliyagon: what do you guys mean by seagull, does he chase the ball?
pcaman2003: What a debacle on many fronts. Weird game.
CozzieCan: Bell should of got Adam Goods number
seanfc99: witches hats for gws Id say
exatekk: Jeez. Take Lloyd or go Neale? Im hanging in 8th spot by a bees diddly
DrSeuss: BlueBag – Lloyd has played a great game tonight – 8 contested possessions 4 tackles and some amazing kicks
DrSeuss: Which one of you tossers told Whitfield to slow down – he hasnt touched it for 15 freaking minutes
Avarax: lloyd will be 140+. gotta lock that down
Yelse: gws 2 goals from frees thats it. Shockinggggg
BigChief: Blue moon for Lloyd for the CP and tackles?
Apachecats: Take Lloyd exa ,Shaw will throw some filthy tagger on Neale.
bhg26: Stop gifting the Giants goals ffs!
Raspel31: Who is your op cataining exetekk?
V@lks: M0nty…that’s 3 incorrect stars in a row
Billy777: i agree anything over 130 is a lock
Apachecats: Sorry Seuss ,it was me ,but he’s over done it .now.
Nuffman: @Poly: cheap possies.. as in cheap as chips… seagulls eat chips
Kidult: @heppel yeh the loss to Gws probably hurt the chance of Dons but Melbourne now have % on their side and still have GWS
DrSeuss: So ‘In the back’ is the rule of the round for this week?
exatekk: Opponent has Neale C. off to play MW remastered have a good night!
Cottees: pretty sure all 3 giants goals were from frees haha
Avarax: north dont have a tagger without jacobs
bhg26: All three of their goals have been dodgy frees
Ash777: afl babies.
pcaman2003: The umps are GWS biggest scorers. I n fact,only goal scorers.. Disgraceful!
heppelitis: and we are bog average lol and only beaten pies this year
BigChief: Hahaha GWS. You suck.
Ash777: how did this the giants get to a gf.
CozzieCan: Terrible game. Congrats to Sydney supports
Apachecats: There will be a reasonasble scale up so I’ll wait for NTP>
Breezey: Despicable performance from the Giants.
heppelitis: oh no ice on seagulls ankle
ElstyBoy: giants are shot
Fatbar5tad: Dammit. Had to play Wicks with Close out. The cost of bringing in the Seagull who did his job though.
bhg26: Wowee, the Swans surprised me a lot, we played attacking and it payed off. Carn the bloods!
pcaman2003: LLoyd limping and foot all wrapped up. Hope he’ll be okay.
scboy123: good game swans, was an enjoyable brand of footy
Cottees: oooo Lloyd injured?
Apachecats: NTP results in tomorrows game.

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