Chat log from R11 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Essendon

CozzieCan: Cmon Saad , greenwood & Rankine !!! Gc by 19 points
Kidult: Hope Flanders can be a decent f6 going forward
Cottees: Go Greenwood and Ridley! Need Rankine and D Smith to do poorly. Cameron emergency replacement for Draper for me
Apachecats: NTP from last night ,Grundy ended up on 1
Apachecats: So we had a draw betweenbluebag11 who went 99 and ajcondie who went 101.Well done both first time winners.
Apachecats: Close up GoTigres 2 off ,Water and Bagger2217 both 4 off.
Ooost: Budaricks last game in my team, hopefully beats his BE.
Apachecats: *Grundy ended up on 100.
Baldfrog: Bombers tonight
kascadev8: lets go mcgrath and ridles. up to you now boys
CozzieCan: Thanks Apache for your work , appreciated m8
Pies20: you calmed down after last night lose @baldfrog? Need shiel to go huge tonight
Rathain84: Want to see the Suns get a finals berth so will back them for this
ajconodie: Cheers @Apachcats. I wonder who our victim will be tonight?
Breezey: I am liking the Suns tonight.
Baldfrog: Rath want GC to win to but think bombers will
Snarfy: Me too Ooost. Be nice to see him repay our loyalty with a Lil’ Buda ton! Unlikely though.
Rathain84: only if they play the full 4 quarters
Pies20: Am I writing ok for you tomato? Or what ever your name is
Kidult: I think GC will belt them
Baldfrog: Who is tomato?
Apachecats: No worries ajcondie ,I ‘ll put it up late 2nd quarter.
Kidult: 7 goals between King and Day
Pies20: Some gws flog
Ooost: Fingers crossed Snarfy
SC-STAR–: Got Zerk, Shiel and budarick what do you guys have
Baldfrog: Oh ok
Water: neever seen tomato
Rathain84: lol @Pies I’m surprise he didn’t correct you on that name
Baldfrog: Buddha and Rankine
Apachecats: Leave it go Pies ,not good for your health.
Poliyagon: Ridley, Smith and Greenwood in this one!
Pies20: Haha easier to write @rath
Tangent: Evening lads!
Woodie22: Miller, Saad, Ridley for me. Hello all.
Water: saad and greenwood for me
Woodie22: Plus Greenwood
Poliyagon: please pass to greenwood this week!
Rathain84: Just Rankine. Had Greeny but had to reverse the Draper trade and only had the two Suns to use the last trade or lose it
teachrtony: Rankine and the Riddler for me.
Water: theres a cone on the ground what the flower
hokkien34: Saad and Rankine for me
DrSeuss: Want GC to win just because Essendon screwed me resting Draper
thommoae: Evening, lads. About time Rankine showed some four quarter class, I think.
pcaman2003: Back again Gents. Have Greeny,Rank Arena and Riddles.
Bart Man: @thommoae agreed, he needs to become more involved
Tangent: Anderson and Fiorini for me.
CozzieCan: Saad underrated , so consistent
Silz90: evening lads, i’ve got ridley, smith, rankine. i need budarik and mcgrath to stink it up
Gotigres: Watch Shiel go huge because I dumped him from my team.
wilaj: Don’t score too high Ridley. I want to trade Doedee for you next week.
heppelitis: @Cozzie. Not underrated by our fans…fighting it out for B&F with Ridler/McGrath
Gotigres: Same teachrtony
Thomas1234: Greeny get into that midfield
DrSeuss: Rank and Greenwood for me – massive 0 possessions so far. Can only get better I guess.
Gotigres: Looks like a quiet one for Rank
CozzieCan: Rankine most traded If he scores under 40
88360: Got Ridley and saad
CozzieCan: @hepp glad to hear , had him for 2 years been great
FinlaySON: get busy Rankine
bagger2217: Ridley 5 possesions. Keep it up.
thommoae: Perhaps I’ll settle for three quarters Rankine class …
88360: Ridley always has big first quarter and then drops off the face of the earth
Poliyagon: anyone noticed they always play “fly away” after every goal at metricon?
NewFreoFan: Stay down Rank, I got a fair splash of cash on Serong for rising star
bagger2217: still gets decent tons though
Silz90: serong is a gun! you guys drafted decent this year
Baldfrog: Silly 50
88360: No I hadn’t
Woodie22: 88360, Ridley avgs 106, hardly say he drops off after a qtr
NavyMan: agreed woodie.. i’d take 100 each week from any backman
Tangent: Do bombers know how to kick?
Nuffman: always overcooking it in the F50 useless
hinsch: I think Rankine sucked us all in at the beginning
Kidult: Ideally would love a 70-80 from Ridley with 118 BE to grab next week
FLAG: twas such a lovely 10 metre handball devon, maybe 1 more
Woodie22: Too right
Poliyagon: cmon greenwood lift!
Baldfrog: Bet Bombers fans can’t wait for Worsefold to go
Thomas1234: greeny stay on the ground ffs
amigaman: Bowes no HTB. You have to be kidding
Napper: Great TOG Ridley thanks
kascadev8: mcgrath very good start, thanks mate
StuL: Any danger Greenwood? You could have been Brayshaw
DrSeuss: Greenwood needing a rest after his massive 1st qtr. Also does Rank know how to lead up for the footy?
Poliyagon: i had devon, dropped him two weeks ago and now brought him back!
Foxman69: At least we got 1 week from devon
heppelitis: Oh well at least he is out there @Napper…better than rested for us
Pies20: Same as nicks i guess @badly
Baldfrog: Why poliyagon?
GobChuck: McGrath Lukosius Snelling Shiel Weller tonight – some good starts yay
kascadev8: @Poliyagon i did the same, but never got him back, dropped him for mcgrath i think
88360: Lol he’s on 4
Silz90: what a waste of trades poli lol
Poliyagon: yeah I know its my first year so i’ll learn from it!
wadaramus: Smith and Rankine, so proud to have you in my team.
Baldfrog: Nope opposite Pies Nicks was given an old list with no youth development
Snarfy: Any bombers supporters got any oil on Draper. Managed was the call but he has only played the 2 games. What gives?
wilaj: Do I trade out Max King or Rankine this week. Both crap.
Baldfrog: All good poliyagon we all make mistakes
scboy123: Parish and Rankine for me tonight. cant say ive had the best start aye
scboy123: still fun watching the bombers lose
kascadev8: @Snarfy he wasnt supposed to play this year due to an acl injury at the start of the year i think
heppelitis: @Snarfy…shortbreak and coming of an ACL…fair enough
Searly34: Coming off a knee reco Snarfy
Moona: Will be back next game snarfy. 2 games with 4 day breaks hard to start with when adjusting to the speed of afl
amigaman: @scboy when was your last flag again
Snarfy: Arghh. Thanks for that. -Makes sense now
Gotigres: Nice goal Rankine
heppelitis: Don’t want ton destroy another career like Joey lol
Breezey: Rankine. It doesn’t take much for him get amongst the goals.
Silz90: rankine is a joy to watch but is over hyped by the commentators for sure
DrSeuss: Well Rank did something – your turn Greenwood??
Pies20: Everyone has old list’s mate it what you make of them bottom out failure
hinsch: Greenwood watch Rankine and do what he just did
Baldfrog: You think silz. Go watch the final of the u18s natioal champs you might change your mind
pcaman2003: Rankine climbed 14 pts and Greeny dropped 4. G ofigure.
Stu7: My trades have been cursed. Bought Saad with average of 99 he is currently 6 I give up
Baldfrog: Lol sometimes you talk crap
pcaman2003: @hinsch. He heeded your advice. Keep it up.
kascadev8: missing watching Rowell played, kid is so good to watch
heppelitis: @Frog…destroyed Vic Metro in that first qtr
Silz90: i talk crap lol? okay bud
DrSeuss: Why take off Greenwood’s tackle??
scboy123: @amigaman when was your last doping scandal again
Poliyagon: Keep going greenwood!
Pies20: Thank you for saying sometimes
scboy123: nah just messin
Baldfrog: Not you silz pies20
Baldfrog: Haha your welcome m8
Raspel31: Hmm- a wasted trade bringing in Draper to cover big Maxie. Pooh!
Nuffman: when was the last time you guys dealt with underage girls again, scboy?
pcaman2003: @Seuss. So that’s what happened. I wondered why he dropped 4 points suddenly.
Silz90: okay sorry mate lol thought u were talking to me
Damo07: Budarick has hit the wall
Gotigres: Oh Rankine, you could have kicked the goal instead of passing off
kascadev8: i brought in draper to cover maxy 🙁 that was fun
Stu7: Smith & Saad look at my boys go!!!
Silz90: nice ainsworth – need tippa and langford to kill goals now
scboy123: Ngl, i almost brought in draper to cover maxy this week but missin the boat last week put me off
Thomas1234: Do i bring in draper for conroy next round
Pies20: Haha
Napper: Who are you guys thinking of getting into your team this week?
Poliyagon: what a turnaround for saad
Stu7: Bombers have so many injuries
Gotigres: I did the same Raspel and kascadev. Got Titch and Ollie.
kascadev8: greenwood kicked a goal for whoever wanted him to wake up
Tangent: Greenwood actually listened!
pcaman2003: Greeny ,Rankine and Ridley purring along sweetly.
Cottees: yes greeny
Breezey: Good work Suns. Put em to the sword.
Poliyagon: beautiful from greenwood!
Poliyagon: Who should i get this week. Laird for D5 or Whitfield for M7?
Apachecats: Napper Doedee and butler out for me .Neale and a rookie in.
softwhitee: gee ridley is a good player
Baldfrog: If Laird stays midfield he’ll be a cert
Apachecats: Hang in there Bombers.
kascadev8: was sad to see the dodo get injured, was starting to score really well
Napper: Who do I trade in Wicks, Bytel, Halloran??
Breezey: @Napper Whoever gets selected. Although Bytel if I had to pick one
Poliyagon: Who am I better off keeping out of D Smith, Butler and B Smith???
hinsch: Napper Wicks is omitted Bytel js is unknown so decision is easy
Apachecats: Bytel was good I thought ,he might do for my team.@Napper.
Silz90: Bytel, Wicks, Sholl. Not sure.
Pies20: Please shiel lift!
Poliyagon: is laird confirmed to stay in midfield you’d think!
kascadev8: mcgrath get back on the field please
Water: wicks is not omitted he held his spot
Baldfrog: Can’t tell you but hope so
Napper: Wicks isn’t omitted @hinsch
blonde0na: with sloane and bcrouch coming back in, Laird’s ceiling won’t be as high
Apachecats: Lots of people have Rankine so he’s “it” for nearest the pin.Apache goes 61
thommoae: Wicks held his ground. (Metal stops.)
pedsz: Bytel’s JS goes up with greshams injury, saints midfield is fucked
Baldfrog: Poliyagon get rid of the player who is going to lose the most cash with their BE
Napper: Should I trade Rivers and Close down to 2 rookies or just downgrade one?
hinsch: this website has him out
Rathain84: Not that it matters but why did Sexton get dropped?
Water: 97 for rankine please apache
88360: Where did saads kick go
Breezey: Rankine 101
Tangent: How was that not HTB?
Snarfy: How could you move Laird out of the middle after how hes gone there the last 2 weeks.
circle52: Lift Buda and Smith hoped you would both score 60 to take my 50s out of bet 18
Baldfrog: 83 for Rankine for me Apache
kascadev8: 69 for rankine please Apache
pcaman2003: Did someone put a cracker in Rankine’s alps?
FinlaySON: Apache i’ll take 78 thanks son
CozzieCan: Rankine 100
Rathain84: 84 for me Apache
circle52: 79 for Rankine
Raspel31: Why on earth does anyone ask for trade advice. You’ll do what you want anyway.
teachrtony: Rankine 86 thanks Apache.
pcaman2003: I’ll go 83 for Rankine.
Gotigres: 92 for Rankine
Bart Man: 88 for Rankine
Baldfrog: It’s his first year Raspel give him a break
Cottees: Apache ill go 91
Pies20: agree @rasp
kascadev8: @Raspel31 nothing wrong with a 2nd opinion
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Greeny
Woodie22: 79 for Rankine
Silz90: 94 rankine – whats the prize if we guess it
Baldfrog: You want to share Apache t shirt pcaman
teachrtony: It’s good to hear people’s thinking Raspel. Wicks named so a good choice, but the logic on Bytel with Gresham out also
teachrtony: relevent.
pcaman2003: Adele here Raspel. Should I get of Dod this week?
pcaman2003: Adele here Raspel. Should I get of Dodo this week?
Pies20: 87 rankine sc 64 dt
bagger2217: 74 Rankine
oc16: don’t think i’ll ever understand why shiel went to the dons
Raspel31: I’m actually Charlotte Adele- and yes, definitely.
Silz90: heaps of hype around bytel. did he play pure midfield?
Apachecats: @Silz its a fantasy Tshirt ,If you win 3 times you get to keep it.
GobChuck: Yep thanks Snelling, just what we needed as ya owner
MrWalrus: Rankine 113 for me, why not?
teachrtony: Do you all think we will get more trades with the next byes?
ajconodie: @Apachecat – 84
pcaman2003: Thanks Charlotte. Much appreciated.
MercAm: 80 Rankine
Apachecats: yeah pies its SC you got 87.
scboy123: Rankine 84
Napper: Rankine 71
Raspel31: Still open? 97 Apache for Rankine.
NugzNiggle: How are we all?
kascadev8: very happy with mcgrath and ridles. keep it up boys
scboy123: Wait nah nah ill take 97
teachrtony: Still miss the purple name game. Onya Apache.
BigChief: Rankine 77 for me @Apache
heppelitis: Thank you McGrath…going to be your best SC score to date, touch wood.
Raspel31: Lol Adele.
Avarax: rankine 91
thommoae: Just read the Victorian update. We are so fortunate to be enjoying any footy at all.
Breezey: Sarah Jones looking quite tidy tonight.
SC-STAR–: which premo should I get for pickett can afford anyone need help
GobChuck: Shiel for the first time in a month looks like he cares about playing footy!
Pies20: OK Apache
Haydo: Rankine 74
Breezey: Why what’s it to ya Nugz
pcaman2003: Just about to hit 2200.
Cottees: Avarax. I went 91 before you man
Baldfrog: We should just build a big wall around Victoria thommoaoe
Raspel31: Sc- Star- I hate to ask for advice but same question. Hmm?
circle52: 2SC star if you do not have Neale or Macrae take them
kascadev8: ive already called for rankine to score 69 for anyone wondering
Water: macrae and neale are obvi first options sc star but boak and shuey are value if you want
teachrtony: Clarry SC Star. Had his bye and on fire.
MrWalrus: Funny how there was the usual Rankine hate early now lowest NTP is 71, kid is a gun!
Water: also titch w no bye is good
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.27 entries so far.
Rathain84: Who is Clarry?
teachrtony: Agree Walrus, certainly looking forward to him coming home to the Crows.
BigChief: @rath Clayton Oliver.
kascadev8: clarry is clayton oliver i believe, whoever asked that
Apachecats: Got 2 on 91 and 2 on 97 ,which is ok now that we have 2 tshirts for a draw.
Baldfrog: Apache did I get 83 or did you give it to pcaman?
CniglioSsn: Rankine to score 83
Rathain84: Noted thanks. also who is Bazlenka?
CniglioSsn: i’ll take 85 then
Napper: Bailey Smith
GobChuck: 94 NTP on Rankine – unless dons put Saad on him he’ll kick a coupe more
Moona: rankine for 101
GobChuck: bazlenka = bailey smith @rath
Poliyagon: Who should I get rid of this week, B smith, Devon or Butler? to get cash
pedsz: Bailey smith from the doggies @Rathain
Poliyagon: Rankine for 87 if its not taken
Apachecats: Got a few on the same guess and allowing them to stand now that we have so many entries.
Rathain84: Thanks fellas
Jontdawg: Rankine 101
Apachecats: Cnigliossn 85 confirmed.
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. Looks like we’ll be joint winners.
Pies20: @poli we got the 3mate all good
Baldfrog: Np Apache Pcaman I want the left side of the t shirt
Pies20: same
Apachecats: Nah Baldfrog they’re only fantast 0ts00000000000000000 so we can afford one each.
Poliyagon: i wanna downgrade one so I can bring in laird!
Baldfrog: Ok cool Apache
Apachecats: *Tshirts.
GobChuck: I feel so bad for everyone that brought Devon back in, dude doesn’t care tonight
Baldfrog: Poliyagon I replied earlier what u should do trade the player who lose most money this week
Raspel31: Doch and Pickett for me to Tracha and Sicily.
Rathain84: Gawny maybe out 🙁
MrWalrus: @teachrtony, with your current list etc you will likely be in a good position to offer the big $$$ to get him too.
Apachecats: Last call NTP.
Poliyagon: thanks baldfrog sorry I missed it earlier!
Pies20: Never trade out a premo @raspel
LMartos: CD better take that FA off Ridley soon, I need those 4 points
Baldfrog: Apparently Rankine luko king etc are all good m8s so we all may wait awhile till they leave
Apachecats: Rathain84 did you go 84 Rankine?
Pies20: unless injured of course
Rathain84: yes Apachecats
Baldfrog: Pies 1/2 time tonight better than last night
pjw1234: Gresham injury means Bytel may have some job security?
pcaman2003: @Pies20. Except Doc can’t be considered a premo this year. Better players to fill the backline
kascadev8: might go from gawn to nicnat if gawn is gonna be out for a while, rob has stirred something in him and is a even better
Napper: If only I loopholed woodcock’s score over Smith I’m so dumb
Pies20: I’d hang on is Scilly much better?
Apachecats: NTP closed 32 entries.
BigChief: @Apache did you get my 77 guess?
Raspel31: Draper as Gawn’scover has been a big disappointment .
Pies20: With 1 dt ntp aswell @Apache haha
88360: What counts as a tackle in sc?
Rathain84: Do you do this every game Apachecats?
Poliyagon: do u think it might be worth trading gawn to nic nat to gain cash? he hasn’t been in form and might be managed again?!
Silz90: come on touk get a touch – need 15+
Apachecats: Nah no every game rath
kascadev8: miller leave mcgrath alone, i need him
Baldfrog: I want to thank Apache for doin NTP makes the game more interesting
Apachecats: yes got you BC
Raspel31: Wondering that myself Pollyagon but to proudto ask.
Thomas1234: Yes poli i am pretty sure i will as cash flow in 2020 is very poor
Apachecats: *not
Silz90: I personally wouldnt trade gawn unless injured. its a waste of a trade.
Pies20: bomber’s mids keep going they’ll win this
Silz90: nice langford need tippa to kick a goal now.
pcaman2003: Get going Greenwood. Haven’t scored in a long time champ
Apachecats: No worries BF ,just hope I can win myself one day ,would like a fantasy Tshirt.
Rathain84: fair enough. told the misses she’s delivering baby next week while no footy on anyway
DrSeuss: I swear Greenwood forgot how to tackle as soon as I traded him in a few weeks ago
kascadev8: @Silz90 Gawn has a tear in his shoulder, and now pcl issues, seen things saying 3+ weeks but others saying 2 weeks
Pies20: maybe not
Silz90: @kascadev8 thanks i wasn’t aware. hopefully draper comes back in or i’ll be forced to trade gawn too
DrSeuss: Greeny gets his 1 possession – runs to the bench.
Ash777: so far so good for ridley n rankine
Apachecats: I have a tear in my eye hearing that news kasca.
V@lks: Kascadev, he hasn’t even had the scan yet, hearsay untiil then
kascadev8: @V@lks yeh im hoping the scan goes alright, just a last resort if i need to, just needa stay aware of injuries
BOMBRBLITZ: Ridley is such a GUN!
scboy123: Parish DE is atrocious
Raspel31: I think Gawn is GONE- will be weeks before he’s back at his best- if he comes back. Should have traded last week.
Pies20: Not watching but are the bombers butchering the footy nearly 50 more disposals
Baldfrog: Looks like my nic Nat POD won’t be much longer
kascadev8: come on mcgrath lets go buddy
SC-STAR–: Greenwood ouch
Baldfrog: Yeah pies20 their disposal isn’t great
Social: Devo up to his old tricks
gazza39: @Baldfrog, I had Nic Nat all season, finally traded him 2 weeks ago for Gawn…well you know the rest…
Pies20: Cheers @baldy
Tangent: I’d tip the bombers to win the game…
Ash777: why did they put mckenna forward…
Raspel31: I’ve had Ridley since day one and I don’t want any of you speculators jumping on the bandwagon.
duckky: Typical – The week I “trade-up” McGrath for Dusty. How has that worked out for me?
boxy36: Lessgo Greenwood – get going!
Baldfrog: Yeah gazza happens to us all
Silz90: all good raspel im on the devon smith bandwagon right now
pcaman2003: Go Riddles,move it along Greeny and you too Rank Arena.
Thomas1234: I highly doubt that youve had him since day 1 raspel
heppelitis: same rasel
amigaman: Me too Raspel, ain’t it great
Baldfrog: Pies do u know about the 3 months free kayo with sports bet?
kascadev8: mcgrath at half forward now, would rather see him on the wing if he aint gonna b onball
Apachecats: Day one hers too Raspel ,he showed up pretty well end of 2019.
Ash777: mckernan cant help himself lol
beerent11: Izaks last game for the yeahnahs. Tomorrow he’ll be someone better.
MrWalrus: Me too Gazza39, this season just keeps kicking me in the balls
beerent11: Doubting Thomas
Pies20: nah mate why you getting it?
BigChief: I got Ridley rd 2
Silz90: cmon thomas why would he make it up lol?
Napper: Should of mark that Smith
Nuffman: Stewart for the Blue Moon.
Raspel31: Cheers fellowDons and Ridley chaps- we got this one!
Pies20: I punt with ubet anyway
MrWalrus: I got Ridley r1 too, last year, got burnt, never again I said…. *sigh*
kascadev8: why has 1 clanger meant that mcgrath goes from 97 to 87? give him his points back
hithere: Z merrett literally just layed a clearly effective tackle not registered. Had 1 last qtr too. Get new stat provider afl
Pies20: Keep going shiel v rankine in dt up by 18
Nuffman: that hurt
Baldfrog: Ok pies 20
Baldfrog: Ok pies20
SC-STAR–: Come on dons HERE WE GO don’t let me down
DrSeuss: Greenwood – 1 big quarter would be nice
Raspel31: Yep Nuff- but plenty of time to go.
beerent11: Kascadev towards the end of each quarter they do scaling and some players lose points.
BigChief: Suns to win by 14 With Weller to kick sealer.
heppelitis: far out one bloke in my league 2334 and rising
ajconodie: Glad I offloaded Budarick last week.
Napper: What are you guys getting this week, what’s par?
Baldfrog: Budda goin this week for sure
Apachecats: Parish to kick sealer and bombers by 6.
Raspel31: Give me his address heppeltis and I’ll go around with the boys- nothing more said.
Apachecats: One is allowed to dream.
kascadev8: ah thanks @beerent11
gazza39: 2200, been a good round for me
Water: im getting just over 2000 napper i think thats roughly par
V@lks: Cmon McGrath, Parish, Luko! Need a big qtr
Nuffman: @Raspal: sincerely hope so
beerent11: Does anyone know if wicks was named on field?
Baldfrog: On 2224 with Rankine and budda but only 18 count
MrWalrus: Who said they’re getting rid of Rankine this week? He’s looking like final upgrade at worst for me
heppelitis: Amigaman playing him lol…not a word of a lie!!!!
boxy36: Come on Dev Smith, I hate that I’m relying on his score for a win -_-
kascadev8: im getting about 1970 i think, no gawn jelly or whitfield so im happy
beerent11: About 2080 here
CozzieCan: On 2055 and climbing
Thomas1234: 1714 with riddles and greeny
Silz90: im 2042 with rankine, smith, riddles. not sure how many total players i have
beerent11: He’s my second last upgrade walrus. Defender rookie hasn’t risen enough yet so rankine goes up
Raspel31: About 875 but relying on Rankine and Ridley to blow things away.
MercAm: Need Ridley to stay below 122 for the win
Silz90: who is number 19? bring out kermit the frog
Tangent: Sam Day put the muppet on now.
Woodie22: Hey guys. Not watching the game so wondering where’s Miller playing.? His scores low for him.
boxy36: 1809 with Greenwood and Smith – been a rough week gonna be dropping a long way this week
Tangent: Nevermind it was Corbett.
BigChief: @beerent named FP
MrWalrus: Around 2050 for me, seems decent in my league, of course playing guy on track for 2250
pcaman2003: On 2174 with Greeny,Riddles and Rank in my final 18.
Water: woodie he is tagging mcrgath
Tangent: @Woodie I think Miller is playing on McGrath. Kind of a tagging role.
Silz90: woodie – absolute spudding it tonight only 78% tog
Ash777: all that work undone lol
MrWalrus: Nice beer, musr be travelling very well
Woodie22: Cheers Tangent
beerent11: Cheers bigchief
Raspel31: Pride comes before a fall Adele.
GobChuck: Rids Shiel Snelling Luko Greenwood all should jump my lowest scorers thankfully
Apachecats: No teams up on AFL site for tomorrow ,no updated injury lists either.
Woodie22: Spuddin it big time Silz
pcaman2003: @Charlotte. Hopefully the fall will be after my GF win.
BigGryan: need a ridley 140 to win my league match come on big man
kascadev8: @Apachecats, apparently alir is out for blakey, or the other way around, cant remember who was in last game
hokkien34: Apache, there is an article on it – Davis out, mummy rested
Raspel31: I think we all have to to ditch Gawn- double edged sword- but cash or risk?
Tangent: @BigGryan congrats on the win then.
Ash777: new debut for giants for davis.
hokkien34: Also Aliir out injured
Apachecats: Need Rankine 2 free against and i’m home in NTP.
Tangent: Sam Jacobs will be my replacement for Gawn. He will get 120
kascadev8: can rankine’s score please not move from here, i said 69 as my guess
BigChief: @Apache the teams are on club sites.
beerent11: Greenwood may be under 500k after this week 140+ breakeven
Raspel31: Apache- I went Rankine for 69
Silz90: super quiet second half for mcgrath.
Napper: I said 71 if he does nothing I’m looking good
Apachecats: thanks for teams advice peoples.
pcaman2003: Travelling at Mach3 and over 2200 now. Very happy chappy.
beerent11: Battling away walrus
Apachecats: Got you down for 97 Rasp .No correspodance etc.
kascadev8: @Raspel31 i said it first, grrr
heppelitis: geez mcgrath 16 points for half will cost me win
BigChief: @pcaman how did you end up last week?
DrSeuss: Remember when Greenwood would have like 6 – 10 tackles each game….good times
kascadev8: mcgrath and ridley lets go boys, get me some points, carry me to a 2k score again
BigChief: Cmon Rankine 1 tackle and get 77 🙂
Apachecats: Go Bombers .Whoop! Whoop!
beerent11: Lookout raspel!
Baldfrog: $hit gettin real fellas
pcaman2003: @Rapel. Caught with pants around ankle
Raspel31: I know Kasca- you did indeed. Took me a week to see reason.
Tangent: That’s the game for the dons.
Nuffman: dog Harbrow
Yelse: all i need is mckernan to get a goal ffs to win 1k
Baldfrog: So nothing unusual then pcaman
pcaman2003: @BigChief. Ranked 455 for round with 2196
kascadev8: need 11 more points combined from mcgrath and ridley to hit the 2k score. please boys
BigChief: @Yesle and he just gave up a shot.
Torz: Imagine relying on McKernan for anything. Brave Yelse
Raspel31: Back to the game- carn Don’s he says in very British accent.
Thomas1234: just gave it off @yelse
pcaman2003: First to choke will be…..
ajconodie: Smith well over his BE. Might be worth holding onto until the next byes.
Gotigres: Think I just did the same pcaman 2200
CozzieCan: Cmon gc !!
Apachecats: Now for Parish to kick the sealer.
Tangent: I just lost 330 dollars… Bombers won.
thommoae: Anyone else have Zaha? says he quietly …
Nuffman: how was that not a free to Shiel?
Silz90: come on suns!
pcaman2003: Onya Gotigres. It’s a good feeling
Ash777: suns need to learn to win close games.
kascadev8: mcgrath and ridley on the bench now, ffs get on the field lazy bums
pcaman2003: Coast r toast.
Raspel31: Tangent- suffer!
BigChief: Not too bad @pcaman
Baldfrog: Said bombers would win
Napper: Ridley’s losing points every second come on mate pick it up
Tangent: Fuck me.
ajconodie: My draft is beating my classic by 210 lol
CozzieCan: 2100 and climbing cmon greenwood !!
Water: we love you ben king
Breezey: Not quite @Pcaman
Silz90: rankine winning goal/point? lessgo
beerent11: Great bloody goal
Tangent: King you amazing soul. You are a true king! You god!
BigChief: 1 more point please Rankine LOL
pcaman2003: Thanks Cief. Pretty happy overall,but that could change in this fickle game.
Napper: How has Ridley lost 10 points that is insane
Raspel31: Ah poo- who cares about your score Cozzie- come on Dons!
kascadev8: @Napper he has lost 14 hasnt he? swear he got up to 135. mcgrath has dropped 10 for me too
Pies20: And who is he@thommoae talking in riddles? Weird
hokkien34: Come on suns!
pcaman2003: Wait and see what the scaling does. Hopefully Riddles will get his points back.
Breezey: Don’t let the Suns go down for me.
CozzieCan: @Raspel hope you lose with that attitude you half sucked twisty
Gotigres: Kick the winner please Rankine
ajconodie: Imagine if the King brothers end up at St Kilda/GC together. Will be tough to defend.
Tangent: I’m on my knees now… King everything is in your hands!
Ash777: draw!
Pies20: and yes i didn’t call you tomato!
kascadev8: needed ridles to get 135 and mcgrath 112 to hit 2k, need scaling to help me now
Gotigres: cmon Rankine!
Breezey: Anything Izak.
DrSeuss: How was that not in the back?
Baldfrog: Half sucked twisty hahaha love it
Ash777: rankine!
Raspel31: Hmmm?
Pies20: how long left?
Tangent: No way! Who called this?
BigChief: draw
MercAm: So selfish lol
StuL: Hurry up Rankine. Wtf was that?
Ash777: lol it’s a draw
Social: Fair result
wadaramus: Had to go the screwy.
scboy123: all rankine had to do was register a score :/
DrSeuss: Ellis had Greenwood open with a handball and kicks into a smother. Selfish knob
Baldfrog: Great game
pcaman2003: Hahaha!
Social: 73 apiece, each of two, the former and the latter
beerent11: Everyone’s a winner! Yay!
kascadev8: thank you for the smother mcgrath, that helped me so much <3
Poliyagon: I called rankine for 87 so we’ll see how scaling goes
ajconodie: Why didn’t ellis snap on the left?
Pies20: You copied me @poli remember
pcaman2003: Ended up on 2224 before any scaling. Stoked!
Apachecats: Probably no scaling in this one.Will wait though.As it is ConiglioSSN is on 85.and looking good.
Tangent: Rankine you idiot.
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. Were we NTP with our 83?
88360: Where did Ridley go
Apachecats: NTP final result at start of tomorrows
Apachecats: *game.
Apachecats: teachertony went 86 ,rathain went 84.
GobChuck: Thank you Shiel for signging off a ridiculous week. 2295!
pcaman2003: Poo on you Apache. Spoilt my good night now.
ajconodie: I went 84 too. Must not have posted.
pcaman2003: Gr8 score GobChuck. Podium finish I think.
ajconodie: It did post. But scboy123 got in before me anyway.
Apachecats: sorry ajc got you on 84 also
MercAm: Nooooo I lose by 1 point
MercAm: Dam you Ridley ya couldnt just stay under 122
Apachecats: Close but no cigar PCA
88360: Gobchunk, team name?
pcaman2003: Cheers Apache. Nighty night all

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