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Chat log from R11 of 2020: Adelaide vs Collingwood

Chat log for Adelaide vs Collingwood, R11 of 2020

ajconodie: Game starts at 6.35pm FYI
wadaramus: Carn the Crows, surely a win tonight?!
BigChief: FFS Draper out managed.
wadaramus: AET ajcondie?
bagger2217: might downgrade from Cameron to Draper
wadaramus: Sorry, ajconodie 🙂
kascadev8: @BigChief yeh im the same, got rid of conroy to use draper.. hopefully back nxt week
MrWalrus: This naming teams 24hrs before the game is AIDS for fantasy footy, used 2 trades to get guys who’ve been dropped
MrWalrus: Had to go early due to needing to cash out lions, tiges & port players so couldn’t hold trades
CozzieCan: Big game from laird & Grundy coming up
Rathain84: Hi All. Hopefully this game is more interesting than last nights
heppelitis: Always was going to happen BC coming back from ACL…dont want another broken Joey D
Tangent: Crows by 4 in a thriller!
Pies20: what time it starts?
DropCox: Traded Cameron to Draper last week for ‘ruck cover’. Draper managed and Cameron recalled. You can’t make this up.
teachrtony: I got caughtlike that with Watson from Freo. Sucks!
Pies20: afl site says now?
CozzieCan: Stats frozen or just me ?
poolboybob: Just go ahead and put the potato on Crocker now
Cottees: They’re playing now. Site is behind?
CozzieCan: @Pies on now
Valorlonga: Frozen
BigChief: Yet another poor decision from the umpires. Adams kicked that.
teachrtony: They should at least name the next day’s side before the game and not wait til six.
wadaramus: Frozen Cozzie.
heppelitis: upmire error to get things underway nice
teachrtony: Frozen
Joel20: Do emergency scores still count towards best 18 even if they aren’t covering a player?
AuroraBore: ah, good start umps
Baldfrog: Blow the final siren NOW
JustinS69: says 7:10pm start up top right – might be the problem
amigaman: Start time shows 7:10. Whoops!
BigChief: Laird playing midfield and has 3-4 disp already.
Cottees: haha first goal from a free that was not there. classis
FLAG: minty, curfew starts at 8pm – pedal faster
Joel20: Do emergency scores still count towards best 18 if they aren’t covering a donut?
CozzieCan: Cheers wada
Avarax: no joel
Trindacut: queue the whinging from wobble fans
BigChief: It is best 18 on field.
Valorlonga: Laird and Smith on 21 DT
heppelitis: m0nty is like the Wizard of Aus behind his little curtain..pedaling hard
kascadev8: draper please be back in next week, and then play a month straight, need the cash
cwall66: What’s the go with the stats?
BigChief: Stengle kicked 1st goal
Tree Fiddy: please go large grundy!
wadaramus: I don’t want to incite a riot, but it was fairly hard to see if Adams kicked it or not?
Pies20: Well this is annoying
Tangent: Why are my stats frozen?
CozzieCan: All I know is Laird is on fire
Valorlonga: Grundy 4 hit outs 2 tackles
casey22: Last night delayed Kayo broadcast; now this!!!! wtf?
amigaman: Somebody wake Monty up
Pies20: hope he did @wada can’t see flower all heading to the radio
Apachecats: Adelaide players are locked already , trying to swap ridley off bench for Doedee and he’s locked grrrr.
wadaramus: It’s OK, we all know m0nty is doing his utmost to remedy the current situation!
SC-STAR–: move to footywire
kascadev8: what do we think grundy and scholl are on rn?
BigChief: Pretty clear on foxtel Adams kicked it.
casey22: Gald I wasn’t relying on m0nty’s start time for late changes
wadaramus: Just enjoy the game, on TV, on radio, or on here!
Tangent: Should get -5 points for that shocking mustache.
wadaramus: Ultra slo-mo BC?
js19: Start time of the game is set wrong. Says 7:10
Apachecats: Just read the chat ,I gather this has started.
TeamRMPG: Thanks SC Star
Torz: Schoenberg with the burger icon physique.
wadaramus: Game on Apache!
BigChief: @wada nope live view was clear he kicked it.
Apachecats: m0ntys obviously going by the 7.10 start.
Ooost: 6:10 start for this game.
CozzieCan: @oost 6:05 on Foxtel weird
wadaramus: Oh well, i’ll take the charity BC 🙂
kascadev8: hope sholl and grundy can go well for me
Tangent: Laird on 34 points!
Pies20: Crows are on tonight up by 7
wadaramus: m0nty is having dinner thinking he doesn’t have to check in for another half hour!
casey22: m0nty still ate dinner, having another wine or 2
heppelitis: doedee 17 sc scholl 4
Apachecats: Any one got m0ntys number.
BigChief: Stats back up Well done @m0nty
CozzieCan: Cheers Monty love ya work
heppelitis: grundy 8
scboy123: Evening Gents, gotta say 6.35 has to be the worst start time out there
BigChief: @wada Crows best team so far
Apachecats: Grundy on 9 ,groan.
cwall66: Good to see Schoenberg on -1 lol
Ooost: Here go!
exatekk: *bronx cheer*
m0nty: was bathing my kids! Sorry about that chiefs.
Ooost: Grundy, Maynard, Laird and McHenry with E via loophole for Neale
Poliyagon: McPherson, Schoenberg, Grundy and Cameron.. Need Dodo and laird to stay low!
kascadev8: good start from sholl who is on my bench, very nice
Bezzina: Went Cripps over Laird, ffs
wadaramus: Started well BC.
Baldfrog: Bathing JackWatts m0nty?
BigChief: Family 1st @m0nty
exatekk: all good m0nty. Crows will get a bath tonite too!
Gandhi: Huzzah! m0nty returns
wadaramus: Haha, fucken hilarious m0nty!
J.Worrall: Had the start time wrong, minto!
Tangent: Players start humping the ball when tackled…
CozzieCan: Laird almost superman
pcaman2003: Frig! Just realised the game is on after thinking it was on at 7.10
Ooost: I went Starc to Laird, looks like a good decision
wadaramus: Not Robinson Crusoe there pcaman!
J.Worrall: How old are the kids now, m0nty?
kascadev8: how much is laird? could drop mckenzie and pickett for him
heppelitis: @Tangent. Most arent able to root in the Hub
wadaramus: Gee whiz, McPherson off to a flyer!
casey22: Great monty: we could wait till you tucked them in & kissed them good night
Beast_Mode: mchenry always starts well, then does f all
wadaramus: Nice one hepp!
pcaman2003: Have Laird,McPherson.Dodo and Schoenberg
CozzieCan: @Casey don’t have time for mOnty to visit his 8 wives & 15 children , footy is on sunshine
Cottees: I have mcpherson on my bench haha yay
scboy123: Damn was gonna get Laird D6, was hoping he didnt go too big over next 2 weeks lol
shaker: Big worry Crow fans Razor umpiring he loves the Pies
GobChuck: Laird McPherson Doedee Keays Grundy tonight, cmon Brodie keep up
scboy123: at least i started McPherson, 1 shining light from adelaide
pcaman2003: I suppose 3 out of 4 not too bad,but gee McPherson,pull yourself together
CozzieCan: Laird superman
heppelitis: wonder woman icon for laird
pcaman2003: Oops! I also have Grundy.Lift big fella
BigGryan: mcpherson grundy cameron ruscoe
Baldfrog: You’re game taking Brodie gobchuck
GroupOne: Laird, Crisp, Grundy, Brought in Sholl.
amigaman: Grundy awful, glad I took Neale’s score
wadaramus: Yes indeed Cozzie, cape time m0nty!
kascadev8: i want to bring laird in, but he hasnt had his bye yet 🙁
AuroraBore: I am very worried
Malaka: Rory Laird’s eyes are way too close together.
Poliyagon: Mcpherson lets GO!
Rathain84: Don’t worry Aurora crows run out of breath at 3Qtr time
Rathain84: Thats when the fans leave too
CozzieCan: @malaka weird looking bloke , im not flash hot either .. but he’s something else pmsl
Donzoes: cheers schoenberg, amazing work
Apachecats: Welease Wupert.
pcaman2003: At least Schoenberg won’t be in my best 18 at this rate. Thank goodness!
BigChief: Any chance of Coll scoring? LOL
Baldfrog: Lol you invented tarps Rath
Malaka: Nah, welease Gwundy!
Breezey: What’s the multi tonight @Donzoes
Apachecats: This reminds me of last nights game.
Fatbar5tad: Laird off. WTF Nicks
kascadev8: need your guys’ opinion. brayshaw to finish my mid or ryan to give me a D5?
StuL: Was liking Laird after last week in the mids. But do you just have to get bye guys from now on? Probably
pcaman2003: Laird on now
CozzieCan: Who’s on the bottom of the ladder again ? Can’t tell hmm
MerleDixon: Get wills off the ground and bring on the BEAR
Apachecats: When are the rest of the byes any one?
Breezey: Every game we struggle to score. This game no exception
Nuffman: opponent had Fyfe and Brayshaw last night.. Need Laird and Adams to match tonight
Fatbar5tad: Should be 2 points for a falcon just for fun.
BigChief: @Apache they will be in fantasy finals. rds 14-16
Malaka: @Apachecats The rest of the H&A draw to be announced later this week.
Rathain84: Hopefully Port are playing Pies soon on this form
Ooost: Only taking bye already gone guys then
pcaman2003: I’ll settle for Laird ,Dodo and McPherson doing well.Schoenberg dead to me in this one.
stemy1243: Laird back to 2017 SC form
BigChief: Lynch done for the night
Apachecats: Thanks BC and Malaka.
Snarfy: TWANG! There goes another hammy.
CozzieCan: If Collingwood lose this , bucks to flowering mental
Breezey: Stephenson needs to get involved. Need goals somehow
ajconodie: The only positive Ic an take from this so far is Perth to Brisbane to Adelaide within 8 days and playing our reserves.
BigGryan: ruscoe and cameron need to pick up come on please
cmperrfect: Looks like they pulled Lynden Dunn out of the Collingwood cheer squad haha
blonde0na: jesus christ Dunn is a UNIT
ajconodie: Onya Jerkle
CozzieCan: Lmao @cmp
wadaramus: Crows are not able to use the footy with any purpose. Hopeless!
Nuffman: Oh Monty… that pun was delicious
Cr1cketeer: This crowd must be blind to not agree with that 50.
StuL: Since when has C’wood had a 40yo old with a mullet? Oh, it’s Dunn
Apachecats: Time for Nearest the Pin ,Grundy again . Apache goes 112.
Pies20: Pies not much better at the moment @wada
Breezey: Grundy 122
Donzoes: 103 Grundy for me
StuL: OK why tf not did I get Laird? He was on my list.
Avarax: 103 please apache
Apachecats: Current title holder is NewFreo Fan.
StuL: Grundy 111
bagger2217: I say Grundy 96
Avarax: 106, donzoes beat me to it
wadaramus: Crows are so unbelievably inept.
Gotigres: 98 for Grundy
CozzieCan: Grundy 132
teachrtony: Crows kids will tire so Grundy 138 please
kascadev8: @Apache can i have 109 please
Bluebagg11: 109 please
Poliyagon: slow tf down laird pls!
pcaman2003: Laird in blistering form tonight. Will need an ice pack to coll down his exhaust
ajconodie: Grundy 101
scboy123: I reckon 119 for Grundy
RooBoyStu: Grundy won’t raise the bat.
StuL: If you were doing Laird, 200 and something.
Breezey: Is this the fastest SC ton ever.
AuroraBore: Grundy 126
Fatbar5tad: Tay Tay Collingwoods best.
Water: Grundy 101 please apache
wadaramus: Grundfos 95.
MrWalrus: 113 for me please
Water: damn make that 104 please
Pies20: Flower me
kascadev8: @Bluebagg11 sorry 🙁
casey22: Cape for Laird?
Ooost: Was close with my opponent, Laird and Maynard will secure it now.
Fatbar5tad: Grundy 107
ajconodie: That was Grundy’s first kick.
st_steve: 88 for Grundy
pcaman2003: Grundy to fight back. 115 for me
wadaramus: Wow, what a cracker game of footy…
CozzieCan: @casey he got one last qtr lol
BigChief: Cmon m0nty post my NTP guess
RooBoyStu: P plate icon for Ruscoe? If ya don’t his mum will fire up lol
Bluebagg11: Grundy 99 please
GobChuck: 121 Grundy for me, he’ll eventually outwork ROB
circle52: 108 for Grundy
kascadev8: @Apache did u get my 109? boutta go get some food
Apachecats: NTP closing soon.
Napper: Great kick Broomhead that’s why we brought you back in!
Nuffman: Laird to double ton please?
Bluebagg11: All good kascade
BigChief: I guess I can’t get a NTP guess as m0nty won’t post it.
Apachecats: got you Kasca
cogs94: 109 for laird, holy. Only 82% TOG too, so 109 points from 26mins of footy
Baldfrog: 114 for Grundy for me
hinsch: grundy ntp 112 for me
wadaramus: Must be a format that is on the banned list BC.
Cr1cketeer: We’re not gonna play a good game til after we get a bye at least
wadaramus: Sometimes i have to spell numbers to get them through.
beerent11: Good to see the riddler named for tomorrow
Apachecats: NTP closed 25 entries.
Baldfrog: Chief what have you done to pokerface?
Apachecats: Bluebagg you can only have one entry ,do you want the 99 or the 109.
Tangent: Any other crows fan want to knock out the umps?
MrWalrus: Feeling better about wasting trades on dropped players now because trade 3 was for Laird
GobChuck: Grundy 51 is pretty nice though
MrWalrus: As a neutral I want to knock them out tangent, massively in pies favour so far
Fatbar5tad: @beerent too right! I was worried about the Riddler.
Tangent: Hahahaha bloody umps this year I tell ya…
Baldfrog: I want to knock out the umps in every game. The game is horrible these days
Apachecats: Bluebagg I’ve given you 99 ,109 was taken.
beerent11: Is robbo always drunk?
Desi: Grundy just warming up 130, Pies will win easy.
Baldfrog: Lol beer probably
Fatbar5tad: 107 my call but my internet lags like a mofo
beerent11: Is your remote broken baldfrog?
Pies20: not sure what is worse loosing to the crows or watching the 2muppets on tv commentating who the flower are they i think
Fatbar5tad: Yeah Pies wont lose. Tay Tay will see to that
Baldfrog: Mine to fatbar
Apachecats: Got you already Fatbar
Tangent: I have no faith in the crows.
Pies20: robo and another Muppet glad i don’t have fox flower me TV at it’s best not
GobChuck: McPherson tonne up you bewdy
Foursuits: Crows will finally win one
GroupOne: @Apachecats 126 Grundy
Apachecats: Too late Desi ,give you an honourable mention if he gets 130 .
Baldfrog: We’ll be right tangent just feel for pies20 if we win
Tangent: Get these flogs off my screen NOW
CozzieCan: The guy in the blue suit is a real flowering tosser
Apachecats: Closed Group one ,put you in the late entry sectio.
Pies20: anyone watching this shower??geez what the flower amateur hour at best
Desi: Cheers Apachecats.
Baldfrog: Whately is a wonder of the highest order
Baldfrog: Wonker *
PIE WAZZA: funny how Grundy go hist 7yr Contract & now seems he couldnt giv a ph#
CozzieCan: Grundy 50 point qtr coming up , I can feel it in my gizzard
wadaramus: I can’t look away Pies20 🙁
NewFreoFan: Been a while since I’ve watched Robbo talking, is he all there? Just rambling nonsense
Baldfrog: Pie Wazza he doesn’t need to money already in bank
wadaramus: That”s what happens with long term contracts PIE WAZZA
Fatbar5tad: Hes just knackered Wazza. Same as Goldie right now. Would love to Grundy at the Cats. Nuc Nat beat us almost on his own.
Fatbar5tad: What about Laird NTP?
Social: Is Jaidyn hurt? Usually a big first half player
Pies20: Massive wonka same as robo @baldy
Apachecats: next time fatbar
CozzieCan: Does bucks blink far out
Pies20: was talking about the half time analysis from the 2 hacks not the game @wada
casey22: I reckon with Robbo it depends on the time of night he’s on!!!
88360: Adams got 14 points for a clearance?
Apachecats: Glad Imissedthe lockout now ,got oh Da doo dah day on the field.
wadaramus: Haha, I am listening to the analog radio.
Apachecats: Grundy suddenly looking a lot better.
Social: Missed out on Schoenberg with the early start… phew!
Social: Ah Jaidos there you are
Pies20: Kaarn pies!!
original: Picking crisp Over maynard when howe went down has hurt all year
Tangent: Collingwood flogs.
amigaman: At this rate Keays will be on zero by half time
hokkien34: Do the trades drop back down to 2 at the end of this round?
ajconodie: @Tangent is off on himself.
thommoae: Please Pies – ‘Kaarn’ is always spelt ‘Caarn!’ in the best company.
ajconodie: I wish my draft side was my classic side. It is far superior.
Napper: I swear Laird hasn’t earned points for anything he does
Cr1cketeer: Umps have lifted. Even Razor’s not looking like a complete spud
wadaramus: Crows skills really bring the high quality football..
valkorum: laird has more tackles than anyone else in the game – yep, done nothing
Baldfrog: Frees 14 to 7 guess which way?
MrWalrus: Umps are crucifying the crows
Pies20: OK tomato what ever
beerent11: Gee Schoenberg can’t get near it.
wadaramus: This footy is almost making my eyes bleed.
pcaman2003: They should play Laird in the middle permanently. He’s keeping in this,if only just..
wadaramus: I might have to turn the telly off.
Pies20: the way they should go @baldy?carn pies!! That better grammar tomato?
kascadev8: come on adelaide, get a win
bagger2217: c’mon Maynard, keep going
Apachecats: Spoke too soon on Grundy -doing nothing.
BigChief: Have Adel come out after 1/2 time?
beerent11: Schoey on the move
GobChuck: c’mon keays and crows get up lads
MrWalrus: @valkorum, I think he means should have more points and I agree
Napper: Come on Sholl at least 55 by the end of the 3rd please
monkebuket: for SC during byes do bench players still need to have the E on them
jbjimmyjb: im glad i got ruscoe and didnt get schoenberg
beerent11: Resting forward apache
Fatbar5tad: Fogs just smashed Roughead
pcaman2003: Give Laird the atlas.
Apachecats: Party in Sidebottoms room tonight.
Social: cant believe I’m missing the masked singer for this
NugzNiggle: So glad I brought sidey in, Instead of Adams.
BigChief: @monk yes they do.
LuvIt74: Laird, Maynard, Grundy, Noble & Schoenberg but ive got no chance of scoring ok
LuvIt74: Oh and Cameron
amigaman: Keays -5 for the quarter
Apachecats: monke yes ,and they have to get a run to count.
stemy1243: Inspire empt
Breezey: Yeah silly Nugz. Uncle Aus did the same.
Nuffman: gee whizz… quack quack much
monkebuket: thanks chief
beerent11: Jbjimmy schoey might pass him yet
wadaramus: Sidebottom you downhill skier, do something!
CozzieCan: Laird you beauty
kascadev8: have adelaide turned into brisbane goalkickers?? only inaccuracy. feel bad for laird and doedee
Apachecats: Restings a good description for it beerent
wadaramus: I can’t comprehend how insipid Adelaide’s skills are. It is painful to watch.
Ash777: crows deserve to lose now.
Raspel31: I have chosen to break my silence but I have nothing to say.
monkebuket: i have a grundy sitting on my bench with no E
CozzieCan: Laird for Brownlow hahaha
The39Steps: Seriously, how can a club’s football director commentate on a match that his team is playing in? I.e. Roo
wadaramus: Say something prophetic Raspel..
Nuffman: Noble uses the ball quite well… Pies should really try to utilise him a bit more
kascadev8: who said adelaide are gassed out by 3qtr time? because it looks like you are right
Pies20: Go you pies!!
GobChuck: keays -5 for the term off an effective disposal and a free against ….grim
BigChief: How did you manage that @monk?
Tangent: Get Fisher McAsey out the squad! This kid is awful! Day in day out!
Nuffman: who said Laird didn’t deserve his SC? most Disp. Most contested, most clearances…
Rathain84: That was me 🙂 But I was just being a jerk
Nuffman: and equal most tackles
Raspel31: Not all teams are born equal.
BigChief: @Kasca 3/4 time? Looked like 1/2 time this game.
Tangent: Yep. That’s the telly off.
Ash777: congrats on winning against the lowest team on the ladder pies fans lol
Nuffman: haha Raith all g
ajconodie: @Nuffman nobody did. I think someone said he wasn’t being rewarded.
CozzieCan: @Ash they haven’t won it yet lol
wadaramus: Well, Adelaide are unbelievably pathetic, why do I keep tuning in..
Apachecats: Cameron was on 15 last time I looked.
ajconodie: @Ash777- What brought that comment on?
Fatbar5tad: Reeled a few in Portie 😅
wadaramus: 11 scoring shots to 9, we are just a pathetic excuse for a team of footballers.
Breezey: Geez Ash. What do want from us. Say sorry.
Cabri44: Cameron went from 44 to 66 for that goal
Apachecats: Swarm of people going to be around the mark in NTP Grundy by the looks of it.
kascadev8: im really liking Tom Doedee though, between him and brodie, if they werent playing adelaide would b 10+ goals down
wadaramus: To 8, I am just a pathetic excuse for someone who can add up.
thommoae: Pies please ‘Go you’ is always spelt … oh, wait.
oc16: Well it was fun while it lasted
heppelitis: Not good enough Sholl you were told to get to 55
Tangent: Lynch is a big time player. If we had him I would of thought it would’ve been closer.
monkebuket: @bigchief – with much stupidity
Water: bringing in lynden dunn next week good looking rookie
monkebuket: didnt realise the time, traded went thru just in time to be locked out
Raspel31: Adelaide would be a far better team if they had better players. One of life’s conundrums.
BigChief: Roughy done
Breezey: Cheap as chips @ Water
Pies20: Tomato please power off oh wait nah power off
wadaramus: Now that is prophetic Raspel 🙂
Poliyagon: Lift grundy and McPherson!
Pies20: or is your name cameltoe?
Gotigres: Wonderful Cameron
BigChief: very nice @Raspel
Tangent: Good job son! Would of been nice if the knee cracked his head.
DrSeuss: C on Adams and Laird (opponent) will probably out score him on his own
AuroraBore: I think we lose this honestly, even still
Ash777: first round pick. do they go a tall or a mid?
twinpeaks: Bailey Smith to Laird this week methinks
Tangent: You delusional collingwood fan.
wadaramus: Crows are so deadset fucking hopeless..
Rathain84: Draft is going to be a lucky dip this year surely
BigChief: As soon as you bring Laird in he will be put in the BP again.
pcaman2003: Happy with Laird,Dodo,McPherson and Grundy
Pies20: good goal Collingwood is this better tomato??? You flog
BigChief: Someone needs to read the site rules about abuse.
GobChuck: What a week…….Wines Zorko Neale(VC) MaCrae and now Laird
DrSeuss: That’s the issue BigChief. Who is coming back that would push him out though?
Poliyagon: Is there any reason to grundy’s low scores apart from the rapid games?
Tangent: Still think your going to lose you muppet?
Nuffman: Chief: you really expect a Pies supporter to know how to read? lol
thommoae: Sense of humour? Easy there fella 🙂
twinpeaks: What are everyone’s trade regrets this year? Mine, taking Yeo over Adams, Dunk over Crae
wadaramus: Well that holding the ball really adds to the umps looking after the pies? 17-9?
twinpeaks: And trading Brayshaw and Greenwood out for Ebert and Parfitt respectively before they went bang
pcaman2003: @Wada. I’m just glad there’s a team going worse than!
BigChief: @Suess the coach will make another error.
BOMBRBLITZ: good for me that Maynard stopped
ajconodie: Why so angry, @Tangent?
Avarax: inclusion of cameron, and shower midfield around him
wadaramus: Fuck me pca, I don’t know if i have ever seen a more incompetent team!
Gotigres: Wonderful Cameron
Pies20: been on here for years @chief if people can give it out they should be able to take it
AuroraBore: Trading Doedee out for Hurn
kascadev8: doedee done his hamstring again. oh boy.
pcaman2003: It’s hard to see Cox getting back in now. Back to basketball me thinks.
vartic: @twinpeaks Andy Brayshaw -> Simpkin in round 4 I think it was
BigChief: @pcaman didn’t Haw beat Carl?
GroupOne: Doedee hammy injury
Gotigres: Ice for Doedee
Raspel31: Farquaharson over Neale twinpeaks.
CozzieCan: Who was the idiot that wanted to trade Cameron for Draper ? Jokes on you
Ash777: I wonder who will be the first team to lose to the crows?
Apachecats: Don’t start me twinpeaks.
MercAm: Has Laird, Grundy, Adams and Maynard for this, so ain’t composing atm. Also how tf did Collingwood come back and win by
pcaman2003: Not Dodo!
Cottees: No Doedee!
Ash777: damn doedee injured again
Cottees: Cameron emergency for Draper for me! YES
Rathain84: Have the crows played Bombers yet?
Pies20: not the pies @ash
Tangent: Tasmania will get an AFL team by the time crows win.
Poliyagon: my opponent has laird, but I think having Macrae and Tracca has me covered!
Nuffman: was looking at moving Noble on this week… maybe a half decent D6 for now
wadaramus: How was that not HTB, fucken unbelievable.
ajconodie: To be fair, it should be 17-8. Adams was stiff.
BigChief: What was Grundy thinking with that HB to Maynard?
wadaramus: I’m gonna say it Avarax, free kicks are fucken shit!
pcaman2003: @BigChief. Was a fluke!
oc16: burger on dunn is a bit harsh
CozzieCan: @nuffman low be still 30 something .. he’ll go up to 400k+ easily
Raspel31: Nuffman- losing Doch and keeping Noble- oodles of cash at the pointy end
pcaman2003: Best game I’ve seen from Laird. Been everywhere.
pcaman2003: C’mon McPherson and help make up for Dodo.
wadaramus: Why was that 50m? I hate AFL umpiring.
Napper: Good Sholl, free kick and 50 beautiful
blonde0na: did they just miss that Sidey tackle?
Ash777: like the tigers v lions game adelaide lost it from goal accuracy,
Baldfrog: After seeing pies tonight least I know they arnt going anywhere this year either
Fatbar5tad: Has Eleni paid a free to the Crows tonight?
GobChuck: Eleni a 1 eye pies fan?
MrWalrus: Geez it would be nice to get the same love from the umps Collingwood do
Avarax: wada…my dude. dont fall into that trap.
Tangent: Free kick which leads to a goal… Once again.
m0nty: if I didn’t give the burger to Dunn it would never be used again
Breezey: @Fatbar. Elenis middle name is Maggie. She won’t be
Pies20: might not win the flag at least we won’t win the spoon @naldy
88360: Haha
NugzNiggle: Looks like he’s had a few @monty.
kascadev8: for some reason itd interest me to see which umpires give frees to which teams
StuL: Only two decent (new) rookies this year, Sholl and Woody. Didn’t get either
Fatbar5tad: Theres one!
ajconodie: Fatbar5tad – Making up for her effort last week.
Baldfrog: Wow that’s an achievement Pies . How many spoons you got we will only have one
Pies20: @baldy
DrSeuss: Adams get off the bench – you were supposed to at least stay somewhere near Laird
shaker: Think Razors contract must be up with Pies this this
CozzieCan: Laird thank you , said a big one from you 3 comment in .. you smashed it
wadaramus: Super effort to keep that streak going Adelaide!
Napper: Is it just me or did Sholl and Schoenberg not get points for free kicks and fifties. Idk how the scoring works
Snarfy: Hey baldfrog, you can use the spoon to stir the mince at next year’s pre-season pie night!
Pies20: enjoy mate proud moment for your club plus the loosing streak great year and future ahead
Costanza: good loss Cows
shaker: year
Breezey: Grand Final, Miss Finals, Spoon. Pretty impressive work.
Rathain84: Please don’t start history debate. You know these clowns count VFL flags
wadaramus: Record breakers, go you Crows!!
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Almost Captain material if they paly him like this each week. Great stats tonight.
GroupOne: really happy with sholl trade in as D7/8
BigChief: I think Adel’s only chance of a win will be against Carl, but even that is very minor.
DrSeuss: Anyone coming in for Adelaide that will push Laurd back?
Raspel31: Enough lads- all friends here- except obviously crows and magpie fans- birds of a feather?
Nuffman: @Rath: well, incase you didn’t know, the interstate clubs joined the VFL, they didn’t start a new league like the VFA/VF
Cottees: alot of scaling to come by the looks
wadaramus: BC, we look bereft of any idea of how to play competitive footy.
CozzieCan: Absolutely agree @pca impressive to say the least
Tangent: Good job Collingwood. Hope the dees belt you next week 😉
Water: brad crouch and rory sloane drseuss
Fatbar5tad: Brad Crouch, Rory Sloane?
Napper: Ok well I have nothing against Adelaide so you guys work it out between yourselves
Apachecats: Waiting for scaling for NTP>0
wadaramus: Hey Rath, Port count SANFL flags!!
kascadev8: @DrSeuss , crouch, sloane
pcaman2003: Seuss. They’d be crazy to push Laird back after this effort.
Nuffman: there’s a reasopn VFA flags don’t get counted either
Water: apache announce NTP next game or what?
wadaramus: Hypocrisy!
Ash777: dunn looks straight from the 80s
Apachecats: should be big scale up.
MercAm: What the Adelaide came at the end of 2017 or start of 2017
Apachecats: Yeah Water NTP announced tomorrow night ,too close to call.
PIE WAZZA: one of Grundy’s worst games ever
noobcoach: Sloane and B crouch
Water: okay
pcaman2003: Sloane and Crouch are both ball butchers of the highest magnitude.
NugzNiggle: Ah well. Wolf blass grey label is the best thing out of SA tonight. Well, For me.
Rathain84: so much delusion lol. moving on. Crows won’t beat Calton this year
pcaman2003: I think the weight of Grundy’s locks are holding him back
Cr1cketeer: @Pie wazza, did u not see him against Nic Nat?
Nuffman: lol… the AFL IS the VFL, it’s not a new league, it’s not a seperate league… learn your history
wadaramus: Delusion? You must be looking in the mirror Rath!
Rathain84: I don’t count SANFL flags wada. AFL is new league not a replacement league as VFL still exists as separate entity
Rathain84: 1990 boys thats it. end of discussion 🙂
Rathain84: All you get is 2000 Nuff
wadaramus: You must be the only Port supporter that sees it this way Rath!
MrWalrus: Nuffman….. you don’t actually believe that do you

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