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Chat log from R11 of 2020: Fremantle vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Fremantle vs Hawthorn, R11 of 2020

CozzieCan: Titch & Sicily only for me , go boys
Baldfrog: Sicily and Brayshaw here
amigaman: Titch & Wingard for me
pcaman2003: Hope we don’t get flogged like the Saints. Cmon Titch,big game from you
scboy123: Titch and Serong for me, hoping a big game from Caleb with his -30 BE this week
CozzieCan: Reckon Titch might be quiet tonight lads
Tangent: Changed my tip for this game 10 times… If hawthorn wins I’m breaking something!
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Leave this chat immediately.
Apachecats: Went hawks by 27.
Oscar1968: whats with the Hawks collars? Are they turtlenecks?
NavyMan: titch, serong and brayshaw for mine and hoping Fyfe doesn’t get the ton so his b/even goes up 🙂
CozzieCan: @pca my apologies
bhg26: Cozzie, that hate speech will not be tolerated on this website
Tangent: Fyfe getting 200 now!
Rathain84: Hi All. Only got Day in this one
Bart Man: Let’s go worpedo, he played with my son when
Baldfrog: Htb not paid already hmmm
CozzieCan: Easy lads , just expressing my suspicions.. gee call me Karen
HugeHead: Do you guys reckon byes are gonna screw up sc finals?
Kidult: Titch, Wingard, Sicily and Hill for me
Water: yes huge head
Apachecats: We’re just really lucky to have a season at all Hugehead
Rathain84: how do you get your team logo in front?
JCal66: Byes have screwed sc draft finals, my league is doing it offline and giving averages for bye players
bhg26: There should be a rule on this website, no one is allowed to say anything negative that may impact a players performance
HugeHead: yeah can’t argue with you there apache
adgbubba: yes @ hugehead def gunna make it unfair
Apachecats: Hover on your name above then select options Rathain
Tangent: @rath That’s what I was wondering! I want brag about my team… Go crows!
bones351: I brought Watson in this week. Hope he has a good game and scores well ;(
Apachecats: Hope you’re another Bomber.
twinpeaks: Thinking B.Smith-> Serong, Parfitt/Rankine to Witho next week
CozzieCan: Impey new head tattoo ?
Baldfrog: Like you already Tangent
Rathain84: Got fav team 1 selected… or is it colour scheme?
Apachecats: Click the dot near your team and save it at the bottom.
Baldfrog: Did you save at the bottom Rath?
HugeHead: Whats everyones thought on bringing in Omeara. He seems cheap for what he scores.
pcaman2003: Move it Titch. Should be half a ton already.
kascadev8: come on will day and sicily
V@lks: big is your head? What sort of circumference we talking?
Water: i like this new color scheme i chose
Tangent: Test
V@lks: Or is it like an ego reference?
HugeHead: Lets just say I had a tough time measuring it @volks
DrSeuss: Slow start from Brayshaw – around the ball but not touching it
Rathain84: See if this works. Not sure about the teal highlight for score increases
Baldfrog: These deliberate oob are rubbish
Apachecats: Hey Water you finally got it well done!
CozzieCan: No Henderson ? Gee was good last year shame he isn’t playing nor back in the mild field
Apachecats: And Tangent well done!
Tangent: Up the crows!
Water: i found that you have to add your fave team as the colour scheme too! yes 1!
Apachecats: Nice work rathain.
Rathain84: Sorry to disappoint Apachecats
Apachecats: I reckon you are the only GWS Water,
Baldfrog: Rare to see a power sup in here
Apachecats: Variety is the spice as they say Rath
CozzieCan: @Rathain sorry to disappoint you but geelongs gonna smash you next week
Tangent: Go Fyfe!
CozzieCan: Apache what about Snrcongilo ?
Rathain84: True. It was actually the salty tiger fan on here that convinced me to join
Breezey: Thommoae is GWS as well.
Baldfrog: No Apache thommoe is to
Water: nah there is one other that i have seen apache i think his name is thommoae
Rathain84: Haha I pencilled the Tigers in for that thrashing
Rathain84: PS: sorry in advance for my feralness
scboy123: Serongs efficiency needs to lift damn
Baldfrog: Plenty of salty tiger fans here lol
Breezey: Titch is unique for me in this game. Let’s hope he makes good on that.
FinlaySON: Forgot about me already Apache?
Pies20: well done guys on getting your logos up even if some choices aren’t worth showing haha @huge head go pies!!
Apachecats: Picked up BCox from the abandoned pile in draft this week.
Raspel31: Who is this Fyfe?. New, worth getting in?
thommoae: Present. And let’s not forget ConiglioSsn
Apachecats: Permenantly Salty a couple of them BF.
Baldfrog: We like full sets of shiny teeth in here Pies
pcaman2003: Fyfe the occasional player Raspel.
Breezey: @Apache. I picked up Norfs McDonald from the same pile.
CozzieCan: @thommoae gave him a shoutout earlier
Spifflicat: Another here
Ash777: Frost The super muppet lol.
Raspel31: My point exactly pcaman- or can I call you Barbara?
Apachecats: Jeez another one FinlaySon ,don’t know what i was thinking.
adgbubba: that wasnt too far
thommoae: Oops. Snooze for a minute and you’re gone!
Baldfrog: Who was I again Raspel?
heppelitis: 50 mill prob to establish gws and we got 4 supporters lol
pcaman2003: Raspel. It’s Adele
nbartos: Darcy Cape??
Raspel31: Lol sweet Adele.
Apachecats: Darcy getting into Blue Moon territory.
NewFreoFan: Cape is DT
thommoae: Shucks – that makes us worth about 12.5 mill each. Worth it, guys. 🙂
cogs94: Not a bad quarter from Brayshaw there
DrSeuss: Darcy monster quarter. Brayshaw amazing – but you can use your feet too
CozzieCan: Nbartos no . Mcrea got a 77 sc 1st Qtr & 45DT no cape .. 50DT for cape
Baldfrog: Noice Brayshaw
The39Steps: @heppel, spend topped $240m one or two years ago.
Breezey: I hope I don’t jinx him but this is what Darcy can do when he is fit.
pcaman2003: The Cold icon for Hawthorn please m0nty.
FinlaySON: thommoae sounds like a few are jealous of Leon’s orange Ferrari
thommoae: Definitely out number Suns supporters … and maybe Norf/Freo?
Breezey: Noth8ng surer he will go down injured in the second.
Baldfrog: Pcaman could be witches hats at 1/2 time
heppelitis: Just plucked that out of nowhere to be honest….$60 mill per supporter haha
Baldfrog: You Gas guys want Cameron extended or replaced?
Breezey: And Dees @Thommoae
pcaman2003: You may be right Baldfrog. Very disappointing to watch them this year.
thommoae: True we haven’t hit our straps consistently. But we’re still in the mix, well and truly.
Baldfrog: Sorry meant GWS keyboard auto correct
Rathain84: oppontnent getting an extra cap bonus on titch after cap on whitfield… wtf (DT)
Raspel31: Did the Saints win?
thommoae: Have the class to win it. Bit early to cast a shadow on Leon … or his Orange Ferrari.
Baldfrog: Know how you feel Pcaman
Breezey: Not quite Raspel
benzammit: More like leons draft leaches! AFL has handed you blokes the keys to a Ferrari and Leons riding them
thommoae: True Breezey.
Tangent: I would love to see the Giants win…
Apachecats: Any one know when we get a night off?
NewFreoFan: Ryan in god tier form this year
Tangent: Is the Darcy down?
Kidult: hopefully the hawks run on Diesel slow to warm up but goes hard in the end
Baldfrog: A few Dees fans were giving me crap for taking Lever then they disappeared
thommoae: Hmmm … Lemon, Lime and Bitters for you, Benz – without so much Lemon and Bitters?
Kidult: 3 day break going into round 13
benzammit: what was the GF margin? lol North n Freo have you covered, with covid your the only team with an upwards trend in atte.
casey22: Annoying when the kayo feed is 2 minutes behind real game time
casey22: Make that 4 minutes
CozzieCan: @Casey my Foxtel is about a minute behind lately
FinlaySON: benz this little outburst wouldn’t have anything to do with Friday nights events would it?
Kidult: round 12 ends Monday 17th and round 13 starts Friday 21st
Thomas1234: Bought titch this week does he usually start this slow?
Raspel31: Hey Titch- first week- give me3 some luvin.
Baldfrog: That’s poor when ur paying for it
thommoae: We at GWS are, all of sudden, devotees of the ‘lose win before you win one’ theory.
pcaman2003: Hawks are dropping their pants and touching their toes.Ouch!
benzammit: No Tom, just pointing out the bleeding obvious;)
Rathain84: I get the free telstra subscription. Mostly ok
casey22: Cant think of a reason it would be delayed; any suggestions
amigaman: Yep I’ve noticed scores are up before possessions
Snarfy: Titch is quick tonite:)
Baldfrog: I don’t pay to watch and mine is about 2 mins behind
benzammit: No the blatant cheating has nothing too do with gunning your ignorance down champ.🤣
pcaman2003: Just glad Duncan and Stewart tonned up last game. That helps the pain from watching this
amigaman: Darcy losing points as fast as he gets them CD joke
Rathain84: mine is probably wifi is that a factor on Kayo?
casey22: Makes champion data look like superheroes
penguins00: Never write the Hawks off. They have too many great on field leaders.
benzammit: If you cant polish off the dons, without 6 key player, your no hope kiddo 😂
Kidult: Brayshaw hasn’t gone below 5 tackles since round 3 and none tonight
thommoae: Contact was there Benz. Getty Photo in all the dailies told the story.
pcaman2003: @penguins00. Normally I wouldn’t but their disposal this year is woeful.
blonde0na: Serong back to low TOG now
FinlaySON: benz especially if it is a finals game post 2004 :/
Poliyagon: Cmon Sicily pls ton
Napper: I swear I have hardly seen Sicily and somehow he is on 34
benzammit: Do you club a favour, and buy a membership, he was like a shot rabbit both contestedted the ball one had eyes for
penguins00: @pcaman2003 You’re not at your best this year but you can still beat any side on your day.
DrSeuss: Kidult – Brayshaw has forgotten to tackle and kick tonight – but will have 40 handballs lol
benzammit: The other should have been sited for staging, go Titch n Wingard night😉
thommoae: Foundation, bro. But one got there just a leetle
Ash777: brayshaw with a high TOG. Shocking
thommoae: … bit too late!
beerent11: Need a score torch has been ttrying to get back on for ages
blonde0na: @benz it’s not anyone’s fault your team doesn’t have clutch mate. GWS were ahead at the time
Baldfrog: Brayshaw can handball all night if his score keeps going up
CozzieCan: Titch move your flowering ass next half . Unacceptable from you
cogs94: Cerra is such a gun
beerent11: Hawks mids being destroyed
Breezey: Cerra earning his spot in my Draft side.
benzammit: Your right, a bit too late like Greene kicking 5 , too late !
DrSeuss: Freo will have a good midfield next year – Cerra just needs a bigger tank, Serong, Brayshaw, Crowden – good young bunch
benzammit: ya choked in the final dance lads 😉
pcaman2003: beerent. Glad you told me cos I didn’t think we had one.
Baldfrog: And they are all young Dr Suess
CozzieCan: Sicily ? More like having a happy ending Italy
kascadev8: sicily,lets go we got a game to win son
benzammit: lol Cozzie
DrSeuss: Yes might have a chance now that Lyon isn’t coaching their young guys
Kidult: Never seen 3 teammates this high scoring at HT b4
Poliyagon: cmon sicily, Steele already let me down today
Bezzina: Such a boring game
pcaman2003: We have more passengers than the good ship venus.
Tangent: Agreed @Bezzina
Baldfrog: Not the ruby princess Pcaman?
Ash777: when frost is playing good you know the other players are playing bad :p
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. Just equally as tragic
benzammit: Hawks will need too lift those stats are damming, poor work rate.
pcaman2003: Benzammit. Spot on. We’re playing rubbish footy this year.
Raspel31: Fraid so Adele. Pick it up Titch.
pcaman2003: Rsapel. Lol!
Bomber_288: Need you to lift Mitchell!
CozzieCan: Clarko infuriated with the hawks
FinlaySON: come on titch go huge!
Bart Man: cozzie dangerous day to be a coaching room wall
Oscar1968: @Cozzie Al is right, this is pretty ordinary footy
pcaman2003: Man! This is an ugly effort Hawks.
DrSeuss: Ok Brayshaw you can get off the bench now
CozzieCan: @Oscar no doubt , Clarko deserves more from these guys
Donzoes: need Titch for 25 and taberner 1 more goal pls
CozzieCan: Pop to come back in next week for hawks , hopefully gives them some run
Kidult: Hawks 28 tackles with 19 of those from 4 players is horrible
Apachecats: still only 3 goals down ,you never know.
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. We’re lacking any decent depth these days.
Kidult: 10 between 2 forwards
CozzieCan: Pca , time to get Rioli out of retirement that would be epic
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Brings new meaning to the Horrible Hawks.
NewFreoFan: Blakely done nothing this game after 23 touches last week
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Need the old firm of Mitchell,Hodge,Lewis and Sewell.
Kidult: Sicily probably be thrown forward soon
Baldfrog: Scully has been watching duckwood
Breezey: And Don Scott @Pcaman. Oops
Bezzina: Hawks can’t kick 3 goals in 3 quaters, no way we kick 3 in one quarter
CozzieCan: Pca , gee Sewell was a hard nut , loved watching him play .
CniglioSsn: Was planning on bringing in Fyfe this week, wheres he been playing? not like him to be below 100 in the 3rd Q
pcaman2003: You mean treacherous Scott?
Breezey: That’s him
Baldfrog: Not if it was true pcaman. Vic clubs have a history of Brown paper bags
Bezzina: Game over fellas
cogs94: @CniglioSsn rotating forward. Will all year now most likely with Brayshaw and Cerra coming along
V@lks: Go huuugee please Braysh!
Oscar1968: Yep, Derm thinks that Freo goal was good for the Hawks, they can attack now
Kidult: Fremantle will be a decent side when they get back their 2 defence pillars
Bezzina: Thought we learned last week 4 goals doesn’t win games. Gotta score
Oscar1968: Sam Frost – best Hawk on Supercoach. A sentence that makes no sense
pcaman2003: Oscar. Yep! Dermie is a doofus. We all know that much
Breezey: That’d be Dermies way of coaching too Oscar. Poor as they come as a commentator
AuroraBore: Brayshaw on fire! So glad i held him after a poor first 4 games
NewFreoFan: 3 Kidult, Pearce Hamling and Logue
kascadev8: good boy Will Day, lets go Sic
Kidult: Didn’t realise Logue wasn’t playing
Baldfrog: Dermie has been high since the 80s
Crave: Logue still growing but Pearce and Hamling massive ins to come
The39Steps: Blakely will be handy at the Tiges next year.
Breezey: Who had the bet with Taberner 2 snags and Titch 25. Good chance now
NewFreoFan: Need 15 from Sicily, really didn’t expect him to have a bad one
CozzieCan: Reckon Sicily goes fwd last qtr ?
amigaman: Go Darcy
twinpeaks: If Freo get rid of Webb, so they don’t have so many injuries, they will play finals
pcaman2003: This game is so shower,I can’t watch any more. Have a good night guys.Back tomorrow. Cheers!
Baldfrog: Tiges should get 50 games at the mcg next year anyway
Baldfrog: Donzoes i think Breezey
scboy123: opponent has fyfe and i got mitchell, fck
Raspel31: Night Adele.
Kidult: Fyfe and Walters up fwd in 2021 with their young mids stepping up this year will be handy to prolong the premiership win
Kidult: Window for Freo
Bomber_288: Stay down Sicily, come on Titch lift!
Avarax: can i have some of what you’re smoking kidult
Avarax: premiership windown? they havent played finals in years…
Bluebagg11: Need Titch and Fyfe to stay under 220.
Baldfrog: Kidult does get a little excited Avarax
Kidult: Just meant if Fyfe and Walters had to stay midfield they would have shorter careers so in that they will have longer
Kidult: Careers is what I meant by it
valkorum: @kidult and you havent even seen the new x factor player – Liam Henry
CozzieCan: Sicily foward
Poliyagon: Sicily up forward??
Legix: 4 more come on Sic
CozzieCan: Sicily forward , got one right if there was ever a bet
NewFreoFan: Henry is gonna be great
kascadev8: sicily what a mark
Legix: good man
Oscar1968: @Cozzie – you have Clarko on speed dial???
Baldfrog: Come back pcaman
beerent11: They should play Sicily forward
poolboybob: O’Brien is a bum
CozzieCan: @Oscar they did it against Sydney last qtr , Sicily was effective
Donzoes: 2 more titch touches please
navy_blues: i think commentators shouldnt be allowed to commentate games that their former club is playing they are all bias
Bezzina: Sicily has been our only A-grade talent this year
Breezey: Make it one @Donzoes
Kidult: Yeh Mcarthy, Logue, Hamling, the other Defender, Young, Walters and Henry to this line up will be nice on paper
NewFreoFan: And Hogan Kidult
Poliyagon: i need sicily to ton or i might lose my matchup!
GroupOne: @Donzoes @Breezey Make that -1 ! lads with titch multi’s happy campers.
The39Steps: Get Breust off the ground – fresh air thief in the middle.
Yelse: geez brayshaw keep going son
twinpeaks: Traded Brayshaw to Ebert 6 weeks ago, unbelievably dumb decision
Breezey: Looking like a stack of tons for Freo players.
Avarax: still 400 points to add.brayshaw gonna get 160+
beerent11: I was one of the muppets that started with Brayshaw and traded him
beerent11: I was one of the muppets that started with Brayshaw and traded hi
beerent11: Traded him out after 3 rounds.
twinpeaks: Yeah me too, plus I traded Greenwood to Parfitt before the week before he went bang…
original: So glad I traded brayshaw too bro’s. One of the top 5 forwards now and I traded for a loss
NewFreoFan: Jeez 1 more from Sicily and Blakely for my multi, cutting it fine
Donzoes: Cheers boys, won my multi
kascadev8: what are everyones thoughts on Bytel?
NewFreoFan: Worried about Bytel’s job security
Avarax: won’t hold his spot kasca
Avarax: zak jones comes back in next game, and he gets dropped
amigaman: Gonna be a Gun
Breezey: Bagel did well. Very well. Not sure he will hold his spot for long.
V@lks: Brayshaw star M0nty bad call on Cerra
Raspel31: Very nice thighs kascadev8
Breezey: Bytel. Seriously Bagel.
NavyMan: i’d go wicks instead of Bytel if you’re looking for a cheapie.. better job security
amigaman: Hahaha
Crave: agreed brayshaw has been better than Cerra
beerent11: Second that navy man
casey22: I know Freo arn’t this good which means the Hawks are horrible
cogs94: 33 disposals at 84% for Brayshaw – what an effort
NewFreoFan: We’re definitely better now we’ve figured out JL’s gameplan
Cabri44: Mitchell’s stats not dissimilar to Macrae’s but nearly 100 Sc points difference
ElstyBoy: Mitchell and Sic to scale to 100?
AuroraBore: No clangers too @cog, surely he scales to 150+
Gryan goat: Scaling where are you?
Gryan goat: Brayshaw to 150

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