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Chat log from R11 of 2020: St Kilda vs Geelong

Chat log for St Kilda vs Geelong, R11 of 2020

Cottees: Evening! Got Steele and Stewart tonight
FinlaySON: Evening fellas
amigaman: Howdy!
Kidult: Gday surprised Rat didn’t get recalled
Kidult: Lets see if last weeks recruits break 200 points this week Duncan and Stewart
amigaman: Looking forward to see Bytel debut
Cottees: I need Stewart to get a bigger score than Dangerfield so need a miracle
Kidult: You have a shot Cottees as Steele probably tag him
Cottees: That is true
Apachecats: Steele was my big buy of the week.Just thought I would warn you.
Cottees: I was going to get Dumont over Steele so I hope he gets 130+
thommoae: Danger’s been down on form for a while now … without a tag. Maybe Duncan for the tag?
Kidult: tonights games are tough ones to tip a winner
pcaman2003: And here we are again lads. Got Stewart and Duncan .
pcaman2003: thommoae. Don’t say that. I need Duncan free as a bird
Ash777: got steele, butler n close in this game
GroupOne: Yep @Kidult harder to pick than a broken nose. Only got cows King and Close.
Kidult: Duncan is mostly a wingman tho, don’t think you will see Steele out of the midfield
pcaman2003: Had to sit Simpson on the bench.Not ideal!
Avarax: close, king and stewart for me
88360: Too easy
thommoae: OK pca. How about ‘Menegola the tag’?
88360: Lol have saints only has 2 possessions
Ooost: Danger, Close, Sterwart
Ash777: steele is currently on parfitt atm
pcaman2003: Much better thanks thommoae
Avarax: Steele not really playing a taggers role this year. thats why his scores are so large
StuL: This is good for SC. Get the cats in
Kidult: Blicavs is starting to produce some scores
Kidult: highly durable on the park aswell
DrSeuss: Menegola going bonkers early. Tom Stewart keep it up lad
BigChief: @Avarax Steele has always got the ball even when tagging.
Avarax: yes, but this year he has played a stand alone midfield role.
rupertmarn: Is Biclavs rucking?
Ash777: blicavs looks to have moved out of defense to a wing role.
casey22: anyone know how to move the chat box to the bottom of the screen & open up the stats?
Napper: 5 disposals for 12 Stewart?
Cottees: Stewart SC score seems so off 🙁
Breezey: Pies make 6 changes. Cameron an In. Lovely
kascadev8: go the cats, stewart and duncan for me
Avarax: don’t start complaining yet guys. only been 10 mins ffs
Ash777: wtf has happened to duncan. his opponent has got him on a string.
pcaman2003: Cottees. I thought he would’ve been a bit higher too
Tangent: Phillips!
Gotigres: That’s great news Breezey
Poliyagon: Stewart, Close, Butler and Steele in this one!
Cottees: pca. Yeah me too (I am biased though) but thought he would be 20ish
NewFreoFan: Oof, not the start I was hoping for from Guthrie and Steele
Napper: No tackle for Stewart how??
pcaman2003: kascadev8. Great minds think alike. Let’s hope Duncan pulls his finger out soon
rupertmarn: Duncan gagfed
Gotigres: Good start Close but keep it up.
FLAG: keep it up close
JCal66: Napper the disposal was effective so no tackle, I’ve got stewart so I’m keeping a close eye
kascadev8: duncan what are you doing?
DrSeuss: Come on Tommy – no need to stop now.
Yelse: wheres danger playing?
Oscar1968: not much kascadev8
FLAG: danger playing with himself
NewFreoFan: Billings looks like that bloke from The Danish Girl
BigGryan: dangers gotta pick up for me please
Breezey: @FLAG. He might get in trouble for that.
Ash777: looks like scott pulled the pin on duncan on the wing and stuck him in the forward line.
Breezey: I suppose it’s OK. As long as it’s not someone else.
thommoae: Danger’s playing ‘Settlers of Catan’ in the rooms, online with Yablett, I think.
NugzNiggle: @Breezey. May need to harden up a bit.
DrSeuss: Is Bytel the rookie hero we all needed.
Bezzina: If Danger stays quiet i’ll be a happy man
Breezey: And no Di k Flicks
Cottees: Just looking at the top 5 geelong players for DT and SC is a bit annoying when you have Stewart only on 25SC 🙁
Baldfrog: Can’t keep up with all these games
Donzoes: I think so Seuss
heppelitis: Blicavs been going alright lately
NewFreoFan: Need more from Guthrie and Steele
NewFreoFan: Wish we’d kept Menegola, bloody Dockers
Cottees: Saints need more players called Jack
Yelse: why danger been up forward lately
Water: jack jack jack jack jake josh jade jarryn
Water: there is 6 jacks in this game
Avarax: they were saying managing time and resting @yelse
NewFreoFan: They’ve even got a Jack on their board
BigChief: Danger doesn’t want to be managed so playing fwd
pcaman2003: Yelse. Because we all know Scott is a ….
pcaman2003: Duncan now in the middle,finally
Snarfy: I’ve got a Jack in my car!
GOD: get your finger ready 16
NewFreoFan: Better Steele
BigChief: I have Jack in the pantry
CozzieCan: Danger into Steele , thanks Chris Scott ya donkey
Bezzina: What did Danger do to piss of Scott lmao
Yelse: danger gonna cost me if he doesn’t tone up
DrSeuss: Haha Duncan overtaken Stewart with 6 minutes in the middle. Pick it up Tom
pcaman2003: Scott has the Jack.
BigChief: You goal hungry fuck Rohan.
NewFreoFan: Why is Guthrie’s TOG so low?
Avarax: lol pca…. where did you get that leak?
CozzieCan: Never seen butler so low in SC haha
pcaman2003: Avarax. Thought it was common knowledge by now.
Avarax: did you never watch when he played for richmond cozzie?
Poliyagon: thankfully my opponent brought butler in!
BigChief: I believe this is the Butler who played for Rich. He forgot he changed clubs
CozzieCan: @avarax nah I didn’t mate hahaha didn’t even notice him ..
Tangent: Wait until Butler gets a snag…
Breezey: This Bytel looking good.
Avarax: from the bbq in the stands tangent? cause he aint kicking any goals
pcaman2003: Lift Duncan. You’re not there for a holiday.
Yelse: rohan going nuts
BigChief: Can someone please punch Rohan in the mouth.
Tangent: for fuck sake just defend the square
Pies20: got Duncan today apologies to all
GobChuck: Rohan going superman mode
pcaman2003: @Pies20. I got him in yesterday,so I’m equally the blame
Torz: Also got Duncan. Ooops.
Water: breezey sh
CozzieCan: Danger will ton don’t stress lads
Pies20: haha @pca
Apachecats: Bytel on the to do list.
Ash777: duncan probably being managed.
DrSeuss: Stewart needs to get involved down back – stop playing Goalkeeper and get a touch
Bezzina: Agreed Seuss
penguins00: Geary is tagging him. He’s going fine considering
BigChief: Not sure Geary would be in this side if he wasn’t C
CozzieCan: Danger going at 100% , I know I read that twice also
Napper: Come Steele go off these last 2 minutes please
Yelse: what is bytes in SC
Avarax: he shouldnt be chief. he is not at standard
amigaman: Selwood biggest ducker of all time. Scum
Damo07: Cold icon for Butler
NewFreoFan: Guthrie you hairy muppet, get on your bike
scboy123: quality up front the difference in this one :/
DrSeuss: Agreed Amiga – no way the tackle was high – just keeps ducking until the arm goes up to his head – then dives.
Napper: Good half so far Close, Stewart, Steele
Pies20: Pretty big quarter for Duncan dt think he was 8 at quarter time keep it going please
BigChief: Choc Donuts for Hind and Atkins @m0nty? LOL
kascadev8: butler very quit, dont mind it for now, even tho i have him
BigChief: Bit harsh on Troy Selwood @amiga LOL
scboy123: Bytel looking super juicy if he retains his spot (hes in for zak jones whos being rested)
cogs94: Hind with zero stats still outscoring Geary
Napper: Can someone tell me what Rivers BE is if you know?
Social: Good to see a low, even FK count for a change
Snarfy: 21 Napper
Thomas1234: @Napper 21 mate
Social: 26 BE for Rivers
Water: 21 napper
rupertmarn: Duncan is a butcher
Poliyagon: how can u calculate how much a price will rise. is it like $100 per point over BE? something like that?
rupertmarn: Bytel a rookie lock
Social: Interesting the footywire and tooserious differ on BE, I’ve always found tooserious to be pretty accurate
Fatbar5tad: 8utthurt Bomber. Selwood still better than any Bomber mid
Tangent: Why the fuck does my opponent have Rohan??
CozzieCan: Glad that close went past his b/e , time to trade him
Avarax: maybe cozzie. he could score a 70+ this week and then can afford to hold another week or 2
Ash777: I traded out Long 🙁
scboy123: Cozzie – trade him out for less than 100k?
Kidult: Bytel and Wicks this week look decent bench cover going fwd
CozzieCan: @Avarax that is very true , keep an eye on him .. @scboy won’t be in a week or two
Avarax: im not convinced that bytel holds his spot for long
Ash777: sneaky bet on adelaide to win tomorrow?
scboy123: @Avarax thats my concern, hes in for zak jones whos being rested…. who does he replace?
Water: probably the only way bytel holds his spot is if jones comes back in for paton and plays half back again
amigaman: @Fatbar hope it never happens, but if he ever gets his head smashed doing that, don’t come here crying
Ash777: selwood could end up like liam picken.
Breezey: Selwood been playing long enough. He’s not scared of a bit of blood
CozzieCan: Rohan has been surprisingly good
Napper: Steele slowing losing points for nothing anyone know why’s that?
amigaman: @Napper if you have no involvement your score slowly drifts backwards
DrSeuss: Come on Saints – I need the ball to at least get near Tom Stewart
rupertmarn: Well Duncan was a mistake.Thanks supercoach expertswho have never played footy
Kidult: Duncan is doing fine
circle52: Blame Scott rupert plays him out of psoition on wing insted of mid.
pcaman2003: Butler looks very lonely in Siberia.
circle52: Back where he belongs now.
The Hawker: how is getting Duncan a mistake? please explain with valid reason
Baldfrog: Bahaha why you listening to experts cant you pick your own team
Napper: Come on Steele you haven’t touched the ball the last 10 minutes
Avarax: the adelaide board certainly have struggled @baldfrog
Breezey: Alleged experts
rupertmarn: Duncan’s two lowest scores for the year ,bar injury week
Poliyagon: stewart and steele havent scored this quarter fuck
casey22: Never pick a player with a surname that is also a christian name – Howard, Steven, Duncan, Stewart
LMartos: whoever the caller/recorder is for CD in this game sucks, missing so much/entering things wrong
NavyMan: depends on how much you paid for Duncan as to whether it’s a mistake or not… 😛
Baldfrog: What Avarax? Seem norf last 20 years would suggest the same for you?
Avarax: im not the one laughing at other people telling them to do it
The Hawker: Be impulsive again and trade him away 😉 @rupert
FlyinRyan2: duncan should still ton up
88360: Rupertman, I brought him in for both those weeks
Ash777: Rohan having a blue moon time.
Breezey: Duncan second most possies on the ground.
Kidult: Port vs Geelong starting to look a decent game incoming
Social: @Ash too true, he does this only a couple times each season
FlyinRyan2: yeah same @88360
Baldfrog: Worry about your own team Avarax cant see you improving in the next 20 years either
Baldfrog: Unless ur relocated to Afghanistan
88360: What happened. The thing came and said +9 for Duncan and then didn’t give him any points
DrSeuss: Not looking good for Stewart – St Kilda not getting past halfway at the moment
ScootD: where is ryder??
CozzieCan: You beauty Dangerfield!!!!
Avarax: we might win 1 game though 🙂
pcaman2003: @Breezey. And his SC score barely moves
Kidult: @scoot late out for Phillips
Apachecats: Martin ,Harvey and James all won Brownlows.with Christian names as surnames.
Baldfrog: True but you wont get no.1 pick cause we’ll have it 🙂
Kidult: @88360 those + are added to AF
rupertmarn: Is it Jack Steele or Jack Custard?
Breezey: The way Duncan is going he will get 120
Apachecats: Big 1/4 Steele you pumpkin ,went backwards by 2 points.
CozzieCan: Geelong to pick up Fyfe next year haha
beerent11: I fear Bradley might be Close to being dropped
Kidult: Well Dt
Baldfrog: Who is scoot kidult
thommoae: Can’t really believe Norf are so bad at present. They played such a good team game to beat my mob earlier in the year.
Baldfrog: Misread it kidult
Avarax: we are not looking good. without cunnington, brown in form, we have very little depth
Avarax: ziebell out too hurts
Baldfrog: I know we have some out two but both teams are struggling
Kidult: Glad I didn’t need to predict the margin in this
Apachecats: Giving Butler away ,had enough ,free to a good home.
Thomas1234: Steele gonna drop in a couple of weeks
Baldfrog: Thought the saints would trouble them but saints look panicky
Apachecats: Went Geelong by 27 ,not enough kidult.
twinpeaks: Partiff-> Witho is an easy trade next week
thommoae: Saints – third on the ladder and looking very witches’ hattish?
Pies20: what good players you got out @baldfrog?
pcaman2003: Is Butler a Wookiee?
beerent11: Good to see Schoenberg and sholl named on field baldfrog
dipperD: just got on who’s this phillips kid?
Baldfrog: We’ll take any reject Apache
CozzieCan: Danger gun for sure ,
Pies20: got rid of parfitt 2weeks ago @twinpeaks got sucked in early to get him been shower ever since
Baldfrog: Schoenberg will be good he has no fear
Tangent: Who do you guys have for tips?
Avarax: adelaide have crouch, sloane and milera out @pies
Water: when is everyone getting rid of close??
valkorum: surely menegola gets the magnet already 🙂
Apachecats: Is he hairy like Chewbakka pca/
valkorum: @tangent I originally tipped Cats, but changed to Saints earlier today
Lynch_MOB: will simpson get back in the team next game?
pcaman2003: Big last qtr from you Duncan and Stewart.
Poliyagon: need a big one from Steele and Stewart!
Apachecats: Went Hawks in the next one tangent,
Baldfrog: Butler reminds of that kid off the Addams family
Tangent: @valk never second guess… I’m 5/5 so far, if I get 3 more I’m looking at $300
Pies20: Up against treloar pendles howe no comparison really is it??@avarax
Avarax: i think so @lynch
Avarax: for once we werent talking about collingwood @pies .why you gotta make it about you?
Baldfrog: Peddles is nearing nursing home statas pies
Thomas1234: anybody gone/going gawn to nic nat
satch7: Lynch MOB, nice name
pcaman2003: Apache. Wish I was that confident for a win
Social: Simpson just rotated out, I think he’s in the best 22 now
Avarax: im not trading gawn….nobody should
88360: Thinking
Social: @Thomas I did! See how Gawn goes after his price drops
Baldfrog: Hope so social running out of trades lol
Pies20: Better than Sloane still @baldfrog and crouch was just asking what good players geez don’t get your knickers in a knot
DrSeuss: How do you miss that throw from Danger?
Lynch_MOB: good to know lads, cheers
pcaman2003: One handed HB’s are a new acceptable thing this year. Wasn’t of the new rule.
valkorum: @tangent unless Saints pull off a huge 4th quarter turnaround 🙂
Raspel31: Why trade Gawn- you only need 18 to cover- sheesh!
Baldfrog: Pcaman so is dropping the ball
Pies20: good luck though when they come back can see them improving massively @baldfrog haha
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. No wonder people get confused,umpires included I think.
Baldfrog: Pies why you laughing you wont even make the GF?
pcaman2003: Onya Dunky. That’s more like it son
Baldfrog: Pcaman footy is at its worst I have ever seen it
Social: Duncan never in doubt
CozzieCan: Not one ton for stk …
Pies20: Will be higher than you @baldy
Napper: Wow I went Steele over Duncan great choice
SALAH: rohan you beauty. well done lad
Avarax: saints looking 2nd rate
thisbagger: This game could change the saints perspective of making the 8.
amigaman: Dangerfioeld free for throwing the ball. Sheesh
Tangent: @valk Even if saints score 2 goals I’d be suprised.
Baldfrog: So no premiership still a failure
Avarax: this is getting ugly, and will be really costly for saints %.
DrSeuss: Great to see Stewart hit the brakes as Duncan hits the afterburners. Guess who I have
Pies20: I should leave you alone @baldfrog karma will probably bite me in the alps tomorrow night
Baldfrog: Lol pies hope so but doubt it
Ash777: steele lowest score of the season. a lot of ppl must of bought him in
Apachecats: Butler got a kick everyone.
CozzieCan: Geelong this game reminds me of Richmond last year , moving the ball fast & winning positions
Ash777: no moore, elliot, treleor, whe tomorrow. Adelaide best chance to face the pies.
Apachecats: Me Ash ,I boughthim.If it was raining actresses I’d get Lassie.
DrSeuss: And now Henderson is taking kick-ins – uselss hack. Get involved Stewart
softwhitee: people start talking about steele then boom 2 intercept marks
Social: @Cozzie hard to know if its a more attacking game plan or the opposition allowing it
Baldfrog: Should be wet to Ash may help us. pies you goin?
Water: i wouldnt say u have moved the ball fast cozzie but u have had a good balance between fast and slow ball movement
pcaman2003: Butler is a Squab. C’mon Stewart and let’s get going.
Poliyagon: as someone who’s had butler since round 2 its been a rollercoaster
Napper: Only goes up 8 points though… @pca
penguins00: Yeah Cats have been very controlled rather than fast.
Napper: I meant @soft
CozzieCan: @Social don’t get me wrong m8 , St Kilda have been decent this year .. looking good
Pies20: Nah you @bald yeah going to be raining over here interesting game
Tangent: If Geelong beat the power on Friday I would back them to win the flag.
FlyinRyan2: nah saints are a bunch of pretenders
pcaman2003: Napper. His score and Duncans a bit confounding,but that’s the way it is.
Baldfrog: Can’t with restrictions not my turn sadly
Pies20: few more Duncan and close please
Baldfrog: Tangent depends where GF is played
Tangent: Eagles are on a streak as well… If it’s played at Optus I’d bet a grand Eagles will win.
twinpeaks: Has CD missed a few Parfitt tackles?
Breezey: Have no fear Tangent. It will be in QLD. Nothing surer.
Tangent: Shit season anyways.
FlyinRyan2: Nah QLD has a terrible atmosphere
thisbagger: King has had a stinker, not what I need right now
pcaman2003: twinpeaks. I think they’re still doing 1st half stats mate.
rupertmarn: GF should be in WA with their Afl history.Qland hate Afl
beerent11: Stewart is lloyding his way to a ton
Baldfrog: Only 30k capacity not so sure Breezey
Apachecats: I’ll swap you Butler @this bagger.
Apachecats: Llyoding -I like that ,a new verb to the lexicon.
thisbagger: Thanks @apacheats, really helping.
Rilian: Yin-Yang for King? Don’t think he’s touched it in 2nd half.
Breezey: You heard it here first. Trust me the AFL want to repay the QLD govt for what theyve done for all the teams. Certainty
Ash777: butler is going from my team
Avarax: didnt have a good enough first half to warrant that @rilian
Social: Chucky!
Kidult: Think Hind should b dropped for Jones and not Bytel
Tangent: How about a GF in Europe?
cogs94: What do scores generally scale to again?
Napper: If there is scaling I think they should both bump Steele and Stewart to 100 just to round it up
Apachecats: Thats a Yang -Yin @ Rilian.
StuL: How good was that?
Apachecats: Beirut could do with a boost Tangent.
circle52: @cogs total points allocatted for SC is 3300 per gamen
Oscar1968: @breezey, spot on, AFL would use the C19 to pump interstate
kascadev8: up the catters
kascadev8: stewart and duncan should be on 100 each minimum
Lynch_MOB: catters trash, will choke in finals as usual loll
Cabri44: 179 points to come
cogs94: cheers @circle52
Napper: Is scaling evenly distributed for each player or the better players get more scaling than the worser players?
JCal66: I believe it is scaled based on impact on the game when the game is up for grabs
JCal66: So I think if a saints player did a lot in the last quarter it would score less than usual coz the game was done by then
kascadev8: @Lynch_MOB didnt you lost lose to St Kilda?? richmond trash

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