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Chat log from R11 of 2020: Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Melbourne vs North Melbourne, R11 of 2020

Kidult: Mahony or Rivers E?
Ooost: Petracca, Goldstein and McKay for me.
Yelse: any late changes?
Ooost: Mahony for me Kidult
CozzieCan: Simpkin & rivers for me .. stay low Oliver
Ooost: I’m with you CozzieCan, stay low Oliver
scboy123: tracca, simpkin and rivers for me
NavyMan: without the Gawn silver service i don’t see Oliver going over 110
BigChief: Rivers will get 50ish
NavyMan: petracca and simpkin for me 🙂
kascadev8: tracca and rivers for me. rivers emergency tho. hoping to trade simp back in so hit ur BE at most simp
BigChief: WTF is that reversal for?
Pies20: goldy missy rivers trac this game for me go big goldy
amigaman: How was that not a free to Larkey
Kidult: tipped Norf without Gawn and Viney
CozzieCan: @Bigchief worst reversal in history
Ash777: simp, piggy playing with rivers on bench and no e
Napper: When did Simpkin give away a free?
Apachecats: Nearest the pin result for Cripps.1st NewFreo Fan on 95 (-2) ,2nd Avarax on 90 (-3) equal 3rd Water and FinlaySon
Apachecats: Well done Newfreo Fan on your 1st NTP.
Breezey: Oliver on the way to back To back double tons,
FinlaySON: stay low oliver, tracca and simp
kascadev8: sad i cant get clarry in this year, would need an extra 3 trades to my remaining 9
NewFreoFan: Cheers Apache
DrSeuss: Was thinking the same Napper
Kidult: Highly likely Oliver and trac can go large without Gawn and Viney taking points
pcaman2003: You there Goldy. Wakey wakey!
The Hawker: Anderson on and off tag on Oliver
Poliyagon: Simpkin and Tracca is this one
Ooost: Sam Simpson out for tomorrow.
beerent11: Bloody hell north are resting goldy too
NewFreoFan: Opponent has Higgins, need him to stay down
CozzieCan: @kidult they gotta win the ball first haha
Silz90: Simpkin, clarry, petracca and rivers on the bench for me
Ash777: really wish I bought in dumont
pcaman2003: Thanks Ooost. Really needed that. Sigh!
Water: tobe watson out tmrw
BumSniff: looks like I cant loop rivers lol
Kidult: Rich got 1 week for his tackle
Kidult: Simpson is out managed tomorrow
DrSeuss: How is Simpkin on the bench again FFS?
Kidult: Bytel to Debut
BumSniff: fuck me just bought in watson
Bezzina: T Watson – dropped for any owners 🙁
SC-STAR–: easy dub i had the c on neale and oppo had the C on gawn
pcaman2003: These day to day rolling team announcements are really stuffing up my loops and selections. Sucks!
CozzieCan: Petraccas turn to double ton
Apachecats: got him in my indigenous team Bezz.
GroupOne: @Bumsniff day b4 team line ups makes it a killer for SC as sometime you have to pull trigger.
Breezey: I’ll have to field McAsey now that Watson is out.
CozzieCan: Umpires love NM flower me
StuL: Kicked myself for not trading starc but this is why. Trading to the unknown
BumSniff: Tossed up between Woodcock and Watson. Could’ve avoided the ranga but thought he had better JS
CozzieCan: Like Simpkin with low tog , less clangers lmao
Ooost: I’m fielding Ned McHenry because of this Simpson
Avarax: also calling it that fogarty from cats was dropped and rohan came back in.
beerent11: Too bad for those who traded Gawn for a managed goldy hahaha
Avarax: whoever was saying that wouldnt happen…there ya go
Kidult: wonder what has made Mcdonald turn his game around 117.6 avg in last 3 and now this
Lawls: Just brought in Simpkin this week
DropCox: I just got Simpkin this week as well. Great start!
beerent11: Just upgraded Simpson to titch yesterday
Water: has anyone got dumont, could be POD of the year
Yelse: vandenberg lol
GroupOne: Me Too @ Lawls. Traded Viney and Curtis Taylor for Simpkin and Serong. Simpkin. Good call @ Water on Dumont flying atm
beerent11: That still sounds weird Melbourne v north Melbourne at the Adelaide oval
kascadev8: good start trac, simpkin slow down please, i need to be able to get you back in
Kidult: is there much of a crowd there?
Ash777: I think mcdonald is playing the role that pittard was playing.
kascadev8: never wanted this before, but if simpkin was to cop a concussion right now thatd actually work really well for me
Ash777: LDU going well.
Avarax: thats terrible kasca
Avarax: someone’s health for your game….shocking
Thomas1234: Great simpkin just dont slow down
CozzieCan: @kas hope you get a concussing to stop your whinging every game
Kidult: Petracca lost 2 tackles
sMiles: 1409 with only Simpkins
beerent11: Glad I kept jy
dipperD: don’t joke about that stuff kasca
amigaman: Quality of this chat room just hit bottom
thommoae: As you can see Kasca, even FF bloggers have a sense of decency; wanna join
kascadev8: again, i dont want simpkin to get hurt. worded it bad :/
sMiles: Interesting – will am 12/1409 with Petracca and Simpkins live
thommoae: As you can see, Kasca, even FF bloggers have a sense of decency; wanna join?
StuL: Come on Rivers. Need some $
BumSniff: trent rivers rookie of the season
BumSniff: Somehow Mcdonald looks to be a better pick than Docherty
Breezey: Brilliantly said Thommoae
kascadev8: @thommoae yeh, sorry all
BumSniff: Can’t believe Simpkin really thought he had a chance at breaking a petracca tackle
Breezey: McDonald isn’t playing with the weight of thousands of people on his back like Doch is.
beerent11: Surprisingly good game to watch
CozzieCan: @bumsniff reckon Simpkin plays better with low tog .. less chances of clangers & giving away frees lol
beerent11: Rivers can play just needs a decent crack
Ash777: rivers moving up
Baldfrog: Someone really needs to run with tracca he’s having a field day
Badgerbadg: Chat rubbish about rivers.. he’ll turn into a tsunami
Ash777: LDU finally looks like a player now.
kascadev8: how many people here started with Tracca? he’s a different man this year
Apachecats: Simpkin goes a lot better without the bruised heel he’s been carrying.
Badgerbadg: Dees dominating this, they’ll win easily
beerent11: I did kas
TheLegend6: Brayshaw enjoying Viney being out
CozzieCan: Anyone seen Frenzy lately ?
Avarax: i started with petracca.
BumSniff: forgot Nathan Jones existed for the 3rd time this year
beerent11: Jake lever going for three tons on the trot just quietly too
Apachecats: Unsighted cozzie. and BestCoast as well.
Avarax: people dis oliver for his kicking. are we gonna talk about how bad simpkin is?
cwall66: Gee Simpkin is a shocking kick sometimes
Water: i am hating owning simpkin, so many clangers
LuvIt74: Gawn & Viney’s out pretty much summed my round… I done absolutely Woeful
Thomas1234: Somebody tell me how Im suppose to get traccs when hes never going to fall in price
Breezey: I wish Gryan would be unsighted.
Pies20: a game goldy should dominate time to pull your head out your arse shaw and keep him on
amigaman: Kangas fumbling too much
Beast_Mode: tell me why you didnt get him in round 1 LOL. was killing in the pre season
pcaman2003: Goldy you flop.
Breezey: I’m waiting Ash777 for the Dumont tip.
Pies20: thanks for the auto corect @monty
Avarax: he deserves a rest in a game with no recognised ruck opponent @pies20. perfect time to manage his time
Baldfrog: Beast mode every other year tracca has been a trap
CozzieCan: @breezey pmsl
pcaman2003: Is Petracca a cyborg?
Beast_Mode: this year was diff, ive never had tracca before this seaosn tbh
Pies20: you are a point up @avarax wouldn’t you want the win with the ruck advantage??
beerent11: Agree avarax get over it whingers
kascadev8: assuming doedee scores alright again, and with trades running low, anyone think he could be a D6?
gingjok: Hold been shit for 3 weeks .. Daw taking his taps and less tog
Breezey: So is Jackson rucking for the Dees?
Pies20: stupid comments obviously you guys are v goldy
Baldfrog: Beer dont sound like a tigers sup plz
gingjok: *Goldy been shit
BumSniff: what happened to brayden preuss?
beerent11: Got goldy
Ash777: dumont tip? get him in. lowest he had was 80 in the first rnd. lol
beerent11: But understand footy too
Breezey: Cheers mate@Ash777. Will do. Just need the push.
Yelse: is mcdonald playing a diff position last few rounds?
beerent11: Kascadev McDonald only 20k more
Pies20: Yo
BumSniff: dumonts price and BE?
beerent11: Yo
Pies20: Kangas need the win thought they throw everything at it @beer
Ash777: last time I check dumont was 550k. He is only 3% ownage tho
beerent11: Can see both sides pies20. Can’t blame them for doing this though.
BigGryan: took a gamble with sparrow and i do not regret a single moment of it
Baldfrog: Dumont is an awkward price tho Ash. Can he maintain his average
beerent11: Footywire bumsniff. All you need to know.
GroupOne: @Bumsniff Dumont $566k Avg and BE both 105
Kidult: North need to beat Demons to help them get them down the ladder as they hold Dees 1st rounder
kascadev8: @beerent11 yeh but mcdonald is going up more this week whereas doedee is going down in value
beerent11: Witherden, lever,
Baldfrog: Yep footywire is the bible
beerent11: Plenty of value in defence
beerent11: Doedee too injury prone for me
GroupOne: Hoping Trac stays under BE 135 as plan to trade King for him and Mahony going to Wicks
Ash777: I have a feeling LDU if he stays in the team will avg 80+ for the season
kascadev8: riewoldt got off… guess thats allowed now
BumSniff: Perfect week to bring in Williams
Social: Too Serious is good for stats too, I reckon a better layout that footywire but takes longer to update
Pies20: So glad we ain’t talking about where the gf should be played @wada must be tired
beerent11: Don’t start that pies20
Baldfrog: GF don’t matter as only 40% of fans get to go anyway
beerent11: Clarry’s gonna flick the switch
Pies20: haha was only joking last night was pathetic when the game was on please pies is enough don’t add the 20
beerent11: Didn’t know Michael tuck was playing for norths half back line
DrSeuss: So this is what Brayshaw can do when he is played in the middle. Hmmm Goodwin watching?
Ash777: ldu twice wins out against clarry
Pies20: hmm maybe shaw now realises the win is more important
beerent11: Goldy is so bloody good
beerent11: I loved byron Pickett
Avarax: bailey scott afraid to kick a goal from 40m out straight in front running at goal….pffff
Napper: Come on Simpkin lift please
BigGryan: i jinxed sparrow flowering get a touch, simpkin too
Breezey: This young Jackson is going pretty well.
amigaman: Why is that flog May allowed to push in the back
CozzieCan: BigGryan>GryanGoat …
BumSniff: when was the last time rivers got a touch?
beerent11: Rivers be is 21
Napper: @BumSniff He got a contested intercept mark and kick and went from 22 to 25
Raspel31: Gawn very quiet?
BumSniff: thought he had one of 40
CozzieCan: @Raspel very quiet , can hardly get look playing in defence
beerent11: He’s useless raspel , overrated
BumSniff: lovely shove
amigaman: Obviously Kangas don’t have backs
sMiles: Bennell and Livey quiet too
Baldfrog: Yawns watching the gilmore girls
Baldfrog: Gawn *
Breezey: Bonar done. It’d be hard playing with one of them.
Raspel31: Lol lads.
CozzieCan: sMiles you for Cunnington
Social: Gawn is probly eating his second dinner about now… rude to talk with your mouth full
beerent11: I reckon rivers has been ok
Kidult: Norf can’t even beat gawnless Demons
DrSeuss: Went very quiet Jy – looking for a big last quarter please
beerent11: Despite his score
kascadev8: only just realised i have kysaiah pickett on the bench
amigaman: McDonald much improved last 4 weeks
Sugartits: Zurhaar goal for $117
pcaman2003: No Gawn, Goldy should be killing this,but isn’t.
Social: Kysaiah might get his BE
Baldfrog: Sugartits not vinegartits?
Apachecats: usually snags one sugar ,good luck.
CozzieCan: Simpkin best midfielder of the year , speechless
heppelitis: Larkey a tad stiff with his score
Apachecats: How many points for a poke in the eye?
amigaman: @Hepp not just a little
Baldfrog: Not as many as a poke in the bum Apache
Apachecats: Who said that Cozzie ,lucky to be in top 30.
Raspel31: 5 Apache. 10 if with a burnt stick.
Apachecats: Larkey getting robbed by CD mob.
amigaman: @Apache CD is a farce
Apachecats: lol BF and rasp.
CozzieCan: @apache taking the piss lol
Pies20: May as well rest goldy north are shower
DrSeuss: Another ridiculous HTB decision.
OnTheRocks: On tracca for a huge score!
Apachecats: Picked up Lever as free agent in draft this week ,obviously no one else saw him.
DanF: I don’t think McKay even had the ball!!
Avarax: he didnt dan. mcdonald had possession and refused to get it out. should be on him to move it on
kascadev8: what was pickett’s BE? anyone know?
Raspel31: I love you Kathleen. Whoops, wrong site.
DrSeuss: Come on Simpkin don’t stop now
Baldfrog: Geez Hall is soft as butter sometimes
thisbagger: Sorry I’m late bois
NavyMan: lol @ sometimes.. 😛
Apachecats: hahaha.
DrSeuss: How many times can you miss Simpkin with a handball. Also Polec is a muppet.
pcaman2003: Any chance of a mark and some kicks Goldy?
Social: 75 BE for Pickett
StuL: Tracca does what he wants
Breezey: I love you Raspel. Oops wrong site as well.
Baldfrog: Get a room you guys
kascadev8: @Social thanks, he should be able to get that with 8 minutes left
cmperrfect: Simpkin gone missing again for a change
Apachecats: You two need the Richmond locker room.
Raspel31: RetuenedBreezey- come on Simpkin.
Breezey: Can’t theres a 14 day isolation between interstate travel
Apachecats: Phew ,no Tiges in here tonight.
TeamRMPG: Simpkin is just pretending to be involved.. still too sore I recon
pcaman2003: @Apache. Not sure they’re into sharing
Napper: North are trying no to hand ball it to Simpkin
Baldfrog: Raspels on pornhub he has a live web cam
Gotigres: I’m here Apache
Silz90: come on clarry and simpkin
Avarax: higgins has played the worst 25 disposal game this year
Baldfrog: Butler is pcaman
feralmong: cover your butt Apache.
Apachecats: Bugger ,sorry for the locker room crack Gotigres.
DrSeuss: Simpkin is moving ok – getting missed by teammates at every opportunity.
Raspel31: I have already named you Esmerelda Baldfrog.
thisbagger: Was doutingo
thisbagger: Was
beerent11: Byron!
thisbagger: Was doubting trading in trac in round 3, still doubt it
Pies20: Glad they rested goldy early when the game was up for grabs @avarax and @beer well worth it
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. Hahaha!
Baldfrog: Lol thank you I’ll continue to subscribe
Apachecats: doutingo who?
Napper: Do I take rivers score or go for Close or Schoenberg?
beerent11: The rivers are flowing with cash
Raspel31: So, who traded Gawn out?
amigaman: Think BC said about 50 for Rivers. Good call
xjumpman23: What happened to Jed?
Breezey: Imagine if Larkey wasn’t there. Majak would be the leading goalkicker
kascadev8: how the flower does tracca get a kick there?? this man is nuts
Baldfrog: Hard choice Napper
beerent11: Schoenberg
pcaman2003: FGS Goldy,at least ton up. You should be mopping up points
feralmong: nope rasp. have 25 others playing
Beast_Mode: will rivers keep his spot in the 22?
DrSeuss: Yay Simpkin got a touch
Ash777: looks like simpkin wont make his be 🙁
Raspel31: Me neither feral- pure madness.
BigChief: @amiga yep I did.
thisbagger: @apacheats my iPad glitched
Apachecats: Petracca is a beast.
Pies20: where’s rooboy?
jbjimmyjb: cheers clayton
feralmong: yep Rasp its best 18 so where on the field doesn’t matter.
pcaman2003: Onya Ollie and Tracca. Good game boys
Silz90: clarry u jet
Thomas1234: Anybody have petracca and oliver?
Avarax: i have both thomas
Raspel31: My point exactly feral- can I call you Susan?
Baldfrog: Rooboy never comes on when norf lose
hokkien34: Thomas – I do! And Neale so pretty happy
Tangent: That would be me Thomas
Silz90: yes i do – im assuming few of us do. i got the c on gawn tonight
thisbagger: And we are done!
Raspel31: Well, I had Macrae and Neale- nobody is perfect.
Thomas1234: @avarax so jealous i have neither
beerent11: Here too thomas
Slicendyce: Been a real good year to have both
pedsz: Yes tom silly if you don’t
kascadev8: thank you trac
Breezey: What a flowering towel up that turned out to be
Slicendyce: Got Petracca, Oliver, Neale and Macrae – this round is alright
Avarax: i also have neale and macrae and boak. decent week for me so far
kascadev8: anyone else really enjoying watching petracca this year?
CniglioSsn: Crae, oliver and Pet with the V on Crae
CozzieCan: Peds how so ?
Water: macrae, tracce, neale, bont and boak great round so far
Slicendyce: Hoping Titch does something
pedsz: Cause they’re guns and were both clear trade in targets after covid round since they won’t have a bye
Avarax: 100% agree pedz. why more havent jumped on oliver weeks ago is beyiond me

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