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Chat log from R10 of 2020: Essendon vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Essendon vs Western Sydney, R10 of 2020

51Bewick: GWS Greene & deBoer out
Switcheyes: Let’s go dons, no more girls tick football
thommoae: Who handles the wet better?
thommoae: Draper v Big Mummy. See if Mummy can keep his FA count in single figures …
Switcheyes: I will let you know in a couple hours
NavyMan: williams, ridley and whitfield. go boys
ajconodie: Bombers in an upset.
Moona: First 5 minutes will determine if Bombers are on, or giants take an easy win
NavyMan: giants to win. bombers are a rabble
bagger2217: Tipungwuti hasn’t been the best lately
51Bewick: Imagine that from a carlton fan no less
GroupOne: Hi All, Kelly, Whitfield, Ridley and Devil Smith
NavyMan: a tad overrated Tipungwuti… Fact…
Water: up the giants here we go
bagger2217: true. Is creative tho
51Bewick: Come to make trouble have you fool
NavyMan: well he’s an ok player but the way bruce and his mates rave on he’s the messiah …. 😛
Water: i agree tipungwuti is overrated
BigChief: Haynes, Ridley, Merrett, Cogs.
ajconodie: He is the ultimate downhill skiier.
NavyMan: that’s an apt analogy AJ..
Water: anyone else have saad?
kascadev8: hope everyone had a good friday. whitfield corr mcgrath ridley for me.
kascadev8: got jelly too
heppelitis: gws by plenty
zadolinnyj: Evening
NavyMan: go big zach williams.. 🙂
BigChief: I see Ess struggling with GWS talent.
pcaman2003: Evening. Have Cogs, Whitty,Haynes and the Riddler
cmperrfect: 1 FA already Mummy
Raspel31: And so it begins again- what larks, what fun, what jolly japes.
DrSeuss: What a BS free against Draper. Where the hell is Captain Whitfield. Great to see Cogs forward again
Apachecats: You been reading Famous Five books Rasp?
Gotigres: Yeah, you need a rest now Shiel don’t you after 3 minutes
Apachecats: Same captain here seuss.
Gotigres: Draper just punched Mummy in the face!
MrWalrus: Cogs Whitfield & Smith, upgrade my score to 2100 lads!
Apachecats: No Richmond jokes OK guys.Bit embarressing.
GroupOne: Flipping Shaw ya muppett got Townsend in one multi for a goal
Gotigres: Townsend could be gone for the day
BigChief: Townsend might be done. He is very wobbly
Raspel31: You’re touching a soft spot there Apache.
DrSeuss: First time I sight Whitfield he fumbles – can only improve I guess
satch7: Haynes, Whitfield, Kelly and Cogs.. Gws are my make or break every week
Apachecats: lol rasp
Gandhi: Townsend’s ancestors will be feeling that one
BigGryan: cogs and whitfield come on do me something
Stikman35: Did McCavaney just say he’s a tough hombre
MrWalrus: Go your hardest…. like Chol.
Raspel31: This is looking like a blow out.
Valorlonga: Hows Corr got 5 mg and a clanger? Soccer off the ground??
Yelse: need cogs whitfield and riddles to go 110+
kascadev8: ridley whitfield corr mcgrath please get a move on. especially corr
Poliyagon: should I trade treloar out for Fyfe or Oliver?
Avarax: i woulf go oliver. he has an extra game in hand
spdysaint: Evening lads. What do we think will be the average this week in sc
Valorlonga: @Poli wouldn’t trust Fyfe’s body tbh
The Hawker: Both gets tagged but will go for Oliver
Apachecats: Oliver red hot Poly ,Fyfe injury risk always.
Raspel31: I’d go Titch myself- back to ball magnet mode.
navy_blues: richmond players caught holding the balls lol
kascadev8: corr out this week, williams is gonna hurt his score
Woodie22: Kascadev games only halfway through the first. You’ll be fine
heppelitis: prerequisite for number 27s to have shitty man buns
Poliyagon: true oliver might be around 660K am I wrong?
Pettiger: Zerrett having a rare good game.
Moona: You ran into his arm – said the ump
Gotigres: You are close to being on my never again list Shiel.
Raspel31: Are we watching the FA Cup final?
Apachecats: Bezerk going to repay my patience hopefully.
Pies20: haha @navy with the hopawati, chol probably hoping they win the next game
The Hawker: ive got a cheeky bet on himmelberg for first goal
Yelse: cogs get a move on
zadolinnyj: He did run into an arm spoiling the ball @Moona
DrSeuss: I swear the ball just falls to Jelly but Cogs seems to run away from it.
88360: Poliyagon. Fyfe has a be of 152 so I would wait a match before bringing him in at about 560k
pcaman2003: Way too much HB for my liking.
88360: I have Kelly, Whitfield, Haynes, Ridley, Saad going well so far
Billyt14: Thatcher playing well, hopefully keeps his spot
Moona: i know zad – but when has an ump ever said that – ever
zadolinnyj: TIPPA looking lazy. Not working hard enough with ball in area. Needs a goal for confidence
softwhitee: Merrett is everywhere atm
BigChief: Is Mumford not feeling the best? Only 1 FA so far.
DrSeuss: Both free kicks against Draper have been BS
kascadev8: im just happy that i woke up Dan Butler last night 🙂
srj2409: No learners plate for ohalloran?
Gotigres: Shiel is not running into position at all. Just spectating.
heppelitis: BC he is playing Essendon
kascadev8: townsend out for the game, anyone have him?
BigChief: Townsend in tracksuit. He is done.
NewFreoFan: Need De Boer to somehow sub into the game and slow Merrett down
boxy36: Late to this one, why’s draper scoring so poor?
GroupOne: One multi cooked with Townsend ruled out.
51Bewick: Nice armchair ride for giants by umps
StuL: Who said to trade Zerk? The months of holding paying off
Water: im a giants fan and i am bored shitless this is not good
DrSeuss: @boxy no posessions and Umps calling BS free kicks on him
The Hawker: Kick a goal already Himmels
StuL: Thanks for sucking Smith
boxy36: What a boring game so far
NewFreoFan: Cos he’s not very good and he’s given away 2 free kicks boxy36
NavyMan: has the game started ……..
BigGryan: opp has zerk and saad and ive got cogs
Apachecats: same StuL Go Bezerk.!
Apachecats: Get your colours up Water.
thommoae: Giants ahead everywhere except where it counts.
heppelitis: Every week same thing Bewick
kascadev8: i traded out zerk when he got done for something early in the year… why do i do this
Raspel31: Finding it hard to keep up with this mad scoring- who kicked the last point?
srj2409: Big balls holding Zerk at 196k for four months
StuL: We need a hero Apache. Could be the one
Switcheyes: Love seeing Stuart back in the fwd line, hopefully them dukes are what they were
heppelitis: Perryman should have been awarded 20 points for the match winning point
Water: doesnt work for me when i put in favourite team apache
Yelse: opponent has zerret Zero saad cogs kelly cogs
kascadev8: @Raspel31 it was a rushed behind for essendon
GobChuck: Jeez this is half my sc team playing tonight. Merett BZT Ridley Parish Snelling Shiel Cogs Haynes Whit…..far out
Apachecats: Are you clicking the submit button at the bottom of the option page Water?
StuL: There was just no reason to trade him out
Apachecats: Who have people got for first goal? If there is one.
Pies20: that frustrates me @water like @luvit but @luvit goes for 2teams which makes no sense either
Water: yeah i am, just tried again
bagger2217: Jelly, Whitfield, Ash and Ridley peforming for me
Water: still failed 🙁
pcaman2003: Nice one Cogs
DrSeuss: Nice Cogs – Need you to step up Captain Whitfield
The Hawker: rip
Pies20: move shiel
dezlav: Glad I hadn’t traded out Zerk-Thatcher. Should be good for some coin
Apachecats: Can’t figure it out water ,maybe m0nty can help.
StuL: Was considering Draper. Would almost have been as good as Ling
kascadev8: come on mcgrath, u share the same sirname as glenn mcgrath. so do something mate lets go
Apachecats: That was a very high ruck jump.
DrSeuss: Draper will warm up – had a rubbish first quarter last week as well
Poliyagon: need coniglio to stay low for the win!
BigChief: Shiel needs to get rid of that baby bun
heppelitis: oh god bruces blood is flowing to his willy
Apachecats: Whitfield only just.
StuL: Carlton United Bin 2020. Amber. Carlton Dry tonight. I do have some Dimple 15 to wash it down. Still not single malt
Apachecats: Zerk looks like a concussion
Pies20: replacement for treloar mcrae Duncan Parker Adams gaff or taranto? Thoughts?
Apachecats: Cancel that stayed on.
NavyMan: tag coniglio for fooks sake..
DrSeuss: Whitfield does nothing and then runs to the bench – run to the ball not the bench
Gotigres: Go in and help your teammates Shiel and run on for a second or third possession.
Water: pies i would go for macrae
casey22: Any Tigers touchy-feely discussion?
Mr Salty: dunkley
Yelse: Zero seriously stop for a bt
sMiles: Draper OMG – Pick it up you slacker!
pcaman2003: Currently on 2079 with Cogs,Haynes,Ridley and Whitty. Happy so far
NavyMan: keep your hands where we can see them tigers
NavyMan: true re Macrae when he finds form he holds on to it for a while
Valorlonga: Zerk gone off now
DrSeuss: Draper needs to run to the ball for more marks and Bombers need to look for him – dont use him as a link
kascadev8: im tracking for about a 2100 score (sicily and cripps had byes) do we consider that to be a decent score?
NewFreoFan: Not sure who’s stopped Zerrett this quarter but keep it up
BigChief: Zerk-Thatcher in trouble with concussion?
Bezzina: Got Riddles & Cogs plus Neales VC, keep flying boys
casey22: m0nty: “lugubrious”??????
Apachecats: Tiges are social distancing from now on casey
BigChief: @pcaman remember it’s only top 18 scores.
Pies20: wtf shiel move!!
pcaman2003: kascadev8. For sure. Most in my league are under that.
navy_blues: tigers are feeling stiff
boxy36: Draper looking like a stellar trade in so far
pcaman2003: @Chief. I’m aware . Tracking to go well over 2200 still.
scboy123: brought in parish this week – hoping for a big game
casey22: m0nty exercising his extensive vocabulary
Poliyagon: glad i dropped shiel this week!
spdysaint: Kascadev, probably like average. I gonna get like 2000 but had 5 premos out and only seventeen players
MrWalrus: How lovely having a crack at tiges for what really is not much
Pies20: mcrae it is thanks for the 2 comments haha
scboy123: my own stupidity made me miss out on draper so fuck draper xD
Bluebagg11: Remember it’s only 18 lads. 2100 would be a HUGE score.
Billyt14: draper struggling
NavyMan: i’d be happy with 2100 for sure this week
Apachecats: Shiel is a lazy bum.
NavyMan: he looks a likely prospect re draper but i think he’ll be a mummy clone for SC relativity
MrWalrus: Not like they’ve been caught cheating hey blues & bomber boys?
casey22: Says something about Tigers culture & general low level of stupidity that they allow that sort of rubbish
BigChief: Pcaman 2200 will be top 100 I would think. Very nice mate.
Avarax: get draper in 1-2 weeks, once he learns how to score
DrSeuss: They are missing hit outs for Draper as well
Gotigres: I should have done that Poliyagon. He will be gone for next round. Hope to get Ollie in.
hithere: What’s wrong with CD this year, a lot of inaccurate stats, Macrae had 28 on Monday, they have him at 27
hithere: What’s wrong with CD this year, a lot of inaccurate stats, Macrae had 28 on Monday, they have him at 27.
sMiles: cannot wait to remove Draper tonight
hithere: CD also missed the handball Whitfield had right before he went onto the bench, clear handball.
original: Would have traded Draper in if north ruck wasn’t locked. Wow
Bezzina: Draper been terrible
DrSeuss: Draper tipped that – but not given a hit out?
pcaman2003: Thanks Chief.I just got to 2139 just then
Poliyagon: who are the rookie must gets for next round?
MrWalrus: Please Casey, Hodge did it to birchall on field and that was apparently hilarious.
Bluebagg11: Zerk still off?
beerent11: On track for 4/4 tons,rippa
zadolinnyj: Did Shiel go to the hairdresser and ask for the Steven segal?
NavyMan: wicks for round 12 for me
Donzoes: They’ve missed a lot of draper stats so far
Gotigres: Shiel must have had his injection.
Baldfrog: Didn’t see this comin
ajconodie: essendon are a tipster’s nightmare.
beerent11: Sholl and maybe Schoenberg
BigChief: @poliygon no player is a lock this year. You can’t players with teams named day b4 playing. Very tough to find a rookie.
pcaman2003: Keep moving Haynes.
Grimes Jr: hahaha casey. says something about ur club that you take drugs do give yourself an advantage over others!
StuL: Zerk back on! Would have been a crime. He’s on fire
Snarfy: If Shiel gets 102 his price will ONLY drop by 39K!
51Bewick: Gotigres stop being a moron
Moona: try being a supported @ajconodie. there is hope at the start of every game, and often it disappears in a heattbeat
Apachecats: Whitfield starting to build into something reasonable.
pcaman2003: Bombers killing my tipping.
BumSniff: Tobe Watson would be nice. Not sure on his JS
kascadev8: mcgrath please dont let devon smith outscore you. thatll actually make me really sad
softwhitee: GWS was last leg to win 460 aha
Snarfy: Kelly is quiet this quarter!
srj2409: No one that’s a threat would have tipped Essendon so no big deal
Pies20: Shiel is alive finally keep going
Valorlonga: Corr any danger?
Poliyagon: Kascade need you to jinx cogs and whitfield like last night. slow them down!
Bezzina: Shiel might be a pick, with no deboar tag and no bye for rest of season
pcaman2003: Big fightback by GWS 2nd half.
BigChief: Timmy needs to start kicking it.
kascadev8: @Poliyagon ive got whitfield so if he can wake up and do something now thatd be nice. cogs can go to bed idc
DrSeuss: Whitfield doing better – but I need bigger Lachie.
Lofty9: Terrible game, who we looking at as downgrade options tomorrow folks?
hithere: Kelly is playing forward pocket
DrSeuss: How did they give that Hit Out to Mumford? WTF
pcaman2003: Bruce has done a number 2. Someone change his nappy please.
BigChief: Happy with Cogs, Merrett, Haynes and Ridley so far.
srj2409: Whitfield wake up? 60 at half time. Tough crowd
Bezzina: No Greene no GWS
Pies20: Yeah agree @51bewick joke getting old like my follow supporter’s with no teeth lame
Poliyagon: Why all the hate for Bruce?
Snarfy: Super long quarter.
pcaman2003: Same here Chief except Whitty not Zerrett
GobChuck: Cmon snelling, you’ve been holding up my forward line so well this year keep going buddy
Lofty9: Draper killing it, might look to upgrade him tomorrow….
Pies20: fellow
kascadev8: think corr is done, didnt do much last week and now this week. think williams ruins him
Switcheyes: Nice are dons, much better than last week
Snarfy: If Draper didn’t get a 78 last week , with this effort his price could very well go down from 123K!!!
Poliyagon: might go treloar to Oliver, then green out for wicks?? budarick for whitfield!
Raspel31: Draper for Maxie or Grunty next week to free up some cash?
NavyMan: marshall in the ruck.. whilst we monitor how sore Gawny is….
Cottees: All 3 of my trades have been garbage this week! 🙁
BumSniff: Anyone know Steele’s expected price rise this round?
wilaj: Poliyagon I’d wait a week to get Whitfield. They have a bye next round
kascadev8: @Poliyagon you want some metal studs with that?
pcaman2003: Don’t know Bumsniff,but you’ll know it tonight
Silz90: @bumsniff ask brice mitchell on twitter i’m not sure
Lofty9: Anyone know when lockout will be lifted. Going to be nuts trying to get it sorted tomorrow.
NavyMan: steele had a b/even of 124 and scored that.. so no change..
BigChief: I am thinking Taranto for Treloar.
Switcheyes: Richmond scandal, lol try working on a asphalt crew for 20 years, you bend over you get a shovel handle up the pooper
Belegur: Someone up the top would of take a punt on gawn to draper this week. Feels bad
Avarax: 45 mins after round for lockout
Lofty9: Cheers @Avarax
Lofty9: @Switcheyes, I’ve heard Pete Evans say that shovel handles are good for gut health
pcaman2003: Nice feeling when you have 4 players and the lowest performer is 58pts
Switcheyes: There not good for hemroids though
NavyMan: why not re Gawn his b/even will be mega high again
beerent11: Ridley cogs Haynes whit? Pcaman?
Ash777: Went whitfield as captain. Should of put it on piggy.
gazza39: I just know that as soon as I get Merret in again he will cop a hard tag
pcaman2003: Beerent. Yes
wilaj: Wish this site has a countdown til start of next quarter
kascadev8: whitfield jelly corr mcgrath ridles. come on boys, carry me home <3
hokkien34: AFL app has one wilaj
Bezzina: @gazza thinking the same thing
beerent11: Same same
BOMBRBLITZ: DRAPER well done son
heppelitis: draper is crap
heppelitis: trade him out
DrSeuss: Good start Draper – now Whitfield I need 120+ from you please
wilaj: Thanks hokkien
gazza39: @bezzina, been burnt at least 3 seasons so far…
DrSeuss: And then you do that FFS – how does Mummy have more Frees For than Frees Against
pcaman2003: Beerent. Hopefully champagne celebrations end of game.
Apachecats: Any one know when waiver trading starts/finishes in draft.
BigChief: Merrett going for 40 disp
51Bewick: Bruce is a dead set idiot
BigChief: @Apache I would think an hour or so after lockout ends. But only guessing.
Raspel31: And traded Zerrett for Budarick this week- zounds!
pcaman2003: Move along Haynes and Ridley
Apachecats: Any one with rain radar check out Melbourne.
beerent11: Will be tough for Ridley and Haynes in the rain now
DrSeuss: WTF is with all of these frees against Draper – seriously soft AF
Apachecats: first time in his life Mummy on right side of free kick ledger.
Kidult: Wow thought Neal-Bullen would’ve got 3 but 4 is overkill
BigChief: Explain how TF that was HTB?
Apachecats: Thanks Big Chief past my bedtime.
beerent11: Gee apache you all better stay inside….. oh.
Apachecats: amazing eh beerent
Raspel31: 5- that’s tough Kidult? And obviously remorseful.
Raspel31: Whoops-4.
DrSeuss: Davis done
kascadev8: josh kelly come on mate do something, get back in the guts and get the pill
DrSeuss: Ok Whitfield you havent touched it for 10 minutes
Apachecats: reckon Whitfeild good for 125 from here.
BigChief: Yep Treloar to Timmy the play rd 12
Raspel31: I said to Mum Perryman is dead to me. She said keep him one more week son. I am open for adoption.
kascadev8: josh youve gone up 7 points since quarter time… WTF ARE YOU DOING
BigChief: Isn’t your Mum in England @raspel?
GroupOne: Cmon Kelly need 20 from you. you had 10 at QT. Shiel 15 from you to get multi home
Bezzina: need GWS to win and Parish 15 for $110 cmonnn
DrSeuss: Damnit Whit on the bench – need a big final qtr for a worthwhile captain score
Raspel31: Good point BigChief.
scboy123: Parish not quite what i was hoping but i have faith
Baldfrog: Just need Smith to kick a goal to win mine but looking unlikely
pcaman2003: If you’re there Beerent,still very happy?
StuL: Bombers defence cashing in.
kascadev8: mcgrath ridles whitfield, can u boys carry corr and jelly please
beerent11: Yep mate going well.
BigChief: Really happy with my 4 players. Cmon Cogs, Merrett, Ridley and Haynes. 120 points in last plz
Baldfrog: Who cleared the tigers fans out of the room?
pcaman2003: Onya Chief. Looks like a few of us kicking some goals this game.(pun intended).
cmperrfect: Nice Riddler, go big son
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. They heard about the free colonoscopies.
sMiles: >2000 with Ridley, Saad, Whitfield, Kelly … and Draper (maybe a little ) to go
sMiles: oh – and Smith as well
MrWalrus: @Baldfrog, probably this terrible game
Raspel31: Can Thatcher change his name? Not a name most Englishmen are comfortable with.
Ash777: probably booking finals tickets
Apachecats: Baldfrog its past their bedtime.
beerent11: Too tough a game for jelly
CozzieCan: Anyone know if we get 3 trades tonight
Baldfrog: Lol pcaman
pcaman2003: 3 trades cozzie
Gotigres: Go huge Shiel. You can reach 85 from here.
MrWalrus: Yep cozzie, spend em wisely
DrSeuss: Need another 30 Whitters
CozzieCan: Cheers pca
pcaman2003: 2 tons up and 2 to go.
TheLegend6: Draper been better than his score suggests
Yelse: need williams to get to 15 where he been?
MrWalrus: Please Baldfrog, as a crows supporter you should know better
Water: what a fucken muppet Mckenna, sucked in
Moona: umps totallly stuffed that up. should have been 50 against shaw
kascadev8: mcgrath stop giving away frees. feels like im talking to sam draper
Apachecats: Legend McKenna.
Raspel31: I’m close pcaman if Perryman is woken from cryogenia.
poolboybob: Shaw never fails to be a dumbass, but also inspires dumbassery in his opponents
Ash777: go captain whitfield
Moona: should have been 50 instead of advantage – useless umps
Nuffman: how the hell did mckenna not get a free kick in the first place? bullcrap
beerent11: Looking at 11 tons from 18 players including clarry
88360: What happened to Kelly
MrWalrus: Draper giving much more energy than bellcho, 50 will do for some $$$
kascadev8: @Nuffman they were both doing it, play on
pcaman2003: poolboy bob. Succicntly!
Ash777: mckenna did get a free. It was holding the man.
Baldfrog: Why walrus ?
kascadev8: kelly back on ball. finally!! only been waiting 50 minutes to see him move
Silz90: come on giants – need you to get up for my multi
Apachecats: Dumb decision Walla.
poolboybob: lol why would you dish it off to a potato like McKernan
CozzieCan: Go Whitfield you beauty
Gandhi: McKernan shouldn’t have called for it then. Decoy fwd got ahead of himself
Grimes Jr: only dons could choke this
Nuffman: kasca: McKenna was pulled off the ball and held long before argy bargy
The39Steps: Would love the bombers to win this, but their footy IQ is abysmal.
Raspel31: Good question Baldfrog- why on earth you wouldhave Draper at this stage is rather confounding?
DrSeuss: Whitfield – that was horrid
MrWalrus: Because crows are a broken laughing stock since tiges destroyed them in 2017, you know glass houses and all that
beerent11: Some would have him at r3 raspel I’m guessing
Gotigres: Since I got Shiel in he has averaged 37.5 per round.
spdysaint: Cmon Haynes
Snarfy: Shiel disappointing! If you’re gonna have ahairdo like that you have to be able to back it up!
BigChief: Draper building bank on my bench.
kascadev8: didnt mckenna have the ball when shaw tackled him?
MrWalrus: Bingo beer, ka ching
TheLegend6: Keep going Smith
Baldfrog: Lol walrus I like the brokeback tigers
pcaman2003: Ton up Haynes please.
kascadev8: ridley please dont be genuinely injured. please come back on. i cant bear to trade out another gun player
NavyMan: lovin ya work devo smith..
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog.Lol! Very cheeky!
The39Steps: It’s not only foot IQ, it’s their general IQ aka Shiel.
Apachecats: next goal wins
MrWalrus: No worries frog, plenty of room on the train, fare is one sneaky wristy.
Raspel31: Taranto you thug, Come back Ridley and go Dons!
Social: plenty of time
51Bewick: All over. Well done umps
Silz90: bigchief what about devon smith? old mate is about to ton up. what the hell
kascadev8: i traded out devon smith, wtf am i doing this year
GroupOne: Cmon McGrath get 3 touched pls
BigChief: @Dev Smith where was this when we all had you? Muppet.
StuL: Flower off Smith you knob. Do nothing all year and then this
Nuffman: umpss have their hands all over this qtr
Avarax: 29 touches for taranto and low score?
Avarax: poor DE?
Baldfrog: Lol walrus
Bezzina: Come on Andy 3 more for the multi
DrSeuss: Lets go Whitfield another 20 would be perfect
Baldfrog: Giants used there get out of jail free card tonight if they hang on
beerent11: Yes haynesy
Silz90: need 3 from andy and 2 from parish
kascadev8: may actually have to trade devon smith back in lmao
NewFreoFan: Can’t blame the umps for this one, Bombers just stopped
The39Steps: It’s not a choke – it’s abysmal to lose from their position in these conditions.
Gotigres: Bye bye Shiel. Won’t have to wait long before I dump you. Never Again!
softwhitee: is Ridley ok?
Raspel31: If we lose this at a home game??? Home?
Social: Get back out there Ridles
NavyMan: exactly new freo
BOMBRBLITZ: Devon Smith Raise your bat!
kascadev8: devon smith is now officially my least favourite player in the comp, screwed me over this year
pcaman2003: 4 tons ,so happy now. On 2186 final 18 so should pass 2200.
Bezzina: Andy mate one more!
Woodie22: Ridiculous free
Baldfrog: Ward played for that
MrWalrus: Yep, apart from a couple bombers just ran out of gas
BigChief: No way that’s a free to Ward. both players going the ball.
beerent11: Cement head
Moona: umps stuffed that up again
NewFreoFan: Ok I’ll admit that one for Ward was softer than butter
heppelitis: fine the flopper
Nuffman: thanks umps
Ash777: mckernan kicks a point then gives away 2 frees for giants to win
beerent11: Ridley to lose his ton
kascadev8: stop taking points off ridley, give his points back grrr
Raspel31: Do you like travel and sexpcaman- well …off
Apachecats: same here kasca
Moona: not high at all – got him in the arm – fkn bullsh!t
gazza39: Total joke that free, from a player that should have retired 3 years ago
Gotigres: Shiel’s and Stewart’s scores won’t even count for me
Valorlonga: bump to the shoulder
pcaman2003: Raspel. Haha!
MrWalrus: Huge pca, I’ll be 2nd best in my league just a tick over 2100
Nuffman: thanks very much umps.
Apachecats: Game to the umpires ,well done fellas.
LuvIt74: on 2017 19 played and got Zerrit, Whitfield & Keef
Moona: Anyone who says umps dont changethe result of a game can go and fuck#d
MercAm: Smith finally having a decent score
Raspel31: Meant in the nicest possible way pcaman- groan.
Gandhi: Great play from Saad. Shame it’s too late..
CozzieCan: Saad you beauty
gazza39: Mumford free coming…
LuvIt74: Whats the average looking like
Avarax: ill be around 2180 with 4 tons this gaME
navy_blues: choked
Water: huge win for the giants lets go!!!!
TheLegend6: Bombers better team but bottlers
kascadev8: even without that free kick, if gws could kick straight they would of won
NavyMan: oh give it a spell.. it was a great effort from the bombers but they did stop… most of the frees were there..
Grimes Jr: theres a big sound from the west of the town
Ash777: dons shouldn’t of let it get to that not umps fault even if wrong result
LuvIt74: So i score 2099 as Zerrit & Whitfield score remain the same
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. Still a gr8 score with 18 players.
88360: 5 more seconds and tippingwutti would have kicked it
NewFreoFan: Better song to listen to than the bombers anyway
LuvIt74: bloody unreal i got rid of D smith this round and put in Petracca
Apachecats: Theone Ward milked hurt the most navyman
Ash777: dont whinge on 1 free because letting go of a 5 goal lead lol.
Water: i think im only just going to crack the 2k this week
LuvIt74: what walrus score?
DrSeuss: Massive comeback from Draper – good job young fella
Apachecats: GWS boys will keep their hands to themselves.
BigChief: @pcaman. Great week for you in SC mate. Well done.
MrWalrus: Haha, I’m actually stoked, has been that bad this year that it will be my 3rd best so far
Apachecats: Draper will make it ,going to be a good player .
kascadev8: williams just touched o’hallaran on the booty. lmao
MrWalrus: Until they get off camera in the showers apache
pcaman2003: @Chief. Thanks Chief. Just fell short at 2190. Still happy with that.
Social: Finally picked a perfect round! haha
Belegur: Draper did look good in the second half
kascadev8: i think i got 2035 in the end, jelly ridles mcgrath and corr were down. ah well, still a decent score for 18 players
LuvIt74: 2162 i’ll score wrapped with that
MercAm: Is scaling done?
LuvIt74: Think I’ll move up the rank with 2162
LuvIt74: i bloody hope so
Avarax: all points alocated

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