Chat log from R10 of 2020: Gold Coast vs St Kilda

boxy36: Got King, Clark, Greenwood, Rankine and Budarick in this one – could be painful
CozzieCan: Greenwood & that’s it in this one
Gotigres: 5 goals please Rankine
Cottees: Got Greenwood and hoping Rankine doesnt go big cause I traded him
Water: keeping an eye on sharp in this one, could be a good downgrade option in the mid
boxy36: @Cozzie lucky you get to relax and enjoy the game
The Hawker: Go huge Gwood and Rankine please!!
BigChief: @boxy which King?
Apachecats: NTP on Grundy results 1st stemy1243 on 141 ,second kidult 155 (-8) and 3rd Cozzie 137 (-10).Well done.
bagger2217: hoping for Greenwood blinder
scboy123: well thats the start we were after
The Hawker: Oh and cant forget about the legend Budarick
boxy36: @chief forgot I had to clarify for the first time – Max for the record
Ash777: got rankine, long, butler, steele in this.
Raspel31: Not very happy with Steele’s average of 129. Need a good game tonight.
CozzieCan: @boxy surely buda & king not in your top 18 ? Good luck m8
amigaman: Grundy now 147
CozzieCan: @apche thanks for your work mate , legend
V@lks: Bet Rankine knocks a century after most of us traded him out
Kidult: Yeh I culled him to be able to get Duncan so probably end up beating that score
boxy36: @Cozzie I certainly hope not!
Apachecats: yeah Amiga got that stemy was best with 141 -6 off.
CozzieCan: @boxy had me concerned then m8 haha
Apachecats: no worries Cozzie ,creates a little interest in our otherwise boring existence ,cheers.
Gotigres: This is the week for a quiet one Budarick
Poliyagon: Butler, Steele, Greenwood for me! need 80, 110, 130 respectively
Raspel31: The Kings are bringing up the rear.
DrSeuss: Ok off the bench now Greenwood
The Hawker: Gwood’s time on ground really makes me mad sometimes
pcaman2003: What’s wrong with Greeny? Only 48%TOG.
Kidult: doesn’t a soccer count as a kick?
CozzieCan: Dare say GC will maybe look to “manage” greenwood atm
Avarax: @kid, no
DrSeuss: He went off after 5 minutes and then couldnt get off the bench. Straight back into it though
Avarax: @cozzie. they won’t manage anyone, they want to play finals. got to get there first
pcaman2003: Good that he’s back on. Bangs the points on straight away.
Raspel31: This is more exciting than my grandmother’s funeral. And she’s not dead yet. A film beckons.
thisbagger: Great to have the king bro’s against each other
Kidult: Oh damn just noticed what happened to Treloar as I went out to get home b4 this game
DrSeuss: Looks like Rankine started believing his own hype?
pcaman2003: I held on to Rankine because…
The39Steps: Some players are like 🐶 💩 on a blanket. No matter how hard u try u can’t get of it. Budarick.
kascadev8: i had rankine for 2-3 weeks, quick money then he was gon
boxy36: Is it petty that I hate the way the commentators are pronouncing Paton’s name?
The39Steps: *rid
MrWalrus: Rankine can play a bit
thisbagger: There goes my top 8 possibilities, caused by Mr.budarick
Avarax: me too kasca
The39Steps: @Boxy36 – it should be pay-ton shouldn’t it?
Pies20: your grandmother must be 100 plus @raspel I know your middle aged and that’s being nice
DropCox: Rankine to Draper this week, allows me to go Bennell to Fyfe next week
hokkien34: It’s bugging me too Boxy
MrWalrus: Never seen so much hate for a bottom price rook going @ 75 ave with 100+ ceiling
boxy36: @39 nah my understanding was it was like patton
Raspel31: She’s 136 Pies and. beard aside. doing very well thank you.
hokkien34: Any good value defenders about? I need to trade Hamill and Quaynor *cry*
CozzieCan: 136 ? @raspel very strange …
Pies20: Good to hear the beard is still growing @rasp
jbjimmyjb: @hokkien Watson should be a good option
SC-STAR–: king get a riggle on mate
Raspel31: hokkien- you want to go cheap and free up some dosh?. Day- Hawthorn- cheap as chips, gets games and averaging 68.
The39Steps: @36, used to be a Hawks ruckman called Ian Paton, and I they called him pay-ton.
Pies20: @hokkien work out the c loop after the advise?
The39Steps: However his nickname was General after US General Patton, so who knows. Perhaps they should ask the kid?
boxy36: @39 might be best to ask him, know one of his nicknames is patto – so assume its the same
kascadev8: buddarick come on, same with butler, movr
NewFreoFan: Rankine’s fend offs not working too well. He’s no Dusty
boxy36: I rate Hunter Clark – but I’d love to see him stick more tackles
Raspel31: Saying come on Buddarick is like saying get a job in Victoria- it’s an oxymoron.
hokkien34: Sorry guys went to make a tea! Thanks for the advice!!!
pcaman2003: Keep up the nice work Greeny.
Raspel31: Tea hokkien- are you 11 or 90?
hokkien34: I did work it out thanks Pies! Has Neale as captain though so just left it for this week! Going to Try it next round
StuL: Go Green. A recent recruit doing well, for once!
Pies20: Haha @raspel
hokkien34: Hahaha 28 but British so tea is v important
The39Steps: Hokkien34 should be suspended, Monty. Tea!
NewFreoFan: Nothing wrong with a cuppa
The39Steps: Not at all @Freo. From 6am to 6pm. Then beer o’clock.
Breezey: Coffield doing for me. Live ya work.
Kidult: Us tea and coffee drinkers could say the same about the booze drinkers
Fatbar5tad: Ryder racking up the FA
Raspel31: Earl Grey or English Breakfast chaps?.The excitement is getting to me.
Gryan goat: Hi breezey
hokkien34: Haha for the record twinings English breakfast extra strong. I’ll have a beer tomorrow night if it makes you feel better
Pies20: what are we 11 or 90 I don’t think so @kidult
Poliyagon: lift steele!
Raspel31: Firstly it’s we- not us Kidult. And it’s late- you should be in bed.
Ash777: Rankine running all over the ground and tackling
Kidult: Nah its early do the over night shift.
kascadev8: does dan butler exist? done nothing this quarter
SC-STAR–: M.King and Budarick for me vs opp greenwood who wins
CozzieCan: @SC Greenwood easily
Breezey: Entertaining game this for a change
Stu7: If St Kilda don’t beat this mob they don’t deserve to be 4th
DrSeuss: Damn Collins is good down back
Stu7: Saints look off
Breezey: @Stu. This mob aren’t as bad as they used to be.
Raspel31: Hate to say but agee Stu- carn Sainters,
Kidult: Am I losing my mind or has goal kicker points been lower scoring over the last fortnight?
circle52: Agree Dr was looking at him for a defender.
Stu7: @Breezy – true however thye need to put sides like this away if they want to play finals
SC-STAR–: @Cozzie 52 to 66 not to far behind
ElstyBoy: greenwood should be on about 100
ElstyBoy: greenwood should be on about 100 his been huge
CozzieCan: @SC I’ll let you know all about at full time haha
Billyt14: lift steele need 20 disposals
MrWalrus: Don’t under rate GC, will be a powerhouse in coming years, been very good tonight
srj2409: Rankine struggling of late
NavyMan: how could the suns not be… given all the concessions they’ve had…
NavyMan: if Rankine could reach his b/e of 76 that would be handy..
Switcheyes: Rankine is playing just fine
MrWalrus: Wish I could struggle like Rankine
DrSeuss: Rankine had a great 2nd quarter – was trying to be too flashy (felt like) in the first quarter
Switcheyes: How many games in is he
MrWalrus: This is 5th, 2 tons, ave 76
MrWalrus: Truly mind boggling why people are so harsh on him
The39Steps: US PGA Champs tomorrow. Good ol Tiger supporter Leesh is 67-1.Very tasty.
Switcheyes: Amazing how anyone could say that’s struggling
DrSeuss: Rankine had a great 2nd quarter. Felt like he was trying to be too flashy in the first.
Switcheyes: You mentioned that
DrSeuss: Haha nice double post there – sorry all
MrWalrus: Had more points in the first, did try and do too much but reckon he can’t help it
kascadev8: budarick only on 23?? swear his name has been mentioned more then most
srj2409: Six possessions in the first half. Yep rankine is BOG. Flogs.
DrSeuss: Second half has started Greenwood
Breezey: There’s always one.
MrWalrus: Was 8, but sure srj, a players value is judged by how many touches they get, I bow to your superior wisdom.
Poliyagon: how much score is an uncontested possession as opposed to contested?
Silz90: need rankine to kick a goal and butler to kick another.
Raspel31: Dn’t get the Rankine hate- he’sa rookie who has earned us all a fortune?
pcaman2003: Where’s Greenwod? His score has gone backwards this qtr.
StuL: Greenwood score not moved for two weeks
Switcheyes: So your saying he’s having a bad game? Flot
kascadev8: for 90% TOG ud think butler would touch the ball
Poliyagon: how many people have steele as well?
DrSeuss: Greenwood was on the bench since about 6 minutes in – Steele has killed him this quarter
kascadev8: ahha my plan worked, as soon as i say that butler goes and goals. me likey
masterhc2: lol nice reverse jinx. any danger of anderson hitting a target :/
Nurfed: thanks kasca, willed that one in to existence
Raspel31: Moi pour un Pollyagon.
pcaman2003: @kascadev8. You were!
Poliyagon: Thank you @kascadev we needed that one!
srj2409: Of course a players possession count determines his value. This is fantasy football.
Social: How many wines now Raspel?
kascadev8: gonna try it again, for 90% tog youd think budarick would touch the ball
Raspel31: Not how many wines- which wines Social. Burp.
DrSeuss: Greenwood seems to get ignored a lot when free in the middle
Poliyagon: some players just can’t even rely on gods magic. Budarick.
Switcheyes: His not playing for your team his playing for his
pcaman2003: Tryi scoring at least 1 point this qtr Greenwood.
DrSeuss: How is Greenwood going backwards? Didnt see a FA? And he has had a kick and handball this qtr?
srj2409: Only 160k Raspel. Okay I suppose this year but hardly a fortune
pcaman2003: Bruce just peed himself
GroupOne: Nice one rank
Gotigres: Rankine has finally woken up
CozzieCan: Rankine you beauty
srj2409: Has a r
Breezey: Not sure about everyone but he is a star. #Rankine
Sloan4Pres: Saints are so boring to watch
kascadev8: why did i trade out rankine?? my brain cells have been absent this week
casey22: Bit more often Rank, then I’ll think about keeping you
srj2409: Has a 43 in his rolling average so won’t increase much for another three weeks
Switcheyes: Whoops
TheLegend6: @Sloan bit like the cats hey
Silz90: yes rankine! just need saints to win now! what did i miss? why the hate for rankine before?
BOMBRBLITZ: and that;s why you keep Rankine!
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. I’m sure Greenwood being stitched up. Maybe point adjustment end of qtr.
Raspel31: Think that just got bumped up srj24smmething.
DrSeuss: Well Greenwood got his 1 point for the quarter and is now back on the bench FFS.
CozzieCan: @Legend best game so far this year against west coast , take a walk mate .
Lawls: 76 BE for Rankine, was probably the sensible trade out
MrWalrus: Srj you have no idea how either fantasy footy or the real thing works do you? #Rankine
GroupOne: hope that Suns bench is reinforced
casey22: Can only see Suns details, any ideas?
srj2409: Even 100 this week and 100 next week will only see him go up 21k. That 34 in his rolling avg from last week is a killer
beerent11: Nice game
kascadev8: my trades this week involved 0 intelligence, ando,rank,doch>stew,dunc,woodcock
srj2409: No walrus, I’m here to learn from you oh great one
Sloan4Pres: @TheLegend6 not really, saints will lose at least
pcaman2003: Nice comeback by Rank Arena.
MrWalrus: And 2 100s in my fwd line, lock and load #Rankine
TheLegend6: @Coz you glorifying a loss there? Haha, take the banter, your boys are getting old and slow
kascadev8: i finally got into the top 19k last round and then i make the dumbest trades all year. ffs
Grimes Jr: budarick 45 at 3/4 time. am i dreaming?
Raspel31: Huge for him Grimes- did you cap him?
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Is that good or bad for him?
Sloan4Pres: @TheLengend6 enjoy your wins at your flat deck at perth while it lasts
Stu7: Once again my sub 70 players turn it on again😫
The39Steps: Stewie Dew is a dead ringer for Captain Lou Albano.
pcaman2003: 25+ this qtr Greenwood. You owe us a decent qtr.
Stu7: @kascadev8 what trades did you make? See if you can beat my dumb ones 😊
masterhc2: tell you what lads my $300 to one multi is not looking awful, need a goal from ryder and 7 possies from jones…
original: Wouldn’t mind sexton getting a goal
Stu7: Duddarick on song for his standard 50
DrSeuss: See Harbrow has Greenwood open – ignores him and kicks to contest
Grimes Jr: @raspel, cant say i captained him, but he did get a gig on field this week
Stu7: Ryders having a Barry Crocker tonight
Raspel31: In poetic terms master- I would say you are pissing in the wind.
pcaman2003: @Seuss. I saw that,but it’s not the only time tonight he’s been ignored in open space.
Belegur: Cats supporters spray other teams about home ground advantage. Thats interesting
The Hawker: Cmon Rankine crack the ton 😉
Stu7: Saints will lose this you watch
Silz90: come on max another goal would be handy
DrSeuss: agree @pca – Greenwood has done nothing while being ignored since the 1st qtr. Frustrating AF
TheLegend6: Lets go suns
Stu7: The old saints are playing tonight
zoomba23: Good call
casey22: I like Hodge;s commentary
DrSeuss: And Greeny now on the bench
Ash777: underestimating the suns this year.
pcaman2003: Steele with only 7% ownership at an Ave of 120. Interesting for a POD.
Ash777: how many ppl own dumont pca?
srj2409: I love watching butler play
Gotigres: You need to kick another goal Rankine
kascadev8: i think i woke Dan Butler up. anyone need me to wake up a player?
AuroraBore: You can just tell Bruce had that up his sleeve for a while
Poliyagon: ton up greenwood, push to 130 steele, great stuff butler!
DrSeuss: Kasca – wake up Greenwood – has been asleep the entire 2nd half
srj2409: Brayshaw obsessed with milne
pcaman2003: Ash77. Have no answer on that one.
CniglioSsn: the quaynor injury was a split shin, the player he tackled had metal studs.
Stu7: MKing @kascadev8
Yelse: need jones to get 15 possies asap
kascadev8: for 75% tog you’d think Greenwood would actually touch the pill. do something buddy wake up
Water: 478 people have dumont ash
Nurfed: yeah saw the picture cniglio, nasty stuff
AuroraBore: When they say split shin, does that mean the skin or the bone itself?
Ash777: Totally bringing him in then.
Poliyagon: hoping that works @kascadev greenwood due for 50 points now!
Water: 0.3% ownership
pcaman2003: Ash77. Just looked and under 500 ppl have him.
Gotigres: Your score isn’t in my top 18 yet Rankine.
kascadev8: for a st kilda number 12 youd think Max King would be able to make an impact on the game, make an impact mate wake up
Ash777: what’s his avg at?
Stu7: MKing is traded next week
Ash777: Should be around 115 Isn’t it?
The39Steps: Teams need a tighter tag on Butler. 3 goals wins them this game,
kascadev8: greenwood i see you around the ball, quit hiding and get it. dont upset these boys
Stu7: @The39Steps it’s not over yet
DrSeuss: Greenwood with 0 marks for the game – just shows teammates havent looked for him
CniglioSsn: @Aurora it was split skin, but fairly deep. couldnt see bone tho.
beerent11: Anyone see how wicks went in the swans game?
Poliyagon: quaynors injury is sickening…
Water: 104 avg 116 avg for 5 rd ash
Yelse: quaynor is out 7 – 8 weeks
StuL: Wicks is our best bet in def. 9 touches, a goal. 70 odd
pcaman2003: Butler is an anomaly for sure.
Silz90: lol @kascadev8 the bloke has played 10 games of footy
CozzieCan: Rankine you beauty
Breezey: Rankine. Goodness me.
GroupOne: Another rank highlight for the reel
Gotigres: Yes Rankine
Stu7: Watch Suns steel this game
pcaman2003: Rankine! You bewdy!
kascadev8: @Silz90 which player? King? well i woke up dan butler, so im waking everyone up
Poliyagon: Butler might just win me this weeks matchup
Silz90: haha touche! go for it – i got him 2 lol
kascadev8: @Poliyagon you’re welcome
The39Steps: Thanks Izak. Just need another 8 touches from Touk and i will win a motza! 😆
MrWalrus: Rankine be close to a ton but been stiffed by CD this 1/4
Gotigres: Now you’re in my top 18 Rankine.
Woodie22: Thank you Hind and Miller
pcaman2003: Greenwood 22 possies 15CP’s yet only on 93. Hope he scales up to the ton.
Ash777: just misses his be
boxy36: Thank you Hunter Clark – 100% won that game for St Kilda
Stu7: Well done Saints I take all that back
Oscar1968: both pretty hot teams, good attacking footy.
Grimes Jr: saints aren’t contenders
GroupOne: Scaling crept rankine just past his BE
hokkien34: Salty grimes
boxy36: What happened to Greenwood though? Last time I looked he was killing it
kascadev8: @boxy36 not even i could wake him up, i am sorry
MrWalrus: Saints more a wildcard than true contender, like 2016 dogs, could do anything
loc1477: And hunter Clarke’s score keeps climbing. Was on 64, two kicks out of defence, then on 94. Now on 103. Hmmmm
lukefield9: @loc did you see him dodge like 5 tackles in the back pocket?

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