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Chat log from R10 of 2020: Collingwood vs Sydney

Chat log for Collingwood vs Sydney, R10 of 2020

Apachecats: Woods missing one.
Social: the new kid is missing
Kidult: Wicks is apparently a goer who averaged over a ton in the NEAFL with 8 tackles a game
Kidult: hope Ruscue puts in good performance for another 118k def/fwd
navy_blues: hi all
navy_blues: lloyd n grundy 4 me
Social: Just the Grundage here
navy_blues: ruscoe missing for pies
scboy123: Afternoon gents – Crisp, Grundy and Mills for me
bhg26: Good luck Grundy, you’re on Sinclair
Apachecats: Left the C off Grundy , he will go large.
NavyMan: Grundy and Rampe for me 🙂 good arvo all
amigaman: Evening folks
moorey21: Nice info Kid!
GroupOne: Hi All, Llooooyd, Crisp, Grundy and brought in Bell as -27BE cow
kascadev8: only got Grundy
bhg26: Holy shower, we’re winning
Frankfaust: Evening all. Is this of Free to air? Can’t find it.
Frankfaust: Grundy, Treloar and Noble for me.
scboy123: Wicks potential trade in next week
scboy123: frankfaust is on foxtel – saints gc is free to air
Cr1cketeer: Guide told me it was on 7mate, but now it’s been replaced with bargain hunters…
Desi: On 7mate in Qld
Social: Wicks Thurlow Goal! The new Winmar Lockett
Kylacham: Grundy, Lloyd, Cameron & Fox for me
CozzieCan: This umpire is alright , loves ol Grundy & free kicks .. happy days
bagger2217: @Frankfaust 7 mate I think
LeGoat1996: Trust me to have a multi with Hoskin Elliot any time goal scorer and his injured from the get go
Rilian: scores frozen?
Rilian: nvm, just me..
TheLegend6: likewise LeGoat
kascadev8: Grundy on 14?? geez all rucks are scoring ass scores right now, its horrific
circle52: Pies been to Lions kicking school
heppelitis: my starch to lloyd upgrade looking very juicy
Legix: beats me how josh thomas gets a game
Frankfaust: bagger2217 Thank you. Doesn’t seem to be happening. Oh well.
bhg26: Never thought Collingwood would catch up
Bezzina: Lloyd wearing black and white?
kascadev8: expect a low score from lloyd/oliver next week, im trading at least 1 of them in
CozzieCan: Lloyd you good thing
Water: we love you seagull we do
phivee: holy lloyd
Avarax: jesus ….68 is huge
Water: bruh lloyd already reached stewarts score
kascadev8: yo jake lloyd, im trading you in next week. you can stop scoring as part of ur preperation to join my team
biggs2dujj: Bell and Ling. Useless. I guess if you pay peanuts etc
TheLegend6: Had the C on Lloyd before switching to Grundy fffffffssss
Nuffman: Kasc…. take Ollie next week please.. I don’t have him
CozzieCan: Lloyd 68 First qtr , think I need a lay down
GroupOne: Le Goat The Legend My multi: Pies win, Adams & Lloyd 20, Treloar 25
88360: Maynard stop it. I want you in my team
CozzieCan: Lloyd to crack the highest sc score in history ? Wholy shit
Bezzina: Sure hope so Cozzie
Bezzina: The cats will stop kicking too him soon tho
88360: Let’s be real. Lloyd only making 130
Donzoes: Cheers Lloyd and Maynard, appreciate the help friends
GroupOne: biggs as long as bell scores more than -27 i’ll be ok. bringng in serong next week.
LeGoat1996: @Groupone I had similiar, but added the Hoskin Elliot out of greed. Your’s should get up
Bezzina: Pies* im losing my brain cella
navy_blues: the cats?
Desi: Definitely put the Mozz on Sidebottom bringing him in this week.
biggs2dujj: Yeah G1 Bell and Dingaling bench fodder from next week
original: Also have WHE for a goal in mine
Donzoes: also have WHE
clay007: would it hurt to put some heat on lloyd.
boxy36: Come on Noble, just need you to beat your BE – that’s all I ask
bones351: I really want Lloyd for my last defender spot. Going to cost me a fortune.
Nuffman: adams has stopped 🙁
DrSeuss: No need to stop now Adams and Maynard
biggs2dujj: This Wicks is going to suck me in. Next week he will score -20 and straight out
clay007: Thanks for your thoughts fellas. I guess you only respond to VIP
DrSeuss: What’s with Lloyd’s TOG? Are they giving him this qtr off?
wilaj: Think I’ll be getting in Wicks as a cash cow after the bye
StuL: Go Wicks. We need a hero
GroupOne: ring a ding ding go belly
Raspel31: Bell perhaps the rookie find of the year. Hop on now chaps and join me.
bhg26: Getting a new pair of boots DrSeuss, his last ones broke
CozzieCan: @clay deserves some attention to stop his run & intercept marks so far .. maybe crisp ?
StuL: Lloyd needs a rest until ft
DrSeuss: Adams and Lloyd just chilling on the bench this qtr?
NugzNiggle: Stuck on the bench with all the play on the other side Seuss. Same as Bell.
Donzoes: as soon as i thanked maynard he dropped 15 points
wilaj: Why is Lloyd spending so long on the pine? Leather poisoning?
Poliyagon: i’ve got treloar, opp has loyd. this quarter has been good!
Water: lloyd got stuck on the bench because the ball didnt go near it for ages
DrSeuss: Thanks Nugz – freaking annoying. Treloar getting all of Adam’s possessions
StuL: Seagull back for more chips
TheLegend6: WHE confirmed done?
StuL: Ling a sideways even after “profit”
DrSeuss: Adams on the bench so long he forgot what the ball looks like after his 1st qtr?
bhg26: Goal of the year?
boxy36: Come on Maynard – lift a heap
Apachecats: Could you thank Lloyd please Donzoes.
Donzoes: really nice goal
boxy36: Oh no – Maynard down the race
kascadev8: maynard in the rooms injured
CozzieCan: @bhg calm down fella
Donzoes: nd now maynard injured, amazing
Donzoes: i did apache
MercAm: Oh my god this is bloody horrible
DrSeuss: Awesome – Adams stopped and Maynard injured – 2nd qtr has not been friendly
Woodie22: Bhg26 no where near goal of the year
boxy36: Another injury – this year is going to kill me
bhg26: Know it’s not goal of the year, cracking first goal tho
thesilentl: holding the ball rule has changed again overnight
Raspel31: Maynard will be back- not intelligent enough to register pain- I hope.
MercAm: How are Collingwood this bad haha
TheLegend6: Umps been fine tonight
DrSeuss: Damn are Collingwood really going to lose this game?
CozzieCan: @bhg enjoy your team mate , playing decent
Donzoes: Hope you’re right Raspel
Apachecats: Nearest the pin on Grundy again ,Apache goes 122.
boxy36: Maynard back!
thesilentl: no they h aven’t @thelegend, i’ve heard ‘knocked out’ half a dozen tiems which doesn’t mitigate holding the ball anymore
Kidult: Glad I can skip on Wicks one more week and do my normal targets
bhg26: Not really Cozzie, Collingwood are just more shower than us
Donzoes: 132 for grundy
DropCox: 113 Grundy
amigaman: 135 for me
Water: grundy 124
CozzieCan: Grundy 137 for pin
MercAm: Grundy 124
boxy36: I’m gonna say 119 for Grundy @Apache
circle52: Grundy 106
AuroraBore: i will say 129
Cottees: Evening! Collingwood kicking well I see
Water: choose again merc i got 124 first
Cr1cketeer: Grundy 116
Cottees: i’ll stay 117
Snarfy: Grundy 94
Ash777: grundy 119
Avarax: maynard went backwards?
kascadev8: ill take 111 if it isnt taken
Avarax: grundy 128
Gotigres: 127 for Grundy
Poliyagon: i’ll say 112 Grundy
Cr1cketeer: You keeping up with all these entries Rasp?
Apachecats: thats taken Ash ,you want 120?
AlbySmedtz: hundie4grundie
Kidult: 155 Grundy will ton in the second half
Ash777: sure 120 will do
Apachecats: NTP closing 2 mins.
jbjimmyjb: grundy 109
Jontdawg: Grundy 118
stemy1243: 141 Grundy
GroupOne: not sure whats left i’ll go 132
thesilentl: hows the goalkickign vs the pies recently, 18.3, 10.1 and no 5.0
Kidult: @thesilent would be interesting to see if those shots are mostly directly in front
Apachecats: You can have 133 Group one OK?
Apachecats: MercAm youve got 125.and Water 124.
Apachecats: NTP closed 23 entries -record.
jbjimmyjb: papley, stephens, wicks were all 30m out directly in front for their goals
kascadev8: @Apachecats did you get my 111?
bagger2217: Florent below par
Apachecats: yes kaska. 111
Cottees: Get my 117 @Apachecats
RooBoyStu: Go Lloyd clap clap
bagger2217: @Apachecats 106
DrSeuss: Maynard ready to go. Adams time to pick it up.
kascadev8: thanks
Raspel31: Collingwood are my favourite team- after the other 17. Keep up the accuracy lads
Poliyagon: am I the only one that has Treloar and Steele?
DrSeuss: Missed a Taylor Adams kick in there
amigaman: Here comes Grundy
Apachecats: yes Cottees youre in.
Cottees: Thanks mate
cwall66: Go Treloar, earn the money I spent for you
Apachecats: Sorry bagger NTP closed ,give you an honourable mention if you get it.
CozzieCan: Grundy keeps this up he’ll be 150
Raspel31: Hmm, one starts to wonder over a fine glass of red- Titch was a sure trade in but Treloar- hmm?
Apachecats: Yeah cozzie I’ve gone too low with 122 methinks.
amigaman: CD vicious on FA’s tonight
Apachecats: Whats your drop raspel?
kascadev8: lol lloyd only on 86, he really has stopped scoring- just what the players do when i trade in. he will fit in well here
Apachecats: Someone had a multi with WHE kicking a goal -bit sad that one.
biggs2dujj: Old mate Ling. 4 touches, 3 Kermits.
CozzieCan: Nobles going to be the next treloar one day , he looks genuine
Apachecats: Lloyd was on 70 one minute into 2nd 1/4.
StuL: Ling going for the record, biggest dud ever. A 2020 special. Only have him because its 2020
Raspel31: Penfolds Bin 8 Cab- shiraz Apache.
amigaman: Grungy ton Yeehah!
StuL: Wick-Ruscoe no gopd. Come on Sharp
StuL: Carlton United Bin 2020 vintage VB
Ash777: Rampe’s golf glove looks so out of place
heppelitis: Goon bag 2020 going down a treat
Apachecats: Noice Raspel. I got a new fav Curtis Cavaliere 2016 Shiraz.
DrSeuss: Really need Adams and Maynard to start doing something
Poliyagon: Fuck Treloar injured
Apachecats: Go heppel!!
cwall66: Please don’t be injured Treloar
Raspel31: Noice Apache. Cheeky number.
Napper: Lloyd does on kick and goes from 79 to 86 yeah right
Poliyagon: shit
GroupOne: @Raspel Good work on NTP, I’m a 2010 Balnaves Shiraz.
Apachecats: Got them for $200 doz in a mystery box.
CozzieCan: Treloar looks to be tightness in hamstring
GroupOne: Grundy 48 SC pts this qtr with 6 min to go
thesilentl: pies guaranteed to rest treloar in this 4 games run
Poliyagon: and loyd starts scoring just as treloar leaves, just my luck!
Raspel31: For once I don’t own Teloar but soft tissue injuries this year- aarrgghh!
JVT123: Lloyd lifting
Silz90: whats wrong with parker? i need him for 20+ for my multi
Apachecats: Just saw your drop StuL lol
biggs2dujj: This Ling would have to be the worst player i’ve bought
Nuffman: dislike player injuries.. but good news for Adams, if treloar out
CozzieCan: @biggs reminds me of Cameron Ling unless
Cr1cketeer: Love that goal umpire. Always got a smile on his face
Bezzina: wait treloar out?
StuL: Ling the worst butcher since George Grossman
biggs2dujj: Cozzie, Cam Ling had more talent in his finger than this kid
Nuffman: people talking about hammy tightness?
BumSniff: The fuck happened to Treloar
GroupOne: Thank flower Treloar made 25 poss, Adams & Lloyd past 20 so just need Pies win for $400
Avarax: treloar will be on ice. hamstring tightness
hokkien34: How did Treloar go from 104 SC to 98 when he’s not even on the ground??
Avarax: it’s like he counted them @groupone
TheLegend6: @Group you put $100 on that? Odds would be low
jfitty: Give Treloar that chicken icon, he’s cooked
boxy36: Love seeing Noble get a run through the middle – Just need Maynard to lift from here
GroupOne: Spot on The Legen6. You should be a bookie
Raspel31: I would like to change my Grundy bet to 147 Apache. Do it or you will hear from my lawyers.
Gotigres: Great scaling Noble
BumSniff: If Treloar misses a few games Ill never pick him again
Apachecats: Sorry raspel .no correspodence will be entered into.
scboy123: Mills and Crisp doing pretty average
MercAm: Need Crisp and pies to win for $1250
Apachecats: Kiddult on 155 andstemy 1243 on 141 looking good,
Poliyagon: Is Treloar coming Back?
MercAm: Need 5 from crisp*
Apachecats: How many do you need for Crisp MercAm?
Apachecats: 5 what ?
Beast_Mode: no treloar wont be back
GroupOne: Good luck @MercAm. needs 5 poss from crisp to get to 15
Apachecats: I get it 5 more??
Silz90: same mercam but i think parker is going to stuff my multi
Apachecats: Grundy has benefiitted greatly without the weight of my captaincy on his shoulders.
StuL: Not enough touches for Wicks but he might have to do
Napper: 101 to 111 Lloyd for a kick great CD
Avarax: maynard storming home!!!
CozzieCan: My pin on Grundy for 137 looking good
Yelse: Pies decimated by injuries
Apachecats: Heart for Maynard m0nty.
Gryan goat: You there cozzie
AuroraBore: wasn’t watching for a bit, was Treloars injury bad?
CozzieCan: Gryan ! How are ya big fella
TheLegend6: Grundy (C), Maynard, Lloyd and Dawson! Decent night tonight.
Gryan goat: Good mate how are you
Raspel31: I think we are all just so excited to see our favourite team-The Magpies winning. And I’m a dentist.
Sloan4Pres: Why does Moore always look like he hasn’t bathed for 2 months
Raspel31: Hammy stretch Aurora- but not perfect.
Nuffman: Noble -> Maynard a good look next week?
AuroraBore: @raspel cheers mate
Apachecats: Crisp on 12 ,dragging it out a bit.
heppelitis: @Sloan. He looked like that after 2 months on Aust Survivor All Stars.
StuL: Come on Swans.
VodkaHawk: Suck it Papley, you flopper, lol
TheLegend6: Please swannies lets go
GroupOne: Crisp crap handball gets him to 13
Napper: Bloody hate that little shit of Papley
thesilentl: papley is the new lindsay thomas, can’t wait for him to start getting paid zero free kicks
CozzieCan: To be fair papley milked that free , soft cock
GroupOne: Pies will be down to 1 on bench
Bezzina: Commentators were saying Taylors was having a poor night, what clowns
Nuffman: defs milked it.. but free was there regardless… can’t put hands to the back *shrug*
scboy123: does Mills wanna do anything holy fuck
Yelse: broken leg quaynor this is getting ridiculous
TheLegend6: Tactics by Pies, momentum all with swans atm
thesilentl: there were no hands in the back @nuffman, you are allowed to hold space with your forearm
amigaman: Forgot C on Neale so put it on Grundy. Feeling better now
Poliyagon: Treloar was destined for 180+ he got 100 in 50 % TOG
Nuffman: there was definite hands in the back.. you can hold your ground, yes… but not by placing your hands on someones back..
bhg26: You’re catching up to our numbers on the injury list Yelse
Nuffman: you don’t have to push them.. as soon as the hands are in the back, it’s a free
Cr1cketeer: I only see two red crosses, but they’re saying we’re 3 down?
Pies20: is treloar rapped up on the bench or just sitting there?
Raspel31: This season is like watching the Hippo dance in Fantasia. Not a thing of beauty and yet we die hards persist.
bhg26: We’re in for a long one of the carts going that slow
Avarax: treloar is our too cricketer
GroupOne: @Cricket Treloar Hammy
bhg26: *if
CozzieCan: Welcome to 2020 Injury SuperCoach , survive 17 rounds & you win !!
Pies20: not watching why i ask the question
Water: monty needs to put the red cross on treloar
Raspel31: Well done Apache- stuck with Neale. Who would have seen Grunty going huge at 55 at half time?
Gryan goat: None of these players are as good as Gryan
Apachecats: Crisp is teasing you guys with the multi.
Nuffman: Yeah Pies20. Trealor has his named red lined
Apachecats: Nah rasp Ididn’t stick with him I’ve got the C on Whitbourne.
GroupOne: As good as his old mans tricks at Waverley vs Eagles
boxy36: Huuuge goal by Daicos
Raspel31: Ha ha -it is to larff Apache.
AuroraBore: DAICS!! that was filthy
bones351: That was so much like his dad. Awesome
Pies20: Cheers @nuffman if he’s got ice rapped around it flower looks long term
DrSeuss: Now that is a goal
bhg26: Flowering hopeless
Ash777: Winning goal
CozzieCan: Holy flower daicos what a goal !!! That’s goal of the year
BigChief: Just logged in guys. What happened to Treloar?
kascadev8: oh my brodie grundy, thank you very much
Nuffman: @Pies, could be precautionary also, lessens brusing and swelling, so could still be just alight strain
Avarax: very good @cozzie
88360: I did say that Lloyd was only getting 130
Raspel31: Hammy BigChief.
Pies20: Go you pies back in the 8 yeew!!
kascadev8: @BigChief hamstring
Apachecats: I’ll wait for scaling and post NTP winner next game.Between kidult and stemy.
bhg26: How the flowering flower is Melican playing footy the flowering spud
Nurfed: theres the crisp multi!!
Pies20: Cheers @nuffman
boxy36: I’ll gladly take that by Maynard – was a bit worried when he went down, but to ton up is a surprise
CozzieCan: Never seen aliir aliir so low
Cottees: Crispy got 15! Congrats guys!
Pies20: 25touches in 49%of the game hopefully he’s not out for too long
Oscar1968: best 18 is tough – all our commons are going huge, so it will come down to the 16, 17 and 18…..
Cottees: Congrats on the multi guys! He just got there
Silz90: thanks crips now i get a bonus bet 🙂 won 6/7 legs
kascadev8: i had brander (west coast) on field with E on Aarts (75) will i get aarts’ score over woodcock at the end of the round?
GroupOne: @MercAm You just made it with Crisp. Happy days. My multi got up also.
The Hawker: If you dont have E on Woodcock then youll get Aart’s score
kascadev8: @The Hawker , ive got woodcock on field same with brander who has a bye

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