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Chat log from R11 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R11 of 2020

Apachecats: Have you set your captains ,have you got your tips in?
bhg26: No Viney and no Gawn make bhg26 something something
bhg26: vc Neale and C Titch Apache
Apachecats: I’vr gone TKelly into Grundy.
kascadev8: ive heard gawn is out this week
bhg26: And Viney kascadev
kascadev8: ive only got gawn, traded draper in as r3 so replaced conroy. thatll do me this week
Apachecats: Reliable source?
Apachecats: Rozee out.
bagger2217: Boyd Woodcock ton looking likely
bhg26: Melbourne’s twitter Apache
wadaramus: 5aa reporting sore heel, Rozee out.
bhg26: Here’s hoping bagger
kascadev8: was rozee a late out? happy i traded draper in this week, need him to do a 2019 rob
bagger2217: haha
Apachecats: It will be right then ,bugger.
kascadev8: im in the top 14.8k now too which is good, very happy with that
bhg26: Looks like i’m trading Viney to Cripps, 170k for next week
bhg26: What’s everyone projected to get?
NavyMan: houston, woodcock, martin and shorty
NavyMan: 2080 projection.
bhg26: With or without Gawn NavyMan?
hokkien34: Wow Melb dropping Viney and Gawn 5 minutes before the round commenced really screwed with me!
Gotigres: Rozee out
kascadev8: hahah cameron sutcliffe.. could start anywhere. thats funny. surely they would brought bergman 4 a half fwd/mid role
kascadev8: @hokkien34 viney is out with concussion
amigaman: Apologies in advance. Brought Dusty in this week
Donzoes: I cant believe I just brought Ladhams in 2 minutes ago. Ton up champ
Donzoes: I also didnt know Lycett was in
NavyMan: i don’t have Gawn BHG
kascadev8: @amigaman i made dusty my vice… did u wanna tell me u brought him in?
bhg26: Thats pretty good NavyMan
Baldfrog: Argh didnt even know this was the start of a new round
bhg26: Woodcock’s on fire bagger
NavyMan: yeah having a rare good year top 500. though i’m sure i’ll fuck it up soon enough.. tommy woodcock u go boy
kascadev8: im projected 2000, no jelly or whitfield for me this week, thanks bye
scboy123: Houston, Georgiades, Dusty, Pickett, Aarts for me – for some reason half my team plays first 2 games each week lol
NavyMan: oh so i see fire truck turns into flower lol
bhg26: Also around top 500 NavyMan, was 128 then Gawn stuffed me as captain a couple weeks ago
Snarfy: I can’t believe I still haven’t traded out Budarick yet. I can’t seem to get rid of him.
Apachecats: 1923 proj for me.Hope for a few out performs.
Apachecats: Same here snarfly ,but I could need him if Viney is out.
NavyMan: good work BHG i got to 89th but 1 bad round dropped me back till a good last 2 weeks.. i hollered for a marshall instead
Kidult: Just stupid umpires with white back shirts and clashes with Port
Gotigres: Time to wake up Richmond
Apachecats: Richmond playing like they’re embarrassed about something.
HugeHead: decided to risk the vice on Martin, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out
GOSUNS123: anyone see ben king the other night looked pretty slow
m0nty: Tigers need to pull the finger out
Snarfy: I predict Apache he will get between 45-55pts. Good luck to us all.
MrWalrus: Did we all take drugs apache?
bhg26: Woodcock you beauty!
wadaramus: They’re a bit tackle shy.
Baldfrog: Or put it back in m0nty
NavyMan: yeah same re budarick i can’t believe i still have him on my bench
GOSUNS123: thoughts on brining in 2m peter?
Donzoes: if you did it would be suppository
Apachecats: Sorry Walrus ,bit below the belt there.
Baldfrog: Even Dusty has a brokeback hairdo
bhg26: flowered Budarick off ages ago
Snarfy: Its like he’s locked himself into a bubble. His value isn’t enough to trade him ,but he still gets a game every week.
kascadev8: ive got dusty (vc) aarts short pickett woodcock mckenzie georgiades. thats a lot already
MrWalrus: Maybe the umpires have robbed us
MrWalrus: Below the bely
Donzoes: settle down walrus, this is unbecoming
DrSeuss: So maybe now you would move Dusty into the middle Hardwick??
bhg26: Wow Dixon you spud
NavyMan: 2m peter???????? nooooooooo
NavyMan: c’mon walrus u don’t wanna sound like a bomber fan ๐Ÿ˜›
MrWalrus: Below the belt better than up the arm
GOSUNS123: believe in greatness for 2m peter
Gotigres: Do something Aarts
Yelse: i need dixon to get 3 for my multi and lynch 2 could have been done by now ๐Ÿ™ seriously
Pies20: we’ve seen where some of there fingers have been @monty
DrSeuss: Houston you useless spud – canโ€™t wait to get rid of you
navy_blues: richmond worn out from pre game ball handlng drills
Ooost: Good stuff Woodcock!
CozzieCan: Who else got woodcock in ? Seems good so far
GOSUNS123: jack ross cheacky pod sc??
pcaman2003: Tigers getting touched up.
NavyMan: lol.. yeah tigers worrying too much about the wrong type of balls ๐Ÿ˜›
Water: yep woodcock and boak doing nicely, very happy
amigaman: Go Woody!
lukefield9: @GOSUNS surely you’re joking
wadaramus: They’re getting their hands on the balls now.
Donzoes: probably not GoSuns, is bhe guaranteed a spot?
Kidult: Grabbed Woodcock last week to afford both Stewart and Duncan
Gotigres: Pretty sad when your sc player can only get points for a shepard
heppelitis: Tigers digging their way out of a hole here
Ooost: Taylor to Woodcock last week to afford Stewart also
GOSUNS123: @lukefield nah been looking at him for a while now, im top 5%
Donzoes: Didnt go Woodcock, instead went for triple upgrade
rupertmarn: Why is Chol the cannon icon?
MrWalrus: Blues supporters sledging, now, nothing much else to talk about I guess
Snarfy: Commentator just siad, “Umpire balls it up now”. Never a truer word spoken.
navy_blues: now riewoldt going after opps balls
DrSeuss: Come on Pickett – more than 1 touch per qtr would be great
kascadev8: pickett and mckenzie come on boys
Donzoes: McKenzie is the cannon, so he must be on him rupertman
MrWalrus: Got trent McKenzie on him
Costanza: Dixon so overrated
rupertmarn: cheers Donzoes
navy_blues: awww walrus dont be so “touchy” all in fun
Breezey: So howโ€™s everyone doing with Gawn and Viney ruled out
Water: hopefully woodcock doesnt completely stop, would love 70 from him
wadaramus: Stuffed Breezey!
Gotigres: Houston is my midfield emergeny so I will get his score for Viney
DrSeuss: In this game – I have Pickett – opponent has Ladhams…not ideal
Pies20: Give it out but can’t take it @walrus
amigaman: Covered Gawn with Draper. Wonder if all the fools traded Draper out
Apachecats: Got Viney , covered (somewhat) by Budarick.
pcaman2003: @constanza. Didn’t know he was rated.
Water: breezey, i only have gawn and i feel fine because i have draper to cover and almost everyon is in the same boat
NavyMan: love it.. should make it harder for Oliver also..
Gotigres: Why would anyone trade Draper out amigaman?
kascadev8: wtf is that port, richmond shouldnt be in it
Ooost: Is Gawn officially out?
wadaramus: We don’t know if Draper is named yet do we?
Breezey: It all works for me if Darcy Cameron gets a game, otherwise only one ruck
Kidult: Gawn and Viney out Rested with his injury and concussion with 4 day turnaround
Breezey: @Ooost. Yes
NavyMan: seems like it Re Gawn
CozzieCan: Not fussed about Gawn , majority have him .
cmperrfect: Yes Ooost
heppelitis: I think they will rest Draper either this game or next.
HugeHead: I’ve got a full 22 playing so losing Viney shouldn’t effect me too much
kascadev8: draper will 100% play even i its as a 2nd ruck, was too good to be dropped
Yelse: geez opponent doesn’t have either gawn or veiny tis is a joke
MrWalrus: I don’t give it out @pies20 but I will start if you like
Ooost: Damn, the one week my opponent doesn’t have Gawn :/
cmperrfect: Neither do I @yelse
amigaman: @Gotigres refer to last night’s chat
Ooost: All I need is for West Coast to play Bailey Williams
Pies20: Do what you want @walrus
MrWalrus: Sick of constant Richmond bashing on here but if you dare say something about another team then its not on
cmperrfect: Anyone else bring Boak in this week?
Water: yep i did cmp good start aye?
Pies20: haha what site you on there’s constant bashing of most club’s mate
heppelitis: Luke Ryan was my big in this week
Kidult: went Shuey instead of Boak with him having his bye
Yelse: maybe time to trade veiny out mitchell or petracca?
NavyMan: loving your work tommy woodcock
Donzoes: difficult choice Yelse
Pies20: George v pickett in this game for me get a touch George
bhg26: I had me E taken off me for some reason, it was Woodcock
hithere: Rockliff clear tackle on Martin before that goal, Houston didn’t even touch Dusty. Why did the tackle go to Houston? WTF
Gotigres: Can’t seem to access last night’s chat amigaman. Is it because Bellchambers will come in?
pcaman2003: @Yelse. You being serious? Viney ave 108.
DrSeuss: Haha first time I ever play someone with Ladhams – of course it is
BOMBRBLITZ: Gawn – Ladhams = Nailes it!
BOMBRBLITZ: Gawn – Ladhams = Nailed it!
scboy123: Why did i start georgiades ๐Ÿ™
Ooost: My opponent has Short and Pickett, excellent.
Kidult: avg of 98.5 without that 1st game
Pies20: Someone said it @gotiges because he was spudding it early surly they regret the comment
amigaman: @Gotigres at half time plenty saying can’t wait to get rid of Draper.
rupertmarn: Jack Riewoldt better than Nick R yet?
pcaman2003: Is Georgi injured? Only 53% TOG.
CozzieCan: Port Adelaide have the most feral supports in the comp , prove me wrong
amigaman: They’d have bad memories of course
Tangent: Worst call in 2020
Gandhi: WTF was that decision. Worst one of the year!
cmperrfect: Wash your mouth out @rupert
pcaman2003: Oh boy! That’s crappy
Pies20: of course @amigaman
Kidult: Bs no free
NavyMan: cats fan are pretty feral down in sleepy hollow ๐Ÿ˜›
kascadev8: richmond need to be gifted any more goals?? flower me, between houston and that call what is going on
LuvIt74: Poor Woodcock would have copped a bit of slack with that surname
Kidult: Feral is harsh fuming is more like it
Gotigres: Yeah, amigaman and Pies20 but had a good second half
BigChief: #freekickrichmond
Woodie22: Love seeing the Centrelinkers go ape s###
Yelse: umpires geez giving tigers a dream run here
teddyt: lmfao I expect 1 eyed port fans but 1 eyed spectators? Are you all mentally retarded?
navy_blues: omg richmond getting plenty of love from umps
pcaman2003: Umpires helping Tigers to lift. A bit of encouragement no doubt
srj2409: Oh umpire ffs gifted Dusty 20 pts
Avarax: this game is off tap!!!
Water: this is the most exciting game ive watched this year. how footy should be
amigaman: Excuses, mostly tigers supporters of course. No ticker.
Baldfrog: Hey brokeback teddy had ya fondle today yet?
Arminius: Flower me this is a great game, hope we stick it up these adelaide ferals
HugeHead: woodcock you absolute beauty
Pies20: is vlaustin close to him @luvit?
Gotigres: Tigers a bit lucky with frees. Good game though.
VodkaHawk: 2 umpire goals for tigers so far
heppelitis: boy going to have to loophole woody….bench d smith or t mcclean?
Bezzina: can short get near the footy bloody hell
amigaman: Again, Go Woody!
MrWalrus: Settle teddy, they’ve only had twice as many frees
Bezzina: fielded georgiadas over woodcock too, lovely
Gandhi: This one feels like a final, great intensity
CozzieCan: Woodcock reminds me of young Rozee last year , absolute star
Ooost: Rolling the dice on Woodcock last week might save me this week
wadaramus: Off tap alright!
HugeHead: Georgie??
woodduck: I think Woodcock is a distant relative ๐Ÿ˜‰
Pies20: Wtf George get a touch or 10
DrSeuss: Houston fallen back to sleep I see
scboy123: DrSuess as he always does
Valorlonga: Woodcock and Ladhams definitely went to the same barber
kascadev8: @DrSeuss he screwed up the first 2 goals richmond kicked, i want him asleep
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Hopefully he stays asleep. My opponent has him.
wadaramus: Nine frees to four Ports way, yet calls of Tigers being favoured.
Pies20: And art vandelay lift also please
pcaman2003: Seuss. I just need Aarts to wake up from his long sleep
Gotigres: Wake up Houston and Aarts
hijikata: eggo has been so bad, 3 mistakes leading to goals, surely gets the cut
bhg26: This umpiring has been disgusting
pcaman2003: I just wish Aarts would wake up from his coma.
BigChief: How was that not in the back to Gray?
navy_blues: no in the back??
Arminius: cop that and ya shower in the back rule
Baldfrog: These umps must be Covid affected
wadaramus: Aarts lives!
daniel87: Don’t know what game your watching wadaramus but we but Richmond been getting away with murder
Avarax: there you go pca
Gotigres: You got your wish pcaman
Tangent: If that’s not in the back, then what the fuck is?
pcaman2003: This is totally flowered up
Breezey: I nearly pulled the trigger on Wines this week. No guts me.
Water: are there any power fans on this website?
Avarax: ask and ye shall receive
Arminius: there ya go pca
HugeHead: need Martin to ton up for my VC
amigaman: I sometimes wonder what umpires grt paid for. So many bad decisions
Pies20: On call @pca
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Must have heard me.
Yelse: tigers have been so lucky with the umps there is no doubting this today
VodkaHawk: Lol, 3 dodgy free kicks/non calls resulted in 2 tigers goals and port robbed of a chance at goal
pcaman2003: Who else should I tell to wake up?
Water: woodcock starting to drift off i dont like it
VodkaHawk: But yeah LoOk aT tHe FrEe KiCk cOuNt
MrWalrus: Daniel, are you watching a repeat or something?
RuffLeader: Chol hurt? Maybe one of the richmond boys can shove a finger up him and see if that helps
Gotigres: Well done pcaman
Breezey: Wobbie is 51 shades of Gray at the moment
Pies20: georgie!!
Kidult: Been 4 shocking non calls
kascadev8: mckezie wtf is that, im trading u nxt week
Costanza: great half of footy. Almost thru my bag of pretzels already
VodkaHawk: Baker can wake up and get some disposals
Seiya: Lycett needs to lose that moustache
Pies20: hopefully more gentle than your name @ruffleader haha
Breezey: Consistent non calls are OK. I can live with that. Only if itโ€™s consistent
pcaman2003: Aarts and Georgi fought back well this term. Thank goodness.
MrWalrus: Nah you’re all right, umps are basically cheating tiges way
Donzoes: Good call, fair call Breezy
Pies20: are you thirsty @costanza?
RuffLeader: from what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t guarantee it @pies haha
Gotigres: Tigers so lucky then
NewFreoFan: At least I don’t get Butler and Baker confused now they’re at different clubs
Kidult: Footy gods sitting around the table having a laugh robbing Gray of that haha
daniel87: Umpires girfted you 2 free goals
Donzoes: wow how unlucky
heppelitis: georgi nearly got his 3rd goal assist for the quarter…dam
Apachecats: got both of them PCA ,did well last 10 minutes.
CozzieCan: What a game best one so far this year
VodkaHawk: Canโ€™t remember that last game that was this action packed though.
Tangent: Not only the umpires favoring Richmond…
cogs94: Bringing in Balta as a POD looks to have been a pretty woeful decision atm
thommoae: It’s all been said, Ruff. Doubt you’ll find an original line there.
Pies20: looks like we got the same interest in this game @pca @ruff haha
kascadev8: richmond should b 2 goals further behind lmao.
Apachecats: Cogs he’s definitely a POD.
nogoalo: hows bolton not on more
pcaman2003: Apache. It was looking pretty sick for a while. Nice to see Georgi catching up to Houston.
rupertmarn: Where’ Rozee?
Kidult: late out with Heel @rupert
pcaman2003: Pies20. Have Dusty and Pickett too,but good to see the newbies pick up a bit.
kascadev8: is it top18 again this week?
rupertmarn: Thanks Kidult
Donzoes: yes kascadev
NewFreoFan: Rozee late out for Sutcliffe
Pies20: Get them more @pca
Kidult: @kas yes it is
MrWalrus: What 2 goals gifted? Also no cheap ones to Port? What a cracking game!
Pies20: got dusty aswell but so does my opponent @pca
kascadev8: good, cos mckenzie is ruining me right now. hoping he would go up so i could bring haynes in
kascadev8: @MrWalrus the jack riewoldt free from dusty pushing the port bloke into jack. was a port free
Donzoes: hi scoring still counts to his price projection, lol
HugeHead: need dusty to go huge this next half
Donzoes: his*
MrWalrus: Push in the side, Jack smaked in the head by opponent? OK and the “other”
Pies20: Who you talking to @donzoes?
kascadev8: @MrWalrus its still a port free…
pcaman2003: A quick boast if I may. The first time I broke into the topp 500 overall in a week. So rapt.
kano: Lol Mr walrus. Take off the goggles champ
LuvIt74: Guys how do I view my trades on SC /
pcaman2003: Gawn is out and viney
LuvIt74: @pcaman Great job mate
RooBoyStu: McKenzie should put his head in a canon. The only port player with no impact
MrWalrus: Was it when Chol touched Dixon and Dixon flopped like he isn’t the biggest monster in the comp?
LuvIt74: pcaman are you serious Gawn & Viney out?
pcaman2003: @Luvit74. Wish the news was better.
Breezey: I would be dreaming I was in the Top 500
MrWalrus: No kas, it was a tiges free, we got a goal
Lofty9: Got Gawn and Viney….. flower it, might trade Gawn to Goldie for a laugh
LuvIt74: bloody hell i have both
kascadev8: @MrWalrus it should have been a port free kick bud, and the dixon ruck one was legitamite, not a dive
LuvIt74: I’m screwed
MrWalrus: Did you mean when Dixon was called out of the ruck contest, went up anyway, play on?
Grimes Jr: lads, stop bickering about the umpiring and appreciate the game. Umps have missed decisions going both ways
pcaman2003: @Lofty. I’ve got Goldy and no regrets
shaker: Will Port get pinged HTB once this game?
Phasir: @Walrus, you’re clearly trolling if you think Dixon had no right to go for that contest..
teddyt: or did you mean when Robbie Gray took 1 player on then got tackled and it wasnt called holding the ball?
MrWalrus: Mark, incorrect disposal, play on, no definitely all tiges way
kano: step away from the keyboard walrus you are embarrassing yourself
scboy123: robbie graywith the throw to dixon
kascadev8: @MrWalrus i was talking about the one where chol pushed dixon out, that was a free. dixo should be FA for the -nominate
NavyMan: dixon you superstar ๐Ÿ˜›
srj2409: A daily occurrence Kano
teddyt: Good assist
Baldfrog: Agree kano
pcaman2003: Looks like I’m moving Viney into Duncan.
NavyMan: Goldy needs to go to some aged care home.. i’d go marshall stuff Goldy
kascadev8: mckenzie please get to 42, thats ur BE u clown
NavyMan: in all fairness i don’t think the tigers have any cause to whine about free kicks over the last few years..
pcaman2003: Who said earlier that Dixon was over rated?
VodkaHawk: Get some touches Baker, lift
thommoae: You been comparing stats over the last few years, Navy Man? You need to get out more …
navy_blues: fat lady bout to sing
DrSeuss: Ok Dusty and Pickett – time to lift the Tigers to a win
pcaman2003: Navyman. Goldy Ave 125 and you want to send him to aged care? Lol! Good one!
kascadev8: mckenzie ffs, what r u doing!! if ur not gonna play then let me play
NavyMan: how can i get out Tommoae.. umm lockdown ๐Ÿ˜›
Donzoes: good stuff Ladhams
thommoae: A fair point …
VodkaHawk: Donโ€™t be too crap tigers, keep that margin under 30, preferably under 15
NavyMan: yup i do PCA.. he only scored about 65 against Pitto.. he’s clearly past it ๐Ÿ˜›
cmperrfect: Yes Boak you gun
Breezey: Fat lady really. This ones far from over.
pcaman2003: Gawn scored poorly too,so should he go as well?
Breezey: Hey Navy, Goldy still averages 125 nonetheless.
Kidult: Goldy done alot better with Ziebell and Cunners at his feet I’d try target someone like Nicnat with bye done
Gotigres: Yes Aarts
NavyMan: that’s all well and good but i’m more than happy with my 2 rucks
NugzNiggle: Evening BreezeDog.
CozzieCan: Reckon Dusty gets rested next week , Cotchin to replace him
kascadev8: aarts thank you, mckenzie wake the flower up
Breezey: My players seem to get the dreaded premiership qtr heebeegeebees.
pcaman2003: @Navyman. Great! Me too!
Breezey: Howdy.
Thomas1234: Dusty please lift
Breezey: Howdy Nugz
NavyMan: who do u refer to Breezey?
NavyMan: good to hear PCA ๐Ÿ™‚
RooBoyStu: Flower off Pickett, you are out of my side next week. Useless as a vegan holding tongs at a BBQ
Woodie22: Dusty won’t get rested. 9 day break.
thommoae: Kudos Beezy for using ‘heebeegeebees’. Noice.
kascadev8: ive got 9 trades, gonna be stuck with either pickett or mckznie, which do i choose to be stuck with?
Gotigres: Chol is a great kick for goal
Breezey: Pickett and Baker
Water: Aarts really building in confidence
CozzieCan: Lmao @Rooboy good 1
thommoae: *Breezy
pcaman2003: Keep going Aarts,but lift Georgi
NavyMan: yeah traded pickett this week didn’t like him improving on 340k
Breezey: One too many Ollies. Didnโ€™t even notice
kascadev8: mckenzie again wtf. ur gone, dropping u n im gonna bring simpkin back in idc
Thomas1234: What are all our projections lads?
wadaramus: Cracking game!
Silz90: keep it up faarts!
pcaman2003: That fingering has worked a treat.
Water: my projection is 1808 and i am offended
Donzoes: 1918, but Ladhams has already topped his proj for me
Kidult: didn’t know castagna was playing
Breezey: I gather your disappointed in McKenzie Kascade. Just an assumption
cmperrfect: Icicle for Castagna, or witches hat.
Apachecats: Almost hoping Tiges win this ,I want to see them sing the song.
pcaman2003: 2025 but will change when I bring in Dunnycan
NavyMan: 2080.. but woodcock could improve that ๐Ÿ˜›
hokkien34: My proj is 1905 but need Martin to lift
Breezey: He hasnโ€™t been Kidult. Been out there but not playing.
Water: macraes projected is 171 lmao
Nuffman: hoping i don’t regret going Hosie instead of Woodcock as a downgrade target this week
spdysaint: Was thinking of three guys this week, wines boak and Wingate. Wingard better do well
CozzieCan: McRae proj is 175 yeah right SC hahaha
DrSeuss: Houston, Pickett and Dusty – do freaking something!!!
scboy123: to think they kept castagna and let butler go xD
CozzieCan: 171* apologies
RooBoyStu: Someone put your finger up Pickett at the song to make him wake up
pcaman2003: @cozzie. I think they’re on the weed again
Breezey: Marlion Pickett up mate.
Woodie22: Castagna has had a good year scboy….
wadaramus: Nil all after three quarters, looking forward to the fourth!
Snarfy: You’re right there Roo Boy. Its backs to the wall in the Tigers huddle atm.
Water: anyone got wines?
NavyMan: yeah can’t stand ya.. ha ha.. makes me relive seinfeld..
kascadev8: nah idc anymore, if i run out of trades so be it, but pickett and mckenzie are gone
RuffLeader: @nuffman team announcements must hurt
CozzieCan: Pickett into Cripps next week if he doesnโ€™t get b/e
Thomas1234: Trent rivers I love you
MrWalrus: Great game, they should play 6 quarters!
Donzoes: Rivers in for Melbourne, hallelujah
Tangent: Castagna to kick a massive goal.
Gotigres: No, I have beer @Water
NavyMan: how in the world did you ever have McKenzie?..
Zagzz: Hosie, Viney and Gawn out, this is gonna hurt
Avarax: lol @navyman. i was wondering thre same thing
Kidult: Solo ruck to Jackson then will be awesome to see his capabilities
Water: funny guy aren’t ya
kascadev8: @NavyMan Mckenzie has been decent all year for me, 1 really horrid score before this
Snarfy: If anyone needs a list of downgraded premiums to consider, you’ll find it in my midfield!
NavyMan: lol @ snarfy ๐Ÿ™
NavyMan: well glad he’s made u some cash Kascadev ๐Ÿ™‚
pcaman2003: Wobbie back to his best
Avarax: mckenzie has average like 70…..
kascadev8: might sideways pickett to simpkin nxt week, that finishes my midfield off with 8 trades left
cmperrfect: Aarts almost score worthy of loop
CozzieCan: Top 18 again this week ?
kascadev8: i traded simpkin in, then traded him out, now gonna trade him in, wtf am i doing
Snarfy: Yeah, thats one of mine Kascadev.
Apachecats: yes cozz
wadaramus: How’s the umpiring now Daniel?
thommoae: Houston haters hands up please?
BigChief: Muppet surely for Dusty. FA and 2 x 50m penalties.
NavyMan: serong in for me.. 330K and -35 b/even.. how can u go wrong
Pies20: @pca more criticism for George and arts please
hokkien34: Ffs dusty
pcaman2003: Hahaha!
wadaramus: Soft free on the boundary, goal to Houston.
NavyMan: Houston .. we don’t have any problem whatsoever…
RooBoyStu: With an ave of 70 McKenzie needs icicle clearly shows this site has a set against certain players
cmperrfect: Hahaha, did Any1 else lip read Dimma then? Lol
pcaman2003: Sorry Pies20. Slacked off. Aarts and Geordi,get your acts together.
Kidult: happy to lose my tip if port get up
Baldfrog: Tiges not only limp wristed but dumb to lol
Breezey: Port have pushed the GO button.
kascadev8: mckenzie move, im so screwed for trades omg
StuL: Bad Dusty is back
Pies20: much better! @pca
DrSeuss: Pickett get a touch FFS
Apachecats: He’s got a few mates StuL
Pies20: Tiger’s tanking so there is no camera’s in the room after the game hahahaha
DrSeuss: Or giveaway a free kick you muppet
NavyMan: eggy smith.. the new muppet master….
pcaman2003: Tigers getting caught in the headlights.
kascadev8: need draper to go up 300k in about 3 weeks haha
Pies20: we have scene what they get up to haha
cmperrfect: Lycett with the 70s porn star look
jfitty: Get that spud icon on Caddy
StuL: Richmond out: Caddy (omitted)
Apachecats: Chol getting changed in Port rooms.
duckky: I had a choice to bring in Dusty or Dencan – guess who I brought in?
duckky: Dusty or Duncan
navy_blues: dusty is so lazy off the ball give me lachie neale anyday
DrSeuss: Is Dusty still forward or just doing nothing?
Gotigres: Suddenly my players are going crap
Pies20: now butler ex tige what is the culture at tigerland?
pcaman2003: I was going to get Duncan,but Cripps at his price? Which one?
Avarax: dusty is lazy in a losing side…..downhill skier
kascadev8: dusty just punching people now, flog
Pies20: haha@apach
Thomas1234: How tf is dusty this bad
pcaman2003: Kaskadev8. If it’s not a digit,it’s a fist. What next?
NewFreoFan: What a great game of football. Game of the year
HugeHead: Martin you spud
BumSniff: Aarts has gotten nothing to work with this quarter
BigChief: Star for Gray. He has turned back the clock today.
DrSeuss: So my opponent with Ladhams will outscore me with Martin and Pickett – useless spuds
Breezey: Rockliff teasing people again
RooBoyStu: No Gawn Captain Goldy
Gotigres: Game over. Well done Port.
kascadev8: mckenzie has been genuine trash, im so scared to try hold him
StuL: Richmond just not playing well enough. Score flatters them
pcaman2003: Are you there Georgiades? Get going kid.
Nuffman: exactly what i just did Roo
NewFreoFan: Rocky is the trappiest trap. Never again
Beast_Mode: only deadset flogs would have dusty in your fantasy team, you deserve to fail
pcaman2003: Seuss. That really hurts mate. Chin up!
CozzieCan: Wines could double ton here
DrSeuss: Still have no idea how Hardwick doesnt play Dusty on the ball when they are getting beaten in the contest
The Hawker: Why would you even get Mckenzie anyway haha
Kidult: Dixon should be leading coleman by 2
Nuffman: just saw that Hosie is omitted for north.. argh! knew i shoulda gone woodcock!
Pies20: Rooboy good to see you still around
Beast_Mode: lol exactly what a tosser
Donzoes: spud next to castagna
BOMBRBLITZ: Earth to Pickett
StuL: I wouldnt want to be Caddy in a few minutes
BigChief: McKenzie 350k avg 75. Not too bad really.
Grimes Jr: well played port. valiant considering how many players r out for us
kascadev8: mckenzie been good all year for me, hope its 1 off, ill give him a 2nd chance, dont have enough trades
pcaman2003: 28 shots to 17. Comprehensive win.
RooBoyStu: Why wouldn’t I be @Pies20
BumSniff: Not sure why everyone rated Hosie highly. 2 goals off 2 free kicks. Did nothing else all game
HugeHead: muppet for caddy?
Grimes Jr: we were outplayed but bloody hell the umps play the crowd when the game gets tight
RooBoyStu: Anyone that got McKenzie deserves this lol
Breezey: Wobbie gets no love from the Symbol police
Apachecats: Caddy 5 frogs.
kascadev8: easy win for port, deserved to win and to win comfortably
Nuffman: @Grimes: you didn’t watch last night, did ya?
DrSeuss: Pickett you just had to help me out one more game
Phasir: The umpires did a lot of work for the tiges, Grimes Jr. I wouldn’t be bagging them if I were you
penguins00: Brilliant game
BumSniff: what was shorts be?
Apachecats: Late goal to George or Aarts would be good.
LeGoat1996: Not a free that wasn’t warrented for port that quarter
hithere: CD still hasn’t given Rockliff his tackle in the 1st quarter, crazy inaccurate stats this year CD
bagger2217: Woodcock ton wasn’t as far-fetched as I thought
Donzoes: cheers ladhams, enjoying your score
Baldfrog: Apache I’m the only frog!,
BigChief: @Breezey agree mate I had him BOG.
Grimes Jr: yeh true 22 to 11 free kicks cheers
NewFreoFan: Pickett is a lazy player
Breezey: Tigers fans wheeling out the excuses.
Grimes Jr: no we aren’t breezy, we were outplayed. hope you miss the eight
LeGoat1996: Didn’t win a centre clearence nor did you mark it when it came out. Take the L
Avarax: pickett has only played like 10 games
Pies20: What happens in the room’s???
RooBoyStu: @Breezey you will be the 1st team to lose to the crows so i say shhh
Oscar1968: tha twas a pretty good game, I wouldn’t be jumping off the Tigers on that
Gotigres: I’m not Breezy. Port played well.
amigaman: Martin lucky to get 70. 6 clangers
pcaman2003: Good to see the Port players not playing stink fingers.
MrWalrus: Good game that, shame about the result
Social: Balta was taught by Rance3
kascadev8: up the port

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