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Chat log from R11 of 2020: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R11 of 2020

Yelse: would you take picket score or put in T.rivers, starcevic or budarick?
Yelse: one will be traded as well
Water: chuck in budarick
Breezey: I’d go Budarick at a guess.
Yelse: contemplating getting rid of gawn for goldy? dumb move and waste of trade?
MrWalrus: Will be nice if this game is as good as the last. Put rivers in.
BigChief: Rivers will get 50ish
amigaman: Go Bullies
MrWalrus: Best 18 so perfect time for Gawn to have a rest without hurting you then get back to those sweet 150s
CozzieCan: Traded in McRae & Neale this week , also Bont cmon boys !!
circle52: Nice and fine at the Gabba. Go lions
MrWalrus: VC Neale, Bont, Witho & *sigh* Starc
Water: vc neale, bont and macrae, looking for at least 350 combined surely
CozzieCan: Switched vc from Neale to Macrae
Breezey: How many for the Recruit tonight
bhg26: vc Neale, Bont, Macrae and Bazlenka
NavyMan: neale and macrae..
Kidult: was rumour gastro was going through the lions
NavyMan: what Eagles????
Thomas1234: vc neale macrae and smith
OnTheRocks: Need some heart and big points today Bont
Bezzina: had a funny feeling the dogs would get up and geewhiz what a start
DrSeuss: Witherden and Bailey Smith in this one. Need some decent scores please
stemy1243: @CozzieCan such a tough call between Neale and McRae
Stu7: VC Neale go Bailey
Kidult: Reward for Wallis after being robbed of two goals with blood rule last 2 rounds
JRedden: wallis is a star, our best forward
Tangent: Looking good so far… Wallis, Macrae and Bont for this one…
CozzieCan: @stemy couldn’t agree more mate , although McRae has good record against Brisbane
Water: macrae absolutely flying out of the gate
wadaramus: Macrae on fire!
DrSeuss: Surely we can’t kick this bad again
JRedden: macrae is a superstar
Cottees: I was going to VC Macrae over Neale! What a mistake by the looks
bhg26: Looking like a genius Cozzie
CozzieCan: Macrae almost superman
StuL: God has the VC on McRae. I do not
kascadev8: yes macrae lets go, come on neale get a move on
Donzoes: I hate not having macrae
BigChief: Has Macrae ever started this well?
HugeHead: went the cap on Neale instead of macrae
Gandhi: After watching Port, Ladhams moves like a midfielder comapared to English
wadaramus: VC on Neale, but glad I have Macrae too.
Kidult: Pretty sure he has started well the last 2 games
CozzieCan: @bhg was a massive call , still we be close between them
bhg26: that 171 projection on Macrae looking realistic
Social: bless you
bhg26: Hate that my two real captain options are playing, have Titch as a backup if Neale flops
NavyMan: got lazy as playing 17th side but Macrae a fine choice for VC
CozzieCan: Dunkley ? Wow
pcaman2003: Have only VC Macrae and Neale in this
bhg26: I’m fuming still that Supercoach took my E of Woodcock
BumSniff: Is the projected taking into account top 18 scores?
bhg26: Holy shower Ah Chee!
Water: Now Neale is starting to heat up, i love this
DrSeuss: Watch CD give Neale a Goal Assist for that even though it was a horrible Neale shot at goal
pcaman2003: @bhg36.Is that in gameday view or team view?
BigChief: The projected is all 22 players.
CozzieCan: Macrae superman Monty
bhg26: It was Gameday pcaman, then I went back to my team knowing that i had the e on him, but it wasnt. I have no clue
NewFreoFan: Clearly a carefully weighted pass Seuss 😉
wadaramus: Jack Mac going bonkers.
stemy1243: McRae deadset has no one on him. He will score 200 if no respect is paid
BigChief: @cozzie 1/4 not over. Could go backwards with muppets
wadaramus: 50 DT for Superman.
Donzoes: Is there 5 Macrae’s out there or what?
CozzieCan: @big chief looks to almost ton in the first qtr hahaha
DrSeuss: Be great if Bailey Smith could get involved
scboy123: definitely regretting changing the VC from macrae to Neale lol
kascadev8: do you thinks recommend that i have faith in pickett or mckenzie for another week, 1-2 trades short off perfect amount
pcaman2003: @bhg26. Mmm! I had the issue last week.Georgiades name too long in gameday,but still E in team view. That’s very odd.
pcaman2003: Go Macca! I wuv you big time.
Water: faith in mckenzie kascadev
BumSniff: how many trades and upgrades do you have left
stemy1243: You and me both @scboy123
thisbagger: Just came here, can anyone tell me the highlights of the first quarter?
bhg26: Sent SuperCoach an email for the first time ever pcaman. Better get justice
duckky: Thank heavens I picked up Macrae 2 weeks back – I couldn’t afford him now
CozzieCan: @ wada bit stiff with 77 sc score for 1 qtr
navy_blues: cd luvs macrae
bhg26: Macrae, Bont, Baz and Neale vc, not a bad start
kascadev8: about 5 upgrades with 9 trades left, can sideways pickett into simpkin at best
Poliyagon: Its my first year so kinda screwed myself re trades. 8 left and 5 rookies.. no cash in bank
Thomas1234: @BumSniff 9 trades 4 upgrades
Stu7: Macrae 77 that’s madness
Water: omfg 35 37 and 77 they are already almost halfway to 300
Stu7: Bailey get off ya ar5e
Bluebagg11: VC on Neale instead of Macrae. Someone stop him!!!
StuL: 13 trades. 6 upgrades. Get one more done this rd
bhg26: How about Neale and Macrae score 200 each Bluebagg
kascadev8: @BumSniff got 5 upgrades with 9 trades left, considering sideways pickett>simpkin tho
stemy1243: I reckon Neale and McRae are playing on each other and just doing their own thing
thisbagger: At this rate, Macrae should have a double ton by half time
NavyMan: avoided trading after round 1 hence can trade every week till end.. 12 left after this week.. :).. wanting jack martin
NavyMan: to shore up the FWD line
Avarax: not sure that math adds up bagger
DrSeuss: Trading in Bailey Smith a few weeks back is really hurting
thisbagger: And that is what I call first class replying
NavyMan: it doesn’t Avarax but i’m hoping he does do the double ton quick smart
BigChief: @Avaraz if he is your vc or c maybe LOL
wadaramus: Let’s go Lachie, time to accumulate.
scboy123: ill have 13 left after this week
Avarax: i have both neale VC and macrae
Avarax: looking good so far
VodkaHawk: Wake up Bailey Smith!
Bluebagg11: bhg that would be brilliant! But I’m not that lucky
thisbagger: Told you
OnTheRocks: Damnit Neale, you’re not reaching the lofty standards that Macrae is setting
duckky: LoL – I looked at Bont and worried that he was so low – then I looked at the time to realse he is doing OK
thisbagger: What happened to Robinson?
pcaman2003: Don’t stop Macca. Records are beckoning
bhg26: Thank you Bont!
stemy1243: CEY tagging McRae now maybe?
Avarax: cam wont be able to keep up with him
Gandhi: CEY is playing forward, doesn’t look like he’s on him
Grimes Jr: get back on the fucking ground neale
DrSeuss: CEY no where near him at these stoppages
NewFreoFan: Neale getting the Brayshaw treatment for TOG
Yelse: starcevich why are u doing today
kascadev8: go macrae, rest up neale, macrae has got u
CozzieCan: Reckon they put Neale on McRae & make it a 50/50 chance
bhg26: Showing me why i traded him Yelse
Avarax: you’ve gone early kasca….
GroupOne: Hodgy saying he’d put Lyons on Macrae
Thomas1234: Neale slowly building
DrSeuss: Teams crazy not to put a little work into Neale and Macrae – at least man them up if no hard tag. Been proven to work
DrSeuss: Time to get involved again BSmith
Grimes Jr: still don’t really see brisbane as a premiership threat
tigermark: Agree dr Seuss
pcaman2003: Traded Starc out 2 rounds back for Stewart. Dodged a big bullet I think.
Raspel31: Hmm – stuck with Neale but Macrae? I will now commit seppuku
thisbagger: @Grimes I honestly think they have the best chance to become premiers
Valorlonga: +2 to Andrews for the biggest throw lol
Stu7: Come on Bailey
Pies20: I’m stuck with starc aswell @yelse geez
Grimes Jr: the fact that you’ve said “become premiers” isn’t saying much for your footy knowledge
Avarax: me too bagger. or WC. depending on where finals are played
GroupOne: thats a crap free kick
NewFreoFan: Yeah WCE playing into some form
Stu7: On Neale
Migz: it was 50/50 on putting vc on neale or mac. Put it on neale. No regrets. Mac having an awesome game. cant be mad at tha
Grimes Jr: even if the brisbane get a home final, as seen last year, they aren’t good enough against the good teams
stemy1243: Kick a snag Neale
Avarax: @grimes? please explain, also are you still salty about the last match/.
Lawls: Not having Macca is killing me
Grimes Jr: not salty at all, was happy with our performance
HugeHead: Macrae may actually get his projected of 171
bhg26: Has there ever been a game where there have been two double tons?
LeGoat1996: Just glad the Bont seems to be having a good game. Macca always delivers
TeamRMPG: They beat port @grimesjr
Pies20: I would have said the tiges until today but wouldn’t write them off just yet
J.Worrall: 2 of them
AuroraBore: How do you rate Ports chances @grimes
Stu7: That b1tch a55 Oliver killed me last week 205
thisbagger: @avarax the eagles are in red hot form, and my baggers don’t seem to fit
kascadev8: up the port, richmond are pathetic, pretenders at best xD
Grimes Jr: they beat port at the gabba. port aren’t contenders because they are poor awayy from the adelaide oval
Gotigres: Great quarter by Brisbane
Beast_Mode: lol tiges are fine, had much quality missing, still team to beat
SC-STAR–: highest score is the little master with 251 what do we think for macrae
Avarax: @bagger yep. WC are serious this year. with nicnat owning the middle and their power forwards slotting from everywhere.
Grimes Jr: i still think its us and west coast, and if collingwood can string some good football together their best is good enough
DrSeuss: Bailey Smith disappointing – now sure how his SC is so high. No CP, No clearances, needs more involvement
Pies20: Cats ain’t that much better @kasca pipe down
navy_blues: bris wc coll and rich my best chances to win flag
Thomas1234: Collingwood will win it easily
Yelse: pies too many injuries to their guns
tigermark: Picked a good week to trade starceivich
Avarax: i think richmond dont finish top 4. and lose first knockout final.
Phasir: WC, PA, Bris, then maybe Rich with a good rub of the green
heppelitis: Probably will have 22 fielded this week. Recon I have my 4 that won’t count already lol
Beast_Mode: lol agree, cats pure garbage
NewFreoFan: I think Port are definitely in the discussion this year
Grimes Jr: cats are rubbish and too old
BigChief: If finals are in SA Port are favs, WA Eagles Fav. Qld Anyone could win.
pcaman2003: Had the VC on Macca and C for Ollie. I think Macca will win out.
jbjimmyjb: @kasca how are richmond pretenders? we have 6 of our best 22 out…
LeGoat1996: Baiely on 46 at the half. Solid for a 400k player
Grimes Jr: port will be out in straight sets if they come up against west coast week 2
Pies20: agree @yelse going to be tough hopefully the fringe players lift
Grimes Jr: sorry week 1
navy_blues: u have to rate wc cos of their home games be like richmonds run at mcg
Woodie22: Wouldn’t worry about kasca Jimmy.
bhg26: Neale vc, Macrae, Bont and Baz, I’m laughing so far
Cr1cketeer: Are saints and Giants (with a fit Toby) a possiblity?
Avarax: port, wc, bris, GWS for the 4 chances
Pies20: people worried about the next byes seeing they will be in the finals of fantasy footy?
toopz: Bailey Smith with a high SC due to 6 kicks at 85%
MrWalrus: Pies are not good enough except against us, why are we their bunnies! ?
SC-STAR–: @Avarax how GWS if Essendon nearly got up against them
navy_blues: anything can happen in finals look at doggys flag
BumSniff: fucking oath i am
CozzieCan: Traded bailey Smith into McRae , what a treat
Avarax: their run home is soft, and they will get some home games
Gotigres: Oh, didn’t think about that Pies20. Will be very interesting and frustrating I imagine.
pcaman2003: @cozzie. Nice trade up
bhg26: We don’t speak of that fixed game navy_blues
Pies20: hard work and chaos i rekn hope you all are looking at top4 so you get a double chance
Cr1cketeer: We all just ignoring the Saints?
TeamRMPG: Yep
Pies20: Yeah i think so @cr1cketeer
MrWalrus: If saints don’t fade then absolutly, good call
Avarax: its tough with the saints. i think they’ll fall short. too much time away from VIC
tigermark: Saints a chance
bhg26: Saints are the dark horse for the finals i think
NewFreoFan: Correct cr1cketeer, ignoring them completely
heppelitis: 1 week for the jack crackers lol
Avarax: saints no experience in finals footy. hard to come in and make an impact
Pies20: I think they are just making up the numbers if they make the 8 come finals will sought them out real quickly
toopz: As a Saints fan I cannot see it happening – I dont think anyone in that team has played a meaningful finals game
Hawks_13: I think west coast eagles are starting to play a few good games
Avarax: agreed @pies…..its a good story, but wont make the journey
Avarax: next year for saints!
circle52: Next 3 games will tell if Saints a chance
bhg26: Hannebery would be a handy player with tons of finals experience if he plays
tigermark: #toopz,,, butler
Pies20: yeah agree @hawk’s and probably set’s them up if the hub’s stay where they are they were shower in qld
pcaman2003: For an unbiased view, Port/Hawks GF. yes?
Gotigres: Riewolt could be suspended for a hit to the groin. They have become obsessed with the groin region. Embarresing.
kascadev8: cant have blokes punching each other in the groin @Gotigers, its a dogs act
scboy123: i dont think finals really are what we are aiming for this year, cant see us beating some of teh better sides n finalsl
Social: they don’t mind going the tooter either
Pies20: bet on that @pca good odds if you got $ too throw away haha
Gotigres: Yes it is kascadev
pcaman2003: @Pies. Mind blowing odds. I could be rich or broke.
NewFreoFan: McCluggage could become a good POD if he got more consistent
Water: scboy of course your aiming for finals, but i think u mean u are not trying to contend for a premiership right?
kascadev8: yeh it is, so stop complaing, riweoldt is a dog, deserves a week for his pathetic baby behaviour
wadaramus: So home town GF appears to be a significant factor in who we think is premiership favourite?
TheLegend6: Tigers living rent free in your heads of cats fans is good to see
scboy123: yeah i meant grand final
AuroraBore: #vicbias
Pies20: OK now hopefully you got starc@pca i need a rev up
DrSeuss: Bailey Smith starting on the bench – might be time to get rid of him – too many WB mids
wadaramus: Proof that having the GF at the MCG every year is unfair.
Grimes Jr: jeez this kascadev bloke is a nuff nuff lol
StuL: Answeth taking spuds points and hes no feaster. Would be good if you didnt have to guess selections
Pies20: yeah i think so @wada
Gotigres: I’m not complaining. I said It was embarrassing.g
HugeHead: yes Neale you good thing
Social: Yep, MCG tenancy is advantageous
wadaramus: The only fair GF is at a neutral ground.
AuroraBore: if other stadiums could fit 100k then we should have the GF played at different grounds
pcaman2003: Pies20. Got rid of him 2 rounds ago. Forget hiem mate cos he’s dead to me.
Avarax: @grimes, but he made the awesome chokce of mckenzie for his SC side….how is that nuff?
TheLegend6: @Grimes blokes obsessed with us since his club don’t show up in finals against us
DrSeuss: Ok Witherden time for you to get involved again – havent touched it this qtr
wadaramus: Stuff the 100K mate, 70% are corporate anyway, not real fans!
scboy123: shhh lets not complain bout the MCG having grand final, means we can go every yearxD
Pies20: he’s up their @grimes
Woodie22: Grimes Jnr , yep.
Oscar1968: Plying the GF at the MCG is not unfair – Lions won three in a row there. The deal to play a semi final there is
wadaramus: If the AFL wasn’t all about money it would be vastly different.
Silz90: #vicbias
StuL: Spudovich wouldnt get a kick in the QAFL
pcaman2003: Neale and Macca my newest best friends. Okay! My only ones.
kascadev8: go the neale
Grimes Jr: look at the end of the day, playing the GF at the G provides the best spectacle
Social: The Super Bowl only gets 70k, I don’t see why we have to get 100k very year – apart from AFL greed
Gotigres: This year the GF should be played wherever they can have the biggest crowd.
blonde0na: if you think the G is the best spectacle you’ve never been to Optus stadium
Stu7: I’m tipping Neale will overtake Macrae
casey22: First mark I’ve seen Bruce take this year
wadaramus: Exactly, all about the product and not what’s right or fair.
RooBoyStu: Neale is like Ablett jnr many years ago c wise set and forget
wadaramus: Spot on Social, well said mate 🙂
Gotigres: I hope so Stu7
hokkien34: Social do you know how much Super Bowl tickets are? Would rather big crowd & pay less!
casey22: & another one
Grimes Jr: bruce is a spud. poor trade from the dogs
Social: Seen some good games in front of zero crowd
HugeHead: a touch or two would be nice from smith
wadaramus: Adelaide United GF at AO was magnificent, the G isn’t everything.
CozzieCan: Who did it better for the dogs , Travis Cloke or Josh Bruce
hokkien34: But I agree they only have it at the G for $$$ just saying
Stu7: Good work Bailey
Phasir: Optus would be a better venue for the GF, better stadium and facilities. Also would have better conditions..
RooBoyStu: @hokkien34 afl prices not much different
gazza39: Macrae then daylight, unfortunately for the doggies
navy_blues: i think mcg should be home of gf what i dont agree with is some melb clubs having a monopoly on games there
Stu7: Macrae running out of tricks
Phasir: The last time I got general admission tickets to a WC game it cost me $140
wadaramus: Go Lachie!
Thomas1234: Yes neale
spdysaint: Bulldogs have two many midfielders, changing every bounce
beerent11: Unfortunately b smith has been pushed out to a wing. Should still get 70-80
bhg26: What a bounce, thanks Neale
kascadev8: rest up macrae
DrSeuss: Smith gone this week – traded him in just in time for him to forget how to touch the football
scboy123: yeah navy_blues that part is horse – why should pies and tigers play all games there
BigChief: @phasir they saw you coming mate.
TheLegend6: Another 3 votes for Lachie tonight
DrSeuss: How TF does the ball just find Lachie Neale with no one near him.
Pies20: OK ok could all the starc owners please comment and get him going embarrassing as may be we need to stick together
Valens: WA gov done precisely nothing to help comp. no way GF should go to Optus. Deserves to be at Gabba
MrWalrus: GF should rotate around all AFL grounds, put the A right into AFL
CozzieCan: Neale catching McRae
spdysaint: Good call for whoever said Neale will pass McRae
wadaramus: He is a ball magnet Dr Seuss 🙂
StuL: Here we go. Neale pig
RooBoyStu: ,,I,, Neale haters
wadaramus: Words of wisdom MrWalrus!
Bluebagg11: Come on Neale!! Catch Macrae please!!
Gandhi: Valens turn off sky news you flog. WA hub has been imperative
beerent11: Been looking at witherden but glad I got to see him with rich back before I bought him in. Nogo
NewFreoFan: Gonna have my multi wrapped up by 3/4 time, thanks Neale
scboy123: Baz 🙁 really not enjoying playing on the wing
Stu7: @spydsaint – I called it 😎
wadaramus: I agree with that sentiment Valens, QLD hav epropped up the AFL this year, no help from SA.
Avarax: @kasca….stil confident that macrae has neale covered?
HugeHead: superman for Neale this quarter?
DrSeuss: Agreed Wada – he is the opposite of Bailey Smith it seems
Thomas1234: So happy I got rid of starc this week
nogoalo: bev needs to put dunkley in the middle if he wants any chance to win
amigaman: CD harsh on McCluggage
Phasir: Qld has done no more for AFL than any other state.. No supporters there either compared to real aussie rules states
wadaramus: Most teams are in QLD Gandhi, no need to use flog.
CozzieCan: @spdy don’t count your chickens too early m8
Beast_Mode: neals needs 50 in dt for superman
Pies20: anyone??haha
casey22: Slould be played in home stae of fianalist. Not too sure how you sort out which of the fianalists gets it
Beast_Mode: no where near 50 yet
DrSeuss: agreed SCBoy – Bailey Smith is an inside mid – Beverage puts him on a wing. Too many WB mids
gazza39: I got on Lachie @$12 for Brownlow win a couple games into the season
Beast_Mode: neale*
NewFreoFan: Looks like Robinson copped a Richmond in the plums
wadaramus: DT for Superman HugeHead.
heppelitis: Did Riewoldt punch Robbo in the nuts?
Thomas1234: any news on ridely?
NewFreoFan: Play it in the state of the minor premier
wadaramus: Macrae vs Neale a great contest!
Avarax: gazza. i got him at $9 too!
casey22: Highest on the final ladder, I guess
kascadev8: go neale
Stu7: Dudd Starfish living up to his name
Beast_Mode: with dunks back that hurts smith’s scoring
wadaramus: Neutral state is the only fair way to give each team fair crack.
Grimes Jr: or play it at the home of footy in the best sporting state in the country
Apachecats: I think Macrae must have seen Neale coming.
Pies20: I need support @stu7 no negativity please
sMiles: C’mon Smith!
Avarax: neutral state is a dumb idea….
wadaramus: Not if it gives Melbourne teams an unfair advantage Grimes!
NewFreoFan: Spoken like a true Tigers fan Grimes
beerent11: Just goes to show how hard it is to go 200.
Phasir: Are you agreeing to play it in WA then Grimes? 🙂
pcaman2003: @Apache. I think you’re right. Just got a small wriggle on
Raspel31: My life is over- put the VC on Neale and not Macrae. Is there a way back?
Grimes Jr: interstate teams get an unfair advantage at every game interstate. umpiring is generally more consistent in melbourne
rupertmarn: Baily Smith is the new Devon Smith.
wadaramus: What is your solution Avarax?
nogoalo: gardener back to jims mowing next week
Pies20: even if it was another state cooperate would still dominate the tickets @wada
DrSeuss: Smith TOG going down with all the mids back too – time to remove him from my team
AuroraBore: Neale, Lyons, Bont and Macrae tonight, pretty happy so far
stemy1243: NTP for Neale- my guess is 178
wadaramus: Spot on NewFreoFan!
pcaman2003: Neale amazing 28 possies and no clangers
Avarax: i dont see a problem to solve wada…its all good
bhg26: Three tons already, lift Baz please
GroupOne: @rupert. Smith killing me. 8 leg multi all legs in bar him for 15. Had 7 HT, got 1 in Q3
Water: raspel mate its only 8 points relax
wadaramus: Typical ignorant attitude…
Pies20: corporate
circle52: Brought in Big O for extra ruck cover going Ok
wadaramus: Maybe Pies20, but it is obvuous that the GF is a money making venture, and not a fair GF contest.
Avarax: why is it ignorant? please explain that
wadaramus: Because you are ignoring the rest of Australia outside of Victoria?
Avarax: i see all your POV’s. i appreciate them, and i refute them
Grimes Jr: how tf is it not a fair contest. good teams win anywhere
CozzieCan: Nice to bont more in the mid , more of it I say
Phasir: This year, who can host the most fans for the most $$? Optus
Pies20: think of the Sydney West Coast gfs it’s not all about the Melbourne clubs
Avarax: the AFL is a business, and to believe anything else is naive.
Avarax: To think that it needs to be “fair” is childish. there is 10’s of millions of dollars tied up inthe GF.
Pies20: you see it only unfair if a Melbourne club makes it
Avarax: As if any business would give that up, to be fair. get off your spectator high horse and look at the reality
bhg26: I agree Cozzie
kascadev8: neale gonna beat macrae
hokkien34: Need Williams to have a good last qtr!
Gotigres: Who would people get for B Smith?
wadaramus: Why have an Australian competition if it favours Victorian clubs?
CozzieCan: @Kas no chance McRae wins
Avarax: titch if you havent already tigres
wadaramus: Avarax, you must work for the AFL, all about the dollars..
StuL: FA cup is always at Wembley. Does that favour London teams? Not if the crowd is evenly split
Avarax: i just live in the real world…you’re talking “solutions” but not looking at the facts
NewFreoFan: It’ll always be the A(V)FL Wada
Kidult: have a feeling Neale will beat him by 13 points
Gotigres: Got him this week Avarax. Probably a choice between Walters, Simpkin or Greenwood. But I want to get Lloyd in next round
CniglioSsn: I agree with moving the GF around, but only three common stadiums are really big enough. SA and qld need larger
Flat_Track: If the tigers can play 7 straight games at the G and then play the decider there against an interstate team, unfair
wadaramus: To want equality is childish! Equality is what we should be striving for!
NewFreoFan: Wembley isn’t anyone’s home ground StuL
wadaramus: You live in the real world?
Jolles: It does not matter where the GF is played the money comes from the telecasting rights.
pcaman2003: I’ll settle for a mere 180+ Macca.Thanks!
Avarax: adelaide is free to build a stadium that seats 100k people
Pies20: Png for starc? I’ve got a feeling this his quarter
Avarax: go for it
wadaramus: Exactly Flat Track.
Raspel31: Neale has been a huge disappointment tonight- should have gone Macrae
wadaramus: It’s not about 100K Avarax, that’s the point.
Jolles: So a 50000 seat stadium would suffice.
StuL: Worst score ever by a non rookie Spudovich. Ffs. Worst AFL player ever.
CniglioSsn: @Jolles the GF is also a major draw for sponsor money in the form of gifted seats. thats why the size really matters
wadaramus: Don’t get disappointed just yet Raspel, plenty of time 🙂
toopz: Wembley was the Spurs homeground while White Hart Lane was renovated
NewFreoFan: GF is mostly corporate seats anyway isn’t it?
wadaramus: 100K only matters because the AFL is all about the money.
toopz: I think West Ham was at Wembley for a while too
StuL: Starc will never get another touch in his life. You could get more touches by chance
Kidult: Macrae has a large score for hballs, low clearannces, low tackles and 5 Clangers
Grimes Jr: further, adelaide is a hole anyway lol
NewFreoFan: toopz, luckily Spurs are allergic to silverware so no advantage there
DrSeuss: F you Bailey Smith – run towards the ball and get a touch you spud
Avarax: corporate seats still pay a bunch of money….you think they are free? lol
Raspel31: Living in hope wada
Pies20: he’s alive!!!!!!
Gotigres: Knee problem for Cameron
BigChief: I don’t remember any Adelaide fans complaining in 1997 or 1998 when they beat St.K and North. in Vic
Catatafish: Any danger of doing something Smith
RooBoyStu: Bye bye Coleman Charlie
wadaramus: Money Avarax?
Avarax: AFL is all about the money because it is a business. Wada, you arent making any good points…just complaining
heppelitis: fingers crossed for Charlie
pcaman2003: This season is so stuffed,does anyone really care about the GF
Apachecats: game ,set and match Lions.
wadaramus: I was there in 97 BigChief, my wife and I got harassed every minute we were out with out Crows scarves on.
Apachecats: Reckon Charlie will be OK.
beerent11: You’re a knob suess
wadaramus: Happy to see us get the win, but sucked to be in Melbourne.
Avarax: charlie signed his contract at the PERFECT time…wow
Grimes Jr: just like we get abused when we come to adelaide wada. suck it up champ
wadaramus: You keep acknowledging it is all about money and that is my point!
NewFreoFan: Welcome to supporting a bottom 8 team pcaman, this is how August usually feels like
Raspel31: In a 100 years our great garand children will pcaman
Flat_Track: Definitely felt like a Pies home game in 2018, which it shouldn’t have been
Avarax: ahhm now it makes sense…sensitive wada is upset about his poor experience in a city…throw some exageration in there
wadaramus: Regular season Grimes, not GF!
GroupOne: Smith 1 touch since half time give him the icicle
Pies20: Im with you @avarax no point arguing with them @wada only letting off stream because the crows are shower
Avarax: the point is a bad one wada. it carries no weight. there is no way around it
sMiles: Charlei will be fine – lions will win a premiership
BigChief: @Wada you can’t seriously blame the AFL over club fans behaviour?
CniglioSsn: Mate, its a business, and we’re capitalist. Deal with the fact money is the prime motivator
wadaramus: I know the Crows are shit! Has nothing to do with it!
pcaman2003: In the words of my best mate Trumpy,it’s a Fake Season.
sMiles: Smith – kick those … lol – I can’t believe I wrote that
Pies20: steam
Raspel31: Not saying our great grand children- meant in general pcaman. Likeyou but not that much.
Gotigres: Cameron back on
wadaramus: No, the fact it was in Melbourne and not a neutral territory.
Grimes Jr: cant believe this from wada, adelaide and pa fans are absolutely feral
kascadev8: come on neale 1 more goal baby
GroupOne: smith 2 touches since icicle call lol. Need 5 more … dreamin
pcaman2003: Raspel. Cheers!
DrSeuss: Bailey Smith on the ball and he gets touches. OMG Bevo – maybe take notes?
VodkaHawk: Surely Neale has locked up the Brownlow now..
PowerBug: Carn the pear
NewFreoFan: You’d think so Vodka, Boak might be a roughy
Stu7: Macrae 38 touches full on
Kidult: Only things Lions needs for the tilt is a good ruckman to replace Martin who should retire and key fwds to step up
wadaramus: How about we make the AFL truly national?
Valorlonga: First 40 of the year
wadaramus: Then the Victorians can have a grand final parade with the VFL?!
Avarax: make that 40* stu
Silz90: Good night to own Macrae and neale. Losing 60 points by putting vc on neale
AuroraBore: and Macrae makes his proj xD
CozzieCan: Lol to the people who thought Neale would pass McRae from the 1st qtr .. have both very happy
Woodie22: Neale, McCrae, Witherden. A good night.
Avarax: when any other state can guarantee the same product VIC can. then im all for it wada…until then BL
Stu7: @Avarax – unreal!!
Apachecats: According to the script Charlie kicks a goal here.
jfitty: Great call bringing Eagles in, what an impact
pcaman2003: Kidult. Agreed. Martin is beyond it now. Need a change.
wadaramus: Macrae vs Neale, Macrae wins!
NewFreoFan: Hipwood stiff to not get any symbol for a 5 goal game
RooBoyStu: Macrae bombs it inside 50 abd Bris mark it and still gets positive sc lol
beerent11: Anyone know anything about ridleys injury?
Raspel31: Just so disappointed in Neale tonight. A shadow of himself.
Avarax: i have both too cozzie, and he got bloody close
BigChief: @newFreoFan blue moon perfect icon for Hipwood.
wadaramus: The product today at the AO was GF worthy.
TheLegend6: Tough brownlow game
CozzieCan: @Spdysaint counted your chickens to early m8 haha
Kidult: @pca they offered like 3 or 4 years to Ceglar so they will be shopping again
Raspel31: I think most of us have both.
NavyMan: happy days re Macrae and Neale 🙂
Grimes Jr: if anything its more unfair interstate – less away fans given less seats = more umpiring bias
Water: macrae neale and bont. SO good
casey22: Losy track of match ups: vc on Mcrae & c on Lachie
Stu7: Bulldogs put up a good fight tonight led by Macrae and the Bont
Pies20: well played starc
CozzieCan: Starc what a gun 11 sc points , hot trade in next week !!
beerent11: Macraes ok.. he’s no clarry though
Social: So that’s sorted then, who’s given Gil a call?
Oscar1968: what do you reckon Legend6? 3 Macrae or Neale?
bones351: So how much $ is Starc going to lose

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